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    “Harry Potter: Breaking The Order Part 2” (f/f)

    “Harry Potter: Breaking the Order Part 2”

    *If any admins are reading this, please understand that I’ve made a point to set this story within the parameters of your rules. This story takes place after the events at Hogwarts. All characters are over the age of 18. Thank you and enjoy.

    *Readers - I’ve taken some liberties as far as the characters within the Harry Potter universe. I know some of them were killed during the series; however, we won’t let that get in the way of creating what I hope is a decent tickling story.

    The Order of the Phoenix had been reformed after the remaining members heard Bellatrix Lestrange and the Death Eaters were out terrorizing the local wizarding community once again. Bellatrix was hellbent on seeing Voldemort avenged and Harry Potter dead. She and her followers had killed an older, well-off couple and taken over their mansion to use as a hideout while they launched attacks and tried to find the Elder Wand, the Resurrection Stone, and the Cloak of Invisibility that belonged to Harry now. Bellatrix knew if she was able to harness the power of the three artifacts, she would be almost unstoppable.

    Harry and some of the members of The Order had found a small cave where they stashed the Elder Wand, the Resurrection Stone, and the Cloak of Invisibility so that Bellatrix and her Death Eaters couldn’t get their hands on them. A few days prior, Bellatrix had sent a letter to Harry demanding that he surrender the ancient relics. She had even gone as far as abducting Fleur Delacour, Cho Chang, and Lavender Brown to use as leverage against him and the rest of The Order.

    The worst part of it all that was weighing heavy on everyone’s mind was the fact that Bellatrix was not only keeping their friends captive; she was also subjecting them to tickle torture. She had sent Harry a magical picture, the kind that allowed the subjects in the picture to move around. Harry and the others had seen Bellatrix tickling Lavender while Cho and Fleur were tied up nearby. It was received with her initial letter; just a reminder that Harry’s friends were suffering the longer he waited to hand over the items she desired.

    It took the better part of a day for Harry and his group to backtrack and find Ron. He was sitting on the ground where they left him, his ankle wrapped up after twisting it on a loose rock as they clambered through the forest in search of a good hiding spot to stash the three relics. Luna was supposed to be with him. Harry asked Ron immediately where Luna had gone. “Harry, she’s gone! She took off saying something about how she knew where the other girls were being kept!” Ron exclaimed excitedly. Harry and the other were confused. Ginny asked her brother, “Calm down, Ron! What do you mean? She just left?” Ron did his best to explain that Luna had figured out somehow where Bellatrix’s hideout was and where their friends were being held captive.

    Harry insisted they send someone ahead of their group to let the other members of The Order know the news. They had to regroup and go find the place Luna had mentioned. Harry feared Luna had gotten in over her head by going into Bellatrix’s hideout alone. Percy Weasley volunteered to run ahead of the group while the others carried Ron back to their base at a slow pace. Percy took off as quick as his feet would carry him over the rough terrain. The rest of them hoisted Ron up and carried him back out of the forest.

    Meanwhile back at Bellatrix’s hideout...

    Fleur Delacour, Cho Chang, and Lavender Brown had all been retied with their hands behind their backs. The three girls had their chance to leave and escape the Death Eaters’ secret hideout when Luna had heroically come to their rescue. But now they had been recaptured. Back in ropes. Back to being tickled again. They felt mortified at being made prisoners again when freedom had been theirs if only they hadn’t let revenge blind them. Now Pansy Parkinson and Daphne Greengrass were leading the girls out of the living room so that Bellatrix could have some one on one time with Luna, who was hogtied on the floor. The other girls hung their heads as they were taken out of the room to be tickled again. Pansy had a sinister look in her eyes as she walked alongside their small group. She told Cho, “Nobody tickles my feet and makes me laugh like that. Nobody. You’re going to pay for that.” As they walked past, Bellatrix wiggled her fingers in a silly wave and told them, “Have a good time, girls.”

    After the others had stepped out, Bellatrix walked over to Luna. The blonde witch was wearing a faded green blouse, dark blue jeans, and grey flats. Luna struggled against her ropes as she saw the infamous Lestrange woman coming her way. She tried to roll to either side to slip out of the ropes but they were too tight. Bellatrix knelt down behind Luna and slipped off her flats, suddenly revealing her delectable, milky size 7 feet. Luna squirmed a little after feeling her sudden vulnerability. “Hey, don’t do that. What are you doing? Oh my. Hey, give me my shoes back. Oh goodness,” Luna complained.

    Bellatrix began to wiggle her fingernails along Luna’s creamy arches. The poor, bound girl wiggled her feet at the scratchy sensations and shifted from side to side. Bellatrix traced her fingernails over the smooth arches and scratched just under the balls of Luna’s feet. She began to giggle more and more as she scrunched and flexed her toes over and over. “Aw, does little Luna have ticklish feet? So nice to finally get my hands on you...literally. I suppose you finding this place means that your friends will also find it soon. Maybe we’ll finally have our war. But until then, what do you say we have some laughs?” Bellatrix asked.

    Bellatrix used a fingernail to play at the base of Luna’s toes. She cried back at her, “Hehehehehe oh my goodness! Hehehe that feels so strange! Get away from my toes! Hehehehehe oh my!” Bellatrix took that as an invitation. She started tweaking Luna’s plump tootsies and caressing the tender sides of her toes. Luna broke into full on laughter at that point and rolled to her right side to get away. Bellatrix laughed a little at her expelling all that effort to twist away if only for a a few seconds. Bellatrix pulled Luna back to her belly and kept raking her fingernails along the soft soles, making her prisoner wrinkle her feet.

    Bellatrix went over a picked up a feather. She came back and started lightly dragging it across the captive pair of size 7’s before her. The feather tickling was mostly annoying to Luna. Just an irritation that she could feel behind her. That was until Bellatrix decided to slide the feather between her toes. That was a different sensation entirely and Luna hated it. “Hmm...I’ll have remember that for later,” Bellatrix thought to herself. After a time, Bellatrix decided to stop and wanted to move Luna to a different position. She pulled out her wand, gave the girl a zap, and rendered her unconscious.

    Luna awoke to find herself standing with her arms stretched above her head and her bare feet on the floor. Her wrists were bound and the rope was tied to a beam in the ceiling. She didn’t see Bellatrix anywhere in the room; she only felt her lifting up her shirt from behind. Luna jumped in surprise as Bellatrix folded the bottom of her blouse up to expose her tummy. Luna looked downward and watched what the witch was doing. Her belly region was flat but not defined. Bellatrix’s black fingernail polish contrasted against Luna’s milky white tummy as she wrapped her hands around and rested them near her belly button.

    Bellatrix snuggled up behind Luna with her arms wrapped around her and started skittering her nails lightly along her stomach. Luna squealed and instinctively tried to twist away from the menacing fingers. Bellatrix started lightly dragging her fingernails along Luna’s sides just below her ribcage. Being attacked from both sides, Luna didn’t know which way to wiggle. Either way she leaned, she could feel merciless fingers digging in, pinching, and vibrating her tender flesh. Bellatrix loved kneading her fingers into the soft belly and listening to Luna squeal and shout, “Hahahahaha! On no! Hahahaha! It’s so tickly! Oh my! Hahahaha! Oh goodness! Oh my word! Hahaha!”

    Bellatrix loved dancing her fingernails along Luna’s waistline. The Ravenclaw brainiac was giggling in a squeaky, trembling voice as unwelcome fingers kneaded her sides and tummy. “Hehehehehe! Oh my! Stop! Hahahaha! Goodness! Oh my goodness! Hehehehehe!” Luna said as Bellatrix tickled her tender tummy. “Tell me where I can find the wand, the stone, and the cloak,” Bellatrix questioned. Luna shouted that she didn’t know but Bellatrix showed her no mercy.

    “Do you like it when I tickle your poor little exposed tummy, girl?” Bellatrix asked, “Just tell me what I want to know and I’ll stop. Well...I shouldn’t promise that. I promise that I’ll give you nice long breaks between these little tickling bouts.” Luna shook her head from side to side as she continued to giggle and shuffle around as much as she could. Bellatrix slid a hand further up Luna’s shirt and creeped her wiggling fingers all the way up to her smooth armpit. Luna cackled like a little girl and yelled at Bellatrix to stop. The cruel witch continued scratching all over her underarm and kept tickling her belly with the other hand.

    Luna was being driven crazy at the hands of such a skilled tickler. She kept screaming at her but it felt pointless. Her tummy was trembling from the ticklish sensations shooting up her sides. Bellatrix circled Luna’s bellybutton with her fingernail and lightly scratched her left side with the other hand. “Hehehehehe oh no! Hahahaha eeeekk! Oh my goodness! Hehehehe!” Luna cried. After Bellatrix felt she was becoming slightly desensitized, she once again knocked Luna out.

    Luna started to come to. She could tell she was lying belly down on a couch. Her hands were tied behind her back and her legs and ankles were tied together. She groaned from the affects of the spell and started to open her eyes. Luna could hear laughing and then saw Lavender Brown tied up on a nearby chair with her feet propped up on an ottoman. Bellatrix was feathering her soles and making the poor girl giggle and laugh continuously.

    “Oh good, you’re awake,” Bellatrix said as she looked over at Luna. Bellatrix called over Pansy Parkinson and instructed her, “Escort Ms. Brown to another room and why don’t you give her armpits some attention?” Lavender protested desperately in a pathetic tone. Pansy smiled a cruel smile as she helped Lavender up off the couch and made her shuffle barefoot out of the room.

    Bellatrix sat down on the end of the couch. Luna’s bare, upturned soles were resting in her lap. She placed one of her hands on the warm, creamy feet and began to rap her fingernails menacingly against her arches. Luna begged her, “Please don’t do this anymore. I promise you that I have no idea where they hid the artifacts.”

    Bellatrix told her, “Not good enough.” She began wiggling her pointy fingernails along the bottoms of Luna’s smooth feet. She melted into more giggles and laughter as she squirmed and shifted uneasily on the couch. “Such a ticklish little Ravenclaw. You might be even more ticklish than your friend, Cho Chang, but it would be close.” Bellatrix kept raking along the pale soles, making Luna writhe and laugh constantly against her will. “Aaaahahahahaha! Stop that! Hahahaha! Oh my goodness! No! Hahahahaha! Oh my! My poor feet!”

    “Oh yes, your poor feet hahaha!” Bellatrix teased as she continued to scratch her fingers over Luna’s vulnerable soles in her lap. She started to slide her fingernail along the tips of all ten toes. She started with one pinky toe and ended at the other. The feeling made Luna scrunch her toes and kick her feet. Bellatrix scratched her fingernails against the undersides of Luna’s toe stems. The plump little digits were so sensitive that the feeling made Luna shriek and shake her head back in forth in desperation.

    “Your toes are so entertaining, Ms. Lovegood. If you tell me where those artifacts are, I’ll go back to tickling Lavender. How does that sound?” Bellatrix offered as she grabbed a bottle of lotion and took a few pumps of it into her hand. Luna felt horrible for even considering the offer. She had never been one to wish harm on others but she wasn’t sure how much more she could take as she felt Bellatrix rubbing the lotion into her soles. Luna wanted so badly for Bellatrix to leave her alone and go back to using feather on Lavender Brown’s feet. Now this evil woman was slicking up her arches, heels, and toes to make her scream even louder. “Tickle tickle tickle...” Bellatrix teased as she wiggled her nails over Luna’s arches and heels like a tickling spider. After a while longer, Bellatrix knocked the exhausted Luna out with her wand again.

    Luna woke in darkness; she had a blindfold on. She could feel that she was tied spread eagle on a bed. There was muffled laughter coming from the next room over that sent a chill up Luna’s back. One of the other girls cried out, “Not my feet!” Luna tried to calm herself and mentally prepare for whatever was coming next but she knew she didn’t have much more in her. Her abs were on fire from laughing so much. When would Harry and the others get here? Where would Bellatrix tickle her next? Luna’s thoughts were cut short when she heard the door open.

    “Ready to tell me what I’m growing tired of asking you, Miss Luna? Or do I need to keep tickling you? What I want is very simple. Just a little cooperation on your part.” Bellatrix’s eyes lit up as she watched her captive try to process the fact that she was about to be tortured again. She knew Luna probably would have told her by now if she had the answers but she still enjoyed playing mind games with her. Luna started begging her to just leave her alone but Bellatrix happily climbed onto the bed right between Luna’s legs.

    The evil Lestrange girl began pinching and tweaking the backs of Luna’s knees and thighs. A burst of giggles escaped Luna’s mouth but then she bit down on the pillow and braced against the tickling sensations. Fingernails behind her knees, a firm squeeze on the back of her thigh, nails skittering along the insides of her legs...it was all making her jump and giggle reluctantly.

    Bellatrix placed her hands on the exposed portion of Luna’s sides near her hips where her blouse didn’t cover. She started squeezing and scurrying her fingers, making Luna twist and cry out in laughter. Bellatrix pushed the shirt up even more and then gave Luna a brief break. The blond beauty panted and tried to catch her breath. Bellatrix slid her hands up Luna’s shirt and gave her a vicious ten-finger rib tickle. Luna jumped and let out a high-pitched girly scream as she was sent into hysterics.

    Luna writhed every possible way, pulled as hard as she physically could at her ropes, and shouted at the top of her lungs but Bellatrix was unrelenting. “How about we go a little higher, love?” Bellatrix taunted as she slid her hands up inside Luna’s shirt to her completely smooth underarms. She began skittering her fingernails against the supple flesh. “HAHAHAHA!! GET OUT OF THERE!! HAHAHAHAHA!! PLEASE STOP!! OH MY GOODNESS!! HAHAHAHAHA!!” Luna thrashed and started crying. Bellatrix knew she almost had her exactly how she wanted her. One flick of the wand and Luna was out cold once again.

    Luna woke up in a daze. She couldn’t move her hands but she expected that at this point. Still no Harry or anyone else to rescue her it would appear. Luna knew she couldn’t handle much more from Bellatrix. Her nails were absolutely unbearable. She could hear someone in the room with her. A muffled, irritated grunting noise combined with a wet, slurping sound. Luna started to slowly open her eyes. After a few blinks to clear her vision, she could see Fleur sitting on the couch nearby. She wasn’t facing forward like you would normally sit on a couch but rather she was turned so that her feet were angled toward the opposite end of the couch. Fleur was gagged, her hands were tied in her lap, and her ankles were also tied together. Bellatrix was sitting at the other end of the couch and was holding Fleur’s bare size 7 feet up by her face. Bellatrix was sucking and slurping at each toe, making sure to lick the crevices between each of them. Cho and Lavender were tied up and gagged on the floor near the couch. They squirmed a little against their bonds as they watched Bellatrix suck sloppily on the toes of their friend. Cho and Lavender knew their turns were coming and they definitely didn’t want their toes in that crazy lady’s mouth. Fleur wrinkled her nose and let out muffled scoffs into her gag as she couldn’t do anything but watch Bellatrix suck her toes.

    Bellatrix noticed Luna’s eyes peering over at her and smiled at her as she flicked her tongue between Fleur’s second and third toes like a snake. Bellatrix addressed Cho and Lavender, “Looks like I’ll have to give you girls some attention later now that Miss Luna is awake again.” Bellatrix got up and walked over to Luna, who was tied in a reclining chair. Her legs and feet were tied securely out in front of her on the footrest. Her bare feet were tied down to the footrest and Bellatrix had even tied her big toes together.

    Bellatrix knelt down at the edge of the footrest right in front of her bare soles. The witch grabbed a bottle of baby oil that was nearby and applied a coat onto Luna’s pale foot bottoms. Bellatrix began skittering her nails wildly across the now slippery arches and watched as Luna tried to pull her feet away. Luna erupted into laughter once again.

    Bellatrix kept up her fingernail assault for a while. Luna was thrashing and twisting hard in her seat. The tickly nails on her oily soles were sending her into a panicky fit as she struggled for breath. Bellatrix had tied her feet well; all they could do was wiggle from side to side a little. Luna couldn’t stand it when Bellatrix held her toes back with one hand and scratched the exposed pads below her toes and the balls of her feet. The oil allowed her fingernails to glide over the creamy skin with ease. “HAHAHAHAHA!! STOP!! YOUR NAILS ARE TERRIBLE!! HAHAHAHAHA!! BELLATRIX, STOP!! I CAN’T TAKE MUCH MORE!!”

    That kind of statement was music to Bellatrix’s ears as the crystal hanging around her neck began to glow brighter. Almost there, just a little more and she’ll be pushed past the breaking point. Bellatrix picked up a hairbrush and began scrubbing along the sensitive arches of Luna’s feet, sending her into shrieks of laughter. The chair rocked back and forth as Luna reacted to the hairbrush scrubbing back and forth. Nothing Luna did even remotely made the jarring sensation lessen. Bellatrix just continued to rub the brush around Luna’s glistening heels and arches. “BELLATRIX, YOU HAVE TO STAAHAHAHAHAHAAAP!! OH MY GOODNESS!! HAHAHAHAHA!! I SWEAR I DON’T KNOW ANYTHING!! HAHAHAHAHA!! I’M GOING CRAZY!! PLEASE!!”

    Bellatrix decided to use a comb next. She rested it in the crevice between Luna’s fourth toe and pinky toe before she started tickling her again. She enjoyed watching Luna shift her feet around uneasily and beg her not to mess with her toes anymore. Bellatrix began sliding the fine-toothed comb between Luna’s slippery toes. Luna LOST IT. The blonde Ravenclaw felt an animalistic reaction take over her as she panicked and screamed as loud as her voice would allow. Not her toes. Not between in the hypersensitive cracks between them. Not there. Not with the help of oil helping the pointy plastic teeth of the comb zip between her tootsies with ease. Luna was in full on fight or flight mode, losing her usual calm and witty way of thinking. “Aw, poor little Luna has such ticklish toesies, doesn’t she? Just unscrunch your toes and let me have full access to them. You know no matter how hard you clamp your toes down, an oily comb is a tricky thing to keep hold of. Tickle tickle tickle...” Bellatrix taunted her as she jerked her feet around from side to side and screamed broken laughter.

    Luna began to cry even though she was still being forced to laugh. Bellatrix knew she had her. Suddenly, the Enslaving Crystal began to glow bright purple. A light pink ghostly mist began to flow from Luna and into the crystal. It was brief and before 10 seconds had passed, Luna’s magical powers were now bottled along with her friends. She would be forced to remain a powerless tickle slave until her friends came to rescue her or...the war was lost.

    Back at the Weasley residence...

    Percy arrived back at the Weasley residence with news of Bellatrix’s possible hideout location. Arthur and Molly Weasley, Professor McGonagall Tonks, Neville, and Hermione sat around the dinner table as Percy explained how Ron had injured his ankle and had to be left behind. He talked about how the group pushed on to find a suitable hiding spot for the sacred relics. He recounted how Luna had been left with Ron but then ran off to rescue the other girls when she suddenly figured out where Bellatrix and the Death Eaters were hiding out at.

    “Wait, so Luna ACTUALLY figured out where Bellatrix is or is she just guessing?” Hermione asked. Percy looked around and shrugged. “I...I don’t really know, I guess. Ron just said she seemed pretty convinced.”

    After a few moments of bickering and arguing amongst the group, Professor McGonagall raised her voice and calmed the group’s discussion. She added, “Luna Lovegood has a very bright mind. If what Percy says is true, I have no doubt that she has indeed figured out where their hideout is. But we need to wait for the others to return before we attempt anything. With only half our strength, we won’t be doing anyone any good. They’ll overwhelm us and this resistance will fail.”

    It was hard to accept that their group had to wait before they could follow Luna and back her up. Hopefully she would be smart enough to wait for them before she tried anything by herself. “This is wrong! We can’t just let Luna go there alone!” Tonks argued. Hermione looked at Tonks and said, “We have to wait for the other members to get back before we act out any sort of plan.”


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    As always guys and girls, if you enjoyed what you just read please leave a comment or send me a message. Your appreciation really encourages me to keep writing. Also, if you have an idea for this series or if you have an idea for a different tv show or series, don’t hesitate to contact me. Feedback is always welcome. Thanks everyone!

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    Oh very good work!

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    Would love for Luna to be stripped down to her panties

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    can't wait for the next part!!! Such a good series!

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    Love it!

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