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    Tony’s Order ( FFF/f Non Con/ Bare feet, Sexual Feathering, *Mafia*)

    Tony’s Order ( *Mafia* FFF/f )

    Maria, was walked... slowly backwards. Throughout her own house! 3 of her former friends had forced their way inside. They were leading her back down the hall, and to her bedroom. She had been found…

    Maria’s mind was racing out of control. “ Witness Protection Program my ass...” She laughed outloud. All she could do WAS laugh at the situation now... The other’s joined in with giggles of their own. Frowning… she looked beseechingly at them. Her fingertips reached out to the walls. Just a bedroom behind her awaited, leading to her marriage's ultimate ruin.

    The smell of expensive perfume, cobbled the air. It choked the breath straight out of Maria’s lungs. As the women led her back... smirking, with 2 bottles of Red wine. They slowed their walk. No reason to rush. They knew the layout here. Zero issues now...

    Making Maria move back… back… back. A ray of sunlight crossed her path as she now stood inside the bedroom. The light gleamed across the women’s rhinestones, pearls, and diamonds. Particularly on the wrist of Karen Hill. Her aqua blue nails circled and clicked over the metal of the keys as she locked the door. The bed and bondage frame was SO nice. Karen always loved seeing it! She was going to use it more in the future. "Gotta talk to Lucky about moving this for me." She turned around. Her long hair was strung out side to side, as she began playfully toying with it. Lila bobbed her head around like a true ditz, bored and waiting for Karen to speak. Sticking her tounge out at Maria.

    "This is what it all has come down too? I don’t deserve THIS I was forced into Witness Portection by Ricky!!!” Maria looked around her room for something to grab and swing.

    “My darling… I think you had better just lay down there. Make this easy on yaself eh? You a goin’ NOWHERE.... Na uh! Lucky’s parked right outside the doowa! And you know Lucky… He pinned ME a few times... that’s for shouwa.” *wink* The women laughed like absolute fools together. They clinked their empty wine glasses together in spirited harmony. Then made the sign of the cross, and blew a kiss to the ceiling. They pushed their humongous TITS forward, and pushed her backward and off balance. She fell back onto her bed. Karen quickly retrieved Maria’s pink and black restraints from the dresser. “These are definitely going home with ME after this. “

    The danger Maria found herself in now, was wildly apparent. She lurched forward and started to stand… but the Wives reached out and grabbed her. They swiftly pulled her back onto the bed. She was tied down. Held more in place by their tits! She felt like a pancake! All of their big, plastic robo titties combined, made it impossible to sit up. It’s like a big, titty fuckin’ bumper car parade here!!” This infuriated Maria, but she let them do what they were going to do anyway. She COULD bite their tits... but... what's that gonna do but piss them off more...

    The bed creaked under the weight as they kneeled down over the Queen size bed. Leering smiles and gleaming, dark, mooned pupils stared down at her. “I deserve what I get… I should have ran away from everyone including Ricky. I DIDN'T DO ANYTHING!!! “Listen… I’ll...”

    The door flew open, causing the women to jump back up. It was Tony! Tony Soprano: The Boss of New Jersey! With his OWN key.

    “Tony!! =D The women jumped up and down happily. Their huge tits bounced up and down for him. Practically dancing in place. He stopped midwalk, and growled approvingly as he took out a cigar, with a darkening smile as he looked down at Maria.

    As he prepared to speak, he took out his cigar cutter and gold lighter. He looked up and around the room. “You ladies understand why we’re here right? You understand... NO marks on her.” He wagged his finger at them slowly. “NOT ONE. The last time the poor woman was scratched up like a cat post. What we discussed… is what you will do. No more… no less. Is that understood?”

    The women nodded excitedly. “Yes Tony…” Their dancing began again, completely seduced by him. Always nervous the wives and mistresses were with him… that is until he touched you. Then you just melted into him...

    Tony looked back towards Maria. “Be talking to you REAL SOON hun. Hope you all have… lots of… laughs together! I’m gonna go have a drink. He turned around on a dime, with his lit cigar and bemused smile. He long strided himself out the door. This time… the door was locked from the outside.

    Without a word the Jersey Torturess’s began to undress quickly. Their curly and long, dark hair went flopping around from their leftover bobby pins. The deep curls cornered around their shoulders and backs as they turned around to their purses. Their leopard and jungle pattern tops flew off into a fast stuffing. Skirts and slacks unzipped to the floor. Heels kicked off.

    The soft carpeting... sooooo good to feel… Even Maria fed off their sudden signs of comfort. She settled into place, now very quiet.

    Only their nude thigh highs, white bras and matching slips remained. Wasting no time, the women began tearing at Maria's clothes. Maria squealed and shrieked as the buttons popped off furiously. Her slacks slit right up both sides with ease. Worse still to come… She had no undeerweear on underneath! Her cheeks flushed from embarrassment as her clothes were ripped away from her body. She cried audibly for a moment. “Please…”

    “How convenient…” Karen smiled at the other 2 Wives. Lila, and Sonja. They put their hands forward and playfully interlaced and wiggled their fingers into each others hands. “You Ladies are AWESOME!!” NO YOU ALL ARE”!!“ YOU YOU!!! They were absolutely tickled over this. They kissed at each others cheeks.

    Lila skittered over to her gigantic Gucci purse. She handed off the bag to Sonja but took her phone out first and messed with it for a little while.

    “We understand your prablem hun. You’re OUR blood so….. So… you can thank all the Sicilian Wives who handed this down to US. It’s less work for the Men too! Ha... you may or may not thank us later I’m sure.... But you SHOULD. Violence that’s not a women’s tradition.. Not at all… nor should it be. *pops her gum* Not by a woman’s hand. Unless she has no choice … otherwise… game on.”

    Sonja opened the black bag and flipped the contents down between Maria’s legs. Feather’s… vibrators… and odd looking things... paper, leafs, brushes, tools? Feather dusters? Did they become maids overnight? “What the hell are you planning Lila… Sonja? Maria looked up at the ceiling. Squirming uncomfortably. Sex? That seems a bit odd considering she knew them all as Straight women for the last 10 years. Was this all an act…? They know I’m Straight too…? Omg… seriously? This is all too weird. But… what am I… “Wait… look I’ll tell you…” Suddenly amused she felt better about the situation. Who cares anymore… she just wanted them back in her life. And a life without Ricky. As much as she loved him.

    Their shiny aqua nails slid and caressed at feathers on the bed. Animalistically they ran the nails over and over down the bed. Maria’s stretched arms and hands grabbed at the ends of the ropes to brace herself. While she never had a desire for women sexually… she was beginning to see how a woman could enjoy herself… “Maybe I shouldn't have said no so many times in college. Better relax. And keep my guard.”

    When Karen first picked up a feather and touched her clit with it… Her legs began to quiver like a rock upsetting a lake of water. “Fuck” she said out loud with shock. Then trepidation. Karen knelt to engage herself closer… with tiny strokes onto Maria’s clit with her trembling, whilte feather. The feelings of arousal began to stir within her immediately. “Omg… she breathily spoke”. A shiver went up her stomach and across her chest… stiffening her nipples like lightning hit them. Lila took her own feather as well, and reached up to her pink, swelling pink skittles. She let it glide over them, one at a time. She circled around them. Skating softly, around and around with her new red feather.


    The delicate feathers in their hands slid their tips heavily down her stomach. Stopping over her clit again. Treading slowly the feathers swirled their tendrils into and onto each other. Like they were swimming underwater together. The flowy, down river of feathers made her nerves feel like they were sparkling. Karen began to push on her feather tip a bit deeper.

    Lila and Sonja were slipping their feathers in between both sides of her pussy lips. The tendrils straying and squirming inside her warmth.They began increasing the waves to feather along. Maria’s breathing became heavier, as the ecstacy heightened. She wanted to stop. “Oh… stop… wait...” One of them spoke quietly then…

    “Where is your husband now, Maria…?” Dreamily Maria spoke “I don’t know”. Just… please… I’m willing… Yes this feels amazing… I’m sorry… please… listen...” Her mouth parted suddenly as she was left gasping from the soft, teasing feathers between her tied legs.

    “Honey… the truth always shines through, from the ground level. And we know what you want to say. You want to tell us the truth. We know that and we love you for that. But if you tell us now…. would end the evening too fast. We have to practice anyway…”

    The alternating feathers tickled and poked softly over her clit. She tightened her stomach. Feeling the orgasm building Maria put her eye focus strictly onto the tips of the feathers. Just watching them… was easier. It alone was hypnotizing. Being tied down though was still scaring her. But as the fear rose, it washed away with the tapping and tickling gently along the hood of her clit. . It was swelling up… Maria started to smile broadly with her eyes closed. The women watched her reactions with intensity. Maria could feel their eyes and that made her swallow hard. “This is becoming… The way they’re feathering me… I want to cum…I want to cum… ”

    Her voice moaned. “I’m… she panted. They smiled. Maria just gave herself away. Maria knew they would stop at any second now. The feathers swayed… touched… tickling out further the nerves to the edge of such a sweet orgasm. Languidly and deceptively they rode her. Maria began to shake all over. There was no hiding… it was too good… The feathers caressed her on.... “Ahh…. ahhh….. ahhhhhh...!!”

    Of course, it was right then that the wicked women, stopped. Maria's body crashed inside. be denied the release only those feathers could do what she had. Willing the feathers by her mind to begin stroking at her clit again she laid there and imagined she was still feeling them.

    “Please… no… don’t stop. I know where Ricky is!” Maria said breathlessly. “Oh fuck... please!”

    “Tony’s in charge here... Sorry!“

    The 3 stood up. All laying their feathers down gently between Maria’s spread legs.

    Now it was time for business….

    “Only trash protects a RAT. Are you trash, Maria? You reeeaaallly want to tell us.. don’t you”?

    “Why arent you listening to me… I wa…”

    They went closer and slowly hovered over Maria. Their jewelry making rainbows with the fading light on her face and chest. Into her eyes. It was blinding her. But she could still see the wrist and ring baubles showcasing their now, quickly dashing fingers. Up and down like reanimating, spider legs. Her eyes couldn't adjust soon enough. Aqua blue nails. FLASH!

    As if they coordinated together, purely for this moment. Maria try to push herself into the mattress, with shock taking over her expression. Why were they trying to scare her when she was ready to tell them everything!?! She blinked rapidly and looked up at the ceiling for her eyes to come back into focus as fast as possible.

    Her body stiffened as she watched their hands fly overhead. To come down like they were.. the spidery dance of a woman’s long nails… all was fluttering and sprinkling down around her body. Like, big drops of bright blue rain. It all made sense now what was about to happen… Maria finally realized what they hadin mind for her. To REALLY torture her.

    What she thought they never knew about her and thank God for that… they learned. “No… not… please… don’t you dare…! She SCREAMED!!!!

    All women jumped back in amusement and laughed madly. Lucky unlocked the door. He handed Karen a black gag. “Oh yeah… right!” She stopped for a slice of juicy fruit on the dresser. Walking back chewing and smiling, Lucky closed the door behind her. Karen handed the gag over to Sonja.

    Lila stepped forward and put her hand quickly over her mouth to silence her. Maria tried to scream for all she was worth. “I TALK”!!!!!!!!!” Her words amplified through Lilas fingers. She understood what Maria had said… and covered her own mouth to laugh at her.

    Karen grabbed the feather duster. “You had your chance…” *shrugs*

    She smiled and stared at Maria still looking at Sonja’s hands fluttering around her. Karen quickly lowered a feather duster to one of Maria’s feet. Just then Lila slowly took her hand away from hermouth. Maria was beginning to giggle. Sonja and Lila took the gag further down her head and begin to position it past her forehead. Maria stopped moving then The feather tickling was causing a weird sort of paralysis from deep within her. It was uncontrollable… SHE COULD NOT MOVE. All she could do was lay there and take it. She felt every single tendril tickle lightly at her bare foot. They let her laughter trickle out for a while, and just covered her eyes. This was far too much for Maria to handle. Her eyes lit up in terror completely in the dark. The creases around her eyes began again to crinkle merrily…..

    The feather duster shook happily all over her foot. The tendrils would streak in between her toes and along the arch. Just wiggling all over without a care wear it went. Holding back was not an option. Maria’s laughter was spilling out of her.. Karen stopped for a moment from tickling her.

    “Wow… she’s REALLY TICKLISH… Grab the other feather duster Lila... “ Maria shook her head from side to side in a panicked frenzy. “Moon River…” They sang and cackled together over her. Relieved of the tickling for a moment. She was able to move her feet and legs again. Her mind could recover with the song to refocus.

    Just then the outside key turned, and Tony popped through the door. He surveyed the scene in front of him. Looking expectantly at Karen Hill. She nodded her head with a prolonged nod and deepened smile. She twirled the feather duster for him. Tony nodded back and turned around to leave. The other mafiosos who showing up and right outside the door, streaming by for a peek. As Tony was closing the door, they alll “WAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO YEEEAH ALLLLRRIIIGGHT!!!!” Tony grinned as he shut the door, pushing the men to back up.

    Maria was extremely relieved when she heard the door lock again behind Tony. She was completely embarrassed.

    Sonja’s arms stretched out again over her chest. The nails duller and darker as the greying light outside was fading quickly. “Let’s flip a coin ladies… Heads, feathers… Tails, Nails…”

    She ran to her purse to grab a quarter. Maria heard the men laughing outside the door, probably gambling. The darkness grew and she couldn't see which way the coin landed onto her stomach. She was afraid to know. The next thing she felt and knew for certain… was the acute focus of a paint brush sliding down her clit again. Panic never had a chance to melt away… The feather dusters began to twirl against her toes. Her lower half reverted back into paralytic shock. All Maria could do was immediately laugh into her gag. Her mind immediately turned back to giving up her husband. But she couldn't speak! She couldn't do anything but take this sadistic torture now. “I must be the most ticklish person in the world!” Her mind went spastic as her bare feet and body lay helpless before her Interrogators. Her torture was undeniable, as the laughter kept speeding up.

    Propped up on the window sill, watching them… Lila walked over to her camera and turned on the flashlight app. The men in the living room were all over themselves, pleased as punch! Things were going GREAT with the current problem.

    Tony told Christopher to get some of the ladies in from downstairs.. He wanted a blow job. It’s too bad he couldn't go back there himself to that room He COULD but… why piss off the guys? It's not like evr’ body can’t fit.

    Bets had been placed…

    “Let the best wife win!” $1,000 on Karen! Pauly shouted. Henry too! 2g’s on her. I better add an extra g note. Don’t want him sore at me. Heh heh. I’m sorry but Karen gonna make that girl cry”. They all created a mild ruckus as they laid more money down. “Nah… It’s all Sonja. She can do the mind games REALLY well. I’ll always bet on that ****.” Christopher grabbed his phone to make the call.

    The twinking teary eyes… that tortured, muffled laughter… Maria’s left Tony staring at the screen from his seat. As sexy as she was.. he couldn't wait to get his hands on Karen later. She was really good at this… Smart.

    Tony raised his voice slightly above the crowd. “When Maria talks… *smirks* he won’t be in hiding much longer Gentlemen. We got some time tonight and throughout the weekend. With the Ladies anyway…. In a little bit she’ll talk and then… you know what to do.” Tony nodded at Pauly. And he in turn, raised his glass. Everyone raised their glasses to Tony. He then sat back and waited patiently for his answer. AND his blowjob, with a content smile.
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    very good!

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    Really nice. Exactly what I love. Thank you!

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    Thank you Gentlemen. :> Glad I rubbed you the right way Geni... hehe
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    Great Story,Doll...Haven't watched The Sopranos in awhile....��

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    Thanks! I didn't start with the idea of adding the Sopranos. Basic Mafia. But... it worked out in a much sweeter way to me.
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    Did I see a reference to Analysis This in there?

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    Nope! And if there is one that's awesome. It wasn't intentional though. I didn't want to use too many references, and confuse people.

    Btw for clarity: Sonja, Lucky and Lila don't belong to any movie or show. Just made up.
    Last edited by CapturedDoll; 11-06-2018 at 07:09 AM.
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    I enjoyed this very much! I am always interested and intrigued by a woman's perspective of the female orgasm. Well, nearly, in this case... obviously. "Us guys" (to use the Mafia vernacular) can only guess... haha
    Loved the detail throughout as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Volsung View Post
    I enjoyed this very much! I am always interested and intrigued by a woman's perspective of the female orgasm. Well, nearly, in this case... obviously. "Us guys" (to use the Mafia vernacular) can only guess... haha
    Loved the detail throughout as well.
    Thank you Volsung!
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