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    Meet up with fellow Veteran turns into a foot and tickling session (M/M with revenge)

    I had a free weekend a few weeks back where the wife travelled out of state for one of her conferences. It was mid November with the weather nice enough for me to do some leaf clean up and after a couple of hours I decided to head to a local truck stop where they have a Popeye’s chicken. I was enjoying some chicken strips, wearing my Gulf War Veteran hat when a big guy walked up to me thanking me for my service but also wearing a Gulf War hat. We chatted for several minutes before I asked him to have a seat as I was still eating. We had lots in common besides the war, where we discovered we were both stationed at the same bases at different times. He is retired liked me and is a long haul trucker now. We are both in our mid 50s, me standing 6’1, 200 pds and Mark at 6’3, 250 pds or so. He is a big guy with a good size belly but what really kind of caught my eye was his large boots which I estimated had to be size 12s or bigger. As we chatted I got a weird plan in my head that of course wondered how I could get Mark’s big feet in hands. He told me he was on a forced break where he had to be off the road for 72 hours and since this rest stop had full facilities he decided to break there. We own a big home and since we are empty nesters the house does not get used more than our master bedroom. I told him that I could come back in a few hours and pick him up as the truck stop is only 10 minutes from my house. We could get drinks and dinner and head back to the house for football watching. Mark was thankful for the chance to sleep in a real bed as he accepted the offer for the night. My plan was simple – try to get my new friend a bit tipsy then somehow work at me getting to his big feet – which I did have a plan.
    I know this was just a crazy idea, but as we chatted, Mark asked me what I have been doing since retirement. I do IT work with a large company but told him I took a year off to study Physical Therapy (not a true statement) and took a lot of massage classes. Then the hook was placed out there – we both had at least 4 beers down with a fireball shot and working on our 5th beer as we lounged in my living room talking/watching football. I told him I took several reflexology classes and got really good a healing my customers as I explained how detailed a good reflexology session can be for the body. It was meant to be, as Mark perked up – “Oh really, well maybe you can do your magic to my sore feet?” He chimed in – unless that makes you uncomfortable being at a guys feet? Just the way he said it with a real smug look told me he was either playing into it, or letting his senses down as the alcohol started to work on us. I quickly told him of course I will give him a session as I didn’t want the moment to end. I told Mark to move to the other recliner so we could both watch the game. He got comfy as I got a foot tub and filled it with soapy hot water, a wash cloth, and some extra towels to place under his feet. Two items I am sure he did not know what they would be used for – baby oil and a small scrub brush were also introduced. I got a step stool so I could sit on as he was now fully reclined. I took a seat with Mark’s big socked feet now sitting in front of me. I was about to start when Mark finished his beer and I decided to start a fun role play since I knew this was going to happen. Hey there big guy, need another beer before I get started? He smiled and said, “Why yes, if you don’t mind?” I surprised myself by saying, “Maybe we should role play? Sir, would you like another beer?” This was said with a big smile on my face. He picked right up on it and said, “Get me another beer my fine servant.” I guess the smile between us kind of told it all as I think we both didn’t know where this would lead, but we were both heading down this road together.
    I got us each a beer and told Mark how I do my reflexology sessions (which I was making up as I go) but convincingly enough that I seemed legit. First I am going to wash your Trucker feet completely and scrub them a bit to make them soft. Mark’s feet actually scrunched with his socked toes curling as I said this making me wonder if he might be a bit ticklish (I hope). Once they are soft and clean I will work out the kinks from every toe to your heels. I grabbed Marks right foot and slowly pulled off his thick gray wool sock exposing his large meaty foot. What size are these beast I teased with Mark replying 13 wide as the cool air hit his sole he arched his big foot exposing a nice foot with only a minor callous on the outside of his foot. Well, Nice foot as I picked a few lint items from his heel, ball of foot and one between his big toe. As I dug the big toe lint out his foot jumped enough to tell me he was quite sensitive which I remarked to him. Just a little bit he sheepishly replied as he took a big swig of his beer. I took the wash cloth and after soaking it in the hot soapy water and gingerly rubbed his feet clean. I made sure to not make it tickle as I didn’t want to scare him off as I planned to be at his feet the full 45 minutes. For a big guy in boots all the time – his feet were remarkably soft with a rough spot on the ball of his foot and some heel spots. I have a huge foot fetish and realized my cock was already raging. I didn’t know how he would react if he saw me with a hard-on so I tried to be discreet. I put some baby oil on his heel and told him this was going to tickle a bit but was needed. I took the scrub brush and worked it slowly making him wiggle is foot as he stifled a giggle but smiled widely. I smiled at him and quipped that I know he wants to burst out laughing but hoped he could take it for a bit more. Dude, you have no idea how ticklish this is as he gripped the sides of the recliner fighting the urge to pull away. I couldn’t help myself and said, “Yeah I do Mark, my feet are as ticklish as a schoolgirl!” He was quick to respond, “Good! I am going to tickle them later!” We both laughed at this as we really got comfortable with our conversation as he enjoyed the session. I was halfway through when he asked me for another beer. “Be a good bitch and get me a beer.” His smile was different this time as he had a confident look and understanding where this might be going. I’ve seen this in others I have played with over the years and it goes with the confidence that we were both good with each other. I walked back with his beer still sporting a boner. I leaned over the end of the recliner to hand Mark the beer when he said, “Nice package” as he playfully used his left foot to nudge my hard-on.
    I was surprised at his boldness and quickly stepped back not expecting him to do that. Mark smiled and said it was cool, that obviously I had a foot thing as he leered at me from the recliner. I had this all planned out in my head to get to his feet which I now had, which had embolden me, but now I suddenly felt that I was not in control. Mark later told me that I actually blushed a bit when he said and did that. I sat down and tried to stay in control by saying he still had 20 minutes left when I noticed Mark’s cock was straining in his jeans. He rubbed himself slightly knowing it made me a bit uncomfortable as I was not prepared for him to be the aggressor. As I worked some oil under his toes he giggled more and for first time pulled his foot back. “Hmmmm, I found a sensitive spot huh?” as I tried to gain control again. With that I dug my fingers into his under toes with a hard scratch motion holding on to his ankle. He burst out laughing and after a few seconds I lost my grip allowing him to tug his foot away. No fair dude, way to ticklish for that. Come on I chided – put the foot back. He slowly put his foot back in place as I smiled and again started a slow tickle under his toes, egging him on to fight the tickling sensation. He lasted a minute before yanking his foot away. I guess my verbal teasing was a bad idea, which of course the alcohol didn’t help. Yes, Mark was ticklish and I wanted to get him tied down and really work those feet over, but of course that was fantasy play as I know he would not go for it. It was weird but even though this seemed to be over as Mark said he couldn’t take anymore I knew our fun wasn’t over. His cock was obviously straining in his jeans and of course my cock was bulging in my sweats. Mark finished his beer and asked me to sit next to him as he wanted to share something with me. We were both really buzzed so I put some stuff away and took a seat next to him on couch. As soon as I sat down he put his arm around me and as quick as a cat pulled me across his body and began tickling my ribs with his meaty paws. His thick fingers dug into my ribs and I squealed and struggled instantly. I was pinned over his lap and could feel his manhood pressing into my belly as my laughter bounced off the living room walls. Cootchie Coo he teased as he found a good spot just under my ribs where my elbows couldn’t get low enough to block his wiggling fingers. He finally stopped but had my right arm pinned hard behind my back making it impossible for me to get away. I was panting trying to catch my breath and understand the situation. The mellow big guy had me trapped across his body as he verbally teased me. I bet you didn’t think when you woke up this morning that you would be laying over the lap of a trucker huh? I tried to sound tough, but actually feeling quite vulnerable as nobody knew Mark was here as I lay trapped with his iron grip pinning my arm behind my back. My cock was dripping as I tried to shift my body to find a way out, then without notice – Mark dug his free hand inside my inner thighs below my ball sack. I squealed and arched my back, fighting like a mad man trying to break free. He was laughing at my new efforts to break free which was not going well for me. I begged Mark to stop tickling me as my laughter got weaker and struggling was futile. Then it happened – I was so weak and turned on that my cock which was rubbing hard against Mark’s thighs that I shot my load with me making the obvious grunting noises of climax.
    Mark howled with laughter as he let me go but only enough that he could work me off the couch and on to the floor. I tried to resist, but I was weak from the tickling and forced cum that I barely resisted as he pinned me down to the living room floor. I have to admit, I was scared not knowing what he had in mind. Mark could sense my fear and quickly told me, “Don’t worry dude, I’m not going to hurt you, but I want to us to keep playing since I don’t get to meet many people on the road. And to be honest, I love that you were at my feet, but also think you enjoy tickling….maybe as much as I do?” I do love tickling but I usually do the tickling I said sheepishly. He smiled broadly as he repositioned himself, forcefully pulling off my shirt and now one hand was holding both my hands high over my head. His big belly pressed closely to my face and chest as he leaned in and slowly dragged a finger down from my right elbow into my hollow arm pit. My pits are the worst and Mark was now slowing tickling my right pit making little circle marks around my arm pit. My body was pinned but my feet kicked up and down as I tried in vain to break free. I could feel his hard cock like a giant rock pressing into my stomach. Looking up at Mark he was taking his time – a dominant look and demeanor had come over him knowing he had me right where he wanted me. He paused letting go of my arms but still pinning me with his large body making it impossible to move under his weight. He stroked himself slowly and wondered what I would do to make the tickling stop. “Please Mark, no more, I had enough.” I begged but could tell he was no where done with me. I haven’t even gotten to experience those feet of yours Mac, he teased as he playfully poked at my nipples even squeezing them making me cry out in pain.
    Mark asked me straight out, “We can stop now and the fun stops, or as we both know it, we are both enjoying ourselves as he reached around to grab my now hard cock again giving it a gentle tug. Mark got off me and walked to the kitchen asking me if I wanted another beer. I lay there for a bit then finally said, I’ll have another beer and let’s talk about having some more fun. We drank our beers and confided in our dark secrets with Mark admitting he loved the dominant role, even explaining how he would like to have the wife and I tied next to each other as he slowly tickle tortured us. I of course admitted to my foot fetish and ultimate fear of being tickled to death. We shared some ideas then Mark finally suggested we go to the bedroom where he could tie me up for more fun. I was buzzed but couldn’t help myself as I agreed to let him torture me. We own some nice Velcro straps which are perfect for four corner bondage. The guest bedroom has a nice king size bed which is perfect for getting someone 4 corner tied and helpless. I stripped down to my jockey shorts but once Mark had both arms bound to a corner he pulled off my shorts leaving me naked. He slowly stroked my cock with his big hand using his thick thumb to circle my cock a few times making sure not to make me cum. He pulled me tight one leg at a time so I was really tightly spread eagle. Hardly any wiggle room which started to freak me out a bit. He stripped naked leaving his large thick cock bouncing in the air. There was only a night light in the corner giving the room a nice darkness like a dungeon but comfortable enough to see each other. He rubbed his cock lightly up my right sole, moaning as the soft sole pressed against his hardness. My foot was bound so tight that I could only wiggle the foot slightly but unable to move it more than a few inches. He slowly massaged my toes with the most ticklish touch for a big man that I giggled and thrashed instantly. Holly Shit dude was his response as he told me I was going to be exhausted from all the tickling and multiple orgasms I have planned for you. He walked his fingers up my right leg taking his time as they slowly walked up my shin resting above my knee, before he finally gripped the area just above my knee giving a firm squeeze as his fingers wiggled back and forth. I screamed instantly trying to escape his maddening touch as I discovered just how sensitive this area was to me. Mark had taken on the demeanor of a sadistic person as he crawled up between my spread legs, his weight making the bed shift under his large size. He smiled as he showed me the baby oil bottle. This will help keep you ticklish but don’t worry; it will be at least an hour before I let you cum again. He used his meaty hand to massage my balls then my hard cock with the slippery oil dripping off my body to my stomach. I groaned and pleaded with him to stop only to have him slowly work his meaty hand over my stomach then leaning over me his cock rubbing against my cock he let his fingers slowly dig into my lower ribs. I laughed so hard I wondered if the neighbors walking by the house might wonder what was happening. Mark tickled my body at every level…from digging his fingers into my pits to nibbling on my ears as his body weight pressed me into the mattress. Each area he worked on was worst then the next as he kept me on edge slowly stroking my cock every few minutes. He verbally teased me telling me he would call my wife and have her listen to me beg him to let me cum. He taunted me with the idea of me being hogtied as he made love to my wife making me kiss his big soft feet while he made love to her.
    The mind fuck was real as he kept me on edge – talking out real life scenarios as he started to take photos of me with his cell phone. I guess he finally got to excited and told me he needed my other foot. He released my left foot so he could use both feet to get himself off. Tickling my bound right foot he held my left foot in place as he pumped ferociously between my soles quickly shooting a load onto the sheets and all over my feet. He caught his breathe, cleaned up my feet, then tied my left foot back in place. He gave me a short break as he drank another beer, resting his feet a few inches from my face. Then my cell phone rang. Who is Vickie he asked with a smile. My eyes were wide as he realized it was my wife calling. “Should I answer and just tell her you are all tied up”, he teased. Please Mark, don’t I beg, but it was too late. He slid the green bar over and pressed the phone to my ear. Hello? Hi Honey, what’s ya doing? I’m just relaxing watching some football. Mark pointed to him to make it clear to say he was here. I shook my head slightly giving the No motion which made Mark start a slow poke into my exposed pits…..I squirmed and even gave out a slight squeak before blurting out, “and my new friend Mark is here.” Oh, is he from work? I had to quickly explain to Vickie that we met at our local bar when I was having dinner. Mark was in control as he pointed to himself making the phone to ear sign so he could talk to her. I shook my head violently No, but Mark started to push a finger into my exposed pit making me quickly say, “Why don’t you say Hi to him?” Mark gave a cruel smile as he put the phone to his ear. Hi, this is Mark, nice to talk to you? He lay across my torso letting his free right hand run light circles around my left nipple making me squirm as my cock raged at the perverseness of the scene.
    Mark was having a full on conversation with my wife as I was left squirming as his every touch. I didn’t see it coming but Mark reached over and grabbed one of my ankle socks and before I could understand what was having, he push the sock into my mouth gagging me to silence. Thanks for asking he continued, “I travel all over the west coast with Seattle a favorite resting spot…” Looks like Mac is taking the dog for a walk, care if we keep chatting as he once again applied some baby oil to my cock and slowly stroked me making me hard in an instant. I couldn’t believe what was happening, I was bound tight with this trucker slowly jerking me off, WHILE he chatted to my wife on the phone. I did not take long as I shot my load, my grunts muffled in my sock. What he did next was just cruel. Still catching my breath, Mark positioned himself over my legs trapping my right foot to his body then as my wife chatted away, he began to nibble tickle my foot. I am extremely ticklish as it is, but once I cum I am off the charts ticklish. His gruff beard and hot tongue worked in combination with his toe nibbles as his free hand glided up and down my sole. I lost track of time and think I even blacked out for a bit.
    I woke up untied with Mark snoring next to me. It was early in the morning before 6 AM. I looked at my phone and saw that Mark actually talked to my wife for 20 minutes last night. Hell, I didn’t even get to say good night to her. He lay on his stomach with his big feet hanging slightly over the edge of the bed. With the bondage straps still in place, I quietly wrapped the Velcro wraps around his left ankle, then the right. I went to my room and grabbed our padded cuffs trying to figure out if I could get his hands bound behind his back. He slumbered hard as I cuffed his left wrist which was next to him, but his right arm was up under his head. I figured I had one chance and quickly grabbed his arm pulling it behind him and with good luck he did not stir until the cuff clicked in place. He woke up, tested his bonds and quickly realized he was bound. He did try hard at first, but knew he was not going to escape. He was now butt naked feet bound to the corners of the bed with his hands bound snugly behind him. Well Mark, you certainly had your fun with me last night, but now it’s my turn. He was pissed but I didn’t care as I slowly traced a finger from his heel down to his toes and back again. He resisted at first, but once I applied the baby oil to his soles he started to plead for me not to tickle him. I took the small scrub brush as I sat on his right calf pinning his foot down and started a frenzy scrubbing of his size 13 foot. He lasted 5 seconds before he burst out laughing with a crazy hardy laugh that made me giggle knowing it was a true ticklish laugh. I found that under his toes would make him thrash like mad. His left foot got my teeth and tongue as I slobbered over every inch of his bound foot. I was so hard I jerked off on his foot making me collapse on the bed exhausted.
    I couldn’t resist myself as I reached under Mark’s body and slowly jerked him off making him scream out with relief. He finally spoke, “Dude, last night was awesome and to be honest, your tickle attack this morning was just what I needed.” No hard feelings? He was more than agreeable it was all good and he actually said he deserved the tickling. He confided in me that he chatted with my wife for such a long time that he thinks there is a chance one day we could all play. It seems Mark told Vickie that he was a certified reflexologies expert. She can’t wait until I am back in town for us to all meet. I untied Mark as we chatted about possible scenarios for his plan to come to light. We fantasy talked about how we could make it happen and not be too suspicious. You know she is just as ticklish as I am Mark, but how would be get her like that? More fantasy talk and even a chance for me to lick Mark’s soles as we talked out a roleplay with Vickie as his sexual slave. Mark had to get on the road but we agreed that our new found friendship would have to last…..and who knows what might happen next?


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    This is your best story to date, and that's saying something! I loved the role reversals and the characters. The action was intense and the scenario you created was very hot. Having him talk to his wife he teased him was super hot. Mark's sadism and his skill at tickling were well described, and his confidence made the story even hotter. Thanks for posting.

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    I agree with Brody27, this is a great story possibly your best one. The interaction is great and it’s a highly erotic situation. Well done, Mac.

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    Feb 2008
    Thanks guys....and if you believe - this really happened. I did enhance some scenes to include chatting with the wife- but the meet up was real and hopefully again.

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    nice storie and I know you were wrighting about me. very nice

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    Hot! I love it when cuckolding is combined with tickle torture...I wonder if he will be able to get the wife in on their little games, it would be so hot for her to pleasure the dominant while he tickles the victims thighs and taint!
    Last edited by Amistad; 12-21-2018 at 09:53 AM.

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    Oakland, CA
    Another great story from you. I really enjoyed it.

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    This is a great story!

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    Feb 2008
    Thanks JerryB - glad you are still around!


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