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    Mansion on the Boundary (supernatural, horror, noncon, undead/several F)

    As it's the month of Halloween, I had some early inspiration and decided to whip up a story with horror elements. It's obviously been influenced by other tickling creations I've read and chatter with likeminded people, and I give all honor to everyone and everything that's ever had part in inspiring this wicked and absolutely spooky not at all (as if!) cheesy story.

    I: The arrival

    "What's that?", Gina asked as she stopped the car. "I didn't know there's a house like that here."
    "Neither did I" confirmed Alison.
    "We neither" the Lindberg twins answered, and other two girls in the car, Elly and Laura, nodded in agreement. The six girls were back to their home town for an extended weekend at summer, meeting each for the first time since departing for mostly different colleges a year prior. They were childhood friends who had stuck together almost as long as they could remember. Gina, thin, classical brunette beauty with Mediterranean features was studying to be a vet. Alison, African-American athlete, was studying health sciences while pursuing her dream of being a professional runner. She had been in the high school track team together with Elly, a short but sporty girl of Asian origins who decided to put her main focus on studying economics instead. Laura and the Lindberg twins, Melody and Hannah, were all three studying biology and were room mates in their college dorm. Laura was a frail girl with short raven black hair who had fairy-like fragile beauty about her, and Lindberg twins were your stereotypical blonde cheerleader girls by their looks, but as far from “mean girls” cliches as they could be, as despite their stunning looks (and chests) they were rather humble and down to earth.

    “Shall we take a look inside?” Gina asked. “For the old time’s adventure’s sake. I can’t believe there was a manor like this here and we lived here all our lives, for God’s sake! Imagine how great it would have been to play in there!” The house loomed in front of them basking in late evening twilight. It was an old manor indeed, but oddly well preserved for something that’s made out of wood and stood there unattended for several centuries. It must have been built in 18th century.

    “I don’t know...” Elly who had always been the voice of reason for the bunch rubbed her head nervously. “As much as I wonder how we never knew of this house, I’m more worried of stepping on a nail in the darkness or getting my clothes dirty than excited of seeing insides of an abandoned house. What’s the most interesting thing we could find there? We are on our way to Jill’s party anyways, don’t you want to see our other old friends too?”

    “Just for a moment!” Gina insisted, already walking towards the mansion doors.

    “Weird...” Laura remarked as rest of the girls followed. “Nobody really uses this roads. We are here because of the roadworks by the freeway. But I remember walking around these paths with my parents as a kid and remember only somewhat creepy ruins... Seems like I remember wrong.” However creepy those ruins she remembered were, the mansion could not have lost by that much. It was tall, dark wooden structure that would have been outright terrifying if they had passed by in the the night. Elly hoped that they would have, as it could have compelled others for being so damn curious. She reluctantly followed as her friends, led by Gina, entered from the creaking door.

    II: The mansion

    If the the derelict house didn’t have so many windows and and last rays of sun didn’t illuminate it, it would have been too dark to explore. Girls weren’t prepared for encounter like this so they weren’t carrying actual flashlights, only ones their phones could provide.

    “Whoa, what a disappointment.” Gina uttered. “There’s nothing scary here.” The main hall of the mansion was empty without furniture to speak of. Stairway up had collapsed, so it was off limits. The girls walked to other rooms in the ground floor, which were empty too. “I was hoping this would be our horror movie experience. How cool would that have been.”

    Others chuckled at Gina’s joke, but Elly didn’t. For reasons she couldn’t explain, she was getting increasingly nervous. Something Melody noticed.

    “Come on, Elly! Don’t be so scaredy, if this was a horror film, you would be the first one they will GET!” Melody suddenly attacked Elly from behind, tickling her ribs. Melody jumped off the ground and fell over. She was incredible ticklish there and Melody knew it well. Their countless tickle fights while growing up had made them well versed in weaknesses of each other.

    “Nooaahhah, Melody, no, stop!” Elly pleaded as Melody kept tickling her friend, pinned under her as Hannah had started to hold her hands. Other girls observed while giggling, and soon turned around to explore next room, leaving twins and Elly at it. Elly’s laughter echoed in the mansion, and it just seemed to go on and on. It started to sound distorted. Like the echoes were multiplying the sound. By this point, Gina started to feel unnerved.

    She shouted at the previous room. “G-girls, do you think you’ve tickled Elly enoug-” “W-were not tickling her!” Gina and rest of the young women ran there, and saw it to be true. Twins had stopped tickling Elly, who was still laying on the floor. They all had horrified expressions on their faces with spread to Gina, Laura and Alison too. The sounds of frenzied female laughter just continued. It was as if they were coming from everywhere within the mansion.

    “Let’s get out of here!” Alison shouted. She quickly helped Elly up, and they ran to the front door, which was blocked by something that made all the girls scream. There were three living skeletons, with red glow in their empty eye sockets. One of them pointed at girls, and two started to walk towards them. “Run!” Elly heard Laura shouting. And they all did, to different rooms and directions. Elly went with Alison, but wherever they tried to run, more reanimated undead were there to block their paths. There was nowhere to run. These horrors had came from nowhere, and the disturbing noise of laughter just kept roaring from nowhere and everywhere. Ultimately, Alison and Elly were running in a long hallway, when Elly, running behind her friend, suddenly felt the floor breaking under her. She fell down into the darkness under the mansion, and then there was just blackness.

    III: The suffering

    Elly awoke with a faint headache that started to pass surprisingly briefly. She was laying on her back, and saw a hole in the floor above her. She had fallen down and been knocked out. How long had she been unconscious? What happened to her friends? She quickly checked herself for injuries, and was amazed to notice she apparently wasn’t bleeding or even bruised. It was good, because she had to get moving. Her phone, however, had been crushed by the wall. So much for calling help. Making her way in the darkness, she eventually found a door and managed to open it. Sudden light blinded her eyes for a second, and she saw she was in a torch-lit corridor with stone walls and series of door at both sides. They looked like old prison doors, made of iron with little barred windows in them. And they obviously weren’t empty. She heard voices from them. Like laughter, but it was far too pained, far too desperate to be anything hood.

    She peeked inside the first room, and what she saw made her knees weak. It was a sinister looking torch-lit dungeon cell that could be better described as a torture chamber. Illuminated by torches, she could make out most details. Stone walls and ceiling, chains and manacles hanging from from them. But the worst thing was what was going on in the room, that was occupied by her friend Alison and two of those terrible skeletons. Alison was restrained to the center of the room, her arms chained to the ceiling above her and and her legs to the floor below. Alison herself was hanging couple of inches from the floor. The reason for her screams shocked Elly the most. One skeletal captor was standing in front of the ebony beauty and tickling her midriff, exposed by tearing off the lower part of her shirt. The skeleton behind her had torn her clothing protecting her armpits, and traced her hollow, tense underarms with torturous precision, making the ebony beauty writhe so violently Elly almost expected the chains binding her to break. Elly noticed that the bony fingers of skeletons were barely even touching her skin, but some sort of visible, supernatural aura was formed around them. Faint, green glow, that seemed to have life of it's own, spreading on the victim's ticklish flesh and forming tiny, spectral tentacles wiggling against it. They seemed to be the worst of horrors driving Alison to hysteria. Her screaming laughter seemed to get worse and worse as slow, excruciating seconds creeped by. She uselessly tried to writhe away from the torture but the chains held her firmly, her feet wiggled wildly and her hands looked like as they were desperately trying to grab onto something, anything, her fists clenching tightly only to open again for her fingers to wiggle wildly. Finally, after several minutes of watching torture of he friend in awe and horror, Elly forced herself away from the bars and backed off, running along the hallway. She had to get out and get help. She couldn't save her on her own, and was scared that her other friends were in danger too. She got a confirmation for these worries just after mere seconds of running, as she heard similar agonized shrieks from another room, sealed by a similar door. Elly stopped and peeked inside again.

    She saw a similar torture room, with the Lindberg twins imprisoned inside. They were bound in shackles too, tied standing against the wall in the back of their dungeon. Elly didn't have as good view on their torture thanks to their skeletal tormentors standing in front of them, but could tell what was happening. Each of them had one skeleton attending to their exposed upper bodies, Elly could see that they had been stripped entirely topless, And there apparently were additional chains bound over their waists and lower chests to keep their torsos as immobile as possible. Both sisters were howling of tearful laughter, as the skeletons were unleashing the spectral tickle-aura of their fingers on their large breasts, jiggling helplessly as the hapless twins tried their best in squirming away, but could not escape any of the tickling. Elly could see them shaking their heads from side to side, their blonde hair thrashing and their faces, soaked with tears and sweat, twisted in expressions of pure agony. Every now and then she heard their screams pitch up as skeletons moved the tickling aura over their breasts, and could only presume that those were the moments when ghastly tentacles tickled their nipples. Elly knew now that not only Alison was in danger, those monster got her other friends too. She continued her search for exit, hoping to meet either of her remaining companions, wishing from the bottom of her heart that not all had fallen victims to these fiends and that she would have someone to escape with in case she would have to defend herself. Her hopes got lowered as she heard another young woman being tortured from a third cell. Horrified to watch, she still had to. She had to know if it was Nora or Laura. It turned out to be the latter.

    Laura was still wearing all her clothing, a white summer dress and sandals, as stripping her wasn't necessary to her tormentors. The tiny, pixie-like cutie was sitting on a sturdy wooden chair, her limbs bound to the bottom of it and armrests with the chains similar to previous rooms, additional chains also restrained her upper body against the chair. She also had a leather strap bound over her forehead, keeping her head completely still, and Elly could see why. She had two skeletal abominations torturing her, their spectral tickle-tendrils at work on her helpless neck and ears, driving her to utter insanity. Her laughter was incoherent mix of laughing screams and attempts to beg for mercy, and despite her small and frail body, the chair creaked and almost rocked a bit, despite obviously being a lot heavier than the unfortunate buckling maiden bound to it. Laura's eyes were closed shut at one second, wide as saucers and darting in desperation at another, and like Alisa's, her hands and feet wiggled like there was fire under them. Elly understood now why Laura always had short haircuts. She obviously could not stand the sensation of even hair caressing her neck and ears. Now, unable to move her head at all, incapable of protecting her hypersensitive spots at all, the touch of her undead tormentors bony fingers and spectral tendrils were pure torture for her. Shuddering Elly turned away, and abandoned yet another friend to tickle torture. She would be back for her. It begun to dawn onto her that it would be all up to her to get her friends rescued from this nightmare. As she passed yet another cell where loud female laughter echoed from, she realized she was right. They got Gina too.

    She was laying on a wooden table, almost mummified by shackles that bound her to it, her bare feet being the exception. She wasn't being tortured by one of those skeletons. Well, not directly. Ethereal, almost completely transparent ghostly hound was licking her feet. Her big toes were tied to each other with iron clamp, and a metal wire attached it to lowest chain holding her ankles, minimizing all wiggling, a fact that made her agony even worse. The tongue of the ghost hound seemed to be more corporeal than it's other body, and it was licking something off her vulnerable soles. Something green and glowing. "It can't be... " Elly thought. That tickling aura those skeletons had in their fingers, that they were able to use as tendrils to torment their friends, it could be used like that? After the hound had licked it all off, Ginas laughter turned down a bit and eventually the ghastly licking stopped. As Gina was catching her breath, the skeleton formed that eldritch tickle aura on it's hands, and it formed into a ball. It moved it by Gina's feet, and it started to turn into liquid. This tickling ectoplasm poured on protesting Gina's soles. "N-no, not agaHAHAHAHHAAA". The beast by her feet started licking again, and her tormented laughter reached roaring volumes once again. The idle skeleton overseeing her torment stood still, motionless, until it's head suddenly turned. It's hollow eyes were looking straight at Elly, peeking behind the bars. It raised it's finger, pointing at her. Less would have been enough to drive her into a panic. All her friends were held captives by these monsters, and being cruelly tortured. She had to get out! If there ever were any slightest ideas of heroism in her head, they were gone now. She would not become their victim.

    Ignoring other holding cells in the hallway, she ran for it, and saw a stairway up. Adrenaline kept her going way faster she ever thought she could run, despite being athletic already. She made it to the ground level of the mansion, as stairway ended in a door to the room just by the entrance hall. She kept running, not looking back, certain that those atrocities were after her. She was almost at the front door. She would make it. She would escape and get help. As she touched the doorknob and turned it, she could not help a smile and nervous yet victorious giggle. She did it! But as she opened the door, her smile instantly died and a horrified scream was muffled in her throat. Instead of the forest road and outdoors, she was staring inside one of those torture chambers, from which two skeletal arms swiftly reached out and dragged her in.

    IV: The damnation

    "NOOOO! NOOOOO! WHY, WHY NOOOO, HEEELP!" she screamed, as they dragged her towards the empty torture rack in the middle of the room. The door closed by itself, and Elly saw it transform from the main door into one of the dungeon cell doors with barred window. She recognized the dungeon corridor at the other side of the bars, and if she didn't scream for her life herself, could have heard faint female laughter. The skeletons tied her on her back, shackling her wrists and ankles, and her fit body was stretched until she could not move at all. The cold shackles surprisingly didn't feel painful at all, but that comfort didn't really console Elly. She had seen what these monsters did to her friends. They somehow knew their most vulnerable ticklish spots, and attacked them in atrocious ways. Being stretched left her midriff vulnerable, and her already quite skimpy crop top now revealed her entire rib cage. Her worst fears proved to be true when one of the skeletons hovered it's hand right on top of her belly, pointing at her belly button. The tickling aura started glowing around the finger, and a single drop of tickling ectoplasm fell straight into her belly button. Elly went berserk immediately. She threw her head back and tried to arch her body, tried to move her body enough to get this terrible substance off her belly button, but she could not. It felt like it was sending constant ticklish electric shocks into her nervous system, her brain screamed that she had to get away. This had to stop. She can't stand it! But she never had any choice. The restraints didn't allow her to struggle enough, not even when her ordeal got worse. The skeleton that was responsible for her navel tickle torture started to rake her ribs with it's fingers. The bony scratching would have been enough to torture Elly, but the eldritch aura of tickling that followed it really drove her beyond hysteria. It wasn't as bad as constant tickling in her belly button that just seemed to get worse all the time, but the ghastly aura spread all over her ribs. It was maddening. She was already getting sweaty and tears of forced laughter streamed from her eyes. It still wasn't enough for those abominable tormentors, as the second one got her armpits. All the spots she couldn't stand being touched, tickled worse than she could have ever have imagined possible. Was this her punishment for evading being captured together with others? She would have sold her soul just to switch places with any of them, done anything just to get rid of the hellish sensation in her belly button. "Someone will save us!" was among her last coherent thoughts before she could only begin mental begging for mercy and screaming for rescue as forming any words with her laughing mouth became impossible. "People know where we were and will find the car and this house, someone will save us!" As the young women were screaming like banshees under relentless tickle torture, the night eventually passed and first light shined upon the mansion. At touch of the sunlight, the mansion slowly began to disappear, and nature started to materialize in it's place. Soon, the spot that had previously contained a fork from the forest path and the old mansion had only trees, ruins, and the car of the girls.

    *2 days later*

    A group of police officers were investigating the car, belonging to group of college girls who went missing few nights ago.
    "No unusual tracks around the car, no signs of struggle, nothing suspicious at all." A young officer said. "It's like they drove a bit off the road, stopped and just, well, disappeared. Judging by footprints they went to the ruins of that house over there and then nothing. There's no way they would have wandered in deeper forest."
    The older officer in charge tapped his notebook with a pen, looking thoughtful.
    "I suppose we just have to presume that. We'll have to assemble a search party. Nights have been warm, they should be relatively fine if they're just lost. "
    As he was writing, the younger officer pointed at ruined house. "By the way... What is that sir?"
    "That? Oh, ages old folk legends, not young folks from even here know of it. They say it was a dwelling of a witch who abducted nearby women in early 1800s and 'sacrificed their laughter' to some demonic deity for her rituals. That means she tickled them until they lost their minds or even died. The locals eventually caught and lynched her after she was spotted kidnapping local preacher's daughter and her other deeds were discovered, but not before she cursed all to cross her domain on nights of her death to suffer 'the wrath of her master's minions' and 'everlasting tickling'. Out of fear, nothing was ever built nearby and nature reclaimed it's own. People sure were superstitious just few centuries ago, weren't they?"
    "Really? What night is that sir?"
    "Nobody really knows, kid. After all, it's just a legend. Might not have happened at all. Most likely it was just some unsettling abandoned mansion and people made up the story to scare their kids from playing in there. Much more dangerous things than some magical vengeance on the innocent out here. Like wildlife. I hope the ladies haven't ran into any..."
    As the police officers ventured deeper in the woods in order to look for possible tracks, Sally, the only female officer present heard something in the wind as she passed the ruins of the house. Like different faint voices. "...please!...nooo! ...help me! ...oh god! ...make it stooop! ...mercyy!" She stood still. Did she just hear the girls shouting? Taking few steps away while listening closely, she couldn't hear anything anymore. Must have been her imagination. Gosh, this ruined, rotting thing is giving her the creeps and the bullshit story boss told surely didn't make her more comfortable. Everlasting tickling? Jesus, talk about nightmare fuel. They departed, and the house and forest surrounding it stood in silence as perpetual laughter of the innocent but damned continues at other side of the boundary that will stay closed until the next year. And once you're in, you will never leave.
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    Wonderful story!
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    wow, what a great story.

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    Great story...! Thanks for sharing.

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    Love stories with multiple victims, nicely done!

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    I loved this so much! Very well done!

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    Superb Story

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    Love this story. Hot as hell and perfect for October.

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