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    Katy & Amber - Episode 11: A Different Kind of Tickle Fight (f/f, nylons)

    Hey everyone,

    Episode 11 is up!

    I was able to incorporate a couple of suggestions into this one -- the stakes of the bet are finally revealed and we have ourselves a good old-fashioned tickle fight! This one gets back to the basics of Kay and Amber, as Nicki takes a break, though she is sure to return soon.

    One thing I've noticed when writing this - it's tough to get in the mood of a super cold campus when it has been hotter than anything so far this summer! Still, I push on! I was also shocked to see that I started this back in March; I didn't realize I had been focused on this series for that long.

    I'm travelling all next week so I won't have time to put thoughts to the keyboard, but the creative juices will surely be flowing; Episode 12 is already being thought up in my mind.

    As always, feedback is appreciated!

    Happy reading,

    Katy & Amber - Episode 1: The Discovery (f/f, nylons)
    Katy & Amber - Episode 2: Later That Evening (f/f, nylons)
    Katy & Amber featuring Nicki - Episode 3: The After Party (ff/f, nylons)
    Katy & Amber featuring Nicki - Episode 4: Tickle-Text Messaging (f/f tickle talk)
    Katy & Amber featuring Nicki - Episode 5: Netflix & Pizza (f/f, nylons)
    Katy & Amber - Episode 6: The Blanket Burrito (f/f, nylons)
    Katy & Amber featuring Nicki - Episode 7: Two for the Price of One (f/ff, nylons)
    Katy & Amber featuring Nicki - Episode 8: Origins & Destinies (f/f, nylons)
    Katy & Amber featuring Nicki - Episode 9: The Show at the Movies: The First Challenge (f/f, nylons)
    Katy & Amber featuring Nicki - Episode 10: Do Not Do Unto Others (f/f, ff/f, nylons)

    Katy & Amber - Episode 11: A Different Kind of Tickle Fight (f/f, nylons)

    It had been a long Monday, one which seemed to have no end in sight for Katy as she went from class to class and building to building along the sprawled-out campus of her university. Indeed, she had questioned herself when loading up her class schedule with classes that met on Monday, but her thinking at the time was that it would be easier to get through the lion’s share of the work at the beginning of the week. While that strategy did serve its purpose, it certainly made for an exhausting Monday, with classes scheduled one after the other throughout most of the morning and early afternoon. Thus, Katy enjoyed nothing more than being able to kick off her shoes and lay back on the couch after a long Monday.

    Katy had only just settled onto the couch when she heard the familiar jingling of keys to suggest that Amber, too, was done with her day, returning home for the night and tossing her backpack on one of the kitchen chairs before walking into the living room and greeting Katy. Mondays were no friend to Amber, either, though her schedule was nowhere near as arduous as Katy’s. Still, Amber took great relief in kicking off her own boots and plopping down in the swivel chair near the couch.

    “Long day?” asked Amber, herself barely able to muster up the energy to get the words out.

    “You have no idea,” said Katy, grabbing a pillow and tossing it behind her head as she began to lay down on the couch, lifting her legs up on the cushions in the process.

    “I told you that your Marathon Mondays would be the end of you,” Amber reminded, referencing the sage advice she had given some months prior as Katy and Amber sat and contemplated their future course schedules.

    “Yeah, yeah, yeah,” mocked Katy, bringing her left hand over her eyes to serve as shade from the light in the room. “Amber the all-knowing!”

    “You should take a nap,” Amber suggested as she, too, worked to get more comfortable in the swivel chair by tucking her legs up under her in the seat.

    “I totally would,” admitted Katy, “except I’d either never wake up again tonight or I’d never go back to sleep at bedtime.” It was the weekly dilemma that Katy mulled in her head every Monday. To nap or not to nap. Forget anything that Hamlet had pondered - THIS was the question. But as Katy had reflected, naps at this time of the day usually caused more harm than good, usually resulting in Katy not completing some task she had hoped to that evening or Katy not being able to fall asleep again when she did wake up.

    “First-world problems,” mocked Amber.

    “That’s enough from you,” said Katy, kicking her leg in the air despite the leg being nowhere near enough to Amber that it could have resulted in a direct strike. Katy re-positioned herself again, having lost her “comfy” spot on the couch with her most recent movement. Twisting her body, Katy soon found her spot again, allowing herself to sink deeper into the couch cushions.

    “Well, don’t get too comfortable over there,” cautioned Amber. “I don’t want to have to be waking you up tonight.”

    “I’ll be as comfortable as I want,” argued Katy mischievously, opening her eyes for a moment to stick her tongue out at Amber before being over-dramatic in re-adjusting her positioning on the couch for maximum comfort. Katy bent her left leg at the knee and used her toes as a hook to pull the sock off of her right foot, repeating the process for her left foot immediately after. “There,” said Katy. “Now I’m comfy.”

    Amber thought about saying something smart in her response and was actually about to begin talking as she turned her head to face Katy, but she was stopped in her tracks by what she saw. In removing her socks, Katy had now revealed exactly what Amber had grown to enjoy seeing: nylons.

    True, it really wasn’t that out-of-the-ordinary for Katy to be wearing nylons lately; indeed, it likely would have been more unexpected had she not been wearing nylons. What had originally started as a means to combat the cold temperatures had seemingly grown into something more over the short time. Though not overtly discussed, it was becoming clear to the two girls that nylons were soon becoming a key staple of their everyday fashion sense. So that Katy was wearing nylons on this day wasn’t necessarily out-of-the-ordinary by any means. Yet still, Amber looked on with fascination…

    Indeed, Amber had taken more of an active interest, as it were, in her friend as of late. Though she had taken mostly a backseat to Nicki’s shenanigans - despite having a few key victories herself - Amber found herself paying more and more attention to Katy as the days wore on. There was something about Katy - something that Amber couldn’t quite put her finger on - that produced butterflies in Amber’s stomach. And here, sitting in her chair looking at Katy as she lay on the couch next to her, the butterflies had returned.

    There was no doubt that Amber’s new-found interest in Katy was fueled primarily by the most recent events of the past few weeks. Sure, the girls had often engaged in tickle battles growing up - a poke here, a swipe there, a tickle fight every so often - but it had usually been more mundane. And it had usually been Katy being the aggressor towards Amber; even growing up, it was fairly certain that Katy was the more ticklish of the two friends, but Amber had never been able to really pinpoint Katy’s weakness.

    And then nylons were introduced.

    That Katy had come to be just so unbelievably ticklish in nylons - really, how could someone be so ticklish Amber had thought many times - brought nothing but pure joy to Amber. There was no mistaking it; Katy was completely helpless when nylons were involved, and now that she had taken to wearing them practically on a daily basis, Katy existed in an almost perpetual state of vulnerability, and that shift in power had awoken the butterflies that had laid dormant within Amber.

    And here Amber sat, her leg nervously swiveling the chair a few centimeters left, a few centimeters right - her eyes never losing their focus on Katy’s feet. Katy certainly did look comfortable, lounged out on the couch as she was, her right ankle crossed over her left ankle, the two appendages slightly hanging off the side of the couch. There really was no internal debate to be had; Amber knew that one of those feet needed to be tickled.

    Confident that Katy wasn’t about to open her eyes, Amber quietly learned forward in her chair, bringing herself closer to eye level to Katy’s feet. The way Katy was sitting provided complete access to both feet, though Amber had zeroed in on Katy’s right foot and one spot in particular: the spot. Resting on top of her left ankle, Katy’s right foot stood unguarded, its many sensitive areas prone to countless possible attack strategies, though Amber chose to employ the simplest of attacks - the fingernail swipe.

    The tip of Amber’s fingernail came in contact with the nylon material covering Katy’s foot, and she delicately pressed the fingernail down onto that spot where the arch meets the instep, drawing a quick circle in the process. The effect was instantaneous, with Katy’s entire body reacting as if it had been jolted by a beam of electricity.

    “Jesus Christ!” Katy screamed, pulled out of her momentary peaceful bliss by the unbelievably ticklish feeling on the bottom of her foot. “I hate you so much for that,” she added after regaining her composure and re-positioning herself on the couch.

    “For what?” asked Amber, playing dumb as she repeated the process, lightly drawing another quick circle on the same spot as before. “This?”

    Katy’s body again jolted, as she had not prepared for a second attack on her sensitive spot. Her body reflexively pulled her right foot out of harm's way as soon as it processed the fingernail’s touch, before slowly positioning itself in the same spot as before.

    “Oh my God!” Katy yelled in shock. “Could you not?”

    “What’s the matter?” asked Amber with a huge grin on her face. “You just had a speck of dust on your foot and I was trying to get it off for you.”

    “Ha Ha ha,” replied Katy with a fake laugh. “Come on. You know that’s the spot,” she unnecessarily reminded Amber, as if either Amber had forgotten or that Katy’s reminder would be enough to stop Amber from future attack.

    “Oh, is it?” Amber asked, continuing the ruse. “I completely forgot,” she added, pausing enough for Katy to think that Amber’s games were over as she closed her eyes again. “So, if I did this…” Amber asked rhetorically, utilizing her actions to complete her sentence instead of her words as she drew yet another circle on Katy’s once-again exposed foot.

    “Nnnnooooooo,” Katy pleaded through clenched teeth as she fought to keep the laughter within, her body already opposing her attempts to block out the sensation as her leg reflexively pulled away once again. This time, Katy brought both of her legs into a triangle position so that the bottoms of her feet were now flat on the couch, her knees bent in the air, and the rest of her body lying flat on the couch.

    “Gosh, look at you spazzing out,” laughed Amber, finding it hilarious that such a small-scaled attack was producing such a reaction out of Katy.

    “Get those nails off that spot,” Katy ordered jokingly. This time, she kept her eyes open and intently focused on Amber and, more importantly, Amber’s hands, in an attempt to make sure her feet remained safe.

    Amber got up from the couch as if she were starring in an old Western movie, reaching for the imaginary gun in the imaginary holster that would have been on her belt as she walked over to the couch and leaned over Katy’s body. “And if I don’t?” she asked, raising an eyebrow for effect.

    “If you don’t,” said Katy, though like Amber earlier, she used action to complete her sentence and not words, as both of Katy’s hands gripped onto the thigh/hip area of Amber’s legs and begin lightly pinching through the jeans that Amber had on. The attack, though impromptu, was nevertheless effective, as Amber found herself caught off-guard from the attack, her legs immediately buckling at the onslaught as her own weak spot was now being targeted.

    “Shit,” Amber cursed, both at Katy for her attack and at herself for not anticipating it. When her legs gave out, Amber’s body fell softly on top of Katy’s so that now the two girls were essentially eye-to-eye and stomach-to-stomach. Fortunately for Amber, this new position made it much more difficult for Katy to access her thighs and where Katy had previously had a good hold in pinching Amber’s thighs, she now lost most of her grip and the attack was reduced to swipes.

    “Oh, you want a fight, huh?” asked Amber, looking into Katy’s eyes but not giving her any time to process a response as her hands, now free from not having to defend her thighs, quickly danced over Katy’s sides, causing Katy’s body to buck wildly as her ribs were tickled continuously.

    “Noooo,” yelled Katy through her laughter. “No tickle fight!” she begged, frantically trying to get her hands in a defensive position to ward off Amber’s new attack while hoping she might also be able to sneak in a tickle or two of her own. Tickle fights were nothing new between the two friends, of course, though historically Katy had always held a strong advantage in the win/loss column. Much of those battles were contested prior to the realization of Katy’s weakness in nylons, a fact that Amber hoped would help sway the pendulum in her corner.

    “Cootchie cootchie coo,” mocked Amber as she poked and prodded at Katy’s sides, always one step ahead of Katy’s defensive moves. Though nowhere near as ticklish as her feet, Katy’s sides were quite ticklish, as well; countless pictures with Katy and her friends hugging each other were snapped seconds before Katy felt she would burst if her friends’ hand lingered on her sides much longer. Amber, of course, knew this and was hoping it would be enough to secure victory in this tickle fight.

    Frustrated that her hands weren’t able to keep up with Amber’s tickling attack, Katy tried changing her defensive strategy, instead trying to use her leg power to push her upper body out of the reach of Amber’s fingers. Lifting herself up on her elbows, she hoped every inch of her height advantage over Amber would help free her from her tickling clutches.

    Of course, in doing so, Katy didn’t realize that she had opened a clear path straight to her underarms, something Amber realized immediately. Changing focus entirely, Amber pulled her hands away from Katy’s sides and darted them right into the hollows of her armpits, this new attack completely thwarting any progress Katy had made as she crashed back down onto the couch.

    “Nooooo,” yelled Katy caught by surprise, kicking herself for leaving one of her top tickle spots so wide open to attack. “Get out of there!” she begged, though Amber’s fingers were now locked in by Katy’s own arms.

    “All you have to do is say uncle,” advised Amber, in complete control of this unrelenting tickle attack on her friend. What had started out as a tickle fight had turned more into a tickle attack, as Katy hadn’t been able to muster much of an offensive output thus far.

    “Never-ha-ha-ha!” shouted Katy over her laughter, vowing to fight through the tickles no matter their effect rather than admit defeat to Amber. Her arms had been reduced to “T-Rex Arms”, as the girls referred to it -- her arms fused to her sides to her elbow in defensive mode against the tickle, she had very little mobility with the rest of her arms.

    Meanwhile, Amber’s fingers were wedged into Katy’s armpits and they weren’t going anywhere, each slight movement, no matter how artful, eliciting more and more ticklish laughter from within Katy, who had now been reduced to clenching her eyes shut as a means to fight off the tickling. With her eyes closed, Katy couldn’t see where her body was in relation to Amber, and as she rocked back and forth trying to free herself, the side of her breasts inadvertently brushed up against the free thumbs on each of Amber’s hand in a manner strikingly similar to what Nicki had done recently.

    The tickle to her breast was too much, and Katy’s body jolted with more energy than she thought she had left. The jolt was so effective that Amber lost her grip on Katy’s underarms and fell backwards on the couch, twisting her body so as not to fall onto the floor.

    In doing so, though, Amber’s left leg came face-to-face with Katy at the other end of the couch, and Katy, sensing the golden opportunity to mount her first offensive attack in this tickle war, grabbed onto the ankle before it had time to retreat, placing it in a quick headlock to effectively immobilize the foot.

    “You want a tickle fight, huh?” mocked Katy, realizing that the balance of power had shifted entirely into her lap at present.

    “Nooo!” yelled Amber, instantly realizing the plight she found herself in, trying in vain to free her ankle from Katy’s iron-grip.

    “You’re not going to need this,” said Katy as she peeled away Amber’s sock, tossing it off to the side as she revealed the suntan colored nylon hidden beneath the sock. “Oooo look,” said Katy, feigning amazement at the discovery of Amber in nylons for, much like Amber with Katy, Katy had come to expect Amber to wear nylons on almost-daily basis at this point. “What do we have here?” she asked rhetorically.

    “Christ, no” muttered Amber, still tugging at her leg with as much energy as she could muster yet still to no avail. “Come on - I have nylons on!” she argued, almost as if she expected that to be reason enough for Katy to not tickle her. If anything, Katy found it to be all the MORE reason to do what she was about to do.

    “Oh, do you now?” asked Katy, pretending that she hadn’t yet noticed. “Oh gosh,” she added, pausing for effect. “So, what would happen if I did this?” and with that, she began a full, all-out tickle attack on Amber’s trapped left foot, Amber instantly falling back into a fit of hysterical laughter as soon as first contact was made.

    “Oh, shit ha ha ha ha ha,” chuckled Amber as she thrashed about on the couch trying to free her trapped leg and end this tickle attack. She was in a bad state and she knew it; worse, Katy knew it, too. Moments ago, Amber sensed she was seconds from victory as she had found a way into the sensitive under arms of her friend Katy, but in the blink of an eye, Amber now found herself in an extremely vulnerable position. As if having to battle the added ticklishness of the nylons weren’t enough, Amber also had to contend with the fact that up until Katy had so unceremoniously removed them a moment ago, Amber had had socks on over the nylons throughout the duration of the day and, as much as the socks offered a layer of protection in if nothing else at least hiding the fact that she had nylons on, the socks also served to ensure that her feet were extra warm and, thus, extra ticklish. Yes, Amber was in a bad way, and she doubted she’d be able to last even ten more seconds at this pace.

    “Did you say uncle?” asked Katy, enjoying her new-found sense of power. “I couldn’t hear you,” she said, mocking.

    “Never-ha-ha-ha-ha,” laughed Amber, though she realized that “never” was coming up soon if she couldn’t find a way to stop Katy’s tickling. Her fingers were dancing all over the trapped foot, and with it wedged under Katy’s arm, there was nowhere for it to go and no way for it to be covered; Amber’s foot was completely at Katy’s mercy.

    “I - ha ha ha,” began Amber. “I can’t ha ha ha,” she said, unable to say anything more than that before the laughter took over once again. It had been some time since Amber had been tickled like this by Katy, and Amber had almost forgotten how ticklish she was. As much as she found she was enjoying discovering Katy’s apparent ticklish weakness, Amber also had to take on her own ticklishness, something that Katy had somehow always found a way to exploit.

    Unable to even mouth the word uncle, Amber was about to begin tapping out to signal defeat, when she felt her hand land on what seemed to be Katy’s left leg. Could it be? Was Amber laying on Katy’s left leg this whole time? And if Katy’s left leg was under Amber, then that meant that… Amber had to find Katy’s foot! It was her only way out of this, but it wouldn’t be easy, not with the tears that were streaming down her cheeks blurring her vision and not with any mental capabilities she may have had now weakened by the never-ending tickling.

    Katy wondered how much longer her friend would hold out. True, it had only been maybe fifteen seconds of tickling at most, but neither girl could hold out for much more than that. Katy was about to ask Amber once again if she gave up when she felt it…

    A single fingernail…

    Circling right on that spot.

    Katy’s back arched, and her tickling stopped immediately as her body now focused its attention on this lone fingernail that was drawing circle after circle after circle squarely on the one spot on Katy’s body where she could not bear it.

    “Shit, no!” muttered Katy, realizing that her leg was trapped under Amber’s weight and there was nothing she could do to pull it out. She still held onto Amber’s ankle, but she was unable to do so much as even lightly tickle Amber’s foot, so much was Katy’s concentration placed solely on the never-ending circles being drawn on that spot.

    “Oooh yes,” laughed Amber as she regained her composure and her breath from laughing so much. “Let’s see how you get out of this one,” she mocked, holding Katy’s foot with her left hand as the right index finger did the deed.

    “Amber, no” pleaded Katy, not able to make much of an argument than that as she clenched her teeth and eyes shut to try to ward off the sensation on the sensitive spot.

    “Did I ever tell you that I am SO glad I found this spot?” asked Amber with a smile, though Katy wasn’t able to see the smile through her closed eyes. Amber’s finger did not move to any other spot on Katy’s foot, focusing its entire arsenal directly on Katy’s weakness.

    “Amber, Amber, Amber,” Katy repeated as her body began to lose the fight, her legs squeezing and pressing against the other and her back arching, goosebumps forming all over her body.

    Though in complete control, Amber found herself in a bit of a predicament. Yes, she wanted to win the tickle fight and her end goal was to hear Katy say “uncle”, but at the same time, Amber had come to so enjoy Katy’s weakness that Amber wondered how she could prolong this as much as she could. It was clear to Amber that even if Katy didn’t verbally give up, her body physically soon would. Though neither girl had ever been pushed to that point yet in the contest, it was clear to Amber that even just this ten second attack had had an amazing effect on Katy.

    Amber looked down at Katy’s foot and found herself once again with butterflies in her own stomach as she contemplated how Katy’s vulnerability had been realized - how Katy had been in complete and total control not too long ago, with Amber trying to find a way to admit defeat, only for Katy’s vulnerability to come back and rear its head once again, rendering Katy helpless.

    Amber thought she’d have some fun with her friend. She knew she had this tickle fight all but wrapped up, but she also knew the effect verbal teasing had on her friend - not to mention herself.

    “This must tickle SO bad,” said Amber in a voice sultrier than she had envisioned. Katy’s back arched higher once more at hearing this, her hands beginning to grip onto the couch cushion beneath her. “I mean, I can’t imagine what this must feel like,” Amber added, slowing the pace of the circles even more as Katy began to moan on the couch.

    Goosebumps had emerged on Amber’s skin, though she was too drunk with power to even realize it as she sat staring at her friend.

    “Amber,” Katy said through a light moan.” You’ve,” she began. “You’ve got to stop,” she said in almost a whisper-like voice.

    “Just say uncle,” reminded Amber, her voice more and more sultry as the goosebumps on her skin and the butterflies in her stomach grew. “Otherwise,” she said, pausing for effect, “This fingernail told me it could draw circles on your foot here all. Night. Long,” she said with a giggle as Katy squeezed her eyes shut even tighter at hearing this, Amber’s words clearly having an effect on top of the effect her fingernail was already having.

    “Oh my God,” Katy moaned as her body slipped closer and closer to losing its battle. Had Katy been alone, she might have climaxed already, but it was an entirely different situation with her friend present. Though the last thing she wanted was to be driven over the edge by her friend, in some regards it was almost more pleasurable that Amber was the one doing this to her, sending her body into such convulsions.

    “If you had only left your socks on…” reminded Amber, her words pulling Katy from her internal debate of whether she should even bother fighting the urges any longer. A huge smile spread across Amber’s face as she watched her friend fidget on the couch, her legs rubbing against each other and her buttocks squeezing itself in in response to Amber’s words.

    “I know if you were doing this to me, I would be dying,” admitted Amber, catching herself by surprise that such an admission came from her mouth.

    “Uncle! Uncle! Uncle!” shouted Katy repeatedly, begging for Amber’s attack to come to a close out of fear one more word or one more circle would send her over the edge. “Please, uncle! Uncle!” she continued, even after Amber had finished her attack.

    Katy lay there, puffing to try to catch her breath, her body still recovering from the goosebumps that had grown on her skin. Amber’s physical attack had been powerful enough - there was little Katy could have done to combat it - but hearing Amber’s admission had nearly sent Katy over the edge. Though unable to fully process what had just happened and why, there was something about Amber saying that she would be dying if Katy were doing that to her that just left Katy weak.

    Amber, meanwhile, laid at the opposite end of the couch with a huge grin on her face, happy with herself that she had just been able to make her friend cry “uncle”, even if the tactics were somewhat controversial. “Looks like I winnnn,” sang Amber, gloating to her friend.

    “That was totally cheating,” argued Katy, making reference, of course, to the fact that Amber had used one of her weaknesses against her to secure the victory.

    Amber’s jaw dropped in mock surprise. “How is that cheating?” she asked, playing up her innocence.

    Katy lifted herself up a bit on the couch and looked at Amber. “You went for the spot. That’s totally cheating.”

    “Hey,” said Amber, putting her hand up in the air in the classic ‘Talk to the hand’ manner. “If you don’t want that spot touched, don’t leave it so wide open.” There. She had said it. Much like Nicki had said recently, Amber intended to take advantage of Katy’s weakness any time she could find her in a vulnerable spot. This time, Katy’s jaw dropped in mock surprise, though she never expected to hear her friend say such a thing. “That’s right,” reiterated Amber. “If that foot is exposed, this finger is coming,” Amber stated, wiggling her finger in the air for effect.

    Katy laughed. “So, you’re saying that just because I’m sitting here in nylons without any shoes on, I deserve to be tortured?” she pressed, waiting for Amber’s inevitable response.

    “That’s exactly what I’m saying,” said Amber, sticking her tongue out in the process.

    It was actually the answer Katy was hoping for.

    “Oh, I am SO glad you feel that way,” said Katy. Amber sat confused for a split second as she tried to process what Katy had just said, but she would not have to wait long for the meaning as Katy once again grabbed at Amber’s ankle and placed it in a headlock, securing the foot in a vulnerable position while also tucking her own feet further under Amber’s body to remove them from harm’s way.

    “No!” yelled Amber, caught off guard by Katy’s using her own words against her. “I meant YOU, not ME!” she clarified as she once again struggled to free her leg from Katy’s grasp, her attempts becoming more frantic with each unsuccessful attempt.

    “What was it you said before?” asked Katy, placing a finger to her lips in an inquisitive mode while maintaining her firm headlock on Amber’s ankle with her other arm. “If I were doing it to you, you’d be dying?” she said, repeating Amber’s words.

    Amber’s eyes lit up like saucers. “NO!” she yelled, renewing her frantic efforts to pull her foot free from Katy’s clutches. As soon as she had said that, she had had a feeling that those words would come back to bite her, but she didn’t expect it to happen this soon. Her efforts to pull her foot free went for naught, as the tip of Katy’s fingernail had found the corresponding spot on Amber’s foot that Amber had just used to defeat Katy, and it was now Katy who was drawing circle after circle after circle on Amber’s trapped foot.

    “Oh shit!” Amber yelled, clenching her eyes closed and squeezing onto the couch cushions trying to block out the sensation, though to no avail. Why had she said that out loud? In her excitement at watching her friend be tortured under her own hand, Amber had become careless and let slip something that she had been hiding - that she shared the same weakness as Katy - and now Katy was using that to her advantage.

    “Not so tough when the shoe is on the other foot, huh?” asked Katy as she slowly swirled the tip of her fingernail across the thin nylon material covering Amber’s foot. “Or should I say… off the other foot?” Katy asked, with a laugh.

    “Oh God, I’m sorry. I’m sorry,” pleaded Amber, still trying to pull her foot to safety. She couldn’t believe that this technique was as effective as it was, and now no longer questioned how Katy could be done in so easily by it. No one had ever done this to Amber before - at least not in such a concentrated attack - but upon seeing how it so easily reduced her friend to jelly, Amber one night tried it out on herself, taking a moment at the end of one evening to lightly run one of her own fingernails along the spot on her foot before she changed into her pajamas. Amber hadn’t been able to keep her own foot still even under her own attack, so she dreaded to think what effect it might have were it someone else doing it to her. Now that that had come to fruition, she knew her fears had been well-founded.

    “Don’t the nylons make it so much worse?” teased Katy, who was beyond jubilant to find out that her friend shared the same weakness that she had been so quick to take advantage of herself not too long ago. “I know they make it torture for me,” said Katy, mimicking the sultry voice that Amber had used earlier.

    “OH GOD!” yelled Amber again. “Stop, please!” she begged, for, much like when the roles were reserved earlier, Amber found that Katy’s teasing words pushed her body even closer to the limit than just the physical touch alone could do. Desperate, Amber began feeling around on the couch, hoping to catch lightning in a bottle a second time and find one of Katy’s legs trapped and vulnerable - only Katy had this move scouted and had planted her feet firmly underneath Amber before she began her attack, thus preventing any retaliation from Amber.

    “All you have to do is say uncle,” teased Katy as her finger continued its circular quest along the bottom of Amber’s foot. “I know what this did to me when you were doing it, so I wouldn’t blame you…”

    “Oh God, uncle!” shouted Amber. “Uncle, uncle!” Again, like her friend earlier, the teasing words had pushed Amber to defeat, her body on the verge of erupting as she squeezed her legs together to try to contain herself.

    “Did you say spunkle?” asked Katy teasingly, pretending not to understand her friend as she continued her slow, deliberate tickle.

    “UNCLE! UNCLE!” yelled Amber, panic-stricken that her friend was not stopping. Amber’s body was covered in goosebumps, and sweat was beading on her forehead as the urges within her body grew and grew, there only being a short time before the wave inside of her crashed over.

    “Kunkle?” asked Katy, again teasing her friend, this time adding the tip of a second fingernail to her endeavor, two circles now repeating over and over again on the spot on Amber’s foot.

    “KATY! UNCLE! UNCLE!!” Amber yelled, now completely beside herself and worried that she was about to lose the bet and, worse, climax in front of her friend -- at the hand of her friend. Amber twisted her body and fell off the couch, her upper body landing on the floor with her legs behind her, one stretched out freely and the other still in Katy’s clutches, Amber having now even less leverage in this position than she did before.

    “It seems like you’re trying to tell me something, Amber,” teased Katy, sitting herself on the floor now and securing Amber’s trapped leg in a leglock at Amber’s knee now so as to have even more control over it.

    “UNCLE!” yelled Amber again, her words sounding more and more like throaty moans than pleas for help. As much as she tried to fight the feeling elicited from Katy’s delicate touch, her body was betraying her, giving in to the sensitive sensation she felt on her foot as she felt a new sensation growing in between her legs. It was all too much - the combination of everything that had transpired. From staring at Katy’s foot as it sat vulnerable on the couch to the beginnings of the tickle fight to seeing Katy lose the tickle fight to this - Amber now losing the tickle war… It was too much stimulus for her body to handle and she pleaded for it to end.

    “Hey, know what I remember?” asked Katy, knowing full-well that Amber wasn’t in a position to respond with any sort of coherent thought, evidenced by the fact that she had thus far only been able to repeat the word “uncle” over and over again, a sure sign that she was nearing her end. “THIS,” said Katy, as she brought Amber’s foot closer to her face and gently bit down onto Amber’s toes with her teeth, just as Amber had done to Katy when Katy was wrapped in the blanket burrito.

    Amber’s body reacted as if it had been shocked, her legs stretching out as far as they can, her back arching up, hey eyes bugging out of her head. “UNCLE!” she yelled at the top of her throat as she slammed her hand down onto the carpet to tap out. “UNCLE! OH MY GOD! STOP! I’M GONNA…”

    But Katy had stopped, lifting her head back up away from Amber’s toes and not beginning any new circles on her poor friend’s trapped foot, though never relinquishing the foot, either.

    “Oh my God,” puffed Amber, her body a total mess of sensations. “Holy shit,” she said, catching her breath. Katy had brought her closer than anyone had ever brought her to climaxing, and Amber was certain one more touch, one more nibble, or even one more word would have sent her over the edge. She laid there on the floor trying to catch her breath, her body still covered in goosebumps.

    “You OK there, sweetie?” asked Katy, patting Amber on the butt.

    “Oh God,” said Amber. “I almost…” she said, without finishing the sentence.

    “It’s intense, isn’t it?” asked Katy.

    “Holy shit!” said Amber. “I’ve never…”

    “Looks like we share the same weakness,” said Katy, letting go of Amber’s foot and now laying on her side on the carpet next to Amber, her head propped up on the hand.

    “Yeah, I think so,” said Amber, still trying to catch her breath and regain composure of her body, a body that yearned for that one more touch or one more nibble or one more word.

    “This bet just got more interesting, that’s for sure,” said Katy, referring, of course, to the silly bet that the girls had made with Nicki regarding who would climax from tickling first.

    “I’d say,” agreed Amber, still not really able to form complete thoughts.

    “What do you say,” began Katy, twirling a circle in the pattern of the carpet with her finger as she spoke. “Loser gets tied up?”

    Amber’s eyes grew, shocked at what Katy had offered. “What??!!”

    Katy hesitated a bit, shocked that she had said what she had been thinking for some time. “I just mean,” she began. “Whoever loses the bet,” she continued, avoiding eye contact with Amber at all costs. “You know,” she said, pausing before finally saying what she wanted to say: “Whoever loses the bet gets tied up by the other, and, you know, have to experience tickle destruction.” There. She had said it. It had been on her mind for some time, but she finally said it.

    “Seriously?” asked Amber, unsure of whether to believe her ears, though the more she contemplated it, the more she liked the idea. The ability to have Katy tied up. Completely at her mercy. All of her weak spots completely open and completely vulnerable. Unable to defend herself in any way. Well, something about that really appealed to Amber.

    “Well, I mean,” began Katy, backing off her claim a bit as she realized Amber was having a hard time with what she said.

    “No, you’re on!” said Amber with enthusiasm, she herself even shocked a smidge by how enthusiastic her response had been. The two girls shared an awkward laugh, both happy to see that the other hadn’t found her odd in any way.

    “So, I guess this means we should probably invest in a lot of socks for protection,” offered Katy.

    “Hell no,” said Amber, prompting a laugh out of Katy. “If anything, I saw we throw all of our socks out!” she said with a laugh.

    “What?” asked Katy, it now being her time to be amazed at something the other had said.

    “Well, not throw them out entirely,” clarified Amber. “But - no socks allowed unless for some super specific reason? Make it interesting. Keep us on our toes.”

    Katy smiled while looking at Amber. “You’re on,” she said, the two girls joining pinkies to symbolize their pact. “Just no more tickling tonight? I don’t think either of us can take much more,” she admitted.

    “Agreed,” said Amber, “starting….” she said as she quickly spidered her fingers across the bottom of Katy’s foot: “now.” Katy jumped at the initial touch, nearly kicking Amber in the face in the process.

    “Brat!” yelled Katy, pulling her feet to safety as she got up from the floor and offered a hand to her friend.

    It had been an eventful night for sure, a far cry from the nap that Katy had originally planned. New weaknesses had been found. Their bodies had been brought to the edge of ecstasy only to be brought right back. The bet now had something at stake - a very big something at stake: the ability to have the other tied up, completely at the mercy of the winner. Business, as they say, was about to pick up.

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    Holy $hit!! That was amazing!! More please!!

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    What can I say, exhiliarating as always!!! You just can't get enough of them destroying each other. I cannot even decide who I want destroyed more. Then again Katy somehow always seems to deserve it from my view....

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    Quote Originally Posted by whorf007 View Post
    Holy $hit!! That was amazing!! More please!!
    Thanks for the kind words. I'm glad you're enjoying the series. There is definitely more to come!

    Quote Originally Posted by LordMod View Post
    What can I say, exhiliarating as always!!! You just can't get enough of them destroying each other. I cannot even decide who I want destroyed more. Then again Katy somehow always seems to deserve it from my view....
    Thank you so much. It's funny you mention now being able to decide which you would like to see most destroyed; I had been wondering where the general consensus was in that regard (with the exception of Nicki). I definitely started this series thinking Amber would be the victim, but Katy seems to have found her way into that spot -- even if she's the one who sometimes instigates.

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    Oh my God! You are genius! The best series I've ever read! Simply, thank you! <3

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    That was so ��. I almost thought you were gonna throw in some nylon foot worship but it turned into a nylon toe nibbling. Love how the girls won't wear socks just nylons now.

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    Always good to see more of the two original protagonists and you are doing a really good job of slowly ramping up the stakes. Can't wait to see who wins the competition, it will be great either way. Part of me would like Amber to win simply because I enjoy Katy's susceptibility to Amber's teasing. However, the other part favours a Katy victory, simply because I have a feeling that with so many rivals Katy will already be on the receiving end an awful lot in the future

    Great series, long may it continue

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