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    WTKL - the idea meeting

    WTKL – the idea meeting

    Read the first installment to get familiar with the girls on WTKL. There a lot of fun.

    After their evening of wine, bonding and tickling Shannon and Lindsay had very different reactions. Shannon, who had a tendency to overthink most everything, was trying to figure out what happened. Lindsay, who was more a spontaneous, wild child, was going to take as much as advantage as she could to make her friend totally uncomfortable. Lindsay knew that Shannon would take every moment as a 'signal'. Lindsay was known to be very affectionate and touchy/feely. She was free with hugs and hand holds. When they rolled into work on Thursday Lindsay made a beeline for Shannon and immediately hugged her tight. “Hi Bug” she said then whispered 'my new nickname for you. Can't wait til next time we get to play' and gave Shannon a covert side goose. As she walked away, she just imagined the befuddled look on 'bugs' face. Her smile was ear to ear.

    The local football team was sponsoring a 5K for chairty on Sat morn, so Alexa was in full prep mode. That meant more hyper than usual with a midday run to train over lunch. One of the benefits of working at an all women station was a huge bathroom with a 3 person shower, day room, and all the girl touches they could want. Shannon was working on a story for the evening following up on story she'd been working. She'd have to leave for the interview for the evening broadcast in about an hour. As she headed to her desk with a fresh cup of coffee, Alexa came bounding around the corner. She plowed into Shannon and they both hit the deck covered with coffee. “Shannon, I'm so sorry. Guess I'm alil overhyped for saturdays run” Alexa apologized. “U think” Shannon said mildly pissed. Thankfully, the girls all kept emergency outfits in their offices in case of emergencies like this.

    So she went to her office and picked out something to wear. But she was hot and sticky from the coffee. So she decided to grab a quick shower and then hit the road. When she entered the bathroom she heard Alexa singing – loudly and badly. She was known for her terrible voice and complete lack of shame in it. She would sing and dance around the studio and it would just crack the staff up. So Shannon just shook her head and jumped in the shower. She'd seen Alexa naked a few times, a bunch of girls went to Lindsay's folks house in FL for a long weekend of drinking and sunning when she first started. But she had never really noticed that Alexa's body was this beautiful. She was always so full of energy you sometimes forgot to notice that the woman was gorgeous and her body was banging. A volleyball player in college she was totally athletic, perfectly proportioned, longish legs with high firm breasts, her blond hair slicked back to her head she looked like a fashion model. Her body glistened under the water.

    “Hey girl, jump in the water feels great” and Alexa grabbed her and pulled her in. Shannon was self conscious about being nude around people, especially other women. But Alexa seemed to not notice at all. “I'm so sorry I coffeed you up like that. I'm sure you're off to a story. Let me help. I'll do your back.” and without waiting she started to soap up the small reporter. Alexa had no idea what was happening inside Shannons head. Each touch sent her mind reeling. Did Lindsay tell her about the other nite? Why did this feel so good? Alexa stopped that train with a swift slap to her butt. “Damn girl, you're workouts are really working. Nice job” and another playful swat. “Well off to the wide wide world of sports – and horn dawgs” Alexa like to date athletes and loved being around them. She energized out of the room leaving Shannon dazed and confused. She quickly got dressed and headed out to her story.

    Back in the main office, Angela, Lindy and Aishna were sitting around trying to figure out how to improve ratings. These 3 were widely acknowledged as the leaders, each having brought a degree of experience and expertise to the idea originally. Lindy had done a number of things in the business from racing to an award winning piece on foster care abuse to celebrity stuff. She was easily the most versatile of the 3. Aishna was easily the most striking woman physically. As a Miss Universe contestant in her youth, her exotic beauty was impossible to miss. But if you thought that was all she was, as many of her male colleagues did, you'd be badly mistaken. She was part of the team that uncovered a decades long medicare fraud running thru both the business and state government. She received death threats and had FBI security for a year during the story.

    Angela was the business side behind the operation. With both management and on air experience she made the thing work. At 40, but looked 25, she had recently gone thru a nasty divorce that was the talk of the city as her husbands double life was exposed. She was emotionally destroyed. But only the girls at the station knew. Each one had had an evening where she showed up at the door, pretty drunk and lost. But now she was regaining her footing and was really quite a hoot to be around. She used to be the stern task master but recently she was like the fun aunt who would always get you into trouble, then get you out of it.

    “well, you guys got any thoughts on what we should do?” she just threw it out there. They all discussed lame ideas, things that were conventional and had been done to death. Finally it was Lindy who id'd the elephant in the room. “Look if we try and compete on a level playing field of news we lose. So you know what were going to have to do. Be fun and use............................ SEX” the all said in unison. “ If either of you says 'naked news' I'm leaving” Aishna proclaimed. “I was more thinking like 'wet T shirt news” Angela said and she and Lindy laughed. “Bitch” Aishna said and threw a pillow at her. It was a well kept secret that Aishna one night in Cabo, after not winning Miss Universe, got hammered and won a wet T shirt contest. With skin to win. As fate would have it Lindy and her BF at the time were there. And Lindy had the pictures to prove it. It wasn't till years later when they both came to WTKL that she remembered and found the pictures. Only the 3 of them knew it and used it on her many times.

    Lindy had pulled her phone out “Hey Ang, want to see my recent vaca pics” Lindy teased. “MegaBitch” Aishna yelled and threw another pillow. “Seriously, I am tired of the same old shit. But I don't want to become a complete joke or youtube story either” . They were quiet for a while. “Well, think about it and well talk Sun. Im sure the kids will have a bunch of wild ideas. And frankly, I'm past the point of caring. I'm tired of trying to please a bunch of jerks. If we can find something we think is fun and new, whats the harm in trying.” So Angela got up and left the room. Aishna and Lindy checked their phones and got up to leave. As Lindy opened the door Aishna slammed it shut and threw her against it. She attacked the taller blond with her lips. She sucked in the blonds tongue. Her hands roamed all over the new body she wanted to explore.

    “Ash, Ash, what the HELL?' Lindy exclaimed in surprise. Ash kept kissing and feeling her up. “I want you right here, right now, like last weekend!” Aishna kissed her again. Lindy responded then stopped it. “I told you that was a one time thing. I was lonely and sad. You know what a dick my husband's being.” Lindy tried to complain. But she felt a hand venture under her skirt. The nails tickled the inside of Lindys thighs causing her to giggle. Aishna spidered up and down the luscious thighs and Lindy bit her lip to keep from laughing. “you took advantage of my emotional state” Lindy giggled. Aishna moved her hands up the thighs to a place of wet arousal. “Yes I did. And I'm going to again........... SOON” and she massaged the wetness. “put your hands behind your back” and Lindy obeyed. Ash gave her the most passionate, deep kiss Lindy had ever felt. Ash stepped back but didn't remove her hand. She starred deeply into the brilliant, questioning eyes across from her.

    “Do you want me to kiss you again like I did last weekend?” Lindy stared back a moment, and then gave a tiny nod. “Do you want me to kiss you all over like last time?” Lindy couldn't help herself, she nodded. “Do you want me to strip you naked 1 piece at a time like last time” and she rubbed her thumb across. Lindy shuddered and nodded. “Do you want me to tie you up, like last time?” and the thumb ventured under the panties. Lindy closed her eyes and nodded. “Do you want me to tickle your tender, sensitive body.............. especially all the 'special' places?” Lindy shivered, not sure if it was the questions or Aishna's probing fingers. “Do you want me to make you scream as you cum time............after time.................after time?” and her thumb ventured inside. Lindy shook and nodded. “Have you ever had better sex...........ever?” Lindys tongue slipped out of the corner of her mouth and she gently chewed on it as she shook her head no. Aishna leaned in and said “Me either” and she tweaked her hungry clit. “Good, now slip out of those gorgeous pumps, turn around and put your hands against the wall. Lean all you weight on them. NOW”

    Lindy was half terrified and half turned on like never before. She and her husband had been having trouble for awhile. Even when things were good, sex really wasn't. She'd never even thought about being with a woman. Then last weekend hubs was out of town and Aishna came over. Against her better judgement, Lindy was overcome with emotion and broke down. Comforting turned to caressing, caring turned to kissing, touching turned to Lindy being tied up, naked, in her own bed as this Bollywood beauty made her body feel and do things she'd never thought of. And hadn't stopped thinking of since that weekend.

    With all her weight on her palms against the door, she felt 2 wonderful breasts press into her back. Two dainty hands encircled her waist. The fingers slowly played with the buttons on her teal, sleeveless blouse. Each button was opened, as the nails scratched delicately across the exposed skin. Goose bumps raised. “Ash stop this. Angela is likely to storm back in, you know how she is” Lindy pleaded. “I do. And I now know how you are my lovely toy” and Lindy felt her black lace bra unsnapped at the front. The AC in the office and the caresses made her nipples instantly erect. With her long, sharp nails Ash started to draw circles out from the nubbins to around the entire breasts. It tickled but in a totally stimulating way. Ash was teasing.......hard. She ran her talons up and down the taut tummy of the anchor. Lindy shivered. She ventured to the panty line and gently moved one hand under the line. “please not here” Lindy whispered hoarsely, not sure she meant it.

    “Alright my toy. I'll have to amuse myself elsewhere.” And with that Lindy felt the nails leave and the breast pressure release from her back. Suddenly, her right foot was jerked in the air. She almost fell over. “Steady.........and no sound comes from you or this would be bad” Lindy felt her right foot locked between 2 very warm thighs. She felt a moisture. Suddenly, a claw attacked her stockinged foot. She almost exploded from the sensation. It was as if electric bolts were applied to her sole. She started to laugh. “SSSSHHHHH” Ash warned. Lindy had NEVER had her foot tickled. It was bad. One nail rhythmically up and down the mid sole. Almost like a metronome. Lindy gently banged her head against the door. The sensation was terrible and wonderful. The there were 2 nails on either side of her foot. She started to giggle and shift her weight, desperately trying to avoid the gently, teasing attacker. This had gone on for a few minutes and a small sheen of sweat had covered her exposed chest. The chilly AC making everything seem worse. Ash shifted and bent her foot toward the ceiling at the knee. Lindy was thankful for the relief from the tickling. But only for a moment.

    Suddenly, she felt a soft, wet something move up and down where the nail had been. It was Ash's tongue. Up and down, back and forth, little soft kisses. Lindy's body was getting even more hungry, and her breasts showed it. Little nibbles and now the nail. Lindy was starting to lose it. “Please” she softly begged. Not sure what she wanted. Ash knew. Again, without warning, she heard a ripping sound. Ash had found a tiny hole it the sole and now had exposed her bare sole to the world. As Ash's soft wet tongue soaked her sole, Lindy was soaking her panty hose. When Ash took her tiny toes in her mouth, Lindy smacked the door with her fist. Ash replaced her tongue with all her nails. Lindy was about to lose it. “U guys ok? That damn door stuck again. You need some help” came a voice from the other side of the door. “NOOOOOOO” Lindy yelled louder than normal. “We're ok” she shouted back.

    Again without warning, Ash turned her away from the door with her back against the wall and kissed her hard. She bit a nipple and quickly opened the door and leaned against it. “Hey John” she said brightly to a coworker just outside the door. Ash leaned against it effectively blocking entrance. On the other side Lindy, blouse untucked and open, bra unsnapped and perky breasts exposed, flat footed with on foot out of her ripped panty house, covered in presex sweat and hair/makeup a mess was desperately trying to cover up. “This door does stick doesn't it. Maybe you should come in and look at it” Lindy slapped the fingers on the door so hard John heard it. “Ash, you sure everything's ok?” John asked curious. “Oh yeah, you know creative meetings. Ideas fly around and you never know what ideas get exposed, you just throw things against the wall and she what sticks” And she raised a perfectly manicured middle finger in the flustered anchors direction. “Thanks for checking” and she closed the door.

    Watching the long, lean blond try to gracefully snap her bra, button and tuck in her blouse, put her heels on and fix her face without falling over looked like a baby giraffe taking its first steps. “Damn baby doll, you are so FFFFFIIIIIINNNNNNEEEEE............................ .......... and you're all mine” a quick peck on the lips and she was gone. And Lindy couldn't decide if she was happy, terrified, aroused, wanting to run. But she knew one thing for certain................................ paybacks were a bitch. And this was going to be fun.

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    Awesome story! Love the premise and the description of the tickling. You did a good job developing the chemistry between these two. Keep going nice job

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    thanx really appreciate the kind words and specific feedback. did you happen to read the first installment?

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