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    Tickling the resistence fighter

    It is the year 1943. Hardangervidda in the highest level of Norway in the north of Oslo.*
    The city is under the occupation of German troops. But among all these people there is*
    small groups of brave, who resist the German occupation known under*
    the name "Milorg".*
    They do everything they can imagine to make it a tough life occupy for the Nazis*
    to make their home. Among these opposition groups there was a female resistance group*
    under the guidance of the young Norwegian Livia Jacobsen , she was only 25 years old*
    real beauty, only 170 cm tall, had long blond hair, green blue eyes and a slender*
    Figure. She was described by her colleagues as a courageous person.*
    Now it was a dark night, in November 1943. Livia Jacobsen was ordered*
    sent to destroy an important bridge with a small group to make sure that the*
    Supply of German troops was blocked. She and her companions were busy*
    to bring the explosive under the bridge. All of a sudden they were from a German*
    Night patrol discovered. The French were surprised and quickly overwhelmed. In the*
    Battle, all their colleagues were killed in cold blood. How miraculously her life became*
    but spared. It was taken to the SS base for interrogation.*

    (A dark dungeon deep in the basement of an old fortress, somewhere in Norway )

    In the candlelit room were two wooden racks in the stone floor*
    anchored. This place was reserved for guests, special guests of Mrs. Ursula Scholz and*
    now Livia was allowed to take advantage of this hospitality.*
    The commander was a tall and terrible lady. Practiced in the task, the will of her*
    Break prisoner.*
    Livia was brought to German commander by four strong soldiers and forced on*
    Ursula looked at Livia with a disgusted face and asked her questions*
    who they are, who they work for themselves and where the leaders and locations of other resistance fighters*
    Livia bravely responded that she was the only survivor and that the rest of her group were killed*
    She did not want to reveal any secrets to the enemy, she thought that the Germans were her*
    would kill anyway. The commander nodded to the four soldiers and told Livia that,*
    Once she was done with her, Not only would tell everything she wants to know, but she herself*
    wish she was never born ..*
    The commander was a bad woman. She does not just want to torture her victims for information*
    to get. The Germans enjoyed breaking their victims. she saw Livia's miserable condition*
    Satisfaction. Prepare her. I think she has a lot to tell us .........*
    -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -------------*
    With that, the four soldiers seized Livia and placed them on a horizontal, narrow wooden plate*
    connected to an upright frame. and her arms were forcibly stretched upwards*
    and her wrists attached to a wooden slat the cross was attached to the frame and this one*
    stabilized. All of a sudden, the soldiers now grabbed Livia's legs as fast as lightning*
    behind and fixed her ankles with leather cuffs that were on the wooden frame.*
    The body of the Norwegian was now firmly fixed and she was perfectly prepared so Ursula with the*
    Survey of her new guest could start .. "Let's see what we here*
    "Ursula said sardonically as she began to remove the clothes from Livia. She was skilled*

    In this activity one could see clearly and so Livia was within a very short time only in*
    Underwear dressed. "Then let them hear what they have to tell us ..." said*
    Scholz. "I have nothing to tell you" that was all Livia said. "I think, you*
    be, madam. Everyone still talked to me, sooner or later, "Ursula said while she was*
    took a chair and sat down next to Livia's legs. Livia knew it was a dangerous one*
    Mission, but she swore, whatever happened, she would*
    never betray their group, at no cost.*
    The German woman smiled and seemed condescending to Livia when she saw on Livia's feet*
    "Looks like I need to interrogate her," she said in a somehow childish voice, "but me*
    have never interrogated prisoners with dirty feet, "she grinned*
    went into the corner of the room where there was a small sink, filled with a bucket, with*
    hot soapy water and took a big with a brush with pretty hard bristles*
    from a drawer .. Livia looked confused, what had Ursula before, then it hit her. Livia's blood was cold and she whimpered a little, suddenly hectic jerking than the Ursula, approached fiendishly*

    She put the bucket on the water and slowly dipped the bucket in, her position*
    Do not let Livia see what happened. Ursula slowly raised the brush and put it on*
    Livia's bows. Livia eyes widened as Ursula paused for the Norwegians their anticipation*
    to feel. The Norwegian had to wait helplessly for the things to come. Suddenly started*
    she paints Livia's bare soles, an incredible tingling shot through Livia's body, she*
    she immediately laughed loudly and bucked, her soles seemed very very sensitive.*
    Ursula seemed pleased with the reaction. "Wonderful ... wonderful, miss Miss I'm mine*
    sure you will talk to me sooner or later, believe me. All have sometime with me*
    spoken, all ......*

    "HAHHAHAHAHHAHA NO NO NOOHOHOHOHOHOOHO !!!" Livia screamed as she so much*
    laughed, as the sadistic clitoris held her back, balking and humming to herself as if she were*
    Livia could not hear, and she scrubbed a dirty floor. Livia bucked so much and so*
    tried to drag her feet out of the stocks, but to no avail.*
    "Hahahahha PLHEHEHEHEHEHESE STAHHAHAHAHHAP" Livia asked how on, but*
    you are begging for death's ears, as Ursula began the instep of the right foot to the*
    Sole now clean and pink to scrub as it used to be. Livia gave up her fight when she knew*
    that it wastes breath, that it is really needed. Tears began to stream down his cheeks*
    Livias, her fur began to be scrubbed as her toes and toenails wetting, she tried*
    to lure her toes, but Ursula's with her claws just withdrawn among them*
    get stretched, which causes all toes Livia. After 10 minutes, the right foot was from*
    Livia cleaned up, she was sweating and Ursula gave her a rest panting and grinned at Livia.*
    Now tell me who you are and what your mission is? "*

    "My ... name ... is ... Livia" Livia managed to wheeze when she won.*
    Ursula grinned, knowing that she had broken the first barrier to information*
    "Why are you here? - What is your mission?" She asked.*
    Livia's eyes widened as she shook her head, slowly recovering and refusing to*
    To give information. Ursula smiled, wanting her as she scrubbed her left heel, suddenly closed*
    refuse to cause Livia to be caught unprepared and scream with laughter.*
    HAHAHAHHAHHAHAHAH "Livia laughed as hard as she bucked and tried again*
    flee, but not to a length success. that held Ursula and go on, even if Livias*
    whole foot was clean, hold it up. Livia slid slowly into quiet laughter, closing her mouth*
    open, but no noise coming out. Livia began to feel weak, so close by, her*

    Vision a little out of focus. that Ursula saw this happening and stopped, not Livia*
    when she fainted, she wanted to get up. Livia slumped forward a little as she coughed so hard and*
    to breathe. The Ursula got up and walked slowly around Livia's attempted body, her body*
    look everywhere, to assess where to go next. she then stopped behind Livia, who sat down*
    slowly, ears pricked up with a little anxiety and anticipation. Ursula slowly*
    reached forward and gently stroked Livias armpits. Livia immediately bit her lip and*
    this time trying to resist the urge to laugh at her, little squeaking and a few giggles*
    escape. Ursula did not give up loving prisoners more than those who were watching*
    laugh immediately.*

    "I see I have found a point where you do not always have to laugh" she taunts as*
    Resistance to the tickling became more and more of a challenge. Ursula slowly raised her*
    Tempo, digging her long claw nails deeper into the livia helpless armpits. Tears started in*
    Livia's eyes appeared as her resistance was broken.*
    Ursula tickled as fast and hard as she could.*
    HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA "Livia laughed, fought and resisted as well as she did*
    could. She tried desperately to close her shoulders, but to no avail.*
    Ursula now tickled Livia's armpits for 5 minutes before her fingers down to Livias*
    Page and her bare bottom slid, in between the German touched every single rib*
    their prisoners which again gave the Norwegian a violent uncontrolled laugh attack,*
    10 min later, Livia laughs became weaker and weaker and her eyes heavier. she had*
    reached their physical stress limit*

    She allowed the Norwegian a short break, but not out of grace, but out of pure calculation. you*
    Did not want that she fainted here. Because 5 minutes later Ursula came back. The*
    German woman now took a sharp, white feather to hand and stroked specifically on Livias far*
    open ball of foot, which the Norwegian with a wild laughter acknowledged. "Koochi,*
    koochie ....., did we find a weak spot of our little spy? .... Koochi,*
    koochie ... "mocked the German, which Livia again tore to a violent laugh attack. "Want*
    Let's see how long these sensitive soles withstand my tools*
    can ..... Koochi, koochie ... "teased the German. "Hihhihiii, hohhoooo ..." was all Livia*
    brought out. "I think it's time to give us some information, what do you think?"*
    Scholz said as she continued to torment Livia's vulnerable, highly sensitive feet*
    "Mmm, smell the miss? I love that smell of sweaty bare soles,*
    mixed with some of this wonderful oil .... "the word oil became the Norwegian*
    lightning fast. ... She would not, NO that could not ..... Livia already had something*
    heard about the interrogation methods of the Germans but never in life would have believed that ..... well she suddenly realized. There were no rumors that were spread about it, and as one*
    lukewarm liquid ran down her delivered, defenseless soles she knew, a tough one*
    Fight would be imminent.*

    But Livia had a strong will. She had sworn her*
    Never betray friends, no prize in the world. She had no idea how high the price would be*
    she would pay for it.*
    Livia raged and screamed now uncontrollably, as Scholz now her pen on her shiny soles*
    wander up and down. The whining of the Norwegian was particularly violent as the spring*
    was passed between her toes. Ursula spread her with her slender fingers*
    Toes of the Norwegian to get a better access. It was clear that*
    Scholz knew exactly what she was doing, because Livia was not the first "guest" of her "hospitality"*
    got to feel. Scholz especially remembered Ludmilla.*
    Ludmilla was a big Russian woman she got her hands on during her time in Siberia.*
    Would she like to have as much fun with Livia? - There was a lot to suggest, because she was first*
    at the beginning of her work with the little Norwegian .......*

    "So I think you are a tough girl, so we have to go the hard way," said*
    Ursula as Livia noticed a door opening. She could not see what was happening, but*
    suddenly another German woman stood in front of her. "May I introduce, this is Karin, she is mine*
    personal assistant and she is an expert in tool tickling. Livia was surprised and not*
    pleased about it, because Karin had not come alone ....... she had a strange device with her.*
    When Livia saw what it was, she shuddered. The second wife had a kind of pendulum*
    themselves. The device consists of a wooden frame with two parallel A-frames over 70 cm*
    away from each other on a base. The triangle sides are one in the middle by one*
    Carriers are connected, of which support a bearing of the pendulum. If you ever*
    seen a grandfather clock this equates the pendulum with a long arm and a circle*
    Weight that oscillates back and forth. On the top of the arm are two rows of three*
    Feathers. When the arm swings back and forth this is given in the opposite direction*
    Movement they cause the soft skin of Livia's thighs and crotch*
    tease. ..... Livia guessed nothing good .... "So I think you are a tough girl, so we have*
    to do this the hard way, "said Ursula as Livia noticed the door opening slowly ...*

    She could not quite see what was going on, but another German woman dipped something*
    Wood and unusual wear.*
    "And now I may introduce you, Karin, is my personal assistant and an expert in the*
    Interviewing our guests, Ursula murmured as Karin a wooden triangular frame in*
    maneuvered the look of the Norwegian.*
    Livia was surprised and worried that the device Karin had brought was frightening.

    Livia was herself not sure how it works, but shuddered at the sight of the device sports*
    two sets of three evil feathers. Livia was not sure which part of her body the*
    tormenting touch of long, soft feathers would be experienced, and she dreaded to*
    out. The device resembled the base of a catapult consisting of two A-frames at the*
    Base joined with a single beam connecting them at the top. In the middle of the beam was a*
    long arm like the pendulum of a grandfather's clock, swinging and swinging clearly back and forth*
    Karin to transport most problems in the device. The weight at the end of the pendulum*
    made the device awkward to move and Karin regretted the springs rather appropriate*
    leave as attached, when the device was in place.*
    "Well, to experience the joys of this device, we need you to be in a kneeling position too*
    move "Ursula ordered.*

    "But let 's first finish her soles particularly sensitive" Karin the*
    Newcomer interrupted.*
    Livia whimpered as Karin produced a box that looked like black stones.*
    The stones were running over her taut bows, first the warmth on her silky soft*
    Skin felt fine, but soon it began to cause discomfort.*
    "Careful now, if we are not careful, our Livia will be hurt rather than the sensibility of her*
    to reinforce pretty soles, and we must not let that happen ... "the German whispered*
    Mrs. "Our goal is to make her pretty, sweaty-smelling soles so ticklish,*
    that she can not even run! ... let alone run away ... Ha ha ha ha ... "Ursula laughed devilish*

    Livia was horrified, her feet were delicate enough! Soon the hot stones were gone and hers*
    Feet tested. She cried out as her tormentor's nails and soft pads teased her*
    pink bows. The sensations were unbearable, it had increased tenfold like their sensitive ones*
    was. She was a giggle wreck as the soldiers released her from the holdings and grabbed her*
    and forced her to kneel on the other device, a peculiar table covered in shackles.*
    Leather strap held her calves and ankles while her arms stretched high above her head*
    ticklish ribs and underarms suspend. A band was fastened around her diaphragm and on*
    four chains attached, which restricted their movements. Just like her freshly sensitive*
    Bows tied back stretched felt they were even more helpless to get her toes could.*

    "Now the device is examining the most sensitive part of your anatomy!" Karin the wooden frame*
    positioned between Livia's spread legs.*
    "... And for them to be effective we need to expose these parts!" interrupted*
    Ursula swinging a pair of scissors.*
    Livia panties were cut off and the feathers raised on the top of the pendulum arm, so*
    that her tips are just reaching her crotch. The pendulum arm was set in motion and the*
    six feathers brushing cruelly back and forth until rustling against Livia soft lower body always*
    rehired. The two rows of feathers did not touch her pussy lips, but grazed*
    gently the sensitive skin where her inner thighs met her vagina. Livia sighed and turned*
    Desperate the infernal sensations and tried to the raging of excitement escape.*
    "Oh yes, the sensations are pleasant at first, but you will not be tonight*
    no climax, but the promise of gentle touches instead boost your*
    Sensitivity even further, "Karin teased, lightly fingering Livia's helplessly alone*
    Ursula took control of Livia's other foot, turning Livia into hysterical laughter. The foot*
    rhythmically combined with the feeling of feathers tickle stroking her crotch was unbearable*
    Livia wailed and begged in Norwegian as the soldiers tickle her upper body with hers*
    calloused rough fingers were offered.*
    "Annnaaaa Eriksen aahhhhhhh ..." shouted Livia now completely helpless, as the pen of the merciless German woman now touched her most intimate places. "..... nooohhhhooo" she cried desperately.*
    "... and how next? The other names ... I hear! ..... "Ursula was merciless now, she knew*
    that she was close to cracking the Norwegian and getting her information. she was*
    determined not to give in now. Livia screamed her feelings out loud,*
    "Ohhhhhh ... haahhahahahahha ...... nooooohhhhhhhhhhh ..... Friiiidddaaaa ....." shouted Livia*
    desperately. She was unable to resist and she knew that hers*
    Had to reveal information. "..... Friiiidddaaaa.Haaannnnsssen ...." she screamed helplessly and straight*
    when Frida's name fell, the door was pushed open. "Did someone call my name here ???"*
    All of a sudden, the two Norwegians Anna and Frida stood in the middle of the room.*
    Before anyone realized what was going on there were shots ..........*
    After Ursula's death, Livia was freed and taken to the Norwegian base.*
    But not only the Norwegians were back in the basement of their secret base, because they had one*
    Guest brought along ...... "Hei Hei Mrs. Karin, welcome to our little playroom"*

    Anna said while looking at the captive German woman. "Unfortunately, I do not know her yet*
    full name, Most Gracious "..." but I think that will surely change soon, which*
    do you think? "scoffed Livia*
    Since the day of their first meeting in the dark dungeon of the Nazis,*
    Livia had to waiting for this moment. And she was convinced to enjoy it to the fullest.*
    "You will never hear from me!" Snarled the German.*
    "But you know, these feathers are unyielding and very enduring.*
    But I have to Don't tell them Karin, do you? "Livia replied. But her last word was no longer valid*
    heard, because a sharp scream filled the small room, as the goose feather Karin's oily,*
    shiny soles touched .....*

    The End!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Awesome story!

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    Interesting concept, but too many holes in the story. I love the tickling descriptions.

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