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    Her Rommates' Plaything - Chapter 2 (f/f, reluctant, sexual)

    Wow! I didn't expect such a reaction from everyone, haha. Sorry for being gone! I write a lot of non-sex stuff both in the dreams of getting published and for fun with my husband, so I can't promise weekly updates or anything, but I'll definitely keep coming back!

    Thanks for all your comments on the last chapter!


    Jen had spent the last couple of days being her roommates pet. For the most part, that hadn’t meant much aside from one tickle session. Her new mistresses were apparently very busy, which was just fine with Jen. She had plenty of her own studies to work on and hoped that the whole thing would just fade away. She got herself a cup of coffee and sat down at the breakfast table, trying to rub the sleep from her eyes.

    “You’re pretty scrawny,” Taylor remarked over breakfast, eating a low carb meal of bacon, eggs and a protein shake. “Little flabby, too. Do you exercise at all?”

    Jen flushed, putting down her coffee. “That’s rude. I exercise plenty, thank you.” This was an outright lie, of course. After a day of work and school she’d much rather crash in her room than force herself to the gym.

    “It’s not rude. It’s for your health, flabby.” She leaned over the table, making Jen squeak with a ticklish poke to her belly. “You don’t need to get buff but even Carly gets cardio in.”

    “What, when she’s fucking you?” Jen scoffed.

    “No, she swims.” She smirked. “Not that our sex is low intensity.”

    “Gross.” Jen wrinkled her nose and went back to her coffee.

    “That’s one.” She held up a patient finger. “You are our cute little subby girl. You’ll respect your mistresses and take our criticism and humiliation with poise.”

    “I agreed to let you tickle me!” she snapped. “Under threat of blackmail. That doesn’t work for everything, you know!”

    “You agreed to be ours.” Taylor poked her belly again with another smirk. This time, Jen braced for it, and while it still tickled, she managed to look sour and sulking about it. “I’d be careful, Jenny. I’m not light and teasing like Carly and I’m much stronger than you.”

    “Don’t call me Jenny. I like Jen.” She took another sip of her coffee with an angry mutter.
    “That’s two.”

    Jen put down her coffee, leaping to her feet. “Oh, fuck off. I’m not playing your stupid little-”

    In an instant, Taylor was up, tugging Jen’s arm behind her back and effortlessly pushing her to the floor. Jen thrashed under the Amazon, but she could barely squirm without hurting her arm. “Get off!” she shouted. “You’re hurting me.”

    “You’re hurting yourself,” Taylor scoffed. “Hold still. Jenny, you’re being naughty. Maybe if you apologize we can-”

    “Fuck off!” Jen snapped. “I’m not your toy! You can’t just blackmail me into doing whatever you want.”

    “No. That’s Carly’s thing.” Taylor wrestled Jen onto her back, taking both of her tiny wrists in her big hand. She was tall enough to sit on Jen’s knees, making her struggles reduce into pathetic squirming wiggles of her torso, and her ankles childishly tapping against the kitchen floor. “I think you’re so ticklish I can get you to agree to anything, tiny.”

    “Let me go!” she growled. “You can’t-”

    Jen gulped as taylor began to wiggle her fingers over her face. Her fingers slowly fell to the hem of her shirt, and Jen sucked her belly in. Instead of tickling, Taylor slowly tugged it up, bunching it over her bra. Those same fingers trailed over the cups, smirking down at her for just a moment before scooping each breast out, the now empty cups crushing them together.

    “When I tickle you, Jenny, I want to see your cute little boobies bounce. I love cute girls.” She smirked. “In a few months, we’ll have you trained to be our cute, giggly little pet.”

    Jen shook her head furiously. “I’m getting my masters! I’m not some dumb bimbo! Let me up!”

    “Oh? So you’re not a cute, giggly little girl?” Taylor laughed. “Let’s find out.”

    There were not careful exploratory tickles like Carly. Jen had fully intended to grit her teeth and swallow all laughter, but Taylor dug in fast and hard. Her fingers wiggled into her ribs, squirming back and forth between and on the bone. Jen burst into laughter from the first squeeze, wiggling her back against the carpet and giving Taylor a show of her jiggling boobs.

    “Oh! Look at that! You are a cute giggly girl! You can’t stop laughing!” Her fingers scratched lightly for a moment, letting Jen catch her breath, but right as she opened her mouth to yell at her, Taylor dug in again, forcing hilarity from her lips.

    “Please!” she managed. “Stahahap!”

    “Ooh, a please!” Taylor laughed. “You’re learning so fast, cutie. I know we could get you trained. Do you understand what a rude little girl you’ve been, Jenny?”

    Taylor’s fingers eased off and Jen gasped for air. Her face flamed red, partially from all the laughing, but mostly from embarrassment. She had thought Carly was an awful tease, but Taylor’s taunting baby talk was getting under her skin worse than she would have thought.
    Plenty of people had teased Jen for her short height and her round babyface, but not one had ever treated her like a child. And worse, with Taylor forcing laughter Jen couldn’t defend herself, and her giggles from tickling only made her feel more like a child.

    Jen swallowed, looking weakly up at Taylor. “You win.”

    “Oh, I know that.” Taylor said with a shrug. “Carly and I won the second she found out about your cute fetish.”

    Jen gawked. “So why-”

    “We’re training you, Jen, to be a good tickle toy.” Taylor tapped her nose with a condescending smile. “You can have your job, of course, and some private time, but whenever we want to play with you, we will. You’ll eventually figure out how lucky you are. You were made for this, Jenny.”

    “You can’t!” Jen squeaked. “I’m too ticklish to do this all the time!”

    “That’s how we’ll teach you to be a good girl.” Taylor grinned. “We just have to figure out what kind of tickles are a punishment and what kind of tickles are a reward.”

    Jen swallowed, trying to ignore the heat between her legs at the thought. “How do you plan to do that?”

    “I was going to wait for Carly to get home, but she started without me last time.” Taylor leapt to her feet. “Follow me, tiny, and don’t run. I’d hate to really punish you on our first date.”

    Taylor went back to her room and Jen reluctantly followed. She muttered on her breath, “Hardly a date. Haven’t gotten a free meal out of it.”

    She had never seen her roommates’ room as she respected their privacy as she assumed they respected hers - though she wasn’t so sure about that part anymore. She was happy to see it was neat and organized. It was clearly decorated by Carly - pink and over the top girly, with a sturdy canopy bed.

    Taylor went to a large chest, grabbing some rope and throwing it through a hook attached to the ceiling. “I don’t need to test your feet today - Carly took care of that. Those are clearly more of a reward spot, huh? Turns you on?”

    Jen rubbed her blushing cheeks. “She was licking and sucking them. It felt good.”

    “She does have a talented tongue.” Taylor agreed. She tugged Jen over, quietly tying her wrists together, then pulled them up until Jen’s arms were stretched high, barely able to stand on her feet flat. Even with her clothes on, Jen was already feeling vulnerable and exposed. She tugged, but it only served to make her biceps stand out as she strained.

    “Does this have to be so tight?” Jen muttered.

    “Of course. Tight skin is more sensitive.” Taylor circled around the tied up girl. Her fingers trailed slowly over Jen’s skin wherever it was exposed, sending little tingles racing up her spine. “Do you want to be a good girl and tell me the bad spots? Or will I have to figure it out myself?”
    “This isn’t seriously happening,” Jen said. She swallowed and danced on her feet, trying to escape the gentle tickles. “You’re not secretly planning on punishing me. I didn’t...I’m not agreeing to this.”

    “No problem. I’ll give Carly a call and she’ll post your fetish all over social media. Is that alright?” The tall girl slid her phone out of her pocket and held it up to her face.

    “No!” Jen yelped. “You can’t!”

    “Then let’s try this again,” Taylor smirked. “Jenny, you’re going to be punished for being naughty. It’s part of being a good tickle slave. Your choices are learning to be a tickle slave or having the whole world know what you get off to. What do you choose?”

    Jen grit her teeth, fist clenching, trying not to say something she would regret. Her face painfully red, she finally grunted out, “I’ll learn to be a good t-tickle slave.”

    “Of course you will.” Taylor smirked. “Now, let’s figure out where the bad spots are.”

    Her fingers suddenly dug into Jen’s underarms, poking and prodding at the sensitive skin. The smaller girl couldn’t stop her giggles, her dancing step at the terrible ticklish feeling. Her underarms were always a little ticklish, but with her arms trapped high it felt so much worse - a constant building anxiety as she struggled desperately to break here. But there wasn’t any escape.

    “What a cute dance, Jenny!” Taylor laughed. “But I think we can do better, don’t you?”

    “No!” Jen giggled. “That’s the worst spot!”

    “Liars just get more tickles!” Taylor switches to a lighter, steady scratching. That was so much more maddening under her arms. She twisted and thrashed, but couldn’t get away. Her belly filled with dread at the idea of Carly trying it, how her long nails would scratch and tease and be a million times worse than Taylor’s.

    Seeing that her light scratches weren’t doing the trick, Taylor hummed and her fingers danced lower, fluttering against her rib cage over her shirt. “I tried this yesterday. You didn’t like it too much, but it didn’t make you scream. I’m looking for a way to make you cry, Jenny.”

    Jen could feel her heart pounding, worrying about every spot she had ever been tickled. No one had even been really cruel - just some teasing from family members and babysitters. She had never cried from tickling, but no one had ever tried. She swallowed, trying to muster up a serious voice. “I’m not that ticklish.”

    “Oh, don’t be silly.” Taylor’s fingers crept under her shirt and she viciously dug into her sides - eight fingers drilling into her from the front, prodding all over the curve of her waist, and two thumbs pinching into the back - drilling, squeezing, it was unstoppable, a sudden torment or tickling feeling forcing her muscles to contract, to laugh and struggle.

    She tried her best to quiet her laughter, but Taylor would slow down, speed up, or just tilt the angle, and all the air would fly from her lungs again. She knew just how to angle her fingers to catch the muscle underneath, pinching and squeezing the tendon that made her squeal and scream in ticklish agony.

    “Okahahay! That’s it!” Jen gasped. “Stop!”

    “Mmm, it’s good, but I’m not satisfied.” Taylor grinned. “Let’s keep exploring, tickle toy. So many buttons to press!”

    Taylor came up to her front, pressing her firm, muscled torso against Jen’s soft one. Her breasts rested against Jen’s collarbone and forced her to look up. Taylor moved her thumbs to just below her belt, her panty line, and drilled them in quick, tiny circles into the smooth skin. “Everyone goes wild with these buttons, Jenny.”

    Jen choked on laughter, gasping and twisting away from the strong girl. There was no room to escape. She could laugh up into her captor’s face, or look down at her breasts, pressing her face into them to smother her laughter. She was tied too well, she just had to take the tickling. The best she could do was hide her face, so she did, feeling herself get more and more turned on as she laughed and giggled against Taylor’s chest. She knew she was blushing, embarrassed, that her pussy was starting to ache and twitch from getting so thoroughly tickle by the muscular beauty. As Taylor eased off, Jen squeaked weakly, “Please! You have to stop! I’m going crazy!”

    Taylor stepped back with a frown. “No, you’re not. But I’m close. You’re still too turned on by it. There’s got to be a good, tortuous tickle spot. You can’t be that much of a tickle slut.” She snickered. “Or maybe you can. Are you already wanting to cum, tickle slut?”

    Jen flushed and looked away. “No.”

    “Lying again! You need to be punished!” Taylor grabbed her pants and underwear, yanking both off to Jen’s ankles with a hard tug. This made it even harder to dance on her tiptoes, all tied up in fabric. Taylor stroked her fingers over Jen’s wet lips, sending a little thrill of heat up to her belly, and held them up. “See? Naughty girl!” She sucked her fingers clean and moaned.”And a tasty one. I wonder. Ever been tickled here?”

    Her fingers walked over Jen’s lips, her mound, the tops of her thighs. It wasn’t enough to tickle, yet, gentle and sweet. But it still made Jen tremble with anticipation. She swallowed. “Uh, no. No one has ever tickled me there. I don’t think it’ll be very ticklish.”

    “Well, Jen, I think there’s a pretty big chance you are.” Taylor’s fingers touched her even more lightly, barely touching her lips. It was almost like a feather, a feeling that made Jen squeal and giggle like a school girl in front of her crush. It felt wonderful and she couldn’t help the moans that slipped out. She was definitely sensitive there, but it was good. Sexy. Just perfect.

    But then Taylor dug in again, four cruel, wiggling fingers into the crease where her pussy met her thigh. Her whole body convulsed, trying to curl up and away from the fingers. Adrenaline pumped through her system, fear racing through her and as her mind and body screamed no, told her to get away, to run, anything to stop that tickling probing at her muscles.

    Taylor laughed. “There we go! That’s the bad spot! I found it, didn’t I?”

    “Please!” Jen shouted, squeaking and struggling against her ties. She wasn’t muscular, but the lines of her biceps were straining from the skin as she pulled her hardest. “Stohahap! You have to!”

    “Oh, no. This is just too tickly, huh?” Taylor’s powerful thighs gripped around one of Jen’s, restricting her even more. She poked and squeezed at the trapped tendon. “Tickle, tickle, cutie! Now we can finally teach you a lesson in manners. Say thank you!”

    Rage bubbled up. She was wet, tied, and being tortured. All she wanted was to yell, to hit her captor, but she wasn’t able to do any of it. She laughed, cackling like she was insane, sounding ridiculous and silly as she shouted, “You fucking bitch!”

    Taylor pinched the tendon, relishing in Jen’s screams, her insult suddenly turning into desperate pleas and gasps for air. “I’m sohohory! Please! Plehease, Taylor!”

    “Jenny, your cute little pussy is so ticklish!” she crooned gently in her ear. Her powerful thigh squeezed harder against Jen’s as she started to grind against it. “You were made to be a tickle slave. You can’t fight. Just laugh.”

    Jen tried to deny the words, but she couldn’t. The pinching fingers pulled laugh after laugh from her. It was all she could do just to breathe. Words were out of her reach. The more Taylor talked the harder it was to deny.

    “You’re weak.”

    She was, a giggling wreck.

    “You’re helpless.”

    She couldn’t move an inch.

    “And you’re soaking wet, you pathetic tickle slut.” Taylor purred. “I’m going to do this forever.”
    Jen couldn’t stand it. She felt tears running down her cheeks as she choked on laughter. She couldn’t think, couldn’t escape. Taylor owner her, could torture her as much as she wanted, and with it being tickling she looked weak and pathetic. Who would stand up for her? She could practically hear the chuckling from police officers, “She tickles you?” And what proof would see have? No bruises would be left behind. This torment could go on forever.

    “Aw, tears? Don’t worry, Jenny. There’s an upside.” The cruel tickles stopped. One hand lightly tease her belly and the other circled her clit. “We are going to be good Mistresses to our cute tickle slave. You came so hard, Jenny. It’ll be that good every time. As long as you’re good back.”

    Jen moaned, leaning against her fingers. “Yes, please!”

    “You’re perfect,” Taylor purred, and Jen felt herself swell with pride. She wanted more praise, more of these gentle belly tickles that made her giggle. “You’re a natural submissive, Jen. you’re learning fast, caving quickly. So here’s what we’re going to do. It’s two hours until Carly gets home. I’m going to put on a vibe, nice and gentle on your clit. Then, I’m going to tickle you so you’re nice and horny and cute for Carly.”

    “And then I can cum?” Jen asked weakly, feeling broken even asking.

    “Of course you can.” She winked, walking over to her toy chest. “You’re not going to be able to stop.”

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    Fine continuation!
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    I really enjoyed this chapter. keep it coming

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    A brilliant follow-up! The first story was superb and this second part is super-hot and brilliantly detailed too!

    The best there is, the best there was, the best there ever will be.

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    I thought that story is dead. Briliant continuation, can't wait for more.

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    OMG, I can't believe this epic story finally has a sequel! You're an incredibly talented and sexy writer, keep it up

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