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Tickling and Stupid Chances

Sara Perkins drove down the empty highway toward the old car dealership. The place was no longer in business but the apartment over top of it still had a tenant, John Kelly. John was owed insurance money and Sara was stopping to get his signature on the last release forms. It was early Friday afternoon and it was shaping up to be another lonely weekend. Ever since her husband left her, Sara had lived a very subdued life, she had concentrated on her job and completely ignored the need for a social life. She was an attractive woman for 42, there was no reason she should be living like a nun. Just because her ex-husband was a rat bastard was no reason to be unhappy for the rest of her life. Right there and then, she decided she was going to get back out there, take chances, take stupid chances, and have fun again…starting tomorrow.

She pulled up to the Car Emporium, the only building for about a mile. It was empty, only one car in the lot. She walked up the steps to the apartment door and rang the bell. Almost immediately a good looking guy, couldn’t have been older than 24, answered the door.

He looked her up and down and with a little smile said, “Yes, How can I help you?”

“Mr. Kelly, I’m Sara Perkins, I’m from the insurance company, I have some forms that have to be signed. May I come in?”
When she mentioned “insurance” John suddenly got serious, he’d been waiting for this, it better not be bad news. “Uh, sure, come right in.”

It as a big, roomy apartment, the upper floor of the business had been converted into one big apartment. As far as bachelor pads went, it was fairly clean. Sara did notice John hiding a bong that had been left out but she didn’t really care. The bondage magazines on the window sill, they were different matter. She tried to pretend she didn’t notice them, but her eyes kept drifting back to them.

“So, what is it,” said John expectantly, “Good news or bad.”

“Wha?!?” Sara was startled, she was trying to sneak a peek at the bondage magazines again. “Bad news? Oh no, it’s good news. As soon as you sign these forms, we’ll cut you a check for $45,000.00 and that should be available by next Tuesday.”

“WOOO HOOO!!!” John jumped up triumphantly, “That’s fantastic! Thank you Mrs. Perkins, I was afraid this would be tied up in red tape for months! This calls for a drink!” And he hurried into the kitchen, returning quickly with a big bottle of cheap wine and 2 red cups. “Will you join me in a drink Mrs. Perkins, to celebrate my good fortune?” John filled both red cups to the brim with wine and handed one to Sara.

Before she even thought about it, Sara took the cup, “It’s Sara, that Mrs. Perkins stuff just makes me feel old….. And I really shouldn’t but I’m done work for the day, hell, for the weekend, so here’s to you Mr. Kelly, I hope you enjoy your money!” And she took a big swig of the sweet, red wine as John did the same.

“Call me Johnny, all my friends do,” and he refilled Sara’s cup with more wine. “You’re done work for the weekend, that’s great, I’ll bet you have big plans, I mean, a good looking woman like you must have men chasing after her left and right.”

“Uh, Johnny, it’s not quite like that…..” she waved her cup at him, she wanted more wine. All the time she was thinking, “stupid chances, stupid chances”. “But how about you, you must have a fun weekend planned…. I did see that bong you were scrambling to hide.”

“I was hoping you didn’t see that,” smiled Johnny, “Hey, I’m young, I’m allowed to make mistakes!”

“Oh, I don’t care about that, you’re fine, but….” Sara took a deep breath, “I….was interested in those magazines on the window sill.”

Johnny quickly looked over at the window sill, Bondagerama, Bound to Please, Hogtie, those magazines were sitting out plain as day. He inwardly groaned, but then he remembered, she said she was interested…….Wow, an attractive older woman, just the two of them in his apartment and she was interested in his bondage magazines…..this day kept getting better and better!

“You like bondage?” Johnny said with a wry smile, “well, you came to the right place! What do you want to know, or would you like a demonstration?”

“Hold on Johnny, I don’t know if I want you to…..ah…..give me a demonstration.” Sara shifted in her seat, she didn’t want him to know how exciting she found this conversation. Her heart beat faster as she said “I’ll admit, the idea of being tied up and…ravished, is appealing but I don’t like pain! I don’t want to be beaten, spanked, slapped, nothing like that.”

Perfect! Thought Johnny. This gorgeous lady, this prim and proper divorced woman, was practically asking him to tie her up. She was just too dignified, too mature, to come out and ask him. But she wanted him too, that was obvious to Johnny, he had to play this just right.

Johnny leaned forward, towards Sara, “Bondage isn’t about pain, it’s about control. You give up your control to someone else. He controls your body, your reactions and you revel in his control, you crave the humiliation of being his plaything. Oh sure, pain can be a part of it, but you don’t need it.” Johnny puffed up his chest and raised his right hand, “When, I mean, IF I ever tie you up, I swear you will feel no pain!” There it was, the ideal invitation, he could laugh it off if she wasn’t serious or she could accept if she really wanted to.

Sara looked down at her half full cup, she drank it down to cover the moment of silence. The phrase “stupid chances” echoed in her mind. What was she thinking? This kid was probably half her age for chistsakes! But here she was and this beautiful boy was asking to tie her up and ravish her…..Stupid chances, stupid chances…. So she managed to croak out “Really?”

Johnny leaned back and studied the beautiful older woman in front of him. Big breasts, that’s the first thing he noticed, then those long, long legs. He then looked at her face, full lips, a pouty nose and those eyes, begging him to convince her…… “Really.” He said confidently, almost arrogantly.

When Johnny looked her in the eye and responded, Sara quickly looked down. Was she really going to do this?! Still unsure, she said “W-what would I have to do?”

“First of all, you have to let me know you really want to do this. Second of all, you have to realize you’re the submissive and I’m the master. You have to do whatever I tell you, no questions asked. If you agree with that, then we’ll both have a fantastic time.” He said firmly.

Sara thought frantically, well, she had asked him for this…. But she couldn’t possibly let herself be TIED UP! Sara looked up one more time, met his eyes, he looked like he already knew her answer, even before she did. She looked down again. He was so hot! And he was half her age! Sara knew if she said no, she’d never have the courage try bondage again, so it’s now or never. She raised her eyes and looked at Johnny, “First of all Johnny, yes, I want to do this with you and second of all, I’ll do whatever you tell me, no questions….” Sara was breathing hard as she spoke, she was still breathing hard.

Johnny smiled and stood up, “Good” was all he said. He stood up and walked to a closed door and opened it. Sara immediately saw a huge bed with an ornate brass head board in the middle of the room. Johnny stood by the door, crossed his arms and coolly said “Now take off all your clothes…”

Sara’s jaw dropped, she sat there too stunned to move. Johnny took 3 angry steps towards her and yelled, “I said stand up and take all your clothes off! What part of that didn’t you understand!”

Sara flushed, How dare this kid talk to me in that tone! She thought……But part of her responded, responded by standing up and starting to take her clothes off. Johnny stepped back and smiled. She’s older than my mom! This is so hot! Thought Johnny as Sara continued to strip. She hesitated when she was down to her stockings, panties and bra. “Keep going slave, I want to see you bare assed naked.”

She shot him an angry glance when she realized he was referring to her when he said “slave” but she quickly looked down again and continue to get undressed. In seconds she was standing there bare assed naked, blushing profusely and biting her lip to keep from saying anything. Johnny looked her up and down but his gaze hung on her breasts, not too big, starting to sag, all natural but it was her nipples! Big nipples surrounded by incredibly big areola! Johnny wondered how sensitive they were but knew he would be finding out soon.

He walked into the room and said, “Wait right there, don’t move until I call for you.” And he shut the door. Sara stood where she was told, she heard Johnny opening drawers.

“Come” he said a few minutes later. Sara opened the door and walked in. The lights were off, the shades drawn tight and there a large number of candles burning, giving the room an eerie glow. The bed now had three thick white lengths of cotton rope tied to it. “get on the bed, put your arms over your head and spread your legs…..”

Sara was in a haze, she didn’t have the will to walk forward, but the way he had asked her, no, told her, with such surety, made her move. She quickly moved to the bed, lay down and assumed the position.

“Very good, slave.” Johnny said as he tied her wrists together, then pulled them over her head and tied them to the middle of the brass headboard. She bristled at the word, but willed herself to stay still as he went to the bottom of the bed, spread her legs wide, pulled her legs tight and tied them off at the ankles to the bottom posts.

He turned his back to her and pulled something out of a drawer. “Yes, control is the key to bondage. And I admit, pain works very well to achieve it. But I promised you, no pain. Besides, I have an even more fiendish form of torture to use on you……”

“Torture?! Wait a minute, you didn’t say anything about torture!” Sara squirmed in her surprisingly tight bonds, suddenly she was afraid, very afraid but she was helpless. So much for stupid chances!

Johnny turned around, he was holding a large paper bag. He walked to the side of the bed and stared down at Sara. “You will be quiet! You are the slave here, you agreed to this! There’s nothing you can do about it. You’re all mine tonight!” He dumped the bag on the bed, feathers of all different sizes and shapes fell out.

Sara looked at the pile of feathers, than at Johnny, then back at the feathers…..”No, Please! Not tickling!”

Johnny sat on the bed next to her and picked up a long, thin feather. “Oh yes tickling, merciless tickle torture.” Johnny drew the feather between his fingers. “I’m going to find all your most ticklish spots, then spend the night tickling them until you can’t stand it. While you laugh helplessly, you’ll lose all control and give it all to me. I’m going to tickle torture and tease you til you break….”

Sara was panicking, she whimpered and her whole body shivered with a combination of fear and excitement. In a desperate voice she said “Oh god, I won’t be able to stand it…”

“And you know what, the more aroused you get, the more sensitive you get, so the more ticklish you get….. So I think I’ll start with those big, beautiful tits of yours, let’s find out how sensitive they are…”

Sara gasp at the mention of her big areola, she had always been so self-conscious of them. She was always embarrassed by them, they were huge! And even, worse, they were ticklish!

“N-noo, please Johnny! You don’t know what that will do to me…..” And Johnny could see a delicious shudder shoot through her whole body.

Johnny slowly dragged the feather lightly over her big nipples, then slowly drew circles around her nipple, watching her face, watching as she bit the corner of her lip, trying to suppress a whimper, unsuccessfully…

“OH! OH Johnny, NO! OOOoooo OOOooo OOOooo…..” her voice cracked, “OOOOooOOooOOO, it’s too much! OH OH OH! You don’t know what you’re doing to me! ! OhOhOhOh! HeeHEEhee!!” And And her naked body undulated under the feathery caresses, her tits wobbled as she tried to move them out of reach of those velvety plumes. But Johnny wouldn’t have any of it, no matter how she moved, as limited as she was by her tight bonds, Johnny kept the feather running over her nipple.

“Tickle tickle tickle, Mrs. Perkins,” he said as her leaned in close and smiled a menacing smile at her.
While continuing to titillate her nipple with one hand, he reached to his side and picked up another similar feather. He started to tickle the other huge nipple now, fluttering the feathers faster, teasing the hardening center of those nipples.

“OH! Johnny! HEEEEheeHEEEEOOOOOOO!!” she closed her eyes, tossed her head from side to side. The sensations were maddening but so erotic! Sara was ashamed to feel her helpless body responding to the tickling of her huge areola!

Johnny stared, transfixed by those mature, feathered breasts, the squirming, naked body. He fluttered the feathers a little faster, he’d make her forbidden fantasy come true and then some. It was unbelievable, he here was tickling an honest to god cougar, even older than his mom! He watched as goose bumps started rising on those big, rosy red areola and he felt his cock getting hard.

Losing track of time, she could only sigh with unexpected relief when Johnny finally put the feathers down. Her nipples were rock hard with excitement, she was still squirming even after he put the feathers down and she could feel her that her pussy had become dripping wet. Johnny looked up and down her nude body, then sneered at her. He reached down and slid 2 fingers deep into her wet pussy.

Sara open her mouth wide and drew in a big, indignant breath. Oh no, this just couldn’t happen! She thought.

“Johnny! How dare you! “ Her hips were starting to buck, almost on their own. “I’ve never been more…….OOOOOOH! Johnny! Don’t! Stop!! OOOOOOO! Don’t…..Stop……..mmmmmmmmm”

“Oh yes, Mrs. Perkins, you seem very aroused, I’m sure your skin is even more sensitive now!” and he quickly pulled his fingers out of her throbbing ****. “In the olden days, tickle torture was the perfect solution to captured noble women, no real pain, when done properly, they would be killed. Just tickle tortured in the town square, in front of her former subjects. A countess, a duchess, a princes or even a queen, slowly driven mad, made to orgasm, made to pee herself, in full view of her defeated people, further demoralizing them, ruining her image, her reputation…..So I would think it’s the perfect time to start the real tickling.”

Sara outright panicked! She pulled at the ropes holding her wrists, tried to free her ankles, but it was no use.

“Johnny! NO! Untie me, I changed my mind, I don’t want to go through with this! Please!”

“Ha ha, you don’t have any choice, you’re helpless and I’m certainly not going to let you go. You’re going to be tickle tortured Mrs. Perkins, mercilessly.”

Before she could utter another protest, Johnny reached up and started to wiggle his fingers in her armpits……He tickled her pits hard and fast, up and down and in circles, pinching and poking and probing the tender, ticklish skin. Her reaction was instantaneous.

“AAHAHAHAhahahahaHAHAHAAAA!!!NO!NO!AHAHAHAAAAA!!OH !OH!OH!!!!” Sara was overcome by the hardcore underarm tickling, her body shaking erratically, her head thrown back and laughing wildly.

“Oh Mrs.Perkins, you ARE ticklish, aren’t you….ha ha ha…..Coochie coochie coo! You like that, don’t you, I can tell.”

“ AAAHAHAHAA Ju-Ju-Ju-JOHNNY!! HAHAHAAA!!!OHGOD!! I CAN’T HAHAHA!UH UH UH HAHAHAA! I CAN’T OH!OH!OH! STAND IT!!!! HAHAHAHAAAAAAA!!!” She shook and shuttered like a woman having a fit!

“Yeah, you do have ticklish armpits…..” said Johnny as he stopped the tickling.

Sara nodded her head quickly and repeatedly yes. Thank god he stopped, Sara didn’t know what would happen if he didn’t.

“Then say it……say that you have very ticklish armpits,” said Johnny in a commanding voice.

Sara stopped nodding, she couldn’t say that out loud, it would be like admitting he had power over her. “Oh Johnny, I-I couldn’t say that, please, don’t make me say it!”

He wiggled her fingers in front of her, “Then I can always go back to tickling you until you do…”

She had to say it, she knew that now. Johnny wanted to humiliate her, hear her say it, force her to debase herself……She gulped, looked away from him and said “I have ticklish armpits” she mumbled.

“Very ticklish armpits, say it louder……and also you have ticklish titties…..”

Sara was mortified….she couldn’t, she wouldn’t…..but she had to. Better to play along with this child, do what he wanted without resisting…..

“Ooooooo, my smooth armpits are so very ticklish!” she said in her sexiest voice, a voice she suddenly realized, she hadn’t used in years. “And my big nipples are just so sensitive, I can’t stand it when you tickle them.” She shook her tits to emphasize her defenseless position.

“You did that so well! But if you have such ticklish armpits and tits, the only thing to do is tickle them!”

“NO! Johnny! I thought……You said…..Please! No more tickling!” she yelled desperately.

He started to tickle her outstretched, captive armpits again, very satisfied as she began to screech with laughter, but this time he leaned in and began kissing and suckling those big nipples, something he had wanted to do since she had knocked on his door. Nibbling on them, suckling gently on them, lapping his tongue over them, all while he continued to tickle torture her ticklish underarms. Now he pursed his lips and blew raspberries on those overstimulated nubs. He went from one ticklish breast to the other, over and over again, as he dug his finger tips into her pits.

The twin sensations were unbearable! Her body bucked and wriggled as she shut her eyes tight, trying to hold back the tears of hilarity. She laughed like a madwoman, she was rapidly approaching a point of no return she never knew she had. Somewhere in the back of her tickle-addled mind, as she laughed uncontrollably, she was afraid of what would happen if this kid pushed her past that limit.

Sensing her distress, Johnny stopped tickling her armpits, stopped lickling her wonderful tits. He looked down at her, she was breathing in short gasps, still giggling, still squirming, even though the tickling had stopped.

“Mrs. Perkins, remember I said I was going to break you, break you with tickle torture? Well, now the tickling gets intense and interesting, I’m going to turn you into a tickled wreck….then I’m going to make you beg me to be my tickle slave, it’s what you want, it’s want you need….” Johnny begins rummaging in the big bag again.

Sara is afraid now, so very afraid. Crying, she says, “Oh Johnny, please, you can’t do this to me! I’ll lose my mind! I beg you, let me go!”

“Heh heh,” is all he says as he pulls a big roll of duct tape from the bag and throws it on the bed. Next he pulls out 4 big, bendable, purple vibrators.

Sara’s eyes went wide, “W-what are you going to do with those??” And despite her fear, she felt her pussy throb as she thought about what he would do with them.

Without saying a word to her, Johnny pressed one of the the flexible vibrators to the sole of her foot and bent it so the shaft maintained contact with the entire underside of her foot. Using 2 long strips of duct tape, he secured it tightly. No matter how she flexed her foot, the vibrator remained in contact. It ran from just below her heel to just above her toes. He did the same to the other foot.

Breathing heavy with terror Sara said “Oh God, Johnny, you wouldn’t! You’re a monster! You know I couldn’t stand that, it will drive me insane!! OK, OK, I’ll do whatever you say, I’ll be you’re tickle slave! Just don’t use those vibrators on my feet!”

“Nah, not yet. You’d say anything to stop me from tickle torturing you but you wouldn’t mean it, you wouldn’t be completely broken….” Johnny took the next vibrator and wrapped it over her sexy, oversize nipples and then did the same with the last vibrator as Sara had a full on panic attack.

“Johnny NO!!!!! I beg you!!!! “ Sara cried hysterically as he finished taping the vibrators to her large nipples. “I’ll do anything you want!! I’ll be your tickle slave!!!” She was way past being humiliated, she was desperate, she would do anything to save herself!

Johnny pulled out a small remote. “when I’m done, you really will be my tickle slave….Tickle tickle tickle, Mrs. Perkins.” And she heard a small click.

The room was suddenly filled with the sadistic hum of four vibrators set to full power! Sara’s body arched, her hips thrust upwards, frozen in tickled agony for a split second. She was stunned and silent as she involuntarily took a deep breath. Then the hysterical screaming started…..”EEEEHAAHAHAHAAAA! AARRGHHHHAHAHAAAA!!!!!!!EEEHHHAHAHAHHAHAAAAA!!!!!! !!!”
And her body started to shake violently, spasmodically, no rhyme or rhythm to her movements. She was completely and unbearably overwhelmed by the sheer tickle hell! Her ultra ticklish feet were buzzed/tickled by the vibrations, her tits tantalized and in mere seconds, she couldn’t stand it!!


Johnny got off the bed and slipped off his clothes, standing there in his underwear, his hard cock evident. He watched the older woman gyrate wildly in her bonds.

“Mrs. Perkins, you are very strong willed for a mature woman, and you have such ticklish feet!” Johnny wasn’t sure she could hear him over her own screaming laughter, but it turned him on to say it. He watched her for another 15 minutes and finally turned off the vibrators.

Sara was still laughing, she was blushing a bright red, crying and sweating…….she mumbled “thank god…thank god…..no more….can’t stand it……”
“Now I’ll ask you, now I’ll know for sure…..swear you’ll be my tickle slave, that you’ll do anything I tell you in the bed room……..”

Sara leapt at the opportunity, “Yes, yes! God yes! Please sir, let me be your tickle slave!! I’ll do anything for you! ANYTHING!”

“Very good slave, now, would you like to cum?”

“Oh yes sir! Thank you sir! I want to cum more than anything else in the world!” She saw him standing there in all his young glory and she could see his large cock straining against his underwear and licked her lips…..

Johnny knelt between her legs. He slipped two fingers into her hot, wet pussy and slowly pumped her. He leaned in close, “Mmmmmmm, I’ll bet you love to have your pussy eaten….”

Sara just responded with long, erotic groan. And Johnny slowly started licking her pussy. Starting with her tingling pussy lips made her moan even louder. He worked his tongue faster, honing in on her large, quivering clitoris. Sara was losing her mind from the sheer pleasure Johnny was putting her through. And as she felt a wave of orgasm start to build, she let out a dejected “no! oh no, please! Please don’t stop!” as Johnny stopped licking and pulled away…

“No Sara, I don’t quite believe you’re broken yet. But I have an idea, why don’t I eat you out while these are turned back on…” With a click, Johnny activated the vibrators again, all four, buzz tickle torturing her super sensitive soles and her big nippled tits.

“NO-O-O-OHHHOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!AAAAAHAHAHAHAHHAAAAA!!!!!EEEEE EEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!” She yowled, immediately swept away by the merciless electronic tickle torture.

Johnny laughed and began eating her pussy again, his fingers slid into her pussy and he pumped her hard and fast, trying to make his finger pumps as fast as the vibrators tickling her feet and tits. His tongue fluttered faster and harder on her erect clit. He was driving her to a mind blowing tickle torture orgasm and she was helpless to stop it….suddenly she went rigid, from deep within her pussy a massive orgasm built up and exploded through her body. Her mind felt like it was melting, it was all a white, electric explosion of pleasure…….But, somehow, she realized, it wasn’t ending, as long as her feet were being tickled, as he continued to tantalize her clit with his tongue, that monster orgasm wasn’t ending! She began to scream and laugh hysterically again as young Johnny made her cum like that, continuously, for a solid half hour.

Finally Johnny pulled away, stopped licking and finger fucking her and clicked off and removed the vibrators. As soon as he untied her, Sara, half mad from the hellish tickle/orgasm torture, curled up in a fetal position, hugging her knees to her chest, laying on her side on the bed and whimpering….She was in a daze, unsure what to do, unable to move on her own.

Johnny, standing behind her, slipped off his underwear, freeing his rock hard cock….

“Now you’re my tickle slave, now you’ll do anything I tell you…” Johnny walked around until he was facing her while she laid on the bed. “If you ever want me to do that to you again, you’ll do this.” And he stood closer to her, his dick bobbing in front of her. “Suck me slave, suck my cock…”

Sara looked up with half lidded eyes, still in a daze from her torture. She moved around until she was on her elbows and knees, bowing in front of him. She looked up at first his cock and then his face….

“Yes master, anything for you.” She wrapped her hand around the base of his big dick, shook it gently, then slipped the head into her mouth. Her tongue immediately began to play over the sensitive flesh. The only emotion she felt was joy, joy at serving her master, she was going to give him the best blow job he ever had. She had to make sure he would tickle torture her again…..