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I sat at the coffee shop tapping my foot nonstop. They might have put too much sugar in my order, shit. Well that’s going to make this a bit more jittery then usual.
It’s not like there was anything else I could do but drink while Ashton was off making the arrangements. Bean is always good at spotting when someone is into me, how it goes further then that is beyond anyone’s guess. It pays and it beats and office job for sure.
Suddenly my phone buzzes. It’s a txt from Ashton.
*beep beep*
“You got a gig. Get your ass out here.”
I wasted no time. I walked out the exit and was greeted by the three of them. Two very pretty baristas and my best friend Ashton aka Bean. The first barista was short, curvy, she had a goth/punk feel with her gages, black hair, and big glasses. The other one was taller and slimmer rocking some wavy red hair. Her thin frame didn’t stop her from having big breasts though. In the middle of them stood Bean. The cameraman. They all smiled a knowing smile.
“Sup Boytoy? Time to get to work!”
“Wow, those two are kinky. Wanting to do it right behind the coffee shop? Geez, you’re getting gagged for sure on this one dude.”
Bean talked at me aloud while they set up for the shoot. There was a fire escape that was the perfect height. Tall enough that if we snaked some cuffs through it id effectively be left on my tip toes. Making me helpless. A small rug was already set down so my bare feet didn’t have to walk on the rough gravel.
“Urgh the shit you talk me into...” I looked at the two girls who were smoking and giggling off to the side. They turned to face my direction and wiggled their fingers at me in a teasing fashion. A chill went up my spine as my face flushed....
“Who knows. Maybe they’ll let you cum?” Bean snickered as they climbed on top the dumpster with the cuffs in order to reach the fire escape.
I shook off the tease and removed my shirt, I couldn’t help but to keep looking at them though. They looked so... excited? “I don’t know man. I wouldn’t bet on it. You don’t exactly have the most keen eye when it comes to this.” I tossed my plain black shirt aside on the rug.
“Honestly that’s just what I’ll do. I bet the ginger makes you cum.”
“Pfff ok. If she doesn’t you have to give me the key for a day.” Having a day where I can take the chastity belt off would come in handy. I haven’t had a date in a bit after all. It’s hard to see Ashton’s eyes through their thick black hair, but Bean was clearly thinking about it, never really liking the idea of me out of chastity. Not since we started shooting this show.
“.... eh fuck it. You got a deal Boytoy. Now get those arms up.~” I rolled my eyes and did as Bean said, like always. I reached up as high as I could, it was a position that showed a LOT of skin, yea I was shirtless so that’s a given, but like, now my body looked as if it was inviting the things it was about to go through. The sight sure pleased the two girls, the ginger one pulling on her gum without even noticing. She was very pretty, she wasn’t even wearing any makeup, just having this casual sultry/ cute look to her face.
Bean got down right in front of me, using my body to steady them. Their mischievous smile showing as Ashton got in close and fondled the belt to my pants, threatening to remove them and possibly show me in chastity. “Should i do the honors or should they??..” That smile of theirs always made me nervous. It just had this erotic feeling that no one in this situation was on my side.
The two girls walked up. The short goth putting her hands on her wide hips. “I mean if you show us what’s in there, we’ll show you what’s under these.” The two baristas posed with their aprons being held by their thumbs, under them they were no longer wearing shirts. On their aprons they covered the upper left hand logo of the place they worked with big “hello my name is” stickers. The red heads name being Brittany and the punk one being Monica.
I couldn’t answer with my cheeks flaring red, so Bean took the lead. “Sounds fair to me!” They hopped back on the dumpster sitting behind me. Though not before they yanked my pants down trunks and all. While Bean adjusted themselves behind me as I struggled and turned my body, it felt I was riving under the weight of my own humiliation. The red head legit laughed out loud while even the un-amused punk one wasn’t able to hold back a smile. I’ve never been shy about this stuff; I’m above average after all, but just the cage... Some one seeing it? Just gives the impression that my dick isn’t my own. You know? Honestly I think I would laugh too if it wasn’t me.
“Oh wow! Talk about a caged animal haha!” Brittany almost doubled over laughing at her own joke.
“PFFFF! It looks like a snake that spent too much money at Ren Fair....” Monica marveled at the shiny metal of the cage that hugged my dick tight at full growth. “Honestly I think it’s fitting. I loooove seeing big dicked boys get put in their place.~” she ended her sentence with a glare at me. Her words seemed flirty but her look was stern. Fucking hell.
I was left looking dumb struck. Just hearing them talk so confidently about my situation turned my head right around. Slack jawed, that’s a better word for it. Bean ever the opportunist took that moment to wrap the ball gag into my mouth. It was never too big or too tight but I wouldn’t be able to say anything that’s for sure. I felt Ashton hold my face up so I’d look back at the two sexy baristas who went back to striking their “flash pose.”
“Alright girls, now it’s your turn.” Bean’s entertainment was evident in their voice. I wouldn’t have taken my eyes of those two even if someone was holding a gun to my head. I was so turned on right now the cage was actually squeezing me a bit. My eyes followed their hands as they started to tug their aprons down to show their massive chests. Their boobs were about to spill out right in front of my eyes, that is until a blind fold was unceremoniously shoved over them.
“Shit! Forgot to say, they requested a blindfold too. Haha, Sorry bud.~” Ashton lightly slapped the sides of my face to make sure the blind fold was secure.
“MFF!!” I shook my body in frustration. That’s so fucking unfair! Why didn’t you just tell me before! URGH. I want to see so bad! No- AH! Ashton right then and there started dancing their fingers in my underarms.
“Well don’t use this as an excuse to be rude. Tell these ladies they look nice!” The fall of us all laughed, but mine was the one that was forced.
“Oh come on honey. No need to be upset. Their JUST tits. Granted, their the best tits you’ll ever see buuuut...”Brittany’s voice was heard. She sounded like she was bouncing around, probably striking a bunch of poses, for a brief moment I felt them bump against my caged cock. They were so warm. I would have been able to enjoy them better if it wasn’t for the fingers dancing in my pits!!!
“Urgh you boys. So whiny when you don’t get what you want. Your friend is right, you should be complementing us. If your gonna act like a baby we’re going to treat you like one. And what do babies need to make them smile?” Monica’s voice was unmistakable from that forced tone of fake interest.
After muffling out a few incoherent compliments that all fell on deaf ears the fingers relented and I was left alone, in between the two ladies it seemed. “Ok now lets just get that cock out and we’re good to record.”
This was always the most embarrassing part. Hearing the jingling of the key and feeling the gosling of my of my privates as I was let out had such humiliating feelings to them. Like I was being permitted. My cock throbbed to a full erection. I could hear one whisper something under their breath. A hand was firmly holding my shaft. I could hear it only slightly.
“You poor poor thing...~”
The hand stroked for a second and I absentmindedly thrust my hips. This was rewarded with my black briefs being snapped over my erection in order to cover me up. I would have liked to have been naked for a bit longer and feel completely free, though you can’t say being stuck in your underwear is worse then a chastity belt.
I couldn’t see shit but I felt everything. They used feathers on me. Soft ones. They must of had one for each hand cause I felt four of the bastards traveling my body in several different directions. It felt like the brown ones bean liked to cary around in their tool trunk. Uuurgh they tickle so bad. I can feel them rapidly dusting my ribs. It’s like I want to hold my body, calm my nerves but every tickle is making me wilder. They didn’t care though. They were busy tickling and answering Ashton’s questions, we were most certainly filming now.
Who knew a simple concept of having a willing party be tied up and ready to be played with by you would become a hit on its own side of the net. These days you see it a lot. People in the mature industry having a kind of YouTuber quality to them. Every day people getting cameras and filming what they think the public wants to see, only to become the next big thing.
Apparently it seems people wanted to see me under the administrations of several different parties. The fetish community is a weird lot I’ll tell you that much.

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