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    Katy & Amber - Episode 16: Good Fences Make Good Neighbors (f/f, ff/f nylons)

    Hey all,

    As promised, Episode 16 --- much faster than Episode 15 arrived! This one was much easier to write; it was in my head long before I even finished Episode 15.

    I think it was Episode 14 where I said I had a new favorite.. This one may take over that spot.. There's just something about the second half of this episode, when it is just Amber and Maddy together, that just screams awesomeness - to me, anyways (hopefully you feel the same).

    Episode 17 is in my brain, but I haven't yet started it. That will probably be out in about two weeks, I'd say. Spoiler: There is something about a bet that was made earlier, wasn't there? I wonder if someone will crack next episode... I wonder who you want it to be...

    Episode 17 will also be a bit of an accomplishment for me because it'll push me over 200 pages in total for this saga; I never thought I'd make it that far.

    As always, feedback is welcome and appreciated.

    Happy reading,

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    Katy & Amber - Episode 16: Good Fences Make Good Neighbors (f/f, ff/f nylons)

    The girls munched on the Chinese food - second dinner for Amber, Nicki, and Melissa - while passing around the container of Duck Sauce and making small talk about the weather and the food.

    “You’re really not mad about earlier?” Melissa asked Maddy, looking up at her from the floor. Melissa was still sort of amazed that Maddy hadn’t walked out the second she was freed, but there Maddy say, in the same spot on the couch that she had occupied before Nicki had grabbed a hold of her ankles and started the fun. Sure, Maddy now made certain to ensure that her feet were firmly tucked behind her and not within striking distance of anyone, her feet still in an extremely vulnerable state with only nylons covering them.

    “Nah,” said Maddy, finishing up chewing her bite of beef teriyaki before continuing. “I mean, yeah I wanted to kill you two when you were doing it,” she said, laughing. “But like I said, if the roles were reversed and I had been in your position, I would have probably done the same thing.”

    “I can’t apologize enough, Maddy,” Amber said. Amber felt the most guilty over what had happened, unable to fathom Nicki and Melissa actually tickling her next-door-neighbor as much as they had. Amber had positioned herself between Maddy and Nicki on the couch, hoping to offer a barrier of protection for Maddy from Nicki’s wandering fingers, hoping her neighbor might feel more at ease. Amber didn’t necessarily like sitting in the middle position of a three-person sofa - she placed high value on having an arm to hold onto - but in this case, she made the best of it, tucking her legs beside her trying to find the most comfortable position.

    “Please,” assured Maddy, patting Amber on the knee. “It’s really nothing. It’s just one of the perils of being ticklish,” she said, reaching down to pick up another pork strip from the cardboard box on the coffee table.

    “Yeah, Amber,” said Nicki, nudging her friend with an elbow from the opposite side of the couch. “Besides, isn’t it always valuable information to know that your neighbor’s ticklish?” she said with a chuckle as the girls exchanged a brief laugh.

    “Speaking of,” Maddy said, trying to be as nonchalant as possible. “You guys said Katy was ticklish?” she asked, extending beyond her comfort zone in asking the direct question hoping to find more information.

    “You have no idea,” said Melissa from the floor with a laugh. With Maddy, Amber, and Nicki on the couch, Melissa had taken residence on the floor, pulling herself up to the coffee table in order to use it as a table for her meal. Unable to pull a chair in like she would at a table, Melissa had tucked her legs underneath the lower shelf of the coffee table, a shelf that was the perfect length for Melissa’s legs as her feet stuck out from the other end of the table.

    Melissa was about to expand on her description of Katy’s ticklishness when Maddy’s phone buzzed with the receipt of a text message. “Oh, you’ve got to be kidding me,” said Maddy, frustrated.

    “More bad news?” asked Nicki.

    “It’s the building super,” said Maddy with a sigh. “He said he can’t get anyone here to fix my lock tonight, so now I’m locked out of my apartment with no access to money and no vehicle to drive. Wonderful,” she said her voice trailing as it dripped sarcasm.

    “Just stay here for the night,” said Amber without pause.

    “You guys have already been so gracious,” said Maddy. “I couldn’t impose on you for more.”

    “Nonsense,” said Maddy. “You’re locked out of your apartment. You have no money. No car,” Amber continued, listening off each issue Maddy had had to deal with throughout the day. “It just makes sense for you to stay here tonight. That way, you’re right next to your apartment when someone gets here in the morning.”

    Maddy was touched at the generous offering of her neighbor. “I honestly can’t thank you enough,” she said with a smile. “I can’t believe that you’ve been so nice to me today.”

    “What else are neighbors for?” Maddy said.

    “She can’t exactly sleep in what she’s wearing,” pointed out Nicki, making a valid point. Maddy’s skirt may have been work-appropriate, and certainly cute as an outfit, but it would certainly make for an uncomfortable night’s sleep if she spent the night wearing it.

    “She can borrow something from Katy,” said Amber, analyzing Maddy’s physical body for comparison. “They seem like they’re the same size.”

    “No, I…” Maddy began, though Amber cut her off before she could even protest, assuring her that she would text Katy and that it would be no problem. Amber pulled out her phone and began texting her friend:

    Amber: Yo
    Katy: What up
    Amber: It’s a long story but do you mind if Maddy borrows some of your clothes? She has to spend the night here.
    Katy: Maddy? Our neighbor Madison?
    Amber: Yeah
    Amber: It’s a long story. I’ll explain when you get back. But just want to make sure it’s OK with you
    Katy: Yeah. Sure. Mi casa su casa.
    Amber: Cool.
    Katy: Big mistake with these shoes btw
    Amber: Why?
    Katy: They’re KILLING me.
    Amber: Aww... At least you’ll die looking hawt
    Amber: G2G

    Amber put her phone back in her pocket and assured Maddy that Katy had no issues with her borrowing some clothes for the night. Placing their plates on the coffee table, Amber and Maddy stood up and Amber walked Maddy down the hallway to Katy’s room, opening the door and showing Maddy in.

    “So, I know her room is a little messy,” joked Amber as she pulled open the doors to Katy’s bureau to find where she might keep her pajamas.

    “I don’t have to wear her pajamas,” said Maddy, insisting that just a pair of sweatpants were fine. Maddy was more than humbled by Katy’s willingness to allow someone who was essentially just a stranger - albeit a stranger who lived next door - to borrow some clothes for the night, so she didn’t want to impose too much.

    “Well, she said her casa was your casa, so whatever you’d like,” said Maddy as she left the room and closed the door behind her, giving Maddy the privacy to get changed.

    Maddy looked around Katy’s room quickly trying to take in as much as she could in as short a time as she could. She smiled at the sight of the hordes of stuffed animals covering Katy’s bed, gazed in to get a closer look at the pictures that adorned the wall, laughed as she saw the empty iced coffee cups overflowing from the trash can, and stood in amazement as she saw the mountain of shoes in Katy’s closet. Though the other girls had been making comment to the effect throughout the night, Maddy was only now just realizing how alike she and Katy truly seemed. This room could have been Maddy’s room just a few years back. Maddy walked over to Katy’s bed, bending over slightly to sniff the pillowcase, catching a hint of Katy’s shampoo scent lingering on the fabric. She walked over closer to the closet to get a better look; though she found no sweatpants hanging in the closet, she marveled at Katy’s shoe collection, envious at all of the enticing options that someone in college seemed to have. Maddy bent down and picked up one of Katy’s higher heels that she had, inspecting the inside of the shoe to find a size, smiling as she discovered that they shared the same size. Maddy’s jaw dropped as she saw Katy’s collection of Keds sneakers at the bottom of the closet, amazed to find yet another thing the two girls had in common. Maddy turned her attention to the hanging shirts, recognizing many that she had seen Katy wearing as they passed each other in the wall, and she pulled down one that seemed like it would be comfortable to spend the night in. She turned to walk to Katy’s bureau, pulling open one drawer and finding a collection of leggings and sweatpants stuffed inside, pulling out one pair that she felt would fit.

    Curiosity getting the better of her, Maddy continued opening drawers in Katy’s bureau, only wanting to take a quick peak and not touch anything. She could not believe her eyes when she opened the top left drawer of Katy’s bureau, revealing countless pairs of pantyhose and knee-high nylon stockings. Maddy was amazed to discover this; sure, she had seen Katy wearing nylons a few times here and there, but she never imagined finding an entire drawer dedicated to them. Of course, she never imagined she’d be in Katy’s room snooping through her drawers, either, so…

    Maddy quickly closed the drawers, not wanting to draw suspicion for being away for so long, and quickly began the process of getting changed, pausing as she removed her skirt. The pantyhose… Maddy sat perplexed for a moment, not sure what to do… Surely, everything in her life’s history had told her that she should take her pantyhose off. But something about wearing someone else’s clothes, even someone like Katy, left Maddy almost with a sense of a need of a layer between the clothes and her body, both for Maddy and for Katy. Sure, there wasn’t an actual need for it, but in a way, Maddy felt that in taking off the pantyhose and having her skin touching the clothing, she and Katy were actually sharing the clothes. With the added layer of the pantyhose, the physical contact wasn’t there, so maybe it wouldn’t be as awkward. It wasn’t something most people would think about, admittedly, but it was certainly at the forefront of Maddy’s mind. Of course, right next to that in terms of importance were the events of earlier in the evening - namely, everyone in the living room finding out how ticklish Maddy is, especially when wearing pantyhose. To keep the pantyhose on would surely be a dangerous proposition, especially with no hope of shoes or socks to offer any protection. And pantyhose sticking out from a pair of sweatpants would certainly be enough to catch the eye of someone in the room. Maddy let out a deep sigh, uncertain of what to do…

    Amber, Melissa, and Nicki were all seated in the same spot as earlier when Maddy finally returned to the living room, her skirt and blouse outfit now exchanged for a pair of gray sweatpants and a white long sleeve top, courtesy of Katy’s wardrobe. As Maddy had feared, it did not seem to take more than three seconds for the gaze of each of the girls’ eyes to make its way to the floor towards Maddy’s feet, where a pair of feet still clad in suntan pantyhose protruded from the opening of the sweatpants.

    “Kept the pantyhose on, huh?” said Nicki, obviously the first one to notice. “Living dangerously…” she added with a laugh.

    “Yeah, well,” began Maddy as she made her way back to where she was seated before. “Seemed like the thing everyone was doing tonight!” she finished with a laugh, tucking her feet behind her again as she sat down. Grabbing her plate again, she looked to Melissa, saying, “I’m sorry, Melissa. I didn’t mean to cut you off earlier. What, ahm… What were you saying about Katy being ticklish?”

    “Oh,” said Melissa, forgetting that she had been discussing that before Maddy left. “No, just that she’s one of if not the most ticklish person I’ve ever met in my life,” added Melissa, not quite sure what she was going to say before but still confident in her description of Katy. “You can’t even go near her feet,” she added, taking a bite of a chicken wing to show she had completed her statement.

    “Oh, the poor thing,” Maddy said with a smile, happy to hear more details of her neighbor’s ticklishness. “You must use that to your advantage a lot, huh?” she asked Amber, turning to her.

    “It definitely comes in handy,” said Amber with a laugh. “It’s great because when we were growing up, she used to always tickle me, so it’s nice to have some revenge,” Amber reported.

    “Oh, so you’re ticklish, too?” asked Maddy, finishing her sentence by sneaking her right hand down towards Amber’s foot and dragging a finger across the bottom of it.

    Amber was caught completely off-guard, not expecting Maddy to even ask if she was ticklish, let alone actually test it out. Amber jumped so high she almost spilled what was left of her food off the plate and onto the floor. Amber had still been sitting with her legs tucked to her side, so her positioning had meant that her feet were right next to Maddy, thus allowing Maddy complete access to the bottom of Amber’s foot Melissa and Nicki laughed as the watched the scene unfold, Nicki having to help Amber not fall off the couch as a result of the tickle attack.

    “Hey!” shouted Amber as she regained her composure. “I was on your side!” she said jokingly, now placing the bottom of her feet firmly on the floor in front of her.

    “I’m sorry,” laughed Maddy. “It’s just valuable information to know that your neighbor’s ticklish,” she said, echoing Nicki’s words from moments earlier.

    Melissa laughed. “She got you good!” she said to Amber, enjoying what she had seen.

    “She’s ticklish, too,” informed Amber, pointing to Melissa on the floor. Of course, those words drew the attention of Nicki.

    “Yeah, and you know what?” she asked rhetorically, putting her plate down and getting off to the couch to sit on the floor. “I’ve never actually tickled her before,” she said, an evil smile forming across her face.

    Melissa’s eyes opened like saucers, and as she tried to jump away before Nicki could get to her, her knees crashed into the bottom shelf of the coffee table, the piece of furniture effectively making movement impossible save for pulling herself entirely out in a straight line. Her eyes grew even wider as she realized her predicament, especially as she realized that Nicki was aware of her predicament, as well. Having essentially wedged herself in, Melissa’s feet were sticking out from the other end of the coffee table, the black pantyhose the only thing covering them. Her positioning severely restricted being able to pull herself out; she was not able to bend her knee to any extent.

    “Nicki, no,” pleaded Melissa instinctively. “Amber, what are you doing?”

    Indeed, Nicki had crawled to the floor and found a spot right next to where Melissa’s feet lay, and Amber had followed suit and took up residence behind Melissa. The only hope Melissa had had of getting herself out of this was to somehow pull her legs out in a straight line before Nicki could get a hold of her feet; with Amber now sitting behind her, that one hope was now extinguished.

    “Ooo,” said Maddy from her perch safely on the couch. “Not so tough when you’re the one getting tickled, are you?” she mocked Melissa playfully.

    “Let’s see,” teased Nicki, tapping a finger on her chin as if in deep thought. “Where should I begin?”

    “Nicki, this isn’t fair,” pleaded Melissa. “Don’t do it. I can’t - AH!” Melissa jumped as she felt Nicki’s finger brush along the top of her foot. “Nicki, no. I’m going to knock this coffee table over,” warned Melissa. “I’m not going to be ab - HA!” Melissa had been interrupted once again by Nicki retracing the same path above Melissa’s other foot. “Nicki, please! I can’t take it AH!” A third swipe, this time around the ankle bone, caused yet another jump from Melissa, each time followed by the bang of Melissa’s knees crashing into the bottom shelf.

    “I haven’t even touched the bottom of your foot yet,” laughed Nicki, perfectly pleased with the reaction that she was seeing out of Melissa so far.

    “Please, Nicki,” pleaded Melissa. “Not with nylons on. Please, it’s too much.”

    This caught Maddy’s attention, and she, too, now came down from the couch and took up residence next to Nicki, each girl claiming a foot for their own.

    “Really?” Maddy asked. “What’s the matter, Melissa? Do nylons make it,” she began to ask, pausing for suspense, “more ticklish?” she asked, raising an eyebrow in Melissa’s direction.

    “YES!” shouted Melissa, falling into more of a state of panic as she realized that she was now in a 3-on-1 situation with no means of protecting her feet. “Please, just not with nylons on, please,” she begged.

    “Should we go easy on her, Nicki?” Maddy asked, though Nicki had given her answer even before Maddy could finish the question as she launched eight fingers onto the trapped left foot of Melissa, sending her into absolute hysteria as soon as her mind picked up the ticklish sensations. “That answers that, I guess,” laughed Maddy, who followed suit and began her assault on Melissa’s right foot.

    “Noooo!” yelled Melissa as she realized what Nicki and Maddy were doing, but it was too late. “No” was all Melissa could get out before becoming overcome with hysterical laughter. “A ha ha ha ha,” she laughed, squirming as much as she could to try to free her feet from their trap.

    “My, she’s the ticklish one,” laughed Maddy, enjoying seeing what her actions were causing for Melissa. Indeed, it brought Maddy back to her own college days. There seemed to always be some sort of tickling going on wherever Maddy was, be it a roommate’s boyfriend hanging out and tickling his girlfriend, one girl tickling another girl to get them to move or to give up the remote control or something along those lines, or even just an all-out tickle war during those lazy, boring evenings. Maddy had been the most ticklish amongst her group of friends, though not by much. Maddy’s downfall had been her vulnerability. Never one to enjoy wearing socks, Maddy was generally barefoot on most occasions, save for those days when she had to work at her gig as a part-time administrative assistant at a local business; that position carried with it a dress code, one that involved nylons for its female staff. Maddy would wait until the last possible moment to put those nylons on before leaving, and then try to get them off as soon as she returned home from work, her friends knowing full well the effect nylons had on Maddy’s ticklishness. That had been years ago, though, and now Maddy lived alone, so this evening’s festivities served as a warm reminder for days gone by.

    Melissa wasn’t looking at this situation in the same light as Maddy, of course. Naturally, her goal for this evening hadn’t been to send Maddy on a trip down memory lane to relive the nostalgia of tickling someone senseless, but here she was. Melissa was kicking herself for putting herself in this position; she had no one to blame but herself. The coffee table had hidden her feet from her view, so she never had the visual cue to recognize not only how vulnerable her feet were, but also how enticing they must have looked to someone else in the room. If she could just go back in time and not wedge her legs under this coffee table…

    Amber, meanwhile, was enjoying her post of making sure Melissa couldn’t slide her way out from her predicament. Indeed, the events at Melissa’s house were still fresh in Amber’s mind, despite the peace offering of Chinese food. It wasn’t that Amber was necessarily mad at Melissa or anything - Danielle was clearly the leader of that situation - but Melissa’s involvement in holding Amber down and attacking her armpits while Danielle attacked her feet made getting revenge on Melissa a top priority for Amber. Amber certainly had her hands full - quite literally - in trying to hold Melissa down, as Melissa was absolutely hysterical with laughter and trying everything she could to squirm her way out of her predicament. Amber repositioned herself, using her legs to hold onto Melissa’s body so that her body could push against Melissa, Amber’s arms doing their best to hold Melissa’s flailing arms, as well.

    Nicki was, of course, proud of herself for finding someone else in such a vulnerable position. In a rare showing of mercy, Nicki had spared Melissa a tickling the last time the two had been in the apartment, and Nicki knew there was no way she was going to allow Melissa to wear nylons again without Nicki going on the offensive. Thus, it was only inevitable that Nicki would find herself here, sitting next to Melissa’s feet, Nicki’s left hand pulling back on Melissa’s toes to ensure a smooth working surface for her right hand, whose fingers were dancing back and forth across Melissa’s arch.

    Melissa was going mad with laughter. Her body squirmed and thrashed reflexively as Maddy and Nicki worked their magic. Melissa had to not only contend with the ticklish sensations spreading across her feet, but she also had to make sure she did not accidentally knock over the coffee table; open bowls of Duck Sauce and trays of food would splatter all over the carpet, surely staining it if that were to happen. In a cruel twist of fate, Melissa was essentially forced to try to keep herself as still as possible while Maddy and Nicki tickled her feet. Thus, with Amber wedged behind her ensuring she couldn’t slide out from under the coffee table, there was essentially nothing Melissa could do but sit there and accept the tickling

    “Gosh,” said Nicki, analyzing her work as she practiced her craft. “Had I known you were this ticklish, I might not have spared you last time,” she laughed, focusing all of her tickling attention to dancing her fingertips across Melissa’s outstretched arch, the spot that seemed to get the most reaction out of Melissa. Indeed, Melissa’s head fell back onto Amber’s chest as she fell into silent laughter as Nicki focused on that one spot.

    Maddy was working over Melissa’s toes, finding the underside of her toes to be especially sensitive. Melissa was doing all she could to squeeze her toes down to protect that spot, but Maddy was making it near impossible to do by pulling her toes back with her hands. Sure, there wasn’t a lot of real estate in that area, but what little there was offered a ticklish reward to those who entered.

    Maddy was laughing to herself as she tickled away at Melissa when out of the corner of her eye, she spotted Amber. When Amber had repositioned herself to better control Melissa, Amber had moved so that her legs were used to hold Melissa in. What resulted was Amber’s outstretched leg running along the side of the coffee table, and given their positions, Amber’s right foot was just a few mere inches from where Maddy sat. Even better, Amber seemed oblivious to that fact, as Melissa’s thrashing and squirming were occupying all of Amber’s attention. Maddy continued to tickle Melissa while her eyes focused on Amber’s foot, the suntan nylons serving almost as a bulls-eye for Maddy.

    “Please no!” Melissa was able to eventually scream out, using most of her reserved energy for one last plea for mercy, though none was coming. The pantyhose were making this unbearable - not that Melissa would have had much better luck had she been barefoot during this attack, but the addition of the pantyhose meant that Melissa was on the verge of cracking. She could only hold down the coffee table for so long. Eventually, her mind would go numb from all the laughter, her body into survival mode, and survival mode meant tossing that coffee table and all of the contents on top of it off to the side to escape. Of course, that was all provided that Melissa had enough energy to actually life the coffee table up in the first place. One of the reasons Melissa was so wedged in was the weight of the coffee table itself; it barely budged as Melissa thrashed around from the tickling. It would take a lot of strength to move that table, and one who had been laughing uncontrollably for as long as Melissa had would likely not have that much strength left.

    Maddy, meanwhile, could not stop looking at Amber’s foot as it sat inches from Maddy, oblivious to the perilous situation it was in. Maddy so wanted to reach over and sneak in a quick tickle, even just to drag one finger along the bottom of that foot. She had seen first-hand how ticklish Amber’s feet were moments earlier, and now she had developed a thirst for more. Maddy continued tickling Melissa’s foot, though, as she inconspicuously studied Amber’s appendage.

    Amber, for what it’s worth, had absolutely no idea that her foot had attracted the attention of Maddy. In fact, Amber was so wrapped up in trying to control the thrashing Melissa that she hadn’t even realized that the bottom of her own foot was so close to Maddy, so vulnerable to being the target of a tickle attack itself. No, all of Amber’s attention was square of Melissa, and she now used her position of having her arms around Melissa’s waist to begin poking around Melissa’s stomach, looking for - and finding - more ticklish spots along the way.

    Melissa jumped as she realized Amber had begun tickling her but given her positioning - pressed up against the side of the coffee table - she was defenseless to Amber’s attack, as well. Ordinarily, Melissa would have, of course, tried to bend over to block Amber’s access, but the coffee table prevented her from bending over, as well. All Melissa could do was try to fumble around and grab a hold of Amber’s hands to pull them away from her sensitive stomach, a task easier said than done when also dealing with two people tickling the bottom of your feet. Melissa had long ago lost the ability to say words, her hysterical laughter the only sound emanating from her mouth in between fits of silent laughter. Amber’s new attack only made matters worse.

    Maddy could hardly stand any more. It was as if Amber’s foot was teasing her, calling for her to come over and tickle it. Maddy couldn’t take it. It just looked too cute. Amber sitting there, oblivious to her own vulnerability as she playfully tickled Melissa… Amber being unaware that she, too, could face the same situation if Maddy couldn’t get her urges under control… The relatively tiny foot sticking out from the end of the jeans, the suntan nylons serving as a noticeable contrast from the jean material. No, Amber was going to have to move her foot away from Maddy if there was any chance Maddy would not tickle it.

    “It’s so hard to tell who is most ticklish,” laughed Nicki, still marveling at her discovery of yet another victim. “I mean, clearly Katy is the tops,” she said, as if doing the actual analysis in her head. “It’s tough to tell who is second, though,” she said, her voice trailing a bit as she thought it over. “Melissa is clearly ticklish here,” Nicki added, pointing out the obvious. “But Maddy nearly lost her mind earlier and I was only using one finger,” she said, looking over at Maddy.

    “Let’s not bring that up, huh?” asked Maddy with a laugh, not wanting to give anyone in the room reason to remember how ticklish she was herself. Out of everyone in the room, Maddy was perhaps the most vulnerable overall. Amber could change at any time since it was her apartment. Both Nicki and Melissa could put their shoes back on. Nicki had the benefit of socks, as well. Maddy had none of that. Locked out of her apartment because of a broken key, Maddy had no access to a change of clothes… Had no socks on her to put on… The only shoes she had were a broken pair of heels… Maddy had two options: barefoot or pantyhose. And neither were conducive to avoiding getting tickled.

    “I’m just saying,” Nicki laughed back. “And it’s not like Amber isn’t ticklish,” Nicki said, continuing her analysis. “Until I found out how ticklish Katy is, I thought Amber was the most ticklish person on the planet,” she laughed. Nicki’s statement caught the attention of both Amber and Maddy.

    “I could go without you advertising how ticklish I am,” reprimanded Amber, though she did not pause her tickling of Melissa to do so.

    “Really?” asked Maddy, trying to be as nonchalant as she could. “Is she bad?” Nicki’s words weren’t doing Amber’s foot any favors; rather, they just served as further confirmation to Maddy just how ticklish - and how vulnerable - Amber’s foot was at the moment.

    “Nicki…” warned Amber, giving her an evil look from where she sat, not wanting her next-door neighbor to have any more information about how ticklish she was.

    “Wicked bad,” said Nicki with emphasis, laughing and looking at Amber as she did. “Nylons are her weakness, too,” continued Nicki, who was more than happy to spill the dirt on Amber given Amber’s objections.

    “Let’s change the subject, shall we?” asked Amber, who began talking about how ticklish Melissa was for a change.

    But it was too late… The damage had been done… Sure, the spark had already been there, but Nicki’s words only served as gasoline to the fire that was Maddy’s urge to tickle Amber’s foot. Despite what was just said, it still sat there, oblivious to its surroundings, the nylons calling - no, screaming - for someone to reach over and tickle. It was more than Maddy could take. She had tried her hardest to not tickle Maddy, fearful of the potential tickle fight that could break out given her own vulnerability, but she was only human, after all… A foot as cute as Amber’s right now just had to be tickled…

    Amber was talking to Melissa as she tickled her, her head facing the opposite direction of her foot - completely oblivious to Maddy’s machinations. Maddy had to only lean over a little to place her left hand squarely in front of Amber’s foot, and she propped her index finger into position, as a fighter pilot might lock a torpedo onto the target. A quick wiggle of that index finger brought finger to foot as it quickly traced along the arch, causing Amber to explode on contact.

    “Ahhhh!” yelled Amber, pulling her leg to safety as quickly as she could, the ticklish sensation registering instantly. “See what you caused?” she said to Nicki, still laughing. Maddy smiled, happy with her work, but then watched as Amber lowered her leg back to its original position, right where it had been a moment ago. Once again, the bottom of Amber’s foot was within striking distance. Maddy reached over and repeated the process, getting much the same reaction. This time, though, Amber fell on her back laughing as she pulled her foot away from its tormentor. “Maddy, no!” yelled Amber, half-pleading and half-scolding. “We’re tickling Melissa now, not me!”

    “Told ya,” Nicki said with a laugh as she looked over to Maddy, having seen what had just transpired. “She’s insanely ticklish on her feet,” she added, causing Amber to give Nicki an exaggeratedly mean look. “Do you deny it?” Nicki asked flatly, knowing there was no way Amber would. Sure enough, Nicki’s question was met with Amber sticking her tongue out at the two of them, and she went back to tickling Melissa’s stomach area.

    “Sorry, couldn’t resist,” said Maddy with a smile.

    To Maddy’s amazement, Amber once again returned her foot to the same spot it had been in before. ‘Oh, how naive,” thought Maddy to herself. Did she really think Maddy wouldn’t tickle again? Did she think she was in the free and clear? In fact, Maddy had now almost all but stopped tickling Melissa - much to Melissa’s delight - so intent was her focus on Amber now. Maddy gave Nicki a nod, unseen by Amber, and she reached down one more time…

    This time, it wasn’t just a single swipe across the bottom of the foot… This was a more focused attack. True, given the way they were seated, Maddy did not have much leverage - though Amber’s foot was within striking distance, the way the girls were seated prevented Maddy from grabbing onto Amber’s ankle while also tickling her foot at the same time. Maddy had actually analyzed the situation in her head before making her final strike. The only way she could immobilize Amber by grabbing onto ankle would require Maddy to shift her position, as well, and shifting her position would mean that Maddy’s feet would likely land right next to Nicki, a situation Maddy did not want to find herself in again. Thus, Maddy would be content with whatever tickle she was able to get in before Amber inevitably pulled away again.

    Maddy danced all four fingers across the bottom of Amber’s foot simultaneously, somehow still catching Amber completely off-guard and unprepared for the tickle attack. Maddy had managed to grab a slight hold of Amber’s ankle, though certainly not one strong enough to prevent Amber from pulling away. Still, it did afford Maddy a few more seconds of tickle time, seconds which Maddy did not waste.

    Amber jumped, shocked to find that she was not able to freely pull her foot away, panicking as she realized that Maddy had delivered a full tickle attack this time. Laughter instantly consumed Amber as she once again fell on her back. Maddy held onto the bottom of Amber’s jeans with her left hand while her right hand tickled away, each swipe causing Amber to jump more and more and loosen Maddy’s grip.

    Amber couldn’t take it. “I give, I give!” she pleaded, tapping out on the floor as an MMA fighter might. “Tickles too much!” laughed Amber through her laughter.

    After a few seconds, Maddy had lost her grip, allowing Amber to pull her foot to safety away from Maddy’s fingers - this time rolling out of harm’s way instead of putting her foot back.

    “That was torture!” laughed Amber as she caught her breath.

    “I hate being right all of the time,” laughed Nicki.

    “I’m not helping you two out anymore if that’s how you repay me,” laughed Amber, jumping back onto the couch, hiding her feet behind her in the process.

    Soon, without Amber holding her in, Melissa found enough energy to pull herself from her entrapment - barely - eventually crashing into the fetal position on the floor in an exhausted heap. Maddy and Nicki gave each other a high five for their effort, the two adversaries from earlier delighted in the work they could accomplish as allies.

    “Is it always like this over here?” asked Maddy, as each girl laughed.


    Eventually, evening turned into night, and Melissa and Nicki gathered their belongings and went their separate ways, leaving Amber and Maddy alone in the apartment as bedtime approached. Amber gathered an extra pillow and some spare blankets for Maddy, who was perfectly content to spend the night on the couch. Amber had offered Maddy Katy’s bed for the evening - Katy agreeing in text - but Maddy was fine on the couch for the night.

    “You sure you’ll be OK out here?” asked Amber as Maddy plopped on the couch.

    “Absolutely,” assured Maddy. “Thank you so much for helping me out tonight. I really appreciate it.”

    “What else are neighbors for?” asked Amber, slightly embarrassed at how dorky that statement sounded. “Here, get comfy and I’ll cover you up.”

    Maddy did as Amber requested, fluffing her pillow and stretching out into the most comfortable position she could find on the couch as Amber covered her with blankets.

    “There,” said Amber, admiring her handiwork. “Just one more thing…” she said, her voice trailing off as she went to the foot of the couch, quickly darting her hand under the blankets to deliver a quick last-minute tickle to the bottom of Maddy’s feet, still clad in the nylons from earlier.

    Maddy wasn’t expecting it at all, thinking that the tickling games had ended earlier, so Amber’s attack caught her off-guard. Maddy practically jumped off the couch. “Ah, you brat!” she yelled playfully to Amber.

    “Sorry, couldn’t resist,” said Amber, mimicking Maddy’s words earlier that evening. “I should probably warn you,” Amber said, sticking her hand under the blankets again to deliver another tickle. “We do have ghosts here,” she said, laughing as her fingers met Maddy’s foot under the blanket. “And they’ve been known to, uh,” she continued, her wiggling fingers finding Maddy’s feet under the blankets no matter where Maddy moved them. “They’ve been known to tickle people’s feet as they sleep,” she said with a smile, finally pulling her hand out from under the blanket after Maddy had slapped it away.

    “Uh-huh,” laughed Maddy, not buying any of what Amber was selling. “Oh, my mom used to tickle my feet all the time to wake me up,” she said, Amber’s fib reminding her of days gone by. “It was the worst!”

    “Mine, too!” said Amber. “I hated it,” she said, sitting down on the edge of the cushion at the foot of the couch for a moment. “Though thinking back,” Amber said, herself now reflecting on days gone by, “I don’t know why I never just slept with socks on,” she said with a slight laugh.

    Maddy laughed, agreeing. “Yeah, you’re right,” she said. “I could never sleep with socks on, though,” she added, realizing the flaw in Amber’s logic.

    “Well, I guess that’s good for the ghost,” laughed Amber as she once again stuck her hands under the blanket and began tickling Maddy’s feet, prompting Maddy to jump again and slap Amber’s hands away.

    “Yeah, well that GHOST better watch herself,” laughed Maddy, emphasizing the word ghost as a warning.

    “I’m just saying I hope your feet don’t end up sticking out from under the blanket tonight,” said Amber, playing it cool as she pulled back the blankets to reveal Maddy’s feet for illustrative purposes. “Would be awfully hard for the ghost to pass that up,” Amber finished, dragging one finger down Maddy’s exposed sole.

    “Oh, you asked for it,” Maddy said, laughing, grabbing Amber by the arm with her left hand and pulling her down onto the couch with her right hand, dropping Amber onto her stomach. Maddy quickly got up and moved to the foot of the couch where Amber had been a moment ago. “Ghosts should be careful,” said Maddy, taking over Amber’s role from a moment ago. “Especially when they’re walking around with only nylons on themselves,” she said, unable to hide her own laugh, as she positioned Amber in place, effectively trapping her in a modified ankle lock - without the pain, of course - leaving Amber laying on her stomach, her knees bent up with her feet in the air, Maddy’s legs wrapped around Amber’s calves for more control.

    “No!” yelled Amber, amazed at how quickly Maddy had been able to incapacitate her. “I’m sorry!” she begged, completely unexpecting to end up in the position she found herself in, unable to free her legs from Maddy’s grip.

    “What would a ghost do,” Maddy asked hypothetically, “if it found itself with someone doing this to her?” she asked, as she began to drag one finger methodically down the sole of Amber’s foot.

    “Shit! No!” screamed Amber, the tickly sensations registering instantly.

    “I actually read an article the other day,” Maddy went on as she continued slowly dragging the tip of one finger up and down the bottom of Amber’s foot. “It said new research had discovered that ghosts are actually quite ticklish themselves,” said Maddy, peeking over to look at Amber who was holding in laughter.

    “Y- You don’t ha… You don’t say,” said Amber, desperately trying to keep the laughter at bay.

    “Yeah,” said Maddy, continuing her make-believe story. “Of course, it said there wasn’t quite enough research to conclude anything yet, so it said if one should encounter a ghost… One should tickle it for more evidence,” Maddy said, using her left hand now to pull Amber’s toes back while her ring index finger continued to sway across the now out-stretched foot of Amber.

    “N- No!” yelled Amber, trying her to best to play along while keeping the laughter at bay. “Y- You ha… You shouldn’t do th-ha-ha that!” she said, the giggles taking over more and more.

    “All in the name of science, Amber,” countered Maddy, who was doing her best to tickle in such a way that would allow Amber to still communicate despite the agonizing tickle. “Now what else did it say?” pondered Maddy, never once removing her finger from Amber’s sole. “Ah yes,” she said in mock delight at remembering what she had to say. “I remember it made it a point to say that ghosts are especially ticklish on their feet,” she said, unable to hide her own laughter at this point.

    “N-not ha… not true!” argued Amber, clearly trying to disprove the imaginary article.

    “That’s what it said,” Maddy continued, ignoring Amber’s disagreement. “It got super specific, too,” Maddy continued, taking great delight in teasing Amber so. “It said that ghosts are absolutely insanely ticklish on their feet when they have nylons on,” Maddy said, using her thumb and index finger to pinch at the nylon material that covered Amber’s foot.

    “Ha ha ha,” laughed Amber, unable to form the words before the laughter escaped. “Th-ha-ha… That can’t be true,” said Maddy, squeezing her eyes shut and stuffing her face into the pillow to block the giggles.

    “That’s what the article said,” said Maddy. “Who am I to go against the article?” she said. “What I DO know,” Maddy went on, “is that I would hate to be in a ghost’s spot if someone got a hold of their feet when they had nylons on,” teased Maddy.

    “Ma-ha-ha-ha… Maddy, please,” begged Amber, the verbal teasing combined with the actual tickling proving to be too much for Amber to handle.

    “Just imagine how vulnerable you’d be,” continued Maddy, ignoring Amber’s pleas. “Someone’s holding onto your legs… You’re not able to get away… And then someone’s just tickling the bottom of your foot over and over again… And worse, you have nylons on,” said Maddy, a huge smile on her face as she watched Amber struggle. “I know it would be more than I could handle,” admitted Maddy.

    Amber couldn’t respond, her head buried so deep within the pillow that her face hardly shone. Maddy could hear a steady stream of muted giggles pouring out from the pillow, a sign that Amber was surely losing her battle against Maddy’s tickling finger.

    “What about you, Amber?” Maddy asked, gently slapping Amber on the back of her leg to get her attention. “Do you think you could handle it?” she asked, clarifying, “having someone just tickling the bottom of your foot over and over again while you had nylons on…”

    Amber shook her head from side to side in stating the obvious: she absolutely could not handle having someone tickling the bottom of her foot when she had nylons on. She couldn’t handle anything even touching the bottom of her foot when she had nylons on; someone’s finger was more or less a death sentence.

    “Good thing you’re not the ghost, then, right?” asked Maddy, now drawing tiny circles around different spots of Amber’s foot - for research. “It would be the worst possible thing for you if someone had a hold of your foot when you had nylons on…”

    This time, Amber shook her head up and down, agreeing very much with Maddy’s sentiment.

    “You’ve gone quiet, Amber,” said Maddy, leaning over for a closer look. “Something the matter?” she asked with a laugh.

    Amber shook her head from side to side again, the lone way she had of communicating at this moment.

    “It must be awful for those poor ghosts,” said Maddy, continuing with her made-up yarn. “If being ticklish isn’t bad enough, it must be horrible to have your feet be your most ticklish spot. What do you think, Amber?”

    More nodding in agreement from Amber…

    “I mean, think about it,” Maddy’s narrative continued. “It’s, like, the first spot people go to if they’re going to tickle you,” she said, her finger proving the point at that very moment. “And if it’s your most ticklish spot, you just stand no chance,” she said with a slight chuckle.

    Maddy could make out a few more giggles escaping into the pillow that currently housed Amber’s face.

    “And you’re pretty much never safe,” said Maddy, continuing to talk to herself as she saw how much of a reaction she was getting out of Amber. “I mean, who wants to wear shoes and socks in the summer time, right? So, you’re always barefoot, which all your friends take as an invitation to tickle your feet…” Maddy continued, finding it easy to make up this portion of the article as she was actually talking about her first-hand experiences.

    Amber quickly came up for air before stuffing her face back into the pillow one more time.

    “And then one day you find out that nylons make your feet actually more ticklish,” said Maddy, “and you just wonder how that is even fair,” she said with a laugh. “And I don’t know about you, but when I’m wearing nylons, I’m usually wearing uncomfortable shoes, so all I’m thinking about is taking those shoes off…” Maddy said with a pause, checking to make sure Amber was still OK.

    Amber was not OK - she was far from OK. Though the actual tickling that Maddy was doing wasn’t as extreme as the tickles she had endured from Katy, Nicki, and Danielle lately, it still tickled horribly. Worse, Maddy’s words were doing a number on Amber, Maddy’s constant analysis of Amber’s vulnerability serving only to further emphasize the fact to Amber.

    “But taking those shoes off isn’t an option,” Maddy went on, “if anyone knows your feet are ticklish, right? You know,” Maddy said, “I’ve often wondered what it would be like for guys to wear nylons. You know, sort of even out the playing field a bit, let them see how much they tickle,” Maddy said.

    “But I always found that my girlfriends were the worst,” Maddy continued. “Which is really weird because you’d think out of anyone, they’d know what it’s like,” Maddy reasoned. “I mean, can you imagine if you went to tickle someone who had nylons on, but you had nylons on yourself,” Maddy teased, her words like daggers to Amber’s psyche.

    “Only ghosts do that, though, right?” Maddy asked with a laugh. “And you’re not a ghost, right Amber?”

    Amber lifted her head trying to respond, but as soon as she did, Maddy’s approach shifted from a one-fingered attack to a four-fingered attack, dancing the tips of each fingernail quickly across the bottom of Amber’s foot. Amber exploded in a paroxysm of laughter, the ticklish sensation far too much for Amber to take.

    “Ma-ha-ha… Maddy, no!” she squealed, her head arched back as she laughed, her hand furiously tapping out on the couch, the second time this evening she had tapped out to Maddy’s tickling.

    “What’s wrong?” asked Maddy, feigning concern for her neighbor. “Wait a minute,” Maddy said, pretending to have come to a realization. “You’re not the ghost, are you?” she asked with a laugh. Amber was unable to respond, having fallen into silent laughter, though she repeatedly tapped out against the side of the couch with her right-hand signifying defeat.

    “These nylons are just the worst, aren’t they?” asked Maddy, speaking more to herself because she knew Amber was in no position to respond. “I remember almost being scared to wear them when I was your age,” Maddy continued. “I was just so ticklish, and then the nylons just made it tickle so much more.”

    “It was always the worst when your friends would find that out about you,” continued Maddy. “Because then they’d never leave you alone when you wore them.”

    Though she couldn’t actually say any words, Amber agreed wholeheartedly with Maddy’s statement; it was indeed the worst when someone find out how much more ticklish nylons made you. She was living with that reality right now.

    “I can’t imagine what it must be like for you and Katy,” said Maddy, reflecting on the living arrangement of her neighbors. “I may have to keep an ear to the wall to find out what’s going on, huh?” she asked with a laugh.

    “Gosh, I hope I can catch a ghost tonight,” laughed Maddy. “I could probably tickle them all night long,” she said with emphasis. “It’s not like we’d wake up the neighbor; I am the neighbor!”
    Amber was at her breaking point. Maddy’s words and the slow, teasing tickle that she had been doing on the bottom of Amber’s foot had left Amber weak, and this full tickle assault had broken anything she had left. She couldn’t even defend herself - her lone response the repeated tapping out motion on the side of the couch.

    Soon, Maddy began to feel pity for Amber, who was clearly overcome by the tickling. Maddy slowed her tickle attack to an eventual stop, allow Amber to catch her breath, though she maintained her ankle lock grip on her legs.

    “You gonna make it there?” asked Maddy with a smile when she felt Amber could respond.

    “I… I think so,” said Amber. “You’re a brat,” she said with a laugh.

    “Aren’t you just the ticklish little ghost?” asked Maddy, releasing Amber from her clutches and allowing her to sit up for the first time.

    “That was torture,” said Amber, playfully punching Maddy in the arm.

    “It was fun,” laughed Maddy back.

    “I’m going to bed before you can think of any more fun!” laughed Amber.

    “Do I still need to be on the lookout for ghosts tonight?” asked Maddy with a laugh.

    “Hardy har har,” called Amber back as she shut the door to her room.

    Maddy sat back down on the couch, resting her head on her pillow as she reflected on the events of the evening. It had been a while since she had had a night like this, and she had rather missed it. She wasn’t sure what the future held - if there was the possibility of a friendship with the younger neighbors - but for one night at least, she had felt like a college-kid again. Maddy snuggled deeper into the couch, stretching her leg far enough so that her foot stuck out from under the blankets.

    ‘Let’s see what that ghost has to offer,’ she thought to herself as she closed her eyes and drifted to sleep.

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    Another amazing chapter! Maddy continues to be a fantastic addition to the cast and it's a clever idea to throw in an older protagonist, expanding the possibilities going forward. Once again there is a wonderfully playful vibe to the whole affair, the dialogue is hugely entertaining and I like the brief nod to the other plot line involving Katy courtesy of the text exchange about her shoes. Not to mention, Nicki continues to lead a charmed life!

    Can't wait to read the further adventures, thanks so much for taking the time to write this incredible series

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    I love this series. Thank you!

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    Dear God!
    Each next chapter is better than the previous one!
    And this part is probably the best of all!
    You are the master in what you do!
    Still, more ...

    Or maybe an olive for nylons?
    Connected fingers?
    Gag and blindfold?
    Mummy foil?
    Burial in the garden so that the head and feet protrude?

    Or maybe all together?
    It's within bet.

    We are waiting!

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    Simply Awesome!

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    This series gets better and better. Wonder if Katy fell for the trap at the party. Did Mellissa take her nylons off beforebshe went back home? Hopefully Maddy will join them again. Love to hear more about Nickis roomate being tickled.

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    Thank you all again for the great feedback.

    Quote Originally Posted by Markm16uk View Post
    Another amazing chapter! Maddy continues to be a fantastic addition to the cast and it's a clever idea to throw in an older protagonist, expanding the possibilities going forward. Once again there is a wonderfully playful vibe to the whole affair, the dialogue is hugely entertaining and I like the brief nod to the other plot line involving Katy courtesy of the text exchange about her shoes. Not to mention, Nicki continues to lead a charmed life!

    Can't wait to read the further adventures, thanks so much for taking the time to write this incredible series
    Always appreciate your analysis! The Katy plot line will continue to play out in Episode 17, as well.

    Quote Originally Posted by HollywoodDragon View Post
    I love this series. Thank you!
    Humbled that you'd use your first post for this. Thank you.

    Quote Originally Posted by johncena1992 View Post
    Dear God!
    Each next chapter is better than the previous one!
    And this part is probably the best of all!
    You are the master in what you do!
    Still, more ...

    Or maybe an olive for nylons?
    Connected fingers?
    Gag and blindfold?
    Mummy foil?
    Burial in the garden so that the head and feet protrude?

    Or maybe all together?
    It's within bet.

    We are waiting!
    Episode 17 is in the works! Hopefully the wait won't be too long

    Quote Originally Posted by ticklephehe View Post
    Simply Awesome!
    I thank you for your continued support!

    Quote Originally Posted by PrinceJ86 View Post
    This series gets better and better. Wonder if Katy fell for the trap at the party. Did Mellissa take her nylons off beforebshe went back home? Hopefully Maddy will join them again. Love to hear more about Nickis roomate being tickled.
    The plan is for Maddy to make another appearance in Episode 17, so you won't be disappointed!

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    Are there any plans for barefoot tickling?
    I am intrigued that Melissa and Maddy used to get tickled even in their barefeet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wesker28 View Post
    Are there any plans for barefoot tickling?
    I am intrigued that Melissa and Maddy used to get tickled even in their barefeet.

    I've actually been bouncing this idea around in my head a bit over the last several episodes... So full disclosure, I personally very much prefer nylon tickling over barefoot tickling. That being said, I do not consider myself a "nylon snob" or anything and do also enjoy barefoot tickling -- just prefer nylon tickling.

    I also do realize that there is likely an audience out there for barefoot tickling, as well. And the character development of both Maddy and Melissa would point to two girls who would usually go out of their way to avoid being tickled in nylons.

    I guess that's a long-winded way of saying I wouldn't mind incorporating some element of barefoot tickling, as well. I don't really see myself shifting the focus of the series from nylon tickling to barefoot tickling, but I think there can certainly be opportunities where someone is tickled while barefoot - especially those two characters.

    Thanks for the feedback!

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    I agree it definately should not be shifted completely because let's face it, nylons are what causes these girls to get tickled lol and a big part of the storyline.
    But it would be nice to see some barefoot tickling incorporated.

    I look forward to the continuation of your series.

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    Really nice work as always!
    Can't wait to read the new episode!

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    Same for me. Can't wait to see Nicky punished...

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    Stick with the nylon.

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    Hey guys,

    Just wanted to give you a quick update. Episode 17 is nearly done. The delay in publishing wasn't the result of my not having time, necessarily; on the contrary, Episode 17 is shaping up to be the lengthiest story yet, with multiple victims. If anything, I may have put too much in Episode 17, but I'm confident hopeful it will be worth it. I hope to have it up by this weekend.

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