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    A Tailgate Foot Tickling (MM/F)

    Hope you enjoy! Thanks for stopping by!

    John Smith
    The Laughter Mechanic

    The Tantalizing Tailgate Tickling of Sandra

    Sandra was glad her son's college football team had won, and she could make her way over to the sea of blue and white t-shirts to find her son, give him a hug, put a few dollars in his pocket to go out with this friends after the game, and head back to their small hometown in Central Pennsylvania.

    Sandra's in her early 40's, attractive, slender, and coming off a day spent at her local spa where she'd had her nails done; both hands and feet.

    She always loves to wear shoes that would show off her nice pedicures the day after, and today's 'day after' is no exception.

    Sandra is sporting a pair of very showy, very sexy sandals with a nice little fake flower petal placed between the big toe and the second toe as if to say to her feet gawkers, 'Look at my pretty gorgeous toes! Even this little flower is still blooming in autumn around my beautiful feet!'.


    Little does Sandra realize that she's about to set in motion a little foot tickling session that will change her life forever, in a good way.

    Her husband, and high school aged daughter, have already gone back to the car, and Sandra's all by herself in a sea of students trying to get to her son.

    She catches a glimpse of her son, James, in the crowd and he's getting shoved around by the sheer critical mass of all the people trying to make their way out of the stadium.

    James is actually doing fine handling the crowd and is only enduring slight crowd shoving.

    He tries to get to his Mom as he sees her approaching. 'Mom, I'm fine. These guys are just a little drunk that's all. Thanks for trying to help me though.'

    No sooner does James finish his sentence than James's mom is hoisted above his much larger friend, Matthew's, shoulders and carried off toward the tailgating area.

    'Matt, put me down! What the heck are you doing?!', Sandra laughingly demands from her son's friend.

    Sandra knows Matt from the neighborhood where they raised James. Him and Matt practically grew up together from 4th grade. *They are good friends.

    Matt is about 6'5" and 275 lbs. He should be on the football team, but Matt is happy with books and piano.

    He's also secretly very happy hearing attractive older women like James's mom, laugh while being tickled on their barefeet.

    This is something he's wanted to do to James's mom for quite some time, and he's hoping he can make his dreams come true today.

    Sandra is poking at Matt from above his shoulders, and playfully asking to be let down.

    Truthfully though she kind of likes the attention, and is going along with the joke.

    Matt continues his strides toward his truck in the parking lot where everyone is celebrating out the backs of their vehicles.

    Matt puts Sandra down in the back of his pick up. There's alot of straw, and it feels surprisingly comfortable to Sandra.

    'Want a beer?', Matt asks Sandra.

    'Ummm, I really should be getting back guys. Tim and Ally are waiting for me in the car.', Sandra says.

    'Why don't you just text Dad, Mom, and say you're going to grab a beer with us. Doesn't Ally need to buy some shoes at the mall? Dad could take her and come back to pick you up.', James proposes.

    'Ummm, ok, sure. I'll do that.', Sandra rethinks and relays.

    She pulls out her iPhone and quickly sends a message to her husband, Tim, that she's running behind, and it would be better to meet back in an hour.

    Tim responds back immediately to 'take her time, no worries!'.

    She's just created an hour to destress, let her hair down, and kick off her sandals and feel the soft straw under her smooth bare soles.

    'Matt, you got anything stronger, maybe a Gin and Tonic?', asks Sandra playfully.

    'As a matter of fact, Mrs. Tilley, for you, the world.', Matthew smiles, and gets to work finding his finest bottle of Tanqueray located in the backseat of his truck.

    He lovingly fixes her the cocktail, and hands it to her.

    Sandra's already taken her hair clip off and she's let her sandy brown hair flow down and around her cheeks and neck. Her gorgeously smooth, well taken care of barefeet are now resting just off the truck's tailgate with a nice bed of soft straw supporting her size 10 soles.

    'Now Mrs. Tilley, you know you're going to have to go into a timeout, right?! You know you're not allowed in the student section after games.', Matt jokes.

    'Oh Matt, you know I was just trying to give James a quick Mom hug before heading out. Alright, I'm guilty as charged. What are you going to do to punish me?', Sandra jokes with Matt.

    'Hmmm, now that is the question, isn't it, Mrs. Tilley? I wonder what would be fitting for your trespassing violation into the student section prior to the game officially ending?', Matt ponders aloud.

    Matt and James's other friend, Andrew, is sitting down on the truck tailbed next to Sandra and thinking about the possibilites like Matt is.

    Andrew motions to Matt to have a private word. Matt acknowledges and steps away from the truck to engage with his friend.

    'Matt, honestly bro, if you want to tickle Mrs. Tilley's feet, you're going to have to try and distract James with something. He probably isn't going to go for seeing his Mom tickled by you and me. Can we get Tina to take him over to Carla's VW wagon over in Row 40, and maybe have a beer over there with them for just like 10 minutes?'

    Matt thinks for a second. 'That's brilliant. Yes, let's do that. Can you text Tina?'


    Andrew pulls out his iPhone and texts their friend. Before 30 seconds passes, James and Tina are texting, and she's already en route to grab Sandra's son by the arm and whisk him away to meet the woman of his dreams over by the VW wagon.

    Sandra quickly and playfully waves goodbye to her son as he heads into the crowded parking lot.

    Sandra's gin is working a nice sedative magic, and the sexy mother of 2 decides to just lay her head back in the soft straw filled truck bed and stretch her long legs as much as she can.

    Her gorgeous bare feet are now even further extended over the tailgate.

    'So, Mrs. Tilley, back to that trespassing violation. Here at Penn State we have to take seriously these kind of parental infringements on student freedoms. I hope you can understand. If we don't have some kind of punishment for the act, well, then, we're just not doing our job as promoters of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. And speaking of happiness, I think laughter sometimes can be the way to happiness. Would you agree with me on that, Andrew?', Matt finishes up his soliloquy with a question.

    'Absolutely, Matt. Laughter is medicine and it's scientifically proven to be *good for the soul', Andrew concludes.

    'Well said, Andrew. And speaking of souls, Mrs. Tilley, I must say, your soles are looking quite lovely this afternoon hanging off my tailgate right now.', Matthew complements.

    Sandra, still supine in the truck's bed, not looking at Matt or Andrew, but rather looking up at the beautiful blue sky, replies, 'Why thank you, Matt! I just had a pedicure done yesterday at our local spa in Altoona. It was divine!'

    'So Andrew and I have come to a silent agreeement on what would be a fitting punishment for your violation. Are you ready to hear it?', Matt asks.

    'Sure. Let me finish this beautiful gin and tonic you've given me, and hopefully I can get one more in before you read out my punishment?', Sandra kindly asks, anticipating the need to be suffiently buzzed in order to handle what she knows is probably going to involve these two male college-aged 20 somethings tickling her soft as silk barefeet.

    Sandra suspects that Matt has a foot fetish as she caught him last year blatantly staring at her feet in high heels while they were at an academic awards dinner for both he and her son.

    She didn't say or do anything at the time, so as not to embarass him in front of James, but she's been keenly aware of how much attention Matt pays to her lowest region when she decides to wear shoes that show off her bare feet. And honestly, secretly, she rather enjoys all the attention Matt virtually lavishes on her feet. She has caught herself on more than one occassion fantasizing what it would be like to have her toes sucked by this broad shouldered hulking specimen of the male species.

    But Matt as it turns out is just one of many of Sandra's foot admirers. All of the males and even some females in her engineering office where she works as a civil engineer, stare at her feet during meetings when she wears flip flops or strappy sandals. *It's just the price you pay for having 'supermodel looking' barefeet, Sandra reasons. And Sandra actually thinks it's quite fun paying the bill.

    Matt knows that his moment to break out his quiver of feathers has arrived.

    He reaches into his backpack and pulls out two huge flumed pink feathers. He hands one to Andrew and keeps one to himself.

    'Alright, Mrs. Tilley. Moment of reckoning. For every illegal action there's an equal and opposite ticklish reaction.', Matt recites his new law of ticklish momentum.

    Sandra chuckles at his clever turn of physics phrase.

    'I see. Well, I say, I guess there's little I can do to escape this tailbed of criminal justice. I only ask for mercy if that feather ends up being cruel and unusual!', Sandra laughs and looks back to Matt and Andrew with playful eyes.

    Andrew can't wait and moves in with his feather to see if he can be the first to elicit some of Mrs. Tilley's famously sexy laughter.

    The pink feather in Andrew's hand is stiff and he wiggles it ever so swiftly and deftly on the soft insoles of Sandra's barefeet. Her reaction is priceless as just the slightest touch of her soft skin with the soft yet stiff feather brings forth the loveliest of laughs out of Sandra's mouth.

    Both Matt and Andrew melt as they hear it for the first time in such a long while.

    They both look at Sandra and she has a look on her face that says something akin to, 'You boys aren't just going to stop there are you?!'

    As if reading Sandra's mind in unison, both Matthew and Andrew awaken out of their Sandra's sexy laugh stupor and return to brushing Sandra's baresoles with their respective feathers.

    The sensations are just wonderful for Sandra as she begins to feel her baresoles giving in to their ticklish fate. She laughs even longer and deeper as the feathers travel up and down and all around her soft bare soles.

    She can't believe she's scored two foot and tickle fetishists paying such undivided interest in her barefeet.

    'Oh my goodness Guys! Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha hee hee hee hee hee! You sure know to make a Mom feel young again! Ohh hee hee hee hee! Ah ha ha hahaa haa haa!'

    The feathers continue to work their magic all over Sandra's soft bare feet. The sensations these two young men are bringing up in Sandra's body are so delicious and so primal. It's been so long since she's been tickled like this, really tickled. And she just loves it!

    'Wow, Mrs. Tilley! You seem like you really like to be tickled! Am I right?', asks Andrew as he continues to tantalize her bare soles with his stiff quill.

    'Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, oh my God yes! Yes! Yes! I love it! Ah ha ha ha haha ha ha ha! Whatever you guys are doing...ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, don't...ha ha ha haha ha ha ha...stop...ha h ah ha ha ha ha ha...FEELS...ha ha ha ha ha...SO...ha ha ha ha ha ha ha...GOOD! ha ha ha ha ha ah ha ha hee hee hee!!!'

    Andrew and Matt are just in tickle heaven hearing and seeing their sexy MILF muse laughing in such ecstasy. *It's a dream come true for the two of them as they've both talked at great length to each other about what it might be like to tickle Mrs. Tilley's feet.

    Andrew and Matt don't want their little ticklish escapade to end too soon so they both give facial gestures to each other to slow down their feather strokes, and just like that their respective feathers begin a gradual decrease in movement.

    Sandra lets out a little moan as if to say that this ticklish feather frequency reduction on her feet feels good. But she surprises Matt and Andrew with this quip, 'Is that all you got, boys? These feet didn't walk through the student section to just succumb to some light tickling. Let's see what you boys are really made of, shall we?! This *lady has tickle stamina you won't believe! Come on! Tickle me boys! Tickle me good!'

    And with that, Matt and Andrew picked back up their pace running their feathers up and down and all around Sandra's beautiful bare soles. And just as before, Sandra's beautiful sexy laughter filled the truck bed and spilled out into the surrounding tail gate areas. It spilled out so much so, that other tailgaters were starting to take notice of all the sexy laughter in the air.

    Sandra was beside herself now just howling pleasurably having her feet tickled so consistently and with wild abandon.

    She closed her eyes and just descended into these beautiful moments of ticklish bliss. Every now and again she would half open her eyes and see her ticklers working feverishly to bring out all of her ticklish laughter.

    She could also see some other college aged boys behind and to the side of Matt and Andrew wishing they could get a turn too. All of this attention on Sandra was so intoxicating to her. She absolutely loved to be at Grand Central Station so to speak.

    She simply couldn't get enough.

    Matt and Andrew had trained for this moment for years. They'd practiced on countless women in their dorms to perfect their foot tickling techniques with feathers. There was an art and a science to weaving the feathers up the soles, down the soles, in between the toes, and then on the tops of the feet and around the ankles. All of their ticklish work needed to be synchronized and precise to elicit the reactions they were getting from Sandra.

    And Sandra knew what they were doing was special and choreographed beautifully. That's why when she half opened her eyes admist all her laughter and saw the looks on the other college boys' faces watching her get tickled she didn't want them to take Matt and Andrew's places quite yet. She wanted them all to see and hear what masterful feather foot tickling really looks and sounds like. And she wanted them to let it sink in that Matt and Andrew were true tickling professionals.

    Sandra lost track of time as did her ticklers as Sandra's beautiful laughter wafted and mixed with the sounds of other people talking, cooking, joking, yelling, and all the other things people make noise at for tailgates.

    The sounds of Sandra's cell phone ringing woke her and the rest of the crowd out of their ticklish trance. She reached in her back pocket and answered breathless and still laughing.

    'Ha ha ha ha ha ha, Hi Honey! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! How are you? Ha ha ha ha hahaha haha hee hee hee!', the conversation with her husband started.

    Rather than lie about what's happening to her, Sandra is honest with her husband.

    'Honey, ha ha ha ha ha, I'm right in the middle of something...ha ha ha ha heeheee hee ha ha ha...quite TICKLISH...ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!'

    Sandra's husband is a little taken aback at just how much his partner is laughing into the phone.

    'Are you Ok?', he asks.

    'Ha ha ha ha ha ha, I'm..ha ha ha ha ha ha...fine....he heee heee ha ha ha! Matthew and Andrew...ha ha hah ha ha ha ha...are tickling my...ha ha ha h aha ha hah hee hee hee...feeeeeeeeeeeeet...ahh ha ha h aha ha ha!'

    'Oh ok, wow.* I kind of figured something like that was happening.* Well, it sounds like you're having fun. Want us to come back later to pick you up?'

    'Ooooookkkkkkkk, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha heee heee ha ha ha ha!* Maybe...ha ha ha ha ha heee hee hee hee ha ha ha ha...in an...ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha...hour?!'

    'You got it!* Have fun.* Love you!'

    'Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha...love you too!* Bye!* Ha ha ha ha hee hee hee hee hee!'

    And with that, Sandra's husband disconnected the line, and disconnected from the slightly troubling image of his wife being ticklishly pleasured by two young college students.* He knows that he can't provide this kind of pleasure to her as he's just not that into these foot and tickling fetishes like she is.* Sandra's husband has known for quite a while about Sandra's desires to be tickled like this.* They've brought it up during foreplay and each time Sandra's husband just can't bring himself to suck on her toes like she wants and tickle her bare soles with feathers like she wants.* So he does his best to compartmentalize the experience he's just had on the phone, and try to just focus on letting her have a good time.* After all, it's not like she's sleeping around on me, right?, he thinks to himself.

    'It's JUST tickling, right?', he continues to reason.

    Meanwhile, Sandra continues to be having the time of her life being tickled by these two attractive college-aged males. She also poses the question inside her own colosseum of swirling thoughts, 'It's JUST tickling, right? I'm not supposed to be getting aroused by this am I?* Is this cheating?* I seem to be liking this just a bit too much!', and the list of her thoughts in this direction go on and on paralleling the feathers and tongues working their ticklish magic all over her bare soles.

    'I wish I could freeze this ticklish moment forever', Sandra laughs internally and vows to figure out more ways over the coming football season to visit with her son's friends and arrange more beautiful foot tickling encounters like this one.

    Little does Sandra know that the whole ticklish episode has been captured on an iPhone and uploaded to Youtube.* The logistics of figuring out how to arrange more beautiful tickling encounters such as this one just got a lot easier

    The End.

    For more stories, visit https://thelaughtermechanic.wordpress.com/

    As always, thanks for stopping by!

    John Smith
    The Laughter Mechanic

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    Great story!

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    Great story!
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    Yummy story John. If it’s in the cards can you please write another one of Ms Sandra

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    superb story .... it was 'only' foot tickling ...

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    Great story... Enjoyed reading it

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    Loved this story. Great imagery.

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    I liked it alot.
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