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    The ticklish cop

    Officer Jenny Clark sat her her police cruiser at around 10:30pm wishing she was doing anything but that. She had been sitting there since noon and at certian times hadn't seen a car for hours and hadn't even had to look twice at a car or pedestrian. She was 23 and had just been trained and entered into the police force. The younge blonde could have had a career in modeling or show acting cause she had the body and the looks. She sat thinking about what her boyfriend Mike was doing and what he was wearing when all of the sudden a truck whizzed by and she clocked it a 22 mph over the speed limit. she turned on her lights and pulled on to the road in pursuit of the car. She followed it for a short while and it pulled over. She pulled over behind it and got out of the car. She saw only one passanger as she approached and hoped for an easy ticket. The driver's side window opened as she neared. She looked in and saw a rough looking man around her age staring at her curiously.
    "Are you aware of the reason I pulled you over?" she asked him.
    "Yes ma'am, you wanted to check out my package!" he said with a grin on her face.
    "I don't find that funny," she said, a slight worried tone in her voice. The man's eyes darted to her rear but before she could react two strong arms grabbed her and threw her to the ground. He quickly found her walkie, gun, and pepper spray and threw them aside.
    "Let me the f-" she tried to yell but her capter covered her mouth and held her tight. The other man got out with some rope and the two proceeded to gag her and tie her up with her arms at her sides and her ankles together. Then they untied her shoes and took them off along with her socks. They then lifted her up and put her in the back of their truck, tying her down, and stuck her bare feet in through the back of the window and pushed it shut, locking her feet immobile but so they could get at them from inside the truck.
    "You'd better get rid of that car," said the driver to the other man. The passenger started up the car with Jenny's own keys and drove it off into the woods befor returning and starting on their way.By this time Jenny was really freaked out and was in tears in the truck bed. Then suddenly she felt and finger slide down the sole her foot. She was confused ofr a moment then burst into giggles as the other nine attacked her feet at the same time. The passangers looked out the back and wa delighted to see their captive howling with laughter. He thought to himself the irony of it all, a cop tied up in the back of a pick-up truck in full uniform in total loss of control of herself. he turned his attention back to her feet and started to tickle her toes and right under them. Meanwhile, Jessica was a wreck in the back, uable to call for help and being tortured to the max. She knew she was ticklish but had never been tickled to this degree. She thrashed back and forth but couldn't dislodge her feet from the window. Suddenly she heard the sirens and saw her only hope of escape fly bye in search of her.

    In what seemed like hours the tickling finally stopped and then so did the truck. Jessica rasped in each breath laying there a sweaty mess and could still feel the tingling on her nails. Then the tailgate was lowered and the driver pulled her out and set her on his shoulder as he walked into some kind of building. In a short while she was set down on a large table and then they started to untie her. Her will to be free raged up and she struggled with all her might and broke loose. The second man tried to grab her but she elbowed him in the face and then turned and kicked the second man in the groin. That gave her enough time to get out of site befor they could get an eye on her.
    "Damn it!" the first man said, "We have to find her!" Suddenly a door opened and a stunningly georgeous woman walked out, immediatly Jenny recognized her. She was the leader of a top drug smuggling gang who was being hunted unsuccessfully by her police force.
    "Whats goin on boys?" the woman, whos name is Natasha Black, asked the two guys.
    They looked at each other sheepishly and said,"we kidnapped a cop and brought her here but she got away, she's still here though!"
    Natasha considered this for a moment then roared, "Idiots! If we don't find her she could ruin our whole operation, find her now!" The two sheepishly moved off in search as Jenny sat contemplating her next move. She had done fine in the simulations but in real life her mind was blank. She ran crouching to the truck she got trapped in and looked for her walkie and gun, she saw them in the cab and tried to open it quietly, the door was locked and the handle slammed back down. Jenny looked through the window and saw Natasha walking towards the truck. Jenny snuck to the back of the truck and looked around to the other side. Natasha was gone, she turned back around and before she could react Natasha grabbed her wrists and pinned them over her head against the truck, using her own thighs to pin Jenny completly to the truck.
    "Your going to jail b!#@#," Jenny said to Natasha.
    "Go ahead and blab, my boys will be back sooner, and Joe's got some pretty sore nuts," Natasha said slyly. Thinking of all the possible horrible things they could do to her she decided to take her chances with Natasha
    "You know your a beautiful young girl," Natasha said as she unbuttoned Jessica's top, revealing her flat, sexy tummy. Jenny tried to struggle but Natasha was as strong as she was beautifull and held her strong with one arm. "It's a shame you won't live to discover that," she said and then she skittered her nails down Jenny's bare side and back up her flat tummy and then down again.
    "Noooohohahahahahahahhehehehehhehehahaha!" Jenny cried as her sensitive tummy was explored. she fought for just about her life and finally got a hand loose and slugged Natasha in the chin. Natasha rubbed her chin as Jenny took of and then laughed as she was grabbed by the two henchmen.........To be continued.............
    This tummy is as soft as a bunny, but don't you dare pet it!


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    Jun 2001

    Great story and great theme, tummytickler100.

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    May 2001
    London, UK

    Thumbs up

    There's always time for cute ticklish cops! Keep it coming.

    I hope your username is a clue to the action that's on the way

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    Feb 2003
    Tickling a female cop, love it.

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    Sep 2002
    New York City
    Blog Entries
    Excellent story of tickling a female cop. I loved that.


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