Scott was happy come his senior year of med school. Finally he was going to get out of this dump and start doing some real life saving. He was so sick of this place that he could spit.

He might want to hold off on just that though. Little does Scott know, three old friends have also been hired as janitors this year as well. Three friends he met in his old frat who would play the most embarrassing of pranks on him after sharing their fetishes. Only escalating when they also found out just how ticklish he was, from one of the dates they had cock blocked him on. Then it would really get wildWaking up, feet tied to the bed only to pass out from breathless laughter twenty five minutes later. His feet still tingling from the friction of their hair brushes or whatever else they could find that morning. Constant nights leaving parties naked after they strip and tickle him for the entire attendance to spectate. Not even to bring up his dry cleaning bills.

So Scott might want to watch just where he's spitting. His school doesn't take kindly to littering and a like. Who knows what those fellas could think up as a punishment?

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