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    beach blanket tickle


    One of my favorite stories, found deep in an old laptop of mine. I don't know who wrote it but I'm not finding it posted anywhere on any forum. Enjoy!

    Here's one of my favorite fantasies: I'm at the beach with a really sexy girl. She's wearing a bikini and she's sunning her back with the top undone. Several times she's asked me to rub lotion on her back and sides, and it drives me crazy to have my hands on her skin. I let my fingers go a little low on her sides and ribs, not really tickling but almost, and I feel her hold in a squirm as I do.

    Of course I've prepared a special treat for her- innocently I start playing with a set of Chinese handcuffs, those tricky woven tubes that one sticks one's fingers into. "What's that?" she asks. "Oh, its nothing, just a game." "Show me," she says. "Okay, you stick your fingers in and you can't get them out, unless you know the secret." "It looks easy," she says, "let me try." "You sure?" I ask. "You might not get free." "Give it to me," she insists. "Okay," I say, "have at it."

    She doesn't notice the thin, almost invisible fishingline that I sewed through the middle of the toy. "No cheating now," I say. Defiantly she shoves her fingers in as far as they'll go. "This will be easy," she says, but she tugs too hard and can't release her fingers. "What's that line coming off?" she finally asks. "I didn't see it" "Oh, just a little extra challenge," I say innocently.

    The fishing line runs to a hidden tent-stake I stuck deep in the sand five feet over her head. Quickly I reel the string in, stretching her hands over her head towards the stake. I tie the string off, and she looks at me wondering, still thinking it's the same game.

    "What are you doing to me? she asks, smiling. She tugs a little harder at the Chinese Handcuffs, but can't get free. "Ooo," she says coyly. "It's like you're tying me up, are you? Are you going to tie me up with little bits of string, and take advantage of me right here on the beach?"

    Now I spring the rest of my trap - taking 2 slender tentstakes, and two one-foot pieces of the invisible string, I tie lines to her bikini bottom and stake them down tightly to either side of her body.

    Now, finally, she realizes just how helpless she is - these little bits of thin string have tied her up just as firmly if with ropes on my bed. "Heeey," she asks coyly, "what are you going to do to me?"

    "I think you need more lotion," I say as I straddle her thighs and look at all the bare skin from her bikini bottom to her outstretched arms. To anyone walking by, she just looks like she's lying in the sun - the stakes are covered with sand, and the thin string is invisible. And it looks just like I'm putting lotion on her back, her sides, her ribs..

    Of course, looking closely they might see my fingernails and fingertips gently poking her, they might notice the way she squirms ever so slightly as I apply lotion tenderly to the hollows of her underarms and the soft sides of her breasts, they might notice the way she bites her lip, trying to hold back the laughter as I tease her, tickling just enough that she can hold it in, barely.

    "You're terrible," she whispers, "stop it, that tickles! If I break out laughing everyone will see how helpless I am." "Why don't you stop me then," I whisper back, "They're only little bits of string." "You know I can't," she says, "If I move even an inch I'll be....as it is I'm almost undressed now! Please stoooop, I feel so ticklish in front of all these people, and they don't even know you're tickling meee...."

    I slowly massage her sides now, slyly dragging my nails over the bottoms of her ribs, feeling her hold in a squirm and a yelp. She kicks her feet a little, which gives me an idea. I reach into my fantasy bag and pull out croquet wickets. Reaching behind me I quickly stick several over each ankle firmly into the sand, pinning her feet. I pile sand over them so no one sees. Then I set my beach chair down next to her feet, open up my book, and settle in for a good read, my one hand casually draped over a foot.

    As I read, I lightly tap and tease her helpless foot while she tries to hold still and hold in her laughter. I hold her right at the brink, while she begs me to stop in a loud whisper, "Stop it, that really tickles, oh pleeease stop, its my feet they're soo ticklish, that tickles oh don't, don't, it tickles..." She looks down at me, smiling, whispering, and pleading,

    "Stop it, it tickles, oh I can't believe this, (hee, hee) stooop, really, my feet are soo ticklish! pleeease? pretty please? oh stooop (hee, hee) it's not fair, I can't even moooove, (hee, hee)." I tell her, "Shhhhh, people are going to hear..." She bites her lip, trying to hold in a giggle. I stop my light, teasing torment for a moment, then briefly savage the tender arch of one foot with my fingernails. Her whole body shudders and I almost get her to squirm out of her bikini bottom! Her whispered begging starts in earnest now. "please, please pleeeeeease, pretty please no I can't stand being tickled, I can't stand it, nooo (hee hee) no more tickling, not on my bare feet, (hee hee) please, not under my toessss, (hee hee hee), oooooh, I can't stop you, oh no no not there, not there (hee hee hee hee ), it's not fair, I can't move an inch, or..."

    "Or what?" I ask innocently. She looks down at her bare sides, and at the deliciously sexy swell of her breasts that are starting to peek out from under her body, at the round, soft butt cheeks slowly slipping free of her tiny bikini bottom, from the tiny squirms she can't contain.

    She wriggles once and looks at me, grinning slyly. "You know...."

    I smile back, holding up my book. "It's a thick book, and I say I've just started it. It could be a long afternoon--cootchy coo, cootchy coo, tickle tickle tickle tickle tickle tickle tickle tickle".."( hee hee hee hee) Stoooooop, stoooop, I'm sooo ticklish, pretty please (hee hee hee hee hee)."

    Tickle tickle tickle --
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    A classic! Thanks for reposting it here.
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    That's such a mean trap for her!

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    Nice story... Thanks for sharing

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    Me, being the evil person that I am, would have made her agree to let my tie her up when we got home so I could give her a "proper" tickling!

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