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    The Taming of Jennifer

    “Why are you doing this?? Stop now!” Her cries filled the room. Jennifer struggled in the ropes that pulled her arms and legs. She was lying on her back on the bed arms above her head and legs spread and stretched to the point where she can hardly move.
    Enzo was at the corner of the bed staring at her not saying a word. He watched her try and pull out of the ropes but the more she pulled the more her stomach stretched out. Enzo thought about this for a long time. He told himself this was not just for his pleasure but for her own good.
    Jennifer was a very pretty, very spunky girl. Petite with blondish hair, big brown eyes and a cute button nose. Her fit body was milky white and smooth. She had 36A breasts and a flat stomach with a cute innie belly button. Her taut tummy was very ticklish and she refused to be touched there.
    Jennifer was also very cold to men and Enzo thought she was rather rude and could be a bitch to them. He had enough of her nasty attitude and felt she needed a lesson in humility. Enzo’s friend Bill was usually the target of Jennifer’s rudeness.
    Bill was a sheepish guy, slightly overweight and awkward around Jennifer. When she would be in her bikini or wearing a crop top Bill’s eyes were always fixated. Jennifer made it known to Enzo she found this creepy.
    Now sitting on the edge of the bed Enzo gives a smirk thinking how his plan has been put into motion. Jennifer was sitting poolside in her bikini enjoying the sun and took the drink Enzo made for her. The sedative worked fast and when she awoke she found herself tied and stretched to the bed in the soundproof room Enzo used as a recording studio.
    “Enzo are you crazy?! Is this a joke?? Untie me NOW!” Jennifer demanded. At that moment she hears the door open. She looks over and sees Bill walk in. Jennifer is now a little frightened. Her voice cracks,”Eh-Enzo?”
    Bill sits on the edge of the bed next to her, Her stomach is quivering as her breathing becomes more rapid. He takes his middle finger and traces down from her belly button to the bikini line. He feels the trail of hair as she gasps and lets out a shriek.”Sh.sh.shhhh.”, Bill’s fingertip is now gently circling her small innie.
    Her navel is round with a slight overlap on the top. Inside is a small skin tag that he feels with his finger. Jennifer’s body is shaking as she fills the room with an intense laugh. His palm now rubs up Her milky white flesh feeling how soft and smooth it is. As she sucks in as if trying to escape his touch, her ribs and hip bones protrude.
    Bill gets on top of her straddling her hips and now both his hands sliding up and down her waist. Her laughter has now become intense screaming as his fingers dance into her soft flesh. Her muscles tighten as she tries to pull out of the ropes. She is crying out begging him to stop. Bill is looking at her with an angry vengeful look. He has waited for this for a long time.
    Enzo is smiling as he sees his helpless wife under Bill unable to escape the tickling he is subjecting her to. Bill slows down and is now gently rubbing her now pinkish waist. Goosebumps litter her flat stomach. He brings his mouth lower and licks up her tummy. Deep wet kisses as his fingers begin to knead into her sides. She screams but there is no sound. She’s gasping as his tongue lathers her with his saliva.
    Her tears running down her pretty face as Bill gnaws slightly on her hip bone. Jennifer loses control and the warm gush wets the bed. Bill’s fingers are dancing up her waist and ribs into her armpits. She screams out PLEEEEZZZZEEE NOOOOOOOOO!!!!! and then she finally passes out.
    Jennifer awakens and is lying on her couch in the living room. Enzo is sitting in the chair across from her. She looks at him and wants to talk but her throat is so sore nothing comes out. Enzo stands up and tells her that if she is rude to Bill or any of his friends again he will make sure Bill will not be as gentle as he was. Jennifer is still shivering as she watches Enzo get up and walk out.
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    Nice. Short, sweet, and exciting

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