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    “Harry Potter: Breaking The Order Part 6” (ff/ff and ff/f)

    “Harry Potter: Breaking The Order Part 6”

    *If any admins are reading this, please understand that I’ve made a point to set this story within the parameters of your rules. This story takes place after the events at Hogwarts. All characters are over the age of 18. Thank you and enjoy.

    *Readers - I’ve taken some liberties as far as the characters within the Harry Potter universe. I know some of them were killed during the series; however, we won’t let that get in the way of creating what I hope is a decent tickling story.

    When Hermione and Ginny awoke the next morning, Bellatrix greeted them with the widest smile they’d ever seen from her and it filled them with dread. “I have quite the surprise for you two!” Bellatrix had them taken to the living room, where a pair of stocks were waiting for them. The girls saw the stocks with the top hinges hanging open waiting to lock their ankles in place. There was baby oil, hairbrushes, and electric toothbrushes laid out at the ready.

    Hermione clutched Ginny’s arm as they walked ever closer to the contraptions. Hermione was clearly shaken as she urgently said, “Ginny, I don’t think I can handle this! I can’t take that hairbrush on my feet again! Please do something!” Ginny was wide-eyed as she walked barefoot toward the stocks. She was frightened as well but did a better job of trying to hide it. The girls were seated next to each other and they rested their ankles in the semi-circle slots. The tops were folded over and locked into place, securely trapping the young witches’ bare feet. Then Bellatrix tied each of their toes back to small rings atop the stocks.

    “Ready for your big surprise, girls?” Bellatrix whistled and the double doors opened. A couple of tall, brooding Death Eaters escorted in two more prisoners. “Some of my Death Eaters were able to capture more members of your precious Order during their retreat. They returned with them this morning. And they informed me that the mighty Harry Potter dropped his wand and ran like a coward when these two were stunned and overwhelmed.”

    “Mom!!” Ginny yelled as she watched Molly Weasley and Professor McGonagall being marched into the living room in chains. The two ladies were forced onto their knees in front of Bellatrix, who was twirling a feather between her fingers. She flicked it softly under their chins to bring their drooped, ashamed gazes back up towards her eyes. “Well well well...what do we have here? A distinguished professor for the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and the proud matriarch of the Weasley household.”

    Molly Weasley and Professor McGonagall knew they were caught and would soon be subjected to the same tickle torture as the others. Both women shamelessly started pleading with Bellatrix not to tickle them. “We’ll do anything!” cried Molly.

    “Oh so sorry, ladies. You’ll be dealt with soon enough. But first...you’ll tickle these two. And you better do a good job or you’ll both have a very miserable existence from now on,” Bellatrix said with delight. Molly and Professor McGonagall lowered their heads again and nodded in submissive agreement. “Mom?! No!! Don’t do this!!” Ginny exclaimed as her mother came over and knelt down in front of her bare soles. “Professor, help us! Don’t touch my feet! Please!” Hermione begged as Professor McGonagall knelt down in front of her.

    “I’m so sorry, sweetie,” Molly said apologetically as she began flicking her fingernails across Ginny’s soft arches and heels. Ginny felt so confused and betrayed as she instinctively began to shift around in her seat and laugh. Hermione tried to talk some reason into Professor McGongall but it seemed to fall on deaf ears. “But Professor, I was a star student! I don’t deserve to have my feet tickled like this!” Hermione was cut short as she fell into high-pitched laughter and squeals as Professor McGongall started wiggling her fingernails over the pads below her toes.

    “That’s it. Get her good,” Bellatrix instructed as she watched Molly apply baby oil to Ginny’s slender soles. Molly began tweaking and rolling her daughter’s long toes with her stubby, plump fingers. Ginny managed to cry out through fits of desperate laughter, “OH MY GOD!! HAHAHAHA!! I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU’RE DOING THIS TO ME!!” Molly began flicking her fingers between each pair of toes, making sure to caress the tender sides of each slippery, trapped toe. They were parts of Ginny’s feet that were hardly ever touched and the horrid sensations of her mother’s prying fingers in those spots sent Ginny’s laughter into the stratosphere. “It’s okay, sweetie, let it out. Mommy’s sorry. Just try to think of something else.”

    Professor McGonagall had also squirted some baby oil into her palm and was wiping it over the bottoms of Hermione’s feet. The Professor picked up a hairbrush and began slowly rubbing it in a figure 8 pattern along Hermione’s slicked up arches and heels. The brunette cutie closed her eyes as a reluctant smile spread across her face from ear to ear. As McGonagall picked up the pace, Hermione’s laughter began to build. Soon she was belly laughing and pounding her fists against the seat of the stocks. Hermione tried frantically to reach forward over the top of the stocks to snatch the hairbrush away from Professor McGongall but she didn’t even come close to being able to grab it.

    Bellatrix was mesmerized as she watched the two young witches being tormented by members of their same Order. McGonagall was scrubbing the hairbrush back and forth across both of Hermione Granger’s immobile arches. They were broader and deeper than Ginny’s and the oil let the bristles roll over the supple area with ease. Molly Weasley was now using an electric toothbrush to buzz the tips of Ginny’s trapped toes. The rounded tips of each toe glistened with a nice sheen from the oil. The whirling, vibrating head of the electric toothbrush engulfed the tip of each trembling toe as Ginny screamed.

    Bellatrix had been so entranced by the scene before her that she failed to notice Harry and Ron shrinking back into their natural forms behind her. By the time she turned to look at them, they had already drawn their wands and were raising them level with her torso. “Polyjuice potion...very clever, Potter,” Bellatrix growled right before two blasts hit her in the abdomen. Bellatrix was knocked out cold. Pansy Parkinson and Daphne Greengrass ran into the room shortly after, wondering what the cause of the disturbance was. Two more blasts from Harry and Ron’s wands and both of Bellatrix’s cronies were knocked out as well.

    Molly Weasley and Professor McGonagall immediately ceased tickling the girls and released them from the stocks as they apologized. Molly Weasley hugged Ginny and said, “We’re so sorry, girls! But it was the only way we could genuinely get Bellatrix’s guard down to give Harry and Ron the advantage.” Professor McGonagall explained that The Order had fallen back as planned and managed to take out a couple Death Eaters. Then Harry and Ron used polyjuice potion to take on their appearance and escort them in as if they were prisoners.

    Ron asked the others, “Okay so now that we have Bellatrix knocked out, what do we do about getting the other captives back their magical powers?” Hermione explained that in order to reverse the effects of the Enslaving Crystal, the person wearing it must have their will broken. She added, “And Ginny, did you catch when Bellatrix said that learned several tickling techniques in Azkaban? Implying that she was tickled frequently while she was imprisoned there. Which means she may have developed coping defenses to being tickled. It may be harder to break her than we think.”

    “A very keen observation, Hermione. But let Mrs. Weasley and I worry about breaking Bellatrix,” Professor McGonagall reassured her.

    Molly Weasley and Professor McGonagall stayed with Bellatrix as the others went off to free the other girls being held captive in the mansion. When Bellatrix came to, she noticed the vulnerable predicament she was in. Her pale, shapely size 8 soles were locked in the stocks ready to be taken advantage of. Bellatrix only sneered at the two women as they came and took their seats on stools near her feet. Even when they coated her soles with baby oil, she still kept her mouth shut. Bellatrix refused to beg for mercy. There was no way they would get her to laugh, much less beg like a little girl. She refused to allow it.

    “I’m going to really enjoy this after what you’ve put my daughter through,” Molly taunted her as she showed Bellatrix the menacing hairbrush first before lowering the bristles onto her arches. Bellatrix flinched a little but quickly suppressed any thought of giggles or laughter. McGonagall began flicking her fingernails over the slippery sole in front of her. Bellatrix again jumped a little but composed herself quickly and clenched her jaw together. Molly teased Bellatrix, “You tormented all those poor girls and didn’t think it would catch up to you. Well, now look at you. The infamous Bellatrix Lestrange stuck and having her bare feet tickled. This must be so humiliating for you.”

    Molly scrubbed the dozens of plastic bristles firmly into Bellatrix’s deep arch, making her foot twitch with increasing frequency. “Why do you keep jerking your foot so much, Bellatrix? Is someone a little ticklish? Does the big, bad witch have sensitive tootsies?” Bellatrix grunted with annoyance as Molly kept attacking her arch with the brush. McGonagall was tracing her nails over Bellatrix’s slicked up arch and heel. She found the surface of the heel was not very sensitive but she was able to make Bellatrix’s foot tremble slightly if she scratched her fingernails lightly on the underside of the heel near the ankle.

    Professor McGonagall started tickling the undersides of Bellatrix’s toes, which were pale with black toenail polish. Bellatrix unintentionally let out a brief giggle and clenched her toes down firmly over the tips of McGonagall’s prying fingers. The Professor gripped Bellatrix’s toes and peeled them back. Then she lightly flicked and waved her fingernails over the exposed undersides of the toes. Bellatrix squirmed and made little annoyed noises. Molly continued to scrub Bellatrix’s oily sole with the hairbrush. Bellatrix was having an increasingly difficult time maintaining any sort of composure. Molly loved watching Bellatrix struggle to keep her giggles in as the hairbrush circled the ball of her foot again and again.

    The two women backed off after a while. Bellatrix was breathing heavy but not gasping for breath. “I thought I heard some giggles escape your lips, Ms. Lestrange. Is something bothering you?” Molly asked her as she applied another does of oil to Bellatrix’s trapped feet. “I suffered a hundred times worse in Azkaban when I was imprisoned there! Go ahead, do your worst!” Bellatrix spat back. With that, Molly quickly returned to scrubbing the hairbrush around without warning. Bellatrix yelped with laughter and then struggled to hold her giggles in as she felt the bristles raking back and forth across her creamy arch. Bellatrix’s giggles turned into light laughter as McGonagall started dancing her fingernails along her other arch as well.

    “Funny that you mention Azkaban because that’s exactly where you’ll be going after all this,” Professor McGonagall stated as fact as she wiggled her fingers between Bellatrix’s scrunched toes. She flexed her toes and shook her foot before clamping her toes down tight again. Anything to get the Professor from slipping her finger between her piggies. Bellatrix was laughing outright now. Her tough, silent facade had vanished but she still refused to say anything to her ticklers.

    When Molly and McGonagall had given her feet a good, long tickling and felt that she was starting to become desensitized, they knocked her out and moved her to a different position. Bellatrix awoke with a jolt of panic. She soon came to the realization that she was standing in the living room with her hands shackled up above her head to a beam in the ceiling...a position that she had tickled several of her captives in before. The heels of her feet didn’t touch the ground; she was stretched tall and off balance.

    Professor McGonagall and Molly Weasley had just finished rounding up Pansy, Daphne, and the Patil twins and seating them in a group on the floor. They had all been bound and snug cleave gags filled their mouths. Bellatrix watched as the group whined and squirmed. Then McGonagall and Molly came over to her. Professor McGonagall took a position behind her while Molly faced her directly, not more than a few inches from her. “We saw the pictures you sent. You made those poor girls scream and beg. My girl tells me that you tickled her tummy for hours without giving her a break.” The steely glare that Mother Weasley gave Bellatrix was chilling. It was obvious that she was in complete control over Bellatrix and was about to make her suffer some more. Being ever defiant though, Bellatrix refused to beg for mercy or apologize. Instead, she nodded her head slightly and made a mock kissy expression at Molly.

    Molly Weasley didn’t react as Bellatrix hoped she would. In fact, she didn’t react at all. She simply retrieved a pair of scissors and started cutting away at Bellatrix’s black lace top. It was already torn in places and raggedy. Molly sheered it right up the middle, showing Bellatrix’s black laced up corset. Molly used the scissors to snip all of the crossed over lacings; each snip resulted in the corset becoming looser and looser. Bellatrix was concerned but didn’t say a word. She never thought the two ladies would put her in such a state of undress. Molly sliced free the remaining tethers of the corset and let it fall open, spilling Bellatrix’s supple, milky-white breasts. The Enslaving Crystal hung on its chain nestled in her bosom.

    Bellatrix’s face was stuck on a snarl at her sudden nakedness. How dare these pea-brained twats put her in such a vulnerable position. McGonagall squirted some baby oil in her hands and began wiping it all up and down Bellatrix’s sides and ribs. Molly did the same to her tummy, breasts, and armpits. Bellatrix’s upper body glistened when they were done. Bellatrix felt completely controlled and vulnerable so she lashed out verbally. “You know what, Molly? I enjoyed making your little girl cry with laughter while I tickled her feet. She begged me to stop like a little wimp while I tickled her tummy. She was nothing more than a HAHAHAHAHA!!!” Professor McGonagall had started tickling up and down her slick sides, making her burst into laughter. Molly started on her tummy. She squirmed her fingers delicately over the slippery skin as she felt Bellatrix belly laughing.

    Molly placed her hands in Bellatrix’s porcelain underarms and began wiggling her fingers. The oil let her glide freely in a rhythmic strumming as Bellatrix cackled and twisted to get away. McGonagall slid her hands around to Bellatrix’s stomach and continued teasing that area. She slowly and deliberately traced her fingers around Bellatrix’s bellybutton, getting ever closer to the tiny hole. Then McGonagall slipped and index finger inside and vibrated it teasingly. She could feel Bellatrix’s tummy tensing hard while she laughed like a maniac.

    Professor McGonagall brought her hands up and started methodically tickling between each rib. She started up high and worked her way down as she let her long fingernails explore the tiny valleys between each pair of ribs. Molly Weasley slid her fingers down to Bellatrix’s breasts. They were well formed and more than a handful. Her pink nipples were not erect but naturally jutted out a little like eraser tips. Molly ran her hands all over Bellatrix’s tits and found she laughed loudest when she grazed the soft area just under her nipples. Then Molly rotated her thumbs in circles over the nipples lightly, like she was controlling two joysticks simultaneously. Bellatrix hated it and screamed laughter against her will. She loathed Molly Weasley for manipulating her body and laughter so easily. Bellatrix made a silent vow that if she ever got free again, she would make Molly Weasley and Professor McGonagall first on her tickle torture list.

    Bellatrix shook her head and hopped on her toes as much as she could but she couldn’t make the tickling sensations lessen at all. And McGonagall was tickling her sides with fine-tuned precision as if she was concocting a complex potion. No flinch or change in pitch in her laughter escaped the sharp Professor. After almost an hour of upper body tickling, Bellatrix’s eye shadow was rolling down her cheeks as she roared laughter up at the ceiling. But she was starting to laugh less so Molly drew her wand and knocked her out again.

    Bellatrix blinked groggily as she came to. She discovered quickly that she couldn’t pull in her outstretched arms or legs. She had been tied on a bed in a spread eagle position. Her wrists were fastened to the headboard and her ankles were pulled toward each wooden bedpost. Bellatrix noticed that her shirt and corset still lay open, covering none of her tummy or chest. The Enslaving Crystal still lay on her chest between her breasts. Molly Weasley and Professor McGonagall entered the room and stood at the foot of the bed.

    “You two think you’ve won?! That this is over?! It’ll never be over! As soon as I get free again, I’ll hunt you all down and do this again and worse! I was Voldemort’s second in command! His followers will flock to my aid now that he’s gone! You can’t keep me as a tickle slave! I’m Bellatrix Lestrange! Untie me now!” she barked from the bed. Molly just gave her a cute smile and said, “You see Professor, the problem with tickling tough girls is that they need to realize they aren’t tough. Almost every girl is ticklish and it’s hard to act intimidating when you’re laughing. My dear sweet Ginny can be one tough girl, let me tell you. She will usually listen to her Momma but every once in a while she’ll get an attitude. And she can be as stubborn as they come about not doing something I tell her to do...until I sit her down and get ahold of those ticklish feet of hers. I can make her change her tune pretty quick.” Molly zipped a finger up the length of one of Bellatrix’s soles, making her eek with surprise. She scowled at them as she curled her toes down. Her face was getting red with rage and defiance.

    “Oh it looks like someone is getting upset. Better cheer you up,” Molly said as she got onto the bed next to her. Molly climbed on top of Bellatrix and straddled her waist. “There we go. A perfect position to tickle you from.” Molly started wiggling her fingers over Bellatrix’s flat, pale tummy, which made her start laughing within a few seconds. Professor McGonagall took that as her cue and got onto the bed behind Molly between Bellatrix’s spread legs. She began squeezing and tweaking Bellatrix’s thighs and knees. The jolting sensations on her legs made Bellatrix laugh even harder. Her laughing sounded more frantic and desperate already and they had only just begun again.

    “Do you want me to stop?” Molly Weasley asked as she danced her fingers over Bellatrix’s exposed tummy. Bellatrix let out a loud frustrated grunt as she struggled with the tickling sensations. Molly could feel Bellatrix’s stomach shaking as she belly laughed. The feeling of Professor McGonagall squeezing her inner thighs drove her bananas too. Bellatrix thrashed about and tried to buck up to throw Molly off of her but couldn’t. With Molly sitting on her waist, she was pinned for the most part. The feeling of being trapped only heightened the tickling sensations pulsing through her body up to her brain. Bellatrix was starting to panic as she tugged at her bonds with all of her strength only to realize she wasn’t going anywhere fast.

    Molly Weasley began running her fingers over Bellatrix’s ribs, making her laugh and whine like a baby. Professor McGonagall came up toward the headboard and had a seat near Bellatrix’s head. McGonagall cradled Bellatrix’s head in her lap and brushed her black, messy hair back behind her ears. She had a small, thin feather with a fine point. McGonagall used one hand to hold Bellatrix’s head still and the other to tickle the feather inside her nose and ears. The Professor danced the feather along the inner perimeter of each nostril and twirled it lightly inside each ear. Bellatrix felt like she was going insane. She screamed but couldn’t relieve the horrible teasing sensations that Professor McGonagall was administering to her in her usual cold, stoic manner.

    “Are you sorry for all that you’ve done? Do you want me to stop tickling you?” Molly asked as she worked her hands into Bellatrix’s armpits. Bellatrix was going crazy. She shouted, “Just stop! Stop it! GET OFF ME!!!” Molly rode her like a pro, never losing her balance as Bellatrix twisted and arched her back. “That’s it, laugh for Momma Weasley,” Molly teased as she relished every second of making Bellatrix Lestrange scream laughter. Professor McGonagall went down to the foot of the bed and started skittering her long fingernails rapidly across both of Bellatrix’s foot bottoms. Bellatrix arched her back hard when she felt her feet being tickled. The ensuing eruption of unbridled laughter made it seem like Bellatrix was close to crying. Her laugh was full of desperation.

    “Are you a tough girl now, Ms. Lestrange?” Molly asked. Bellatrix was losing the energy to thrash around and fight the tickling sensations. She finally said begrudgingly, “No, I’m not!” Molly was pleased to hear her say it. She was getting close to breaking the infamous witch. “Do you deserve to go back to Azkaban to be punished for what you’ve done?” Molly asked as she rubbed her fingers over the smooth flesh in Bellatrix’s underarms. Bellatrix howled back, “Yes, I deserve to be punished!” Molly knew she was getting closer. “Oh yes, and who owns you right now? Who’s your tickle queen?” Molly held tight as Bellatrix thrashed hard from side to side and shook her head. She wiggled her feet but McGonagall had dug her fingernails in under her toes to get at the crevices and toe stems. Bellatrix cried as she yelled, “YOU ARE!!” Molly didn’t let up. Bellatrix’s mind was in overdrive. She shouted out again, “YOU ARE, MOMMA WEASLEY!!!”

    Bellatrix had black eyeliner running down her face. Her black, unkempt hair was sweaty and sticking to her forehead. The Enslaving Crystal glowed bright and then released several clouds of mist, which floated off toward each individual captive that Bellatrix had broken. Their magical capabilities were restored.

    Bellatrix, Pansy, Daphne, and the Patil twins were all placed in straightjackets and marched out of the mansion to a magical stagecoach. They were loaded in and ready to be carted off to Azkaban, where they would be subjected to tickle torture daily.

    “Do the Patil sisters really have to go with them, Mom?” Ginny asked Molly. “Yes, Dear. They chose the wrong side when they agreed to submit to Bellatrix and her Death Eaters.”

    Just before the stagecoach door closed, Professor McGonagall went up and pulled the shoes off of each lady so that all five were barefoot sitting inside. “There...you won’t have any need for these while you’re in Azkaban.” Then the door was shut and the evildoers were carted away.


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    Thanks to everyone for reading this series! It was fun to write but now it’s time for something new.

    If any tickling video producers read this series and decide to make a series of tickling videos based on it, just know that’s totally cool with me. I won’t charge you for the rights or anything. My only request is that you try your hardest to negotiate and get the original actresses from the Harry Potter movies to reprise their roles for your videos.

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    That was an amazing series! You know what would make a good epilogue? Having the order scry on their former tormentors, to “make sure they are securely locked up”. I for one would love seeing what torturous fate awaits them in Azkaban, barefoot and straitjacketed

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    It's a shame professor mcgonagle and Molly weasley didn't get their turn in the stocks

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    Very good series

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    Lovely conclusion for great series! Good work.

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    What an amazing series, thank you so much

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    amazing series

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    Amazing and well-written series! Good job! Only wish Molly and the Professor had their turn as well. :P

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