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    guide to tickling services in Australia - sex workers

    Hello everyone,

    I used to post on here quite frequently but it has been a while. Over the past 8 years I have explored my tickle fetish through different types of sex workers. I thought I would post a guide here to the different types in the Australian context as I remember for a while not having a girlfriend, and being unaware of these services, I was eager to be tickled!

    A note that here in Australia sex work is mostly legal. And I hope there will be no sex worker negativity on this thread. Seeing a sex worker is not just about sex, some struggle to form relationships etc, but that is another story. Now, onto the avenues.

    Bondage establishments: These are the most obvious. These have trained mistresses who specialise in fetishes. Here in Australia they also have a brothel licence so they are free to also do sexual acts, although most of them only do hand relief. One or too may also do FS (sex) or oral. When I go to these places I usually don't worry about sexual acts except for hand relief as the focus is on the fetish. These places have very skilled ticklers! You also have the option of a bed, a rack, a wheel, etc. What is also great is some of the mistresses also love cuddling which is perfect for me as I love to be cuddled and tickled at the same time, such as being spooned and tickled or lying back in their arms and being tickled. I usually do a mixture of tie up for some of the session and untie cuddle and tickle. Pretty much every one I have seen here has loved to tickle and has been very skillful. They also like to find ways to make me more ticklish such as by breathing in my ear, blindfolds, tools, hand relief to heighten the tickling, and especially making me more ticklish after i climax. I have also had a few double and triple sessions here which is great!

    These places are great for those who want a ticklee as many are very ticklish. In Melbourne the Fetish House is the main one but there are also some standard brothels that have dungeons on the side with trained mistresses such as Venus Babes, Collingwood Confidential and Club Pleasure. If you want to be a ticklee prices are usually $250 or so for the hour, if you want to be a tickler prices would be a bit more expensive as the mistress are a submissive, I think $350 maybe? With these sessions usually it is best to book in advance. You can usually email the mistress first to say what you like.

    Standard Brothel: These are places basically that specialise in sex ie full sex, oral, hand relief, kissing etc. When I first started going to these places I was nervous because I was a virgin and was mostly interested in cuddles, being tickled, and a bit of kissing etc. However, I soon found out that you don't have to go to these places to have sex, you can just get tickled, or kiss, or whatever. Usually you go in, sit down and get introduced to the girls working. Most girls I have seen have been happy to tickle me. Their skill level varies. I usually don't book in advance here. Sometimes in the intro I will tell them I like tickles, other times I will tell them once I am in the room. I have not been to brothels as much as bondage, private escorts, or massage places but I have had some good experiences. Most of my good experiences have been have been with girls with some fetish experience, even if they aren't trained mistresses. These places are great for spur of the moment visits, but their level can vary. I have had some where I have had great fun, very affectionate, loved tickling me, lots of sensual stuff too like oral also. But I have also had some where their tickling is weird, like light pokes or flutters lol. Prices can range from $180 right up to $350, but the average is $250. Keep in mind at some of these places they have a "deluxe" fee which is usually for services like kissing. I have even had some girls try to charge extra for tickles even though I rarely have sex. This is usually at the more fancier brothels though.

    I have never really explored a ticklee here, but if you ask some might be willing. I would clarify this in the intro though as finding a ticklee is harder than a tickler.

    Legal erotic massage parlours: I have been to these places a few times. Note they are not therapeutic massage places where you go to fix an injury by a licensed massage therapist. They are places that specialise in erotic massages. The sex worker massages you and does genital touching, bodyslides etc. I love having the massage combined with tickles as the massage lulls you into a false sense of security and when they add tickles as well it well, tickles. These places of course specialise in massages but some also allow oral and sex as an extra. All sessions usually end with hand relief. They are usually more scripted than brothel sessions as you usually lie face down, then face up etc. However I have had a few free flow sessions where i just cuddle and get tickled. Sometimes I would rate the tickling at a similar rate to the standard brothels, however I have had some fantastic sessions lately. First off here are some of the weirder ones -

    - On a few occasions they have barely tickled me, just tickled my nipples and genitals. These sessions are older ones though.
    - I saw one who was happy at tickling me so she explored my ticklish spots. I would tell her some of them and she would tickle me. When I told her my armpits she gave me a weird facial expression lol and wouldn't tickle me there.
    - One started the massage and i told her i like being tickled. She asked how does she tickle and started tickling too hard. Then she did it softer and got the hang of it and we had a great time.

    I have however had some great ones. A mature lady was surprised I was laughing so much and when I told her I love tickles she gave it her best. My most recent session at a massage place was one of the best. She literally wouldn't stop tickling me and used a lot of tickling techniques, I was exhausted, then after I climaxed she kept going.

    These sessions are usually around $180 - $200 per hour. So a bit cheaper than brothels. I love them as they don't all do sex so a tickle session is great here.

    A note that with brothels and massages, not all of them do doubles, if you want to be tickled by 2+ girls. I think it is because these sessions are more sensual, whereas a bondage session they are clothed and just tickling you. I have had some massage girls express an interest in multiple tickle sessions with me however so it is possible!

    Private Escorts: These are usually sex workers that come to your home or hotel. They can be a bit more expensive that your average brothel. Prices can range per hour from $150 right up to $1,000!! Some have discounted rates for non sex sessions, eg they might charge $500 for sex and then $250 for cuddles, tickles, kisses and hand relief. Where possible I usually go with this.

    I will say I have met some great ticklers here! I think there are a few reasons. With private escorts bookings are usually booked a few weeks to a few months in advance so they have time to research. Also you get time to email them and tell them your likes etc. Although note more expensive is not always better. While I have seen some great $500 girls, I have also seen some great $200 girls. I have also briefly tickled a few girls during these sessions. Some are not ticklish at all, some don't like it at all and some are ticklish and do like it. If you are a ler and want to tickle someone I would ask first.

    On that note I will make a quick note here about not only privates but also massage, brothel etc girls. With the widespread use of social media, if possible chat to them on twitter or via email first. I have chatted to a lot of private escorts, brothel girls, massage girls etc on twitter and email and told them I like cuddles and tickles and you can really tell if they like it or not, as well as if we click. Some are like "yeah I can do that" and you can tell they aren't really that keen. Some will say how much they love tickling, and what shifts they work etc. It is these ones I will love to see! I prefer doing this than going blind in an intro at a brothel. The same with booking a private escort, talk to them first. This is especially for ler sessions.

    Ok back on track. I suppose a good thing about privates, is that it can be a bit more relaxing as it is in your home. Also, I have had a few bonuses from privates. Because brothel girls have managers and are governed by the brothel, they can't go over time. With private escorts I have had some stay a bit extra. I have had regulars stay a few hours extra, but these are quite rare! Most usually only stay their allocated time and have an alarm. Also I have noticed even though most of them are not fetish sex workers they usually have handcuffs and fetish gear etc if you like to be tied up. The only downside is it can get pricey.

    Strip Clubs: I have been tickled by strippers before. Usually by regulars. What has usually happened is after getting to know them and having a few lap dances I have told them I like being tickled. Some have taken great delight and tickled me, sometimes in between dances and sometimes even under my shirt. I have told some straight away and they have tickled me also. I imagine a ler would be difficult though. They have strict rules on touching, at least in Victoria. Some have allowed hugs but that is it. Even with some clubs the lap dances have been rather distant. The one where I got lots of hugs and tickles has closed down sadly. I went to another one where they were affectionate also but that was five years ago, it could have changed.

    Prices are usually $50 for a 10 minute lap dance. When you think about it this equates to $250 per hour and it is cheaper to have an erotic massage with tickles

    Unlicensed/Illegal brothels: In Victoria a brothel needs to be licensed for it to be legal. There are plenty of illegal brothel shops disguised as massage parlours. I have not been to one but from what i understand they are very small, very unkempt, and usually charge $50 - $100 per hour. They usually massage you and then try to convince you for extras like hand relief. I imagine tickling would be allowed, but I would personally avoid these places as they are illegal. I have heard a lot of them here are linked to people trafficking and shady criminals so best to steer clear. I believe some of these may also be in Sydney for brothels that do not have council approval. If you want a tickle massage go to a licensed erotic massage place

    Street sex workers: What it says, but it is illegal in Victoria. I have not been to one due to this. But from what I hear they have pimps, some are on drugs, and linked to criminals etc. Prices i hear are usually $50 - $100 per hour and safety is a risk for both the worker and client. I heard in Sydney street work is legal provided it isn't near a school or house but that may have changed. You could be tickled by a street sex worker, but I imagine their enthusiasm would not be as great compared to a legal sex worker.

    so there is my guide! Any thoughts or questions just ask!


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    you needed 2000+ words to say that you can pay for a dominatrix or a stripper to get tickled?

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    Quote Originally Posted by didates26 View Post
    you needed 2000+ words to say that you can pay for a dominatrix or a stripper to get tickled?
    Well, you certainly proved what a dickhead you are with far fewer

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    Thanks for the explanation of sex workers in Australia. I wish we had the same in New York City.
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    I thought it was a well-thought out description of the scene in Australia. Should I ever make it there. Just saying a dom or a stripper is great tells you nothing.

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