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    Sexting gone wrong part 3 f/m tickling /foot worship

    By the time Karen walked through the door, I was struggling to roll over onto my stomach. My wrists were still tied to the bottom of the chair. I was so horny, that the only thing that I could think of was to grind my cock into the floor until I was able to cum.

    "Oh bad boy" Karen said, towering over me" she pulled up a chair and motioned for me to lay on my back. Karen had intimidated me since the day that I had met her, but now given my increased vulnerability, I couldn't help be feel
    completely succumb to her whims. I did as I was told, my arms still cuffed to the chair bottom above my head. She pulled a new chair over and sat by my feet.

    "Let's have a look at those piggies" she said with a snarky smile. I lifted them up into her lap. She took a length of rope and began to tie my ankles together. "Good,
    you got the pedicure you were told to
    get" she said appraising the softness of my soles. She reached down and pulled off her sneakers, revealing a moist cocoa brown ebony foot. "I recently did too. You can feel how soft they are" with that, she ran the sole of beautiful size 13 ebony foot the entire length of my cock, causing me to audibly moan. She adjusted herself in the chair, sliding in close and placing her huge, beautiful soles a few inches from my face.

    "Now my little slave, I want you to close your eyes" she said gently. A little disappointed to be giving up my new view of her baby soft soles, I complied. "Now I want you to concentrate what you're feeling. I'm going to eventually tickle you until you cry like a little bitch. I need you to know that now" she said, laughing a little as I gulped in fear and my cock twitched with anticipation. "But... we're going to ease into it." She ran one fingernail from the heal of my left foot, all the way to my toes. I flinched hard and gasped, mostly in shock. "Can you feel that? Now it's your turn. Every finger stroke you feel on your soles, you'll imitate with your tongue." She repeated the same stroke, again causing me to inhale briskly. I leaned towards her foot and ran my tongue to the middle of her sole, which was about as far as I could reach without having to raise my shoulders off the ground.

    "oh hell no, you lazy little slut" and with that she attacked my soles. Bear hugging them to keep me from moving them too much. Her long, manicured nails worked the undersides of my toes. I laughed and screamed my apologizes. After about a minute she stopped. Let me catch my breath and then ran her single nail the length of my foot. This time, I made sure my tongue made the complete path to her toes. This continued for a solid 30 minutes, my tongue continuing to mimic on her soles what her finger was doing to mine. The tickling on my upturned soles was maddening. It wasn't the intense torture that I had expected but rather a both a mental and physical mindfuck of teasing. I had succumb to another 2 bouts of intense spider tickling on my soles when I hadn't realized that her running one nail on the top of my toes and one nail across the bottom meant that I was to suck her toes, but I learned quickly. Then after what seemed like an eternity, an audible ding went off behind her.

    She dropped my feet to the floor and giving my cock a playful rub with her foot,
    Withdrew it from my face. I didn't open my eyes at first, I could hear her moving and repositioning herself, it wasn't until I felt her jean clad thighs straddle each side of my waist, leaving her denim covered ass to brush roughly on my upturned cock. I opened my eyes and looked straight into her cruel smile. She didn't say a word, but immediately dug into my ribs. She worked each one expertly as her weight held me in place. Down my sides she squeezed, pausing only to stick her pinky in my belly button as I begged and struggled. She leaned forward, her lips taking in my left nipple and swirling her tongue around it with gusto while at the same time raking my exposed armpits with gusto. It was heaven and hell all at the same time.

    She turned to face my cock, she gave it a single pump, before moving it aside to tease my testicles with one finger on each. I almost bucked her off, my balls are by far my most ticklish spot and she knew it. She worked each one, occasionally bending down to expertly work her tongue around one of them while her hair lightly tickled my sensitive cock.

    Then it all just stopped. I struggled to catch my breath as she walked to the door and said something inaudible to my exhausted ears. A moment later she entered with the plump and smiling Stephanie. She handed her 3 red chips and motioned toward my feet. Stephanie laid down at my feet and took my toes in her mouth. Instead of tickling, a wave of erotic euphoria washed over me. She swirled her tongue around each toe. I closed my eyes and moaned, the tears from laughing still steaming down my face. Karen ran a hand on each side of my cheek, moistening her palm with my tears. She began to pump my cock. I was so erotically charged from the torture followed by Stephanie's lustful worship of my feet that I burst in her hand in only a few seconds.

    "That was unfortunate for you," Karen sighed as Stephanie's sucking of my toes began to intensify. I looked up at her, exhausted and confused. I had realized that she hadn't really stopped stroking my slightly softening cock, she had merely slowed down. She was started to speed up again, moving her focus to the now overly sensitive head. She dropped her second black chip on my chest, she squeezed my cock painfully with her right hand and with it hardening in her grasp she began to polish my cockhead with left hand. I screamed. She only laughed.

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    Excellent continuation! This is a fine series.
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    Another great addition. You create wonderful characters and describe the action beautifully. Well done!

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