WTKL – Friday night continued

This is turning into something really fun to write for me. Didn't really have a plan when I started just a minor concept. Not getting alot of feedback so don't know if you're enjoying it or not. Let me know if you would. As you know, feedback always appreciated. Kinda writing it for me, but would be interested in your ideas of what they can do to 'stimulate' ratings. I've got a couple of ideas, one involves a lottery with a powerball, ummmmm...................

To get to know our fun team of ladies, read at least the first part of WTKL first installment. This continues their saga.

WTKL was a mostly women run local TV station. When they entered the market a few years ago, the uniqueness of the concept and the talented women who were on air dominated the market. They were fun, gorgeous and professional. There was much local jealousy but over time the newness wore off. Now they were faced with a decision by upper management. Come up with a concept to raise ratings quickly or have them take over the management of the station. None of the girls wanted that and they were trying to come up with new, fun ideas to save their station and their culture. IN no way, did they want suits to come back to manage it. So stress was high, and stress relief was longed for. Everyone was a little on edge and more a little more crazy than normal.

So, as Stephanie pondered outside the tickle/erotica club, trying to decide whether to go in alone or not; and Alexa changed into something more appropriate and latexy to play with her nearly naked NBA player – who was at this very moment shackling himself to the bed and awaiting his punishment; across town Lindy was planning some revenge on her co-worker Aishna. Last weekend Aishna had come by to 'comfort' Lindy as her marriage became more and more miserable. That 'comfort' turned into an evening of naked tickling and kissing and fondling and mind blowing sex, that had left the poor blond anchor completely adrift and turned on for a week. Then, Aishna ended their production meeting today by nearly strip tickling her to maximum arousal as a maintence worker wanted to fix the door that hid her almost naked, yearning and hungry body. Revenge must be had, and Lindy had a plan and was going to pay a surprise visit on her comely bollywood beauty impose discipline. And she would enjoy it.

Also across town, Lindsey and Shannon had prepared for a night of binge movie watching and wine consumption. Couple glasses had been consumed as they got ready. Since neither worked on the weekends, they'd been doing this a lot on Friday nights. Both girls were petite, with Shannon being even tinier than Lindsey. Shannon was in a pair of UNC sweats cut off at the knee sweats, pink footies and a long sleeve WTKL t shirt. Lindsey, ever fashionable, was in a baby blue, fleece romper with matching striped knee socks and her hair in a pony. Wine was poured, popcorn was popped and the girls were huddled under a big blanket on the couch . “Rom-com or com-com?” Lindsey asked. “I don't know after this week, and all the uncertainty, I feel like laughing. How about a comedy?” Shannon asked innocently. Under the blanket Lindsey answered with her fingers.

She wrapped her left arm around Shannon's waist and started to tickle her sides as she pulled her near. “Shan-Shan, there are soooo many ways to make you laugh” Lindsey teased as the tiny brunette giggled and slapped at the probing fingers. “Damnit Lindsey, stop that” came the less than convincing plea. Lindsey had grown very fond of the younger, shy girl. She looked at her as a little sister she could torment, but she also realized she got a much more adult response to touching and tickling the young girl. And as usual with Lindsey, Shannon was conflicted. Was this OK? Should she like it? She really liked Lindsey and loved spending time with her. She appreciated how Lindsey reached out to her when she was new and took her under her wing. But, how she was reaching out these days confused her. And excited her.

“Comedy, ok how about bridesmaids, bridesmaids2, clueless, or my favorite..........” and she pulled the blanket over Shannon's head and let her hands roamed and tickled all over the tiny, sensitive brunette................ MEAN GIRLS” and she ramped up the tickling. “Lindsey I ….........cant.........breathe.................... .” Shannon gasped between tickles and fondles. “Come on ShanShan, TV is a tough business, you've got to.......SSSSSHHHHHHHIIIIIIIITTTTT” Lindsey screamed as 2 small sets of hands ventured under the legs of her romper and squeezed her thighs. “What can't hear you Linds, the blanket's over my ears” and Shannon was wrecking the auburn beauty. Lindsey had lost her contact as she tried to push Shannon away and Shannon had burrowed into the gorgeous reporter. She know was squeezing above her knees and up her thighs. Lindsey's laughter was musical and intoxicating. It was a sing songy mixture of giggles and guffaws. Shannon was loving it. Lindsey was slapping at the ticklebot under the blanket but having absolutely no effect. The tickling, tho was having quite the effect, and the wine might have been helping. Shannon was very much enjoying the control over her friend. And the feelings it was creating. She thought she should probably stop, but she didn't want to.

The blanket was providing much protection and Shannon moved Lindsey on her side on the couch. She slipped her hands around and started to tickle the backs of her knees and thighs. “Shannon.............you.................little... ............shit.............cut ….........that …............out............right............now” lindsey tried to plead between laughing and breathing. Not having much luck. Shannon was fairing much better and was getting more curious.

Lindseys one piece romper was cute, but offered precious little protection against an under garment tickle attack. Because she could Shannon keep venturing north. She felt the shapely, taut backside of her friend and scratched. “ OH...............MY...................GAWD........ ....” Lindsey exploded as her butt was tickled. She'd never been tickled there before and the sensations flooded thru her body. It was electric. She was rocking with laughter. She was kicking her feet and slapping at the attacking form under the blanket. The tiny tickle monster had complete control. She had seen Lindsey in a bikini many times and her freckles some how aroused her. Now, she was imagining each one was a tickle spot and she was just searching for the right one.

Under the blanket, Shannon had Lindsey pinned between her and the back of the couch. She had her head buried against Lindsey's side and her nails were roaming up and down the backside and legs of her friend. She moved her head to get better leverage. As she did she felt some sweaty skin on her cheek. Lindsey's fleece romper buttoned up the front. In all the struggling a couple of buttons had come undone. An idea came into Shannons evil mind. Good Shannon would never do such a thing. But bad Shannon was driving this bus. Shannon took in a big breath and pursed her lips.

She placed those lips on the sweaty skin and blew. The hardest, loudest, longest raspberry she could create. The results were amazing. “YOU..........LITTLE............FUCKING........... .SHIT” was all Lindsey could get out as she dissolved into hysterics. Shannon was in heaven. Tickling and raspberring her sexy friend who could do nothing about it. As the tickling and raspberring continued Lindsey tried to roll away. That just got her pinned on her back. Shannon was ruthless and now had a wider range of tickle targets. Freckles her we come. Lindsey was bucking and kicking and laughing hard. Shannon was holding on for dear life. It was beautiful. It was a tickle rodeo. Shannon was going stay on for more than 8 seconds. Over the next few minutes things began to change. The laughter slowed down, and stopped. Lindseys body just shook under Shannons touch. Shannon became concerned, so she stopped tickling and poked her head out of the blanket. She was a lil disoriented so she sat up and the blanket raised with her. Below her was quite a sight.

Lindsey was a quaking, sweating, shivering, smiling sexy mess. Her ponytail had come undone and her hair was all over her face. As Shannon moved the blanket to reveal her friend, her romper buttons were mostly open, except for the top and bottom one. Lindsey's chest was heaving as the single button tried hard to stay buttoned. As her breasts moved up and down, her pronounced nipples strained thru the fleece. Her dark, enflamed aerolea shown thru the baby blue fabric. Her tummy shown red from the raspberries and a slight sheen of perspiration. The one lone secured bottom button beckoned with a gift underneath. One sock was nearly off. The look on her face was somewhere between hate, lust, passion and disgust. Shannon was a little scared.

“Uhhhhhhhhh, sorry.............. I guess I got a …............. little...............carried.............away” Shannon tried to explain. “A little? U THINK!?” Lindsey demanded. Shannon didn't know what to think. Shannon stood up off the couch. “Im so sorry..............are you …..........mad?” she asked not really wanting to hear the answer. “MAD, you think i'm MAD? “ Lindsey said as she stood up face to face with the smaller girl. It wasn't many girls Lindsey could look down on but Shannon was one and she was trying to tower over her to the best she could. “DAMN RIGHT IM MAD!” Lindsey yelled. And as she did a lock of air fell over her face. Not wanting to lose the authority she tried to blow it out of her face. It moved about 2 inches and fell right back where it was. Lindsey blew once more. Same thing. Shannon tried to hide her expanding smile.

“Dont you DARE...... Smile”........... Lindsey hissed and as she tried to move the hair from her face the top button popped. Shannon giggled. “BITCH” Lindsey yelled and threw her down on the couch. The kiss that happened next was the most passionate, sexual, hungry, satisfying kiss either woman had ever experienced. When they broke it they stared at each other in total shock as their eyes locked. Shannon gently moved the hair from Lindsey's face. And it was over.

In nano-seconds Lindsey had ripped the shorts and shirt off of Shannon and Shannon had finished tearing the romper off Lindsey as she started to remove the knee socks Lindsey smiled “Let me keep em on. My feet get cold when I'm naked” and the nearly naked newsgirls entered into a night of tickling and passion and orgasms that neither would forget.

Over at Lindys, a delicious revenge plot was hatching. Having a youngster, a musician husband and a 2am wake up call – she was the face of morning news and entertainment at WTKL – didn't always mesh. She had trouble sleeping. Lindy had found a powder at a local herb/supplement shop that would help her. Over the years she and the owner had devised a powder that worked specifically for the fast acting response Lindy needed. Many times she had a 3-4 hour window and this compound was perfect. Quick sleep, but not too deep. Tonight it would be doubly perfect.

She'd dropped her son off at her mom's for the night on some lame work excuse, left hubs a vague message and headed to Aishna's. She had texted her earlier very 'distraught' and upset about the events of last weekend and today and needed to talk to her. Aishna was understanding and asked her to come over. The tone of her message sounded concerned. Lindys message sounded upset. In reality, both women were stupid horny and looking to do something about it.

Lindy had been to Ash's house many times. It was at the end of a cul-de-sac and had a view of the woods out the back. It was small, quaint and a very cool mix of Indian and American décor. Aishna truly was an amalgam of cultures. As a past beauty queen, as was Lindy, the girls had much in common. While Ash was very outgoing and silly, Lindy was more measured and reserved. She envied Ash's sense of fun and humor. Ash respected Lindy's measured wisdom and experience and wide circle of friends. Altho no one seemed to know her deeply, everyone seemed to consider her a close friend and respected her. But neither woman could get the images, memories, and sensations of the past week out of their minds.

Both woman considered themselves straight, and had many sexual encounters in their time. Lindy's sexual experience might surprise her friends. While Aishna was more open about her sexual experiences here and abroad, Lindy kept things close to the vest. But she had a taste for the bad boy in her youth and now had a taste for the bad girl. Just the thought made her smile and yearn. As she was replaying different parts of the past week in her mind, a horn blarred. Startled she pulled her car back into her lane. An angry, red faced driver expressed her upcoming desires for Ash with a single digit. She giggled to herself. Yes, she would be number one tonight. But to pull this off she must get into character. Little did she know, Aishna had a little plan of her own.

When Lindy knocked on the door, she was suitably angry and confused. A below the surface rage was apparent. When Aishna opened the door Lindy was ready to communicate all this without words. Unfortunately for her, Aishna had prepared. Ash opened the door in a silk robe, hair damp and slicked back and barefoot. Her perfect mani/pedi and post shower appearance surprised Lindy. Ash immediately disarmed the tallish blond with a big hug. “Linds, I'm so glad you're here. I want to talk to you too.” Lindy felt the magnificent breasts press against her. Her plan was off to a shaky start. “Please come in” and she grabbed her hand and led her inside.

“I'm so sorry I was taking a shower to calm down and lost track of time” Ash lied thru her teeth. Yes, she had taken shower but she checked the time as she aroused herself over and over. Her hands roamed over her luscious body, teasing and arousing but never reaching climax. She wanted to be on edge when Lindy got there. DONE and DONE. “Here let me take your coat” and she slipped it off the anchor and hung it up. Lindy was immaculately dressed, as always. She had wanted a sexy but understated look. She chose black form fitting slacks, a grey mock turtle neck with very short sleeves and black one inch pumps. Her hair was loose and flowing. It was her favorite way to wear it, but didn't do it often cause she knew it was very sexy.

Ash led her over to the couch. Their was cheese, brie and crackers on a plate. A gentle fire was warming up the room. “Here take your shoes off, and make yourself at home. Red or White” Ash asked as she nodded to the empty wine glasses on the table. “Red I guess” Lindy answered already thrown off her game by the look, feel and comfort of this situation. This is not what she wanted. And Ash being apparently nude under her silk robe was not helping things. AT ALL. But without thinking, she slipped off her shoes and curled her feet under her legs.

Ash returned and set the wines down. “I'm so glad you're here. I've been wanting to talk to you about what happened today and last weekend as well. I haven't been able to stop thinking about it. Have you?” asked the spider sweetly to the fly. Lindy was firm and direct. “Yes, it has been on my mind and what happened today in Angelas office was just.......” Lindy started into her 'angry' diatribe. Ash cut her off. “So....Fucking...........Hot.......I know. After last weekend.....DAMN GIRL. I'm sorry/ not sorry about the office thing. But sitting across from you, looking at you all perfect in your perfect beige tight pants and teal top. I just couldn't concentrate.” she practically purred. “NOW HOLD ON AISHNA. Last weekend I TOLD YOU – it was a one time thing and COULD NOT happen again” Lindy stated forcefully. “Yeah ….. and yet it did. AND IT WAS HOT AS FUCK” Ash knew exactly what she was doing “Don't tell me you haven't been turned on to the max all damn day?” she smiled. “AISHNA, that is SO not the point. The point is … THAT MUST NOT AND WILL NOT HAPPEN EVER AGAIN. UNDERSTAND? I'm a married woman with a young son!” Lindy explained in no uncertain terms. “Yes you are. I understand and I'm sorry” Aishna nodded with a sly smile. And she went into character. Her voice caught in her throat dramatically

“I understand that you are married to a total douche who completely doesn't get what an amazing woman he's married to. And I'm sorry you're with a guy that treats you like you're his servant and maid. Who has NO idea what you want or how to give it to you emotionally, spiritually or sexually. And has ABSOLUTELY no idea how totally fine, freaky and fuckable you are in the sack. And worst of all” and Ash scooted just a bit closer and lowered her voice “how much you fuckin' like it” and she leaned her face inches from the blond. Lindy peered into the deep dark searching eyes across her; she smelled the lilac and lavender scent. She felt a small hand on her leg. She could feel the heat emanating from the smoldering beauty oh so close to her. But she was strong, this time.

“Now stop that right now. Ash I'm pissed at you. You tell me Brad treats me wrong. Well, you have too. You can't defend what you did today?” Lindy was retaking the offensive. Ash was silent and remorseful. She lowered her head and starred at her knees. “I know you're right. What I did today was wrong and crossed a line. I am sorry” and she paused for a second. “I didn't mean to but I got carried away with my emotions and desires from the weekend. Can you forgive me?” and she looked back up and locked eyes with Lindy. Whose resolve for revenge was melting into the deeply yearning eyes of the dark, sexy loveliness across from her. Ash helped as she started to tear up and get up off couch. “I'm sorry, excuse me” and she got up and hurriedly left the room.

Lindy smiled as she felt she had regained control and put the next phase of her plan in place. She took a small vile of powder from her purse and poured it in Ash's wine. It was just enough to bring her to a drowsy state quickly, but not keep her there long. Ash returned with face scrubbed fresh, hair combed and dried, eyes remade. She looked even better than before. She sat near Lindy and took her hand. “Linds I really am sorry. I didn't mean to put our friendship at risk. You mean the absolute world to me. If I ever damaged that I would be inconsolable.” and she squeezed her hand and then the girls hugged. Lindy felt the breasts press against her chest and smiled knowing that soon she would have her way with those luscious orbs and other parts.

Ash broke the hug but her face remained very close to Lindy's and she whispered “But, Linds, honestly wasn't last week the hottest sex you've ever had. It was for me. And today, I so just wanted to strip you down and us to go to town with each other. But it was even hotter to not be able to. When John knocked on the door I thought you were going to cream your jeans at that very moment.........” Ash's hot breath in her face and her retelling of the events started to get to Lindy. “Yes, I agree it was amazzzzing. But THAT can never happen again. Agreed?” Lindy asked sternly. “Ok, I agree THAT can never happen again” and she pecked Lindy on the lips. She didn't resist. “Friend?” she asked “Of course” Lindy smiled. “Special friends” Aishna leered. “Don't push it spring break girl” Lindy teased. “OK fine”

Suddenly, Lindy's phone rang in her purse. “What the hell, whose calling me on a Friday night?” and she reached in her purse. “Uh-oh, It's Angela. Hope everything is alright?” she said. “Better take it, she's been going thru a lot recently” Ash said concerned. Lindy picked picked up the phone. “Ang, is everything alright........................No, I'm over at Ash's.............” and she got up off the couch and started to walk around. She walked over and leaned by the fireplace. “No were just hanging out......................yeah were bouncing ideas around for Sunday............” she turned her back to Aishna. “No, I'm fine....................you know things are a little stressful at home. I was just in a foul mood. I'm good promise. See you Sunday. Luvya” and she hung up and put her phone back in her purse and sat back on the couch.

“That was Anglea. She noticed I was 'out of sorts' after our meeting and wondered if I was alright. Wondered if it was something she did? Ummmmmmmmmmmmm” and Lindy glared at Ash. “Well we knew it wasn't something SHE did...........” and she smiled an evil smile. Lindy smile slyly back “Bitch”. Ash picked up her wine glass. “Toast. To friendship and all it means to both of us. You are completely special in my life and I know I can and have shared things with you that I can never share with anyone else” Lindy couldn't help herself she smile back remembering the past week. The clinked glasses and toasted.

As the wine went down Lindy was ready to put the final phase of her plan in place. Ash was yawning and stretching. Each time she did her robe opened a little more. Her beautiful breasts were almost in full view. Her shapely, toned legs were on view as well. She yawned again. Lindy did too. Must be true that yawning is contagious she thought. “Damn, lotsa wine tiny bladder. I'll be right back” and Ash hurried to the bathroom. As Lindy laid her head back to imagine all the things she was going to do to her friend new 'special friend' to exact revenge, her eyelids got heavy..................