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    Feather titles/ranks explanation

    Reposting this (originally posted by Crystallight) becuase we lost the original post -

    Feather Titles/Post Rank.

    There are five levels below 1,000 posts:

    1--Registered User
    50--TMF Novice
    150--TMF Regular
    300--TMF Expert
    600--TMF Master

    At 1,000 posts and above, the designation is a type of feather.
    There is a new level every 250 posts, from 1,000 to 9,750:

    1,000--First Level Red Feather
    1,250--Second Level Red Feather
    1,500--Third Level Red Feather
    1,750--Fourth Level Red Feather

    2,000--First Level Orange Feather
    2,250--Second Level Orange Feather
    2,500--Third Level Orange Feather
    2,750--Fourth Level Orange Feather

    3,000--First Level Yellow Feather
    3,250--Second Level Yellow Feather
    3,500--Third Level Yellow Feather
    3,750--Fourth Level Yellow Feather

    4,000--First Level Green Feather
    4,250--Second Level Green Feather
    4,500--Third Level Green Feather
    4,750--Fourth Level Green Feather

    5,000--First Level Blue Feather
    5,250--Second Level Blue Feather
    5,500--Third Level Blue Feather
    5,750--Fourth Level Blue Feather

    6,000--First Level Indigo Feather
    6,250--Second Level Indigo Feather
    6,500--Third Level Indigo Feather
    6,750--Fourth Level Indigo Feather

    7,000--First Level Violet Feather
    7,250--Second Level Violet Feather
    7,500--Third Level Violet Feather
    7,750--Fourth Level Violet Feather

    8,000--First Level Black Feather
    8,250--Second Level Black Feather
    8,500--Third Level Black Feather
    8,750--Fourth Level Black Feather

    9,000--First Level White Feather
    9,250--Second Level White Feather
    9,500--Third Level White Feather
    9,750--Fourth Level White Feather

    At 10,000 posts and above, a change in designation comes every thousand posts. The first eight levels are named after fruits:

    10,000 Level of Cherry Feather
    11,000 Level of Tangerine Feather
    12,000 Level of Lemon Feather
    13,000 Level of Lime Feather
    14,000 Level of Blueberry Feather
    15,000 Level of Raspberry Feather
    16,000 Level of Grape Feather
    17,000 Level of Blackberry Feather

    From 18,000 to 72,000, levels are named after gemstones in sets of five:

    18,000 Level of Diamond Feather
    19,000 Level of Double Diamond Feather
    20,000 Level of Triple Diamond Feather
    21,000 Level of Quadruple Diamond Feather
    22,000 Level of Quintuple Diamond Feather

    23,000 Level of Ruby Feather
    24,000 Level of Double Ruby Feather
    25,000 Level of Triple Ruby Feather
    26,000 Level of Quadruple Ruby Feather
    27,000 Level of Quintuple Ruby Feather

    28,000 Level of Garnet Feather
    29,000 Level of Double Garnet Feather
    30,000 Level of Triple Garnet Feather
    31,000 Level of Quadruple Garnet Feather
    32,000 Level of Quintuple Garnet Feather

    33,000 Level of Coral Feather
    34,000 Level of Double Coral Feather
    35,000 Level of Triple Coral Feather
    36,000 Level of Quadruple Coral Feather
    37,000 Level of Quintuple Coral Feather

    38,000 Level of Citrine Feather
    39,000 Level of Double Citrine Feather
    40,000 Level of Triple Citrine Feather
    41,000 Level of Quadruple Citrine Feather
    42,000 Level of Quintuple Citrine Feather

    43,000 Level of Carnelian Feather
    44,000 Level of Double Carnelian Feather
    45,000 Level of Triple Carnelian Feather
    46,000 Level of Quadruple Carnelian Feather
    47,000 Level of Quintuple Carnelian Feather

    48,000 Level of Beryl Feather
    49,000 Level of Double Beryl Feather
    50,000 Level of Triple Beryl Feather
    51,000 Level of Quadruple Beryl Feather
    52,000 Level of Quintuple Beryl Feather

    53,000 Level of Heliodor Feather
    54,000 Level of Double Heliodor Feather
    55,000 Level of Triple Heliodor Feather
    56,000 Level of Quadruple Heliodor Feather
    57,000 Level of Quintuple Heliodor Feather

    58,000 Level of Malachite Feather
    59,000 Level of Double Malachite Feather
    60,000 Level of Triple Malachite Feather
    61,000 Level of Quadruple Malachite Feather
    62,000 Level of Quintuple Malachite Feather

    63,000 Level of Peridot Feather
    64,000 Level of Double Peridot Feather
    65,000 Level of Triple Peridot Feather
    66,000 Level of Quadruple Peridot Feather
    67,000 Level of Quintuple Peridot Feather

    68,000 Level of Jade Feather
    69,000 Level of Double Jade Feather
    70,000 Level of Triple Jade Feather
    71,000 Level of Quadruple Jade Feather
    72,000 Level of Quintuple Jade Feather

    New ranks become very sparse above 72,000 posts. These new ranks have been reached:

    75,000 First Level Iron Feather
    89,000 Second Level Iron Feather

    100,000 Wielder of 100 Feathers
    200,000 Wielder of 200 Feathers

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    You forgot the ranking of Milagros

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    Quote Originally Posted by HallKogan View Post
    You forgot the ranking of Milagros
    By extention it goes on:
    300,000 Wielder of 300 Feathers
    400,000 Wielder of 400 Feathers
    <== the sacred soles of Goddess Shelly

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    Quote Originally Posted by milagros317 View Post
    By extention it goes on:
    300,000 Wielder of 300 Feathers
    400,000 Wielder of 400 Feathers
    Ok now Iím picturing you as a venerable Jedi tickle master, able to summon forth 400 feathers at will.

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    One day I shall reach the rank of a wielder of 400 feathers because it sounds bad ass...*sets goal*
    tickle prince the name and tickling the game! and what a fun game it is!

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    I was very curious about this, but everything is explained now ....

    Great post, thanks!
    Tickling 'til death the ticklish girls since 1999...

    "The best thing in the world: tickle 'til death a beautiful girl.
    The second best thing in the world: be tickled to tears by a beautiful girl. And, after that, have a great revenge tickling her until she pees her pants ..."

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