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    Exclamation Debts, Part 3 (M*/F)

    For various reasons, this series isn't going to be finished.


    Part 1 - http://www.ticklingforum.com/showthr...asonably-cruel

    Part 2 - http://www.ticklingforum.com/showthr...ry-noncon-etc)


    One week later.

    Kat hung limp in the rack, an insidious device which held her completely immobile and as she had found out, much to her dismay, could be easily adjusted to arrange her body in virtually any position imaginable. There were positions it seemed for every occasion, whether it be a vicious foot tickling, an ass tickling which made her want to crawl out of her own skin, or a brutal rib tickling which straight up made her want to end it all.

    Right now it held her arms straight up and together, her wrists crossed and elbows tucked snugly into the sides of her head and her ankles fastened in place, with further straps above and below her knees holding her legs just slightly apart. To complete her immobilisation, a strap ran across her forehead and a lever somewhere behind her had been cranked which caused a cushioned section of this awful device she was prisoner of to extended outwards a few inches and into her lower back, forcing her body to arch forward in a shape similar to a crescent moon.

    Every part of her body felt taut, she could feel the stretch from her underarms down to her thighs. Feeling was all the only sense she really had left at this point, her hearing stripped away with headphones playing nothing but white noise and her sight taken by a thick blindfold. She was gagged with something which frightened her almost as much as the rack itself, it forced her mouth wide open and held it open while depressing her tongue.

    As the massaging hands reappeared at her breasts and thighs with their warmed oils she flinched as much as her extensive bondage would allow – none at all. Every touch to her sensitized form made her leap around in desperate bids for escape, but it was all internalised. There was nowhere for her body to run to, no way to fend off the attackers. Her mind doing somersaults trying to figure out what to do.

    The massage actually felt glorious, Kat knew what was going to happen this time. Maybe they would allow her to cum this time? She had to at least try to resist, to stay sharp for what was to come but it was proving impossible. It was so humiliating, being played with such ease by these unknown people and then being held their while she begged them to let her orgasm. She could barely stand it.

    Their hands melted through her, those at her legs stroking dangerously close to her labia, right at the crease of her upper thigh while the hands tormenting her breasts softly rolled and pinched her oily nipples. She felt the fires beginning to rage the moment she was touched, it didn't matter where on her body she was touched now, everything caused her to be instantly and feverishly horny. She was sure that by this point she could orgasm simply from a decent foot massage.

    Having been denied all access to the outside world and with no clocks anywhere to be seen in this hell she had been forced to call home, Kat had no idea she'd been here for seven full days now. All she did know was that she'd never made it to look through the peep hole in her front door that night. She'd taken tentative steps towards it and moments after the second series of knocks, she found herself in the strong arms of an as yet unknown intruder forcing a rag over her face which smelt horrendously sickly.

    Soon after that she found herself here, wherever here was. She had absolutely no idea and had she not been so agonisingly desperate for release ever since the end of her first day of incarceration here she would have poured much more energy into trying to figure it all out.

    As things were however, all Kat wanted to do was be allowed to move. Just an inch. God, even half a damn centimetre if it meant the evil people massaging down there might slip and brush the right spot, even that would be enough to set Kat off right now. But they knew exactly how to drive her wild, to keep her teetering on the edge for hours at a time, leaving her little but a sweat soaked wreck.

    She let out a whimper as the sucking of her toes began again, the people down there clearly loved their work. Every time she was brought here, somebody always made a point of devouring her feet. She hated it and she loved it. One by one they were sucked as her feet were held still by strong hands, ever so delicately caressing them as her poor toes were slowly eaten up. Her nipples stiffened painfully and whoever was playing with them stopped suddenly to allow them to throb away, crying out for attention but receiving none. Her tormentors had discovered within Kat's first few hours imprisoned here that she could quite easily orgasm from nipple play alone, and had since been very careful when stimulating them in unison with one of her many other erogenous zones.

    Kat wailed with renewed despair as her breasts were cupped, her nipples left well and truly alone now, while her underarms received long loving licks. The skin seemed to shiver beneath their tongues. They tasted Kat's sweat, mixed with the oils they'd chosen, it was addictive. They had come to learn every single one of Kat's spots and seemed determined to break her. Oiled hands massaged her breasts, tongues worked over her underarms, her inner thigh massage was unrelenting, the mouths on her feet becoming more and more talented with every gentle lick and suck as if they could read the wrinkles in her soles as their very own guide on how to torment this poor woman.

    She practically came right then and there from the sheer overload of sensations as yet another charge shot through her body, this time emanating from her ass. Somebody had slipped their fingers right the way up and down between her cheeks, taking long, slow swipes along the crease and lingering to circle her hole. It felt almost like a tongue was back there. Kat couldn't stand anymore, if they wanted to break her they had succeeded. She desperately wanted her control back, she needed release in every sense of the word. She tried so hard to break free of the infernal rack she was strapped into but it just wouldn't budge.

    She wept openly and loudly as her lips were gently parted and a small paintbrush was used with cruel precision to paint her exposed clit with a menthol gel. She felt something cold clamping onto each lip, keeping them spread. The greasy brush felt absolutely divine, the way it encircled her clit with such loving strokes drove the last remnants of Kat's sanity running for the hills. The massaging continued, her ass was toyed with, the brush feeling like the most beautiful delicate tongue teasing away at her clit, the foot play, the mouths on her armpits... She was going to explode. She was so close, so damn close. The brush on her clit flicked a little too firmly right on it's underside and Kat's entire body became rigid and she screamed out with animalistic fury.

    All attention ceased, Kat was left to simmer on the very precipice of oblivion. She had been so close that time. She cried out in despair, her pussy screamed out it's own frustration, shouting at her brain to move her hands down there to finish the job. But her arms were paralysed by something. Her body was confused, and angry and frustrated and she couldn't do anything to help it.

    Her attention stopped and she was left alone with her thoughts, or rather her one thought. And alone with the increasingly tingly effects of the gel on her clit. She felt a steady breeze blowing directly up and between her thighs, the tingling intensified. Kat was left screaming in the rack, trapped in a sight and soundless world, praying that just one of her many tormentors would show mercy and allow her the orgasm she craved with every last fibre of her being. Tears of pure frustration soaked her blindfold as what she assumed to be a fan blew a ceaseless current of air over her tingling clit.

    What did they want from her? Whatever it was, she would do it. She would sure as hell do it. It literally didn't matter anymore. All thoughts of the club, of Hayley and Sophia, of everything in fact had been driven from her mind with the insatiable need for orgasm. One week ago she would never have believed she could be broken down so easily. Now she spent whatever moments she had where she wasn't having the hell tickled out of her praying for orgasm.

    And so ended another session for Kat, bound naked and shivering with anticipation and sexual energy to a rack she both adored and despised. She shut her eyes and tried to will herself to sleep, unable to face any more of this agony.


    C sat down at the laptop to check what the Chat had thought to the latest stream.

    “They love it.” He shouted to V, who was washing his hands off in the bathroom.

    “You're not live now, right?” V asked with concern. Neither of them were wearing masks and the camera was right there facing them both.

    “No mate. We're offline now, I'll tell them if we can get another thousand or so in donations we'll go again and they can choose what happens.”

    “Again? She's had quite a lot already today.”

    “And? You know Kat, she's a very tough little cookie.”

    V pulled off his mask revealing a very unsure expression. No matter how much reassurance C gave him, it didn't seem to have any effect. Were there dangers doing what they were doing? Of course. Was it the absolute sexiest thing C could imagine ever doing? Hell fucking yes it was. And involving some of those people C had met through his line of work, those with basically no morals whatsoever, had made it even more spectacular. The women in particular had taken a real shine to Kat and loved to use their tongues on her. If there was a spot on Kat's body which hadn't been violated several times over by these ladies, C was unaware of it.

    It was perfect, they paid good money to come and play with their toy, an anonymous, beautiful body full of over-sensitized nerves and anything goes so long as no lasting damage is caused. Kat represented whatever these people wanted her to be. The guy perving on the female jogger in the park as she runs by in her tiny, tight shorts could now actually do whatever he pleased with her, as here she was all trussed up and ready for him. Likewise, the woman finding porn on her husband's computer could get back at the women on the screen for taking her man's attention. Right now, Kat could be all things to all people.

    And there was no shortage of people, C had a long list of both men and women he knew that would love a shot at Kat and thousands more watched the stream online. All watched while assuming Kat was a willing participant of course and all were amazed at the woman's stamina. C had known streaming these sessions would be a brilliant idea, the internet was largely a place devoid of empathy and people would gladly pay to watch another's suffering, especially if said 'another' was a gorgeous woman and the suffering was of a sexual nature. He'd known he could rely on the internet audience and they had definitely not disappointed here.

    As C read the comments of their latest stream, V sat down next to him. He read them too and felt a little reassured that all comments were about Kat, there was very little if anything said about those tormenting her and certainly nothing about him personally. Something he took some happiness from, as these people seemed particularly cruel. He didn't have time to ponder on why they might hate Kat so much as C began to speak.

    “So predictable these lot. As soon as it gets a bit late in the day, they want to send her off to bed after a good tickling.”

    “Alright, but this is the last one tonight though. I'm getting tired and we can't just leave her strapped to that thing all night.”

    “Yeah, yeah.” C picked up his mask, “Come on, let's give them what they want.”

    “You made a thousand already?” V asked in disbelief.

    “Sure did,” said C as he showed V the donation meter, “the Internet's full of perverts. Didn't you know that?” He laughed.

    “Hey, how long are we even keeping her here?” V asked as he followed C back to the chamber.

    “Well at least until those two girls find the money they owe. Not really given that part too much thought to be honest mate.” He checked the stream was live and slipped his mask on, V following suit, as they headed through the door and into Kat's chamber.


    Kat curled her toes and balled her hands into fists as the cool current of air breezed over her helpless pussy, an unending stream of blissful agony. Even when she was alone, at least as far as she could tell what with being blindfolded, it never stopped. Something was always left with her to gnaw away at the last shreds of sanity she had remaining.

    Two nights in a row now she had been secured in her bed with that appalling, evil mixture rubbed into her feet, top and bottom and between her toes before having them mummified in saran wrap and tape. The socks would go on and the heater would be set up right in front of her bound feet and so would begin her night of hell. The mixture causing intense prickles of itching agony along every square millimetre of her feet, made all the worse by the heat. She would thrash on the bed, flailing her feet furiously and scrunching her toes but nothing helped, things would only get worse. She assumed she must have passed out through sheer exhaustion on both nights, as she remembered waking up to the intense relief of clean, cold feet.

    She would do anything for these people, she would gladly suck their cocks, eat their pussies, let them fuck her any way they desired. Anything. She could barely stand the frustration of never being able to communicate with whoever they were. Every night she was removed from this rack and carried to a wash room, completely washed down and towel dried while her hands were cuffed and her mouth gagged. She was often left alone with just one person during these moments, one person whose identity was hidden behind full face masks and sunglasses. She had a good idea of the genders, but that was all.

    The audience watched in awe of this bound beauty's capacity for suffering. They watched her muscles strain as the camera, now steadily roving around the rack and it's prisoner, captured the action from every angle. They watched as C shocked Kat awake from her agonised half slumber into a world of hysterics with a sudden and deep rib massage. They watched as her chest heaved and her fingers clenched to fists one moment and sprang out into claws the next as if seeking something to grab onto. They watched her feet flailing wildly, the strong hands of C gliding effortlessly across the ribcage shining with oil in the dimmed lights of the room. They could clearly see each individual rib and watched as C worked his magic on every last one of them much to Kat's horror.

    They typed messages of encouragement for C, some desperate to see her feet get it next, others demanding more edging, others simply telling him to go until she passes out.

    And they listened. They listened to Kat's distorted shrieks racing through the microphone and the airwaves into their ears, if they listened closely enough some could just about make out what she was saying and when they heard the words it tipped some of them over the edge. It was the hottest thing they had ever witnessed.

    As C worked over Kat's entire upper body, hitting her armpits one second and her hip bones the next, Kat felt herself being torn apart by the intensity of this ticklish onslaught. She prayed for it to stop, to be untied and allowed the freedom to do something, anything by herself. She had almost forgotten what it was to simply wake up in the morning and do... Something. Of her own free will. Without being dragged from her sleep into another nightmarish episode of her life as she now knew it.

    He found a particularly responsive spot above each hip and drilled into them hard, vibrating his fingers as fast as he could and sending Kat into even deeper depths of tickling hell. The audience loved it, the comments coming thick and fast as too were the donations. V zoomed the camera in on Kat's face, largely hidden behind the eye mask. But the audience could still see clear signs of her struggling, the veins in her neck beginning to show, the damp patches below her blindfold and of course the almost inhuman wailing erupting from her throat.

    Leaving her upper body a slippery mess of pink finger marks, C slid his hands downward to her thighs and commenced the next stage of Kat's torture. He pinched and grabbed her inner thigh right at the very top, squeezing the tendons and muscles there. The camera zoomed in on the action, saw Kat's delicious thighs receiving an award winning tickling in addition to her pussy beginning to glisten again.

    “Doesn't take much to get her going these days,” C said to the audience, careful with his words as of course they weren't privy to the fact that this was a genuine torture show, “what with you lot wanting her edged every day. She loves it really though,” he chuckled, “she's a bit like one of those actors that likes to live the part, you know?”

    The horrendous thigh kneading continued, minute after minute after soul shattering minute. Kat was spent, though each time she felt her energy fading whoever it was that was tickling her down there varied their technique just slightly enough to give her a renewed bout of hysteria. At least it was only one person this time. One very skilled person but still just the one.

    C almost wished she was simply strapped to a bed, some type of simple bondage where he could watch her gorgeous body writhe around in torment, really watch those toned limbs struggling for freedom.

    “Oh, oh! Here we go, you getting this?” He asked his cameraman V, nodding towards Kat's pussy as she began to pee herself and not for the first time on their stream. It was usually around this point where the audience began to tune out, though it was hard to tell whether that was through any kind of disgust or because it had been going on for nearly twenty minutes and they simply weren't able to hold back anymore and, well, immediately lost interest in what was happening as a result.

    As she felt herself pee while still laughing herself insane as the damnable thigh tickling continued the whole time, Kat felt almost as if she was slipping away. Floating out of her own body and watching from above, watching whoever this demon was that took such pleasure in brutalising her. In her mind's eye she saw herself, naked and helpless, covered in a layer of oil and being mercilessly tickle tortured in the worst ways possible. She saw herself for the first time as she'd seen her numerous victims over the years, she was finally experiencing what they had gone through.

    She saw the faces of what she'd called her toys, her playthings, disfigured into masks of forced hilarity with mouths stretched wide enough for Kat to see their tonsils, their eyes squeezed shut and tears streaming down their cheeks. She had become one of them, she knew this had happened because of her lifestyle and the people she associated with, she just didn't know who could have done this to her. She'd had suspicions over the past days but dismissed them as ludicrous - C was full of it and V was too much of a pushover.

    C moved down her thighs toward her knees, squeezing and massaging his unwilling slave into further fits of hysterics and desperation. He'd come to know her body well during their time together and with each new session they had he grew more and more into the idea of taking over Kat's business and keeping her here forever. Kat had no family that he was aware of, certainly nobody she might call a friend. There was absolutely nobody that might be missing her, he would have to check on that fact at some point to make sure but he was pretty damn certain. It was damn near perfect, he could not believe his luck. How smoothly the abduction had gone, the transfer into this facility just as simple. An old music studio he had converted into a playroom of sorts. And now he had a resident, Kat. The once domineering, driven and fiery beauty queen, reduced to tears by his own hands. Things were so sweet he could actually taste sweetness in the air of this place.

    As he tickle squeezed his way back up Kat's legs provoking new squeals of distress, he considered the consequences of keeping Kat here. While she had no friends or family that he knew of, she did have business associates, just like himself and V. There'd been nothing in her diary to suggest she had meetings or anything like that. But he couldn't help salve the nagging feeling in the back of his mind that somewhere out there, right now, somebody might actually be missing this shrieking damsel.

    As he looked up at her gurgling, sweating and guffawing form, eyeing the contours of her body, the sweat dripping from her nipples and the drool dribbling from the sides of her mouth, he decided he had to find a way to keep her. She was just too special, too extraordinarily ticklish and damn could she take a lot of punishment. Plus she was out of this world sexy, he longed for the day when she was completely broken down and would do absolutely anything that he pleased.

    V watched on through the camera as his friend once more increased the pace of the tickling. Kat's body bathed in various liquids and oils and covered with criss crosses where C's fingers had wrought havoc upon her nerve endings. He started to feel a bit sorry for her as he watched new tears seep from beneath the blindfold while C scraped his nails into the taut hollows of her underarms. But there was no denying the fact that he was always achingly hard while partaking in these sessions. He just wished he could be sure Kat would never, ever find out that he was involved. Nor find out about C, because that would surely implicate him in this. He knew all about what Kat did to men that had crossed her, and this was beyond crossing.

    He continued filming Kat's torment, now passing the thirty minute mark and he thought back to the time he witnessed Kat dealing with a man who'd apparently squeezed her ass in a park one day.


    Kat often liked to wind up V as it was so very easy to do. She knew V had a huge crush on her, something she teased him with all the time without ever letting him know just how much she actually knew. After one evening's business, she handed V his bag of tools after slipping a disc inside one of the pockets and saying goodnight.

    V had got home later on and found the disc while sorting his tools out to be washed and sterilised. He set it to one side and went about his post operations clean down before slipping the disc into his laptop.

    His eyes widened and he sat bolt upright in his chair as he was presented with a naked man bound to a bed with Kat sitting directly on his face. She wore a white dress with black polka dots, her hair hung low down her back and she was barefoot much to V's pleasure. Kat filmed things in her own home? His mind raced at the thought of a whole library of Kat DVDs just waiting to be watched.

    The action was shot from a bedside table. She addressed the man, muffling protests into Kat's backside as she spoke to him at length about boundaries and how to behave in public, all the while wiggling her ass into his face and gently stroking his hardening cock with her fingernails.

    She leaned over to the other side of the bed, reaching to the floor as she continued her lecturing of this bound man. She leant far enough for V to see she was indeed naked beneath the dress. He was fast becoming as hard as the poor man strapped onto Kat's bed. She made herself comfortable on his face once more having produced what V knew to be a fleshlight, she shook it and drops of water fell onto the bed.

    “You'll enjoy this,” she told the man beneath her ass, “I had it specially made. It's modelled on me.”

    With that, she drowned his cock in lube and filled the sleeve likewise after popping it into the case and she slid his painfully hard cock all the way inside eliciting a squeal of surprise and pleasure from her captive. Up and down her hand went as she leant forward, her free hand propping her up on his thigh as she shifted position just enough for his mouth and nose to be buried by her pussy.

    He cried out in pleasure, begged her not to stop. “Oh, don't worry baby, I won't stop.” She practically hissed the words at him as her hand pumped up and down faster and faster. It was mere minutes before the man's cock having received the fucking of a lifetime erupted inside the sleeve, he screamed his gratitude straight into her wet pussy. And soon after screamed his content, and then confusion, and then discomfort as the merciless pounding didn't slow down for one moment.

    He yelled and thrashed around on the bed, butting Kat's ass with his face and feeling her wetness spread across it as he did so. He shouted at her to stop, he was clearly angry that she wasn't listening to him.

    “Aww, is it sensitive darling?” She mocked as she smothered him once more and continued the evil stroking. She relished every moment of his struggles, his screaming and shrieking, growling and crying. She smothered him with her pussy, grinding it all over his face as she fucked the life out of his cock with her favourite toy.

    V watched the film, mouth gaping and his own cock rock hard at the sight of Kat punishing this man. He loved Kat's dominance, the way she spoke down to the people she tortured, how she turned it around on them as if she's only giving them what they wanted. “You sorry for grabbing my ass now, huh?” She'd shout over his screams. “This is what you wanted right, my ass? And my pussy? Well you got both now hunny!” As she furiously masturbated his overstimulated cock.

    V ran the cursor along the playback bar to see how long this went on for, nearly an hour and a half. He skipped towards the end.

    Kat was still stroking away, still smothering the poor man and somehow the guy was still hard. God knows how many times Kat had made him cum but judging by his pathetic sniffles and wailing, he had long had enough. As had V, he couldn't take anymore and quickly satisfied his own urges.

    As he looked for something to clean himself up with, the video ended abruptly.

    And a new image appeared on the screen a few seconds later. Kat sitting on the edge of her bed, the man nowhere to be seen. She was facing the camera, staring into it and smiling, she raised her feet in front of the lens, wriggling her toes and wrinkling her soles momentarily before laughing, winking and blowing a kiss to the person watching.

    V sat staring at the now black screen trying to figure out what had just happened.


    Now that he thought about it, that was pretty much the moment Kat wore shoes which really showed off her feet every time she was around himself and C. He'd since had an enormous crush on her, but this wasn't how he envisaged spending days with Kat. His dream vision was more being woken up in the morning smothered by her stunning feet and with her soft hand wrapped around him, not her bound to a torture device being driven insane. What if the Kat he adored so much was destroyed by this? The thought actually made him a little queasy.

    Kat felt her world fall backwards as the rack was adjusted, her legs splayed wide apart and her feet up in the air. She had become familiar with this position, and while her body and mind screamed out in every way for a rest her feet became the next targets for the despicable sadist ravaging her.

    She felt the laces encircling her toes and her heart pounded as she imagined what was to come next. The laces were quickly pulled tight and just like that her feet were now immobilised. A further adjustment was made which pushed her foot forward, emphasising her arch and really pulling the ball of her foot tight. She felt as though she may pass out simply from the anticipation of things to come. How much longer could this possibly go on for? What would she lose first, her sanity or her life? She wasn't sure which she'd prefer right now.

    V watched on as C began tickling the soles of Kat's feet with his manicured nails. She howled and cried for mercy, she began to pee herself yet again as C leant in to chew the ball of her foot for a while, something he'd learned of days earlier that truly drove her up the wall. He sank his nails into her cringing feet, dragging them down from ball to heel and back, observing the way his nails left a white mark which flushed pink immediately upon their passing. He watched her strong body flexing in response to his every touch, the power he had over this stunning woman was making him dizzy.

    Kat could see colours behind her blindfold, explosions of light with each swipe of fingernails and each grazing of teeth assaulting her hellishly sensitive feet. Feet she'd used against so many people now being well and truly used against her, she cursed her own sensitivity, loathed this weakness she had. She wanted so badly to scream her anger at whoever the hell this was, to order them to leave her alone but all that came out was endless laughter. It was exhausting. And frustrating. She'd become well acquainted with all manner of frustration recently and this was perhaps the worst.

    She wondered if she'd ever be able to talk again, if she was released in the future would she just laugh and giggle or hiccup when she opened her mouth to speak? Would she ever be herself again? She felt certain that whoever was torturing her was hell bent on annihilating her. Not killing her, they always allowed her to catch her breath. That was the really frightening part. These people wanted her broken. Kat had seen with her own eyes how far this kind of torturous treatment could go, she'd done it herself. The thought that it was now happening to her chilled her to her very core.

    The foot tickling was relentless, Kat felt as though she had no air left in her lungs and yet the laughter still kept pouring forth. She willed it to stop. Prayed for it all to end, the electricity running through her body via her soles way past the point of simply being unbearable.

    C slowed down as Kat began to fade again, just using his fingertips gently. Enough to force the odd giggle and sob but nothing more than that. He turned to V, “Hey, don't you get tired of just filming? Here, come and have a go.”

    Have a go? V thought, she's not a fucking toy.

    “Actually I need to get going, we should wrap this up.” He shut off the camera and microphone.

    “Seriously, you don't want a go on this? What's gotten into you lately?”

    V sighed, “OK mate, look. This was fun, I mean like amazingly fun-”

    “-Ahh, fuck. Seriously?” C stood up and looked at his friend, “I knew this would happen. I fucking knew it.”


    “You! You fancy her, don't you?”


    “-No, no, no, no you don't bullshit me here, OK? Tell me now, you fancy her.”

    V stared back at C, his mouth drying. “OK, yeah. I like her.”

    “Jesus, mate. You remember who this is, right? The things she's done, the things she will continue to do if she's allowed to?”

    V looked past C, unable to hold eye contact on his admission of actually liking the woman they had been torturing for the past week. His eyes fell on her, he watched her gasping for air, her body heaving with the effort. He wanted to help her, to untie her and take care of her, get her away from this hell.

    “Look at me! What have you been doing this past week if you actually like this woman?”

    “I don't know, it's...” V trailed off, he genuinely wasn't sure. He'd enjoyed the novelty of no holds barred access to Kat and her incredible body, but without Kat's voice and spirit she was just that. Just a body. He didn't feel like he was interacting with Kat here, something he truly craved right now. He actually started to hope she would find out who'd done this to her. Maybe the real Kat would come back out then.

    “It's... It's what, mate? Christ I knew you could be emotional but this?” C threw his hands into the air, “this, mate, is a whole new level of fuck-uppery you're showing me here.”

    “Look, we'll just untie her now and put her to bed, yeah? Today has been a long day, let's just talk about it tomorrow.”

    “No, no I don't think so. See, I'm not done here.” C hissed as he stared through V.

    “Yes you are! Look at her, there's nothing left!”

    “Oh there's something left, mate.” C replied as he picked up two brushes with stiff, ball tipped bristles.

    He stood before Kat's feet once more and applied the brushes to both soles at once, channelling all the anger he felt towards his friend at that moment through the brushes and sending shockwaves through Kat's addled nervous system.

    V watched on helplessly as C tortured Kat's feet, he saw her body spasm and the sounds coming from her mouth were straight out of a horror film. C was savage with the brushes, no finesse or grace in the way he used them against Kat, just flat out force quickly flushing her immobilised soles a deep shade of pink.

    Kat had no thoughts anymore, all thoughts of sex had certainly been driven from her. The tickling before had been hellish, but her arousal smouldered all the same. This was different though, this had a different energy to it. She now wasn't aware of anything whatsoever besides her feet and what was happening to them. She simply responded to touch, that was all she could do now. It was all she'd been able to do for as long as she could remember. The days were getting longer and longer as time passed and she saw no end in sight.

    V looked on, horrified by what he saw as Kat began to choke on something and C just carried on with the brushing. She clearly couldn't breathe, he shouted at C to stop and to take notice, C was in a world of his own though. He focussed on the feet and only the feet. He sawed the brushes back and forth across the extended balls of her feet, digging it into her toes making sure each one felt the effect of those bristles, he sank them into her arches now so pink they had almost turned red, he would make her his slave, he would break her completely and then-

    -his world turned black.

    OK, so that just happened, V thought to himself as he stood in a state of shock at what he'd just done, now what? Kat, yes. Untie her, wash-room, and then getting the fuck outta here. In fact fuck the wash-room let's just get out of here now. Like right fucking now.

    He was shaking uncontrollably, glancing down at C to make sure he wasn't waking up while unbinding Kat's wrists and her ankles. He didn't have much time, but was careful to make sure he was as patient and tender with Kat as he could possibly be under the circumstances. If C awoke in the next few minutes it would likely be game over for both himself and Kat, as he wasn't sure if he could bring himself to smash C over the head with the camera in a fair fight situation, especially as the camera was now broken.

    With the binds off, he picked her up and laid her down on the floor. She began to choke again and he quickly removed the gag and blindfold and threw the headphones away. Kat was sick. He had no choice but to look in the face what he'd been party to here, the destruction of this beautiful woman. He prayed it was only an attempted destruction.

    He scooped her up and carried her outside of this hellhole and into the night, praying to every God he could remember the name of that nobody would see him doing this. It was a very quiet part of town and it was late in the day, but he felt eyes piercing through him from everywhere. He made it to his car, sat Kat in the passenger seat before climbing in himself and shutting the door, sitting in the dark for a few minutes.

    He couldn't see anybody about, couldn't hear anything besides an owl somewhere off in the distance as if it was hooting it's approval for his daring rescue. Little did the owl know what V had actually been up to for a full week prior to this.

    He looked over at Kat, she was out cold. He checked she was breathing and once satisfied that she was, he drove off down the road heading for home. And wondering to himself how in the name of all that's holy he was going to explain this to her when she finally awoke.
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    Man, this is a hell of a lot sexy!!! The best part so far!!! Normally I don't get off on the bad guys but if its this erotic......

    Great work!!!

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    Very very sexy, as expected, thank you for this Series. Really, it's awesome.

    As V, I cannot wait to see Kat getting back to her dominating side, maybe also using her feet during the ""playtime"" with her victims. I'm sure it would be quite effective

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    God, I really should log in more often and look into my inbox messages! I normally have nobody ever writting me so I even forgot it existed. I cannot believe it took me 4 month to find out the stories are back!!! That's great news, though it's sad it will not continue!

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    Quote Originally Posted by LordMod View Post
    God, I really should log in more often and look into my inbox messages! I normally have nobody ever writting me so I even forgot it existed. I cannot believe it took me 4 month to find out the stories are back!!! That's great news, though it's sad it will not continue!
    I thought these had been forgotten about tbh. But yeah they're all back now, at least they all should be. I could pick them up again some time, just working on something else right now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tdh19882012 View Post
    I thought these had been forgotten about tbh. But yeah they're all back now, at least they all should be. I could pick them up again some time, just working on something else right now.
    Not forgotten sry!

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