Suddenly the door swung open an in barged in the apposing figure of Mrs. X. She was gigantic with broad shoulders and a chest that threatened to spill out of her trench coat. She had the look of a statuesque woman on steroids and Leon had absolutely no plans on fucking with her.
Slowly; ever so slowly Leon tried to slip behind her while X scanned the office from left to right. He was home free! That was until the unlucky cop accidentally hit the door with his left foot.
“CRAP!” He held his foot in his hand and tried to hop off as fast as he could, but his little accident had given away his position and now Mrs. X was after him.
“Oh come on! Leave me alone!” Leon chastised as he desperately tried to hobble away to safety. The stress had gotten to him though and in the rush he was in, naturally he fell over. He turned quickly to see the tyrant right behind him with her hand outstretched and grabbing his ankle.
It was no use as Leon was being dragged back into the S.T.A.R office by his left leg.