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    Temple of the Torture Goddess — Part 16 (m/f — tickling; wrestling; mild sexual)

    Hello good people of the TMF

    Our torrid tale continues with Part 16, which picks up shortly after Part 15 ends. At the end of Part 15, our narrator has overcome the orgasm preventing properties of the Nectar of Rhiannon, but right before he succumbs to exhaustion, the demanding Mistress Foxy doses him with another, different potion…

    In addition to lots of tickling, Part 16 contains wresting and some sexual elements. I think the sexual stuff is pretty mild and softcore (as I’ve said before, I can’t do “graphic”), but I suppose that’s in the mind of the reader.

    An image I commissioned follows this installment.

    Once again, many “thank you’s” are due to everyone who has read, commented, or sent me a message. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate even the simplest “nice one!”.

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    Now, let’s get on with it…

    Temple of the Torture Goddess — Part 16

    Temple of the Torture Goddess — Part 16

    There was no groggy climb out of unconsciousness when next I came to. My eyes popped open with a start, fully awake. I was still naked but unbound, lying on a pile of soft cushions in a small, dimly lit room. The carpet, cushions, and walls were all different shades of dark red, or at least that’s what it looked like to me in the low light. Someone was gently running a soft towel over my skin, patting and rubbing as if drying me off.

    I raised my head to see it was Jinx. She blinked at me as if surprised. “Oh, you’re awake,” she said. “We just finished your sponge bath.” Ruby was there, too, kneeling next to me.

    “Where am I?” I said.

    “You’re in our mistress’s chambers,” said Jinx. She saw my confused look and stroked my cheek. “Mistress Vonda will explain. For now, lay back. We’ll take you to her once you’ve recovered.”

    I rose up on my elbows. “I feel fine,” I said. “You can take me to her now.”

    Ruby leaned over me. “Shhh… here, eat,” she popped a morsel into my mouth and ran a soothing hand over my chest. Jinx held my head up, pressing a goblet to my lips. I gladly accepted the food, the drink, the caresses. But to my mystification, I really did feel fine. After the ordeal I had gone through, I should have been a rung out, trembling mess, foggy-headed and dizzy, with limbs like limp noodles. Instead, I felt fully alert, vigorous, with a powerful appetite… and not just for the delicious treats Ruby and Jinx were plying me with. The two girls wore green, silky harem outfits; their tops were wispy triangles barely held on by fine strings adorned with tiny silver sprinkles that glittered in the dim light. A similarly glittering cord rested low on their hips, two sashes hanging down in the front and back.

    My eyes were full of bellies, hips, thighs… When Jinx leaned over me again, I reached up, taking hold of a heavy, full breast and giving it a squeeze. Jinx squeaked and jumped back, swotting my hand away. “Stop that,” she said, smiling. “You know you’re not allowed to touch us without our mistress’ permission.”

    On the other side of me, Ruby chuckled. “Calm down there,” she said gently, running her fingers through my hair. “You must still be all addled. Let us… YEEEKK!!!”

    I grabbed Ruby around the waist and pulled her on top of me, burying my face in her neck. My hands clutched her big buns, squeezing while I feasted on her neck. Ruby squealed, wriggling furiously, hands flailing, legs kicking as she tried to escape my grasp. “Help! Helpp…! Eee-heeheehee…!”

    Jinx managed to pry her out of my clutches, earning herself a few ticklish pokes and pinches in the process. “What’s gotten into you?” Jinx said.

    “I guess you’re recovered,” Ruby said, gasping. “Maybe we should tell Mistress Vonda.”

    I propped myself up on the large pillow behind me. “There’s no need to hurry,” I said.

    “I’ll let her know he’s ready,” Ruby said. “You watch him.” She slipped out of the room.

    Ruby was gone only a short while, but by the time she returned I had hauled Jinx on top of me, my hands roving all over her jiggling, wiggling body as she giggled hysterically. An intense jolt of ticklish pleasure on the bottom of my foot made me scream. My body jerked, forcing me to let go of Jinx. Ruby held a wand out in front of her. “Don’t make me use this again,” she said.

    “Okay,” I gasped. “I’ll behave. I promise.”

    Jinx, breathing heavily, stood up. One plump breast and popped out during our tussle; she put it back in her top and smoothed her hair. “Wait a sec,” she said, taking the wand from Ruby. She gave one of my toes a quick tap, smiling at the way I flinched and yelped. “Keep your hands to yourself,” she said. “Okay, let’s go…”

    The short hallway they led me down ended in a pair of double doors. I followed the two girls in to a large, dimly lit room with a high ceiling. The walls seemed to curve, as if the room was round. Through the big open windows I saw it was night outside; a light warm breeze made the gauze curtains flutter and wave. Rich, thick carpets covered the floors, along with sumptuous cushions. The curtains, the carpets, the pillows, were all in different shades of purple, violet, red and rose, along with a few accents of gold and silver. In the dim light, with the edges and ceiling lost in shadow, the chamber seemed both spacious and intimate. On the far side of the room, partially hidden in shadow, I saw a gargantuan round bed that could have comfortably fit half-a-dozen people.

    Vonda stood in the center of the room. She wore a flimsy, silky robe of pale pink. It fell to mid-thigh, and was held closed by a delicate sash. “Why hello,” said Vonda. “I was surprised to hear you had recovered so quickly.”

    “Careful, Mistress,” Ruby said. “He’s quite… feisty.”

    Vonda thanked the girls and dismissed them; I heard the doors close behind me. “You are quite something,” she chuckled. “You came while under the influence of the Nectar of Rhianna. It’s not unheard of, but it’s very rare. That was Mistress Foxy’s own special treat, by the way. We didn’t know she was going to do that.”

    “Is she in trouble?”

    “Well, Tanya’s not exactly pleased, but… She wondered if the Nectar of Rhianna was really necessary, and Mistress Foxy explained that she thought it was is your case, though it obviously didn’t do much good. The fact that you were able to climax under its influence certainly made an impression on the High Priestess. If she thought that Foxy was exaggerating your sensitivity, she doesn’t think that now.”

    “Maybe it’s not all me, Mistress,” I said. “My tormentors were quite skilled.”

    “I know they are. But even without the Nectar of Rhianna, they should have been able to keep you on edge for as long as they wanted. Perhaps knowing you were under the influence made Angulo and Camille too bold. Were you able to see much of their punishment?”

    “Not really.”

    “Angulo made it through all seven strokes before submitting. Camille passed out after five. She’ll have to receive two more when she wakes.”

    “Oh… that’s too bad. Angulo was the one who climbed on top of me.”

    Vonda laughed. “I actually believe you really feel bad for Camille” she said, her voice good-natured. “Well, any where else that kind of sympathy would speak well of you. But don’t waste too much of your kindness on Camille; she’ll be okay.” She stroked my cheek and I shivered a little at her touch.

    “And what about me, Mistress?” I said. “Is my punishment to continue?”

    “Yes, in a manner of speaking,” she said. “You’re probably wondering why you’ve been brought to my chambers.”

    I was, of course, but a far bigger portion of my curiosity was focused on what was happening to me. After what I had just gone through I should still be recovering under the tender ministrations of Jinx and Ruby. I should have been weak, blurry, my nerves shattered and my limbs barely able to move. Instead, I felt incredibly strong, as if some power was coursing through me. My senses were clear and sharp, my body possessed of exceptional vigor. Even the potent lust I felt for Vonda as she stood in front of me was different. There was something aggressive about it. The urge to reach out and have my way with her — like I had with Ruby and Jinx — was almost overwhelming, subsuming the usual awe I held for her, the awe that left me feeling helpless in her presence. Her height, her strength, her status over me as a High Priestess and what might happen to me if I acted on my desires… none of that seemed to hold much fear for me anymore.

    “Yes Mistress,” I replied. “I’m very curious.”

    “After you came, I was able to convince High Priestess Tanya to hand you over to me,” she said, smiling. “I told them you needed special treatment, and that my more… subtle methods would be more than sufficient to return you to Foxy as a chastened and obedient slave-apprentice.”

    “But… what about Foxy? I can’t believe she’d agree to that.”

    “Yes, she argued against it. She’s not happy, to tell you the truth. But as High Priestess, my desires take precedent over hers. Foxy is far too devoted to our order to openly defy any of her superiors.”

    “She’ll probably take it out on me.”

    “Perhaps, though Foxy is rarely governed by emotion. You’ll just have to be extra obedient with her.” Vonda giggled. “Don’t be so worried. That’s later. For now, isn’t it better to be here with me?”

    “Why have you singled me out like this, Mistress?” I said. “Not just now. Since you first saw me. Why me?”

    Vonda’s look was smoldering. “Isn’t it obvious?” she said, her voice low. “I like you. And you like me. I can tell. We’re not so different, you and I. Our natures are similar. That’s why I am able to read you so well.”

    “You ‘like’ me?” I said. “Then why did you let them punish me like that?”

    “I told you, a priestess can’t be seen to favor a particular slave-apprentice too much,” she said. “Besides, I had no intention of allowing them to keep you for your full sentence.”

    “And exactly how were you going to get me out of there?”

    Her lips curled in a small smile, and she appeared to think for a moment. Then: “There are a handful of girls in the Temple who are devoted to me,” she said. “One was instructed to show you mercy. It didn’t go according to plan — this actually turned out better — but if Angulo hadn’t done it, someone else would have.”



    “Camille?! But the punishment was seven lashes with the pleasure whip! She wouldn’t willingly accept that…”

    “But she did. She knew the consequences, and accepted without a single qualm. Don’t worry about her — she’ll be amply compensated for her suffering…”

    “How many of these ‘devotees’ do you have? Do the other priestesses have them?”

    “The answer to your second question is ‘probably.’ The answer to your first is ‘not many.’ But I want you to be one of them.”

    “Your slave? Your pet? Like Jinx and Ruby?”

    “No no no,” she purred, giving my cheek another soothing caress. “Not like that. As I said, I like you. I really do. But I also need you. I need you as you are, not as a slave. But I must be sure of your utter devotion to me.”

    I was very skeptical. “And what if I tell you you already have my ‘utter devotion’?”

    Vonda chuckled. Her tone of voice was sweet, kind, and she ran her hands lovingly through my hair, down my cheek, across my shoulders. “You don’t understand now, but you will. As far as your ‘utter devotion’ goes… I know you are besotted with me. Even now, I’ve left you untied, but you’re as helpless before me as if I had you bound spread-eagled to the rack. But you are not yet where I need you to be…”

    Vonda’s talk of needing me and being rewarded… it all sounded like tricks to me, like one more way of keeping me under her power. And I was surprised to realize I thought that, because I was entranced with Vonda — ever since I had first seen her, I had felt this overwhelming desire to submit to her. Part lust, part intimidation, part awe, it was a feeling both thrilling and terrifying at the same. But now, the submissive part of me was gone, and all I felt was lust, an aggressive, hungry lust that seemed to grow stronger and stronger.

    She turned from me and walked towards the bed. “Come,” she said, beckoning with one finger as she walked away. Gracefully, she slipped one shoulder and then the other out of her light, silky robe, letting the garment fall to her waist. The muscles on her smooth back were barely perceptible, but seem to roll as she walked. I could see the curve of her breasts from behind. She reached in front of her to undo the sash of her robe…

    This feeling welled up inside me, spilling over, and suddenly I was rushing across the room, crashing into her back. She cried out in surprise. My momentum carried us to the bed. She fell face down on to the mattress.

    Oooff!… What the…?”She roared as I jumped on top of her, straddling her waist. "Oh my gawdess!" Vonda yelled, trying to rise up. “What the hell are you doing?! Get off me!

    I pressed my hands in between her shoulder blades, pushing her back down. She shouted and threatened, but with my full weight on her back the statuesque beauty was trapped. Though she was certainly taller and stronger than me, and probably a better wrestler, my surprise attack had worked. She rocked back and forth beneath me, her arms flailing as she tried to reach me where I straddled her waist.

    “Get off me now!” she shouted. “You’ll be… WAHAHAHAAA!” Fingers flying, I ran my hands up and down her ribs. Her huge breasts swelled out from the side as she lay atop them. These proved a target too tempting to resist; I danced my fingers up and down the fleshy curves, adding a few ticklish pokes, sending her into a cackling fit. She thrashed underneath me, frantically trying to strike me with her arms.

    “Get off meee-hee-hee-hee! Yyeee-hee-hee-hee!

    From the knees down her shapely legs pounded the mattress. I dug my hands into her underarms and tickled without mercy. She screamed and brought her arms tight to her sides, trapping my hands. But I could still wriggle my fingers, and tickled her harder. She bucked and struggled as much as she could, almost knocking me off balance.

    Then, with what must have been quite an effort on her part, considering how hard she was laughing, she managed to grab my right wrist. Her grip was strong, but I still had the advantage, pulling her arm up behind her back. I yanked my other hand out of her underarm and delivered a healthy slap to her round curvy butt. This took her completely by surprise. She yelped and let go, and it was my turn to grab a hold of her wrist and hold it behind her back. Vonda could immediately sense what I was up to, and fought me, but after a short struggle I had both Vonda’s wrists clasped at the small of her back and was quickly looping the silk sash of her robe around them.

    “Don’t you dare!” she screamed. “Oh, you’ll be punished for this! We’ll torture you until… YAAA-HAA-HAA-HAA!”

    With one hand I went to work on her sides again, rapidly tickling her ribs, grabbing a handful of yielding breast flesh whenever I could. I made sure she was laughing pretty hard before I quickly finished tying her wrists together.

    Ahhh! You… Gaaahaaahaaah!!!!” She whipped her head back and forth, her mane of thick black hair already a tangled mess, her legs kicking helplessly. Gales of full, hearty laughter burst out of her. “Yaaahaaahaaa! Get off mee-heeeheee!…”

    Over Vonda’s wild laughter, I heard the door crash open behind me. There was a cry of surprise. “Mistress!”

    Jinx and Ruby were rushing across the room towards me, Jinx wielding the wand she had used on me earlier. In moments they were upon me. I was still on the bed, straddling their mistress, when Jinx struck me on my side.

    An intense, ticklish jolt shot through me. I cried out, my body spasming uncontrollably. On instinct I lurched to the side, tumbling off the bed and onto the floor. Luckily, my fall had taken me out of Jinx’s range, giving me a few moments respite. The effects of the tickle wand were already over, leaving me with just a faint tingling. I was back on my feet, facing Jinx as she moved toward me, her weapon at the ready.

    While I faced Jinx, Ruby bounded across the giant bed and attacked from behind, slipping her arms under mine and lifting them up above my head. “Get him again!” she shouted, pressed up against me. “Turn it full!”

    Jinx adjusted the control. I took one step forward, bent almost double, and with a strength I didn’t know I possessed, flipped Ruby over my head. Crying out in surprise, she crashed into her companion. They both fell to the floor in a tangle of limbs, the wand spinning through the air as it was knocked out of Jinx’s grip. I snatched it up where it fell.

    Jinx sprawled on the floor, dazed and groaning. She blinked up at me, eyes going wide as I came into focus above her. She had time to raise one hand, scream out a “no” before I pressed the wand between her legs.

    “YIIIIEEEEE!!!!!” Her body bucked wildly, jumping and dancing on the floor like a puppet before she went limp and collapsed into unconsciousness. Her head lolled to the side, eyes closed, even as her limbs continued to give little jerks and twitches.

    Ruby was already on her feet, bolting towards the door. I caught her around the waist as she tried to run past. Wrapping my arms around her, I pulled her into a “hug,” her back pressed to my front, and tickled her belly, sides, ribs. She shrieked and wriggled in my grasp, legs flailing, hands pulling at the arms that enfolded her. Overcome with laughter, Ruby’s legs buckled and I let her fall to the carpet on her knees. Her flimsy bikini top snapped off with a single tug. I pushed her down onto her belly, straddled her butt. After a few quick, ticklish pokes to her waist for distraction, I caught both Ruby’s wrists and started binding them together behind her back with the bikini top. It was much like I had done with Vonda, though Ruby wasn’t nearly as strong or as big as her mistress.

    I can tie a knot pretty quickly when I need to, but now I was working with a speed and precision I had never had before. Despite Ruby’s struggles, it was only a matter of moments before I had her wrists bound, and I was stripping her and using one of the silky sashes on her outfit to rapidly tie her ankles together.

    The kick seemed to come out of nowhere, a powerful blow that caught me in the stomach as I was crouched over Ruby, knocking the breath out of me, sending me spinning off the bound slave girl. Gasping, I rose to my hands and knees. Vonda loomed over me, naked, wrists still bound behind her. Before I could get up she planted her foot on my side and pushed. I toppled over, crashing to the floor on my back. The statuesque beauty strode over… and just as I pulled my arms in, preparing to stand up, she struck. She put one leg on either side of me and dropped to her knees. “Oooof!” The wind was knocked out of me again as she straddled my stomach. My arms were pinned to my sides by her strong thighs. I saw her grinning down at me between her massive breasts.

    “Surprised? I’m very resourceful,” she laughed. “But what’s gotten into you? Have you gone crazy…?”

    I only grunted in reply, struggling fiercely as I tried to buck her off me. “We’ll see if this doesn’t take some of the fight out of you…” Vonda said, leaning over me, her gigantic boobs hanging on either side of my head. She shook her shoulders, making her tits swing back and forth, crashing into the side of my head. She was trying to batter me into submission!

    Ooof! Ahh!” Buffeted ceaselessly by those soft, heavy pillows, I fought to keep my senses about me. Vonda laughed at my futile and increasingly desperate attempts to tug my arms free.

    I craned my neck upward, pressing my face even further into the soft canyon of her cleavage. My lips unleashed a hurricane of raspberries into her succulent skin.

    “Yawwkk!” Caught by surprise, Vonda instinctively jerked upright to escape the tickly sensations. The movement rocked her backwards for just the briefest moment, just a fraction of an inch, but just enough for me to free one arm from where it had been pinned by her thigh. I tugged it loose and attacked, tickling her waist, her hip, her thigh. Giggling, Vonda frantically twisted her torso back and forth, trying to avoid my fingers. Her hair flew all around, her breasts slapped against each other. In her struggles, she leaned just a little too far to one side. I heaved underneath her, shoved her, and she lost her balance, tumbling off to the side.

    Finally free, I rolled away. She was already on her feet, launching a well-placed kick that I barely dodged as I stood up. Before she could get in another, I rushed her, knocking Vonda backward onto the enormous bed behind her. She shoved me away with her foot and tried to scoot backwards across the bed. Recovering, I grabbed her ankle and dropped to my knees at the foot of the bed. While one hand tried to hold her ankle steady, my free hand fumbled at the base of bed, searching for what I hoped I knew was there. Vonda kicked and screamed the whole while, aiming powerful strikes at me with her leg, trying to inch away on her elbows. My grasp on her ankle slipped, weakened by her violent attempts to yank it free. At last, I found what I was looking for — a long, silver cord attached to the base of the bed, with a padded cuff on the other end.

    Vonda screeched as I locked it around her ankle. “No! Don’t you DARE…!!!”

    This time, I found the second restraint before I tried to catch Vonda’s leg. She kicked at me, cursing, protesting, fighting me with all her strength. I tickled the bottom of her foot a few times, trying to distract her, but even though she’d laugh or shriek, it only seemed to make her fight harder. I finally threw my full weight on her leg, holding it in place as I slipped the second cuff around her ankle.

    Just as the lock clicked, I caught movement out of the corner of my eye. Ruby, still bound hand and foot, was hopping across the floor towards the doorway. She grunted with the effort, her big breasts bouncing with every hop. I jumped off the bed. Ruby screamed as she saw me rushing towards her. “Guards! Guards! Help… yaahaahaahaa!…” I dug my fingers into her ribs, quickly tickling her to the floor. I wasn’t really worried about any guards hearing her — the guards to the High Priestesses chambers were far away, with many doors, rooms, lengthy hallways and stairs in between — but I shut the doors anyway, and then yanked a couple sashes off the many curtains in the room. One of these I used to hogtie Ruby; the other I used to gag her. Once again, I worked fast — in less than a minute I was rushing back to Vonda.

    Vonda was sitting up on the bed, her legs in the cuffs, stretched and spread out in front of her. She was twisting and turning ferociously, still trying to loosen the sash around her wrists. I leapt on the bed, landing on my knees beside her, and grabbed her wobbling boobs. Wrapping my hands around as much of Vonda’s gigantic, jiggling tits as possible, I squeezed rapidly. My thumbs pressed into her stiff nipples, my fingers burrowed into the outside curves. Vonda threw her head back, her full lips letting out a high-pitched shriek. She shimmied vigorously, trying to shake me off, then flopped back onto the bed. I crouched over her, tickling her bouncing breasts as she howled underneath me.

    “Nyyeeahahahah!” She twisted away from me as much as her bondage would allow, lying on her side with her back to me. I caught a glimpse of a silver cord tucked in among the pillows at the head of the bed. I kept tickling with one hand while with the other I pulled the cord and the attached manacle closer. Then, I undid the sash binding her wrists, hoping Vonda was laughing too hard to notice. I grabbed one of her now freed wrists and held it over her head, pressing it into the bed.

    Vonda screamed as she realized her hands were now untied. I managed to keep her wrist pinned as she struggled. Her arm was stretched up, her armpit fully exposed, and I dug my fingertips into that sensitive spot.

    “Aaahaahaahaa!” Vonda rolled onto her back, reaching around with her free hand to protect her underarm. But her large chest got into the way. She seemed to gather her wits enough to turn to face me, but by then I had locked the cuff around her wrist. She tickled me with her free hand. I caught her arm, throwing my own body across hers, and after a desperate search among the cushions while Vonda heaved underneath me, I secured her last free limb.

    Vonda roared as I got off of her, tugging furiously at the cords that had her bound spread-eagled to her bed. Her arms and legs were stretched wide. Sleek muscles popped up on her limbs as she heaved at the restraints. “… errghh… what’s gotten into you?…” she grunted. “… you must be… ugghh…” Her head fell back onto the bed. She blew a lock of her hair out of her face. Though she continued to pull at the cords, she wasn’t struggling so hard now. Her chest rose and fell with her heavy breathing as she looked up at me. My own breath was coming heavy and fast, my blood still pounding.

    “I didn’t know you could be such a wild one,” she said, not unkindly. Though she was breathing heavily, her voice was calm and level. “So strong, too. Were you overcome with lust? Is that where all this… aggression came from? Foxy wouldn’t approve, but I understand. Trust me. If you let me go now, I promise I won’t hold it against you. I meant what I said earlier: I like you. A lot. I would never use the whip on you, no matter what. And you have my word that Ruby and Jinx won’t ‘get you back’ either. I’ll even let you play with them to your heart’s content…”

    Some tiny part of me recognized the enormity of what I had done, knew that the consequences of attacking a High Priestess could be quite severe. Some tiny part of me recognized that Vonda was trying to negotiate with me, and that I should hear what she had to say…

    She went on: “What you’ve done to me, attacking me like this… it changes nothing of what I said before. It makes you even more valuable to me. Let me go and I’ll tell you everything…”

    But a far bigger part of me still felt possessed by the mad desire that had led me to attack her in the first place. Maybe I was overwhelmed by lust. Whatever the case, nothing mattered but the sight pf her luscious body bound helpless before me, her belly undulating, big breasts swaying from side-to-side as she tugged on the restraints. My breath came faster. I was practically drooling with the urge to just gobble her up…

    Vonda must have read me. “Please, listen to me,” she said. “You must try to calm yourself. The torture you went through must have driven you crazy. I can sooth you. Just let me go and I’ll… wait… no!”

    With a roar I plunged my face into her belly, pressing my mouth into her soft, smooth skin to blow a loud raspberry. “Waaa-haaa-haaa-haaa!” Vonda bucked underneath me, and explosion of throaty cackles filling the room. “No-hohoho! Naaahaahaaaaa!”

    She howled in hysteria as I blew raspberry after raspberry into her quaking stomach. My mouth greedily made its way across her skin, kissing, nibbling, sucking little hills of flesh into my mouth and bathing them with my tongue. “Naahahahah! Aaa-hahaha! STAAHAAAHAAAPP! STAHAHAP!

    Vonda’s cries for me to stop were more like commands than pleas, but I was too lost in a haze of lust to care. I nuzzled her belly, planting sloppy ticklish kisses all over. I licked her, sucked her, nipped and nibbled a path along her “bikini line” from hip-to-hip. Whenever I blew a raspberry her laughter would spike, her back arching off the bed.

    STOP! NOHOHOHO!” She cried as I licked and nuzzled a trail from the top of her pelvis to her belly button. “…ahahaha! … let me go NOW…!”

    I began licking and kissing the area around her navel, making her stomach roll and jump. “Aaahaaahaaa!… D-don’t yoo-hoo-hoo DARE, slave!…hahahahaaa!…”

    My tongue slipped into her belly button. Vonda surged against the restraints. Her head pounded the mattress. Gales of wild, unbridled laughter poured out of her. “…Yyaaaa-haaa-haaaa-haa!… I’ll g-gett… hahahaha!… I’ll get yoo for thisss… ohohoo!…”

    My tongue swirled around the inner rim of her navel, wriggled down to flick at the bottom. Vonda thrashed on the bed, her butt bouncing as I gobbled and licked at her belly button. She had lapsed into nearly silent, body quaking laughter by the time I left her navel and licked over towards her waist.

    “… ohhhhohoho… oh gawds… heeheehee… stahpp…!“ My mouth moved up her waist. My face was pressed into her warm skin, my lips and tongue working constantly. I grunted and moaned as I covered her with wet kisses and licks. There was no method to what I was doing to her, just an insatiable urge to gobble her up. Vonda’s full, lusty laughter seemed endless. She writhed and bucked vigorously, never seeming to tire.

    I munched my way up her rib cage on her left side. Cackling like mad, Vonda arched her back, thrusting her chest out. “Gaahhhaahhh! … I’ll gh-he-het yoohoohoo!…” she cried. “…hah-hah-hah… y-yerr gonna git t-tickled s-s-o-ho-ho bad… hahaha!… n-no m-merceeheheh f-for yoo… oh-hohoho!…”

    At the top of her ribs, I brushed my lips across the outer curve of her jiggling breast, then buried my face into the silky smooth and helpless hollow of her armpit. Vonda broke into a high-pitched, hysterical giggle at the first kiss. “… yeeeheeeheeehee… n-nohoho… stahhpp… I w-wasn’t this mee-heeheen to yoohoohhoo…!”

    With her crazed giggling filling the room and shaking her all over, I treated her underarm to long, slow licks. She yanked fiercely at the cords holding her arms up. Tears of laughter trickled from the corner of her eyes. Kissing and sucking, licking and nibbling, I was as lost in what I was doing to my captive as she was. I moaned and made “yummy” noises, practically drunk on the feel of her skin, the sound of her laughter.

    A huge breast slapped against the side of my face as Vonda tossed her body from side to side. “…ohohohoho!… oh, stop…!” she cried, shrieking as I blew a raspberry. “… ahaha!… sthahahpp it!… eeeheehee…!” With a final wet smooch I raised my head from her underarm. But Vonda’s “break” from my marauding mouth lasted only a moment; I peppered her jiggling breast with little kisses that made her squeal and shimmy. “… heeheeheehee… oh when I git my h-hands on yoo… eeheehehehe… you’re gonna w-w-ish… oohoohoo… you had l-let me go wh-when yoo… geehehehe… h-had the chance… neeheehee…”

    She was giggling now, different from the deep, bellowing laughter from before. I reached one hand over to touch her other breast, tricking my fingers over her skin and eliciting another squeal and series of delightful shivers. “… ooohoohoo… are y-you always s-such an evil tickler… geeheehee… or does th-this c-come from whatever madness you’re suffering r-r-ight now?” She yipped as I gave her breast a little nibble.

    “…or maybe you… heeeheehee… you picked up s-some tricks from F-foxy…” Vonda went on. “… though I th-think you’re enjoying this way too much for her liking…” She dissolved into a fit of giggles as my gently flittering fingertips and tongue seemed to find a spot on the under curve of her breasts. Her chest vibrated as the giggles consumed her, and she squeezed her eyes shut and tossed her head to the side. After several long moments, she recovered her powers of speech somewhat.

    “… but that’s okay…” she giggled. “I’m going to enjoy myself once I get you back… I’ll give you the same treatment… see how you take being licked…” Though it’s hard to sound menacing when you’re giggling, there was no real tone of anger in Vonda’s threats. In fact, she sounded affectionate. I continued sprinkling one giant, jiggling globe with kisses while lightly caressing the other.

    “…heeheehee… I d-doubt Mistress Foxy… approves of k-kissing, either,” Vonda gasped. “… not even… hehehe… tickly kisses… on a big, ticklish tit… neeeheeeheee… OH!… oh gawds… wh-what are yoo gonna…AAHAAAHAAA…!”

    I wrapped my arm around both her huge breasts, pressing them together. Rolls of flesh bubbled out across my forearm and biceps. Her dark nipples — rock hard and about half the size of my thumb — bobbled slightly from side-to-side. Vonda was already laughing, but when I started slowly dragging my tongue across them she exploded.

    “YEEE-HAAAHAAHAAA!!!”Screaming with laughter, Vonda bucked and thrashed violently beneath me. She threw her head from side-to-side, whipping her hair around. “Naaahaaahaaa… Aaahahahah!!!”

    I flickered my tongue all around her stiff nipples, swirling circles around her aureola, fluttering the tip of my tongue against her own tips. The more I tasted of Vonda, the more I wanted. With a growl of lust I pressed my face into the globes of flesh trapped in the crook of my arm. My mouth open wide, I tried to suck both nipples inside at once, but even squished together, Vonda’s boobs were so large that her nipples just weren’t close enough. Snarling in desire and frustration, I clamped my lips around one nipple and sucked as much of her breast into my mouth as I could.

    Vonda’s eyes flew wide open. She gave a gurgling moan that turned into a hysterical howl under my lashing tongue and gobbling lips. “WAAAA-HAAAHAAA!!!”

    I growled and grunted as I feasted on her breast, way past the point of tiny licks and butterfly kisses. The music of her mad laughter, the taste of her skin, made me feel possessed. I attacked one breast and then the other, sucking her big swollen, nipples into my greedy mouth and giving them a furious tongue-lashing.

    Aaaa-haaa-haaa-haa!!!… ohhhhh!!!!.... ohhh!!!” Vonda moaned and cackled. She tried to speak, but all that came out was a rush of babbling. I barely heard her. I wanted more…

    I let go of her breasts, the nipple I had been tormenting popping out of my mouth. Cackles continue to pour out of Vonda even though I was no longer tickling her tits. I rapidly kissed and licked my way down the middle of her torso, pausing to nuzzle her belly button before resuming my journey downwards…

    “… what… what are you…?” Vonda gasped, raising her head and looking down at me with glassy eyes. I slid down between her long legs, lowering my head between her firm, round thighs…

    “… ahhhh… no! no-hohoho!… AHHHHH!…”

    Her back arched off the bed and she howled with pleasure. My hands squeezed and rubbed her thighs as my tongue danced away. She bucked her hips, the bed shaking beneath us. It didn’t take long. “…AHH…AHHH… AIEEEEEEE!!!!” Screaming, Vonda arched off the bed again, seeming to hang there suspended for several seconds before crashing down. Spasms after spasm wracked her body. Then, with a final moan she went limp, all the tension seeming to flow out of her. Little tremors rippled across her skin as she lay there, chest heaving, eyes closed...


    For “Temple of the Torture Goddess,” I reached out to several artists on the TMF and elsewhere to commission images for some (not all) of the chapters. Most of these are portraits of characters. I didn’t ask the artists to read the section — mostly I gave them a short description of what I was looking for, and we went from there.

    Judging from some private messages I’ve received, there are at least a couple of you who like High Priestess Vonda as much as I do, so…

    Zetarok creates portraits of beautiful, voluptuous, powerful-looking amazonian women and “muscle babes” on his deviantart page (he's not "one of us" here on the TMF). Vonda is a bit of an amazon — tall, strong, a little intimidating — and when I commissioned an image of her for this section, I was hoping zetarok would capture some of those qualities…

    And yowza… He did NOT disappoint! Here she is, bound to the bed, right before the narrator goes to work on her. Ironically, for a section where Vonda’s on the receiving end of a thorough tickling, the accompanying image shows her at her most fearsome (though in the story, that furious expression on her face doesn’t last long).

    And what an amazing image — her incredible body, the way zetarok managed to make her both curvy and fit, the hint of muscle tone, the highlights on her skin… She looks both too terrifying to tickle and too hot not to. In the end, you’d give in to temptation and hope those ropes held.

    Hope you enjoy.


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    Thank you! Very satisfying read, and I find myself eagerly awaiting more of the story.

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    Wow, nice artwork. But I wonder if his sudden tickle lust had to do with whatever Foxy gave him last chapter

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    wonderful. I love it so much please more f-m tickle torture

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    Wonderful chapter! Hope you go back to F/m in the next chapter.
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    Great to see this story continuing!
    It's really good.

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    The best one yet! Great work!

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