This story features Ja'Lana Dunestrider, my Khajiit rogue, being hired by a distraught dunmer to save a young rich girl from some bandits.
-Sexual tickling
-Desperation and omorashi
-strong lenguage

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Ja'Lana and the kidnappers (Skyrim)
FF/f F/f

Ja'Lana was resting at the Silver-Blood inn after a harsh day, not only the Orc who hired her to explore a tomb didn't pay her, he also ran away with her share of the treasure.
So there she was, sitting in a corner, sipping cheap mead which was probably more rainwater than honey, mumbling in anger and planning to kill every orc she would meet from that day on.
Suddenly, a young woman's voice snapped her back to reality "Excuse me" said a young Dunmer woman "Are you Ja'Lana Dunestrider?" Ja'Lana lazily looked at her "Maybe this one is, maybe this one isn't. What sort of help would a dunmer want from her anyways?" then tried to get up from the chair "No, PLEASE!" the dark elf grabbed her by the arm "at least hear me out!".
Ja'Lana sighed then sat down, motioning the elf to do the same "oh thank you thank you tha.." the Khajiit put a finger on her mouth "enough of this, what do you want?" the Dunmer frowned " name is Gabriella, I'm the caretaker for a breton family visiting Skyrim in order to buy some farms and expand their business." she took the bottle Ja'Lana was drinking ad chugged some mead "I was to entertain and protect my employer's only daughter but..." she frowned even more and some tears started flowing down her cheeks "this morning when i went to her room to bring her breakfast, she wasn't..." the elf started sobbing "she has been KIDNAPPED!" the sobbing turned into crying as she handed Ja'Lana a note.
"Bring a hundred thousand gold septims to Frostmere Crypt if you want to see the brat alive and well. You have ten days, don't try anything funny" Ja'Lana read the note under her breath then turned to Gabriella "This one is sorry for you but still doesn't understand what do you want from her. Maybe the guards..." "NO!" Gabriella slammed her hands on the table "i CAN'T risk her safety in any way! And...i...may have kept this a secret from her family" Ja'Lana's jaw dropped "Don't stare at me like that! If her father finds out I'm DEAD! He...he might even think I'm the one who planned this! He really hates elves and...non-human races...the only reason I'm still alive and working for them is because poor little Babette pleaded him to keep me as a caretaker. I owe everything to that poor soul...i have to save her, i NEED your help!".
Ja'Lana thought about it for a moment, then looked back at the note, then at Gabriella and sighed "Fine. But this one will require a handsome reward, this is most unconventional for her. She will depart first thing in the morn..." Gabriella grabbed her hand "NO! We need to go NOW! It takes three days to get to those ruins and..." "Hold on elf, WE aren't going anywhere, this one will take care of it herself" Gabriella started weeping "please...i need to come with you, i can't bear the will i know you were successful? What if you need help? I promise i won't get in your way just...let me come with you" "But..the thing is..oh by the eight, FINE, but this one will not be responsible for any harm that comes onto you or the kid. And the reward must be at minimum HALF of the ransom the bandits demanded." the dunmer stared at her in utter despair "Y...yes. You will be rewarded for your effort, don't doubt on that for a second." then waited for Ja'Lana to go gather her gear and whispered "you will get exactly what you deserve".

It took four days for them to reach the ruins as the weather was terrible but once there, Ja'Lana was surprised to see no guards at the entrance, no archers, no scouts, nothing. For a group that asked that high a reward they were awfully disorganized. Silently, they made their way to the front door and Ja'Lana peeked inside "Nobody here, good. Strange...but good." she started to sneak inside but Gabriella stopped her "Wait! The floor is solid rock they will hear you a mile away if we go in with these on" she said pointing at their boots "We should leave them hidden near the entrance, we will pick them up later." Ja'Lana didn't like the idea but the elf was right, that was probably the reason there was nobody outside, the hallways in these barrows are so silent you could hear a nail hit the floor from the other end of the ruins. So, both barefoot, they entered the ruins and made their way onward, after the first corridor, they spotted the first group of guards “Do you think they will actually pay? I mean, the kid looks no richer than me or you” said a woman “I don't give a damn, if they don't pay up the runt is going to see how deep is the well she is dangling from, if she is lucky there will be some water at the bottom” their discussion was cut short by an arrow that pierced both their heads “you wait here and hide those bodies, this one will save the kid” whispered Ja'Lana while sneaking into the next room.
She quietly took care of all the bandits, until, finally, she reached the main room.
There she saw the girl, she must have been twelve or thirteen at best, tied up and left hanging over a chasm in the middle of the room. The hole seemed the result of a structural failure, maybe there was a cavern under the ruins, the only important thing was the girl...and the armored hulking nord woman standing guard near the edge of the chasm.

Ja'Lana was about to start sneaking around her to hit the bandit with an arrow in the face, when she heard a skittering noise coming from high up. Gabriella managed to find another route and reached what seemed to be a overhanging room where the rope holding Babette was secured. Unfortunately, the bandit noticed her as well, there was no more time to think.
Quickly, Ja'Lana jumped out of her cover and shot an arrow to the side of the woman's helmet, making her stagger for a second, then dropped the bow and started clawing at the straps holding the armor together.
The bandit recovered quickly and immediately retaliated by grabbing Ja'Lana by the tail and pulling her away “you ****!” hissed the Khajiit swiping at the last strap on the woman's armor, causing it to fall of leaving the bandit bare breasted “fucking cat! I'll kill you for that!” they started wrestling but were on roughly equal footing until, of course, the bandit decided to play dirty. She jabbed a finger under Ja'Lana's arm, causing her to chuckle and back off, that's when she felt something sharp catching her leather armor and tearing away some of the straps. Luckily the armor was still on her but felt loose, another one of those tricks and she too would remain half naked. The woman noticed her further distraction and pulled out a throwing axe “you want the kid, you orange puss?” she threw the axe at the rope holding Babette “go get her!”.
Ja'Lana's eyes widened as she jumped forward in an attempt to catch the now falling kid, managing to slide across the room, grab onto the end of the shredded rope just as it was disappearing down the hole and pushing the back of her feet against a raised stone near the edge just in time to stop the fall.
She looked down, the hole was deep and she could see some sort of gnarly tree growing here and there on the sides of the chasm. She was relieved to see the kid was still there, just a few meters down “You ok down there?” she yelled “Y...yes” muttered Babette “i think I can free my arms I...i can try to climb up and...” her voice was interrupted by some heavy steps “By the eight, you actually DID catch her, good kitty” the bandit woman scratched her ear mockingly “Just you wait, as soon as this one pulls her up...” she bit her lip as the woman scratched her again, this time sneaking her fingers under her broken armor and reaching for a side “wait for what?” she asked feigning ignorance “Is the fluffy kitty angry?” she scratched her sides once more, this time Ja'Lana shivered “is this thing bothering you?” asked the bandit tugging at her loose armor “Here, let me see if I can help” she continued, pulling out a knife and cutting the few straps Ja'Lana had left, leaving with only her leather pants on.
“My my, you are in quite the pickle...all tense and stretched out...good thing the kid isn't that heavy” she caressed her back, then she turned to a rapidly approaching Gabriella “you better stay where you are or else I'll stab this cat and then I'll stab you!” “you stupid cu...” Ja'Lana tried to hiss at her but she bit her lip again once she felt her fingers on the pads of her right foot “Say, kitty, this looks awfully uncomfortable, you sure you can keep your grip on that rock like that?” “Ah! This one can keep this up for HOURS! You can just...leave. Yes, go ah...away, your plan has failed, you won't be paid either wayhihi!” she tried to keep a serious face but couldn't as the woman kept lightly stroking her pads the whole time “Leave? Why would I do that?” she asked “it's true, my plan has failed but, since I won't get the gold anyway, I might as well have...a bit...” she reached for the other foot “...of...” she started lightly scratching below Ja'Lana's toes “...FUN” she went on a full assault rapidly scratching the soft spots on her soles.
Ja'Lana's feet started to tremble as a forced grin made its way on her lips, she tried to bite her lips harder, she had to fight it “ can tease her all you want, this one will nohot give ihihin” she said defiantly as tears started appearing on her face “this one is...mmmhmhmff....” the woman was now alternating between the pads on her soles and the ones on her toes “...this one is....meheheh” Ja'Lana tried her best not to laugh, she didn't want to give her the satisfaction but the scratching was maddening and, with each stroke, she could feel her toes slip away ever so slightly “” the bandit came closer and whispered mockingly to her ears “this one is tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiickliiiiish...” then grabbed Ja'Lana's tail and used it to stroke the pads of her soles even harder “come on kitten, let go of the brat, let her go and LAUGH! Coochie coochie coo....” “'t TAKE IT ANYMORE! HYEAHAHAHAH” the Khajiit finally bursted “NOT HER PAHAHAHAHWS! NOT THEHEHERE!” she felt her toes slip even more as her feet shook harder and harder. Luckily, her torturer was enjoying this situation so much that she didn't notice Gabriella charging at her at full speed and forcing her hands away from Ja'Lana's soles.
The two women started to wrestle but Gabriella, being a dark elf, was just moments from being overpowered by the hulking nord bandit “you did it this time, you filthy elf” she started to push Gabriella towards the edge of the hole “why don't you go keep company to that brat?” the nord was about to push her and the poor elf saw her life pass before her eyes as she desperately tried to push back “have a nice fall, whoreheheheheh...” the nord made a terrible mistake, she turned her back on Ja'Lana thinking she wouldn't be able to do anything in that state, unfortunately she was still in range of her fluffy tail which she proceeded to run all over the bandit's bare ribs and breasts “heheheHAHAHAHA! Fahahahking flehehabahahahg! CUHUHUT IT OHOHOUT!” the woman bursted out laughing. That was the moment Gabriella was waiting for, taking advantage of her opponent's distraction she sidestepped and finally pushed the nord down the hole, her laughter quickly turning into screams then silence.

After that, it was only a matter of pulling Babette back up and rest, as the ordeal made bot women exhausted. After a short while they made their way back to the entrance “Well, I think it's time we bring you back home, dear.” said Gabriella smiling at the little girl “I'm so glad you are alright” Babette smiled back at her then sprinted towards the door and eagerly opened it only to finds herself face to face with a snow storm “This one thinks it would be batter to wait for better weather” Gabriella was a bit saddened by this but then admitted “Yes, my dearest Ja'Lana, as much as I would love to bring Babette home I admit i'm in no hurry to travel trough that hellish wind” she paused a moment looking at the Khajiit “Besides, you are only wearing a pair of leather's a shame there were no viable clothes in this camp” “at least this one can retrieve her boots” sighed the Khajiit “she doesn't like having her paws expos...WHERE ARE HER BOOTS?!” she exclaimed “she is sure she left them here by this rock! By the eight, they were custom made...” strangely, both her boots and Gabriella's shoes were missing. Still angry but with no other choice, they went back inside and prepared themselves for the night.
“We are in luck” exclaimed Ja'Lana “this one found their food sack” “and I found some funny juice!” chimed in Babette holding two bottles of liquor, bottles that were promptly taken by Gabriella “there are more, over there!” the girl pointed at a crate full of unlabeled bottles.
“ least the night won't be too cold” snickered Ja'Lana uncorking a bottle and taking a sip “Whew! Good stuff” she then proceeded to dunk more of the brownish liquid down her throat “here, have some” she said giving the bottle back to Gabriella “oh..i don't know if I should...oh, to Oblivion with that” she took a long sip too.
The night went on like that, with the two women having a drinking contest then gossiping and joking until, finally, all three of them fell asleep.

Ja'Lana woke up with a pounding headache and a dry mouth, at first she couldn't even remember what she was doing there, then she saw the crate of empty liquor bottles in a corner and remembered “oh right...the drinking contest...oh her head hurts so much...Gabriella?” she tried to look around but her eyes still didn't work well “Gabriella, are you ok?” a muffled mumbling caught her attention, she slowly turned her head to find Gabriella hogtied, with her clothes ripped to shreds and gagged with her own undergarments. After checking (or at least trying to) her condition she made her way to the captive dark elf and removed the gag “who did this? Where is the kid?” the dunmer coughed out some cloth scraps “That nord ****! She was still alive! She waited for us to fall asleep and then...” she sobbed “she gagged me and did this to me...she...she made Babette watch while she did this to me...then she took her in the main chamber. Gods, I hope she isn't planning anything horrible...if only you could have seen her eyes back then!” “hush now, this one will free you” “NO! There is no time, you must find her...before...” Ja'Lana nodded and tried to stand up, it took her a while to hobble to the main chamber but once there she one.
She squinted trying to focus as much as she could, scanning every corner and every nook. Nothing. Fearing for the worst she shambled near the pit in the middle of the room and peeked inside, she could still see the vines and slender trees growing over the sides but, other than that, it was pitch black. She wrapped her tail around tilted column to keep her from falling over and tried to lean a bit further when, suddenly, two small hands pushed her over.
Her tail tensed up and she managed to stand on her tip toes on the edge of the chasm and stop her fall “Gabriella? This one needs help!” she yelled while trying to move back.
Unfortunately her tail wasn't strong enough to hold her weight, let alone pull her back, she tried to move one foot back but she felt her tail slipping as soon as she lost contact with the edge of the hole.
She heard some light steps behind her and managed to turn her head enough to see them “Babette? Gabriella? How? Where is the bandit? You have to help this one, she can't pull herself back and she is losing her grip”
“By Sithis you are a stubborn one” grunted Babette “what does an assassin have to do to kill you?” Ja'Lana's eyes widened “what? She doesn't this a joke?” “We are the dark brotherhood and someone wanted you dead. I admit, the whole fake kidnapping was a bit contrived but it worked like a charm” interceded Gabriella “you dunmer whore! Using a kid as an assassin? That's disgusting! You deserve...” Babette interrupted her “i can assure you this is no joke and, in fact, i'm not a kid...well, not anymore.” she pulled her cheeks apart using her index fingers to reveal her sharp fangs “you see, i'm a three hundred years old vampire. I'm the first one to admit it, this small frame isn't the best for fighting but very few people expect to be stabbed by a twelve years old girl...Oh? What's with the angry face? I know what could fix that...” she stepped closer to Ja'Lana and kneeled behind her “can't move these beauties, can you?” the Khajiit hissed “don't you dare you brat” the girl smiled “it would be a pity if some nasty bug started crawling over those soft, sensitive, vulnerable pads...” she started to tickle her feet “tickle tickle tiiiiiickleeee” Ja'Lana trembled as she tried to maintain both her balance and composure “come on” teased Babette
“I saw you earlier, you can't hold it in forever...a-coochie coochie koo...” she increased the rhythm adding more fingers to both feet
her toes were slipping and her tail was so tense it was about to snap in half “see? You are almost there. Come on, just let go, have a good laugh and DIE”
Ja'Lana clenched her fists as a few tears rolled down her cheeks
“Shehehehehe won't let won't make hehehehe...yohohou wohohohohn't mahahahake her fahahahall”
Babette looked at her tail and smirked
“Oh, I think I see the problem, you seem to be stuck in this part, let me give you a hand”. She began scratching the underside of Ja'Lana's tail with one finger and the tail shivered “pfffffft...sshhhrk...whahahat are you doihihing? Stohohohp....nohohohho”, then she used two fingers and the tip of the tail started waggling “dohohohon't mahahake her...” finally she paused for a second giving Ja'Lana time to catch her breath.
“think fast!” she shouted while quickly scratching the base of the tail with both hands, finally forcing Ja'Lana to let go and fall over the edge.

Ja'Lana panicked. Her only chance was to try and grab something else with her tail, something like a protruding rock or a branch but, in the haste of the moment, she grabbed the only thing she found near her: Babette's arm.

Both of them fell down the hole, one laughing and one cursing, both of them flailed trying to grab something, anything to stop their fall, both of them grabbed a tree, the same tree, sprouting horizontally from a wall thirty meters below the chasm's opening.
And so there they were, the vampire child and the Khajiit, hanging from a tree for their dear lives. While Babette fell right on top of the tree and was simply hugging it with her arms, Ja'Lana had to effectively stretch to grab it and was somewhat wedged between the tree and the wall, with her hands barely grasping the trunk and her feet tip-toeing a protruding rock a few centimeters below.
“Well...that happened.” Babette broke the silence “So, while we wait for GABRIELLA TO SEND DOWN A FUCKING ROPE AND PULL ME UP, what about we pass the time chatting? You know, while I wait for you to get tired and drop dead down below?” the vampire smiled “any juicy gossip?” Ja'Lana perked her ears backwards “you know, for an assassin, you don't seem take thing very seriously” she let out a faint growl “May this one at least know WHO wanted her dead?” Babette chuckled “Nobody important, really, some guy in Morthal saw you steal something and decided to call for us” she rolled her eyes “i mean, we accept anything as long as the black sacrament is performed but I can't help but find it a bit of an overkill, send in the Dark Brotherhood in response to petty thievery? Psh, lame.” when she said that “Psh” she noticed Ja'Lana jerk a little and try to close her legs a bit. She then looked more closely at the rock she was pushing her feet on, it was shimmering, as if it had a thick layer of clear ice on it, focusing a bit more she finally figured it out, that wasn't a rock but a piece of ice jutting out of the side of the wall. Taking a good look around her see could see the same thing all over the place, pieces of ice going out of the wall, as if some kind of underground river caused the floor to cave in and small streams of water ended up being frozen by the cold winter winds. “I have to say, this thing is utterly uncomfortable” sighed Babette and, with a couple of tries, she managed to pull herself up and sit on the tree “there, much better” she took another good look at Ja'Lana's situation, the Khajiit was hopelessly stretched between the wall and the tree, clawing at the bark in order not to slip down, her slender frame was almost perfectly straight except for a particularly swollen spot, right under her belly, cramped in her tight leather pants.
The vampire smiled mischievously and her grin stretched even further when she saw the claw-shaped branch sprouting from near her legs and ending just below Ja'Lana's tummy.
Still sitting on the trunk she took off her shoes, set them aside and, nonchalantly, locked her foot on the long branch “say, kitten, I can't help but wonder...” she started moving her foot, causing the branch to lightly stroke the Khajiit's belly “yesterday you partied like a champ, never seen anyone down so much booze in one go” Ja'Lana started snickering as the wood hit her vulnerable navel “then, after the drinking, you went straight to sleep and then you rushed after my “kidnapper” this morning.” she snapped another branch with her hands and used it on Ja'Lana's side, forcing her to close her eyes and bit her lips “With all thissssss stuff...” teased Babette “i'm not sssssssure” with every hissing noise Ja'Lana felt a painful jab in her abdomen “you even had time to take your morning...pissssssssssssssss”.
It was true, she had to pee really bad but the urgency of the situation made her forget about it, until now. Worse than that, she was wearing thick leather pants, if she was to lose control in that moment the only way for her “accident” to be released would be trough her ankles and feet, that would make the already slippery ice even more slippery...or worse, it could melt due to the heat causing her to fall.

Babette leaned onto the trunk, grabbed the low branch with her hands and vigorously stroke Ja'Lana's belly
“come on, I know you can't hold it in”.
seeing she wasn't having any luck from a distance, Babette decided to risk it. She carefully crawled near Ja'Lana and then sat on her back
“giddy up” she joked “I never rode a khajiit in my life, your fur is so tickly, i'm not sure my poor bare legs can stand it...” she leaned on her, teasing her armpits then whispered in her ear “listen closely, you can either let go now and die with some semblance of dignity” she stroke the bulge on her tummy with one bare foot “or you can die after pissing yourself, your choice”
“f-f-f-fuhuhuck youhuhuhu” replied Ja'Lana.
Babette smirked and leaned on her again, teasing her nipples this time “now, wouldn't it be nice ” she started increasing the pressure on Ja'Lana's bladder using both of her feet “to just let go?” she ran her fingers up and down her armpits, then her sides and finally her breasts, flicking her nipples with her fingers.
“hohohohow are yohohohohou so goohohohod at thihihis?” Ja'Lana managed to ask between fits of laughter
“why, thank you” she gave her belly another squeeze “you see, one doesn't live for three hundred years without picking up something along the way but...” she increased her pace now erratically tickling every available spot on her torso “i have to compliment you as well, your ssssssssssssssstamina is really something”
Ja'Lana was almost at her limit “plehehehease! Thihihis one behehehegs youhuhuhu...don't make her pehehehehehe!” she couldn't believe she was begging a vampire child to not make her pee herself to death
Suddenly, a voice called from above “Babette? Are you still alive?”
“Took you long enough!” yelled Babette while circling Ja'Lana's nipples “Do me a favor and come help me with this kitty” “she is STILL HANGING?” yelled Gabriella as she threw down a rope and started climbing down. She was there, stretched, vulnerable, with Babette on her back and Gabriella menacingly brandishing two branches in front of her
“oh, another thing, Gabriella, she REALLY needs to pee, so let's see who can make her lose it first.” laughed the vampire turning around and reaching for Ja'Lana's paws “come on kitten, think of those BIG waterfalls in the mountains” she teased while viciously scratching her pads “the ones that go “whoooosssssh” and “sssssssssssssh” come on, do it! LET. GO.” she was using her tiny fingers to reach places Ja'Lana didn't even know were ticklish while Gabriella took care of her exposed armpits “yes, cat, give up. Pssssssh! Let go so we can get paid, sssssssssssssssshhhh!” said the dunmer while pinching one nipple and tickling the other
“plehehehease she cahahahan't hohoho...hold ihihit!” between the incessant tickling and Babette's legs pushing on her bladder, she had no chance of winning.
After a few seconds of this combined torture, Ja'Lana felt it, a warm feeling running down her legs and on her paws. Babette managed to pull her hands away just in time to avoid the rushing liquid that started to melt the ice.
Babette quickly jumped back on the tree and grabbed the rope but Ja'Lana, with her feet rapidly loosing grip and her hands stuck on the log, did the only thing she could do: she wrapped her tail around Gabriella's ankle, let go of the tree and used the momentum to vault under it and drop-kick both assassins on their backs.
This happened so fast that neither of them were able to react. Babette, being smaller and lighter, was flung towards the wall while Gabriella was just pushed really hard and lost her balance, ending up in a similar situation Ja'Lana was moments before: stretched over the nothingness.
The only difference was the diminutive vampire hanging from her right arm.
“how in Oblivion did this happen? YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO DIE!” shouted a panicking Babette “calm down” Gabriella reassured her “I've got you, let me just swing you over to the...heheheheh...” being back on her feet, Ja'Lana didn't waste any time and decided to repay the two assassins for their kindness by tickling Gabriella's bare soles “this one wonders what happens if she scratches these arches” The assassin tried to pull it together but when the fluffy tail started stroking her toes, she lost it “Nohohoho! Dohohohon't! Nohohoht my tohohohoes!” then Gabriella felt another tickly sensation coming from her chest. Babette, seeing her friend's resistance dwindle, was trying to climb her way to safety but in doing so had to grab her friend's sides and armpit “Babehehehehtte! STOP! NOHOHOHO!” and with that, the dunmer lost strength in her arms, causing her and the vampire to plunge in the void below “Thanks for the rope!” yelled Ja'Lana starting to climb back up as the screams died down.

Nobody knows what fate befell the two assassins, maybe they died or maybe there was a lake at the bottom of the chasm and they came out bruised, humiliated but alive.
The only certain thing was that Ja'Lana hadn't seen the last of the Dark Brotherhood.

To be continued...