It was close to 8 o'clock at night. Me and Meg went back to my apartment. It was a long afternoon of walking about and windowshopping.

We picked up some take-out and took it back home. After eating and drinking, we sat on the couch and Meg took off her shoes and placed her feet on my lap.

"Man,I'm tired." Meg started to stretch. "I can't believe we walked all over the place."

"I think we must've walked about 2 1/2 miles." I said. "But it was fun."
Meg said to me, "rub my feet will you?" So I began to rub and massage your feet.
After about five minutes, I ran my fingers lightly at the bottom of her left foot. Meg started giggling.
hee hee "Don't do that." I looked at her inquisitively, "do what?" I asked.
"THAT!" She exclaimed. "Don't do that." I didn't know she's talking about. So I went back to rubbing her feet.
Once again, I ran my fingers down her souls. She let out a laugh, "HAHAHA - I said stop."

"When a second, are you ticklish?" I asked with delight."Yes I am, Now stop!" She said. "I can't stand it."
A devilish smile came across my face. I grabbed both her ankles and put them in a "headlock".
"I guess it's time to have some real fun." I ran my fingers up and down her feet like spiders.
She started laughing so loud, that it went to the classic "silent laughter". "STOP IT!!!" She gasped.
Stop what I said. At this point, she started to try and kick her legs out. Hahaha heehee "please, I'm running out of breath."
"Really? I hear you just fine." She kept on laughing. I gave her a break, but then I kept tickling and tickling.

"Come on! Stop it now." Meg said practically out of breath. "Please!"
"What would you give me if I stopped." I said.
"I won't kick your ass shithead!" Meg pleaded as she cracked-up.
"Nah, that's not good enough." I said. This time, I tickled both feet machine-gun style.
At this point, Meg couldn't take it anymore." I surrender. I'll do anything, just make it stop."

"Hmmm, let me think." Good thing I can think And tickle at the same time.
"Okay, if I stop you have to give me a back rub."
"Okay, okay. You got it. Just make it stop." As Meg waved her verbal surrender flag.
I let her compose yourself, then we walked over to the bedroom.

I lay down on my stomach, as she sat down on my back. It was a nice back rub, but 10 minutes into it she reached my sides.
Then I began to feel her fingers pinch at them. "Hey. Knock it off." I said giggling.
"Aha, now I know that you're ticklish. At last a fair fight." Meg said gleefully.

She started tickling my sides and under my arms. But this time, I flipped over and grabbed her by the ribs.
It was tickle, tickle back and forth. It was when I grabbed her feet again she finally gave up.
Then after that, we got together and did what two consenting adults usually do in bed.
Man, I hope to have more nights like this.