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    Exclamation What Dreams Will Come: Sample (M Gang/M)

    Nightwing shuffled a little to get a feel for his bonds. His arms were interlocked and knotted tightly behind his back. He could feel a cord from behind that attached him to the ceiling of his cell. It was lose enough to wiggle around but there seem to be no give. He could see that his entire suit was removed, belt and all. All he had was his full body under-armor, or what was left, it was cut off completely at the arms and chest. The rest of it riddled with holes big and small. As for the rest of him, his knees we’re latched together by he same strong rope that held his upper body and his feet...

    “Well look here boys. Boss got himself a bird. Isn’t he cute?” One chuckled.

    “The same one that broke my jaw last time I saw him. I oughta snap his neck!” Another scowled.

    “Careful there dumb ass. You break him and the boss feeds you to tiny. The important ones stay alive.” The third one stated with his arms folded.

    “Pfff you counting him as important?” The last jokingly shoved the sterner sounding grunt as they all laughed.

    Dick scowled out them. Yea they think their funny right? He cooly tossed out. “I mean let’s be honest with ourselves. There is nothing my foot can do to your face to make you any uglier.”

    His joke not landing so well as the last, the guards just looked on. It’s then Dick noticed a crucial threat in all of this. Outside with them those jerks were his feet. And they were naked. It’s then he truly analyze the eyes of the four men. The hero’s mouth quickly closed shut.

    “Awww what’s wrong? Come on ShiteNight, tell me more about your feet....” the one on the far left took a step forward with a knowing grin. His finger reaching out and lightly wiggling itself on the former Robin’s arch.

    “Uurrrrrrr!!!” He spazzed feeling the shocking tickle. The rest of the masked men’s faces started to share the same look as their friend. Oh god they wouldn’t!

    “Yea WingDing, what about these little feet of yours? I want to hear more about them too. Tell us. Do you think you have enough room to fit all of us on them?” Another chimed in. He slowly reached his hand out, fingers wiggling, but only just hovering over their captives pale size sixes.

    “What’s wrong Nightwing? Ya look nervous. Scared. You look like your..”

    “Ticklish.” Another one finished.”Ya look reeeeal fuckin ticklish.” The last two advanced while they chatted. Also threatening the trapped soles with their teasing fingers.

    All 30 fingers wiggling about, so close to almost touching him. And the one lightly scratching away. It broke his focus. Made him feel helpless. It was all over his handsome face. Dick muttered the word no under his breath. He knew what came next and so did they.

    The grunt tickling his foot smile got a little bit wider upon seeing the desperation evident on their victim. This kid was theirs.

    “He better not be. Got any idea what we would do to you bird boy.”

    Dick’s toes curled. It was like he could feel all of their fingers at once if not more. Sadly though the sidekick couldn’t even begin to imagine how that would feel. Yet.The anxiety was making his feet twitch, not to mention the wandering finger making a dance partner out of his big toe. He would scoot it away just for the finger to follow and punish it for moving with the most agonizing scratches.

    Nightwing bit his lip and closed his eyes. He needed to regain himself. It lasted all of a minute before he felt another finger. Not from the same tickler mind you, this finger enjoyed tickling under his heel like you would a chin of a loved one. Something that made Dick clench.

    “I bet he is. Do you even know what we can do to a guy like you? A trapped ticklish peace of crap? We’d never stop tickling. Never.” Another said in the most infuriatingly smug tone. Loving to see the side kick squirm.

    Before Nightwing could even process that his left foot was met with a jab right in the center. The finger pressed into his flesh and started to vibrate about. It was the one who’s jaw he broke. He looked dead in their eyes as his filled with water.

    “So ticklish and weak, your more of a Robin then a Nightwing. Come on Robin. Laugh. Cause when you do we’re gonna tickle you so bad kid. These poor feet of yours are gonna wish they belonged to anyone else but you. It’s all over as soon as you laugh. It’s gonna tickle so bad. So. Fucking. Bad.” Each word was like a twelve hundred pound weight crushing him. Dick was getting completely freaked out. They were gonna tickle him! They were going to drive him absolutely crazy!

    The last one finally joined in. The one who seemed the most excited, showing his evil fingers in full view to the squirming wimp. “Come on NightShade. Don’t laugh. Don’t laugh or your gonna regret it. Your gonna suffer.”

    “Your gonna suffer really bad freak.”

    “You gonna laugh?”

    “He’s gonna laugh.”

    “Is he stupid?”

    “No just ticklish. Same difference though”

    “He’s gonna cry.”

    “Any minute now.”

    As this kept on so did the fingers. They wouldn’t change tactics, just a consistent tickle. One that was quickly chipping away any little resolve the young hero had left.

    All of them were smiling. Only Dick didn’t have a choice in that matter. He tried to hold back as best he could. Oh god it was so bad! THEY WONT STOP!

    “....tickle tickle tiiickle.”

    “N-no..” Dick jolted.

    Another one followed suit. “Or what huh? Tickle tickle tickle!”

    “HaAa.... uuuRRGH!” The hero’s body thrashed but would be shot back the other way do to the cord. Turning him into a yoyo.

    “Here it comes.”

    “He’s so done for.”

    “Sing for us bird boy!”


    The hero immediately regretted that along with every single decision he’s ever made in his life.

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    This was phenomenal! I love when superheroes are tickled! Especially, the boys of wonder! Hope to see more from you like this!

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    The bath
    Awesome. Especially the anticipation and build up before the full blown torture kicks in

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