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    Sep 2001

    Exclamation tickling adult stars

    I have always had cool results "sneaking in" some tickling at strip clubs...so I was thinking it'd be cool to start a contest - or just report - for us to report on our OWN tickling attempts/results of really hot adult stars/"minor celebs"...like a hitlist where the community here judges on who wins as best tickler! We'd have to be cool with the women though - as I think a tickle where the girls hated the approach and everything would get big negative points! I think we all want women to LOVE their tickling : )! Posting (pref with a pic) after each successful tickle! Open to suggestions, but to start a list...I say first one to tickle one from each of the five groups below (or whomever tickles the most of the 5) would win forum tickling champ/prize:

    1) Adult star Devon, Kira Kener, Briana Banks, or Julia Ann
    2) Any pro NFL cheerleader (Dallas Cowboys preferably! : )
    3) A Hooters waitress
    4) Any internet model
    5) Any Playboy playmate or Penthouse Pet

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    May 2001
    Eastern Canada


    Hmmm any internet model eh?

    I could win this one hands down

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    Apr 2001
    Toronto Ontario, Canada
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    1 Substatue...

    Sara Ashley is a intetnet model and adult film star, (www.saraashley.co)And I also tickled the current Miss Nude Canada Jennie Stallone (not a porn star but a damb good dancer) I also tried to tickle Terra Heart but she wasn't ticklish.

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    MIMI kicks ass

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    May 2001
    Gotham City, IL
    Yup Narin would have the internet model slot here.

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