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    Big-breasted tickling: Michelle meets Nurse Jenny

    Sorry if it's a bit long. I hope you enjoy it!

    One typical Saturday morning, Michelle stood sandwiched in line at the drug store. Normally, a 5’7”, 34-24-34 woman would not occupy much space. Michelle’s pink short sleeve shirt, however, stretched tightly across her shockingly large, champion-caliber watermelon-sized breasts. Breasts pressed tightly against the woman in front of her. Michelle’s chest size was an issue in crowded spaces. Each breast protruded a good 5” to either side of Michelle’s rib cage and a generous 24” in front of her, making her quite uncomfortable in tight quarters.

    Her shirt must have hiked slightly above her midriff, exposing her kidney area to the young man behind her. Perhaps intrigued by the stories in the paper about the sexy woman, he couldn’t help himself as he wiggled his fingers across the sides of her lower back. Michelle let out a slight shriek and jumped, sending her enormous bosom strongly against the back of the woman in front of her and knocked her forwards.

    Standing at the mall later that day, Michelle was caught in the bathroom by a jealous woman. Michelle had to bend over considerably just to use the sink to wash her hands. When she felt the woman’s fingers dig into her tender ribs, she practically fell over backwards. The woman told Michelle she was too much a distraction for the men and boys in this town and should move away. To drive her point home, the woman held her wiggling fingers over Michelle’s bobbling breasts, essentially telling her she might get tickled to death should she not heed her warning. Both Michelle and the woman knew what would happen should her breasts get tickled.

    The next day as Michelle sat at the taxi stop (she could not drive a car due to her breast size), a sudden rainfall took her unawares. Without an umbrella, the raindrops landed with enough force against her ticklish bosom that, even through her white dress shirt and specialty bra, they started to tickle her.

    “Oh no…not now…ha ha ha…oh no no. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!” Michelle could not help but giggle and shimmy in a reflexive attempt to avoid the tickling drops. Of course, the man sitting next to her had to watch the erotic display of a beautiful, busty woman shimmying in the rain. In her seated position, her gargantuan breasts extended almost past her knees and filled her entire torso. Now her skin showed beneath her wet white clothing and he could not help himself. He gave her side a quick tweak. “Ticklish”, he asked. Michelle let forth a burst of hard, ticklish laughter and was saved further embarrassment by the cab that pulled up at that moment.

    That’s how most days went for Michelle now. She complained to her friend Gina, the sexy part-Hawaiian friend who bore resemblance to fitness guru Kiana Tom. They drove on the highway in Gina’s SUV.

    “It’s getting to be torture. People tickle me every day. For so long since I lived here, noboby knew how sensitive I am. But with the time with Jeff at the co-op, after the break-in incident and then that horrible time with Jerry, Now that people know…you know…

    Gina knew. Michelle was famous. She may have owned the largest natural breasts on earth. Each massive mammary weighed in at just under 50 pounds. Beyond that, her face was beautiful. She resembled a short-haired, blonde version of the actress Mariska Hargitay. But what had gotten her much attention over the last month in their small college town was her extreme, almost debilitating ticklishness. Worse still, her breasts were the most ticklish part of her body. Since her early years as a hyper-ticklish, overdeveloped teenager, enough tickling on those swollen, sensitive glands would bring Michelle to a torturous orgasm. Now that fact was public knowledge in the small college town.

    “I can’t believe Jerry tickled you like that. He seemed like such a nice man. You’ve certainly been through a lot. I don’t know how you can take it.”

    “You can’t imagine. I remember when you were helping me get back at Jeff, teasing him about tickling you. I wish I were like you. You aren’t ticklish at all…do you really think this doctor can help?”

    Gina was driving Michelle to the Center for Tactile Disorders, a research unit started by famed Ph.D Amber Rhodes. The center specialized in helping individuals with touch conditions and Michelle hoped she that at the center she might find a cure for her ticklishness.

    Gina dropped Michelle at the lobby. “I’ll be back in an hour and a half to pick you up”. Neither knew into whose tickling hands Michelle was being delivered.

    Michelle nervously walked into the two-story brown building. As she rippled (with every walking step Michelle took, her breasts surged with an 8 inch amplitude), into the lobby the receptionist stared Michelle squarely in the chest, clad in a form-fitting light blue short-sleeve shirt tucked into her jeans.. She’d never seen anything like this before. After the shock wore off, Michelle was taken into a waiting room.

    Eventually, a nurse named Jennifer Williams entered the room. “Hi, Ms. Childers. I’m your technician Jenny”. Jenny questioned Michelle. “So, I understand you’re here for ‘abnormal hypersensitivity’. Could you tell me more about that?”

    As she spoke to Michelle, Jenny couldn’t help marvel at the woman. It was hard to imagine a woman with such a pretty face and such an otherwise slender body imprisoned with two gigantic breasts. Standing directly in front of Michelle, Jenny couldn’t see Michelle’s midsection. Her bosom was almost bursting through its blue shirt, making it look like twin well-shaped bean bag chairs stuffed into a tight blue cloth sack. Yet, Michelle was a truly gorgeous woman.

    On the other hand, Jenny was quite attractive herself. Her father was from England, but she'd grown up in a wealthy suburb of Indianapolis. At age 25, she was smart, friendly, well-liked and pretty. She had short, black hair tightly pulled behind her head and well-groomed black eyebrows that gave her a sultry, yet almost sinister look heightened by her bright red lipstick spread across some very full lips. Her face reminded one perhaps of a young Raquel Welch.

    Jenny was a big girl, but like Ms. Welch she had a fascinating, voluptous body. A 5’5”, 165 pound, 38DD-28-38 body. A body now framed in a tight white nurse uniform beneath a lab coat. Her subtle English accent was captivating even to a heterosexual woman like Michelle.

    “Abnormal sensitivy, Ms. Childers?”

    “Um, yes, that’s right”. Michelle shifted slightly in her chair, cradling the undersides of her breasts with her arms to move them along.

    “Would you care to elaborate, Ms. Childers?”.

    “You can call me Michelle. Well, I’m ticklish. I mean, extremely, extremely sensitive just about everywhere so much so that it is starting to degrade the quality of my life”.

    Jenny stifled a rushing feeling. Jenny, a bisexual woman with a tickling fetish, had found the patient of her dreams.

    “Where are you most sensitive, would you say?”

    “Well, that’s just it. My breasts. My breasts are deathly ticklish. But, the worst is, if I get tickled there long enough….I’ll…I’ll…have an…you know…’the Big O’”. Michelle’s breasts tingled just at the mention of it. So did Jenny, who’s slight blush she hoped Michelle would mistake for embarrassment rather than erotic excitement. Not only was Jenny obsessed with tickling (a fringe benefit of her job) she also loved women with large breasts. In fact, that was the only sort of woman to whom she was attracted

    “I do believe we can help, but we need an assessment. Lots of people say they’re that sensitive, but our job is to detach the psychological from the physical. For example, the mere sight of a tickling stimulus can cause a psychological reaction. We deal specifically with issues where nerve sensitivity is so great that intervention is necessary. To do so, we’ll need to conduct a physical survey. Is that acceptable?”

    Michelle signed consent forms with a combination of hope and trepidation. She detailed exactly where she was ticklish and how badly. Finally, they were ready to begin. In the course of her work, Jenny had tickled many men and women. Dr. Rhodes had set forth very specific guidelines about acceptable conduct while tickling a patient. Jenny seriously wondered if she could remain professional in front of a such a beautiful, ticklish, explosively busty woman.

    “Where would you like to begin, your most or least sensitive spot”

    “Least, my feet”.

    “Have a seat here, please. I don’t know exactly how to say this, but how can I, I mean, get access to your middle. Your bosom…”

    “If you wheel that table over, I can hoist my boobs onto it so you can get at my waist and belly, if that’s what you mean!”

    “Ok, we need to time your endurance. Remember to say ‘stop’ when you can’t take anymore”

    Michelle reclined in something similar to a dentist’s chair. Michelle (with great difficulty) removed her own socks and shoes. In her position with her bosom hoisted into the air like twin mountains of the Alps, Michelle absolutely could not see her feet, nor what Jenny was doing. Simlarly, all Jenny could see of Michelle was her feet, legs, and enormous bosom jutting into the air like mountains.

    Jenny dragged her fingers across Michelle’s size 11 feet. Michelle’s feet twitched as Jenny stroked her soles, but subsided as she hit the arches. Touching her toes caused similar twitching. As Jenny identified Michelle’s heels and toes as sensitive spots, she continued to stroke those areas. Michelle twitched more, and her body started to shake. Jenny could see Michelle’s breasts undulate as she laughed.

    “Oooh! Hee heee! Haa haa ha! OH!”

    “How badly does this tickle?” Jenny homed in on Michelle’s heels.

    “AAHH! Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Oooo! Hi hi ha ha ha ha ha! BADLY!”

    “Keep going, try and take a little more”, Jenny urged. She really didn’t want to stop tickling her.

    Michelle started to suffer. As the ticking increased, her laughter increased. Her breasts bounced up and down and shifted to the side. She wrapped her arms around her bosom to control the shaking.


    “Well, if that’s your least sensitive spot, you might have a real problem”, said Jenny. She hoped Michelle was just as ticklish as she said.

    “Well, shall we do your middle? I’ll need you to remove your shirt. Do you mind?”

    Michelle complied. After all, this was science.

    Jenny couldn’t help but stare at her gorgeous patient’s body. Michelle had good abdominal definition, quite surprising for such a large-chested woman.

    “You have a very firm body!”, Jenny exclaimed.

    “Pilates”, Michelle replied.

    The tickling continued. Jenny delightfully explored Michelle’s ribs, underarms, belly, sides, neck, hips and lower back. Each time, Michelle rocked with laughter. Each time she was tickled, it only took a few seconds before she screamed ‘stop’. Each time she was tickled, her body would twist and shake. Yet, her voluminous breasts remained in place on the table, too large and heavy. Michelle’s breast-flesh jutted out the sides, tops and bottom of her bra. Jenny could see the milk white flesh ripple as Michelle laughed. She was truly the most ticklish person Jenny had encountered, and now Jenny had to get her most sensitive area.

    As torturous as the ticking was, Michelle thought it seemed quite clinical. Jenny tickled her senseless, but each time spoke of timed endurance and stopped when asked. That was about to change.

    Michelle was already exhausted from the tickling. Jenny could hardly contain her enthusiasm when she said “Michelle, I know this is hard for you. Will you remove your bra so I can assess the … sensitivity of your…chest…”

    Michelle did so, and in the process the two largest breasts Jenny would ever see exploded onto the table in front of her.

    Jenny produced a stiff feather from her lab coat. Michelle started and shrieked. The mere sight of a feather frightened her.

    “You’re not going to use that on me!”

    “I’ll stop when you say so”.

    Jenny traced the feather alongside Michelle’s humongous right breast. Michelle tried not to laugh. Her face twitched and she turned her head away from the tickled side. Her sensitivity was too great, however, and in a second she erupted. Michelle knew it only took a few seconds of breast-tickling to reduce her to a state of teary, jiggly jello.


    As Jenny slowly stroked the feather from near Michelle’s armpit towards her nipple, she could swear she almost saw her tremendously heavy breast twitch. Michelle’s laughter alone caused her bosom to ripple, while the tickling caused a slight swelling.


    There was no question in either woman’s mind that breast-tickling was torture for Michelle.

    Jenny did not stop. If she got fired, fine. This was a golden opportunity. “Does that tickle, Michelle?” Jenny ran the feather along the top of both Michelle’s well-formed breasts. Michelle cackled without restraint.


    Jenny paused. “You’re a very beautiful woman, Michelle”.

    “Oh, thank you. You’re quite pretty yourself….AAIIIE!” Jenny swept the feather along the side of Michelle’s left breast. This time, she wiggled it playfully up and down the bulging gland. Michelle’s head rocked backwards as her face reddened.


    But Jenny didn’t quit. Instead, she dropped the feather and started to tweak Michelle’s bosom with her fingers. “You know, I’d kill to have a body like yours. So…sensitive.”

    Jenny cast the table aside, leaving Michelle’s naked breasts to flop freely. In her semi-reclined position and without a bra, Michelle was desperate to keep each weighty breast from heaving to either side. She used her arms to try and hold her monstrous mammaries in place.

    Michelle’s face was contorted with laughter, but her horror started to show through. Still, she cackled.


    Tears flowed down Michelle’s bright red face. Sweat began to pour from all over her body, and her plump white breasts began to glisten. Her tremendous nipples became erect as her body was being overcome with fear and ticklish erotic excitement.

    “Ooh, that’s right Michelle”, said Jenny over Michelle’s bellowing laughter, “this is both torture and pleasure for you…cootchie cootchie coo…”. Jenny’s beautiful face was alive with seductive lust. Using both hands, she fluttered her fingers across both of Michelle’s breasts. Michelle could not sit up, the laughter had weakened her. She moved her arms in a hopeless attempt to cover her bosom, but too much flesh was exposed. Michelle couldn’t abandon hold of her chest at this point. She noticed the clock. She’d been inside for 45 minutes. Her wailing, agonized laughter rolled and Jenny’s skillful fingers danced across her helpless flesh.


    Jenny rammed her hands beneath Michelle’s breasts. The flesh molded around her arms. The bottoms of Michelle’s breasts were the most sensitive area (aside from the nipples). She screamed as Jenny viciously tweaked her bosom from below.

    The look of sadistic, sexual glee on Jenny’s face was unmistakable.

    “EEEEEEEEEE! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!” Michelle’s body bucked as the orgasm began. Jenny kept tickling all the way through it. Michelle’s head beat against the back of the chair. As she shook her head, tears and sweat flew through the air.

    “What about these nipples,” Jenny taunted as she twirled them both. Michelle gasped.


    The erotic, tickling touch was unbearable. Much as her ex-lawyer Jerry had discovered, Michelle’s nipples were dramatically sensitive – a ticklish orgasm button, as it were. After just a second or so of contact, Michelle’s second orgasm begun. It was the worst and best tickling imagineable.

    Jenny gave her no break. Now she poked each breast repeatedly and forcefully. Each time her finger must have cause an inch-deep dimple and corresponding ripplies throughout the fleshy gland. Each stroke brought a rasping laugh from Michelle.


    “Poor ticklish woman! You’re so pretty! Are you big breasts too ticklish? Cootchie coo! Oh, that tickles! Oh, I bet that does! Cootchie cootchie!” Jenny’s taunting only added to Michelle’s agony. After the poking, another round of kneading her right breast near her armpit sent Michelle into her third orgasmic episode.


    Jenny went straight for both nipples again, this time stroking each with her fingernails. After just a few seconds, Michelle’s fourth orgasm occurred.


    The clock ticked. The tickling continued. Jenny kneaded both breasts on the sides near the nipples. Michelle’s sensitivity continued to grow, and her reddened breasts started to feel swollen with the blood flow.


    The orgasms continued. Michelle, who virtually never lost bladder control from tickling, certainly did so somewhere around the fifth orgasm. She’d never had anything like this happen. Her nipples were stroked and each time she succumbed. Every muscle in her body ached, and yet with every spasm her skin seemed to become more sensitive. It was during her 10 eruption that the door finally opened.

    Dr. Rhodes, a security guard and Michelle’s companion Gina had rescued her. 90 minutes of tickling had elapsed. Michelle fell out of the chair and onto the floor, an exhausted heap.

    What might, or should, happen next?

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    Thumbs up

    This is one hell of a great series! Keep it up!
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    What should happen next?

    I think its about time Michelle got tied down!

    I love this character, I love how her massive boobs disable her from doing day to day things easily and that people take full advantage of her hyper ticklishness. A woman like Michelle would be fabulous to tickle.

    Maybe a group of people could get her?

    I've never quite got the idea of how big you picture Michelle's boobs. I picture them around this size of this picture...


    The woman on the far left...on second look I actually picture them somewhat bigger than that, but none the less I'd sure like to have a crack at the woman in the picture.

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    We think that Michelle needs to get back at Nurse Jenny, then Gina, Jenny and Dr Rhodes should give Michelle a lesson in real Torture.
    Then Michelle should get Gina!
    Anna and Heather

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    Michelle shouls get her revenge on Jenny

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    Thanks for the feedback! I've got a sequel, soon to be posted.

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    A great story! I can't wait to see the sequel!

    Check out my story archive!

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    There are several other stories I've written here with Michelle. Several are when she's in college, and one is a tie-down, burglar-tickling story when she's this age.

    As far as inspiration for the character, she's kind of a combination of the females I've known who have both been very ticklish and large-breasted, although obviously in real life not like the character's dimensions. As far as that goes, I've kind of patterned her physically after the adult model/dancer Chelsea Charms (morphed picture here, she's the one on the right):


    BTW, I did ask Chelsea once if she was ticklish and where, and she wrote back saying she was very ticklish pretty much everywhere.

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    Holy crap in a hat...thats a lot more like I pictured Michelle.

    I'd love to see one of them tickled. Jeez oh man.

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