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    Katy & Amber - Episode 18: Deconstructing Maddy (all variations of f/f, nylons)

    Hey all,

    Episode 18 is now hot off the presses!

    I know I'm sounding like a bit of a broken record lately, but I think I have a new favorite. This was one of the easiest stories to write, and it shows; it checks in at 23 single-spaced pages, my longest story yet. I actually wish I had started this series earlier in the year so it might be considered for Golden Feather status... Or at the very least, I'd be up to Episode 20 or so. Oh well...

    I initially had some reservations about where I was going to take Episode 18. What you see below was one option. I also considered picking up where Episode 17 left off, with Katy and Amber alone in the apartment. I chose this route though because a) I had essentially already written it in my head and b) I find I prefer writing more about just the tickling than the elements involved in the bet, so the bet can be spaced out a bit more.

    I also did not necessarily intend for this chapter to be as long as it is. I considered breaking up the two stories into separate chapters, but I don't like overusing the "To be continued..." device, and I hadn't yet thought of another time when Maddy would be doing what she is doing in this story - telling stories.

    I've paid homage to some of my favorite true stories that I have read on TMF within this story, so you might find a couple of instances where elements seem familiar. I obviously did not plagiarize, but I did use them as inspiration for the situation. One I couldn't find again, but I definitely remember it. I'm curious if the authors will spot these if they read them.

    I find I'm liking Maddy's character a lot. It's nice to have a character who is still super ticklish but doesn't necessarily invite others to tickle her. Not that Katy and Amber do, but Maddy seems like someone who would go out of her way to avoid being tickled -- not that she is ever really successful in that. And I don't know how much of a role she'll have moving forward, but I love Maddy's mother in this story.

    I also make mention of Danielle, as we are potentially nearing the ending of that storyline.

    I also went back to the pure nylon tickling. There's some brief mention of barefoot tickling tossed in, but certainly no focus on it. I'm not necessarily dismissing barefoot tickling - I think Maddy likely has an instance or two of barefoot tickling in her future - but I had to stay true to the nylons with this one.

    As always, feedback welcome and appreciated. I also wouldn't mind sharing ideas through PM if anyone wants to discuss ideas but is hesitant to through the posting.
    I'll try to spit out another story before Christmas, though no guarantees.

    Happy reading,

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    Katy & Amber - Episode 18: Deconstructing Maddy (all variations of f/f, nylons)

    “Do you mind getting the door?” asked Katy, showing Amber her hands covered in cookie dough at the moment.

    “Yeah,” said Amber. “Whatever you do, do NOT touch anything with those hands,” she added with a laugh, having no desire to wipe crusted cookie dough off of the door knobs later that night.

    As both girls were blessed - or cursed - with an overpowering sweet tooth, the practice of making cookies was one undertaken quite often by Katy and Amber, either individually or, like today, in tandem. It wasn’t uncommon for there to be some sort of homemade cookie available on the counter or some sort of succulent pie or other dessert in the fridge; indeed, it was one of the features that first drew Nicki to wanting to spend as much time hanging out at Katy and Amber’s apartment as possible. Today’s dessert of the day was an old stand-by: classic chocolate chip cookies.

    Amber swung the door open just as Maddy was about to knock a second time, laughing as she saw Maddy with her arm raised in knocking position. “Hey, Maddy,” she laughed. “What’s up?”

    “It looks like some of our mail got crossed up downstairs,” Maddy said, holding up a couple of envelopes that were marked for Katy and Amber. “I knew if I didn’t get it to you right away, I never would. You know, out of sight out of mind,” she said with a slight chuckle.

    “Oh, cool,” said Amber. “You mind just putting it on the table over there? We’re both got, uh, sticky hands,” Amber said with a laugh, holding her hands up as evidence.

    “No problem,” said Maddy, taking a few steps into the apartment to put the envelopes down. “Mmmm,” she said, pausing midway to the table. “What smells so good here?”

    “We’re making cookies!” Katy announced from around the corner in the kitchen, arching her back enough so that her head was visible beyond the door frame to the kitchen.

    “Wow,” said Maddy, impressed by the smells and sights of the cookies as she walked in the living room. “I’m impressed,” she said, folding her arms after putting the envelopes down on the kitchen table. “Who knew I lived next door to a couple of culinary masters?”

    “I’d hardly say that,” said Amber, checking the oven to see how the cookies were baking. “Try one, though. See what you think.”

    Maddy didn’t have to be asked twice, quickly snatching up a cookie that she had been eyeing on the cooling rack.

    “Oh, good choice,” said Katy, noticing the cookie Maddy had chosen. “That one looked like it was overflowing with chocolate chips.”

    “Oh my gosh,” said Maddy as she tasted the cookie, quickly covering her mouth as she realized she was talking with food in her mouth. “These are so delicious.”

    “Stick around,” said Amber, motioning to Maddy to have a seat on the stool next to the peninsula. “You can take some home when we’re done.”

    “Oh, I couldn’t,” said Maddy, looking down at her clothes as she politely declined. “I’m just coming from work, and…” she said, not finishing her statement. Indeed, Maddy certainly was not dressed for baking cookies, her outfit - a pair of black dress pants matched with a white button-down shirt paired with a gray cardigan sweater and accompanied by a pair of black pumps and suntan nylons - was not ideal baking attire.

    “We’re not gonna tickle you,” laughed Amber, recognizing Maddy’s concern.

    “Hey,” Katy interjected. “Speak for yourself. I still have to get her back for the other day,” Katy said, glaring as evil a look as she was capable of making while smiling to Maddy.

    “OK, then,” said Amber, correcting her original statement. “So maybe Katy will tickle you, but if she does, I’ll tickle her and then we can team up on her,” Amber said with a laugh, using her foot as an arrow to point to Katy’s feet; though her feet were currently entrenched in an over-the-top pair of pink fluffy slippers, the suntan nylons that also adorned Katy’s feet were clearly evident.

    “Ooooo,” said Maddy, perking up at Amber’s suggestion. “I would definitely be down for tickling Katy again,” she said with a laugh, wiggling her fingers in a threatening manner in the air in Katy’s direction as she walked over and took a seat on one of the stools at the peninsula.

    Katy’s jaw dropped in faux-shock. “I can’t believe this,” she said, putting her hands on her hips to express her disbelief even though, quite honestly, she could completely believe what Amber had just said. “That’s totally not fair. You can’t gang up on the most ticklish one in the room,” she commanded, instantly realizing that she shouldn’t have described herself in that manner.

    “You may have some competition for that title,” Amber said through the side of her mouth, nodding her head in Maddy’s direction.

    “No,” shouted Maddy as she processed Amber’s words, quickly tucking her feet behind her trying to hide them from view. “You said you wouldn’t tickle,” Maddy reminded.

    “SHE said she wouldn’t,” Katy corrected, pointing to Amber. “I made no such promise.”

    “I really should never enter this apartment in nylons,” Maddy said aloud, not to anyone in particular. “It’s a danger zone,” she said with a laugh.

    “Relax,” assured Amber, holding up her own foot and pointing again to Katy. “See? We’re all in nylons.”

    “Yeah,” Maddy agreed lowering her defenses a bit in the process. “I’ve actually meant to ask,” she began, nervously twirling her fingers as she wasn’t quite sure how to word her next statement without sounding mean or offensive. “Why DO you guys wear nylons all the time?”

    “I’m afraid that’s confidential information,” joked Katy, “zipping” her lips with her fingers.

    “Don’t worry,” said Amber, looking over at Maddy. “We have ways of making her talk,” she said, using a single finger to poke Katy’s side.

    “No-o-o!” shrieked Katy as she tried to hold onto the bowl of cookie dough, for she was not expecting to be tickled at that moment. “OK,” she added, collecting herself. “I’ll talk. What do you want to know?” she asked jokingly, as if starring in a cheesy detective movie.

    “I don’t know,” said Maddy awkwardly, cognizant of how rude it would be to just outright ask what she was thinking. “Just, like… I don’t know many girls your age who wear nylons as often as you guys seem to.”

    “Well,” said Katy, talking while she went back to stirring in some more chocolate chips in her batch of cookie dough. “She’s the one who started it,” said Katy, nodding her head in Amber’s direction.

    “It was really just for warmth,” said Amber, trying to remain casual about the topic without revealing the full extent of the girls’ interest in them as she explained away. “And then it just sort of took off…”

    “Don’t you find that they just…” began Maddy, unable to finish her sentence.

    “Tickle the ever-living bejesus out of you?” Katy said, finishing Maddy’s question with a laugh.

    “No doubt,” agreed Amber. “But if we’re both wearing them, we’re both at the same disadvantage, so…” she said with a shrug.

    “That’s always been my issue with them,” said Maddy. “I actually don’t mind wearing them at all,” she continued. “I like the touch of formality that they add to your outfit,” she explained. “But just look at me the wrong way when I have them on and I start laughing because they’re so ticklish,” she said with a laugh.

    Katy and Amber laughed, as well, each girl trying their darndest to look at Maddy the “wrong way”, which Maddy picked up on immediately.

    “Cut it out, you two,” chastised Maddy, tossing the crumb of a cookie at them. “I guess I just found it fascinating that you three wear them so much,” concluded Maddy.

    “Well,” said Katy, “I guess we’re just a different sort of…” she said, pausing both her words and her stirring of the cookie dough to turn to Maddy. “Did you say us THREE wear them so much?”

    “Yeah,” said Maddy, unsure of the confusion. “You, Amber, and Nicki, no?”

    “Nicki wears nylons?” asked Katy, stunned to hear Maddy’s statement.

    “Yeah,” said Maddy, now confused herself. “Doesn’t she?”

    Katy and Amber looked at each other with quizzical looks. “I’ve never noticed,” said Amber.

    “Me neither,” agreed Katy.

    “I mean, maybe I’m wrong,” said Maddy, now a little unsure herself. “I just feel like I’ve seen the elastic waistband of pantyhose sticking out from her jeans the times I’ve been here.”

    “You’re serious right now?” asked Katy in complete seriousness.

    “I…. think so?” said Maddy, growing more unsure of herself with each round of doubt cast by Katy and Amber. “I guess I could be wrong, but I think I’ve worn pantyhose enough times in my life to know what I saw,” she added. “You guys never noticed?”

    Katy and Amber exchanged glances at each other, both shaking their head to admit that they had never noticed before.

    “This is news to me,” said Katy, tilting her head in thought at the revelation of this news.

    “I was wondering why you guys never just tickled her back,” said Maddy, putting the pieces of the mental puzzle she had been contemplating together for the first time, though in seeing the look on the faces of Katy and Amber, she added, “You… do know if she’s ticklish… right?”

    Again, Katy and Amber exchanged looks of uncertainty toward each other, both a bit embarrassed to admit that they had no idea whether or not their friend was ticklish. Sure, they had both considered the possibility at times - Katy even coming close to actually tickling Nicki on more than one occasion before being thwarted - but neither had ever seen Nicki tickled. The two just sort of assumed she was ticklish - who wasn’t? - but neither had any concrete evidence to rely on in backing their claim.

    “Wow,” said Maddy, feeling more comfortable with her surroundings and grabbing another cookie from the tray in front of her. “That actually surprises me,” she said. “I thought this apartment was The Tickle Factory or something,” she said with a laugh.

    “We should have a sign made,” joked Katy. “Welcome to the Tickle Factory. Leave your shoes at the door.” The three girls shared a laugh.

    “That would be the end of my trips here,” said Maddy. “I feel like I should be wearing combat boots here just to be safe,” she said. “Triple knotted,” she added with a laugh.

    “Oh, come now,” Katy said. “You can’t possibly be THAT opposed to being tickled.”

    “It’s torture!” Maddy exclaimed.

    “Well,” laughed Katy, “I mean, I guess I can totally see what you mean. I guess it’s one thing if it’s someone you’re friends with, but I can’t imagine what would happen if someone I didn’t like knew I was ticklish,” she continued

    “Exactly!” agreed Maddy, thankful that Katy was now seeing things from her point of view.

    “I have this frenemy, I guess you’d say,” continued Katy, explaining her situation to Maddy. “Danielle. And I’d absolutely die if Danielle ever found out how ticklish I am,” Katy continued, not noticing that Amber was now nervously tapping her leg as Katy outlined one of her worst fears.

    “Tickling should be outlawed,” concluded Maddy with a chuckle.

    “So, you’re telling me,” Katy said with a hand on her hip, “that if someone was sitting next to you and just wide open to be tickled, you wouldn’t?”

    “Oh, no,” said Maddy, quickly correcting. “I’d totally take advantage of that, for sure,” she exclaimed. “I’m talking about being tickled.”

    “Don’t like to laugh?” asked Katy, jokingly.

    “That’s not it,” said Maddy, trying to find the best way to explain what she meant. “It’s just such a weakness. I guess I’ve just always been the most ticklish of whatever group I’ve been in. And I guess people always have seen me as the easiest to tickle, too. So, all my life I’ve always been everyone’s favorite tickle target,” she continued. “That’s how my mom used to always get me to do things around the house. She knew I’d agree to anything once she started tickling,” Maddy said with a chuckle as she reminisced. “And, I guess I like the idea of tickling, in general,” she went on, shocked to find herself speaking so freely about this. “As long as it’s not extreme. I remember my cousins just absolutely tormenting me with tickling at family gatherings growing up.”

    Katy had walked over to the fridge and pulled out the milk and, after reaching for a mug, poured Maddy a cold glass of milk, setting it in front of her. “Let’s hear all about it,” she said, doing her best barkeeper impression.

    “What is this, therapy?” laughed Maddy, taking the glass of milk. “Hmm.. where to begin?” she said aloud before beginning her story.


    It had been Christmas Eve, around ten or so years ago. Like always, Maddy and her mom went to her aunt’s house for the holiday. Maddy’s dad had left her mom years earlier, so it was just Maddy and her mom for the most part. Christmas was always very traditional for Maddy’s family. All the family was there. Big, giant Christmas tree. Christmas carols playing in the background. And, of course, everyone was always dressed up. Maddy’s mom’s family was big into dressing up. Maybe that’s why she didn’t necessarily mind wearing pantyhose so much now; it was just something most of her family had done.

    Maddy’s mother had two sisters, and they had had kids, too, so the cousins would usually all play together during the party. Maddy felt it was nice because as she grew up as an only child, she liked having cousins to play with. There were five cousins in all, and Maddy was the oldest, but not by much. There was roughly only a four year age difference between Maddy and the youngest.

    It was very important for everyone to be dressed up for Christmas Eve, and Maddy felt she was old enough where she really didn’t need her mom picking out her outfit anymore, so on this particular Christmas Eve, Maddy wore a nice red skirt that was as short as her mom would allow and had on a white top with one of those Christmas-type sweaters over it. And just to prove how she didn’t really see herself as a kid anymore, she wore a pair of black stiletto heels and a pair of beige pantyhose.

    “I actually have a picture of myself that night somewhere,” Maddy interjected, “because I remember thinking, ‘Damn, girl - you’ve got it going on’.”

    This particular Christmas Eve played a critical role in Maddy’s development, for this is the first time that she was made aware of the ticklish troubles wearing nylons can create. She had, of course, worn nylons and pantyhose from time to time to this point in her life, be it for a school dance or function or family event. And, sure, she had even been tickled while wearing them once or twice. But to this point, it had only been a fleeting tickle, nothing extreme, and though it surely tickled more than usual, there wasn’t enough evidence or any reason for Maddy to believe that it was the nylons that had been causing it.

    Thus, as Maddy was in her room that evening sliding on her pantyhose, pulling them over her thigh, above her knee, and eventually up to her waist, she had no idea that she was rendering herself completely vulnerable to whatever nefarious machinations her cousins might have in store for her later that evening. As she slid her feet into her stilettos and gave herself one look in the mirror, Maddy felt pleased with her presentation, casting aside any reservations she might have had about her ability to remain in those heels for the duration of the night given their height.

    Maddy’s mom had dressed appropriately for the evening, as well. She had chosen a more age-appropriate outfit for the evening, pairing a black skirt of moderate length with a white blouse and a silver sweater that was awash with glitter highlights. Like her daughter, she had opted for pantyhose and heels this evening, though she paired a pair of black pantyhose with a more conservative heel than her younger daughter. Though she had twenty-something years on her daughter, she remained nevertheless quite the looker as she reached her forties, and this Christmas Eve was no exception.

    “People always used to say mom and I could be sisters,” recalled Maddy. “Sure, a nice compliment for her, but what did that say about me?” she said with a laugh.

    The evening wore on as to be expected, with gatherings of hugs offered with each new ringing of the doorbell. Ever punctual, Maddy and her mom and been the first guests to arrive, so by the time Great Aunt Susan arrived, Maddy was all hugged out, and though she appreciated her relatives complimenting her on how “grown up” she looked, she didn’t need to be reminded of how everyone remembered when she was still in the bathtub in the kitchen sink.

    After about thirty minutes, Maddy was already regretting her choice for footwear for the evening, her feet now aching from the combination of walking to and from the door each time someone arrived and standing in one place as each aunt and uncle had to reminisce. Maddy found herself instinctively slipping one foot in and out of her heels in an alternating pattern as she stood, hoping to provide her aching feet a moment’s reprieve.

    In time, dinner had ended, dessert was plated, and everyone had settled in with full bellies and high spirits. Sensing a moment where she could relax for a bit, Maddy walked into the living room. She was not the only one who had had that idea, though, as Maddy’s four cousins were all in the living room watching Christmas movie reruns - though very little watching was actually taking place. Maddy pressed her way in between two cousins and found a spot in the middle section of the sofa, plopping herself down a “thud”, relieved to be taking a load off of her aching feet. She positioned her legs to avoid bumping into Brittany, who was sitting on the floor by the couch.

    The cousins made small talk, catching up on each other’s goings-on, discussing which dessert they enjoyed most, predicting what gifts “Santa” had for them the next morning, and quietly poking fun of Uncle Sal’s toupee. Though the quintet rarely got together in their entirety as they aged, when they did, it was always like old times, the familial bond of cousins always shining through.

    Maddy took advantage of the time spent sitting down to afford her achy feet some more relief, again slipping her feet in and out of the heels as they say on the floor in front of her. It was a tactic that did not go unnoticed; indeed, Maddy’s cousin Cory had noticed Maddy fidgeting in her shoes throughout the entire night, no doubt the result of the aches and pains caused by wearing such stilettos.

    “You look very grown up today, Maddy,” Cory complimented, a tinge of jealousy hidden beneath the surface of the kind words. “Those shoes are amazing.”

    “Thanks,” said Maddy, crossing her legs so her heel would be elevated off the floor. “They were on sale, and they looked cute, so I figured ‘why not?’”.

    “Can I try them on?” Cory asked, slipping out of the pair of flats she had worn that evening before Maddy even acquiesced, though she did ultimately flip her heels off in the direction of Cory before placing her now shoeless feet directly on the floor in front of her.

    Cory slipped Maddy’s heels on, modeling them as she walked around the living room. “It’s what the well-dressed cousin is wearing today,” mocked Cory in jest, tossing her head back as if she were some French model.

    “As if,” laughed Maddy.

    “You’ll want your own pair of sky-high stilettos, so you, too, can look as grown-up as possible,” laughed Cory in jest.

    “Don’t forget the pantyhose,” added Taylor, who was sitting to Maddy’s left, running her hand along Maddy’s outer thigh to highlight the pantyhose.

    “Ah! Don’t!” shrieked Maddy, jumping as she felt Taylor’s fingernail sliding along the pantyhose covering her hip area. She had been caught by surprise, both by Taylor sliding her fingernail along her leg in the first place, but mostly by how much that action had tickled. Sure, if we were being truthful here, there really wasn’t an inch of Maddy’s body that wasn’t ticklish to some degree, and yes, there had been many instances where someone or something brushing up against her leg had resulted in a tickly feeling. But, never like that before… There was no reason for a simple swipe of her outer leg to have caused Maddy to have almost jumped through the roof… Was there?

    “What was that?” asked Cory, who was too busy modeling Maddy’s heels to have seen what had just happened.

    Maddy suddenly felt very vulnerable, her weakness now at the forefront of the minds of everyone in the room. She was cognizant of how helpless she would be if anyone in the room decided to actually tickle her, well aware of her cousins’ knowledge of her ticklish spots.

    ‘...my feet,’ Maddy thought to herself, lamenting the decision to allow Cory to try on her heels. Without a doubt, Maddy’s feet were her most ticklish spot; countless friends and boyfriends had long enjoyed taking advantage of Maddy’s penchant for propensity for walking around the house barefoot by sneaking in as many tickles to her feet as they could. Now, she was in a room with four cousins, each of whom were very well aware that Maddy’s feet were her weak spot when it comes to tickling, and tickling seemed to be on everybody’s mind at the moment.

    Not that her heels would have offered her much protection, anyways; surely, they’d just be easily removed, especially with the pantyhose all but removing any friction that may have helped Maddy keep them on. But it could have been something, even just an additional split second to prepare herself… But no, her shoes were now on Cory’s feet, and Maddy’s feet - which had just been pampered with a relaxing pedicure earlier in the day - were now completely exposed, with young Maddy having no idea just what a precarious state she was in as she sat in her pantyhose.

    “Maddy may look all grown up,” teased Brittany, who was sitting to Maddy’s right on the couch. “But she’s still as ticklish as ever,” she teased, poking Maddy’s sides repeatedly in tandem with the word “ticklish”.

    “Britt, no!” shrieked Maddy, caught off-guard by the tickle attack coming from the opposite side now. Maddy squirmed, trying her best to place herself in a position where she could defend herself against both fronts, with pokes coming from both Brittany and Taylor on either side.

    This was nothing new to the cousins, of course. Growing up, it was widely known that Maddy was ticklish. Incredibly so. That wasn’t necessarily uncommon, of course. Truth be told, all five cousins were each incredibly ticklish, and each cousin had been on the receiving end of a four-on-one tickle attack countless times growing up. But it was also well known that Maddy was the easiest of the cousins to tickle. Though relatively equally ticklish, Brittany, Taylor, Alyssa, and Cory could at least mount some sort of defense against the attack, even if nothing more than a brief five second failed attempt to fight it off. Maddy didn’t even have that five seconds, usually collapsing in a fit of giggles at even the mention of being tickled.

    Fortunately for Maddy, neither Brittany nor Taylor were very aggressive in their tickle pursuits, perhaps owing to the fact that they were cognizant of the fact that they, too, were without shoes at the moment; though their tights were slightly thicker than the pantyhose Maddy had worn, they likely would have not afforded much protection should this turn into a tickle brawl like days of old. Thus, though their pokes were extremely effective at making Maddy jump, neither Brittany nor Taylor had pushed Maddy to her limits.

    Unfortunately for Maddy, though, Brittany and Taylor were not the only cousins present in the room. Alyssa and Cory were also present, and neither seemed to be as passive as Brittany and Taylor had been in their tickle pursuits.

    “Oh, that’s right,” Cory exclaimed with a light clap of her hands. “Maddy’s ticklish!”

    “Cut it out, you guys,” pleaded Maddy, who was doing her best karate impression to try to ward off Brittany and Taylor’s pokes. She was enjoying relative success, as well; though some pokes were still finding their mark, Maddy had been able to brush off most of them by anticipating where the poke would land.

    Unfortunately for Maddy, she did not anticipate what was coming next; even if she had, she would have been defenseless against this third attack.

    “If I remember correctly,” said Alyssa from the floor, turning her body to get in position. “Maddy’s weak spot is,” she continued, scooping up Maddy’s ankles into a headlock before Maddy could even register what was happening. “Her feet!” she yelled triumphantly, adjusting her grip on Maddy’s ankles as she positioned herself.

    “Oh God, no!” yelled Maddy, though it was already too late. Her attention now completely taken away from Brittany and Taylor, Maddy began feverishly trying to pull her legs from Alyssa’s clutches, but the younger cousin was surprisingly strong and Maddy could not budge. “Please, no” begged Maddy, realizing her predicament. “Not my feet.”

    “Oooo,” said Cory, kneeling down on the floor next to Alyssa to have better access at Maddy’s feet. “Looks like someone never quite got over having ticklish feet, huh?” she asked with a laugh, swiping one finger along the bottom of Maddy’s foot while Alyssa held strong against Maddy’s jumping.

    “Come on, Cory, please,” begged Maddy, still hoping to catch a break by pulling her feet from Alyssa’s clutches. “Not now. Not my feet. You’ll put a run in my pantyhose,” she went on, hoping something might elicit some sympathy from Cory.

    “Nonsense,” said Cory with a smile. “I plan on being super gentle,” she said as she began lightly dancing the tips of her fingernails along the bottom of Maddy’s foot.

    It took all of Alyssa’s strength combined with Brittany and Taylor holding Maddy down to prevent Maddy from jumping through the ceiling of the living room. However much her leg had tickled earlier now paled in comparison to this new assault on the bottom of her feet. Maddy was in instant hysterics, laughing a maniacal laugh at the top of her lungs, unable to even plead for Cory to stop.

    “Oh my gosh,” said Taylor in amazement. “I don’t remember her being this ticklish,” she said, continuing to hold Maddy down so Cory could work her magic.

    “I remember she was ticklish,” said Brittany, “but this is crazy. Did she get more ticklish?” she laughed.

    “It’s got to be the nylons,” announced Cory as she danced her fingertips on Maddy’s sole as an artist would a brush to canvas. “I have a friend who is the exact same way,” she said.

    “What do you mean?” asked Taylor, a relative neophyte when it came to wearing nylons.

    “The nylons make it tickle a ton more,” explained Cory, never once pausing her tickling. “Like my friend is ticklish, but she’s insanely ticklish when she has nylons on,” she continued. “Looks like Maddy is the same,” she said, turning her head a bit to be more in line with Maddy as she teased, “Do the nylons make it tickle more, Maddy?” she asked in her best baby voice.

    Maddy could hardly process the question, so overwhelmed were her senses to the feeling of Cory’s fingernails on the bottom of her feet. All Maddy could do was nod her head in affirmation as she continued to laugh, unable to move much at all as she was held down by her other cousins. She tried to find the words, anything, to plead for mercy, but she found nothing could escape past the uncontrollable laughter that was being forced from within. Cory had to be right; it had to be the nylons. What else could it be? She had been tickled on her feet countless times before. She had been tickled on her feet shortly after a pedicure, as well. She had even been tickled on her feet by her friends as they wore long fingernails. Nothing had ever compared to this, though; nothing had ever produced such an outrageously ticklish response that Maddy was experiencing now.

    Pings of regret invaded what little portion of Maddy’s mind could form a rational thought at the moment, with Maddy cursing the decisions that she had made throughout the night that had left her in this position. Why had she worn pantyhose at all? Sure, Christmas Eve was synonymous with dressing up for the family, but nothing suggested that she HAD to wear pantyhose. She could have worn tights. Or even festive holiday socks. Yes, she had no idea that nylons worked to amplify how ticklish you already were, but there were certainly signs there that she could have noticed… The slight tickly feeling on the bottom of her feet as she walked across the carpet in her bedroom with only the nylons covering her feet… The fact that Maddy reflexively jumped a little as her own finger glided across the bottom of her foot after the pantyhose had been put on… The signs were all there; how could she have ignored them? And then, of course, her heels… Why, oh why, did she have to wear stilettos tonight? As a self-confessed shoe-fiend, she had countless options from which to decide. A pair of boots, perhaps… Even ankle booties… Anything that might not have resulted in Maddy spending the better part of the evening wanting to remove her shoes! Even if she hadn’t had pantyhose on, removing your shoes and walking barefoot around this bunch was always a risky proposition. How could she have been blind to this?

    “I just remember kicking myself for putting myself in such a vulnerable position,” reminisced Maddy, Katy and Amber now having taken a break from rolling out cookies to sit next to Maddy and take in her story. “But who knew, right?” she asked with a laugh. “Why would anyone design them to make you more ticklish, right?”

    Maddy could feel the tears from laughter streaming down her cheeks, the energy quickly draining from her body with each successive round of laughter. Cory hadn’t been tickling her for that long, but Maddy was quickly showing signs of breaking, her laughter now turning silent, her arms no longer able to garner the strength needed to try to escape from Brittany and Taylor’s clutches. Combined, it was all just too much. The overwhelming ticklishness of her feet to begin with… The pedicure from earlier in the day… The pantyhose and their apparent effect on Maddy’s ticklishness… And Cory. Of the cousins, Maddy and Cory were closest in age and, as such, had spent the most amount of time together. Cory was intimately aware of Maddy’s ticklish spots, knowing exactly where to tickle and how to tickle - slow circles on her arch, quick swipes under her toes, little lines along her instep.

    The commotion had drawn a crowd, as Maddy’s mother and her two sisters walked into the living room with their dessert plates to see what was happening, all three of them laughing as they saw what was unfolding in front of her eyes.

    “Oh no!” said Aunt Sarah, bringing her hand to her face in sympathy as she saw what sort of trouble Maddy had found herself in.

    “Oh my gosh, the poor thing is so ticklish,” said Aunt Kelly with pity.

    “She always has been,” agreed Maddy’s mom. “Makes discipline all the easier,” she said with a laugh.

    “Oh no,” repeated Aunt Sarah. “She’s wearing nylons, too? She doesn’t stand a chance,” she said, now wondering whether she should pull her children off of Maddy.

    “I seem to remember a certain someone else not having much of a chance when she had nylons on, too,” said Aunt Kelly, an evil smile coming over her face as she looked at Maddy’s mom.

    “Wait, what?” asked Maddy’s mom, surprised to see the conversation shift. “Oh, no, Kel, no,” Maddy’s mom said, putting her dessert plate down on the table next to her and slowly backing away from Kelly, only to bump into Sarah.

    Oh my God, don’t even tell me your mom is ticklish, too?” asked Katy, completely engulfed in Maddy’s story.

    “What’s the matter?” asked Sarah, now joining in on the game. “You couldn’t still possibly be ticklish, could you?” she said with a grin.

    “N-no,” Maddy’s mom stammered. “Come on, you two. I’ve grown out of that a long time ago,” she said, trying to walk away from her sisters only to have them block her path.

    “I don’t know,” said Sarah, showing doubt in her face. “I’ve never really heard of anyone actually growing out of being ticklish... Especially someone as ticklish you are,” she said… “Plus, I’ve got to imagine Maddy had to have gotten her ticklishness from someone…”

    “Sarah, no,” reiterated Maddy’s mother, growing more desperate with each passing failed escape. “Come on, this is childish,” she admonished, hoping to lower their interest.

    “Do you see what I see, Sar?” asked Kelly. “Looks like someone else here has pantyhose on, and who knows where her shoes are…”

    “Kel, no,” said Maddy’s mom, turning to face her sister. Kelly’s observation was one that Maddy’s mother had hoped would go unnoticed, one that she had instantly become cognizant of herself as soon as she saw her daughter being tickled. Her shoes had long been kicked off; she wasn’t even certain herself where she had taken them off. The only thing left covering Maddy’s mother’s feet was the thin nylon fabric of the black pantyhose she had worn that evening, and now she, like her daughter, was faced with the predicament of having to defend herself against a potential tickle attack.

    “Ooo,” teased Sarah, laughing as she saw her older sister’s somewhat frantic response to Kelly’s statement. “Kelly, wouldn’t it be a shame if she was still as ticklish in nylons as she was when she was Maddy’s age?”

    “I wouldn’t even begin to imagine what that would be like,” agreed Kelly, inching closer and closer to Maddy’s mother. “I know I would have made sure I kept my shoes on for the evening if I had nothing else covering my feet,” she said. Sure enough, despite wearing black pantyhose herself, Kelly had worn a pair of festive Christmas socks over her nylons, which had been unseen within the boots that she was wearing earlier in the evening. “Being tickled in nylons is the worst.”

    “Girls, please,” said Maddy’s mother, struggling to maintain a sense of decorum amidst the threats. “Let’s save this for the children,” she said. “Besides, I told you,” she said, gathering up the last ounce of conviction she had left in her voice. “I’m not ticklish anymore.”

    “Really, now?” asked Kelly, poking her older sister in the sides as she did, the jump belying the obvious fact that Maddy’s mother was indeed still very much ticklish. “I’d hate to find out you were lying to us…” she said, a wicked smile across her face.

    Sarah was the first to strike, taking advantage of the fact that Maddy’s mother had turned to see Kelly when she jumped to launch a full tickle-attack on the sensitive sides of Maddy’s mother. Despite her usual resolute state, Maddy’s mother was reduced to giggles instantly, her sister’s ticklish touches producing the same effect this night as they had some twenty to thirty years earlier. As Maddy’s mother struggled to free herself from Sarah’s clutches, Kelly attacked, as well, and in short order, the dual attack on her sides was proved far too much than Maddy’s mother could handle, as she toppled to the floor in laughter.

    Meanwhile, the younger generation has taken a keen interest in what was going on and, as they saw Maddy’s mother fall to the living room floor, they pulled Maddy down off the couch, as well, resulting in mother and daughter essentially laying side to side, both the victims of a vicious tickle assault.

    “We’ve got to get her feet,” urged Sarah, struggling to continue tickling Maddy’s mother amidst her constant squirming.

    “No!” yelled Maddy’s mother, her voice shrieking throughout the entire house at the thought of her sisters targeting her feet. “Not my feet, please!”

    “I thought she said she wasn’t ticklish,” said Cory, who was enjoying seeing her usual serious aunt laughing like a schoolgirl.

    “Oh, that was most definitely a lie,” said Kelly, now taking up residence at her older sister’s feet, trapping her ankles in a leg-scissor hold as she began dancing her fingers all along the bottom of Maddy’s mother’s feet.

    Mother and daughter were now both in hysterics, Maddy putting up less of a fight simply due to the exhaustion from having been tickled longer. Each woman was being tickled by the other female members of their respective generations, and it was clear that neither stood any sort of chance of escaping their predicament.

    “This is what we used to do to her if she ever threatened to tell mom and dad about something we did,” informed Sarah, who was holding down Maddy’s mother’s upper body while Kelly tickled away at her feet. “After about 2.2 seconds, she would be apologizing for ever suggesting it,” she said with a laugh, reminiscing about the power she once had - still had, apparently - over her older sister.

    Maddy and her mother hoped for some way out of this tickle attack. Perhaps Kelly or Sarah’s husbands would come in and have pity on them… Something, anything… At present, they were powerless against their ticklers, the polished fingernails acting as weapons of mass destruction against their sensitive soles, the nylon material only exacerbating the already ticklish sensation.

    “I remember being amazed that my mother was so ticklish,” recalled Maddy. “I mean, I knew she was ticklish,” she corrected herself. “I had tickled her every now and then before. But it was usually only something super quick. I had no idea she was so… helpless. With my dad leaving us, my mother was just this strong, powerful woman, someone who succeeded despite every obstacle that was thrown at her. And to see her just become so unglued by someone just tickling her feet…” she said, trailing off…

    Just like her daughter, it wasn’t long until Maddy’s mother now had tears of laughter streaming down her own cheeks, the two women becoming hoarse from laughing so much. Cory had begun to lessen the ferocity with which she was tickling Maddy’s feet, fearful that the poor girl would end up peeing herself from laughing so much. That left Maddy’s mother bearing the brunt of the tickling going on, and she was not handling that well, in the least.

    Already having fallen into the throngs of silent laughter, Maddy’s mother made one last-ditch effort to free herself, gathering up whatever strength she had left that hadn’t been diminished by her laughter to squirm around as much as she could, hoping beyond hope that she might free herself from the clutches of her evil sisters. Unfortunately for Maddy’s mother, there simply wasn’t enough energy left in her tank, and though she had managed to roll herself over a bit, she was in no better a position than she had been a moment before.

    Fortunately for her, though, even though she was in no better a position than she had been in a moment before, her sister Kelly was now in a much, much worse position than she had been in prior to her sister’s squirming. Kelly had been using her legs as a modified scissor-vice around her sister’s ankles, a move that had proven effective to this point. However, when Maddy’s mother squirmed around, her body had shifted so that now the majority of her weight was now resting on Kelly’s left leg, which was effectively trapped under Maddy’s mother’s body. This would have been an otherwise insignificant detail had Sarah not realized what was now directly within arm’s reach. Unbeknownst to Kelly, her leg was now sticking out so that her trapped foot was a mere inches from Sarah’s hands.

    Another evil smile slowly formed on Sarah’s face as she realized that Kelly, too, was now trapped before her. ‘What was it she had said?’ thought Sarah to herself. ‘Kelly would have made sure she had kept her shoes on if she had nylons on? Being tickled in nylons was the worst?’ Sarah looked down and saw Kelly’s trapped foot sitting innocently, its cute Christmas sock serving as its lone line of defense. After making sure that Kelly’s foot was indeed trapped in place, Sarah began gently tugging at that sock, hoping to make it seem to come off naturally against the constant squirming of the two bodies against the floor. Sure enough, in short order, Kelly’s sock had been pulled down onto her heel, the image of Rudolph now no longer visible at it was scrunched up.

    “Stop moving so much,” cautioned Kelly, who was becoming aware not only that she was in the process of losing her sock, but also what losing her sock would mean - try as she might, she wasn’t able to budge her left leg, and were she to lose her sock, then her foot would be utterly defenseless and a mere inches away from Sarah. Kelly began to panic as she felt her sock slipping lower and lower off her foot; soon, the only thing covering the heel of her foot was the black nylon material of the pantyhose. ‘Christ, what is happening?’ thought Kelly to herself, wondering if she should stop tickling Maddy’s mother in an effort to protect her own self. She knew she couldn’t dare point out that she was losing her sock; doing so would surely not only alert Sarah to the fact that she was losing her sock, but also alert Sarah to the fact that Kelly was worried about losing her sock. No, Kelly determined it was better if she just hope that her sock somehow magically remained on her foot despite the constant squirming.

    Of course, Sarah would have no such thing, as she had abandoned tickling Maddy’s mother as she watched in glee as Kelly’s foot twisted and turned to the best of its ability in an attempt to find a position that would result in her sock remaining on. ‘What are you hiding under there, Kel?’ Sarah thought to herself, giving the sock one more tug so that now it held precariously onto only Kelly’s toes. The sock didn’t even need help; within another second or so, the natural squirming resulted in the sock falling off to its side, and Kelly’s left foot was now fully exposed in the black nylon material of the pantyhose.

    ‘Shit!” thought Kelly to herself as she felt the cool air touch her toes for the first time, aware now that her sock - her own one level of defense - was now completely removed. Fully aware of her own vulnerability, she began hoping and praying that maybe Sarah wouldn’t notice… Maybe Sarah wouldn’t consider shifting her tickling focus from Maddy’s mother to her…

    Sarah had other designs, of course, and wasted little time in shifting her attention to Kelly’s trapped foot, taking the edge of Maddy’s mother sweater to lightly brush it up against the bottom of Kelly’s exposed foot, wanting to see a reaction. And a reaction she got! Kelly’s foot instantly started twitching, turning as best it could given its limited dexterity in an attempt to get away from the sweater material, its efforts futile in every attempt.

    ‘Oh God, no,’ Kelly thought to herself as her mind registered the ticklish sensations on the bottom of her foot. ‘How can this be happening?’ Indeed, the perfect storm of events had seemingly occurred within the last thirty seconds, leaving Kelly struggling to try to hide the ticklish effect the sweater material was having on her. ‘You can do this, girl,’ Kelly pepped herself up. ‘You can’t let them find out this is tickling you,’ she stressed, happy that the roars of Maddy’s mother’s laughter were drowning out the giggles that were escaping from her mouth.

    Sarah watched with a smile as she saw Kelly’s foot twisting and turning, letting go of the piece of sweater for a moment before lowering her index finger close to Kelly’s foot. It was time to go in for the kill.

    Using just the tip of her fingernail, Sarah began drawing a small circle along the arch of Kelly’s trapped foot. Kelly had tried to block out the sensation by biting onto her lips as soon as the tickle feeling registered, but it was futile; there would be no hiding this. Kelly broke into laughter as she felt her sister’s fingernail lazily tracing along her arch.

    “Sarah, no!” Kelly begged, pausing her tickling of Maddy’s mother to focus completely on getting herself out of her own ticklish predicament. “We’re tickling her, not me!” she screamed as she fell back onto the floor, slamming her hands against the carpet to try to tone out the ticklish sensations.

    “Yeah, but…” Sarah began. “I saw this little foot sticking out here and it looked so lonely,” she said with a laugh.

    “It - ha ha!” retorted Kelly. “It wasn’t lonely!” she said, bursting into laughter again, her sister seemingly remembering the most effective way to tickle her foot after all these years. “Sto-ha! Ha!” stammered Kelly. “Stop it!” she yelled amidst the giggles. “I have nylons on, stop!” she yelled, those being the last words she would be able to form for the next ten seconds or so as all of Sarah’s fingers descended upon the trapped foot that lay before it.

    “I give! I give!” begged Kelly, prompting Sarah to finally put an end to the consistent stream of circles that she had been drawing with her fingernail on Kelly’s arches.

    For a while, all of the women lay in relative silence, especially when juxtaposed to the incessant laughter that had filled the room previously. Maddy, her mother, and Kelly lay desperately trying to catch their breath, as Brittany, Taylor, Alyssa, Cory, and even Maddy herself began forming a million questions about the ticklishness of their mother and their aunts and what they had just seen.


    “Oh, my God,” said Katy, her jaw dropping to the floor. “That’s one of the greatest stories I’ve ever heard,” she said, tapping Maddy on her forearm.

    “You call US the tickle factory?” laughed Amber.

    “I don’t ever want to meet your cousin Cory,” joked Katy.

    “Oh, she was ticklish, too,” insisted Maddy. “She’d get it in future years.”

    “That’s so cute that you’re all so ticklish, though,” said Amber, getting up to refill her glass of milk while checking on the cookies in the oven.

    “I bet your mom hated having you find out she was so ticklish,” suggested Katy with a laugh, inferring from Maddy’s story that her mother was likely someone who preferred being in control.

    “Oh, she hated it,” laughed Maddy. “Up until that point, she had always used tickling to get me to do things like clean the house or whatever,” she said. “Now that I knew her weakness, too, though…”

    “Did you ever use it against her?” asked Katy, hoping to hear an affirmative response. Maddy’s smile was all Katy needed to see. “Girl, spill…”


    It hadn’t been that long since that Christmas Eve, the cold temperatures and snowy conditions on the ground not preventing Maddy and her mother from attending the birthday party of their next-door neighbor at Bazooka Joe’s, the region’s answer to every child’s dream of a pizza place that also had video games and other assorted adventures.

    “Now, I remember my mom and I had had a fight on the way there,” Maddy recalled. “Nothing big and nothing serious. Just one of those ‘I’m the mom and what I say goes’ type things,” she said. “Mom and I were super close since we were essentially all we had growing up, but we’d still butt heads every now and then.”

    Maddy and her mother were a bit out of place, not really knowing anyone there other than their neighbors, but they were friendly enough with them that they couldn’t say no to the invitation. Maddy had done some babysitting of the two girls over the years, and the mothers had spoken over the fence quite often; still more, the husband was often Maddy’s mother’s “go-to” for those tasks that needed a “man’s touch”, now that she was on her own.

    Despite that, there was no denying that this was a party better suited for those with small children, which neither Maddy nor her mother could claim at this point. Though they had played a video game or two after eating a couple of slices of pizza, they hadn’t taken advantage of many of the facility’s other attractions.

    “At one point, one of the neighbor’s girls asks me to go through the pipe maze that ends in the ball pit, ya know?” Maddy said. “And it’s one of those pipe things where you have to take off your shoes and then basically squeeze through on your hands and knees… So anyways, I go in first and we’re going through it, and out of nowhere, the girl starts tickling the bottom of my foot. Well, I wasn’t expecting it at all, and I jumped, and I accidentally kicked her in the face, so she started crying,” Maddy said, embarrassed to report her misdoing. “What?” she asked, seeing Katy and Amber laughing. “I’m ticklish!”” she said with a laugh, justifying her misdemeanor. “Anyways, the girl was fine, but Mom was letting me have it for kicking the girl, like I had wanted to do that…”

    “Really, Maddy,” scolded her mother after the two of them checked on the condition of their neighbor. “You have to be more careful,” she said in a hushed tone.

    “Mom, I didn’t mean to do it,” Maddy replied, amazed that her mom would look at this as anything but an accident. “She tickled my foot. I wasn’t trying to kick her.”

    “Oh, come, Maddy,” said her mom. “It was just a little tickle,” dismissing Maddy’s response as an excuse. “You’re telling me you can’t handle that without jumping off the deep end?”

    “Mom,” said Maddy, growing slightly frustrated. “She pulled off my sock and tickled my foot. I wasn’t expecting it. Name one person who wouldn’t have jumped.”

    “You really need to be able to contain this ticklishness of yours,” Maddy’s mother reprimanded quietly. “It’s unbecoming.”

    “Fine, mom,” said Maddy dejectedly, sensing that she wasn’t going to change her mother’s mind. “You win.”

    Maddy slumped to a seat in the corner of the party room, sliding a plate that contained one of the few remaining slices of cake in front of her. She couldn’t believe that her mother wasn’t understanding what she was saying. Why on Earth would she intentionally try to kick someone in the face? How could her mom not see that it was only a natural reaction to jump or kick when someone tickles your foot? Yes, it was unfortunate, but it was certainly nothing more than an accident.

    In time, Maddy’s mother strolled over to Maddy’s seat, suggesting that it was time for them to leave. Food had been served, cake devoured, presents opened, and children unleashed into the vast play area; there was nothing more to do. Maddy and her mother made their way to their neighbors to say goodbye and thank them for inviting them to the party.

    “Oh, thank you so much for coming,” said the neighbor’s mom, hugging both Maddy and her mother as she thanked them.

    “Don’t tell me you’re leaving already,” said the husband. “I know I saw Maddy in the pipe maze, but I didn’t see you in there yet,” he said, pointing to Maddy’s mother.

    “Oh, no, I really shouldn’t,” said Maddy’s mother out of modesty. “Save it for the children.”

    “Nonsense,” retorted the husband. “The kids are all playing video games, anyways. You’d have the pipe maze all to yourself,” he said as persuasively as he could. “Besides, face it,” he added. “When are you ever going to get a chance to do a pipe maze again?’ he asked with a laugh.

    “OK, fine,” Maddy’s mom said with a reluctant laugh. “You win. Just once, though,” she said, as she walked towards the entrance of the pipe maze.

    “Just have Maddy follow you so you don’t get lost,” suggested the husband, thinking that Maddy’s mother’s trepidation was more out of not wanting to get lost in the labyrinth of pipes than merely not wanting to

    “Yeah, Mom,” agreed Maddy with a slight sarcastic tone. “I’ll make sure you stay on the right path,” she said with a wink.

    “Eh, eh, eh,” interrupted the husband. “You have to take your shoes off first,” he said to Maddy’s mother, pointing to the sign next to the entrance that advised as much.

    “Yeah, Mommmm,” teased Maddy, happy to have a chance to give her mom a zinger. “Duhhh.”

    Maddy’s mother had hoped to be able to say something smart back to her daughter, but she saw that her daughter still had yet to put her UGG boots back on following her first trip through the maze. She leaned on the sign and bent down to unzip the side of her boots that she had been wearing all day, the calf high leather boots coming off easier than expected with the aid of the nylons she was wearing underneath her jeans.

    “Welp, here goes,” said Maddy’s mother with a nervous laugh as she made her way into the pipe. Maddy followed quickly, and the two began their trek. The husband hadn’t been lying; the pipe maze seemed all but deserted, neither Maddy nor her mother able to see or hear anyone else within the structure. Maddy’s mother laughed at the absurdity of it all; what would her coworkers in the office say when she told them she had been through a pipe maze?!

    As the two women journeyed through the maze, Maddy’s mother’s endurance began to fade; it was certainly an attraction designed for the younger crowd, or at least those used to such activities. Maddy’s mother began to take a moment or two to rest more frequently, her regret in making this decision growing with each corner. By around the fourth or fifth time Maddy’s mother needed a break, Maddy began to let her have it from behind.

    “Everything OK up there?” she asked, poking fun at her mom. “You’re holding up the line.”

    “Oh, just ducky,” said her mom with a laugh. “Remind me to thank our neighbors for this wonderful suggestion,” she said with sarcasm. “You know,” she continued after analyzing her situation for a moment. “This wouldn’t be so bad if they gave you a little more room in these pipes.”

    “Mom, it’s designed for kids,” Maddy said with a laugh.

    “I know it is,” said her mother back quickly. “I just… I can barely even move in here. It’s like I’m trapped or something,” she complained.

    “It could be worse,” said Maddy. “You could be back here stuck smelling your feet the entire time,” she said in jest.

    “Quiet, you,” said Maddy’s mom, laughing at her daughter’s joke.

    “Now you know what it was like for me earlier, except I had someone tickling my feet behind me,” Maddy said, drawing a nail along the bottom of her mother’s upturned sole.

    Maddy’s mother jumped with such force that she banged her head on the pipe. “Ah, hey!” she shouted, trying to twist and turn her body into position to speak to her daughter, though the pipes offered far too little space to accomplish that goal. “Cut that out down there,” she said as sternly as possible.

    The wheels began moving in Maddy’s brain at a fervent pace. It hadn’t been that long since Christmas Eve, when Maddy saw first-hand - thanks to her aunts - just how helpless her mother could be when tickled. Hadn’t they said that they’d use that against her to get what they wanted growing up? Didn’t they say that it was nylons that made her especially vulnerable? And hadn’t her mother just a second ago admitted that she was more or less trapped in these pipes? Maddy couldn’t… could she? She wasn’t likely to ever get an opportunity like this again, her mother’s feet a mere inches from her hands, her mother unable to do anything to defend herself given the space restrictions in this pipe. The two had been on rocky terms that day; maybe the two just needed to share a little laugh together…

    “Cut what out, Mom?” asked Maddy, playing dumb, though clearly wise enough to the situation to use her left hand to hold down the legs of her mother, making whatever little movement had been possible nearly impossible now.

    “Leave my feet alone,” reiterated Maddy’s mother, not wanting to even mention the “t” word out loud.

    “What’s the matter, Mom?” asked Maddy, her smile noticeable even in the tone of her voice. “Ticklish?”

    There it was. The word. The word was uttered. There was no coming back from it now. The word hung over Maddy and her mom like a cloud.

    “Now Maddy,” lectured her mother. “Let’s just focus and try to get out of this maze…”

    “But Mom,” Maddy said, bringing her arms above her mother’s legs so they’d be ready to latch on should her mother decide to make a break for it. “It’s not often I get you at a disadvantage.”

    “I am NOT at a disadvantage,” said her mother boldly.

    “Really?” asked Maddy with an eyebrow raised. “Because these nylons sort of suggest otherwise,” Maddy said.

    Maddy’s mother’s eyes went wide as saucers. How could this be happening? She had to find a way out of this predicament. She was indeed at a disadvantage, a horrible disadvantage. She knew it. And worse, Maddy knew it.

    “What was it Auntie Sarah said on Christmas Eve, mom?” Maddy asked. “That you didn’t stand a chance against someone tickling your feet when you had nylons on…”

    “Maddy,” her mother said. “Don’t you dare.” she ordered, punctuating each word, hoping her words held some authority over her daughter.

    “Come on, Mom,” said Maddy. “It was just a little tickle. You’re telling me you can’t handle that without jumping off the deep end?” Maddy asked, echoing the same line of reasoning her mom had used on her earlier.

    “Maddy, don’t even think about it,” cautioned her mother. “This isn’t fair. I’m stuck in here. I can’t move. I have nylons on and my feet have been in boots all day. It’s just…”

    “Nylons on and in boots all day, huh?” asked Maddy, interrupting her mother. “Is that when you’re most ticklish, Mom?” asked Maddy, her mom’s silence providing the only answer Maddy needed. “So basically, you’re saying that any time you come home from work is when you’re at your most ticklish? That’s some pretty good information to know,” said Maddy with an evil laugh.

    “No!” shouted her mom, cursing herself for volunteering that information. It was true, though. Maddy’s mother’s job was one that required professional attire, and that generally meant pantyhose. And boots had long been Maddy’s mother’s weakness when it came to shopping; one look in her closet was all you needed to know about that. So yes, unfortunately, Maddy had just pieced together information about her mother that her mother had hoped no one would ever discover. Her feet were so ticklish fresh out of boots when wearing nylons that she could hardly handle touching them herself, often opting to not even attempt to straighten to seam on the toes out of fear that she wouldn’t be able to handle the touch.

    “Maddy, don’t do this,” said her mom, seemingly more of a plea than a command. “You have no idea. It’s just so... So…”

    “So... ticklish?” Maddy asked, finishing the sentence with the word her mom dreaded to use. “No, mom,” she continued. “I know all about it. You remember all those times you’ve tickled me throughout the years? ‘Oh, it’s so good having a daughter so ticklish so I can always have some power over her,’ you’d say. I used to think to myself, ‘How could she even get a hold of my feet in the first place?’ some of those times you’d tickle me.”

    “Maddy,” her mother reasoned. “You can’t possibly be mad about all of that,” she said, legitimately shocked given that her daughter had never shown any animosity before.

    “No, mom,” said Maddy, softening her tone for a moment. “Of course I’m not mad. But,” she added, letting her words hang for a moment… “I do think it’s time you had a little comeuppance.”

    “Let me go, Maddy,” her mom insisted one final time. “That’s enough of all of this non-ha-ha oh no, Maddy, no…” her mother guffawed, her threat cut short as the sensations of Maddy’s fingernail making contact with the sensitive skin on the bottom of her foot.

    “Come on, mom,” laughed Maddy. “I’m only using one finger. It can’t be that bad,” she said, though listening to her mom’s laughter gave her second thought. “Or can it?”

    “Ma-ha-ha-ha… Madison Jane-ha-ha-ha…” her mom said, struggling to push the words past the laughter and the giggles. “You-ha-ha you cut that out right now-ha-ha-ha.”

    Maddy realized that the constriction of the pipes was likely enough to keep her mother in place, so she moved her left hand off of her mother’s legs, quickly putting it to use by having it tickle her mother’s other foot, doubling the ticklish sensations delivered to her mother.

    “Noo-ho-ho-ho,” begged her mother as she felt the addition of the second finger on her other foot. Maddy’s mother had - for some reason - naively thought that Maddy’s tickle attack would be limited to the one finger on the one foot, but just as soon as she was beginning to think that she could somehow battle through the tickle attack, the second finger landed, and Maddy’s mother knew hope was lost. “Maddy, please,” she begged through laughter, knowing her words were escaping her. “People will hear it.”

    “You know, mom,” said Maddy. “You really need to contain this ticklishness of yours. It’s so unbecoming,” she said with a laugh, enjoying being able to use her mother’s own words against her one more time.

    Maddy’s mom was cursing herself for being in this position. Since her husband had left her, she had prided herself on making well-calculated decisions, regardless of the subject. Everything was limited. As a single mom, she only had so much money… So much time… So much energy… Every decision had to be calculated to make sure it would produce the optimal result. It wasn’t that she was afraid of making mistakes, but rather more that she needed to get the most out of everything. And yet seemingly every decision that she had made that had landed her in this position was one that was not well-calculated at all.

    First and foremost, the decision to wear nylons at all was clearly one that she was regretting at the moment. Her feet had always been ticklish. Insanely ticklish. Way more ticklish than anyone’s feet should be. But add nylons to the mix? She was helpless. She knew it. She had known it for a long time, her sisters making sure she was constantly reminded of it when growing up. And even now, having to wear pantyhose everyday to work provided enough of a reminder that that ticklishness still existed, that weakness still persisted. And yes, when she checked the forecast this morning and saw how cold it was going to be, wearing pantyhose under jeans as an added layer of warmth seemed like a good idea at the time… And yes, when she picked out the boots that she wanted to wear today, she knew it would be a better idea to wear them with her thick, wool socks over her nylons, but the fit just didn’t seem to feel great… Thus, the decision was made to forego the socks and simply wear the nylons under the boots with no additional sock. Who would see her feet anyways? Maddy’s mother could still picture that pair of socks sitting at the end of her bed right now… Then, of course, agreeing to enter this silly maze in the first place. This was far outside of anything she would normally do, but ever aware of not wanting to seem like someone averse to fun, she had acquiesced to the pressure. If she had only made a wiser decision in any one of those instances… Had she not worn pantyhose… Had she kept the socks on… Had she not entered into the maze…

    There’d be time for condemning herself for her decisions later, though. For now, all her mind could concentrate on was her daughter’s fingernails, which were lazily drawing circles in the middle of each of her arches. It was simply too much.

    “You’re-ha-ha… You’re so dead when I get out of this,” threatened her mother - an empty threat, of course, but one that was necessary to make considering the circumstances.

    “In that case,” said Maddy, “I better make the most of it,” and with that, she dropped all four fingers on each hand on each of her mother’s feet, the all-out tickle attack in full swing.

    Maddy’s mother reacted like she had been electrocuted, her body jolting at the new tickle attack, hysterical laughter instantly pouring out. This was her worst nightmare. To be completely helpless against someone’s tickle attack… For someone to have such unfettered access to her feet… That it was her daughter was only more humiliating.

    Maddy’s mother tried begging, tried pleading, but no complete words would form, Maddy only being able to guess that her mother was saying “sorry” and “please” and “stop” through the hysterical laughter.

    Maddy thoroughly enjoyed being in a position of power over her mother for the time being. She knew it would be a fleeting moment; she wasn’t sure how much of this tickling her mother could take based on her reactions. But at least for the time being, it was poetic justice, retribution for all of the times that Maddy’s mother had used tickling against Maddy, be it to set the table, to tell her about a school crush, to wake her up… Maddy’s mother had no qualms about using that particular weakness against her daughter whenever she saw fit, so it was only fitting that the same weakness would also have the same effect on her.

    Soon, Maddy’s mother had fallen into silent laughter, her body seemingly becoming weaker and weaker as it battled the tickles. Maddy knew it was time to stop. She didn’t want to harm her mother, after all. Plus, the pipe had become very warm given all of the commotion inside of it. And secretly, Maddy was also very aware that she was in just as vulnerable a position as her mother should someone catch up to them in the pipe.

    After allowing her mother some time to catch her breath, Maddy and her mother made their way through the pipe maze, eventually sliding out at the end near the crowd of grownups.

    “We were wondering what was taking you two so long,” joked the husband. “We were about to send in a search party.”

    “What was all that noise from in there? Sounded like you two were having a good time,” said the wife, though she had a pretty good idea of what had occurred… Only one thing could produce such hysterical laughter… And watching Maddy’s mother head straight for her boots to put them back on only further proved the point. She had actually considered such a hypothetical scenario - albeit briefly - when she saw Maddy’s mother take her boots off in the first place. When she saw that Maddy’s mother had nylons on, and with tickling still somewhat on her mind considering her daughter’s interaction with Maddy earlier, she wondered how horrible it would be to be trapped within the maze and having someone tickle your feet until you could get out. That it actually seemingly happened blew her mind.

    As Maddy and her mother gathered their stuff, the neighbor went up to again say goodbye to them, but also hoping for confirmation. She wasn’t exactly sure why, but something was telling her that she needed to know what had happened in that pipe maze.

    “Thank you again for coming,” she said, again hugging Maddy and her mom. “At least you guys seemed to have fun in the pipe maze,” she said placing the bait and hoping someone would bite.

    “I certainly did,” said Maddy with a laugh. “Not so sure about her, though,” she said, pointing to her mom.

    “Really?’ asked the neighbor, trying to prolong the conversation as long as she could in order to hear what she wanted to hear. “I thought that was her laughter I heard, though…” she said, hoping someone would take the bait.

    “Oh, it was,” said Maddy, though she didn’t go so far as to admit that she was tickling her mother; she wasn’t sure if she should reveal that.

    “Oh, I would have thought that meant she was having fun,” said the neighbor, recognizing that she was losing her chances to introduce the topic subtly and that it was now or never. “Unless…” she began. “She wasn’t tickling you, was she?”

    There. The question was asked. If they weren’t going to take the bait, she’d bring the bait directly to them.

    “She was,” admitted Maddy’s mother meekly, embarrassed to have to admit such a thing to her neighbor.

    “Oh, no,” said the neighbor with faux-sympathy. “I had no idea you were that ticklish,” she said.

    “Yeah, well, if I could still ground her, I would,” joked Maddy’s mother about her daughter, wanting to end this conversation.

    “Hey!” Maddy reacted in mock-anger. “I’d be careful if I were you. Those boots have to come off again sometime tonight,” she said, a Grinch-like smile forming on her face with her threat.


    “Oh. My. God,” said Katy. “That was the cutest thing I have ever heard,” she added. “Tell me the neighbor tickled your mom at some point…” Katy said, instantly realizing she asked her question with a little too zealously.

    “That’s a story for another time,” said Maddy, gathering up her things. “For right now, I need to get home, and it looks like your cookies are burning…”

    Amber and Katy rushed to their cookies, both girls having been so enthralled in Maddy’s story that they had forgotten about the batch in the oven.

    “They’re just crispy,” said Amber with a laugh. She plated up Maddy a collection of cookies for her to bring home, thanked her again for bringing the mail to them, and then closed the door as she saw Maddy out.

    Maddy walked a few steps over to her apartment door and, after walking through, leaned up against the door in her apartment, a smile showing brightly on her face,

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    Great story as always, i really like Maddys mom and i'm looking forward to maybe see more "mom tickling". Keep the great work up and as always i'm looking forward to read the next cheapter of this wonderful story.
    Best wishes

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    Really great job with this series so far. The "look back" used here is really effective.

    I know we tend to focus on the tickling of feet in nylons but I've tickled ladies ballies.and hips in nylons can also create amazing reactions!! I'm just saying don't forgot other spots besides soles, heels and toes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ReimAW View Post
    Great story as always, i really like Maddys mom and i'm looking forward to maybe see more "mom tickling". Keep the great work up and as always i'm looking forward to read the next cheapter of this wonderful story.
    Best wishes
    Thanks for the kind words! Yeah, Maddy's mom is sort of a sleeper, I suppose. She was more an afterthought going in but ended with a critical role. I imagine she'd be in her late 40s/early 50s in "present day", and I haven't yet figured out where she lives in relation to Maddy, so it may just be in flashback mode, but there is potential...

    Quote Originally Posted by Nibblerinde View Post
    Really great job with this series so far. The "look back" used here is really effective.

    I know we tend to focus on the tickling of feet in nylons but I've tickled ladies ballies.and hips in nylons can also create amazing reactions!! I'm just saying don't forgot other spots besides soles, heels and toes.
    Thanks for the feedback. Yeah, I've tried to include other spots to tickle besides just the feet. Amber's thighs have been targeted a few times throughout the story (Episode 3 and Episode 7 had some lengthy scenes), as have knees and the bottom of Maddy's butt. I'll see if I can come up with a scenario that allows prolonged tickling on those spots.
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    You are my favorite writer! I hope it will NEVER end!

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    As always, another amazing addition to this incredible story. It's great to see a glimpse into Maddy's past, as she is rapidly becoming one of my favourite characters. The little teasing call backs to the Danielle scenario are wonderful too and I can't wait for that storyline to play out

    Great dialogue, fun scenarios and nylons aplenty. Perfection!

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    i Love the entire series, i love it all. but i'm DYING for nicki to get hers!!! you got so close once, i was on edge

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    I didn't get a chance to comment before on this part but again it is spectacular. Maddy is a fantastic addition to the cast and you have a real talent for world building. Every thread you have woven has payed dividends and I cannot wait to read the next addition.

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    Any new chapters coming soon?

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    Would love to see new chapters on this as well, amazing serie of stories!

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    Hey everyone,

    Sorry for the delay in getting the next chapter out. It''s been a busy few weeks with the holidays, my birthday, kid events, etc., and I have been assigned an additional responsibility at work to cover for some people out on leave, so I haven't had as much free time as I would like to pen the next chapter.

    Having said that, I am at work on Episode 19 and have completed a few pages, so the vision is there! I won't leave any spoilers, but it includes something that a lot of people have been asking for...


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    Your stories are well worth the wait.

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    I agree!

    Quote Originally Posted by PrinceJ86 View Post
    Your stories are well worth the wait.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DGF1976 View Post
    I agree!
    I also agree but the suspense is killing me!!

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