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    Terra Interrogated (m/f)

    Hey guys, I’m fairly new to this site, writing as it relates to my fetish, and writing in general. I really hope you enjoy, Please leave feedback! I love to hear it!

    Tim walked down a long corridor with rows of large doors on either side. A large black briefcase swung by his side as he made his way to door farthest from him. In the space between the floor and the closed door, a dim light partially illuminated the hall around it. Muffled voices could be heard, drifting up the passage. As he drew closer the indistinguishable talking took form.

    “-last chance,” could be heard as Tim planted himself in front of the door.
    “When he gets involved, things get ugly. Tell us and what we need to know, and this ends.” The statement was met with a short silence. A sigh followed.
    “Very well. Have it your way.” The sound of movement. Footsteps grew louder till they were right up to the door. Tim knew it was his turn. The door opened slightly. A short man with glasses looked out and, spotting Tim, whispered,
    “So far she hasn’t said a word. We’ve tried some rudimentary stuff but we figured we’d save the dirty work for you.” Tim nodded, then smiled slightly. The man with glasses walked out into the hallway and was followed by a taller female. They left the door open and Tim walked inside.

    Sitting on a chair, her feet propped up and slightly apart, was a beautiful girl. Her shoulder length black hair fell around her eyes, a lone purple streak lined up with her right eye. The girls hands were tied together above her head where a rope dangled from the ceiling. The only thing she wore was a white tank top and olive green panties. Tim took note of how shapely her arches were. The door closed. In front of her feet was another chair, facing her. Tim walked around the chair and sat down. The sound of Tim’s briefcase hitting the floor brought the girls eyes level with his.

    “Nice to meet you. My names Tim.” The girl said nothing.

    “I’ve been told your not much of a conversationalist are you,” Tim extracted a chart from inside the briefcase, “Lucky for me I like reading”.
    Tim’s eyes scanned the pages he held, flipped a few through a few of them, then looked back up at the girl.

    “It says here your name is Terra, you were captured two weeks ago, and so far the most anyone has been able to get from you is a little laughter and some squirming. Nothing useful.” Tim stood up and started walking around Terra, her eyes followed as he circled.

    “Preliminary attempts have shown you’re particularly sensitive on your feet but are fairly apt at showing little reaction. My my... you have been a piece of work haven’t you.” Tim finished his walk at the base of Terra’s exposed soles. She stayed silent, as if Tim hadn’t entered the room.

    “Last chance. Tell me where your friends are, and don’t think we can’t recognize false information.” Tim nodded to a small mechanical device attached right below Terra’s ear. Terra stared back.

    “Going once, twice..” Tim trialed off. His hands moved closer to Terra’s bare feet. Her eyes looked down to Tim. Tims fingers hovered an inch from her soft skin.

    “Lets see how ticklish these feet are.” He said. A light scratch right in the middle of her left foot. No reaction.
    “Hmm,” Tim mused mostly to himself. Tim ever so lightly dragged his finger along the bottom of Terra’s heel, traced the side of her foot, then suddenly swept across the ball of her foot. Terra arched her back a little in response, but only slightly. Her lips still unwaveringly sealed.
    “Interesting…” said Tim. He lightly scratched the arch of Terra’s sole, She shifted again, and suddenly teased the stems of her toes. This drew ever so slightly the intake of breath from Terra Tim had been waiting for.
    “And that’s the where we’ll find your voice,” Tim said triumphantly. Terra looked confused. Tim opened his briefcase all the way, and rummaged through the contents for a while, pulling several unseen items, from Terra’s view, out.
    “And now the fun begins.” Before Terra had time to recover from Tim’s bizarre tease, fingers attacked the bottoms of her soles. They fluttered in and out of her arch. Scratched the sides of her feet. She felt fingernails raking the balls of her feet. The sudden change in pace and intensity, to her horror, made her throw he head back eyes wild.
    “Aaaaahh… “ escaped her lips. The irradic breathing that followed told Tim he was getting somewhere.
    “Gnnnn…” she breathed.
    “There we go, now we’re talking, or breathing rather.” He began focusing on Terras left heel. Tickling up and down, all over. Terras foot thrashed against its bondage as if trying to bolt without the rest of her body. Her toes flailed open then scrunched down. Sweat dripped down Terra’s temple. She was losing her composure.

    “A little more.. And-” Terra let out a loud gasp, “ There we go.” Terra’s whole body was thrashing, yet she still refused to let anything more than a heavy breath, a silent intake, come from her throat. Tim stopped his assault. Terra’s body relaxed.

    “Anything you wanna share? No,” Terra panted, and before she could meet Tim’s gaze was thrown into a fit of spasms. Tim hsd discreetly grabbed his hairbrush and was scrubbing Terra’s soles. He raked up and down, she thrashed her head back, into her arches and up to the ball of her foot, her toes scrunched and her eyes bulged.

    “Uugh..” she breathed. Tim relaxed again. Terra panted.
    “Last chance. That was a teaser. You haven’t seen anything yet.” Terra looked down into her lap. Tim ready himself for another attempt but was caught off guard.

    “I cant..” she whispered. Tim’s ears peaked.
    “Can’t what?” Tim asked.
    “You’ll never get me to talk. I can’t.” She looked up, a smile on her face. This only made breaking her sweeter, Tim thought.
    “Listen, I admire your resilience, I do. But I’m not gonna sugar coat this,” he paused, “You’ll be begging me to do literally anything else to you by the end.”

    Terra mentally prepared herself. She’d endured plenty throughout her capture and this Tim, he wasn’t anything special. Nothing so far had made her worried.

    Tim brought into her view a little bottle.
    “This,” he said, “is a little concoction of my own. It’s what make me good at my job. We’ll get to see how your confidence stacks against my… lets call it grease for the lungs.” With that he popped the top off, grabbed Terra’s toes and forced them back, making her feet go taught. Slowly he drizzled the gel onto her soles. The area where the flesh met liquid Terra could sense a difference. Her adrenaline began to surge.
    “It’s nothing,” she thought. I’ve endured worse.
    Tim applied to her left, then her right sole. His hands massaged her feet, spreading the lotion all over her arches, heels, and in between her toes. Each time he wiggled his finger in between her toes she made an involuntary jerk with her knees. This was not missed by Tim.
    “Oh don’t worry, we’ll get to your knees, in good time.” He said as he finished spreading the gel.

    The waited. Seconds crawled by. No one said a word. Terra couldn’t help herself.

    “So that was your big plan? Tickle me with ‘roided up’ lotion,” the words fell from her mouth. She was almost relieved. This had already been attempted on her.

    “Well, yes… But don’t worry. It takes a minute to set in.” Even as he said it, the color in Terra’s face drained.

    “aaAHhh…” Terra felt herself say. It was an involuntary reaction. She tried to look at the soles of her feet, but her feet and ankles were so securely set that the attempt was foolish. It felt like feathers were ever so slightly caressing her skin. She twisted her feet, her ankles fought and lost against the bonds that held them. Her feet were getting more and more sensitive.

    “I can see you like my lotion.” Tim said, a touch of excitement accompanied his words as he eyed her animated toes. “What you are feeling is the gentle breeze this room has to offer.”
    “That d-doesn’t make seEHnse,” she struggled to say with a straight face, “what is this-s shit..” She was really fighting her bondage now. The manic gleam in her eyes was for real this time. Her muscular calves and thighs twitch uncontrollably.

    “Last chance.” said Tim. And before she had time to reply, he began.

    Her laughter filled the room. It was beautiful. Her high pitched screams bounced around the halls. She couldn’t control it.

    “WAIT WAIT.. PleeEEEAASE!!” she screamed. It was unbearable.

    “Oh does that tickle?” teased Tim, “We are really ticklish now aren’t we. Lets see how sensitive we are…. Here!” He attacked her arches.


    “Beg me and maybe I’ll stop for a little” He said. SHe shook her head, tears flying off her cheeks. “Your funeral.” and with that he began to brush her feet. Up down, side to side. The teeth of his brush found every inch of her feet, the sides of her feet, the ball of her foot, in and out of the arch.

    “AHAHAHAAHAAHAH, w-wWAIT. NOoooahoo!” She screamed. The next words to come from her mouth horrified her. “OKAY!” she said in surprise to herself. “OKAAHAHAHAY I’LL BEGHHAHHAHAHAHA. I’LL BEG! STOP PLEASE. EeeheheheheheahhahaahaAHAHAHHA. NO MORE! NO MORAHARHAHRR!!”

    “No more what?”


    “No more where?” Terra’s head was thrown back. Her screams burst through the ceiling.


    Tim stopped for only a moment to tie her toes together forcing them back, keeping her soles from moving an inch. Her feet were completely imobilized. Terra sucked in deep breaths, “What… what are you.” Her voice was feeble.

    “Oh you’ll see.” chuckled Tim. He was getting fired up now.

    “This…… This is nothin-” Terra began.

    “Oh please,” Tim cut across, “I don’t need to be a detective to know you’re lying.” He pulled a long, thin, black velvet rope from his stash of toys. Terra’s eyes bulged.

    “What is thaAHAAHAHAHAHAHHAAAAaahahahHAHA!” Tim had begun to slowly floss in between Terra’s toes. With each slide her voice rose in pitch.
    “eeeEHEHEHEHeeheaahhahAHahah, aah- ahahhAHAHAHEHEH” Terra’s whole body was quickly become drenched in sweat. Her toes were her worst spot, even before the horrible gel. You could see the light reflected off her sweaty forehead, her breasts, her taut thighs. Her ankles bounced around trying to free her feet. She was losing the ability to think in coherent thoughts.
    “And for the final” Tim’s words cut into terra’s ears like a jagged icicle.

    Tim began lickling in between her toes while at the same time scratching her arches.

    The begging, pleading screams that reverberated through the hallway hung in the air like background music.


    Tim re-entered the room. Terra looked up, terrified. She tried and failed to pull her feet into her chest.
    “Please wait…” She begged. Tim moved to sit down in front of her feet. “Please not again.” she tried. Tim smiled.
    “It took me three days to break you. I must admit a new record.” Terra looked nervous.
    “What do you want?” she asked, the concern very clearly shown threw her harassed bangs. “I told you what you wanted to know.” Tim smiled even wider.
    “What do you want?” The deranged note of pleading edged it’s way into Terra’s throat. Tim drew from his pocket a black hair comb. Terra’s eyes bulged.
    “NO,” she said, “Not again today, Please!!” Tim placed the comb between her big and middle toe. She tensed up, her throat caught. Fingers clenched. Tim didn’t move. With barely a whisper Terra pleaded
    “Please, not the toes again. It’s been three times today already. Just tell me what you want anAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHHA” Tim scrubbed in between her toes with the bristles of the comb.
    “Not the toes!!! I’ll give you anything! Pleaaehahaheeasse!!”

    “I told you,” Tim said. There was a hungry gleam in his eyes. “I told you you’d be begging.”

    “NOOOAHAH, wait a minute just wait a minute, PLEAEHEHEHSEE!! NOOOOOOOHOHOHO!!” She drew in a deep breath.


    Outside the room, all the way down the hall another employee of the facility walked by. Faintly, he could just make out someone's laughter.

    Hey y’all hope you enjoyed! Please let me know what you think!

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    Wow very good

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    Mar 2015
    Very nice

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    Really great story... loved how he is merciless at the end.

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    Aug 2005
    Perth, Australia
    Great story, really enjoyed it, thanks for sharing

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    Really Nice Story... Worth Sharing.

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    Jul 2018
    Hey thanks for the feedback everyone!! I really appreciate it!

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    Jul 2008
    Will there be a part 2?.

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    Oakland, CA
    Very good. I hope there is more to come.

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    Jul 2007
    One of the best stories I've read. Hopefully there'll be a sequel

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