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    Gurhal Universe

    Laughing Dragoons (F/F)

    This is an old story I thought I'd repost.


    I don't own Alisia Dragoon or Orta. Alisia is owned by GameArts and Orta
    is owned by Sega Corporation. No infringement of any kind is intended
    in this story.

    The last thing Alisia Dragoon remembered was venturing through a dark area
    of the forest that she had never noticed before, only to find herself blacking
    out. Now, she found her eyes struggling to open, little by little, as the
    blurriness faded from her eyes, she found she was inside some kind of room,
    but she couldn't make out what it was supposed to be. It was mostly bare,
    and while it appeared to be dark, she could still see in front of her. She
    saw that she was sitting upright on a bed of some sort, and it was at that
    moment she realized something was wrong.

    "My arms!" She thought, "I can't move my arms. Did someone tie me up?!"

    Indeed, she realized that someone had tied her arms behind her back at the
    wrists. As she looked forward, she saw that her legs were tied together
    at the ankles, and her sandals had been removed, leaving her feet completely
    bare. She tried to get free, but it was no use, she was completely secured
    to the bed. She couldn't even move her hands to cast a spell.

    Before she could think any further, the door in front of the bed opened,
    and in stepped a young woman wearing a rather unusual type of outfit. It
    was partially red and black in a checkered style, and the red and black
    mixed as the outfit ran down to her legs, ending mid thigh. On her forearms
    she wore rather large bracelets that went from her elbow to just before the
    hands. She was also barefooted, and had white hair that ended just above
    her shoulders.

    "Who are you, and why have you brought me here?" Alisia asked.

    "My name is Orta, and I have heard about you; That you are a dragoon, am I
    not mistaken?" Orta spoke with a calm, clear voice.

    "Yes, that's right. But, why are you so intent on kidnapping me? Do you
    plan to hold me for ransom or something?" Alisia asked, this time a little

    "No, that's not my plan at all. I simply want to learn more about your
    powers, since I am very fascinated by them." Orta moved closer to Alisia.

    "My powers? You want to know about my powers?" Alisia glared at Orta. "Why
    should I tell you? First of all, they're a secret that only I am
    allowed to know about; And secondly, you've got me tied up here like I'm
    a kidnap victim!"

    Orta moved closer to Alisia, now standing very close to the bed. "Alisia,
    I hate to do this to you, but if you won't tell me, then I'll have to make
    you talk."

    "Go right ahead, little girl. I've endured countless trials in my life, and
    I've been through so many enduring things in one lifetime, that I'm more than
    positive that whatever you do to me won't make me talk at all." Alisia started
    to become defiant in her voice.

    "Very well, then. Have it your way." Orta moved to the foot of the bed and
    knelt down.

    "What do you think you're doing?!" Alisia asked angrily, only to pause as she
    saw that Orta was looking at her bare feet with a strange look in her eye.

    "Pain isn't always the way to get someone to talk, you know," Orta said as she
    looked up at Alisia, smirking a little.

    "Oh no, you wouldn't dare!" Alisia's eyes went wide as she realized what Orta
    planned to do.

    "Well, you leave me no other option." Orta quickly ran the tips of her finger-
    nails up and down Alisia's soft soles. Almost immediately, Alisia squeezed
    her eyes shut as a grin formed on her face, trying not to let Orta get what
    she wanted. "Come on, Alisia, you know you want to laugh," Orta said as she
    began to go faster and faster, literally raking her fingernails up and down
    Alisia's soles, as she shook faster and faster, trying to hold out against
    the urge to laugh.

    "N-no, please!" Alisia barely managed to get out.

    "OK, I'm done warming up, prepare to get it good!" Orta quickly moved her
    hands to the pits between Alisia's toes and began to tickle them mercilessly.
    Almost immediately, Alisia burst out into laughter, obviously showing that
    Orta had found her main weak point.

    yelled in between her bursts of laughter.

    "Oh no, you haven't lost yet, we're just getting started." Orta began
    to increase the intensity of the assault on Alisia's toes, going faster and
    faster with every second.

    WHEN YOU'RE DONE-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA!" Alisia's laughter grew louder and louder,
    almost loud enough to make Orta's ears hurt, but Orta enjoyed this too much,
    and she knew that now that Alisia had started laughing, there were definitely
    more ways to make her laugh.

    "Alisia, dear, you should've given me the secrets when I asked for them. But,
    then again, I wouldn't have the pleasure of seeing you laugh insanely. What
    do you think?" Orta asked casually while continuing her merciless assault.

    now laughing so hard that tears were streaming down her cheeks like she had
    just inhaled the scent of an onion a little too deeply, and it was exactly
    like Orta wanted to see.

    "Oh dear, first you laugh, then you cry? I'm not such a bad person, am I?" Orta
    began to alternate between assaulting Alisia's toes and then going to her soles,
    each time increasing the level of laughter from Alisia.

    able to speak from all the laughter she was enduring.

    "Oh dear, my hands are starting to cramp up, but that doesn't mean our fun will
    end, Alisia. I've got another way to tickle you!" Almost immediately, Orta
    quickly moved to a lying down position on her back, and lifted her legs up to
    where Alisia's feet were, and began using her toes to tickle Alisia's feet.

    YOU ALL-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA I KNOW-HO-HO-HO-HO-HO!" Alisia squealed as her
    laughter literally hit the level that would make one thing she was insane.

    "Oh, sure, now you intend to talk." Orta smirked wryly. "Now that you're
    on the verge of laughing yourself to death, and yet I'm having so much
    fun." She continued to wiggle her toes like she were being bored, yet
    in this case she was inflicting more and more tickle torture on Alisia.

    WILL TELL-HEH-HEH-HEH-HEH-HEH-HEH ALL!" Alisia was now showing signs of
    passing out from laughing too hard. At that, Orta sighed.

    "Very well, I'll hold you to your word, but know that if you break your word,
    I'll make you laugh until you do die!" Orta slowed down the tickling and
    then finally moved her feet away, sitting up and crossing her legs. Alisia's
    laughter slowly died down to casual laughter, then soft giggles, and then
    finally heavy panting and breathing as she tried to regain her breath.

    "Oh...my... I had no idea... you were... so dangerous..." Alisia was literally
    drenched in sweat as she began to regain her composure. "I almost had a heart
    attack... But..." She looked up at Orta. "In order to teach you the technique,
    my hands must be free, so I ask that you untie my hands."

    Orta glared at Alisia. "And just what's to say you won't try to run away?"

    "Look, do you want to learn it or not?" Alisia raised an eyebrow, her tone
    indicating she wasn't going to mess around. At that point, Orta shrugged and
    proceeded to the top of the bed where she untied Alisia's wrists, who almost
    immediately brought her arms around front and proceeded to stretch them out
    a little; Apparently they had cramped up during that time they were tied up.

    It was when Orta turned her back that Alisia saw her chance. She quickly
    chanted the recitation for her fireball spell, and burned the rope away from
    her bare feet. Before Orta could even respond, Alisia tackled Orta to the
    ground. "You're a bit na´ve, you know that?" Alisia chuckled.

    "Wh-what the hell are you doing?!" Orta was now angry, a contrast from her
    calm appearance previously.

    "Just repaying the favor, you might say." Alisia turned herself around so she
    was sitting atop Orta's legs. She drew her feet up to her. "My my, such nice
    feet you have. Especially your..." She giggled. "Little piggies!"

    "N-no! You wouldn't dare!" Orta screamed.

    Alisia took Orta's right foot into her hand and placed her thumb and index
    fingers around the big toe. Without further ado, she began to wiggle it back
    and forth while saying, in a cutesy sing-song voice, "This little piggy went
    to market!" Orta responded with a fit of giggles, which prompted Alisia to move
    to the next toe and wiggle it back and forth with a more delicate touch as she
    said, "This little piggy stayed home!"

    Orta responded with more giggles as Alisia took her third toe and wiggled it
    back and forth, this time adding some sort of special technique to it which
    added more of the effect as she said, "This little piggy had roast beef!"
    Without waiting for a response she moved to the second-to-last toe and
    wiggled it, saying, "This little piggy had none!"

    Orta was hysterical with laughter, banging the floor with her fists as she
    tried to keep from laughing more, yet internally dreading what was next
    as Alisia wiggled the last toe, saying, "And this little piggy cried WEE
    WEE WEE all the way home!" She proceeded to tickle Orta's foot furiously,
    causing even more delicious laughter from Orta.


    "But I'm not finished yet," Alisia replied as she proceeded to play the
    game on Orta's other foot. She took the left foot and wiggled the big
    toe, while saying in a casual voice, "This little piggy went to market!"

    Orta laughed even harder than before, shaking and shivering as she
    tried to wriggle free from Alisia's firm grasp as she grasped the
    second toe and wiggled it, saying, "This little piggy stayed home!"

    Orta was now howling with intense laughter as she Alisia went for the
    third and fourth toes, going, "This little piggy had roast beef, and
    this little piggy had none!"

    Orta was laughing at the top of her lungs, tears starting to form in
    her eyes as she seemed to dread what would happen next. Alisia
    took the last toe and wiggled it, saying, "And this little piggy
    cried WEE WEE WEE all the way home!" She proceeded to tickle Orta's
    left foot with just as much intensity, causing her to start tearing
    from her eyes.


    "Sorry, but now we play it on both feet!" Alisia interlocked her
    legs around Orta's ankles, giving her full access to both feet as
    she simultaneously wiggled the big toes while going, "These little
    piggies went to market!" Orta laughed twice as hard as she was
    previously, while Alisia went for the second toes, going, "These
    little piggies stayed home!"

    Orta was obviously trying to beg for mercy, but she couldn't get it
    out with all the laughter that was coming from her, as Alisia
    took the middle toes and wiggled them, saying, "These little piggies
    both had roast beef!" She then went for the fourth toes without delay,
    going, "These little piggies had none!"

    Orta desperately tried to beg not to have her feet tickled, but it was
    no use, as she could feel Alisia going for the last toes as she said,
    "And these little piggies cried..." She paused for a moment before
    tickling both feet intensely, saying, "WEE WEE WEE all the way home!"

    "NO-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA! STOP! I'LL-HA-HA-HA DIE!" Orta barely managed
    to get out.

    "My, it seems that you are just as ticklish as I am! Maybe I should
    take advantage of this in revenge for you kidnapping me," Alisia smiled
    a little as she ceased the tickling.

    "N-no, please, don't! I promise I'll leave you be if you don't tickle me
    anymore." Orta was still laughing a little as she begged for mercy.

    "You promise? Cross your heart and hope to die?" Alisia asked, grinning

    "Yes, I swear on my life!" Orta replied desperately.

    "Very well, then." After getting her sandals back on, Alisia snapped
    her fingers and vanished in a cloud of spoke. Orta simply sat there,
    realizing what had just transpired for her, and almost immediately,
    began to laugh as she realized just how funny it truly was, and
    secretly hoped she'd see Alisia again soon.


    Lauren Tyler
    Champion Eternally of Ragol

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    Boston MA
    Love it! Cool premise. Keep going

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    Aug 2005
    Fun one! Hope you keep it going.

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