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    Batgirl and Catwoman in 'Holy Hilarity!' *f/ff

    Batgirl and Catwoman in "Holy Hilarity!"
    By MrObscura101

    “OK, ready whenever you are Boy Wonder!” Batgirl, the crime fighting dynamite daredevil doll said confidently as she struck a judo pose, the young heroine was clad in her purple costume with matching boots, gloves and cowl along with her utility belt and purple cape with its yellow trim showing off her lithe body and long legs as her opponent Robin began circling around her as he prepared to strike.
    “Get ready cause you’re going down!” He said as he got ready for his attack, the two young heroes where sparring in the Batcave on a large circular mat being silently observed by Batman. Despite Robin’s confidence however the fight was a short one as when he charged at her with a flying kick she easily avoided it before landing a judo chop to the back of his neck sending him off the mat and onto the floor
    “Good work Batgirl, Robin it looks like you need more practice!” Batman observed as Batgirl held out her gloved hand to help him stand up
    “Good match!” They both said as they bowed to each other, Batgirl then picked up her sports bottle and drank as Robin rubbed his sore neck before he decided to get some payback

    “You know you’re lucky I didn’t go for your weakness just now Batgirl!” he said with a smirk
    “Oh really? What weakness?” she said looking at him with confusion
    “This!” he shouted as he pounced on her, grabbing her sides and started tickling away
    “Ha ha ha nooo faahhaaahhiiirrr!!!!!” she shouted as she tried knocking him back but he was able to wrestle her to the floor as her sweet laughter echoed around the gloomy cave, Robin kept on wiggling his fingers against her ribs mercilessly until her purple suited body had instinctively curled up into a defensive ball on the floor
    “HA HA HA HA HA CUUUUTTTT IIITTTTT OOOUUUTTT!!!!” she giggled frantically
    “Sure…. if you agree to go on a date with me this Saturday” He teased without letting up on the tickling
    “HA HA HA HA NEEEEVVEEEERRRR!!!!!” Batgirl liked Robin but refused to give him the satisfaction of beating her
    “If that’s your answer, but I have other methods!” he said calmly as she grabbed her ankle and began unzipping her left boot
    “HAAAA HAAAAAA NOOOOHOHOHOHO!!!!!!” she wailed in a panic
    “Ok that’s enough Robin!” Batman suddenly called over “I just had an urgent call from Commissioner Gordon on the bat-phone and he needs to see all of us right away!”

    Robin reluctantly relented as he finally stopped tickling her allowing Batgirl to catch her breath then he helped the red headed heroine stand, cursing the Commissioner’s bad timing under his breath
    “Ha ha… I’ll get you for that next time!” Batgirl said as she picked up her things then climbed into the waiting Batmobile
    “We’ll see about that!” Robin said as he followed her, once Batgirl was seated she picked up a length of cloth and blindfolded herself as she had promised to not learn Batcave’s location or the Dynamic Duo’s secret identities just as they had agreed to remain ignorant of hers. Once her vision was obscured she felt the Batmobile’s rocket engine start up and roar out of the cave, a short while later Batman told her it was ok to remove the blindfold as the crime fighters pulled up in front of police headquarters and they raced inside

    Soon the terrific trio were standing in Commissioner Gordon’s office with him at his desk and Chief O’Hara standing at his side. Batgirl smiled to herself at the fact that unbeknownst to everyone in the room was that Commissioner Gordon was secretly her father who was blissfully unaware that his daughter was not just some ordinary, meek, mousy librarian but in fact a masked vigilante who regularly fought against all manner of super criminals
    “Thank you for coming so quickly Caped Crusaders, I have terrible news! The Joker has escaped from Arkham Asylum!” Gordon said with a twinge of fear
    “Holy Houdini!” Robin said with a gasp
    “Yes and I’m afraid it gets even worse Boy Wonder! According to the guards who witnessed his escape he also took his psychiatrist hostage! There’s no telling what he will do to her now that he’s free!”
    “THE FIEND!” Batgirl added
    “And saints alive we don’t know where the devil he’s gotten too!” Chief O’Hara added worriedly before Gordon continued
    “We believe there are three possible places he might strike. An art gallery showing Bunch’s “The Laugh”, the Gotham Natural History museum which is exhibiting the Hoop diamond or millionaire Britt Reid’s private collection of rare stamps featuring the heroes of comedy”
    “All targets the Joker, that Ace of Knaves might pick!” Batman concurred with Gordon
    “Can you help us in this dark hour Batman?” Gordon asked
    “Yes Commissioner, the three of us will each stake out one location until the Joker makes his move. Also, I think it best that you avoid having any police presence at these locations, which should hopefully make him overconfident enough to make a mistake!”
    “I agree Batman, thank you all and with any luck the Clown Prince of Crime will be behind bars by this time tomorrow!”
    “Saints be praised!” O’Hara added with a cheer as the heroes ran out the office

    It was decided that Batman would watch over the art gallery while Robin staked out the stamp collection meaning Batgirl was tasked with protecting the Hoop diamond. The jewel was located at an exhibit in the centre of the museum, so she used a batrope to climb up to the supporting rafters in the ceiling and waited for any sign of the Joker. Several hours after the museum had closed with nothing suspicious happening Batgirl suddenly heard a noise, looking down she saw torchlight heading towards the diamond
    “Looks like I got him!” Batgirl thought as she pulled out a batarang from her utility belt and pressed the alert button on her belt buckle so that Batman and Robin would be notified before she leapt down to the ground landing gracefully opposite the intruder
    “FREEZE!” She shouted at the torch wielder but was shocked to be faced not with the Joker but someone else instead!

    Facing her was a young woman clad in a red and black jesters costume with white make up covering her face except for the black domino mask over her eyes
    “Oh great! A bat-brat!” the woman said with a huff
    “You’re not the Joker! Who are you?” she asked, having been taken aback by this unknown person
    “Harley Quinn! Pleased to meet ya!” the jester said cheerfully in a high-pitched voice with a pronounced New Jersey accent “And no I’m not Mr. J, but he’s my sweet puddin!”
    “So you’re just another one of his molls? I hate to tell you this, but he’s had dozens of those over the years, all he will do is break your heart and abandon you so why don’t you just tell me where he is and I can take him back to jail?” Batgirl said hoping for a peaceful resolution to the situation
    “Oh sure, I got a map to his hideout right…HERE!” Harley suddenly screamed out as she reached into a holster on her hip and pulled out a small toy gun, before Batgirl could move or throw her Batarang the jester girl pulled the trigger and a jet of purple smoke shot right out at Batgirl which she inhaled before she could stop herself. Instantly Batgirl began to feel woozy as the room started to spin, she gripped her forehead with one hand as she staggered around trying to stay balanced

    “No…. you’re under…. arrest!!!!” she said groggily but it was too late as she collapsed unconscious on the floor. Harley holstered her gun as she stood over the downed heroine before leaning over
    “Nighty night!” she chuckled before she bound Batgirls wrists and ankles with some ropes from her bag before tying a cleave gag over her mouth
    “That oughta keep you quiet” she giggled before going off the get the diamond, within a few minutes she had succeeded and returned holding it triumphantly before looking down at the knocked out crime fighter
    “Looks like I got another gift for Mr J!” she thought with a smile as she first unbuckled Batgirl’s utility belt “I bet you have a tracking device for those other caped clods in this so let’s just leave it here!” she thought as she threw it into a nearby garbage can. She then picked up Batgirl in an over the shoulder carry and walked out to her waiting car where Batgirl was promptly thrown in the trunk
    “Sweet dreams bat-brat!” she said as she blew a kiss before slamming the trunk shut
    “Boy, I can’t wait to see Mr. J’s face when I give him his surprise!” Harley thought with glee as the car sped off into the night

    Soon – at the old, abandoned Sprang spring factory…..

    Batgirl awoke to find herself sitting on an armchair in some large disused warehouse dotted with numerous crates, she tried to move but her body was still drugged from the knockout gas so she couldn’t no matter how much she wanted to, she then noticed that her captors hadn’t even bothered to tie her down as they knew she wouldn’t be going anywhere soon. Along with her missing utility belt Batgirl found that her gloves, boots and cape had also been removed and thrown into a corner of the room leaving her hands bare and her feet only covered by her purple RHT nylons, thankfully however her mask remained on. Then she heard a piercing high-pitched laugh echoing from outside followed a few seconds later by the Joker bursting through a doorway to face her, hanging on his left arm was the Harley Quinn girl from before while he was proudly clutching the Hoop diamond in his other hand. He then addressed the beautiful heroine
    “HA HA HA how fortuitous! A priceless gem in one hand and a captured crime fighter in the other! HEH HEH HEH why it’s simply delicious!”
    “I knew catching her would make you happy Mr J!” Harley squealed in delight as she rested her head on his shoulder
    “Joker…. you won’t… get…. away with this!” Batgirl managed to speak out as best she could despite the drug inhibiting her movements
    “Oh, but I will my dear! Once you and the Dynamic Dunderheads are out the way there will be no-one left to stop me from ransacking this city!” he casually placed the diamond down on the table as if it were a can of soda before continuing “Oh and I apologise for removing your gloves and boots while you were asleep, but we wouldn’t want you to be hiding any nasty weapons now would we?”

    Annoyed at his confidence Batgirl tried to think of a way to escape and get help, especially since her belt and weapons were now gone, then she remembered the earlier meeting with the Commissioner
    “What…have you done…. with your hostage!”
    “Hostage? What hostage?” The Joker asked as if he had been cut to the quick
    “Your …. psychiatrist!”
    “Oh, why she’s fine my dear, in fact you’ve already met her!” He saw Batgirl was confused so he motioned to Harley to step forward “Allow me to introduce my new partner in crime, Harley Quinn formerly Dr Harleen Quinzel, the resident psychiatrist of Arkham Asylum” Harley curtsied at this
    “Enchantee!” she said in a mock French accent
    “You see Dr Quinn was brought in to rehabilitate me during my last stay at Arkham but instead I was able to illuminate her mind to my unique way of thinking!”
    “It’s true!” Harley added as she began speaking like a love-struck teenager “I learned that Mr J is a genius of our times, not to mention a true visionary and that the world would be a much better place if there were more people in it like him!” Batgirl had to restrain herself from throwing up at hearing this nonsense! The Joker then paced back and forth in thought as Batgirl tried to move her arms but the best she could do was open and close her hands, the Joker then stopped and spun around to face her
    “But enough of the past, now let us begin striving to the future, a bright one without any meddling crime fighters in it!” he snapped his fingers and Harley grabbed Batgirl under her arms and easily lifted her out of the chair like a ragdoll before carrying her over to a corner of the room where something was covered by a large brown tarp. By now the drug was starting to wear off and she could talk normally again but her body was still too sluggish to fight back or escape
    “And now dear Batgirl allow me to introduce the instrument of your doom!” he said dramatically as he pulled the tarp away

    Batgirl looked confused by what was revealed, it was some kind of metallic dentist chair with stocks on one end and a metal T bar above the headrest at the back
    “Don’t tell me you’ve given up crime to sculpt modern art Joker!” Batgirl said sarcastically
    “Oh no my dear, it’s just a little something to help put a smile on your lovely face! Strap her in Harley!” he ordered and his henchgirl obeyed. Batgirl was forced to sit on the chair where her ankles were locked firmly into the stocks followed by her arms being pulled above her head and her wrists cuffed to the T bar, then some additional straps were placed around her waist, thighs and knees to keep her still. By the time this was done the drug had fully worn off so she could move about again but despite her best efforts she now couldn’t get free of her bonds. She then watched silently as the Joker walked over to a large purple and green control panel
    “I’m going to use this device to improve your outlook on life Batgirl!” he pressed down a few keys and suddenly several large gloved hands appeared from under the chair and stopped a few inches from her sides, Batgirl began to grow worried but refused to show she was being intimidated
    “HA! Do your worst!” she shouted defiantly, the Joker obliged with a grin as he activated the machine

    Obeying the commands of their creator the hands began to move closer before they slowly started digging their fingers into Batgirl’s ribs, she let out an involuntary giggle then shut her mouth in embarrassment, however the hands continued to touch her sides at a much faster pace, as this was going on she looked to the Joker and Harley who were watching with amusement
    “Oh no! He wouldn’t……would he?!!!!” she thought in a panic as she bit her lip to try and hold in the laughter that was building up as her face started slowly turning redder. Batgirl shut her eyes tight and began trying to move about to avoid the hands as the Joker called over to her mockingly
    “Hee hee hee! What’s the matter my dear Batgirl? Are you having some trouble? I thought you said you wanted me to do my worst?” but Batgirl refused to answer him, she knew that if she opened her mouth she would start laughing and not be able to stop
    “JUST IGNORE IT! JUST IGNORE IT!” she kept thinking to herself trying desperately to follow her own advice, however the Joker continued increasing the speed of the tickling hands tormenting her sides before programming some of them to also begin a tickle attack at her underarms, thighs and hips simultaneously. This combined assault finally proved too much for the plucky heroine

    “HA HA HA HA HA JOOOHHHKKKKAAAHHHHH!!!!!!! STTAAAHHHPPPPPPP IIIIIIIITTTTTT!!!!” she cried out in bursts of laughter as the hands kept on tickling her while he and Harley began laughing like hyena’s at her predicament
    “Ha! She ain’t so tough now huh Mr J?!”
    “Oh yes indeed Harley, I’m sure that soon enough our dear Batgirl will do anything to stop being tickled such as… revealing the true identities of Batman & Robin?”
    “HA HA HA HA HA NEEEEEEVVVEEEERRRRRRR!!! HA HA HA HAAAAAAAAA HAAAAAA!!!!” Batgirl screamed to the clowns as she continued to thrash around, even if she knew their secret identities she wouldn’t help this madman! Batgirl then let out a squeal of laughter as one hand in particular moved down her body to begin tickling her stomach which was an especially ticklish spot of hers! Batgirl had no idea how long this torture went on for, all she could do was laugh helplessly until the Joker finally shut the machine down and the hands stopped at last

    Batgirl’s face had turned as bright red as her hair and she struggled to stop laughing for some time, she couldn’t believe the Joker had invented such a horrendous device
    “Now don’t you feel better Batgirl? Isn’t the power of laughter wonderful?” He said mockingly
    “Ha ha ... you won’t ... ha ha ...get away with this!” she cried out in defiance at the clown
    “I’m sure you believe that now, but you’ll soon learn... just like our other test subject!”
    “What?” Batgirl said in shock as the Joker motioned to Harley to move a privacy screen out of the way revealing a second tickling machine with an unconscious woman already strapped down inside it
    “CATWOMAN!?” Batgirl cried out at seeing the feline thief. There was no doubt about it, the dishevelled woman locked inside the device was the Princess of Plunder herself, Catwoman. Her long brunette hair was a total mess and she looked thoroughly exhausted but despite being asleep she still had a huge grin on her face. Like Batgirl her gloves and boots were gone leaving her in just her cat-mask, black bodysuit and tan nylons “WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO HER?!”
    “She’s been undergoing the same treatment as you, although she’s been here for a few days already” The Joker said with a cruel smile. Batgirl couldn’t believe it, she had hated being in this machine for only a short while, had he really subjected Catwoman to this kind of torture for several days? Even though Catwoman was a criminal Batgirl instantly felt sorry for her

    The Joker walked over to Catwoman and snapped his fingers to wake her up, slowly her eyes opened and she took a few moments to remember where she was but as soon as she did she immediately started to panic
    “JOKER? Please let me go! I promise I’ve learned my lesson! I’m begging you, please don’t tickle me anymore!!!!!!” she pleaded as she thrashed against the restraints. Batgirl was amazed, she had never heard Catwoman so distraught and watching the normally seductive cat burglar pleading for mercy made her start to worry about how she might endure under the tickling if Batman and Robin didn’t arrive soon to rescue them
    “Oh, isn’t that nice Harley, little Ms. Kitty here thinks she’s had enough!” he said mockingly “But I don’t think you or Batgirl have truly learned your lesson yet however!” he walked back to the control panel making both his captives start struggling in their bonds
    “NO PLEASE DON’T JOKER! JUST LET ME GO AND I’LL DO ANYTHING!!!” Catwoman screamed however the Joker just looked at them both as he began menacingly pressing the control buttons
    “You will learn your lesson Catwoman ... and laughter will be your teacher!” he said menacingly before activating both the chairs at once

    Batgirl and Catwoman instantly shrieked as the villainous hands powered up to begin tickling away again at their helpless bodies, as before the hands targeted their underarms, sides, stomachs, hips, and thighs.
    “HA HA HA HAAAAA JHOHOHOKKAAAHHHHH YYOOUUU FFIIIEEEENNDDDD!!!!!!” Batgirl screamed at him in between laughs as 4 hands began working on her stomach and a different pair suddenly squeezed her knees making her laugh even harder. She shook about as much as the bonds would allow trying desperately to escape from the chair while Catwoman, already exhausted from her prolonged days of torture was far too tired to move anymore which just allowed the hands ample opportunities to tickle every spot of her svelte body, to add insult to injury the Joker and his damn hench-wench were continually laughing hysterically at their predicament
    “THAT’S IT MY DEARS, LAUGH ALL THOSE GLOOMY FEELINGS AWAY!” The Joker shouted in celebration of his own twisted genius but Batgirl and Catwoman were far too busy however laughing to properly respond to their clown captor

    After over an hour of torture the Joker pressed some buttons and the hands slowed down although they did not fully stop. Both his victims heads hung low as they struggled to breath, even though it had only been a relatively short time Batgirl already looked as exhausted as Catwoman by now
    “There, don’t you feel better? Isn’t laughter a wonderful healer” he casually said but neither woman was able to answer him.
    “Looks like they aren’t sure Mr J!” Harley chimed in
    “Yes I do believe you’re right Harley,” he answered as he placed his finger on a large red button on the centre of the console “Maybe they will have a better idea once they try the alpha protocol!” Hearing these words Catwoman immediately lifted her head up and let out a wail of panic
    “NO PLEASE JOKER! NOT THE ALPHA PROTOCOL! PLEASE ANYTHING BUT THAT!!!!!!” hearing this reaction Batgirl grew worried at whatever this meant seeing how it made Catwoman respond this way. The two of them watched worriedly as the Joker twirl his finger around the button
    “Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeellllllllllllllll…… …..” he said tauntingly “I think ... not!” and with that he pressed the button, Batgirl tensed up but was confused when all the hands stopped tickling at this point making her wonder just what would happen next while Catwoman had begun to practically hyper ventilate. However a few seconds later Batgirl also began to panic as well as to her horror four new arms popped out of the base of each chair and stopped mere inches away from their defenceless nyloned feet…..

    Batgirl gulped as she silently watched the new hands move about, pressing back as much as she could within the chair as they got nearer and nearer her feet…. her insanely hyper ticklish feet she thought worriedly… before throwing her head back with unbridled laughter as the hands began raking down both her arches
    “HA HA HA HAAAAAAAAAAAA NOOOAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!” she screamed while Catwoman also began laughing even harder than before as she also starting getting tickled by the hands
    “HA HA HA HA TTHHAHAHAUURRNNN IITTT OOHOHOHFFFF!!!!!!!!!” Catwoman begged again and again to no effect, Batgirl meanwhile tried desperately to think of a way out like Batman had taught her but the only thing she was able to currently do was move her feet around which didn’t help much as the villainous hands simply followed her no matter what direction she went.
    “Oh don’t worry Catwoman, I will turn it off ... eventually!” The Joker cackled as he watched the helpless heroine and criminal continue laughing non-stop as they tried begging him to deactivate the infernal hands. As Harley watched the machines tickle them nonstop she instinctively curled up her toes within her own jester boots, having been an unwilling test subject for the Joker when he was originally testing out the chairs she empathised with Batgirl & Catwoman’s plight ... but she knew better than to dare interrupt his plans!
    “DAMN IT WHY DID I WEAR MY SHEER NYLONS TODAY!!!!!!” Batgirl thought to herself, as she found the slick fabric only added to the tickling sensations she was being subjected to as the hands continued tormenting her without ever slowing down

    For the next several hours the Joker expertly tormented his captives with his fiendish inventions, sometimes tickling both at once, sometimes one only at a time, occasionally he would stop the hands but that wouldn’t mean they would have a break as Harley would instantly leap in to start tickling the helpless women herself, gleefully poking at Catwoman’s sides or a raking her nails across Batgirls soles or some other kind of evil tickling torture. Batgirl quickly found that Harley was scarily good at finding their worst spots to torment! Time slowed to a relative crawl for the helpless pair as their torture continued on uninterrupted and by the time the Joker at last turned the diabolical machines off and the hands mercifully ceased when they finally received a break the two captives had practically collapsed in their bonds. Batgirl and Catwoman could barely speak, let alone laugh anymore and both women’s faces had turned bright red beneath their masks as tears and sweat dripped from their faces while their respective nylons now had numerous rips in them as well from the incessant tickling of the hands leaving large parts of their feet now bare
    “Now don’t you feel more relaxed?” he asked but they were too tired to answer

    Batgirl sat silently trying to focus once more on escaping while trying to ignore her sore throat and aching sides from all the laughter she had been forced to endure. Catwoman however after a short while again tried to speak albeit rather weakly
    “Ha ha...Joker...please stop this...” her voice was barely more than a whisper. “I’ve learned my lesson... really… and I’m sorry I tried to steal the jade Cheshire cat statue …. you can keep it … in fact if you let me go I’ll even let you have some of my other stolen treasures … just please don’t tickle me anymore... it’s too much...' she pleaded to him, but before the Joker could respond Harley spoke up
    “Oh really Miss kitty-cat? Or will you go straight to Batman and tell him where we are? Word around Arkham is that you and he are rather sweet on each other!!”
    “Shut up clown girl before I claw your eyes out!!!” Catwoman growled as she glared at the jester girl
    “No, I really must agree with dear Harley, you need to continue learning your lesson Catwoman! So let’s get started!!
    “Noo...” Catwoman cried meekly knowing she couldn't take anymore while Batgirl tried to remain stoic but secretly was terrified of what the Joker had planned next!
    “Y…y…you’re insane……” Batgirl said trying to project a steely resolve of refusing to be intimidated
    “Bah! Men of vision like myself don’t bow to society’s descriptions of ‘sanity’!” he replied in a huff, allowing Batgirl to take a small amount of comfort in her success at annoying him as the Joker paced back and forth visibly frustrated by her smart mouth
    “I would put you in for another session personally for that remark….” he shouted, holding his finger above the button again but then pulled back “However I require time to plan my next caper, so I will leave you in the capable hands of my dear Harley, she’s very skilled …. as Catwoman can attest!!”
    “You got it puddin’!” Harley squealed as she hugged him, happy for a chance to prove herself
    “No! Not her...” was all Catwoman could say as her face went pale upon hearing this as the Joker left the trio while he laughed manically

    Once the three women were alone Harley surprised Batgirl by deactivating all the hands and making them retract back into the chairs. She then walked behind the two and surprised Batgirl by forcing a cleave gag into her mouth and tying it behind her head before she could spit it out
    “MMMFFFF???!!!!!” Batgirl screamed at the clown girl angrily
    “That will teach you to mouth off to Mr J!” Harley said mockingly as she moved towards Catwoman
    “Please Harley, please not another therapy session!” Catwoman began immediately pleading to the red and black clad girl who responded by simply forcing a cleave gag into her mouth as well and tying it off but Catwoman still continued trying to beg for mercy despite this as she weakly pulled at her bonds
    “What the heck did she do to Catwoman before?” Batgirl thought as she saw Catwoman begin sobbing a little. Meanwhile Harley, now satisfied they had both been silenced walked back towards their feet. Once there she removed her gloves, showing off her red and black nails then proceeded to rip away at the remains of their respective nylons, soon the sheer material had been torn to shreds leaving Batgirl’s dainty size 7's and Catwoman’s slightly larger but no less feminine size 10.5s with burgundy nail polish now bared to their captor.

    With their reddened soles now ready Harley then proceeded to take a thin piece of rope and weave it through some prepared holes in the stocks and in between each of Catwoman’s toes until she tied the rope to the stocks so that her toes were fully immobile. Once this was done she giggled in amusement as she watched Catwoman struggling to move her feet around without success, then just to show how helpless she truly now was Harley raked her nails down both her arches making the gagged woman shriek. Harley then prepared Batgirl the same way despite her valiant attempts to keep her feet out of Harleys’ clutches but soon enough her feet were also secured
    “Ok ladies,” Harley then announced loudly “Time for Dr Quinn’s therapy time!” she then held up a bottle of oil and a brush and looked menacingly at Catwoman
    “Ready for another round pretty kitty?” she said with a psychotic grin as Catwoman shook her head

    Catwoman could only feebly plead as Harley knelt down and unscrewed the bottle cap before pouring the oil over her toes. Batgirl watched in fascination at how Catwoman desperately thrashed about as much as she could try to force the oil off but with the new restraints she was forced to sit there and feel the oil slowly drip down every inch of her soles. Once Harley had used enough oil she stared at the glistening pair of feet before her and held up the brush. Catwoman jerked about as though she had been struck by lightning as the bristles touched her oiled skin before she began laughing like a hurricane straight away, so much so that the gag could barely contained her laughter
    “MMHHH HHFFF HFFFFF!!!!!!!! HHHRRFFFFLLFFFF SSTTFFFF!!!!!!!” she squealed as Harley continued, using the brush on one foot and letting her nails dance wildly all over the other. Batgirl couldn’t believe how much Catwoman seemed to be suffering at this and she curled her own toes up as much as she could while hoping desperately that the insane clown girl wasn’t going to do the same to her despite knowing full well she would be next
    “Batman…. Robin….. please find us soon!” she thought, praying that the Dynamic Duo were on the way to rescue them from this nightmare. However, no rescue came as Harley continued tormenting Catwoman’s feet.
    “Tickle tickle little kitty cat! You know if this works maybe I’ll publish a paper documenting it!”
    “HHF HFFF HFFFF SSSTTTFFFF IIFFF!!!!! NNFFFF MMFFFF PPLLSSS!!!!!!!” Catwoman continued to frantically beg and plead

    By the time Harley at last stopped Catwoman’s soles had gone as red as her face as she slumped back against the chair trying to breathe and stop laughing. Harley moved away from Catwoman then grinned menacingly at Batgirl who tried once more to fight free of the bonds but then she felt a chill run down her spine as the oil started being poured over her own feet, Batgirl did as Catwoman had done as she tried to knock the oil away but this proved impossible with her limited amount of movement. Harley then held up two hairbrushes
    “Your turn bat-brat!” she giggled
    “OH NO!” Batgirl thought as she watched in horror as the brushes got closer and closer…
    “MMMFFF MFFFFF MFFFFF MFFFFFFF!!!!!!!! NNNFFFF DNNFTTT!!!!!! PPLLSSS SSTTFFF!!!!!!!” she then cried as the bristles made contact and started to make circular patterns over both her arches, then the balls and heels of her dainty feet before scrubbing every inch of her cute, helpless toes
    “Wow look at you go BG! You might be even more ticklish than Ms. kitty-cat over there!” Batgirl was in no position to answer though as she continued laughing hysterically. She couldn’t believe how much the oil added to the tickling sensation making it worse than before, and Harley seemed to have a super power of finding her worst spots one by one leaving her a complete giggling mess.

    Harley was a master in her torment of the helpless heroine as she devilish attacked her worst spots and adjusted the speed of the brush running over her soles to drive Batgirl wild with laughter, not to mention randomly skittering her sharp nails all over them as well and tracing each and every wrinkle of her feet
    “Coochie coochie coo little Bat! Doesn’t it feel great to laugh your problems away?”
    “MMF MFF MFFFF NNFFF IFF DDSSFFTTT!!!!! SSTTTPPP FFIISSS NNWWFFF!!!!!!” Batgirl angrily tried to shout back. Once Harley stopped Batgirl collapsed and found herself actually wishing that Harley would start on Catwoman again so she wouldn’t have to endure anymore of this torture before forcing the thought out of her mind
    “No... don’t think like that...that’s what she wants….for us to turn on each other…. gotta stay strong….” she thought, hoping she could still find a way out of this as she watched through her tears as Harley stood in between the sets of stocks, both Catwoman and Batgirl then gasped behind their gags as they watched Harley hold up Catwoman’s clawed gloves and put them on before menacingly wiggling her fingers about

    Harley then sat herself down in a yoga pose in the gap between the chairs with her back to her two “patients” and proceeded to place on of their ankles each in armlocks before slowly scribbling the claws across every ticklish inch of skin. The result was absolutely devastating as both gagged women lurched about as much as possible as they tried begging, pleading and threatening her to stop but Harley loyally carried out the Joker’s instructions. She not only continued tickling them but verbally taunted their inability to stop her as well much to their frustration. Sometimes she would stop and go behind one of them to attack their defenceless sides or underarms as well and if she decided to focus on one of them only she would simply reactivate the tickling hands to torture the other one so that neither Batgirl nor Catwoman were able to get a break from her.

    By the time Harley finally ceased tickling them Batgirl and Catwoman could barely speak, let alone laugh anymore. Both women’s faces had turned an even brighter red then before while tears and sweat continued to drip from their faces and their sides and throats ached from all the forced laughter
    “Now don’t you feel happier?” she asked as she removed the gags, at first they were too tired to answer until Batgirl finally spoke
    “Y…y...you’re... under arrest…!” she weakly said
    “Ha! As if bratgirl! It’s just you, me and Ms Kitty cat. The dynamic dunderheads ain’t gonna find us here!” she then walked back over to the console. Seeing Batgirl still refuse to give in however incentivized Catwoman to shout out
    “HARLEY! I’M GOING TO MAKE YOU PAY FOR THIS! I SWEAR! YOU BETTER PRAY BATMAN THROWS YOU IN JAIL BEFORE I GET MY HANDS ON YOU!!!!!!!” she screamed, venting all her anger of the humiliation she had endured at the Joker and Harley’s hands. Hearing this Harley just calmly ran her fingers over the controls
    “Hmm… looks like you both need a few more hours of therapy!”she said gleefully and with that she activated the machines again.

    Batgirl and Catwoman shrieked and laughed furiously as the hands all roared to life once more, tickling every tormented spot on their bodies. After entering a set of commands for the hands to follow Harley left the console and walked behind Batgirl before she used a pair of scissors to carefully cut open several sections of her purple spandex costume leaving her stomach exposed along with and a large strip either side from her underarms down to her hips making her laugh even harder as her now bare skin started getting tormented before Harley did the same to Catwoman who had a similar reaction
    “Come on ladies, you know what they say! Laughter is the best medicine!” Harley called out as she started to pour more oil over their feet to allow the hands to tickle even worse than before. She then returned to the console and set the speed and areas being tickled to alternate randomly every two minutes
    “HA HA HA HAAAAAA IIII WIIIILLL KHHAHAHAIILLLLL YOOHOHOHOUUUUUUU!!!!!!” Catwoman screamed as her taunt stomach was suddenly tickled by four hands at once
    “HA HA HA HA YOOHOHOO WWHOHOHONNTTT GHEHEHEEETTT AWAHAHAYYYY WITTTHH THHEEHEHEHEIIISSSSS!!!!!” Batgirl added as her feet and underarms where tickled in tandem

    Batgirl and Catwoman were laughing so hard that they failed to notice the Joker entered the room again
    “Excellent work my dear!” He cackled as he observed their frantic laughter in his machines
    “No problem Puddin’!” Harley replied as she walked over to him
    “Now it’s time for us to be off to get some more prizes generously donated by the elite of Gotham starting with Mr Britt Reid’s priceless stamp collection!” he then walked over the console “We’ll be heading out for a while but don’t worry the machines are programmed to keep going for another hour or so, we should be back by then!”
    “HHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAANNN NNNOOOHOHOHOO!!!!” was all Batgirl and Catwoman could reply as Joker and Harley shut the door behind them followed by the sound of their van starting up and driving off
    “HHHHAAAAA HAAAAAAAA HAAAAAA BHAHAHAHAHHTTT HHOOHAHAHAHWWW!!!???” Catwoman cried just as the fingers begin squeezing her inner thighs and knees at the same time

    Neither of them however could think of a way to escape and so could only endure the constant tickling as they continued to laugh helplessly, time lost all meaning to them as the only sound that could be heard was their only desperate laughter echoing around the room until a vehicle could be heard approaching at high speed and the door bursting open
    “How did they find us Mr J?”
    “They must have hidden a tracking device in the stamp collection! Stop worrying about how and get everything into the Joker-Mobile. That should be fast enough to escape them!”

    A few moments later the hands finally stopped as the timer ran down leaving Batgirl and Catwoman struggling to stop laughing as the crooks began packing up their ill-gotten gains until they were ready to go
    “Hey Mr J what do we do with them? Should we take them with us for more games?” the notion of this terrified both captive women
    “Unfortunately there’s no room for them but have an even better idea my dear Harley, we'll simply leave them here to be tickled to insanity! Just imagine the look on the Dork Knight’s face by the time he arrives only to find he has to check one of his own partners and his love interest into a permanent residency at Arkham!” Batgirl & Catwoman screamed in protest at hearing this evil plan as Harley prepped the machines to their maximum settings leaving them helplessly watching as the hands began to slowly start tickling them again while the Joker finished packing up everything
    “HAHAHAHAHHAHA III WWHIHIHIHILLLL GGEHEHEHTTTT YOOHOHOOUU FFOORRR THHHIHIHISSSS!!!!” Catwoman added trying to sound threatening without success

    Before they could say anything else however Harley finished keying in the programme and walked towards them as Catwoman growled angrily at her
    “HHAHAARRLLEEEYYY!!!! III’MM GOHOHONNAAA MAHAHAKKEEE YOHOOUUU PPAAHAHAYYY!!! DOOHOOHOHO YOOHOOUUU HEHEHERREEE MEEHEHEHE???!!!!!”” she screamed as Harley just ignored her as she walked around behind the chair as she continued her tirade “IIIII WHHOHONNNTTT FHOHORRGGHEHEHETTT THIHIHIHIS YHOHOHOOU LIIIITTHTLE PSYCHOHOHOHOHOHHO! IIII’M GHOHOOONNHAHAHA MMFFF!!!” her threats were then cut off as Harley forced a bright red ball gag into her mouth, Catwoman shook her head around violently to dislodge it but soon enough it was strapped in place, despite this she still kept thrashing about to try and get it out while continuing to scream threats at Harley as she approached Batgirl
    “YOHOOUU WOHOHONNTTT GHEHEEHTTT AWAWAHHAYYYY WIIITTTHH THEHEHEIIISSS!!!!! BAAHAHAHAHTTMAHAHAHANN WWHHIILLLL SSTTHAHAHAHAPPPP YOOHOHOOUUU!!!!!” she shouted as defiantly as she could in her situation but soon enough despite her best efforts she was also gagged as well. Both captives shook around in their chairs trying to break loose as the Joker returned and chuckled at their futile attempts to escape while all they could do was laugh and laugh!

    Minutes later the crooks were ready to leave
    “Well my dears, sorry we can’t take you with us but at least it’s been a lot of laughs, right?” the Joker said mockingly but his two captives were too busy laughing to offer a full response even if they weren’t gagged.
    “And remember it takes less energy to smile than to frown! Now Harley lets be away!” he cackled at their misfortune
    “Mwah!” Harley said loudly as she blew them a kiss “Hope you enjoyed our therapy time! Maybe I’ll come see you for another session on visiting day!” Batgirl and Catwoman shook their heads about frantically as the door was closed shut
    “DDDNNNNNFFFF LLEEFFFFF UUUFFFF!!!!!!” Batgirl wailed as she heard the Joker’s car start up and head off
    “CCMMMFFF BBBFFFKK!!!!!!!” Catwoman cried in desperation as the fiendish hands continued tickling them without mercy just as the chairs began ramping up towards their maximum setting. Batgirl had thought that the tickling couldn't get any worse from what had been done so far, but she was quickly proven wrong as more hands appeared from the chairs meaning that every spot was now being tickled at once!
    MMMFFHAAAAAANNMMFFFFMMRREEE!!!!!! She threw her head back screaming as her whole body began to get tickled all over at a fantastic speed before seeing that Catwoman was suffering the same.
    “HHFFF HFFFF HFFFF SSMMNNFFF HHLLLFFF UUFFFFF!!! Batgirl screamed as their combined laughter echoed against the walls of the now empty building

    Despite the laughter loudly echoing around the two women suddenly heard the unmistakable sound of brakes squealing outside followed by a car turning sharply and getting closer before it stopped and the warehouse door opened
    “Hurry Harley they’re gaining on us!” they could hear the Joker say
    “I’m scared Puddin’!” they heard Harley say worriedly but before he could say anything more there was the sound of a boarded up window being smashed though followed by the noises of an onomatopoeic fight occurring including tables smashing and swinging kicks from overhead lights
    “Good work Robin!” came Batman’s heroic voice once the sounds of fighting stopped a few minutes later
    “Thanks Batman, now let’s find Batgirl!” Robin replied before they noticed the frantic laughter of their fellow heroine.

    “BBMMFFNN AANNFF RBBMNNFF!!!!” Batgirl and Catwoman cried in relief as the Dynamic Duo burst into the room
    “Holy hilarity!” Robin exclaimed as they were greeted to the sight of Batgirl & Catwoman being tickled to insanity
    “Not for long old chum!” Batman said as he raced over to the console and deactivated the chairs making Batgirl & Catwoman mercifully thank him as the hands at last finally stopped
    “Are you ok?” They both asked as they ungagged the pair
    “Haaaa haaaa....yeehehess thahahankk yooohoohoh” Batgirl continued laughing
    “Yohoho shahahveeed uss!” Catwoman nodded in agreement as they both kept laughing for several more minutes until they finally calmed down. Once they had Batman freed Catwoman while Robin unbuckled Batgirl’s restraints
    “You look exhausted Batgirl, are you alright?” he asked tenderly
    “Yeah I’m ok thanks” she replied as he helped her uneasily stand up before he guided her over to join Batman and Catwoman who like Batgirl could hardly stand after her prolonged ordeal so was supporting herself in Batman’s arms

    The costumed figures then walked over to the vehicle entrance where Joker and Harley were unconsciously sitting on the floor and handcuffed back to back
    “Robin, based on what I’ve learned it would seem Catwoman was innocent in this affair so I’m going to escort her home and make sure she’s ok... personally” Batman said as Catwoman let out a very quiet purr trying to hide her obvious delight at hearing this “We’ll take the Batmobile, stay here with Batgirl and those fiends for the police then take Batgirl home”
    “Ok Batman” Robin replied before Batman, happy for some alone time with Batgirl, they watched as Batman picked up Catwoman in a bridal carry and walked her to the Batmobile before gently placing her in the passenger seat then they drove off.
    “Well I just checked and the police will be here in about 30 minutes Batgirl, then you can put this ordeal behind you”
    “Thanks Robin” she said as she sat down
    “So...about the movies...” he began to ask
    “Sorry Boy Wonder, after that experience I definitely think a rain check is in order”
    “Ok” he said, a little disappointed, he then looked at the Joker’s machines “You know it’s a shame the police will have to take these away as evidence, we could have taken one to the cave as a trophy right Batgirl?” he said as he gently poked her sides making her giggle and pull away
    “He he...not on your life Boy Wonder I’ve had enough tickling to last a lifetime!” she said then looked over to Harley’s unconscious body “This was a humiliating experience for me...but I think I know how to make myself feel better!” she added with a devious grin

    Harley’ slowly awoke as she felt something skitter across her soles, then again and again making her open her eyes
    “MMMMFFF???!!!” she shouted in confusion only to find herself strapped into one of the tickle chairs, stripped to her underwear with a thick cleave gag in her mouth and several of the hands hovering at strategic points around her body while a very vindictive looking Batgirl was sat at the controls
    “Now this is a funny situation isn’t it!” she said slyly
    “MMMFF PPSSFFF DDNNF!!!!” Harley began crying out and shaking her head from side to side
    “And Robin has very kindly agreed to watch the Joker while I show you how much “fun” it was being in that machine!” Batgirl said as she began to play with the controls
    “HHMMFFF HHMMMFFFF NNFFF!!!! SSMMFFNNFF HHLLLFFF MMFFFF!!!” Harley wailed, hoping that the police would arrive soon to take her away however Batgirl then continued as if she could read her mind
    “Oh and don’t worry, Robin’s already called the police and told them to take as long as possible getting here so that I could personally teach you the error of your ways!” she then set the machine to start tickling her whole body on maximum except her left foot which she knelt down by holding up a hairbrush and bottle of oil
    “In fact I’m going to suggest that this machine be used as part of your daily rehabilitation to free your mind from the Joker’s corruption! And rest assured Catwoman and myself will be more than happy to provide a personal service in helping you as well Harley!” Batgirl grinned as she began pouring some oil over Harley’s foot while she could only laugh and try pleading for mercy. However as soon as Batgirl began raking the brush against her arch she realised it was going to be a very, very long wait for the police to arrive and rescue her!

    The End

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    Great story. Love the classic 60s style

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    Wonderful story! It captures the tone of the comic books of my youth.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Markm16uk View Post
    Great story. Love the classic 60s style
    Thanks alot, I really wanted to capture the feel of the 60's show ;-)

    Quote Originally Posted by milagros317 View Post
    Wonderful story! It captures the tone of the comic books of my youth.
    Glad you liked it! Being a huge fan of the show & comics it was alot of fun to write ;-)

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    loved it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ticklish_brat View Post
    loved it!
    Thanks you very much! I am glad you enjoyed it ;-)

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    Holy Hotcakes, Batman! That was fantastic! If only those writers in the sixties could have been privy to THIS script! Nice work, heman2045! Thanks for sharing!

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    Quote Originally Posted by laughtermech View Post
    Holy Hotcakes, Batman! That was fantastic! If only those writers in the sixties could have been privy to THIS script! Nice work, heman2045! Thanks for sharing!
    Thanks very much! I also wished we would get a tickle scene in the show like this, sadly it was not to be so I finally decided to write my own!

    Now if only I could get a time machine and slip this into the filming scripts ;-)

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