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    Mar 2017

    Her Latest Toy, Part 4 (NonCon, F/F, M/F (sex), FFF/F, probably something else too.)

    Three weeks later.

    Entering the access code for the basement, tablet in hand, Maria felt so pleased with herself she was positively giddy. She took the stairs slowly, her bare feet padding softly on the cold stone as she made her way toward her slave's chamber. She was so excited she needed three attempts at the code for the door to her slave's cell, such was her eagerness to share the news she had received.

    Holly's world was one of darkness, white noise and constant discomfort. Maria had hogtied her once more, but this time connected the ropes around her ankles to those binding her elbows, her toes almost brushing her forearms. Her arms thrust straight back and wrists secured to a post directly behind her, as was her pony tailed hair. Further ropework snaked it's way around her shoulders and breasts, arching her body backwards ever more as it was ultimately tied off to her ankles. Two more lengths of rope tied around her legs to posts either side of her bound form pinned her calves tight against her thighs and pulled them wide open.

    She dribbled around the gag as she groaned, desperately trying to shift her body in any way she could to alleviate even an ounce of the pressure and pain she felt and squealed in shock as Maria tugged on the ropes connected to her tight nipple clips. The blinding mixture of pain and pleasure once more shot through her system and she couldn't help but moan as loudly as she could, a deep guttural moan of a woman ready to explode.

    Maria smiled at the sight and the sound of her slave as she played with those ropes, pulling just enough to stretch Holly's nipples taut before releasing, strumming the ropes one by one and both together as if playing an instrument. She was beyond happy at the progress her slave had made since that evening several weeks ago. Since that time there had been no mood swings, no emotional outbursts of any sort – besides what was to be expected, that is. Holly did, after all, live in a state of constant sexual arousal and her emotions were typically all over the place. But restraint shown when given the opportunity to speak to her mistress in days past were strong signs that she was learning to accept her new life.

    There had even been a moment where Maria considered letting her slave wander about the basement entirely unfettered, but something told her that now was not quite the right time. It had, after all, been just fifty five days into her training.

    Or retraining, as Maria truly saw it. She believed these young women were wasted on the men they would no doubt fall victim to on many, many occasions during their lives. Awkward moments at the bar being asked if they would like a drink, despite already having a full one. Being forced to pretend that they were okay with the unsolicited advances of men that appeared to have stopped maturing halfway through school. And worst of all... Being led to believe by the society in which they grew that a man laying atop a woman, rutting away is what they should be happy with and anything else was perverse and should be ridiculed at every opportunity.

    No, no. Maria had taken Holly away from such things and introduced her to a whole new world. She would never have gone willingly, Maria had never met anybody that would. A few people in online forums, but they had of course all turned out to be nothing but fantasists. In fact many had disappeared completely once they discovered Maria was indeed a real woman and the dark, depraved fantasies she had shared were those of a real person, whom had possibly even acted them out.

    That is why she'd needed someone like Holly, her perfect little slave. The online world had failed her and the real world had fared even worse. Many an evening she had spent with an escort and their chaperone as they talked at tedious length about what exactly Maria intended to do with endless lengths of rope and a chest of bizarre looking toys. Eventually the lady would agree for a hefty price and the chaperone would dutifully sit outside ready to call the police should they hear anything out of the ordinary and not be able to take control of the situation. It had been fun, some of those women had feet to die for and Maria absolutely relished tickling and worshipping their feet, for the minute or so they could handle at a time... But their friend sitting outside listening to the laughter and knowing this customer was a 'weirdo' playing with their friend's feet made it all feel very awkward.

    There were no such problems with the young ladies Maria had picked up from the street, however. It took time to find one that was both ticklish and ready to admit that fact to a total stranger but it had been worth it in the end. Almost.

    Some of them were even into bondage, the unfortunate few that had allowed Maria to so expertly restrain them falling victim to her insatiable lust for tickle torture. She worked over one particularly sensitive girl's entire body for close to an hour with no breaks before she realised that the girl had stopped responding to the tickling completely. When she came to later that evening she would have to pay the woman five times her usual rate, negotiated down from ten, to avoid any police action.

    The women from the street had proven satisfactory, for a time. It was becoming an expensive habit though and Maria had quickly developed quite the reputation among the local girls, they wanted the money but not if it meant being tortured for it. A quick fuck is what they wanted, nice and easy.

    And terribly, terribly boring. It made Maria angry. Yet more wasted potential.

    One evening she had been completely unsuccessful in finding a toy for the night and had decided to take a walk around town. She watched the world go by her in all it's short skirted, high heeled glory until in a dark and dingy club one particular pair of feet snatched all of her attention.

    It had been Holly. Her beautiful, future slave. Reflecting on her first ever encounter while tugging at the ropes, pulling and twisting her slave's nipples and gently tickling under her chin, wet with saliva, Maria giggled to herself as in her mind she watched the guy in the blue shirt. Watched him dropping a pill into a drink, waiting for it to stop fizzing and taking it over to Holly, who had actually greeted him enthusiastically as though he were an old friend maybe. It had been bizarre and perfect all at the same time.

    She watched them both like a hawk all night. Watched his hand slip into her skirt as she awkwardly and feebly tried to remove it, while smiling and giggling. Watched her eyes roll lazily as he nuzzled her neck and kissed her shoulder.

    She had introduced herself to the man, who'd appeared to be annoyed by the intrusion but also curious as to whom this bewitching stranger was and why she'd taken such an interest in him. She offered him a drink which he eagerly accepted and they joked in the direction of Holly, now barely conscious, about people that couldn't hold their drink.

    A short while later, both he and Holly were out of it. Maria tipped the remainder of Holly's and her own drinks onto the floor along with the spiked beverage the blue shirted man had consumed and left the club with Holly propped up on her shoulder, catching sympathetic looks from people as she left the premises a good Samaritan helping a stricken friend home. She briefly wondered about what might have happened to that man, his drink being spiked with three times the amount he had given to Holly. But she hadn't heard anything since and didn't care anyway.

    Maria had indeed rescued Holly that night, she would not be swayed on that point.

    She took immense pride in her slave's progress and kept records of everything from general mood to endurance levels in a large, leather bound tome which when she was away she kept padlocked at all times. Her first few weeks here, her slave had acted every part the spoiled brat. It had taken time and a lot of effort on Maria's part to get Holly into a real, trainable state. And now...

    Now, Maria thought as she painted her slave's nose with a small, soft bristled brush, she will do whatever I say. Literally, anything I say.

    She always had a niggling doubt when thinking that though. It was time to test her slave, to see where on the scale of subservience she truly rested.

    Off came the headphones, the blindfold and out came the tablet. She held it up in front of Holly's wide eyed face and played a video. It took Holly a moment to come down from her sudden and shocking reintroduction to the world before she could focus on what Maria was showing her.

    It was a news clip, first aired just fifteen minutes ago, reporting an update regarding Holly's disappearance with the police appealing to anyone with any information to come forward. Maria laid the tablet down once more.

    “Hear that?” Maria asked her slave, with a mock sad look on her face, “pretty, pretty please can anyone that knows something come tell us because we have nothing.

    “They've given up on you. It's been too long and their bosses will be saying it's too expensive, too much trouble, too hard for them to carry on searching. They've got better things to be doing.

    “But, that's not a bad thing, right?” She asked as she knelt beside her slave, her breasts pushed up against Holly's cheek and running a hand through her hair.

    “It means you get to stay here, forever. With me.” She watched Holly carefully as she said this, looking for the slightest flicker of fear or defiance, anything that could indicate she'd not actually made it as far as Maria had thought.

    “And we get to play, as we have been playing, for many years to come. You've pretty much been forgotten about, you heard what they said. That's just what they say when they have nothing left to go on.”

    A tear made it's way down Holly's cheek and onto Maria's breast. She stared through Holly as she watched the tears well up in her wide eyes. She removed her gag and sat directly in front of her slave.

    As Holly felt the pressure in her jaw finally release, further tears fell. She opened her mouth to speak but nothing would come out. She had no words, nor thoughts which went much further than her tormentor who sat in front of her wearing only an electric blue thong. Maria's cruelty knew no bounds. Holly was routinely edged every night and throughout the day when Maria had some spare time and had not cum since that fateful evening some weeks past. How many weeks Holly had no idea, her existence a blur of pain, tickling and frustration. In her constantly aroused state, she turned to mush whenever Maria was around, even on the rare occasion she was fully dressed. Her agony increased as she now knew if she was granted permission to orgasm, it came at a price.

    That price being the relentless over-stimulation of her swollen pussy, Maria's vibrators pressed firmly against her until she passed out. She was beginning to think that it was worth it though, she couldn't live on edge forever.

    “Nothing to say, huh?” Maria asked as she played with the piercing in her nipple, rolling it slowly while maintaining her soulless stare into her slave's mind. She bit her lip as she played and watched her slave's eyes dart between Maria's own and her chest. Holly stayed quiet, desperate to say something but not knowing how to. The wrong word had seen her severely punished in the past and she just wanted more than anything to both be alone, allowed to rest and recuperate, and for Maria to satisfy the unbearable frustration she felt. Every moment was becoming an eternity as her raging libido consumed her being more and more with each second that passed.

    “Good. I'm glad that you can see it my way. We are just too good together, aren't we slave?”

    Holly nodded her head yes, unable to tear herself away from Maria who now had one hand on her nipple and the other inside her thong. She laid flat on her back with her legs spread before Holly as she worked her clit, the fabric of her thong moving around in time with her hand, mesmerising Holly.

    “Upstairs, I have a surprise for you.” She said, gasping between words, “And I promise you, you'll absolutely love it.” Her hand moved faster and faster as Holly's frustration quickly reached boiling point, “And you'll-” Maria screamed and arched her back, her hand beginning to slow as she giggled, lifting her head to look into her slave's eyes, “-hate it.”


    Holly was completely resigned to her fate. She almost didn't care what Maria had in store for her. She had no choice anyway and she had learned that if she gave in and suppressed her natural instinct to fight that things would go much more smoothly. It would still be hell, but she wouldn't feel so crushingly defeated after each play time Maria inflicted upon her.

    She was strapped to an inverted Y frame with shiny black bondage tape. Her legs spread almost in a split and her arms pulled taut up above her head. Tape wound around her ankles and along her legs up to an inch or two below her upper thighs, her arms restrained in the same fashion, wrists to just above her shoulders.

    Her fingers secured to eyelets beneath her hands and her toes likewise to eyelets fixed to an individual stock at the end of each leg of the Y frame. Two pillows placed beneath her back arched her body and further limited her ability to move even an inch. A strap across her forehead completed her bondage.

    Maria knelt between Holly's splayed thighs and removed the cap from the pot she was holding, dabbed a large make up brush into the powdered contents and liberally applied it to her slave's pussy making sure no skin was spared. She spread her lips and powdered her clit and used a smaller brush to further paint the inside of her slave with the powder.

    Holly had jumped at the first delicate touch down there, it had been weeks since an orgasm and Maria had to be very careful as the slightest of firm touches to her slave could easily set her off and set back her progress. Maria knew that as long as Holly was awash with arousal, flooding her system like the most powerful of drugs, nothing would be off limits for her. She needed to keep her in that state for what was to come. Maria finished her careful dusting of her slave and stepped back to admire her handiwork.

    The gloss of the black tape contrasted beautifully with Holly's skin tone and the electric pink she'd once more chosen for her finger and toenails. The strings for her toes a deep crimson. She'd even taken some extra time today to fix Holly's make up, she adored the streaked mascara look Holly had been rocking for the past couple of days but felt it was time to reapply, and re-ruin.

    She listened to the tape softly creak as Holly began to struggle and watched her slave's eyes, the only body part allowed movement, light up and dart from left to right and back again. She could feel her slave's panic rising and her breath quickened in response to this delicious view. She could only imagine what her slave was feeling right now. Maria had ordered this itching powder online and was highly dubious about it's claims.

    Until she tested it on herself, that is.

    With the powder in her possession and feeling particularly horny that night, she had smeared her own feet with lotion, too much to rub in completely. Then she had stepped each foot into a deep dish filled with enough powder to coat each of her feet completely, then carefully rolled on a pair of her thickest socks. She had prepared one of her heat lamps beforehand and propped her feet up on the arm of the sofa, facing the lamp and gingerly awaited the results. If any.

    A few minutes had passed and she was beginning to relinquish the idea of adding this powder to her arsenal of torments until she felt a twinge. A sudden, sharp prickle along the arch of her right foot. Then the same sensation ravaging the toes on her left foot. She yelled in surprise as each foot was quickly and without warning seized by the most hellish itching she had felt in all her years.

    She sat up and drew her feet underneath her, a crazed expression on her face and clinging with white knuckled hands for dear life to her ankles and then to her feet, which only made things worse. The pressure on her soles intensifying the itching, as if it were possible.

    Desperately trying to suppress her childish squealing – her slave was not wearing her headphones this evening – she ran to the bathroom, knees buckling beneath her as the itching began to overwhelm her. The act of standing was difficult as she had to hop quickly from one foot to the other, her eyes ablaze with the panic of her situation and the excitement of it's potential.

    She tore the socks off and jumped into the shower, the hot water steaming away the remnants of lotion and powder until her feet were rosy pink and clean again.

    But the itch hadn't stopped and it was damned near as agonising as before the wash. It remained there until an hour or so later, by which time Maria had reduced herself to a sobbing mass of frazzled nerves.

    And she'd loved every second of it. This was truly a fantastic product which she would write rave reviews for on every website she could find, just as soon as she'd more thoroughly tested it out.

    Holly's screams were clearly audible despite the gag. Audible and constant. She had never heard such noise coming from her slave, not even during the most torturous of tickling sessions she had subjected her to. She considered tickling those delicious feet right now... But wasn't sure it would have even been noticed.

    Holly's forehead was soaked with sweat, her fresh make up already streaking down her face as the itching took hold of her. She so desperately wanted to shut her legs. Wanted something inside her to relieve that infernal itch she felt. It was everywhere. Her eyes rolled back into her head as a particularly violent prickle ravaged the underside of her clit and she screamed like a banshee.

    Maria watched, feeling highly pleased with herself. She stepped over to stand beside her slaves head and looked into her eyes. She could practically feel the panic from those eyes and their desperation in the air, as though she was wading through it like water.

    She covered Holly's eyes with the blindfold and placed the dreaded headphones onto her once again, sending her into a world in which she had absolutely nothing besides an unbearably itchy pussy.

    She unlocked her phone and dialled. “You can come in now, my lovely.”


    Maria rolled her eyes as she heard the door handle being fumbled with.

    A moment later the latch released, but nothing happened. Impatiently she strode toward the door and opened it, greeting the person on the other side with her widest smile and biggest hug.

    “Now, you remember when we were talking before, about how rude women are these days and how you'd like to teach them all a lesson?”

    Maria had helpfully worn the exact same outfit, same make up and even perfume for this conversation as she was wearing right now, she knew the effects of the cocktail of drugs she'd fed this man would seriously knock his recall ability and anything to aid his memory would be great.

    The perfume worked, he sniffed the air hungrily “...Yes, yes I do remember that.”

    Maria grinned at him, “Well, here's your chance” and directed his gaze from her chest and over to Holly's bound body.

    “Oh... oh, wow! Wow!” he said, looking at Maria like a child on Christmas day and then straight back to the bound beauty writhing and spluttering something behind the red thing she had in her mouth.

    “You give her everything you've got, big boy.” Maria winked as she rolled a ribbed condom over his fully erect cock.


    Twenty minutes later.

    Holly's lungs felt as though they could collapse at any second. Her throat was feeling raw and she craved the ability to move, to just move half an inch, anything. Literally anything would do if it meant she might have a shot at breaking free of this hell. Somebody was fucking her, hard. Harder than anyone had ever done so before. It was heavenly to start with, most of the itch receding as the man's cock slid deep inside her faster and faster, her edged pussy quaking and contracting around him as he mercilessly fucked the helpless girl. The drugs in his system, courtesy of Maria, keeping him supremely hard and aroused despite the fact he already came twice.

    Maria meanwhile was kneeling by Holly's right foot, completely devouring it. Scraping her teeth against her arches and the luscious ball and worming her tongue between each toe as her fingernails scraped the soft heel and spidered into the arch. She relished the screams of her slave, the shuddering of the entire rack she was taped to as this man she had transformed into a mindless fucking machine with a simple drink quickly fucked the life from her. She could not see Holly's abused pussy but had a clear view of the puddle forming on the varnished floor beneath it.

    Holly's clit was in agony, it had been spared all attention since the powder coating and the prickles of torment were ravaging that delicate flesh and causing her sanity to slip more and more. She tried so hard to shout out for someone to touch it, to rub it and make it stop but nothing made it's way past the gag. All she received for her efforts were the relentless pounding of her pussy and the methodical eating of her foot.

    As she spasmed and squirted over this man once more her eyes rolled back and they stayed there. Her mind had fled to a safe place leaving her body behind to react purely instinctively to whatever these fiends decided to do to her next.

    Maria noticed this subtle change in her slave's behaviour. She patiently waited for the man to finish and then put a hand on his shoulder and told him sternly, “Now that's enough. You know too much of a good thing can get you into trouble, don't you?”

    He lowered his head and apologised, before taking another good luck at the beautiful young woman before him.

    “Am I in trouble?” he asked, now clearly upset.

    “No, not now. But you will be if you don't stop, right now.”

    “Oh, okay. I'm sorry.” He said shyly as he slid out of Holly.

    “Now,” said Maria as she smiled and repressed a grimace while removing the condom from him and dropping it into the waste bin, “you go get yourself cleaned up and we'll have a chat after, sound good?”

    “Okay miss, thank you.” He slowly made his way from the room and shut the door behind him.

    Maria shook her head as she watched him leave, then turned to look at her slave. There was almost nothing to her, just the heaving of her chest which had slowed right down as though she were asleep.

    She adjusted the legs of the Y frame so her slave's feet were all but pressed together, side by side. She removed the blindfold and the headphones before applying more of that devilish powder to Holly's nipples and just for good measure, behind her ears.

    Holly began to awaken and was seized with the itching torture once more, fresh tears flowing as she wondered when this hell would end. She had never been made to itch before. Just when she thought Maria couldn't make her life any more miserable, she did just that.

    As that thought fleetingly made it's way through her addled mind, she noticed Maria standing beside her wielding a large hair brush. A pink handle, with pink beads on it's bristles. Her heart fell through her body and she tried fruitlessly to retreat to that place of calm she had achieved just now, she had to avoid that brush. She knew when Maria had that particular brush, her feet would know no rest until she was tickled into unconsciousness once again.

    But she couldn't focus on anything, there was no way to calm herself even a little as the itching had spread to her nipples and her ears right the way down by her neck. Plus the prickles in her clit were still very much there. She was shrieking into the gag when her thoughts were violently wrenched back down to her existence below the ankles.

    Maria savagely worked the brush back and forth, it was large enough to always be in contact with both soles at the same time. The beads poking into her slave's taut skin and leaving white marks which flushed pink once more with each stroke. Her mouth open and smiling as she raked the brush back and forth bringing fresh tortured squeals from her exhausted slave.

    She paused for a moment, allowing the powder some time alone to continue the joyous task of destroying the young woman's mind and slipped off her trainer shoe and sock from her left foot.

    She sat cross legged with her left foot up in her lap and stretched her toes back with her left hand and brought the brush into contact with the bare sole.

    It tickled, it really badly tickled. She grit her teeth and threw her head back as she dragged it slowly and firmly from her toes down to her heel before making the return journey. It excited her, and terrified her at the same time. She couldn't imagine what it might be like to be strapped down and tortured with this brush. If her slave's reaction was anything to go by, it was deeply unpleasant. Maria, however, actually enjoyed being tickled. She didn't enjoy her control being stripped away as it would be during a particularly evil tickling, but she loved the sensation of the tickling nonetheless. She often fantasised about being tortured just like she tortured her slave.

    As she returned the brush to Holly's soles and scrubbed them viciously her mind wandered to a time she had been tickled by her aunt.


    At 18 years old, she had been particularly lazy, highly attractive, but lazy. Her room always falling into a state which caused her aunt to despair. She had so much going for her, beauty, intelligence... But she often shut herself in her room all weekend. She had no friends, at least that her aunt knew of. Over the years her aunt had come to almost despise Maria, she loved her of course but could not help but feel angry with her all the same. She had youth on her side, she was gorgeous and she could have the entire world at her feet. If only she'd do something. Her father had left years previous unable to cope with Maria by himself shortly after her mother's abandonment of the family and since then Maria had become more and more withdrawn and isolated.

    One day her aunt had walked into her room, again finding it resembling a bomb site. Again finding Maria laying in bed, hidden beneath the sheets. Exasperated, her aunt, Elise, dropped the laundry basket onto the floor with a bang. No response from the sheets.

    “Maria.” She called out, getting silence in return.

    “Maria!” She shouted this time. An uninterested grunt sounded from beneath the sheet.

    She looked around the room, evidence of her niece's laziness everywhere to be seen, it did nothing to help her mood. She pulled the covers off of her niece and tossed them across the room revealing her niece in a pyjama top and shorts, the only things she would wear sometimes for days on end. Maria didn't even acknowledge that. She was totally out of it as usual.

    Elise knew that her niece was ticklish, very ticklish in fact. It was the only time she ever saw her laugh or smile, while being tickled. Maria's attitude was spiralling out of control and enough was enough, Elise climbed onto the bed straddling the back of her niece's calves and crossed her legs beneath them, pinning Maria's bare feet tightly in her lap. Her long nails then set about making her niece smile.

    And smile she did, instantly snapping wide awake as the electricity of fingernails scrabbling all over her naked feet wrought havoc on her nervous system.

    “Elise, what the fuck!” she screamed out between painful forced laughter and screams as she fought to pry her feet from her aunt's unyielding grip.

    “I've told you repeatedly to call me aunty, yet you persist in disrespecting me. Well young lady, this is what happens to disrespectful little bitches.” She told her writhing, squealing niece as she smiled, looking down upon these pretty feet twitching and cringing in response to her fingernail's maddening tickles.

    “Okay, okay aunty! Aunty! Stop it!” Maria cried out, a tear squeezing it's way from the corner of her eye.

    “Oh I don't think so young lady, this will do you good. Laughter is good. You never laugh. Always so sad. So down. And so, so very disrespectful.” Her aunt reprimanded her all the while raking her nails over the wrinkling feet in her lap as their owner shrieked and begged for mercy. They were such pretty feet, perfectly shaped toes, a nice arch, gorgeous skin. And unsurprisingly, excruciatingly ticklish. She pondered the potential of using this as a means of disciplining her niece, after all... It left no marks, and if Maria ever complained to anybody, there would be no evidence.

    Five minutes passed and Maria was at the end of her tether, she fought with all her strength to wriggle free of her aunt's tight hold on her ankles but to no avail. She pulled at the bed sheets with desperate clawed hands, she grabbed the bed frame and pulled as hard as she could, almost breaking the bed right then and there.

    “You think this is bad? Just wait until I invite Celeste and Delphine over to join in with your discipline. You know they worry about you nearly as much as I do?”

    Maria couldn't respond, her laughter turning silent and her face red, she gripped onto the mattress and shook with silent laughter as the spaces between her toes were violated by her aunt's awful nails.

    Elise listened to the silence, to the soundless sobs of her niece and was happy. The first emotional response her niece had given to anything since she could remember. This was good. She continued her merciless tickling, tightening her grip on Maria's ankles as her nails sank into the satin like skin.

    Minutes later her niece fainted, no longer able to resist her aunt's ticklish onslaught. When she awoke she was tucked up in bed, the only evidence something had occurred taking the form of a note on her bedside table which read, “Out with the girls. Be back later. Tidy your room, NOW.”

    That was the day Maria began to do as she was told. Terrified by the thought of her Aunt and her friends having a ticklish threesome with her body, Maria cleaned her room top to bottom and kept it perfectly shipshape from that day on.

    The tickling however was something she could never shake from her mind... It had been torture, yes, but it had sparked something within her. She was constantly wondering what little thing she could do to earn her aunt's ticklish wrath. Many times she had found herself pinned down by her aunt and on several occasions by Celeste and Delphine all at once and tickled out of her mind. Not a spot on her body was spared. Her aunt's rule being if it is on show, it can be tickled.

    Her favourite memory was deliberately leaving her bed unmade one day. She took a shower right before her aunt was due home one Saturday evening. Fresh out the shower and wearing just a towel, Maria made her way with hopeful anticipation of finding her aunt and friends in her room, looking disapprovingly at the mess that was her unmade bed.

    She was not disappointed. With feigned shock she protested that she'd simply forgotten and that she'd had a long day, hadn't been feeling well, but it didn't wash with her aunt. They dragged her screaming into Elise's bedroom, discarded her towel and pinned her face down, naked, to the bed. Using dressing gown cords they lashed her ankles wide apart to each bed post and Celeste, the heaviest of the trio, sat astride Maria's back pinning her arms by her sides. Maria was by this point beside herself with panic and excitement.

    “You did that on purpose, we all know you did,” her aunt began, her friends nodding in agreement, “and we all know that our discipline excites you. Don't forget that we were young ladies once too, we see your hard nipples right before we let you up!” They laughed in unison at Maria.
    Maria heard a deep, buzzing noise come from somewhere behind her.

    “You said you had a long day, huh?” Elise asked her niece as she nestled the vibrator against her niece's naked crotch, “this will help you to unwind.”

    The moment the head of that vibrator touched her, Maria's head snapped back, her mouth opened wide and she moaned in ecstasy. She tried to hump the vibrating head but couldn't move an inch, she didn't need to worry however. Her aunt skilfully manipulated it, providing extreme levels of pleasure to her niece's all too willing pussy. Maria rode the waves of pleasure, beginning to squeal loudly between moans as she got closer and closer to orgasm.

    The buzzing stopped. She screamed out in anger, “What the fuck! Turn it back on!”

    “Oh dear, so disrespectful once again. And here I was thinking we were getting somewhere with you at long, long last.” Her aunt replied, a condescending tone in her voice which made Maria's blood boil.

    “Fuck you, Elise! You can't keep me here forever and when I get out I swear I will fuck you up!”

    Slightly taken aback by her niece's angry outburst, but not displeased, Elise smiled to her friends.

    “What do you think, Celeste?”

    Celeste replied quickly, “I say we show her what it is to be fucked up.”

    “Oh God yes,” said Delphine, “I can have her feet though, right?”

    “Sure,” Elise said, rolling her eyes a little, foot fetishists were such perverts in her eyes, “you knock yourself out there, honey.”

    Delphine made herself ready to destroy the beautiful foot in front of her, the bound girl's feet being so wide apart she could only take one at a time. But she was certainly not complaining. She opened her mouth to take all of Maria's toes at once-

    “-Stop!” Aunt Elise ordered her. Delphine frowned, but obeyed.

    “Maria,” her aunt said, “would you like to apologise to us?”

    “Fuck you!” Maria screamed into the mattress, much to the amusement of her aunt's friends.

    Elise bent down until her mouth was level with her niece's ear and whispered, “I don't think so. But how about... We... fuck you?” She gave the signal to her friends and resumed her place between her niece's spread legs.

    Maria's world became an explosion of sensation all at once. Every toe on one foot was, much to her horror, inside Delphine's mouth and her tongue wriggled between each one driving Maria up the wall with hilarity while Celeste's strong hands worked her sides and hips and reached around to attack her belly. Meanwhile her aunt, the sadistic Elise, gave her thighs and her ass a deep, kneading, exceedingly ticklish massage.

    Maria went crazy from the get go, shrieking like a woman possessed as the many fingers and that horrendously skilled mouth worked her over mercilessly, all while totally naked and laughing hysterically. The humiliation she felt was palpable. But the fire lit by her aunt's skilful manoeuvring of the vibrator earlier on had not been quenched. If anything, these ladies' combined efforts were stoking it. Little did she know, that was her aunt's plan.

    Elise wanted her niece to make friends, but she did not want her to get involved with boys. Boys were dirty, stupid and wanted only one thing. Now, Elise knew young women look for sex just as much as young men. And if a sex drive is not tended to it can rage out of control and cause terrible mood swings and extremely poor judgements to be made regarding personal relationships. Fortunately, she thought to herself while flicking the vibrator back to life and setting it to maximum speed, she had the remedy for that.

    She brought it down onto her niece's pussy once more and nestled it firmly against her clit, signalling her friends to slow down. Her torturers became lovers in an instant, Celeste massaging her bare ass and a little way down each thigh while Delphine knelt on the floor by the centre of the bed, arms outstretched and massaging those beautiful feet lovingly.

    Maria feared it would be taken away like last time but something was different, the room silent beside the deep humming of the vibrator. That something different was confirmed when she felt Celeste shift backward a little to allow Delphine room to slip that discarded towel, now neatly folded, beneath the tortured girl's crotch.

    This was it, she would finally be allowed to cum. She braced herself as she felt it building. She grit her teeth and squeezed her eyes shut tight and all at once it exploded through her, searing pleasure coursing through her entire body as she screamed and wailed in relief and joy.

    The trio exchanged sadistic smiles as the vibrator was pressed more firmly against the soaking pussy and Maria began to shift left to right, then back again looking for some relief.

    “Aunty, please. I'm done. Please, stop now.”

    “Have you already forgotten the way you spoke to us earlier? For simply trying to help you? Kids these days, I tell you.”

    They laughed at the tone Elise took with her niece and at her niece's newfound suffering. She'd had no idea that after her orgasm she might feel so terribly sensitive, so ticklish in a horrible way, it was agony. She felt she needed to pee herself, to scream for help, to laugh out loud and to pass out all at once. It was sheer torture.

    “Please aunty, stop!” She wailed out between desperate shrieks and the various inhuman noises she was terrified to learn she had the ability to make. “Please! I'm so sorry, stop it!” Elise persisted however. She would not stop until that pussy was dry. She nodded once more to her friends who each resumed their ticklish torture of Maria's frantic and overly sensitized form.

    Maria was a twitching mess of randomly firing nerves when the trio were through with her lesson. She was once more asleep, but with good reason this time. In her aunt's eyes at least.

    “Take her to bed.” She ordered her friends, looking down at the ruined towel with immeasurable satisfaction, “I will clean this up.”


    Maria often thought back to that day. Struggled for so long to wrap her head around what had actually happened. What it all meant. Elise was her aunt, after all. Whatever it meant, it still turned her on almost as much as time with her slave.

    She slowly came back to reality and noticed she was still brushing her slave's feet. She had scrubbed them bright pink. She dropped the brush and stood up, nearly jumping out of her skin as she came face to face with the man she had invited to fuck her slave earlier. He was staring intently at Holly.

    “She's pretty,” he said in his stupor, “she looks like somebody I knew once. She was pretty too.”

    “Well that's fascinating isn't it,” said Maria with a big smile for her addled companion, “but you shouldn't be in here now, it's naughty.”

    “Oh, I'm sorry miss. I forgot.” He looked at Holly once more, quizzically. His curious gaze causing Maria's heart to creep up into her throat.

    “Wait, I do know her. She's called Hol... Hol-”

    Maria stood frozen in place, her world beginning to shake. This had been a terrible, terrible idea.

    “-Holiday? ...Holiday? That's not a name is it.” He said, putting his finger to his lips and staring down at the floor. “It'll come to me I'm sure, sorry miss.” He turned away and made his drunken way back out of the room.

    By this point Maria was frantic. She followed him out of the room and made him comfortable in the lounge before running out to the kitchen to fix him another drink.

    “What's a matter, miss? Did I do bad again?” He asked with real concern in his voice, which Maria ignored for the moment as she ground tablets to powder and clumsily filled the glass with orange juice and a shot of vodka.

    “No, no you didn't do bad. Drink this, quickly.” He gratefully accepted the drink and downed it in one go. Maria sat with him, his head on her chest as she stroked his hair and told him all about the wonderful day out in the park he had enjoyed. How he'd seen the birds and the squirrels, some deer too. The picnic they'd shared. The beautiful weather. Every detail she could think of while he drifted to sleep. Anything to convince this drugged idiot's future waking consciousness that he had enjoyed a wonderful day out at the park and had not in fact partaken in the rape and torture of his missing ex girlfriend.


    “No he's fine, just very tired.” Maria told the driver, she had booked Holly's ex a taxi to take him home. “Had a long day, haven't you?” Maria raised her voice slightly to be heard by him on the back seat, he grunted something about squirrels. Maria felt a lot lighter inside having heard that.

    “Here's the address, and a little extra for the trouble.” She smiled and the driver frowned as he pulled away from the complex. Never to be seen again, please God never to be seen again, she thought.

    Having drawn a desperately needed bath for her slave, Maria returned to her playthings room. It had been an interesting day to say the least. Highly dangerous, but very highly exciting. The danger had not been strictly sexual however, there'd been a very real possibility that her slave's ex boyfriend could have remembered exactly who the bound young lady was and he could have raised the alarm. It had all but thrown a bucket of ice water over Maria.

    She cut the tape from her slave's body and released her from the Y frame. She unbuckled the gag and let it drop to the wooden floor with a bang.

    Holly's eyes shot open, she was so stiff she could barely move but Maria helped her up. Maria held her, so strongly yet so tenderly. Holly felt a perverse sense of safety when she was held by Maria. This woman that had captured her and put her through almost indescribable ticklish hell for so many weeks, had sexually tortured her among other things also made her feel more safe than she could ever remember feeling.

    This feeling was compounded when Maria helped her into the warm bathwater. All the troubles of the day melting away like butter under a hot tap. Maria got into the bath with her, sliding herself in behind Holly and holding her closely as she fell asleep on Maria's chest.

    Maria knew it wouldn't last, as soon as her icy chill wore off and her sex drive returned to dominate proceedings, she'd once more have no interest in her slave besides something to use for her entertainment. It's the way she'd always been. When she was horny, nothing mattered besides her own pleasure. Nothing. The things she did when she was all fired up made her sick sometimes, she could barely bring herself to recall what she herself had done in the past. To innocent people. But at times like this, she had all the love in the world to lavish upon someone that truly mattered to her.

    This was that time. She pulled Holly's sleeping body tight into her own, listening to her breathing, the feel of her skin against her own and felt her heart beating. She actually felt warm, almost happy.

    And even as the tear trickled from Maria's eye, that darkness within her, that bizarre coping mechanism for life's stressful events, concocted further schemes to inflict ticklish and torturous agony upon her slave.

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    wow, great story

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    this story is brilliant

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    This is getting good! Keep up the great work.

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    Amazing story... thanks for sharing

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