When the lad came around did he have a surprise, he couldn't move and gagged the 6' Latino lad looked shocked as I smiled at him and informed him I didn't much like the fact he had the intention of robbing my house and unlucky for him I had got home from the party, caught him in the act and was a brown belt karate so he'd been pretty easy to knock out. I smiled adding that was the trouble with us cops, we were sometimes careless with our own security and another sign for me to install the alarm system I've been vowing to do for months but note to that you having a novel way to not be heard, pretty clever idea to lose your shoes and I was holding his size 13 nike sneaker but big mistake in my house as means facing me your big black socked feet and unlucky for you as I'll let you in on a secret; I have a foot fetish and so not going to turn you in but punish you myself! I put the hi-top to my nose and inhaled deeply.

"Mmmm fuck smells good, pretty well worn I'd say" I said smiling at the freaked out lad and then put the sneaker down and kneeled at the end of the bed by both socked feet secured together and pressed my nose up against the top of his big feet and breathed real deep..."Mmm I like how they stink!" I said "Yeah I really like smelly boy feet, okay I really love smelly boy feet as they sweat the most, some guys liking feet like 'em clean but not me, no I love 'em like yours smelling like feet Gustavo, yeah had a look in your wallet, not the most sensible idea robbing houses with your I.D. card and number and taken note of it as security and pretty girl too, your girlfriend yeah so she gets to sniff these two stinkers I'll bet"

He was moaning and shaking his head at me

"Oh she doesn't okay well I guess it's weird then to you that someone's into feet but you'll get used to it happening or else face doing jail time and a handsome lad like you and fresh meat on the block, reckon more than a few guys will want your virgin ass!"

The lad shivered hearing this or maybe from my face against the warm, sweat moist soles of his feet, who knows, who cares? I told him the dampness of his feet through his socks got my dick hard and I began to rub his feet which made him squirm and told him this was just the massage, if he couldn't handle this, how the fuck would he deal with the tickling torture and lickling saying smelling as raunchy as his feet did, bet they tasted as ripe and winked at him as I massaged and fondled each large, vulnerable socked foot all the time having long deep whiffs of them both.

"Mmmmm fuck Gustavo these feet this foot guy's delight, oh fuck yeah gonna have lots of fun with these babies, it's gonna be hell for you but play with fire and you get burned right so only got yourself to blame! These not the first feet I've given a workout to but have to say they're already right up there top of the list, nice n' warm and getting hotter, feel that, feet do for me what your girlfriend's pussy and tits do for you so imagine yeah!"

The muffled verbal protests from him only encouraged me and told him he'd need to speak clearer as couldn't understand him! I then lightened my touch and stroked his socked feet and he instantly squirmed and his socked toes clenched as I told him what a bonus his big feet being ticklish and stroked one sole after the other lightly saying wanting to see by his reaction which one tickled most. I ran fingers lightly and slowly from heels to toes of each foot in turn and couldn't work it out as he violently struggled so told him I guessed they being pretty equally matched but advised him to clench his teeth as even muffled laughing was encouragement for me! I saying smelly and ticklish and what about tasty, would he score top marks?

I leaned over the socked toes of his right foot and took the mouthful and sucked them and licked and they tasted as ripe as they smelled raunchy so we were in business. I licked the socked right sole telling him his feet ticked all my boxes, smell. taste and sensitivity and rubbing one foot, licked and sniffed at the other and alternated feet being worked on and kept rubbing and sucking on his big, stinky feet and saying ticklish in his socks, how would he handle them tickled bare and even the thought made him frantic! I told him a great reaction!

I stopped with the oral assault and continued rubbing his right foot and began to slide the sock off and loved his sense of panic and told him there was nothing to freak out about, what was the worse that could happen; his feet tickle tortured that was all so no big deal, a streetwise lad like him could handle it!

The right sock off and then the left, his olive coloured skin appealing and the soles of his feet lighter toned and surprisingly soft but both feet deliciously warm. I began rubbing both of his big, bare feet and loving seeing he couldn't relax as even a foot massage awakened nerve endings in both feet, he a real ticklish fucker and I couldn't resist and started tickling the hell out of his feet loving the fact he tried and failed to kick out at me as he laughed hard and begged me to stop, I heard that! I responded continuing to tickle his feet simultaneously and he didn't stop laughing! I then gave him a break.

"Guess you wonder why I keep touching and smelling your sweaty n' smelly feet? Answer being because I can, mine for the taking!" I added and alternated running my tongue along the soles of both feet. "Nothing like a pair of big smelly feet to work my tongue over, all over heels, soles, toes, under the toes, arches even tops of the feet, I'm thorough and no much you can do about it, how you gonna stop me huh!"

Gustavo kept on giggling and squirming as I alternated sucking on the toes of his feet and nibbling them lightly saying they had a delicious sweaty smell to them and indulged then in licking his soles and again sucking on his toes. Both of his feet tasted great, the salty, sweat taste I love I told him seeing all this foot attention was driving him berserk, I milked it big time! I slipped my lips over his right big toe and sucked on it tenderly and then popped his second toe in my mouth and sucked it the same way and then went wild on all of his toes in the same way very much aroused by the taste of his feet as my mouth was full of their taste and sweaty aroma as I slid my tongue under and in between Gustavo's toes, flicking my tongue over the tops of his toes and slicking them down with my saliva. The saltiness of his sweaty feet caused mr to produce more saliva which dribbled down between his toes and onto his soles and I sucked even more tenaciously!

I rubbed my face into both soles and deeply inhaled the boy's foot stink and lapped at both helpless soles of his feet and inching my tongue over the insteps and along the heels and nibbling on Gustavo's toes so soon both feet saliva lubed! I then told him his feet had a powerful masculine smell that was intoxicating and the fact he was straight made me even more determined to enjoy his feet as much as some Gay or Bi guys would enjoy fucking his straight ass or giving his dick endless blowjobs and fingering his hole and saying this began stroking the high arches of his feet on soft soles as Gustavo exploded with laughter and then again licked his soles and stroked around his toes making him thrash wildly before indulging on sucking on his toes some more as their salty taste was very appetizing! Then more stroking, light strokes along the arches of his feet saying being saliva coated meant my fingers slid more devastatingly over his feet! I loved verbally taunting him!

"Guess you never thought playing clever losing your sneakers to rob your target's house was gonna wind up with you inviting them to get to grips with your feet eh Gustavo but life sucks right, speaking of sucking, your toes so suckable, Mmmm big n' hot sweaty feet, you hispanic guys get a great foot aroma and sexy olive toned skin so soles a lttle paler, yeah addictive feet for sure and mine to take advantage of or Gustavo Hernandez will find himself in an orange jail suit but instead is gonna be my tickle-toy-boy, plead all you like Gustavo but you can only blame yourself having two big, tasty, smelly macho feet but enough talk and Mmmm more action but what should I do to these feet first huh, give me some ideas!"

Gustavo was angry and swearing through his gag and I allowed him this as he was justified being pissed off and bad manners invited a punishing education in respect as I told him, he would learn who was boss! I stuck out my tongue and began licking the soles of the lad's feet and sucking on his toes loving hearing him laugh through the gag and then smiled seeing his eyes widen as I showed him the feather and winked at him saying I bet he hated the idea of being tickled with it and that was his probelm to deal with and took long and slow sniffs of the masculine aroma of his feet to prolong the agony of his waiting for the inevitable but then was even more nasty as I blindfold him saying not seeing things only heightened his sensitivity to everything and he would not know when things were going to happen but did know they'd involve his feet! I fondled each foot and gently licked at each bare sole tasting his sweet sweat as both feet squirmed and his long toes wiggled and then started dragging the quill of the feather lightly up n' down the soles of his feet and the effect was immediate as he flinched at the ticklish assault so then saw the feather end in between his toes one after the other and then the quill along his soles again and mixed the sensations which drove his so sensitive feet crazy!

Gustavo's feet secured together I told him meant his finding himself in a major predicament. The more his feet squirmed so rubbed against each other, the more sweaty they got and the more sweaty the more they enticed me the tickler to tickle the feet of my ticklee and leaned into his feet sniffing them and telling him to rub them together which he initially didn't do but a few strokes of the quill along his soles and success so tickling torment stopped as I watched his big feet rub against each other! Then held each foot in turn and tickled the sole and rubbed it in my face and told him his feet so deliciously stinky while sniffing them and needed a clean and began stroking the soles of his feet with my tongue savoring their salty taste. He hating this but I guess preferable to being tickled so as told pushed his feet into my face as I licked his soles and he fed his toes into my mouth and licked every inch of his feet and toes in my mouth, he wiggled them around in my eager mouth.

Then out of my mouth wiggling his toes in my face or having them tickled his choice and I began licking between his toes. What a flavour! I telling him every meeting his feet would be stinky and ticklish and he began to laugh and squirm as he squirmed wildly as I tickled his right foot and lickled his left foot and alternated feet keeping his feet flinching from the sensations! I then got the hairbrush which has plastic tines as these more ticklish than bristles which do ticled but they also can prove painful and that detracts from the tickling sensation so defeats the object. I began to slowly draw the hairbrush up and down the soles and arches of his big feet and loved staring at his feet and his toes wriggling helplessly as I tickled them senseless! Gustavo howled through the gag, totally helpless to the relentless tickling assault I was inflicting on them.

The hairbrush tickling stopped and I then enjoyed indulging in massaging them and sniffing them both and bathing them with my tongue and nibbling them. My experienced hands moved all over his feet massaging his heels, arches, the balls of his feet and his toes keeping them moist and smelling like feet! The smell strong as it was was better than even I had expected but not so strong it was pungent and overwhelming as that's not my thing! Gustavo's salty, sweaty stink engulfed my senses and I was hooked and stroked my tongue up and down each foot and tickled his soles with my tongue, playing with his senses and his natural salty taste mixed with my saliva producing the perfect taste as I then indulged in sniffing his feet! Loving seeing all of his toes wiggling and imagining, knowing how humiliated and embarrassed he felt excited me and engulfed his toes and swirled my tongue all around his toes and relishing in his personal scent, their taste in my mouth as I resumed licking in between his toes. Then leaning into both feet and having him over my face with them as he was compliant or faced being tickled as I told him! My nose inhaling his feet's powerful scent and loving the feeling of the dampness of his feet!

I then stopped and let him have a rest and he was fed water through a straw so he didn't get dehydrated and told him his feet were so addictive, it was going to be a long night and just fondled his feet as I spoke to him and soon resumed licking each sole from heels to toes and licked the base of each toe and sucked on every toe individually just indulging in licking and sucking his tender feet, kissing his toes and running my tongue between them until they were wrinkled and hotter telling him they tasted and smelled so awesome as my tongue explored them! I sucked each toe deeply loving them wiggling on my tongue and ran my teeth slowly along the soles of Gustavo's feet and buried my face into them and went to work on them. I slowly ran a finger along the sole of each foot and stroked the arches as I licked in between each of his toes and then sucked them in and out of my mouth with intensity and the taking a mouthful of salty sweaty toes into my mouth and sucking on them all long and hard foot by foot draining every ounce of sweat from them before lapping up the funk from the soles and tops of each foot! I licked and sucked Gustavo's toes and started running my finger along the sole of his right foot making him squirm.

Gustavo delighting me in his immediate reaction as he flinched as I ran my fingertips back and forth along the sole of his left foot and in between his toes and rubbed my face into the sweaty sole taking in his rich foot scent and repeated the process burying my face in his right foot and licking the sole and sucking on his toes soles and toes, lost in the pleasure of orally enjoying the straight teen's feet, affording him an experience to remember as I told him! I traced my tongue along his toes on his right foot and slid it in between his toes and sucked on them and having serviced the toes on his right foot I began orally servicing his left foot taking the big toe in my mouth and sucking on it like I had with the toes on his right foot. I sucked each toe and worked my tongue in between them and relished the taste of them marveling in how salty they tasted and having indulged in this pressed my face into both soles and rubbed my face against them, rubbing both feet in my face and kissing, yes kissing his soles and then running my fingers up n' down the soles of his feet making him laugh again immediately!

"Oh fuck these feet are the best Gustavo, so ticklish they're going to be fun every meeting and once a week to begin with to get you used to things, breaking you in gently but you are going to be my regular foot - slut and you know what I'm going to have other guys have fun with these feet, 3' somes with me and another guy working over a foot each, challenging eachother who gets the most ticklish reaction from you and other games which I will leave to your imagination but let's put your socks back on yeah!"

The lad nodded as I slid the black nylon socks over his feet and just stared at them and smiled saying I bet he wanted me to let him go and he nodded. I shook my head saying he wasn't going anywhere as I wanted lots more time with his feet but socked feet first and he flinched as I massaged each big foot in turn saying they had such a powerful masculine smell pressing my nose to each socked sole and inhaling each foot as he seemingly begged me to free him. There was no escaping the stench of his feet I told him and how aroused they got me and continued massaging each socked foot saying their smell so enticing and traced my fingers along each socked sole and telling him to keep his feet still or I'd tickle them and give him reason to flinch his feet.

"Yeah you like this Gustavo these big socked feet being felt up all over yeah here and here and yeah here under the toes, oh is that sensitive, feet still come on play the game, my rules, stop clenching your toes and stopping me stroking them, hmmm warm socks and feet all trapped inside so maybe needing airing you reckon so Gustavo, I sure do!" I taunted him.

I told him his socks were very smelly and needed cleaning and took a mouthful of socked toes in my mouth and sucked and nibbled on them gently, right foot then same with his left foot and then eventually stopped sucking on his toes through his socks and peeled each sock off again making him groan so told him that he best get used to the fact his feet were my addiction!

"Are your feet ticklish?" I teased Gustavo as I gently stroked each newly bared sole and massaged each foot applying pressure so not to tickle but to enjoy the feel of the lad's feet and humiliate him saying that his girlfriend would belive what a man was doing to her boyfriend's feet and his streetwise friends equally shocked but one word from him to anyone and he'd be arrested soon as blinking and I would arrange it be known his feet so ticklish so something to use on him when not raping his virgin ass, raping his feet but already now used and abused I had robbed them of any innocence or lack of foot-play experience and enjoyed the smoothness of his warm and sweating soles as I told him.

Light strokes under his toes and they wiggled and clenched so I increased the stroking of them and bent his toes back to stroke under them with greater focus of intensity, loving their immediate very responsiveness to the light tickles and across both arches proving excruciating for him and stroking in between his toes increased Gustavo's laughter so continued the mayhem my fingers were wreaking on the lad's toes indulging in intense torture and then relenting from this just ran all my fingers all over both feet so under his gag Gustavo was bursting with laughter. Then stopped and resumed in giving each foot a massage but making it sensual so he hating it more as saying as well as tormenting his feet, they mine to seduce and massaged them as a lover would be expected to do and saying imagine it was his girlfriend doing it and smiling as moans would indicate him doing so and then stop and whipser in his ear

"Mmmm feels sooooooooo good feeeeeeeling up your feeeeeeeeet Gustavo!" and my masculine toes ruining the illusion

Then resumed the sensual massage of his feet and smiled as I anticipated his shocked reaction when even more intense tickling bombarded his feet as I massaged them luring him into a false sense of security and relaxation so he was totally unprepared when the massage ended with a lightning-like jolt of unpleasantly-intense tickling making him howl with laughter, instantly engulfed in hysterical laughter as my fingers blitzed ever faster over his sweaty n' slippery arches and soles. The tidal waves of was shaping his mouth to scream to words "No!" and "Mercy!" over and over, but if he was saying them, he couldn't hear it over unbearable tickling drowned his nerve endings as I over-stimulated him. I loved Gustavo's reactions, his big feet a joy to play with teasing the boy's toes (making him howl with laughter), scratching the outside edges of the soles (making him surrender frantic giggles), torturing both soft arches (making him bawl with laughter) and licking and sucking everywhere on his feet driving Gustavo wild! Then from intense tickling to determined gentle rubbing and massaging his overtly sweaty soles!

"Gustavo seems you're pretty desperate to pull these feet away from me so come on try, come on try harder, oh yeah rubbing both feet together that's it get 'em nice n' ripe in fact before some future meets you're gonna wear your sneakers barefoot all day so when I unlace them and get them off I will find two feet roasting and relish running my fingers non stop over your arches and the balls of your feet to your toes driving you wild and only stop hearing your frantic laughter and then they'll be in dire need of cooling off and my tongue will give them a licklish work out but that's the future for you to look forward to and we've got the now to deal with and work through!"

I stroked both feet simultaneously and Gustavo howled with intense laughter as I continued teasing the soles of his feet and he helpless to protect them from the ticklish assaults, two bare hyper-ticklish feet at the mercy of a tickle-fiend who would soon have him lost in the tickling process, endless ticklish sensations controlling him, enslaving him to me as I loved tormenting him in his state of helplessness and vulnerability! Gustavo wiggled his toes hearing me activate the electric toothbrush and it was truly unbearable for him when the revolving bristles connected with the left sole of his foot and he exploded hysterically as he was driven into the realms of ticklish madness and moved it along the sole of his foot to his flinching toes which were insanely tickled and then my attention switched to his right foot and I took positive delight in running the evil sonicare all over his right sole and finding as with his left foot previously that each part of his foot when attacked brough a varying level and degree of laughter from him. His head shook and thrashed like mad when the electric toothbrush glided up and down the outside edges of his feet and Gustavo hated his high arches being brushed but his giggling throughout proving so inviting and encouraging for me!

Then gave him a break de-activating the electric toothbrush and proceeded with more massage enjoying the feel of his feet, their smoothness, warmth and natural moistness and fingering his toes in between them not tickling but molesting them whilst inhaling the aroma of his sweating feet letting him hear how his feet aroused me and began sucking on his toes of his right foot and running fingers along the sole of his left foot tracing along the centre making him squirm and then stroked under his toes which made him flinch more but then sucked them and caressed his right foot similarly! I then worked on the right foot and ran my tongue under his toes and wedged it in between his toes and licked along the contour of his right foot loving the ripe taste and then repeated the same attention to his left foot. I then concentrated on his toes and both feet and sucked and nibbled them with reckless abandon and slid my tongue between each of his toes and under them all and kissed along both soles saying not something I did to every guy's feet but imagined how humiliating it was for him, something he best get used to happening!

I told him I fucking loved his feet's awesome sweaty aroma and rubbed my thumbs in concentric circles in the centre of both soles seeing his toes wiggling then massaging each instep instep and again licked the soles of his feet inhaling them deeply whilst lubing them both with my saliva as I heard protests duly ignored except I sucked a mouthful of toes hungrily and alternated foot to foot to show him who was controlling who! The aroma of his sweaty feet and the sexual lusty heat they generated for me made me go wild with his feet, sniffing, licking and sucking and sliding my tongue in between his toes again and again and again! I slobbered over Gustavo's toes and nibbled on them and kissed and licked the increasingly sweaty soles of his feet delighting in their flavour and aroma and massaged, sucked and licked all over his feet and told him they had to be two of the best feet ever given a workout by me! I stopped the action replacing both socks on his feet and told Gustavo I was going to see if anyone was on line as I wanted to see another guy work over his feet and smiled hearing him protest in his gag as I left the room and Gustavo to contemplate what was next for him to endure and within 30 minutes he found out as Mick entered the room with me and said "I hear you have ticklish feet!"

Mick winked at me and withdrew a feather from his jacket pocket which he then used perfectly. Over both socked soles dragging the quill slowly the length of each foot and instructing Gustavo not to laugh or he would make it worse but was teasing to maximum effect saying he heard Gustavo was needing to be taught a ticklish lesson and scraped the quill under ten socked toes making Gustavo flinch his feet refelexively and gradually moan until he had to let out a laugh! Mick was angry!

"I told you no laughing fucker so now you really gonna get it!"

He ripped off both socks and scraped the quill along both bare soles with a much more aggressive technique, running it faster and alternating from foot to foot as Gustavo squirmed and now giggled as Mick progressed with a diabolical tickling assault on Gustavo's feet. He kept up the strokes but now slow but steady and deliberate making Gustavo hysterical as the pace unchanging and constant. Then the feather tickles stopped and Mick said what he loved was licking feet and sucking toes and he had enjoyed doing this to his cell mate a few years back and was eager to do it again and then he slowly kissed every one of Gustavo's ten toes, giving each big toe a couple of kisses and a little lick which made Gustavo immediately giggle and try to kick out with his feet but Mick darted his tongue along the base of each toe and under them all and when Gustavo clenched them he roughly uncurled them and licked under them with greater intensity before sucking on each toe in turn one foot then the other driving Gustavo berserk as he was sucking them hard, no sensualness at all, he wanted the hispanic lad's sweaty toes and was taking them.

"Yeah you fucker, place your feet right there where I can get 'em as gonna so enjoy 'em and you gonna let me, yeah nothing you can do to stop me just like Ian, oh fuck did he suffer just like you're gonna!" threatened Mick

After sucking and nibbling on Gustavo's toes he lightly licked the insteps next and applied a little more pressure with his tongue on each pass, and soon Gustavo was giggling continuously, toes clasping and spreading and suddenly tongue replaced by Mick's fingers as he started on the left foot and scratched lightly up and down along the inner margin of the arch, slowly working his way towards the centre of the instep and gently ran his fingers up and down the sole. After working Gustavo into a frenzy that way, he scratched along the toe line, delighting in how Gustavo squirmed and repeated the torment on the lad's right foot before tickling both feet simultaneously! Gustavo's feet twitched helplessly as Mick's fingers stroked the soles as he verbally taunted him saying he loved a straight guy's feet to work on, Ian married with three kids he made his tickle bitch! Mick then saw the feather in between Gustavo's toes and dragged the quill end across both insteps and the balls of the lad's big feet as Gustavo screamed in torment as Mick did everything roughly! I was hard seeing this and thinking of Ian suffering as I watched Gustavo doing!

He then leaned into both bare feet inhaling the aroma deeply and thrust his face into Gustavo's feet licking the sweat from in between his toes and lapping the sweat from his soles loving the fact Gustavo's feet were very sensitive and it was tickling him and he continued to lick every inch of Gustavo's feet, running his tongue along both soles and taking his toes one by one into his mouth and nibbling on them and sucking the sweat from them! He then started furiously tickling Gustavo's feet, running his fingers in between his toes engaged in the beginning of tickle torture and increased the pressure of his fingers and the intensity of his tickling touch and soon enough had Gustavo uncontrollably squirming as he enjoyed taking advantage of Gustavo's weakness and exploiting it! Gustavo's tortured ticklish toes wiggled constantly as Mick ran his fingers up n' down the soles of both Gustavo's feet! Then he began sucking on the hispanic lad's toes, his tongue slipping in between and under each toe and once have licked all over all ten toes began licking the sweating soles of Gustavo's feet, sucking on the toes of his right foot and tickling the toes of his left foot and alternating feet whilst deeply inhaling the raunchy footsmell of both sweaty, stinky and saliva lubed feet, inhaling their odour before saying he'd been selfish and there was a foot each and I joined him and we challenged eachother as to who would gain the greatest ticklish reaction from Gustavo and that we'd have fun finding out and guess what? We sure did, Mick won and we work so well together that Mick regularly joins me to torment and punish Gustavo!