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    Cousin Janine meets Cupcake (FFF/M - Belly/Feet)

    Hey all. I've recently found inspiration for a new story, and thanks to help from fellow F/M writer Ticklish_Matt, I've decided to bring my three main female characters together into one 'universe' as it were. If you're a new reader, feel free to search my name to read my other tales. All characters are over 18. Male character is generic for reader fantasy purposes. Feel free to stop reading at any time. All feedback welcomed and appreciated.

    Things have been status quo, since we last left Ruby, Violetta, and their tickle-toy/lover Cupcake. The three of them lived happily under their arrangement of Ruby and Violetta, besties since college (Now somewhere in their 50s), living with the young man they called Cupcake; as their mutual boyfriend. When in the privacy of their home, they continue to keep him in a state of perpetual humiliation. His only clothing, a pair of woman's panties. His only job, constant torture by relentless tickling. They loved him, truly; taking full care of him...in more ways than one.

    Since our last peek into their lives, Ruby had a birthday. As her gift this year, Violetta took Cupcake down to the local courthouse to officially change his name to 'Cupcake'. Violetta filmed the process discreetly on her phone, so Ruby could play back his embarrassment of having civil servants snickering at his name choice, anytime she wanted. She was truly touched at the surprise.

    Wearing red lace panties, Cupcake was 'napping' (shall we say) on his built in wall restraints in the bedroom; after a through lovemaking/tickling session from Violetta. Violetta slipped out on an errand, while Ruby returned from the hair salon having done a regular coloring - plus a surprise for Cupcake. Ruby entered the bedroom and stripped down to nothing. She fetched her favorite red string bikini bottoms from the closet, and tied them on. Being 4'11 and apple-shaped, they disappeared behind her Buddha belly...a price for being so short with a waining metabolism. It didn't matter. Her shape was like instant Viagra for her Cupcake.

    It was time to wake up her ticklish boy for a little fun. She brought her surprise - a hair extension in the form of a braid all the way down her back - up to his nose. He awoke with a little sneeze.

    "Aww, how cute!" Ruby exclaimed. "I got this just for you, by the way. Do you like it?"

    Despite his fear of what was obviously coming, Cupcake remembered his place - and bedroom etiquette. Staring down at the tiny, topless, Latina cougar, he said:

    "I sure do, Miss Ruby."

    "Beautiful!" she happily replied. "This is a fun tickle tool, you know? I got it to make up for being so short." Ruby began to demonstrate.

    Bringing it up to his right underarm, she held the tip of the braid menacingly.

    "I can do this..." She swirled it into the hollow.

    "HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" Cupcake cried in surprise.

    "Or this..." Over to the left underarm.


    "You're right. Generally, armpits are gross, if you ask me. Just my opinion. My point is... If I'm too short to reach you, well, my new friend here can help me. You're NEVER out of reach...hahaha!"

    Just for fun, Ruby wiggled her braid under his nose again, resulting in a more violent sneeze. She wiped his face dry, then gave him a loving kiss.

    "Sorry about that, Cupcake. I promise won't make you sneeze again. I have something to tell you. While we talk, what say we introduce Miss Braid to your - I mean 'our' -navel? She's dying to get acquainted." Ruby chuckled.

    As to not get Cupcake TOO hysterical, she simply brushed the braid tip over his navel - rather than putting it in. It resulted in beautiful music.

    "Teeheeheeheeheeheehee..." Cupcake sang continuously.

    "Wonderful! Now, can you hear me over your tittering?"

    Still giggling, Cupcake nodded his head.

    "Great. Maybe later, I'll let you enjoy MY 'titters'," She glanced down at her own bare B-cups, and laughed at her own pun.

    "No, Ruby. Focus," she chided herself, out loud.

    "One of Violetta's relatives is in town. A distant one. She's a second-cousin, I believe," Ruby contemplated.

    "Teehehehehe... That's nice, Miss Ruby."

    "That's right," she stated. "It IS quite nice. Now then, this cousin of hers, Janine, is just about my age. That's about all I know, aside from what Violetta specifically told me, as well. Do you want to hear, my Cupcake?"

    She liked to play with him this way. He never has a choice.

    "Hehehehe... Please tell me, Miss Ruby... Hehehehe..."

    "Very well, then." Ruby smiled at her hysterical boy. "Janine came over to America, a couple years before Violetta did. However, she chose to settle up north. Somewhere in New England."


    "We haven't officially met, but I hear she's as naturally well-built as V is. She used this to win cash prizes in some underground MMA fights. She became quite wealthy. Not quite as wealthy as I am, but she was comfortable. She used her fortune to buy up a female strip club. Why a female one you ask? It was for one simple reason."

    "Heeheeeheee... What reason, Miss Ruby? Heeheeeheee..."

    "Well, apparently, foot fetishism runs in their family genes. She wanted to snag a male customer to be a personal foot slave. She thought no one would be the wiser in a female joint."

    "Hee hee... Really? Heeheehee..."

    "Indeed. Much like you are the Beta to Violetta and myself. The only difference is, we genuinely love you, Cupcake. We take care of you as our own boyfriend. Janine only cared about feet and not much else. She finally learned her lesson after the police almost got too close, recently. Violetta had the club sold to me. I tore it down, and we're building luxury condos in its place. Janine is moving down here. She's my soul-sister's cousin, and that makes her family to us. She'll be using an alias in public, to start her new life, in one of the condos in this building. But she'll always be Janine to us. And Cupcake?..."

    "Heeheeheehee...yes Miss...Hehheehehe..."

    "You will belong to HER too. AM I UNDERSTOOD?" barked Ruby, exercising dominance.

    "Yes, ma'am, Miss Ruby." Cupcake somewhat dejectedly responded, temporarily out of her tickle-grasp.

    "Good! You make me so happy, Cupcake. Now... They'll be along any time now. While we wait, why don't we see what this braid can REALLY do?"

    Without another word, she inserted the end of her braid inside Cupcake's navel and went to town. He went completely ballistic.


    Cupcake had just passed out after the recent navel abuse, when the door opened, and Violetta called out a greeting.

    "HELLO! We're back!"

    Excitedly, Ruby came out to greet them just as she was. Growing up living in proximity to topless beaches, it wasn't any big deal to the cousins.

    "Well welcome... HEY!" exclaimed Ruby as she saw Janine. As Ruby told Cupcake, Janine had the same muscular build as her cousin, including matching D-cup natural racks. What no one told Ruby, was that Janine was - in fact - just an inch taller than her. Five feet tall. If not for the height difference of a foot and a half, the cousins could be identical twins.

    Ruby was excited and overjoyed. Without even introducing herself, she gave Janine a warm bear hug, like greeting a long lost sister, herself.

    "Hey... I'm Ruby." The two shook hands. "Forgive me for that. It's just so nice to have someone around my height...if not my weight." She looked sad about the last point.

    "Aww, don't worry," Janine responded. "I've been looking forward to meeting you, too."

    "Yeah, I've been telling her all about you on the ride home, she was eager to get here." Violetta chimed in, while stripping down to panties, herself. "I figured I'd leave that particular detail a surprise!"

    "A pleasant surprise!" Ruby noticed something. "Hey, your hair even matches. Cute!" Indeed, both cousins had dyed purple hair.

    "On our way into town, I got her hair dyed, part of settling into a new life."

    "Yeah," Janine added. "Now I'm her mini-me!" The two posed, flexing their biceps, while all ladies shared a giggle.

    "Now then, can I offer you anything? Coffee, or tea?" asked Ruby. "Feel free to disrobe, and hang here, if you'd like. If you wanted to settle in to your own place, that's cool too."

    "Thanks," started Janine. "Actually... I wouldn't mind...nibbling on a Cupcake, if you have one?" She winked.

    "Aha!" Certainly. You must meet our - and now your - Cupcake. You can strip down if you want, and follow me."

    "Actually..." Violetta cut in. "Cousin Janine tells me she has a plan."

    "Yeah," continued Janine. "I'm fine for now. Just point me towards him!"

    "Ooh, interesting! Right this way." Ruby led her and Violetta to the bedroom quarters.

    The three women stood before a still-unconscious Cupcake, attached to the wall.

    'Oh... He's just so adorable!" Janine beamed. "I almost hate to wake him up. But... How do you wake him up?"

    "Well, personally, there's one way I want to try. May I do the honors, J?" asked Ruby.

    "Of course, it's your building. Just follow my lead, once he awakens."

    "Certainly!" Ruby approached Cupcake's tummy and blew the biggest, best raspberry she could muster.


    The muscular cousins glanced at each other. Janine impressed, and Violetta giving her a 'told-ya-so' look.

    Cupcake woke up. "HARHARHAR...HUH?"

    Janine stepped up. "Hi, cutie. I'm Janine. I'm sure you've heard of me. Guess what? You have another girlfriend - and I have my own private, protected pair of feet." She glanced down at his feet hungrily, much as her cousin often did.

    "First things first. V, please get him down from there." she asked.

    Violetta released the restraints, picked him up over her shoulder, and set him on his feet. She grabbed his package underneath his panties, and led him by the balls over to her cousin. She then stood back next to Ruby, as they both glared at him.

    "Thank you. Now then..." Janine continued. "Same rules apply. I am 'Miss Janine' to you. Both in this bedroom, as well as downstairs in my own. Now then. Strip me. Do it NOW!!!" she ordered. Cupcake looked at Ruby.

    "I'd do what she tells you, Cupcake." was all Ruby offered, matter-of-factly.

    He complied. For extra fun and difficulty, Ruby tickled the crease under his butt, that meets the thigh, with her fresh manicure. Just making it challenging enough, as he rid Janine of her clothes. He finally got down to her panties when Ruby let up.

    "That's good, little one." said Janine. He stopped to await further instruction. He was a bit hypnotized at the site of their collective six chocolate-brown nipples. Violetta hit the control panel for the Ottoman restraints. The panel slid back as the device came from the inside of the wall. Ruby watched with interest.

    "Hey, V," started Janine. "Remember that game we used to play back home, when we would capture the eighteen year old hunks?"

    "Oh yeah!" Violetta feigned recognition. "The alphabet game! Let's show Ruby."

    "What's the alphabet game?" Ruby asked.

    "You'll see. You'll love it." said Janine, as Violetta secured him firmly in the device. Kneeling while legs and wrists are locked in cast iron. He offered no resistance.

    "Ready, cuz!"

    Violetta knelt in front of Cupcake, while Janine was crouched comfortably at his feet (which were now part-hers).

    "A!" exclaimed Janine.

    "B!" Violetta offered back.



    Janine quickly lobster-clawed Cupcake's flanks.

    "EEEEEEEEEEeeeeee!" He suddenly squealed.

    The women all laughed at him.

    "Hey, that IS fun!" Ruby proclaimed. "Violetta, can I take over?" Violetta moved aside. "Janine, let me start this time. Watch."


    "B!" Janine called out.



    Ruby's braid entered his navel, once again.


    They all laughed at their pathetic creature.

    "Hehe! Thanks girls, I look forward to playing that again. But we're being rude..." Ruby stated.

    "Oh yes." Violetta ran to the kitchen.

    She returned with whipped cream, and bottles of honey, as well as caramel and chocolate sauces.

    "This is your time to get acquainted with your Cupcake," Ruby told Janine. "We'll leave you two alone! Come on, V."
    The other two put on comfortable robes, as they left Janine in privacy with Cupcake. He made pleading eyes with Ruby, as if she could get him out of the torture that awaited.

    "We'll be right outside." and Ruby shut the door after them.

    Now, if the penthouse wasn't soundproof, the screams would definitely be heard. Instead, Ruby and Violetta watched, soundless, on Ruby's cameras from her phone. Watching Janine practically eat two sundaes off Cupcake's feet, almost made up for no audio.

    "It's what she does for a cheat day!" Violetta explained. The two sipped tea as they watched.

    "Say... I have an idea!" Ruby stated.

    She sent a live link to the feed in the bedroom to the text group that was her 'Females in Business' class. In no time, her women-students, ages 25-60, got quite a treat. Her texts kept dinging away.

    Finally, after an hour, at least; Cupcake passed out. Collective 'boos' and messages of thanks, came via texts.

    Janine exited the bedroom, wearing Ruby's ratty robe. Satisfied, and a bit shy.

    "Well...?" both women said in unison, expectantly.

    "He's perfect! Can we keep him???"

    "Sure! He's yours, as much as ours! The three had a family hug.

    The evening was drawing to a close.

    "So, J... Want me to show you your apartment?" her cousin offered.

    "Oh, yes. I guess I should. Don't want to overstay my welcome."

    "You could NEVER." Ruby told her.

    "Thanks, but I should at least put my bags away."

    "Of course! Come back anytime. What's ours is yours." Ruby hugged her good night.

    The cousins went downstairs, both robed. Violetta promising to be back up in a while. Then, Ruby doffed her own robe, and untied her bottoms. She went into the bedroom and freed her unconscious Cupcake. She woke him just enough to lead him to their bed. Sliding his own panties off, she snuggled him down into position on the bed. They intertwined and began a lovemaking session until both fell asleep, happily.
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    wonderful story. I wish this happend to me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Smellking View Post
    wonderful story. I wish this happend to me.
    Thats a great compliment. Thank you.

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    Bumping this before it falls off the first page, so more people have a chance to read.

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    Fine story! I missed it when it was first posted.
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    Quote Originally Posted by milagros317 View Post
    Fine story! I missed it when it was first posted.
    Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it

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