I have to confess to having a crush on Kamala Harris, the U.S. Senator from California.

Here is a short story I wrote that captures a fantasy of mine of a female business colleague having to sit through a long meeting only to find out that there’s a delicious surprise hiding underneath the conference room table.

To not have a little fun with women’s feet during these meetings seems like an awful waste of perfectly good office space and time, n’est pas?

Hope you enjoy the story!


1st part is captured below:

It had been another long day of meetings for Ms. Harris. She just had to endure one more before she’d hop on the Metro, return to her temporary home away from home in Washington D.C., kick off her heels, and unwind barefoot on her couch with some Netflix, popcorn, and her husband.

Ahhh, the simple things.

Kamala positioned herself at the conference table and readied herself for the upcoming meeting. It was promising to be a rather long one as she and Cory Booker, the Senator from New Jersey, were preparing to discuss their plan to reunite children with their families after the immigration detention center debacle that had occurred months earlier.
Little did Kamala know that Mr. Booker was already in the room, but was hiding under the table readying himself for a little fun with his favorite colleague in the Senate.

Earlier that week during after dinner drinks with other colleagues in the Senate, Kamala confessed to being incredibly ticklish on her bare feet. The ticklish topic came up as a waiter where they were having drinks dropped a clean fork he was carrying on the floor near Kamala’s table.

As he was stooping down to pick the fork up, he noticed Kamala’s barefeet peaking out from underneath the tablecloth right next to where the fork was laying. The waiter simply couldn’t help himself. He took the fork and softly ran the tines up the arches on one of her smooth baresoles.

Kamala immediately reacted with uproarious laughter, and the waiter was stunned. He apologized right away, and said he was just trying to have a little fun, and that he hoped he hadn’t hurt her or done anything to offend her.

Kamala, always a very good sport about things, just laughed and said she gets that all the time from her husband who likes to tickle her feet, and that she’s ‘Totally used to it!’

It was then and there that Cory got the idea to see if he too might get a chance to tickle the great Kamala Harris’s feet.

Cory knew about a Judiciary meeting coming up the following week in a Senate Chamber room with a conference table that would be all too easy to hide under.

He also knew that he might be able to pull off a little foot tickling prank if she were coaxed a bit into taking part.

More on that in just a moment.

Kamala texted Cory, ‘Where are you?’

Cory, below the table with his cell phone on silent, texted right back, ‘I’m here, but not where you think I am lol. I have a favor to ask. If you will not reveal my whereabouts and go with my little prank today, I’ll get you the committee votes we need to get these kids back to their families. You have to trust me though. It’s going to involve maybe a little uncomfortable, possibly some comfortable laughter? What say you?’

Kamala was stunned and intrigued at the same time. She had the urge to peak under the tableclothed table, but refrained.

She knew that’s where he had to be as the room didn’t have too many hiding places.

She also knew that something like this might happen sooner or later.

The remainder of the above story can be found on the website @ https://thelaughtermechanic.wordpress.com/

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