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    Katy & Amber - Episode 14: Melissa's Roommate (f/f, f/ff, ff/ff nylons)

    Hey everyone,

    Here's Episode 14.

    Though I am obviously bias, I wonder if this might be my most favorite episode of the series thus far, both from a writing standpoint in terms of the character development and the psychology and, of course, obviously the tickling standpoint.

    I tried to develop the Melissa character some more, and I'm curious what you all think of Melissa's roommate. Specifically, I'm curious if you guys think she's "justified" in her mission? Clearly Katy & Amber are the "good guys" of the story, so the roommate comes across as more of an antagonist, but I hoped to frame her as more of a sympathetic antagonist. Maybe there's a little of her in everyone?

    I also tried to play up the psychological element of it a bit. Many of the episodes had turned into fun, flirtatious tickling -- which is great, of course -- but I had struggled to come up with a way to get some "hardcore" tickling in that could also be seen as somewhat realistic, and I hope I was able to come up with one such event.

    I encourage you to reach out if you have any ideas. I do get "Is Nicki ticklish?" a lot, and trust me, that's built into the story line, but often times, a lot of what goes into the story comes from hearing from you guys. Someone had sent me a DM mentioning a sorority, and (spoiler alert) you'll see a sorority mentioned here.

    Above all, I hoped to add a "reason" to read. Sure, we're all here to read about people getting tickled, we get it. But a character is faced with a conflict now and I hope it's one that you find captivating.

    I truly hope you enjoy reading it!

    As always, any feedback/suggestions are welcome!

    Happy reading,

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    Katy & Amber - Episode 14: Melissa's Roommate (f/f, f/ff, ff/ff nylons)

    “You know you don’t really need to wear nylons everyday you hang out with us, right?” asked Amber to Melissa as she pulled into the dorm parking lot. The girls had completed their review of the professor’s presentation and, with it getting later in the day, had agreed that the time had come for Melissa to head back to her dorm.

    “I know,” said Melissa, recalling the ultimatum that Nicki had bestowed upon Melissa earlier: namely, that in order to avoid getting tickled today, Melissa would have to wear nylons any future time she would hang out with the girls. “It’s OK,” she added.

    “Well, no,” said Amber, worried that Nicki’s edict had created some anxiety for Melissa. “You can still hang out with us if you want. Nicki was just playing around,” she said, furrowing her eyebrows as she analyzed her last statement. “I think?”

    Melissa laughed at Amber’s self-doubt. “I really don’t mind,” Melissa said. “It’s no big deal,” she added, though she still saw the concern on Amber’s face. “Listen, honestly,” she began, patting Amber on the knee to ease her concern, “I’d wear them all the time if it weren’t for my roommate tickling me whenever I have them on,” she said with a slight chuckle.

    “That,” said Amber, pointing with her finger to highlight Melissa’s last statement, “is something I can definitely relate to,” she said, both girls laughing at their plight.

    “But you guys seem to get along so well,” Melissa said, bringing an air of seriousness back to the conversation. “Sometimes I think my roommate tickles me for… I don’t know how to describe it? Power?” she said, shocked that was she confiding this in someone she had known for less than a day.

    “What do you mean?” asked Amber, her concern growing.

    “It’s hard to explain,” said Melissa, almost regretting that she said anything in the first place. “You and Katy and Nicki just seem to have fun tickling each other,” she said. “My roommate, though,” she started, her voice trailing off a bit. “I guess it just seems like if she didn’t have to stop tickling someone, she wouldn’t.”

    “Ohhh,” said Amber, not really sure what more she could say.

    “And she just happened to find out that nylons are, like, a thousand times more ticklish,” said Melissa, recalling the events in her mind. “So, whenever she saw that I had them on, she’d make sure to find a reason to tickle me.”

    “Well,” began Amber. “I mean, I can definitely agree that nylons make you more ticklish, no doubt,” she continued. “And it does seem like people have a hard time passing up the opportunity to tickle someone if they see them in nylons,” she said, arching her head in Melissa’s direction to add, “as we saw today in class.”

    Both girls laughed. “Yeah, so don’t worry about me wearing nylons,” said Melissa, back to her perky self. “I just need to make sure my roommate doesn’t see I have them on and everything will be great!” she concluded as she opened the passenger door of Amber’s car and began her walk to the dorm room, Amber quickly following in tow.

    The two girls walked in quick silence to the dorm room door, neither one wanting to remain outside in the bitter cold any longer than they had to. For Amber, though, there was another reason to be silent - inner reflection. Hadn’t Melissa just mentioned that her roommate tickled her any time she had nylons on? And wasn’t Melissa wearing nylons right now? Worse, wasn’t Amber also in nylons? At least Melissa had the benefit of the UGGs she had on to hide her vulnerability; Amber’s flats offered no such luxury. Amber briefly wondered if she was making a mistake as she and Melissa entered into the building, quickly reassuring herself that no one would tickle someone they had just met…

    But hadn’t that just happened already?

    Before Amber knew it, she and Melissa were standing outside Melissa’s dorm room, Melissa fidgeting around for her keys in the bottom of her purse before finally unlocking the door and pushing her way through the door, Amber trepidatiously walking in behind her as Melissa flung her coat and hat on the sofa.

    The dorm suite was much like the others Amber had seen in her time at the university: two bedrooms, each containing two beds, joined together with a small common area, large enough for a small couch and chair and a refrigerator, made up the dwelling. Though she preferred the privacy of the apartment she shared with Katy, Amber wouldn’t have minded living in such a suite, though with conditions so cramped, she would have wanted to make sure she had a good relationship with the other girls sharing the room.

    The door to one of the bedrooms opened, and out of it walked a familiar person. Judging by Melissa’s reaction, this person must have been her roommate. She was an attractive girl, though by no means a pin-up model - not that that mattered at all, of course. Her long brown hair was neatly combed and fell on both shoulders, cascading over the shoulders of her gray university hoodie which she wore over a pair of black leggings. It was someone Amber recognized almost immediately, though the roommate’s facial facade gave no indication of recognizing Amber. A small knot began to form in Amber’s stomach, not for any warranted reason, but as Melissa’s earlier remarks combined with everything Amber had remembered about this person, a general feeling of uneasiness came over Amber.

    Melissa’s roommate was Danielle.

    Melissa introduced Amber to Danielle, who still showed no signs of recognizing Amber. As often as Danielle and Katy had crossed paths, Danielle and Amber rarely seemed to interact, the incident at the movie theater serving, really, as the most time the two had spent interacting with one another. Sure, Amber had been around when Danielle was around, but the two had never really had a reason to talk, so each were no more than a bit part in the story of the other’s lives; it was Katy and Danielle who had the history, not Amber and Danielle.

    The three girls made small talk with Melissa making up a tale about having to work on a small project with Amber as the way that the two girls met. Surely “I tickled her foot throughout class today” would have been viewed as slightly bizarre, not to mention might plant the seed of tickling in Danielle’s mind, seemingly a fertile environment for such thoughts. Amber was relieved at Melissa’s quick thinking, but she was still uneasy about the situation. Kay’s relationship - or lack thereof - with Danielle… Melissa’s own opinion of Danielle, including - especially - the report of Danielle’s penchant for tickling… Amber wondered if she had caught Danielle looking at her feet out of the corner of her eye. Surely Amber must have been paranoid, of course, but regardless, Amber wanted nothing more than to be back in her apartment, not only for her “safety” but also to tell Katy the news about Melissa’s roommate.

    But subtlety was not Amber’s strong suit, and she struggled to find a way to excuse herself from the group and head out the door, and soon enough, she found herself pulled into conversation with Melissa and Danielle. The conversation was harmless, as most conversations are, with the girls discussing the seemingly-unending cold spell, favorite and least-favorite professors, and typical weekend plans. As each minute passed, Amber felt more and more at ease, eventually taking a seat on the chair as Melissa and Danielle sat on the couch.

    Despite her uneasiness waning, Amber still harbored some level of concern. What was Melissa doing? Why hadn’t she gone into her room to change out of the pantyhose? If everything Melissa had said was true, wasn’t she taking a big risk that Danielle would find out she was wearing them? She had missed a couple of perfect opportunities to change already. And how coincidental was it that Amber had noticed Danielle looking at her feet a few times since they had walked in? Was Danielle just someone who didn’t like making eye contact? Or was Danielle drawn to the fact that Amber was wearing nylons, just as Melissa had mentioned?

    Amber was drawn out of her inner monologue by the sight of flickering light.

    “Ugh,” said Danielle. “There goes that light again,” she said while pointing to the ceiling light in the middle of the room. Indeed, the light was flickering on and off repeatedly, effectively transforming itself into a modified strobe light.

    “What’s wrong with it?” asked Amber, shielding her eyes from the constant flickering.

    “For some reason,” Melissa explained, “the socket just eats through light bulbs,” she continued as she got up and went to the closet to fetch a new light bulb. “So, we have to change it like every two weeks.”

    “The school should really fix it,” added Danielle, “but no one has done anything about it yet.” She got up from the couch as Melissa approached the couch with a new light bulb. “Fortunately, Melissa is our handy-dandy light-bulb-changer, so we don’t have to sit in the dark.”

    Melissa carefully balanced herself on the couch, holding onto the arm for support as she stood up and reached for the light socket. Amber wondered how Melissa had been chosen as the designated light-bulb-changer, since Danielle definitely had a few inches on Melissa, and it was seemingly a bit of a struggle for Melissa to reach the socket.

    “Almost,” Melissa started, narrating her work. “Just a few more inches…”

    Melissa was concentrating entirely on the light socket at the moment, and thus, she was not privy to the scene unfolding in front of Amber’s eyes. Indeed, the most recent chain of events had produced a result that Amber had been dreading since she walked into the dorm room.

    Since reaching the light socket was not an easy task, Melissa had outstretched her body as much as she could, standing on tip-toes and extending her arms as high as they could go. Extending her arms, though, meant that her shoulders were now two or three inches higher than they were usually. Her shoulders now being two to three inches higher than usual meant that the shirt that she was wearing - which ordinarily only went to her belt loop to begin with - had now risen and no longer extended past her jeans. Her shirt no longer extending past her jeans meant that Melissa’s mid-drift was exposed. Melissa’s mid-drift being exposed meant that the top elastic of her pantyhose was visible for anyone in the room to see. And the top elastic of her pantyhose being visible to anyone in the room meant that what Melissa had stated she most dreaded occurring had just occurred: Danielle noticed she had nylons on.

    There was no debate about it, either. Amber watched as Danielle’s eyes focused on the elastic top, its suntan material contrasting greatly with Melissa’s seasonally pale skin. Amber saw as Danielle’s eyes squinted, carefully analyzing what appeared before her, in order to get a better look. Amber saw when Danielle took a small step or two closer to Melissa’s body under the guise of steadying her friend. Amber thought of saying something to Melissa, but what could she say? If everything was as Melissa had painted it earlier, the damage had been done and there was no coming back from it.

    “Here, hun,” said Danielle to Melissa, her voice drawing Amber out of her trance-like state. “Let me help steady you a bit.”

    But Danielle’s intent was not to steady Melissa at all. Instead, Danielle placed her hands on Melissa’s sides, lightly touching the bottom of Melissa’s ribs on each side, the very last part of bare skin exposed before Melissa’s shirt began. Melissa didn’t stand a chance. Amber knew that before Danielle’s fingers even made contact. A full set of fingers on your sides? On your bare skin? No one was walking away from that without flinching at the very least. And for someone as ticklish as Melissa claimed to be…

    Sure enough, Melissa easily succumbed to the sensation of Danielle’s fingers on her exposed sides, darting her arms down to protect her exposed skin as she almost jumped off the couch, saved only by the fact that Danielle had held onto her sides during her sneak attack.

    “So, here’s an interesting fact about your new friend,” Danielle said to Amber, as she held onto Melissa’s sides while Melissa tried to free herself. “Melissa here is just dreadfully ticklish,” she sang, drawing out the word “dreadfully” for effect. “Isn’t that right, Melissa?”

    But Melissa wasn’t responding, concentrating her entire effort on pulling away from Danielle’s strong grasp. Amber wasn’t saying anything, either. What could she say? And Danielle was certainly doing enough talking for the two of them…

    “Melissa!” announced Danielle in mock amazement as she pretended she had just made a discovery. “Are you wearing pantyhose under your jeans?”

    This question did prompt a response from Danielle, though it wasn’t necessarily an eloquent one! Instead, a steady stream of “no, no, no” poured from Melissa’s mouth as Danielle tugged her down to the couch, eventually managing to have Melissa face-down on the couch with Danielle leaning on the back of Melissa’s calves as Danielle sat on the floor.

    “So, the real trick of the trade,” Danielle lectured to Amber as she worked to pull Melissa’s UGG boots off of her feet. “Is that Melissa in nylons just make poor Melissa here out-of-this-world ticklish,” Danielle said with an evil laugh as she easily pulled Melissa’s UGGs off. Melissa had opted not to put her socks back on over her nylons as they left Katy and Amber’s apartment, and the nylon material provided absolutely no resistance against the fur lining of the UGG boots, easily allowing Danielle to remove Melissa’s one layer of protection.

    “Danielle, no,” begged Melissa, knowing her doom was imminent. “Please don’t do this.”

    “Oh, but I must,” laughed Danielle, who immediately began to ply her craft on Melissa’s vulnerable feet. No other discernible word could be heard coming from Melissa, who instantly went into a chorus on uncontrollable laughter, each stroke of Danielle’s fingers on Melissa’s upturned nyloned soles proving with certainty that Melissa had no exaggerated her ticklishness level: this gal was ticklish.

    Amber watched the scene unfold before her, not sure how she should react - or even if she should react. On the one hand, it was nice to see her tormentor from earlier in the day finally getting her just desserts, as thus far Melissa had managed to tickle the feet of both Amber and Katy without any reprisal. On the other hand, though, Melissa had worried about this happening - had cautioned Amber as to how ruthless a tickler Danielle could be. It was almost pathos-inducing to see Melissa now struggling on the couch, desperately trying to free her trapped feet from Danielle’s attack, her plight sealed only because a light bulb happened to flicker.

    Danielle was indeed a ruthless tickler - certainly if Melissa’s laughter was any indication. No movement was wasted; each swipe of her fingers seemed to product the most ticklish reaction possible out of Melissa.

    Melissa couldn’t even form words, her body so overwhelmed with laughter as Danielle’s fingers explored every inch of the bottom of her feet. Her attempts at pulling her legs free were getting weaker and weaker as her body surrendered to the laughter. Already weakened by the attack on her sides - and having been paranoid in regard to her vulnerability - Melissa had been easy prey. Unable to communicate, all Melissa could do was furiously “tap out” on the couch to signal defeat, holding hope that this would be enough for Danielle to stop.

    “It’s the nylons,” said Danielle without pausing so much to even look at Amber as she continued tickling Melissa. “She just can’t take it.”

    Amber felt for Melissa. Any retribution due her had been paid back, and then some. Amber contemplated what a whirlwind day it must have been for Melissa, imagining Melissa leaving this very room hours earlier to head to their class, that earlier-version of Melissa having no idea what awaited her. It was, indeed, odd how the chips had fallen, Melissa’s earlier decision to tickle Amber’s trapped foot in class leading to Melissa herself wearing pantyhose, leading to Melissa tickling Katy, and leading now to this: Melissa reduced to a giggling mess.

    “You’re wearing nylons,” Danielle said, turning to look at Amber for the first time. “Are you ticklish?”

    Danielle’s words instantly pulled Amber from her thought bubble, the impact of her words crashing onto her like a wave upon the shore. Amber had been so mindful of Melissa’s predicament that she had forgotten her own situation. Just as vulnerable as Melissa - if not moreso as they entered the room - Amber represented another instance of easy prey to Danielle, another victim with the misfortune of wearing nylons in the company of Danielle.

    “Nooo,” said Amber, backing away from Danielle, who had left an exhausted Melissa catching her breath on the couch. Amber’s backpedaling proved her downfall; unfamiliar with the environment, she had backed herself into the proverbial corner and, finding no possible means of escape, resorted to begging. “Yes, I’m ticklish,” she said, “But please don’t”.

    Danielle, of course, had none of it, lunging at Amber with a quick poke-attack on her sides that doubled Amber over, making her easy pickin’s for Danielle to drop her to the ground, Amber now flat on her back with Danielle clutching at her ankles in a modified head-lock.

    “Oh wow,” remarked Danielle once she had finished her handy work. “You’re an easy target,” she laughed. “Look, one of your shoes already flew off,” she said, pointing to Amber’s flat that had indeed flown off her foot in the scuffle.

    “I’m ticklish!” yelled Amber. “I’m ticklish! I’m ticklish!” she repeated. “You don’t have to do this!”

    Danielle laughed at Amber’s desperate pleas. “Oh hun,” she said. “It’s obvious you’re ticklish,” she said, pressing more weight down on Amber’s legs to restrict any movement whatsoever. “What I’m interested in,” she said, pausing for effect, “is HOW ticklish you are,” and with that, she began a full tickle assault on Amber’s helpless feet.

    Amber went berserk. For the third time this day, her feet were under attack - remarkably, by the third different person. This was easily the worst. Melissa’s tickling had been more annoying than anything. Yes, it tickled like mad, but it wasn’t a full tickle attack by any means. Nicki’s attack, while wholly effective, also contained the general good-natured ribbing that the girls had come to expect; though Amber laughed equally as much as she was under Danielle’s attack, she did not fear what was happening. This was different. This was all-tickle.

    “Get a load of this, Melissa,” said Danielle, spidering her fingers all across the defenseless soles of Amber. “She may be just as ticklish as you,” she laughed, hardly able to get her words over the hysterical shrieking laughter of Amber.

    Amber was trying anything, but Danielle was simply too big, too powerful… And any strength Amber may have had was dwindling rapidly, the non-stop laughter draining her already depleted resources. In a last-ditch effort, Amber pulled herself up so that she was now sitting on her butt, and in this position, she was at least able to try to thwart Danielle’s attack, hopelessly reaching over Danielle’s shoulder to try to pull her hands away. Her efforts were futile, though, serving only as an annoyance to Danielle and not a hindrance.

    “Get over here, Melissa,” ordered Danielle, “and hold her down.” Melissa got up from the couch, wiping the leftover tears of laughter from her cheeks, and did as Danielle ordered, bending down on the ground next to Danielle and Amber and gently pushing Amber back on her back. “Hold her down, I said,” commanded Danielle, never once missing a beat in her ticklish attack on Amber’s feet.

    Melissa did as ordered, using her knees to gently pin Amber’s arms out to the side and further prevent any movement from her at all. Amber tried to look at Melissa, tried to make eye contact. She knew she wouldn’t be able to articulate any words in her current condition, but if she could just make eye contact… Maybe Melissa might step in and put a stop to this? It was the only thing Amber could think of, her mind consumed totally otherwise by Danielle’s fingers tickling the bottom of her feet. Try as she might, though, Amber could not make direct eye contact with Melissa, who seemed to be going out of her way to avoid looking Amber in the eye.

    And that was indeed exactly what Melissa was doing. A complex set of emotions and feelings were bouncing into each other within Melissa’s mind, and she wasn’t quite sure what to make of them. On the one hand, she was glad that Danielle had shifted her attention to tickling Amber, and not only because it meant that Melissa was no longer being tickled. No, as much as Melissa had seemingly gone out of her way to avoid being tickled herself, she found she enjoyed the rush of tickling someone else, and Amber - and Katy - seemed to be two of the most ticklish people Melissa had encountered in the school thus far. Beyond that, though, it was merely a minute or so ago that it was Melissa who found herself in Amber’s position, and Amber hadn’t been quick to offer any assistance at that time. So, in that manner, Melissa felt that Amber was getting what she deserved for not helping her. Still, as one supremely ticklish person to another, part of Melissa did feel bad for Amber, and Melissa found it hard to look at Amber - she who had so easily been reduced to laughing like a little school girl - without feeling a degree of pathos.

    Danielle was in seventh heaven, figuring this to be her lucky day. It wasn’t often that you found a college-aged girl in nylons, but to find two in one day? And both seemingly ridiculously ticklish? It wasn’t necessarily that Danielle enjoyed tickling people. To be sure, she did, but it wasn’t the tickling itself that drew Danielle in. Rather, she enjoyed finding weaknesses in others, exploiting those weaknesses whenever she could. Afraid of the dark? Danielle was the friend who would turn off all of the lights in the room. Scared of clowns? Danielle was the friend who would show you countless pictures of Pennywise the Clown, just to see you jump. Ticklish? Well, clearly Danielle wasn’t above exploiting that weakness, either, so you better make sure you never take your shoes off around her. It was an insatiable craving for Danielle; the more the person shrieked or yelled or laughed, the more she wanted to torment them. Sure, some had labeled Danielle a “mean girl” because of her actions. And yes, those terms did hurt Danielle. She didn’t necessarily feel that she was a mean girl. Just as her victims were powerless to Danielle’s actions, Danielle was powerless against this craving, as if an addiction.

    If anything, it was Danielle who thought that the other girls were the “mean girls”. Long harboring a grudge against the “perfect people” of the world, Danielle had always looked upon herself in somewhat of a negative light. In a world of perfection, she viewed herself as… not. The seeds of jealousy had been planted in middle school and grew out-of-control in high school, Danielle struggling with her inner demons. Danielle wasn’t an outcast by any means. No, she was always included in groups and rarely found herself home on a Friday night. And certainly, she had her own group of friends. But where Danielle - and to her, the rest of the world - viewed the “perfect girls” as the 1As, Danielle viewed herself as the 1B. It wasn’t that she viewed herself in a negative light, necessarily; it was just that she always felt like she was just not “enough”, whatever the “enough” might be describing. People seemed to prefer the blondes; Danielle’s hair was a dark brown. People always seemed to prefer the shorter girls; Danielle rarely wore heels because of her height. People always seemed to prefer the girls with the cheerleader body; Danielle had more of a softball or volleyball player physique. People always seemed to prefer either the girl who played the ditz or the A-student who over-achieved; Danielle was always a solid B student. Runner-up to Student Council President… Co-captain of the softball team… Clothes always seemed to fit the “perfect people” better; try as she might, Danielle could never look like the model in the catalog or the mannequin in the store. The list could go on and on. Whatever it was, Danielle felt she was just never quite good enough - at least not compared to the “perfect people”.

    Thus, Danielle didn’t mind cutting down a “perfect person” a ring or two whenever she could. Turning the lights off? “Ooops.” Like my new clown picture? “Sorry.” Oh, did that tickle? “My bad.” They were always ticklish. Their initial reactions may have differed, but the end result was always the same. Sure, some adamantly denied being ticklish at all… Some claimed they were “startled” and that was why they jumped… Some stared at her like a deer in headlights, knowing they were trapped… And some spilled their guts, begging for mercy while claiming to be the most ticklish person in existence. Those were the ones Danielle enjoyed the most. ‘Yes,’ she’d think to herself. ‘Tell me your weakness.’ Of course, they’d all almost always be barefoot, their weakness completely vulnerable to exploitation. Sure, if it were the summer months, some might still have their flip flops or sandals on, but those were easily removed, of course…

    But it was when they were in nylons when Danielle found it the easiest. In fact, the most difficult variable with nylons was simply finding a “perfect person” wearing them. Parties had proven to be the most fertile grounds for Danielle; it was almost too easy. An entire room of “perfect people”, all gathered into one spot. Each would be dressed to their “most perfect”, a short skirt or a flirty dress, generally coupled with pantyhose and the tallest pair of high heels the girl could find. Inevitably, as the party wore on, each perfect person would begin slipping out of her heels, her feet aching from walking around in 6” heels. Inevitably, they’d have to put their feet up, just for a quick rest. Maybe they stretched their legs out on the couch… Maybe they put their feet up on a chair… Somehow, at some point, their feet would be wide open for a random passerby to sneak in a tickle.

    It was a skill Danielle had almost perfected. She could sneak in a quick tickle so innocently, the person wouldn’t even give it a second thought. Sometimes, they wouldn’t even know they were being tickled. Sure, it would tickle them, but they would chalk it up to something just brushing up against their foot. But without fail, Danielle’s “accidental” tickle would always make the perfect person jump, and she’d pull her foot away from the tickler as quickly as she could. Danielle would always apologize: “Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry.” And then she’d wait… Wait for the “perfect person” to say it… “Oh, it’s OK; I’m just very ticklish.” Or maybe, “It’s not your fault. My feet are just really ticklish.” One time, one “perfect person” had even blamed the nylons; “Oh sweetie, it’s not your fault,” she had said. “It’s the nylons. Anything that even so much as touches my feet when I have nylons on is super ticklish.” Danielle would always laugh with them, offering a “You poor thing” or some other platitude in the process, before walking away, filing another “perfect person’s” weakness away in her mental Rolodex.

    Danielle didn’t really know Amber, but she sure looked like a “perfect person”, and thus, in Danielle’s mind, she was ripe for this tickle attack.

    Amidst her incessant laughter, Amber cursed herself for even being in this situation. She had gone against her better judgment multiple times - in walking into the dorm room, in staying in the dorm room… - and now she was paying the price. As she had surmised earlier, as much as she enjoyed teasing Katy by wearing nylons and possibly placing herself in vulnerable positions, her choices also left her vulnerable to others. She had started her day this morning looking at herself in the mirror, pleased with the outfit she had chosen and hoping it would send a message to Katy. Instead, she was now under tickle attack for the third time that day.

    In the moment, Amber hated how ticklish she was, hated that she had literally no defense against Danielle’s tickling fingers right now. No spot on her foot was safe. It wasn’t as if she had a “dead zone” or a spot that was immune to tickling. And it wasn’t as if she got used to it over time; if anything, each finger swipe tickled more than the last, as Danielle both uncovered especially ticklish spots and Amber grew weaker and weaker from laughing. What Amber wouldn’t do even for just a brief respite!

    “These nylons are just torture, aren’t they?” asked Danielle of Amber, though both girls knew Amber had no way of answering that question. And certainly, it was obvious to every girl in the room that the nylons were indeed torture for the ticklish. “You think men have any idea how much these things tickle?” laughed Danielle, amusing herself with her own soliloquy. “Can you imagine if men had to wear these things?”

    But Amber couldn’t respond, her body so deep in silent laughter that she thought for sure she would pass out from lack of oxygen. Realizing she was talking to herself, Danielle turned to see Amber, her face beet-red, and realized that the poor girl needed a break. Careful to maintain her grip on Amber’s legs and ankles, Danielle eased up on the tickling, eventually slowing to a complete stop as Amber caught her breath.

    “I’ll simply never understand why ticklish people wear nylons,” Danielle said, utilizing her best southern drawl voice.

    “Please,” begged Amber, barely even able to form that word as she struggled to regain her breath.

    “Aren’t you ticklish enough?” asked Danielle, ignoring Amber’s pleas. “Put these things on you and I bet I could get you to give me your debit card pin number,” she said, laughing and enjoying the power.

    “Oh my God, please stop,” pleaded Amber again. “It’s so ticklish,” she said, stating the obvious.

    “I imagine it is,” said Danielle smartly. “Do you ever walk on these feet? They’re so soft. Almost like they’re perfect,” said Danielle, emphasizing the word “perfect” for her own benefit.

    “Please,” said Amber a third time. “I can’t take any more. Not on my feet.”

    “Hmmm,” said Danielle, pretending to be in deep thought. “What about her armpits, Melissa?” Danielle asked. “How ticklish are her armpits?”

    Neither Melissa nor Amber were expecting that question. “Uh,” said Melissa, adjusting her weight as Amber again tried to free her trapped arms. “I don’t know.”

    “What?” asked Danielle, almost in a shout, clearly not expecting to hear that response from Melissa. “What do you mean you weren’t tickling her armpits?”

    “I was just holding,” began Melissa, though she was cut off immediately by Danielle.

    “Tickle her!” Danielle ordered. Seeing that Melissa wasn’t tickling Amber’s armpits right away, Danielle readjusted her body so that now her legs held down Amber’s legs in a scissor lock and Danielle could reach further up, allowing her to clamp one hand around Melissa’s ankle that protruded out from behind her as she sat on her knees. “Tickle her or this,” said Danielle, as she began slowly dragging one fingernail up and down the bottom of Melissa’s upturned nyloned sole.

    The ticklish sensation almost caused Melissa to jump off Amber entirely. “Nooo!” Melissa shrieked. “Danielle ha ha no! I ha ha I can’t tickle her haha I can’t tickle her if you’re tickling meee hahahaha” she pushed out.

    “Tickle her,” I said. Amber looked up at Melissa, unsure of how she should feel. Clearly, she was happy that the tickling was no longer focused on her, and despite Danielle’s orders, Melissa was clearly too ticklish to concentrate on tickling Amber while she herself was being tickled. But Amber watched as Melissa swayed and squirmed above her, watched as she struggled to overcome the ticklish sensation on her foot, knowing full well that if it wasn’t Melissa being tickled, it was Amber.

    “Danielle!” begged Melissa. “The nylons haha! I can’t hahaha”

    “Oh geez,” said Danielle in frustration. “You girls and your nylons,” she said, adding a second finger to the attack on Melissa’s trapped sole. “Tickle her or it’s you.”

    Melissa lunged forward at the introduction of the second finger, her head falling next to Amber’s head, her hair even tickling Amber’s neck as it brushed against it. Amber listened as Melissa giggled softly in her ear, not even realizing what she was doing, until Amber started hysterically laughing again herself, the index fingers of each of Melissa’s hands having somehow found their way into Amber’s armpits.

    “No!” shrieked Amber, falling into a steady laughter. “A ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!” she laughed, amazed at how deftly Melissa was able to tickle her while Melissa herself was still being tickled. Melissa’s fingers swirled in Amber’s under arm, Amber unable to defend it in any way with Melissa’s knees resting on Amber’s arms, keeping them stretched out away from her body.

    “Another ticklish spot?” asked Danielle, releasing her grip on Melissa’s foot so Melissa could focus entirely on tickling Amber. “Or are you ticklish… everywhere?” she asked, smiling as Amber nodded her head in agreement to the question. “Oh, this’ll be fun,” said Danielle as she again began spidering her fingers along Amber’s trapped foot.

    “Nooo!” yelled Amber over her laughter. “Not both at the same time!” Foolishly, Amber hadn’t been ready for Danielle’s renewed attack, thinking maybe - just maybe - Danielle might show some sympathy as Melissa worked over her armpits. Sympathy was in short supply, though, and Amber was helpless to do anything but tilt her head back and laugh.

    Now not having to deal with Danielle tickling her foot, Melissa was free to focus her concentration on Amber. Considering it was a long sleeve shirt, Amber’s shirt was almost tailor-made for an armpit tickle attack, its stretchy material clinging to Amber’s body, allowing Melissa to get deep into the hollows of Amber’s armpits even over the material, the soft, smooth material of the fabric providing little to no resistance to Melissa’s probing fingers.

    “I’m actually curious,” said Danielle, almost needing to shout to be audible over Amber’s hysterical laughter. “I wonder who’s more ticklish, you Melissa or Amber?” she said with an evil laugh.

    “I’m hoping you think her,” said Melissa, hoping that showing an allegiance with Danielle would prevent any further tickle attack on her tonight.

    “It’s definitely close,” said Danielle, alternating her fingers from an up-and-down spider tickle motion to a swirly circle tickle motion alternately on Amber’s feet. “Amber’s definitely in the Top 5 most ticklish people I’ve ever seen category, though, that’s for sure,” said Danielle without any hyperbole.

    “This is nothing,” laughed Melissa. “You should see her roommate.”

    “Ooooh,” laughed Danielle, relishing the information Melissa was providing. “Is her roommate ticklish, too?” No doubt, a “perfect person” like Amber would be roommates with another “perfect person” and finding out another “perfect person” had a ticklish weakness was like finding gold.

    “Katy?’ laughed Melissa. “Katy’s probably the most ticklish person I’ve ever met in my life,” she said, continuing to tickle Amber’s armpits.

    Danielle stopped tickling abruptly, though Amber’s laughter still filled the room from Melissa’s assault. “Wait, what?” asked Danielle, asking Melissa to repeat herself.

    Melissa stopped tickling Amber, turning her body to face Danielle to see what the confusion was about. “Amber’s roommate Katy,” repeated Melissa. “She’s even more ticklish than Amber.”

    “Amber’s roommate is Katy?” Danielle asked Melissa, who nodded her head, not sure why Danielle needed this information repeated to her over and over. “Now I know why you looked so familiar,” Danielle said to Katy, who was still trying to catch her breath. “I saw you at the movies. THAT Katy is your roommate?”

    “Yeah,” Amber said weakly, both because her body had been through a seemingly unending tickle attack and because she feared where this was going.

    “And she’s more ticklish than you are?” Danielle asked Amber, who coughed as she caught her breath and did not answer, which only prompted Danielle to begin tickling Amber’s trapped foot again. “And she’s more ticklish than you are, I asked” repeated Danielle, stopping her tickling assault as Amber nodded her head up and down as she laughed.

    “Well, well, well,” said Danielle, now deep in thought. “This IS interesting, isn’t it?” she said aloud to no one, Melissa not knowing how to respond and Amber not wanting to. “Seems Lil’ Miss Perfect DOES have a weakness after all, huh?” Danielle pictured Katy in her mind. Katy - the most perfect of the “perfect people”, everything coming so easily to her. Clothes looking great on her. Guys wanting to date her. Professors handing out “A’s” like they were going out of style to her… It almost seemed as though she was exempt from any weakness, Danielle never having been able to unveil one as of yet. But now this news enters the fray…

    Danielle turned to Melissa, seeking more information. “How ticklish did you say Katy was?”

    Still somewhat lost and not seeing the importance of this, Melissa wasn’t sure how to respond, but knew Danielle wanted information. “Katy?” asked repeated, pausing to give herself time to think. “I mean, I don’t know how you want to me qualify it,” she said. “I think she’s definitely more ticklish than Amber, though.”

    “You’ve tickled her?” asked Danielle, somewhat in shock at her relatively random discovery of this information.

    “Well, yeah,” said Melissa. “I saw she had nylons on, so I figured, ‘What the heck?’, and started tickling.” It was mostly the truth, of course, Melissa still not wanting to reveal the real goings-on of the day to Danielle.

    “Katy?” asked Danielle, her jaw almost dropping to the floor. “Katy had nylons on?” she asked.

    “Yeahhhhh,” said Melissa, wanting to ask Danielle why all of this information needed to be repeated but not doing so. “She wears them just about everyday,” Melissa said, looking to Amber for confirmation.

    Danielle turned her attention to Amber, as well. “Katy wears nylons everyday?” she asked Amber, who sat there in silence not wanting to reveal any information about her best friend. Amber’s silence was temporary, though, as upon seeing that Amber wasn’t answering her question, Danielle again began to scribble her fingers along the bottom of Amber’s still-trapped foot.

    “No!” yelled Amber, not wanting to suffer through any more tickling. “Yes, yes,” she said, suddenly spouting a fountain of information. “Katy wears nylons every day.”

    “And she’s more ticklish than you are?” Danielle asked, raising an eyebrow and an index finger, silently threatening what would occur if Amber didn’t answer.

    “I don’t know,” Amber said, quickly changing her story as she saw Danielle’s index finger slowly approaching the bottom of her foot again. “Yes! I mean, yes, she is!” Amber shouted. “Please no more tickling!”

    Amber hated the position she was in. She hated ratting out her best friend. Clearly Danielle had some issues with Katy - Amber knew that from hearing Katy’s side of her story already - and now Amber had been forced to reveal Katy’s weakness to Danielle. Amber knew Katy would hate knowing that Danielle knew she was ticklish. But there was nothing Amber could do… Katy’s weakness was Amber’s, as well, and it was Amber who was having that weakness exploited right now, Danielle using Amber’s ticklishness to get exactly what she wanted out of her. Sure, she could try to fight it, but it was no use. Amber was too ticklish and Danielle too skilled a tickler for Amber to be able to fight it, without even considering that Amber was in nylons herself. No, Danielle had been right earlier; Amber had been so defeated with tickling that she would have even revealed the pin number to her bank account simply to get an end to the tickle attack. As her closest friend, Amber knew all of Katy’s ticklishness, and Danielle knew that it took but one stroke of her finger to get that information from Amber.

    “Ooooo,” sang Danielle, loving everything that Amber was informing her of. “Looks like Lil’ Miss Perfect is hiding two very big secrets, huh?” Amber didn’t respond, which was OK, because Danielle wasn’t expecting her to. “To think…. That perfect facade can come crashing down with something as simple as this,” she said, as she began running one finger up and down Amber’s foot again, causing Amber to fall back into throngs of laughter. “Just as soon as those shoes come off…” Danielle added, suddenly snapping herself out of her own spell as she realized she had been plotting aloud.

    Amber was still laughing as Danielle’s finger slid all over the bottom of her foot. “Please stop tickling,” begged Amber desperately, fearing that this night would never end. Hadn’t Melissa said earlier that Danielle seemed like she wouldn’t stop tickling unless she had to? Were those words coming to fruition now? “I’ve told you everything you want to know,” pleaded Amber. “Please stop tickling.”

    “Oh, but there’s one more thing I need of you,” said Danielle, slowing her tickling only enough to allow Amber to respond to her questions. “I need you to help me get Katy in front of me in nylons without shoes on,” she said with a sly smile.

    “What?” asked Amber, bewildered. Was Danielle really asking her to do this? “No way!” said Amber, her resolve lasting all of two seconds as Danielle began tickling her foot at a more furious pace.

    “Such a shame,” said Danielle, mocking Amber. “If not Katy, then I guess I’ll have to find someone else to tickle,” she said. “Oh look!” she added, feigning surprise. “It looks like I found someone else who is ticklish already!” she said, clearly speaking of Amber.

    “Please!” begged Amber as loud as she could over her laughter. “I’m going to pee my pants,” she admitted, both because it was the truth and because she hoped that Danielle wouldn’t want to have to deal with that mess.

    “Ooooo,” laughed Danielle. “Wouldn’t the girls in the sorority love to hear about that?” Danielle asked, pausing her tickling to reach into her pocket and pull out her cell phone.

    “You wouldn’t!” shouted Amber, fully believing that Danielle would, indeed, make Amber pee her pants.

    “You don’t think the girls over at Alpha Kappa Alpha would love to know how ticklish you are?” Danielle asked, getting her camera into video mode. It was no secret that both Amber and Katy wanted to enter the sorority, and Amber knew what it would likely mean to her if the girls found out she was this ticklish. “Aren’t nylons part of their dress code, too?” she asked.

    “This is crazy,” shouted Amber, shaking her head in disbelief. “All I have to do is go to administration…” but she was cut off.

    “And tell them what?” Danielle asked. “That someone tickled you? One of two things would happen. Either you’d be laughed out of the office, or they might believe you… But then you’d have to file a report saying how much it tickled and admitting you’re ticklish… And wouldn’t that be public record then?”

    Amber hated this. Danielle was right. Amber was in a lose-lose situation. What were her options? Help set up her best friend so Danielle could tickle her instead? No, Amber couldn’t bring herself to that. Continue getting tickled by Danielle? Amber knew she couldn’t handle that, either. Surely, she was very close to peeing herself, her body having been tickled well past the point of control in total today… And then one way or another, Amber’s ticklishness would be public record, either in the form of the report she’d file or the video that Danielle was sure to spread.

    “Fine,” said Danielle, turning her back to Amber and getting in position to tickle once again. “I didn’t want it to come to this, but…” she said, her voice trailing off as she reached for something on the coffee table, something out of Amber’s sight.

    “Danielle, no,” cautioned Melissa, breaking her silence. “Not that…” she said, as Amber twisted and turned her neck to try to catch a glimpse of what was about to happen.

    She felt Danielle grab a hold of the toes on her left foot and bend them back, even the act of touching Amber’s toes tickling her and causing her to jump. With Amber’s toes pulled back and the bottom of her foot as taut and wrinkle-free as possible, Danielle moved her right hand in and started…

    “HOLY SHIT!” yelled Amber, nearly jumping out of her skin as whatever Danielle had in her hand made contact with her foot. Amber fell into silent laughter in mere seconds, unable to even comprehend what could possibly be so ticklish. Amber had been tickled by a lot of things. Fingers, of course… Feathers today, thanks to Melissa… Whatever this was, though, was without a doubt the most ticklish sensation Amber had ever registered, it producing a tickle so strong that Amber legitimately feared for her well-being, not knowing how much of this she could take. “A HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA” bellowed Amber, once she was able to get out of silent laughter. “A HA HA I HA HA I HA HA I GIVE HA HA HA I GIVE!!!” conceded Amber as soon as she was able to formulate the words. It had taken all of maybe ten seconds for Amber to give in to Danielle’s demands, but truth be told, had she been able to talk at all, she’dve given up in less than two seconds, so ticklish was that feeling.

    “I thought you’d see it my way,” said Danielle, tossing the torturous tickling instrument behind her, Amber finally able to catch a glimpse of what had caused such an insanely ticklish sensation.

    “A hair brush?” asked Amber in disbelief. “Who tickles someone with a hair brush?”

    “Effective, though, wasn’t it?” asked Danielle. “Now listen up, or else I’m going to have to start tickling again…”

    “No, please!” shouted Amber. “I can’t take anymore tickling. I’ll do whatever you need.”

    “Good,” said Danielle. “The only thing I need from you is to make sure Katy and I are together somewhere when she has nylons on,” began Danielle. “And since you said she wears nylons every day, that shouldn’t be too hard,” Danielle went on.

    “That’s it?” asked Amber, somewhat in disbelief that that was “all” she had to do. Not that setting her best friend up wasn’t something to gloss over, but Katy wore nylons everyday; this could have happened randomly.

    “Well, no,” continued Danielle. “It has to be somewhere where she’s likely to take her shoes off,” said Danielle, “and somewhere she’d be vulnerable to getting tickled.”

    “Like where?” asked Amber. “And how?”

    “That’s what you have to figure out,” said Danielle. “She’s always walking around in those heels of her,” suggested Danielle. “She must want to get out of them at some point. Use your imagination,” said Danielle.

    “I can’t believe this…” said Amber.

    “And the most important thing,” said Danielle… “You can’t let her know that I know any of this. You either,” she said, motioning to Melissa. “She has to be caught off-guard.”

    “Fine,” said Amber reluctantly, ashamed of herself for being weak and going along with this scheme.

    “And just in case you have any ideas of telling her,” said Danielle, repositioning her cell phone again, its white light now shining on Amber just in time to capture Amber almost jumping out of her skin once again, the fingers of Danielle’s free hand tickling away one final time on Amber’s foot.

    “NO!” laughed Amber, caught off guard once again. “No more tickling!” she said through laughter.

    “Awww,” said Danielle into the video. “Are Amber’s feet ticklish?” she asked loud enough for it to be recorded on the video.

    “YES!” shouted Amber. “Please stop tickling! I can’t take it!” she pleaded, her body and her mind completely broken by Danielle’s tickle attack.

    “And cut!” said Danielle in her best director voice, putting an end to Amber’s tickling and getting up and walking away as if nothing happened. “Now don’t disappoint me, girls…”
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    Fun and exciting as always.

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    Wow, fantastic stuff. I would agree that this is one of your best chapters so far and that is against a pretty high bar. Danielle is a fabulous nemesis for Katy and I really liked the way you explained her motivation rather than just making her a generic bully character.

    As always, the inner monologue descriptions for the characters really added depth to the story and it was a hugely enjoyable change of pace to see Amber subjected to an interrogation scene and it leaves us with a fantastic cliffhanger. Can't wait to see how Katy's potential entrapment unfolds!

    Another great chapter. Bravo, sir.

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    Dang this episode is dark. I feel bad for what may happen to Katy. Wonder is Amber and Melissa will still be friends after this.

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    Destroyed Amber: o
    It's time for Katy ...

    A real masterpiece! I bow to your feet!

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    Hey everyone,

    Thanks as always for such wonderful feedback! I'm working on Episode 15 as we speak, but it may require an extra week to get it out. Having a tough time topping this one, though now that the story has two storylines going (Danielle vs Katy & The Bet), the possibilities have greatly expanded!

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    Sounds fun. And the sorority aspect can really up the intensity

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