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    Past teacher, present and future tickle slave (M/F, nonconsensual, kidnapping)

    Just a little long time fantasy of mine in a written form, that’s been fed with inspiration from tickling fiction over the years. I’ve left the description of our unfortunate damsel - the Teacher - vague, as I believe readers interested in this theme can imagine (at least) that one former teacher of theirs they would have in mind for scenario like this...


    The parking lot of the school was empty, except for two cars parked in it. Towards the other, smaller car, walked an attractive female teacher, mature and elegant beauty. She had a long day behind her. As the teacher responsible for both her own class and organizing the school library, she always had lots of paperwork, and tended to work late as she hated having to take work to home. The sun was setting already, and she was the last person to leave the school building.

    “I’ve never seen that van before...” she thought as she was walking to the car, still checking her email from her phone. The van was parked right next to her car. She brushed her suspicions away, it could be just someone working in nearby construction site using the school parking grounds. It’s not like there’s any harm done as long as the van is gone by the morning. She opened the door to her car, put her phone to the purse and threw it to the passenger’s seat. As she was about to properly step in, she heard the side door of van behind her opening, and few hasty footsteps closing in towards her. She never had time to turn around, before she felt strong arm grabbing her head and shutting her mouth, and attempt to scream died in her throat as her assailant injected her with something. Almost immediately after feeling sting of the syringe on her neck, she felt strength leaving her limbs and her world began to fade to black. Last thing she realized before complete darkness overtook her was being dragged to back of the van, it’s door closing and the engine starting. The van cruised away from the school grounds without any witnesses to abduction, leaving behind Teacher’s vacant car with open door and her belongings on the passenger’s seat..

    When the Teacher next opened her eyes, she saw a white ceiling of a well lit room. As dizziness slowly passed and she got her thoughts together, her panic grew the more aware she got of her current predicament. She had been stripped nude, and tied on a hospital bed that apparently was bolted to the floor as her heavy struggling didn’t seem to rock it an inch. Not that she could struggle much, she was restrained on her back in an I-position, with leather straps binding her by ankles, above her knees, waist, just under her breasts, elbows and wrists. Even her head was restrained to the bed with a leather strap going over her forehead, making it impossible to look around. As she soon figured out squirming wasn’t going to do her much good, she tried the the only other option she seemed to have. Shouting.

    “H-hello! Is there anyone here? Wh-whats going on?” No reply. Anticipation of whatever was awaiting her was getting unbearable. All sorts of horrifying thoughts of her fate crossed her mind, and she could not help screaming for help. For anyone who could hear her. She got very quiet however, the moment she heard a sound. It was sound of a door being unlocked, opening, and closing, followed by footsteps in the room. Someone was approaching her bed.

    “What is this? Who are you? P-please, don’t hurt me!” she whimpered as the footsteps got closer. She received no answer until the man who entered was looming right next to her. He was an adult male but significantly younger than her, looking at the Teacher like cat looks at a mouse.

    “I don’t think you remember me. You’ve had no reason to. But you’ll get to know me very well... once again. Better than ever actually.” He started stroking her hair as he spoke. Teacher closed her eyes.

    “I... I don’t understand...” she mumbled.

    “Of course you don’t I didn’t expect you to. Your classes, your pupils, they come and go. I was one of your pupils years ago. And while you’ve forgotten about me, I could never forget you.” Teacher felt his fingers slowly caressing her exposed breasts, and cringed. She tried to squirm away by reflex, as she really did not like uninvited touches on her sensitive skin. She had always been extremely ticklish, a fact she did her best to hide from everyone.

    “I-I still dohon’t get.. Why ahare you... doing this?” she tried to talk back while holding back her giggles.

    “You were my ideal woman. Most beautiful creature a young boy had ever seen. But it’s not really why you are so special to me. Remember girl’s PE teacher Williams? Remember what she always did to you?” The teacher was practically shaking as her captor moved his teasing fingers on her sides and clenched her mouth shut as laughter was building up inside of her. Of course she remembered that bitch. They never got along, and Williams found out, by accident, how ticklish she is. Everywhere they met in the school, she would “playfully” poke and tickle her, causing her volatile reactions to make her a laughing stock among students. Luckily, Williams’s time at the same school didn’t last very long as she accepted work elsewhere, to the Teacher’s great relief. As regular tickle attacks stopped, the whole thing was quickly forgotten by both students and other staff. But this man, apparently old pupil of her’s, had definitely not forgotten.

    “Seeing you react like that... Shrieking, jumping away, pushing, shouting... It awakened something in me all those years ago” He continued. “I could not help thinking... Fantasizing... What if you were tickled and could not get away? What if tickling just kept on and on and on and you could just laugh and scream and cry... Can’t be counted how many nights I laid awake thinking about it.” His fingers moved on her lower ribs and teasing stroking started to turn into actual poking tickles. At this point the Teacher could not hold it in anymore. She broke into hysterical laughter, trying to find the words to plead, but could not do anything but howl in laughter, while desperately trying to squirm away from his terrible fingers. She could barely hear her captor as he continued talking.

    “I moved on, like all the pupils. To high school. To college. But I could not stop thinking about you under tickle torture. It was my dirty secret, my obsession. It would not leave me. So I made a goal to myself. Once I graduated, I moved back to the hometown, started building facilities to hold and torture you, and started observing you, waiting for the perfect chance. Tonight it happened. I got you now, and years of fantasies will turn into reality. Nobody saw me taking you. Please scream all you want. The room is soundproofed, nobody will ever find you.”

    The Teacher was screaming indeed. Out of both ticklish agony and overwhelming terror. She kept closing and opening her eyes, praying she would just wake up in her bedroom and get away from this unreal nightmare, but it just would not happen. She just stayed on the hospital bed, rendered almost immobile, completely at mercy of this psycho who was now exploring her ticklish skin all over her helpless upper body. Her midriff, sides, breast, armpits... Oh God her armpits... Once he started tickling the Teacher under her arms, her laughter turned into incoherent laughing shrieks and if the restraints had been any weaker, she could have actually broken them with her increasingly desperate attempts to writhe and buckle. Her fingers and feet, only unrestrained parts of her body, were flailing wildly, but it offered her no distraction from her torture. Seeing this seemed to hugely please her captor, whose fingers danced on her hollow, smooth and tense underarms for minutes that crept by excruciatingly slowly for the poor Teacher. It was followed by a different kind of suffering when he started to tickle her vulnerable neck. It wasn’t as ticklish as her armpits, but her complete helplessness against any of the tickling was driving her more and more desperate, and these sensations on her neck while she was unable to do anything against them with her arms or even by moving her head were the point that finally made her cry amidst all the forced laughter. She was finally given a break after neck tickling had turned her laughter silent. She struggled to catch her breath and regain her composure, as she kept sobbing.

    “I-I can get you money, anything you want, please, I will never tell anyone about this I swear” she finally managed to say with shaking voice, as her kidnapper brought a smaller rolling table next to her. “Please, you have to let me go, I can’t stand this, you are killing me!” Her pleading was answered by his hand covering her mouth.

    “Hush darling. You will learn to accept your new life soon enough. And even if you don’t... Even worse for you.” Tears started to flow from her eyes again, and the kidnapper lifted his hand. The crying Teacher heard him browsing through something on the table. Even if she could turn her head to look, she might have been too terrified to do so.

    “These will make you laugh next.” The captor had taken two makeup brushes in his hands, and was showing them to his victim scared beyond belief. Her breathing and sobbing intensified as they got closer and closer to her body, and she once again broke into laughter when she felt them tickling her breasts. He focused on her nipples that soon got stiff from the ticklish stimulation, but any pleasure this treatment could have given was overcome by sheer torture the brushes inflicted on hyper ticklish teacher, who was screaming like a banshee.

    “This is going to drive me insane”, she thought, “I will lose my mind, I’ll go crazy!” But this tickling was nothing, as the captor knew her weakness. The brushes moved along her skin under her arms, and it drove poor Teacher berserk. No inch of under her arms was safe from the agonizing touch of the paintbrushes, as they were carefully and methodically tickled all over, and over and over again in her longest ordeal yet. The brushes felt just bristly enough to be the single worst sensation she had ever felt in her life. It was like they were sending ticklish electric shocks that rocked her whole immobilized body. It would not end even when her laughter turned silent this time, as the tickle sadist torturing her was way too enthusiastic about her suffering. He had indeed dreamed of this moment for years, but the reality of it turned out to be better than his dearest fantasies. He had never imagined he could feel so turned on. He broke out of his torturer’s trance when he noticed the writhing of her victim slow down, and stopped. He would not want her to pass out on him. This meant another respite for the Teacher, whose mind was racing. This could not go on. She could absolutely not stand more torture sessions like that without losing her sanity. She tried to plead for mercy again, and chose bargaining as her tactic.

    “I beg of you, please, you can do anything to me! You can have sex with me, I will suck your cock, please just don’t tickle me anymore. Y-you like ticklish women? I can help you capture them, younger, prettier and more ticklish than me, really, I promise!” Her captor smiled.

    “Now now, darling, you don’t seem to understand. If I wanted anything else from you than your ticklish body, I would have already claimed it. The only thing you can give me is your laughter.” He took another tickle torture instrument in his hand. A wooden back scratcher.

    “Let’s have more of it.”

    As the Teacher kept begging for her sanity, the abductor moved at her feet, and grabbed her right foot. Holding it still with her other hand, he used started to slowly rake her sole with it, from toes to it’s base, and kept repeating it as the Teacher went ballistic. She could at least wiggle her feet before, but now that the torturer’s focus had shifted there even it was denied from her. Hysteria and tearful laughter were the only things the tickle toy Teacher would be granted, and the grim reality of her peril was starting to really dawn to her. She truly was in the hands of a madman who would stop at nothing to torment her, and could not be reasoned with. Even these dark thoughts were getting hard to properly keep together as the agony of perpetual foot tickling invaded all of her senses, and the only thing she could focus on was foot currently being tickled. Her tickler alternated between the feet, repeating the same slow and atrocious torture with the back scratcher. She was still giggling and sobbing after he finally stopped and discarded the terrible tool.

    The torment of her lower body was far from over though, as the next thing tickler decided to attack were her knees. She sure knew they were one of her sensitive spots, but had never experienced them being truly tickled. She could not stop laughing and crying as they were mercilessly squeezed, but the worst came when he put his fingers behind her knees. The scream was so loud that her kidnapper was a bit worried if the soundproofing is good enough to contain it, but not worried enough to stop. All he had to do was to keep his fingers there, and her shrieking just continued. As he started to wiggle his fingers, it got even worse. Hysterical series of short screams ensued as her legs trembled like never before. She desperately wanted to lock her knees and get those terrible fingers away. She wanted to lift her legs and bang them on the table to make those sadistic hands retreat. But there was nothing she could do. While this torture plunged her into the true depths of the tickle hell, it only pleased her captor.

    “I need to tie you face down next time. Then we’ll properly see what can be done to that spot.” His words could not reach the Teacher, both because of volume of her screams and sensory overload that filled her mind and senses. Her torture continued, as the tickling fingers moved higher on her skin, across her legs, thighs and waist, back on her midriff. By this point her laughter sounded like crazed cackling. She had given up even trying to beg for mercy, and focused only on bearing the ticklish assault, trying to hold onto her sanity as her upper body was once again tickle tortured beyond anything she thought would be possible to stand as time crept by by snail's pace for her. Her torturer however, was in his own twisted heaven. Every time she touched the Teacher seemed to just drive him deeper in his sadistic frenzy.

    During the next respite she was give, the kidnapper decided to gag his captive, forcing a ball gag to the Teacher’s mouth. She tried to keep her mouth shut, but some ticklish strokes on her neck forced it open. The muffled protests ensued, until they were silenced by a horrifying sight. Two electric toothbrushes.

    “Here is what is going to happen, darling.” Her captor spoke. “I need to go take care of some business, but I don’t think you’ve been tickled enough today. Luckily, I don’t have to be here for you to get tickled. I’m going to tape these electric toothbrushes to the bed, under your knees and turn them on. The brushes will keep spinning and vibrating against your skin until I come back. They are not going to run out of power. Their batteries are full.”

    The Teacher started screaming already while listening to him. It sounded like a death sentence by torturous execution. There is no way she could do it! It would be too much! All her muffled screams and pleading with her eyes could not save her from that though. Her kidnapper wasn’t in any hurry taping the brushes on the bed. Just feeling them touching backs of her knees felt terrible, but nothing could have prepared her - or her captor - to the moment the electric toothbrushes were turned on. The gag didn’t seem to do much to silence her blood curling screaming, and the adrenaline rushing in her veins made her attempts at struggling so intense that any frailer bed could have broken down from under her. Her torturer admired Teacher’s suffering for a while, and then turned around to leave the room.

    “Nonononononono please come back, turn them off turn them off make this stop!” was what the Teacher wanted to scream at her. She would have taken all the other ticklish tortures again a thousand times rather than a second of this hellish agony. But she had no choice. While she continued screaming at her gag and praying that she would at least pass out soon, her captor walked upstairs from his basement. He went straight to the shower, and despite planning to savor the sadistic excitement for longer, he could not help masturbating, and the orgasm was among the best one he had ever had in his life. Just the knowledge of the beautiful teacher still suffering in her beautiful ticklish torment in his basement without any respite and escape... It was too much. This all had turned out to be far beyond his wildest fantasies and surely her worst nightmares. The sadistic hunger of the obsessed former pupil was just growing. They would find new peaks for her ticklish agony. New boundaries to push. Lost in malevolent thoughts, he jumped into his car, and drove to the office. He would need to meet one client in person, and then would return to his victim. She would probably be unconscious by the time he returns, but he didn’t mind. Maybe this would be enough for her first day. It would be far from last. Just thinking about what will be made him rock hard again, and he smiled.

    He knew he would never get enough of torturing the poor ticklish Teacher.
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    Nice story, enjoyed reading it

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    Oh I sooo wanna Part II

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    Quote Originally Posted by THEDARKTECHIE View Post
    Oh I sooo wanna Part II
    Sorry for potential frustration, but I happen to be one of those annoying people who like open bad endings in stories
    Maybe if I get inspired to do something that isn't just repetition of same fantasy scenario about ler's old teacher with a bit different content, but the poor Teacher will most likely be left in her open ended peril.

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    I love stories with bad ends.

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