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    Apr 2018
    Monterrey Bay Area of California

    A STEM-ulating NASA foot tickling experiment :) F/FF

    You're probably aware of the acronym STEM?

    STEM being the term used to refer to curriculums that address in an academic setting the subjects of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.

    You may not be aware of a second STEM acronym though as it relates to Stimulation by Tickling to induce Exercised Muscles.

    NASA, the National Aeronautic Space Administration, has deemed astronaut muscle atrophy while traveling in space a prime concern.

    Muscles that don't have the forces of gravity working against them make it challenging to keep them fit and healthy.

    The former chief of science for NASA, Ellen Stofan, decided to turn her love of foot tickling into a clandestine science project for the astronauts she supervised that were wanting to go where no human has gone before, Mars!

    This is a brief story of how Ellen and a few of her female astronauts get foot tickled for the greater good of humankind, the greater good of science.

    It's a STEM-ulating experiment!

    Sorry, had to be done, LOL! :0

    Thanks for stopping by, and please feel free to leave me a comment below if you liked what you read, or even if you didn't like, what you read.

    Thank you!

    Jenny and Tina take one for the STEM STEM team and are arguably more ticklishly fit for it!

    Ellen was racing around trying to find the electrocardiogram (ECG) leads that were necessary to monitor her astronauts' heart rates during the test.

    Her two female astronauts, Jenny and Tina, both recent graduates from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), had aleady removed their shoes and socks, and were waiting patiently and excitedly for Ellen to administer the most talked about test at NASA, the infamous bare foot tickler.

    The bare foot tickler foot tickling (BFT2) machine was fairly non-descript. A simple metal box, complete with just a central spinning dial, sat just below the gorgeous size 9 (US) barefeet of Tina, the taller of the two female astronauts.

    Tina agreed to try out the strange contraption first ahead of her slightly shier colleague. The other BFT2 was on its way for Jenny. Ellen was still trying ro find all the attachments.

    Tina made a comment jokingly to Jenny, 'Wow, all this schooling, and today we're getting our feet tickled for science!'

    Jenny responded, 'I know, right?! I never thought I'd be slipping off my shoes and baring my soles like this for NASA. Kind of a neat concept though in terms of being able to maintain muscle mass while we're up there getting to Mars. I remember my cousins tickling me as a kid and my stomach muscles got quite the workout from all the laughter.'

    'Yeah, me too. My brothers did the same. The weird thing is...', Tina leans in and lowers her voice toward Jenny, '...and I don't tell too many folks this, for obvious reasons, but, I actually kind of enjoy being tickled.'

    'Oh wow, you do?! That's funny. I thought I might be the weird one here. I actually kind of like it too! Strange! Yeah, ever since I was a kid growing up with Saturday morning cartoons and they'd have some character being tickled for information, I just thought, wow, that looks like so much fun!'

    'Yeah, did you ever see the Teeneage Mutant Ninja Turtle one with April getting her barefoot tickled? That episode got me SO hooked!'

    'Oh my gosh! Me TOO! Her laugh was so cute, right?! Did you ever wonder if April kind of liked it too? I mean even though she was saying how much she didn't like it, she sure seemed to be enjoying all that ticklish attention on her feet, rigjt?!'

    'Yeah, I think you're right. April was a closet ticklephile just like you and me!', giggled Tina.

    'Wow, sounds like we have more in common than just our love of weird math equations', laughed Jenny.

    'I know, right?! Well, maybe after our little experiment with Ellen's done, you can come back over to my apartment and we can have a little tickle party. My other roommate's into it too. She's always playing tickle tricks on me. It's so much fun!'

    'Wow, same here! Likewise, if you want to come over to our house after our kids go to bed, I'm sure my husband won't mind if you and I go out to the garage and have a little foot tickling fun. He probably would even like to watch. He loves tickling!', Tina remarked.

    'Sounds like a plan! Let's make it happen!', Jenny said excitedly.

    For the rest of Part 1, click link below:


    Until next time, thank you for stopping by!

    John Smith

    The Laughter Mechanic

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    Apr 2011
    Oil Country
    I like where this is going.

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    Fine story! Thanks for the link.

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    Apr 2018
    Monterrey Bay Area of California
    Thanks, pkfire, for checking out my story! Greatly appreciated!

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    Apr 2018
    Monterrey Bay Area of California
    Thanks, milagros317, for checking out my story! So greatly appreciated! Have a great Monday! John

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