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    Size 13's and so ticklish! M/M

    Chris Wilde had been captured and was with the intelligence interrogator Ken Maguire who had been told to use any means necessary to extract information from the suspected spy. Having done research Maguire had Chris Wilde secured to the interrogation table on his stomach naked but for the black nylon socks on the handsome fair haired, blue eyed 6'2" 27yr old's size 13 feet which whilst he was passed out had been injected with the sensitivity enhancer serum. Wilde came around to find himself trapped securely and realised he was blindfold and gagged.

    "Okay awake now Wilde, I've been looking forward to working on you for the last year since surveillance has been shadowing your every move and personally fascinated to have found out your strengths but most notably weakness and we know what that is and it's one I am going to exploit horribly, literally torture you unbearably and I have to say I like to hear guy's laugh and you have two awesome feet Wilde. Mmmm fuck they even smell good in socks; can't hear you through the gag but you're agreeing with me"

    Involuntarily Wilde flexed his big, hot n' sweaty socked feet in very thin, black ribbed nylon socks. His barefeet visible through the thin fabric and the sight and the smell of his foot sweat exciting the interrogator who lightly caressed the soles of both feet enjoying the fact the victim he teased was vulnerable and rendered powerless and helpless to stop it from happening. Ken deeply inhaled the raunchy smell of both socked feet and then ran his tongue over all ten socked toes and across the balls of each socked foot. Wilde violently struggled against the bonds clearly angry but his verbal barbs difficult to decipher!

    "You know Wilde a hot, sweaty stench from a day's worn black thin socks on a man's feet gets my dick hard and more so having registered you pride yourself on your conquests of women, quite the lothario but I wonder if they have the same appreciation of sweat damp socked feet and guaranteed never daring to touch them with you being so sensitive and best tell you I have injected them with a nerve enhancer which I'm allowing to absorb into your bloodstream as my job is to see you suffer to the greatest extent and I enjoy what I do Wilde so I'm an expert in the fine art of tickle torture. I will have you shaking violently and breathless, not quite tickled to death but on that track, certainly merciless!" Ken delighted in informing his captive.

    Leaning into both upturned soles having a deep smell of both soles and remarking on their rich masculine aroma and appealing to another man having read Wilde had homophobia and told him it must be sickening for him to hear another man getting off on his foot stink and made Wilde jump when he pressed his nose into both soles and rubbed it along the length of each foot as Wilde tried to kick his feet away!

    "Wilde your feet aren't going anywhere though later your toes will be; into my mouth to be sucked and licked as I want, each toe and you have big toes I see to feast on!" Ken lightly stroked both socked soles and heard a muffled moan from his captive and taunted him that the information seemed to be right as he lightly stroked each helpless socked sole relentlessly which due to the nerve enhancer was torture for Wilde but nothng like the hellish time Ken was going to subject him to enduring!

    "I'm going to tickle your defenseless feet in unimaginable ways Wilde, you will get no mercy or breaks from me as I will be exploring every inch of your feet and discovering just how ticklish you are, to what extreme as theory is one thing but proof gained by way of practical means" Ken verbally taunted Chris Wilde! I'm sure you having been trained to be mentally prepared to tolerate the physical pain of torture Wilde which is why this technique is so effective and employed by me as well as my having a personal foot fetish which adds to my enjoyment employing it and especially on men found ticklish and having done my homework have found your being known to hating your feet touched. This has included personal accounts of this by people known to you but not giving you the identity of your betrayers but you not prepared for the incredible ticklish sensations I pride myself on delivering and the sensitivity enhancer added to make this an unforgettable experience for us both!"

    Saying this Ken with no specific rhythm randomly slowly and lightly stroked each socked sole making Wilde jump joking he was driving Wilde wild and kept teasing the soles of Wilde's feet slowly tracing them up n' down deliberately so the tickle was a relentless annoyance and Ken knew Chris Wilde was determined to remain still and he equally determined to subject Wilde to a level of tickling that he'd find unbearable and he caressed both socked soles and the sides of Wilde's feet and kept stroking them saying he liked a challenge but he would break him!

    Totally consumed with lust Ken's sniffing nose pressed into them and hearing Wilde moaning he buried his face into both sweaty socks and sucked the sweaty socked feet and loved their smell and taste. The smell was orgasmic for Ken as he visually examined each foot seen through both socks and could taste their dampness and stroked each sole seeing Wilde's toes twitch and told him that he was going to be driven insane having such ticklish feet and gently tickled his heels to his toes and gently scratched under each toe imagining Wilde's ticklish agony but seeing him fighting not to react.

    Ken begin to softly rub them as Wilde tried not to move as Ken sniffed both socked feet commenting on their musky smell and then foot by foot took the socked toes in his mouth. Wilde extremely shocked but could do nothing to stop it and Ken enjoying the flavour of his filthy sweaty feet in pure ecstasy. He delighted telling Wilde he would be licking every inch of his bare feet, licking in between his toes, all over his soles and sucking his heels and toes as he massaged both socked feet. Both radiating heat, the socked feet against his face felt wonderful

    "You know Wilde your feet really smell like feet and that makes them so appealing to me and see your socks stuck to these feet that really get my dick hard but let's not waste more time holding off the main event, it's your bare feet I want to work over and you're so going to hate this you'll confess to anything trust me! Mmmm oh yeah really great smelling feet, your foot aroma's driving me nuts and then Wilde jumped as Ken licked Wilde's long toes through each sock and very slowly pulled both socks off each sweaty foot.

    "Oh fuck what have we here, wow now these are two amazing feet Wilde, love the lines and creases on your soles and these long toes and what's the rule; yeah two no go zones but Wilde rules are made to be broken as you will be as these feet are ripe for raping; can't hear what you're saying and lie still, I've not touched them yet Mmmm fuck they smell good!" Ken continued his verbal teasing!

    "Ticklish in socks how will you deal with them bare and tickled as your feet are going to be at my disposal Wilde and they'll be stroked and caressed which is going to be hellish and worsened that the serum will prove so horribly effective! I have lots of tickle tools I will be introducing you to but being homophobic the worst thing will be my tongue all over them, every inch and toes sucked, licked and nibbled as if you were getting a blow job and maybe you will if your feet turn me on too much but jerked off you will find makes tickling totally unbearable! We have a lot of fun ahead of us Wilde and yeah wild fun Wilde!"

    Wilde desperately tried to kick his feet away from the inevitable but secured together there was no escape from it and Ken stared at both awesome soles saying how they were shaped so perfectly with high arches that were made for a feather to glide over and such attractive masculine toes with nails cut and feet quite meaty and then he activated the blow dryer and heated both bare soles not to burn them but to make them as sensitive as they could be knowing already both injected with the serum of the sensitivity enhancer. Wilde sounded as if he was pleading with Ken to stop but Ken wasn't listening.

    "There two very warm, very smelly sweaty spy's feet, no sense in denying it Wilde but likewise a confession how from you is not interesting to me but what is are these feet!" taunted Ken.

    Ken leaned forward and took the big toe of Wilde's right foot into his mouth and sucked it and tasted the salty sweat and worked his way down each toe in turn, taking the same pleasure in bathing each toe with his tongue and then licked the spaces between each toe and grazed his teeth along the arch and then moved to the left foot to orally service the toes! The aroma of each bare foot was stronger than Wilde's socked feet and Ken inhaled both feet deeply mocking Wilde!

    "You like this really don't you Wilde, another guy drooling over your bare feet and sucking on your toes, licking in between them all, such a private intimate area usually hidden and protected by socks and shoes from being interfered with in any way but now both big feet bare and exposed to a stranger and not even a woman but another man and one who is fixated on men's feet so your's being exciting for him, Mmmmm getting to know your foot scent and taste!"

    Ken then started lightly tickling Wilde's feet over each of his arches, the soles of both feet so soft and Ken tracing a finger on each sole along the lines in them making Wilde's toes clench and his soles crease. Ken kept tickling Wilde methodically working a finger up to Wilde's toes and then back down to his heels! Wilde even gagged could not hold back laughter and stop himself from squirming trying to get free from the determined assault of his attacker! The sensitivity enhanacer was clearly working as Ken drew the quill of a feather over each bare sole and soon though gagged, Wilde was literally howling with uncontrollable laughter. Ken maintained his tickling so he enjoying the responses from Wilde, muffled laughter, muffled cursing and pleas for Ken to stop which he ignored! He stopping to let Wilde get his breath back as he told the straight homophobic Wilde that he was addicted to both ripe tasting, raunchy feet which smelled so manly!

    “Your feet are nice Wilde, very nice with such soft soles and quite wide but seem a little bit dirty after the day in socks and shoes, yeah needing a little clean up but not a problem, easily remedied, very easily and knowing your homophobia affording you an education of acceptance into the bargain, the gifts just keep coming so ready 1,2,3!"

    Wilde literally shook and muffled abuse shot from him the moment Ken's tongue connected with his right foot and he proceeded to lick the sole of the man's right foot deliberately very slowly from heel to toes. Likewise then licking the left foot as Wilde tried desperately to kick his feet away as he writhed on the bed and even muffled laughing wildly and heard clearly suffering

    "No!! Haha! No! Hahaha! NO MORE!! I can't stand having my feet licked!" Chris Wilde howled in laughter as Ken lapped his soles and it made no difference how he flexed or clenched his feet, he couldn't escape Ken's determined and insistent tongue and Ken took his time with each foot, spacing the toes one by one with his fingers and licking in between them which was real hell.

    "Mmmm tasty feet Wilde and now you see why you have been secured on your stomach but another surprise, if I press this button the partition opens and yep your dick and balls fall through exposed and I get this feather and can tickle you in such intimate places which is just the coolest thing and let me guess um looks big, thick and cicumsised and a tool that it's documented satisfied women but never another man er until now Wilde as this something we'll test later orally by me but it seems to be hardening with the feather stroking so a good start!"

    Wilde was cursing like crazy which made his abuser smile but soon returned to both feet taking a mouthful of the toes of Wilde's right foot and strking the arch of his foot his toes wiggling involuntarily in Ken's mouth driving Wilde practically insane, well correction totally insane and Ken exploiting this fact telling him how tasty his toes were and how he loved taking advantage of both helpless feet and took a mouthful of the toes on his left foot. Wilde tried to get violent and clench his toes so punishemnt called for and Ken stopped the licking of the captive spy's toes and indulged in stroking both soles heels to toes with a fast and furious pace getting an instant reaction from his victim!


    "Tickle tickle tickle coochie-coochie-cooo tickle tickle tickle!" taunted Ken saying he loved both widish soles, high arches and manly toes, smooth feet as he tickled them and then with firm hands massaged them then nibbled one heel and then the other and licked the right sole then the left sole and sucked on the ten toes and slid his tongue in between them all one by one.

    Both feet looked so vulnerable and Ken used one hand to hold back the toes of each foot in turn to make the soles taut and then stroked them making Wilde squirm and giggle and licked them saying some ticklers used oil but he prefered saliva as Wilde gasped for breath when again the feather stirred his dick into a hard boner and Ken teased the head of it as he whispered in Wilde's right ear

    "Your dick is telling me you like this but our secret and you'll be even more ticklish after an orgasm!" then took the feather away

    He stuck his nose against Wilde's right instep and inhaled deeply the fantastic fragrance of the foot and then licked the sole and licked and sniffed each bare foot in turn like an animal saying how impossibly irresistable they were for him as nervously Wilde's toes were curling and spreading as Ken stared at them, his face about an inch from both soles that facing him were going nowhere, the athletic arches, smooth heels, long succulent toes, completely smooth with a strong manly odour. Ken's foot lust compelled him to ply each to open to sniff his captive's odour that smelled amazing and both feet so sensitive and ticklish he told Wilde he was going to be sniffing, sucking, and gently scraping them both with his teeth as his intention was foot rape!

    "Please…. please I can't take it." begged Wilde albeit muffled heard by Ken

    "I don't see you having a choice but to endure the intense foot worship-tickle interrogation you'll be subjected to by me Wilde! The plastic hairbrush with ball-tipped points and the sonicare with it's revolving bristles will prove killers even the vibrations on your soles and under your toes guaranteed to drive you mad but later as there's no time limit and it's an ingenious way to really embarrass and humiliate you Wilde, the straight guy who fucks anything in a skirt at the mercy of another guy who gets off on your warm, sweaty feet, big manly feet with long toes that my fingers and feather plus other tickling tools will torture but feet licked and toes sucked, a gourmet meal for me to savour working my wicked tongue in between these succulent toes and you not being able to do a damn thing about it!" taunted Ken as he fondled both struggling size 13 feet.

    Ken then began lightly tickling both exposed and vulnerable soles as unbearably sensitive Wilde immediately reacted as Ken's fingers slid in between Wilde's toes one after the other

    "Hahaha… HAHA…. Oh shit! please…. I can't take it! HAHAHA" begged Wilde

    "Yeah I can see you seem pretty ticklish seeing your flinching toes" teased Ken as he inhaled the strong smell of both feet and then took the toes one at a time inside his mouth sucking away at each and every one on both feet one after the other as Wilde reacted to the incredibly ticklish sensation Ken's tongue was giving them as he nibbled them.

    The sensations were especially unbearable when Ken began to tickle the soles at the same time his mouth was sucking at the toes. The combined sensations made the tickling more intense and the sucking more unbearable as it was a man's mouth and the sensation overload was hard to handle. No matter how Wilde moved his feet, being big his soles couldn't evade the lavish tonguing they were getting as Ken gently scraped his teeth from heels to toes.

    "Hahaha….ooohhh…AHHAHAHAHAHAA….. shit…. HAHAHA!" yelled Wilde as each toe was sucked and then each arch was licked and Ken saying the fact both feet were sweaty made them more intensely ticklish as he stroked one sole then the other.

    Ken's warm and wet tongue glided between Wilde's toes and they involuntarily wiggled as Ken's tongue licked between each and every toe, licking and sucking furiously at each toe and the ticklish sensation was unbearable and then each foot was furiously licked as Ken stuck all of his toes from Wilde's right foot into his mouth and started sucking them as they wiggled inside his captor's mouth and he felt the warm breath and slimy tongue going between all of his toes again and again. Ken sucked on his toes as he slid them out of his mouth and then began orally enjoying all the toes of Wilde's left foot. Wilde tried to deal with this violation as he couldn't erase the thoughts of his straight feet being orally enjoyed by another man, he's not even let a woman do this to him. Wilde felt Ken's tongue licking up and down his soles again and again. Then Ken massaged both feet.

    "Tell me the truth you're quite liking this Wilde right, my mouth action, admit it!" but Wilde's dick flacid he clearly wasn't but Ken seeing this began teasing it with the feather again and caressing Wilde's balls with the tormenting feather, not to tickle but to arouse and this is what was happening and Ken remarked how he liked seeing Wilde's dick harden. Seeing this he then replaced the feather with his fingers and stroked Wilde's dick making him gasp.

    Then he took one finger and slowly dragged it down the length of Wilde’s right foot and back up again seeing Wilde's toes wiggle taunting him he was so predictable and stroked the sole of the left foot and then both feet and Wilde was giggling as Ken said it was incredible how sensitive Wilde was and his ticklishness needed a thorough examination and he indulged in delivering lightening fast tickles from the heels to the balls of both feet and back and forth across the soles and tickled one foot then the other foot and then both simultaneously.


    Again Ken ran a finger along the shaft of Wilde's dick and stroking his balls as Wilde gasped at the teasing touches and Ken then squeezed Wilde's dick and kept fondling him as he felt him nearing climax and stopped which frustrated Wilde as Ken said he knew he wanted to shoot his load and he would but later as it wasn't time yet and rubbed his face over both bare soles of Wilde's feet and sucked all ten of Wilde's toes one by one and licked in between them which drove Wilde berserk!

    "HehehahahahSTOPPPhahhahha Please stop I CAN’T TAKE ITHAHAHHAHAHA!"

    "Wilde for me feet are not made for walking as you want to do right now but for tickling and lickling especially feet as sensitive as yours, great looking big feet, smelling awesome, so raunchy and tasting so ripe and best of all that you hate them touched!"

    Ken placed an index finger near the base of the toes on Wilde's right foot making Wilde gasp. Ken slid his finger along the smooth sole and explored every inch of the foot with just one finger and watched every twitch and reaction and encouraged Wilde to not laugh and then challenged used two fingers to lightly stroke the right sole to the ball of the foot and then repeated the process on Wilde's left foot and then tickled one sole and then the other as Wilde dissolved in uncontrollable laughter as his toes wiggled and his feet shook violently.

    "Hahahahahahaha! No! N-n-nahahahahahahahahahahaHahahahahahaha! P-p-plehehehehehehehehehehe! Stop! Stahahahahahahahahahaha! My f-fehehehehehehehehehehe!"

    Ken tickled both feet with both of his hands simultaneously and again placed his nose close to Wilde's toes getting a good sniff as he progressed with the tickling assault and then again began orally feasting on both feet. Ken licked both salty, sweaty soles and nibbled each of Wilde's ten toes and as they flinched he tickled each sole as the toes wiggled in his mouth! Then 'Bzzzzz' came the buzzing sound as the vibrating on each foot as Ken connected the revolving bristles of the sonicare, electric toothbrush to the sole of Wilde's right foot and then again tongue bathed the sole and then again used the sonicare on the defenseless foot with non-stop tickles and Wilde howled with laughter shaking with hysterical laughter!

    Soon the left foot was receiving the same tongue licking treatment delivering the same intense tickling sensation as Ken lapped all over the sole and toes of Wilde's left foot and especially Wilde's toes and licking in between them all and loving the fact of Wilde's being so unbearably ticklish on his feet as his homework had made clear but even more than he hoped to find him as his tongue lapped at all parts of both feet! Wilde was soon locked in mindless hysteria so desperate for the tickling to stop but there was no chance of this happening as Ken was making very clear!

    "Mmmm you know Wilde I have been looking so forward to getting to grips with your feet and tickle torturing the fuck out of them but never thought I would get the opportunity and then you foul up and arrested are transferred to us here in the secure facility and to me for interrogation! Who said miracles don't happen, they do from where I'm sitting; right by your feet!"

    Wilde's feet were licked, stroked and caressed by Ken intent on releasing all the ticklishness possible in the spy's feet loving hearing the muffled shrieks, howls of laughter and consistent muffled giggles from Wilde as the tickling continued as Ken's tongue lapped at both feet, his saliva coating both feet and panting for breath between giggles and sweating heavily. Then the tickling sensations faded as a tongue massage began on his soles and toes. Ken then nibbled Wilde's toes loving the fact he having no escape and verbally intermittently teasing Wilde saying he needed to imagine it was a woman's mouth on his feet, lickling his soles and suckling his toes as his teeth grazed along each arch and nibbled feverishly all over both saliva lubed soles.

    "Hahahaha! Stop, it tickles!" yelled Wilde "HAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHHA!"

    "Do you always state the obvious Wilde, I sure hope you confess as easily when I tire of torturing you and verbally interrogate you or mybe have a colleague question you and I tickle and lickle your feet to telling us what we want to know but right now I'm not in the mood to share you out!"

    Ken took a single finger and began to draw circles around the heel of his Wilde's right bare foot and then his circling finger began to tickle its way up Wilde's bare ticklish foot. As Ken tickled across his arch, Wilde again really began to laugh and clenched his toes and tried to wiggle his foot away as Ken then increased the tickling intensity and tickled his bare foot with all five fingers scrambling and tickling all over the sole of Wilde's right foot. Ken's experienced tickling fingers tickled the foot heels to toes and then focused the same level of attention on Wilde's left foot as he kept up the consistent tickles. Fingers slid in between the toes of each foot and Ken smiled as Wilde's head shook from side to side as he tickled both soles and again licked each foot again and again and again the more Wilde reacted with laughter!

    He shook his head from side to side as Ken added more fingers into the ticklish equation as he liked the power trip and used both hands to tickle the sole of Wilde's right foot and principally his arch and then licked the bare vulnerable right foot before attacking the left bare foot in the same fashion. Hearing Wilde's helpless laughter all the encouragement he needed and he then utilised the feather and slid it in between the toes of each foot and then used the quill end and drew it slowly the length of each foot making sure of one thing, it was excuciatingly ticklish!

    "Tickle Tickle Tickle!" Ken tormented Wilde verbally again saying what nice feet they were and being ticklish so inviting and addictive and again drew the quill of the feather along one sole and then the other and with the quill explored every inch of the bare soles facing him and stroked under Wilde's toes and then resumed finger tickles as he tickled Wilde's toes and then each sole faster and harder and as his finger tips made contact with the most sensitive parts of Wilde's feet, they spidered across both of his big soles and then just as Wilde began to anticipate the pattern switched to tickling his toes or the sides of his feet or scratching at his heels. The tickles then stopped as Ken again began sniffing each foot!

    While smelling both feet gently lapping the soles with his tongue and bathing both of Wilde's feet in saliva lapping Wilde's ticklish feet with his tongue, licking between his toes and underneath them and saliva lubed then his fingers glided across his soles, the warm saliva had also heated Wilde's feet considerably adding to their sensitivity as Ken's masterful fingers had a map of his most sensitive areas and an indiscernible pattern to triggering the best reaction from the Wilde as they were mercilessly tickled!

    “PLE-HEE-HEASEHAHAHAHAHAHSTAHAHAP!HAHAHAHHAHAHAHA” Ken tickled both bare feet tickling, tickling enjoying Wilde's reaction so much and his wonderful foot smell.

    "I'm going to ungag you and interrogate you Wilde and you will answer my questions in detail and failure means we do things the hard way and you know hat that means!" Ken threatened him "Understood Wilde!" Chris Wilde nodded

    "Good so tell me the reason you hate your feet toyed with and let's give you a clue - Mr. James the tutor!"

    "Please no I don't want to remember it!"

    "Mr. James liked the Head Boy Chris Wilde didn't he and he liked what Wilde?"

    "You bastard; my fuckin' feet!"

    "That's right and what did he like about them?"

    "Everything you know it!" yelled Wilde

    "Yes he did and you had to report to his room didn't you Wilde as he was in control of your future at the school as he was blackmailing you so what happened in his room the first time and you best tell me details or this electric toothbrush is ready 'Bzzzzzz'

    "Okay, okay no please okay he threatened me with expulsion and made me strip to my socks and secured me to his bed and told me I was his slut and pressed his nose to my socked feet and breathed in their stink and told me he liked my big feet and began stroking both soles and saw me squirm and tickled my feet annoying me as I was trying not to react and he knew it and peeled off my socks and then tickled harder and I could not handle it and my feet flexed and toes wiggled as I lost it laughing loudly!

    "What did you yell Wilde?"

    "I was laughing and things like Please stop hahaha I can’t handle this! and laughing as he carried on the cruel bastard as he slid his fingers in between my toes watching me suffer and then gagged me with one of my own sweaty socks and figured out my arches being sensitive he focused attention there and used a hairbrush all over my feet!"

    "Hey what did he do first Wilde or the sonicare is ready to tickle the shit out of these delicious feet!" Ken warned Wilde

    "Noo Okay he ran his tongue up both soles of my stinky and sweaty feet and made me laugh more but groan as I hated this, it was pervy and sick but he teased my feet with his tongue more and slippied it in between my toes and sucked and licked them all liking hearing my muffled moans and pleas for him to quit. He fucking just continued sucking on my long toes and his tongue teased them all as they wiggled in his mouth and then he nibbled on the arches of my feet and then stopped."

    "And then he what?"

    "Noo please no don't make me tellHAHAHAHAHAHAFFUCKHAHAHAHAHAHA!" shrieked Wilde as the revolving bristles stroked his sole

    "I warned you so you want more of the sonicare on the right sole and then the left sole or you tell me what Mr. James did

    "He began to stroke my dick and use his thumb to tease my dick's head and stroked up n' down my shaft and then jerked my dick making me really moan as he spoke to me about wet pussy and juicy tits which got to me as he knew it would and I was hard as he wanted and he kept talking dirty as he played with my dick and balls! He then sucked my dick and licked my balls and kept jerking my dick until I shot my load and then went back to my feet and tickled the fuck out of them soles and toes driving me berserk and licked the soles of my feet and sucked my toes until I couldn’t handle it anymore and he saw this and released me but he told me it would happen again and I best keep quiet about it!"

    "Right and it happened again and again didn't it and always he tormented your feet which is why I am gagging you again as having had a break from tickling, it's tickle time again Wilde as I am a far more cruel bastard than Mr. James, far more cruel and tongue ticklish especially on these sweaty soles and they need lickling!"

    Ken then licked the length of each sole in turn and loved the frenzy his lickling drove Wilde into in moments and what a tickler rush it gave him hearing Wilde's muffled hysterical laughter and then trailed his fingers along both insteps to both arches where he concentrated light stroking speaking of his understanding Mr. James drawn to teasing them seeing Wilde's wild reactions!

    "Now for some real tickling Wilde!" Ken said and began running his fingers quickly up and down the soles of both Wilde's feet.

    Wilde screamed and laughed as Ken kept tickling his feet and the sounds he made were all encouraging: shrieking, giggling, laughing, gasping, screaming as he thrashed like a madman, but with no alternative but to take it, helpless to avoid reacting with insane laughter while Ken tortured him even stroking one of his soles with a finger.

    "Is this footie ticklish? Kitchy-kitchy-coo let's see what did Mr. James to this foot and then this foot!" Ken taunted "Coochie, coochie. coooo tickle tickle tickle!"

    "Heeheeheeheeheeheeheeheeheehee!" Wilde giggled in reply

    "Kitchie-kitchie-kitchie-coo, tickle tickle tickle you! and lickie lickie lickie dirty, sweaty feeeties Mmmm" teased Ken

    "Haahaahaahaahaahaahaahaahaahaa!" Wilde was losing it as he remembered the past torment and current torment!

    "Now time to scrub these feet clean 'Bzzzzzzzzzz'

    Ken cruelly applied the sonicare to each sole and the agony! The sensations unbearable as the revolving bristles were directed all over each foot and muffled Wilde screamed the whole time, with a few giggles and guffaws mixed in. At last, when it seemed like he was about to scream his lungs out Ken stopped and said, "Now they're clean enough for me to lick!" which he proceeded to do setting Wilde giggling helplessly as Ken's tongue licked up and down his soles and Ken ran his tongue in between Wilde's toes, which made him laugh harder still! Then he started using his teeth, biting and nibbling at the balls of Wilde's feet, not quite hard enough to hurt but to tickle and send his ticklish victim into gales of tortured laughter as he told Wilde he loved licking and nibbling the size 13 feet as they tasted so delicious and he had an appetite they needed to satisfy but an insatiable one! After a while needing a break he told Wilde that the interrogation would resume in about an hour as he replaced his socks saying he wanted Wilde's feet to work up a nice sweat and stink for him and placed the heat lamp facing each up turned socked sole both before leaving the room!

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    Exquisite torture.

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