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    Cupcake Cleans Up with Susan (F/M Tickling/Humiliation)

    You know how once inspiration strikes, it can carry momentum? Well, my last story gave me an instant idea for another. Special thanks again to TMF'er Ticklish_Matt for his guidance. If you haven't read my last story, click the link below, as it introduced a new character.


    All characters over 18. Male character is generic for reader fantasy purposes. All feedback appreciated!

    It had been a month since Ruby's former business student, Susan, had Cupcake clean her mansion. Since then, she had been given power of attorney for Cupcake, if ever Ruby couldn't be with him; and she had been over at their house almost daily to visit Ruby - and tickle Cupcake to tears. Now, it was time for Cupcake to clean her house again.

    It was 1:30 am. Cupcake was asleep in the bedroom when Susan let herself in with a key. Ruby had given him a thorough tickling earlier in the day, which she knew would keep him sleeping till Susan came to retrieve him. He was alone in the bed as Susan crept in. She slipped on his special uniform, plus the old robe of Ruby's. Then, Susan scooped him up, carried him in her arms, and put him down across the backseat of her car. Susan proceeded to travel the hour-long drive back to her home.

    Not long into the journey, Susan pulled over and grabbed her trusty tablet. She hit the app which triggered the vibration for the 'uniform' panties Cupcake wore. He instantly roused awake, quite confused.


    "MORNIN' CUPCAKE!" exclaimed Susan, obviously energetic and bubbly no matter the time of day. "I've come to retrieve ya. It's time to make my mansion SPARKLE again!"

    Cupcake remembered. He was dreading it, yet looking forward to it at the same time. He wondered how his first house-cleaning with only Miss Susan would be like. That made him realize someone was missing...

    "Uh, Miss Susan.. Where is..."

    "You askin' about your Miss Ruby, arn'cha?" Susan interrupted. "Glad'ya asked! She left shortly after she put'ya to bed after ticklin' your daylights out. Apparently, she left overseas to try and work things out with her bestie. She's willin' to stay as long as she can. So... With me bein' responsible for ya whenever she's gone, I'm gonna babysit ya till she's back! She told me she trusts me fully with ya now. She says I should do WHATEVER I think is in yer best interest! Isn't that just PRECIOUS?"

    Cupcake felt uneasy. He actually had grown to adore Susan, as he had Ruby. Plus, he appreciated that she was also into his upper body, rather than feet. However, this would be the first significant time alone with her. It was a little fear of the unknown.

    "If ya don't believe me, here... Ruby e-mailed me after she left." Susan handed him the tablet, and he read the message.

    It was the truth. Ruby's message said more or less exactly what she just told him. Well, at least it saved an immediate drive back, he thought. He handed Susan the tablet back.

    "Shouldn't have done that, Cupcake..."

    He was still waking up. "Why not, Miss Susan?"

    Susan pressed the app


    "That's why! Hehehehe. Ya know, I should keep this goin' the rest of the way home." She continued driving. "Nahhhh. Don't want'cha too exhausted to clean." She shut it off. "I'll just do it at every red light. Hehehe!"


    They pulled into Susan's front drive at 2:30 am. Extra time to clean, compared to last month. They entered the house. Susan put his robe in the laundry room, leaving Cupcake in his uniform panties. She then threw him a curveball. Susan reappeared in the buff, right in front of him (She truly was a natural redhead!). Flustered, he went to gather the supplies. She admired his bottom, with the words 'Miss Susan's Maid' emblazoned on it. He returned, encouraged by what the day might bring.

    "Ready when you say, Miss Susan!"

    "Then follow me." she retorted curtly. Cupcake did.

    His thoughts were more encouraging than reality. The 40-something's tactic this month was to follow him room to room; shadowing him closely, nude as a redheaded jaybird. She would sit nearby, relaxing with a magazine or enjoying can of soda, obviously tempting him. Whenever he would get close to her, she would use the app. It would stop him in his tracks and he would then keep working. When he finished a room, Susan would reach inside his uniform, and lead him to into another one by his privates.
    The conflicting agony made it tough to stand at attention.

    Despite his hormones attempting to delay the work, Cupcake finished the house by 4 pm.

    "That's AMAZIN' Cupcake!" Susan checked her phone for the time. "You finished the house in the same time as LAST month."

    He blushed. "Thank you, Miss Susan!"

    "Yer welcome, cutie. I LOVE it when ya blush! Oh... That reminds me. You may wanna take those off before ya break what was our line's initial prototype..." Her eyes focused on his now-growing bulge.

    "OH! Sorry, Miss Susan." He slid them off and put them on the coffee table.

    "Don't fret, darlin'." She tickled under his chin. "Now... We gotta CELEBRATE! Come with me..." She pulled him gently by the wrist, both in their birthday suits.

    They went up to the Master Bathroom, got the hot tub running, and had a romantic soak. Playfully, Susan forced a jet stream under his crotch, and used her body to pin Cupcake against the tub.

    "AHHHHHH! MISSSUSSANNN...NOOOOOHAHAHA..." He was hysterical. She silenced him with her tounge in his mouth.

    Eventually, they got out, dried off, and went to Susan's Master Suite. Like a gentleman, Cupcake led her to the canopy bed and turned the sheets down for her. They proceeded to have a euphoric lovemaking session. They simply enjoyed each other for at least an hour or two. They didn't want to stop. His housemistress enjoyed several orgasms. He settled his face in between her lovely chest. Finally, they cuddled each other, preparing for a healthy sleep. 'Miss Ruby sure picked a good one!' he thought.

    "Cupcake, darlin'?" began a contented Susan. "Since you'll be wit' me a while anyway, you'll be helpin' me on a project tomorrow. I'm having some ladies over for a party to sell the vibratin' undies. Like a Tupperware party. Anyway... YOU will be the model. Rest up now. You have a BIG day ahead'a you." She reached under him and lightly stroked his undercarriage.

    "Heeheeheehee... Okay, Miss Susan...hehehehehe..."

    "Excellent!" She continued to keep him giggling till he fell asleep.

    The next day, Susan had a display wall set up in the living room. It was covered by a sheet, behind a table. On the table were stacks of papers. To the side was a coffee station with a couple plates of pastries. Facing the whole setup was a few rows of chairs.

    The ladies all arrived at once. Smartly dressed, Susan greeted them warmly, and directed them toward the living room. They helped themselves to coffee, pastry, and a seat. Once everyone was settled, Susan walked in, guiding her boy toy from behind by the shoulders. Cupcake was wearing nothing but the 'product'. He immediately felt humiliated in front of all the matronly women, especially when many whistled at him. He did his best to prevent an erection.

    "Ladies, this is my boyfriend. I call him 'Cupcake'. Ain't he just the CUTEST when he's blushin'?" Many nodded in agreement. "He's wearin' the product y'all came to hear about today. If you'll just excuse me, I have somethin' to tend to. Why don't y'all get acquainted with him, till I'm back? Won't be too long now..." She tickled Cupcake's tummy before she left the room. Talk about throwing gas on a fire.

    At first, a blonde woman about Ruby's age broke the ice. She approached him, and inspected his crotch closely. Under the guise of feeling what the material was made from, she shamelessly felt him up. He couldn't help but to chuckle and try to squirm away. Soon, the whole group surrounded him in a giant tickle attack.


    Just as Cupcake felt he was doomed, there was a sharp knocking at the window facing everyone. They all stopped when they saw Susan outside. She motioned for everyone to spread out. Once they had, she pointed to the app on the tablet...then at Cupcake. She hit the button and he immediately hit the floor in a belly laughing fit. Everyone applauded once they realized what they saw, and kept it up as Susan re-entered the room. She bowed in appreciation, as Cupcake was at the mercy of his maid uniform.

    She shut the app off. "Ladies, I present you with..." Susan pulled the sheet down in a dramatic flourish. "RuSu VibraGarments!" Along the wall hung similar samples of exactly what Cupcake wore.

    "I combined my name with a mentor o' mine, who helped me develop the idea. Use them for romance...or humiliation." she chuckled, as she glanced at Cupcake, taking valuable respite on the floor. "Oh, dont feel sorry 'bout him. He's a well taken care of Tickle-Cubby! Trained to please." The ladies laughed. "Anyhow... Since this is our first focus group before we hit retail, let me tell y'all about how this'll go. 'Scuse me, darlin'..." Susan removed Cupcake's uniform. The ladies enjoyed the sight of the bare young man.

    Showing off his uniform, Susan began: "As you can see, the material is a stretchable spandex. On the tushie-side, you can customise a message. You get two rows of up to 10 characters each. Just indicate what that'd be when ya order." The women were definitely hooked. "Once you go to the website on the sign here - after my presentation - you can purchase as many as you want. After you pay, a special website will be emailed to you, as to where to download the app to go with'em. We have to do it this way so the app is coded to match your order number.

    "One last thing," Sue concluded. "Doesn't this place look nice?" A murmur of agreement. "Well, believe it or not, this cutie here cleaned it all himself!" The group murmured in amazement. "As a special bonus, just for everyone here... All purchase orders come wit' a free day of housecleanin' by Cupcake!" The women applauded. "Obviously, I can't police what happens, but I do have two ground rules: "NO engaging in intercourse. Two... He MUST be returned to this house within 24 hours upon completion of your house. Sorry ladies...he's my mentor's boyfriend, too. Oh... As your host, I reserve the first of every month for my cleanin'. Any breaking of the rules will prevent any chance for further cleaning sessions. Waivers for your free cleanings are up here. Once everyone's set, your date will be coordinated automatically and a confirmation will be emailed to you. Thank you ladies, for gracin' my home today!" She bowed.

    Suddenly there was a mad rush to collect cleaning waivers and order the products online. Susan saw dollar signs as she laughed. She helped Cupcake up, not bothering to cover him. "Well, my cutie...looks like Y'ALL gonna be busy for at least a whole MONTH. Wonder who'll be the first? What say we grab some coochie-coo time before y'all leave with the first lucky lady?"

    "Yes, please, Miss Susan!" Cupcake replied.

    "Be back in a little while." She addressed the group. "Then, once we figger whoever is first up, y'all can leave with him!"

    They whooped and applauded as Susan led him by the hand, out of the room. Cupcake was starting to miss Susan already, as well as Ruby, especially. He was dreading his immediate future.


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    This was a nice chapter, good set up for being able to introduce new settings and situations for cupcake to be in.

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    Feb 2009
    Quote Originally Posted by Ticklish_Matt View Post
    This was a nice chapter, good set up for being able to introduce new settings and situations for cupcake to be in.
    Thanks! I probably will take some time before planning the next one, but Susan will definitely be featured onward.

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    A fine chapter in this series!
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    Quote Originally Posted by milagros317 View Post
    A fine chapter in this series!
    Thank you!

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