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    The Origin of My Tickle Fetish F/F, M/F

    I remember seeing tickling in cartoons on tv when I was little. Mostly Popeye, and a few others. It didnít really click with me, and I just thought it was silly and funny.

    The first woman I tried tickling was my older brotherís girlfriend (who I had a huge crush on). She was about 20 at the time, and was the most beautiful woman Iíd ever seen at that point in my life.

    We were playing in my room, I pulled off her fuzzy ankle socks and tickled her feet, and she laughed. It felt different than what I was seeing on tv.

    She actually thought it was cute, and weíre still friends to this day.

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    Quote Originally Posted by devioustickler View Post
    Haha man those were the days... when you don't understand your fetishes, nor even what the word fetish meant. You just realize you like women's feet, tickling, etc. Anyways , thanks again for sharing your story.
    Yep! I was 11 when I had my first nylon feet encounter; it was with my auntís stocking feet. Tickling was involved, but more from a relaxing tickle as my aunt wasnít ticklish. However, while, as you say, I hadnít fully grasped an understanding of my fetish, I knew at that point that something big had happened.

    The story is on the board a few times, but Iím happy to share it again - itís quite lengthy though, just as a word of warning!

    Cheers, everybody,

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    Quote Originally Posted by SmashTV View Post
    Yep! I was 11 when I had my first nylon feet encounter; it was with my auntís stocking feet. Tickling was involved, but more from a relaxing tickle as my aunt wasnít ticklish. However, while, as you say, I hadnít fully grasped an understanding of my fetish, I knew at that point that something big had happened.

    The story is on the board a few times, but Iím happy to share it again - itís quite lengthy though, just as a word of warning!

    Cheers, everybody,
    Smash, mine began when the neighborlady, husband and their son came over to visit with my parents. Their son and my two brothers dared me to crawl under the table and tickle his mom's feet. I was probably 6 or 7. I think I posted this before, but could tell it again. Thanks for sharing guys.

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    Apr 2005
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    It's a little bit complex to answer that question. But I really think that it all started on my pre school, that time when you start to learn to read, maybe with 6 or 7 years old.

    I remember that i had an educational book, called "De onde viemos". (Where did we came from). In that book, that I tryed to attach here, it was explaining sex for children (again, educational book) and one of the things it says is:

    "It's a very difficult sensation to explain, but you can have an idea if you imagine some kind of tickle, very pleasurable, that starts on your belly, and then spread for your hole body.
    And as you know, when someone tickles you, you squim everywhere. Here us the same thing, "

    Anyway, that sentence has always been on my mind, and I remember that on that same year, I was under my teacher desk tickling her foot. Hahahaha, somehow I think the book traumatized me, or let's say the book fetichtized me. Because since then I have always looking for ticklish people.

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    Nov 2002
    Quote Originally Posted by devioustickler View Post
    This is the earliest memory I have about realizing my love for tickling. Obviously, the names in the story are changed but this incident for me is where it all began lol.

    I was in preschool and we were about a week away from Halloween. As children, we were all of course excited for Halloween and couldnít wait to go trick or treating. Now at the time, I knew I liked girls and already had a crush, Amy. I was about 4/5 years of age and already liking the girls. However, I always had a crush on my teacher, Mrs. Stevens. All I can remember of Mrs. Stevens was she was white, blonde and really tall to us kids. Going by what I believe her height was I would say 5í8Ē because she was taller than most of the women but not as tall as the male teacher. Her feet were a size 10, I will explain further on. Now that I have Amy and Mrs. Stevens mentioned, let me share what happened. A week before Halloween, the teachers had us do an arts and crafts trick or treat bag specifically ďmadeĒ by us. Mrs. Stevens had white paint and a whole bunch of brown paper bags set aside. She instructed us all to take off one shoe and one sock and we all did so. She explained we were going to make our own trick or treating bag and what was going to happen was she would paint our soles white and have us stand on the bag with our white painted sole so we could create a ghost. At first, I didnít think anything of it but then Mrs. Stevens called Amy and had her sit down and took the brush with white paint and began painting Amyís sole. Amy immediately burst into giggles and laughter as Mrs. Stevens smiled and gave her a little baby talk. I donít know what got into me but immediately I looked on with a huge smile on my face listening to Amy giggle and laugh and I was hooked. After Amy made her bag, another teacher took a wet towel and scrubbed the paint off her sole, again making Amy giggle and laugh as the rest of us couldnít help but laugh at Amy. When Amy was done, she was allowed to go outside and play. One by one, Mrs. Stevens painted all of our feet. I was about the 3rd child done and I elected to stay in and play with the toys just so I could secretly see the other kids tickled. As Mrs. Stevens was down to the last two children, she called me over to help her begin cleaning up and I did so. As the last kid went out to play, I was helping Mrs. Stevens clean up and I playfully said to her that she didnít make a trick or treat bag for herself and she smiled at me and said I was right. I remember the other teacher going out to get the kids and while I was there, Mrs. Stevens took off her shoe and sock and revealed her big foot. It was HUGE to me as a 4-year-old and she had bright red nail polish. I like to believe I was probably turned on immediately but as a kid I didnít know what was going on. The kids all came in and began to shout out Mrs. Stevens has big feet, calling her big foot all giggling and teasing. Mrs. Stevens just smiled and laughed and told me to go ahead and paint her sole. I was so excited I did as she said and immediately, she began to giggle and didnít try to hold in her giggles. The other teacher just smiled and my classmates began to giggle and tease Mrs. Stevens saying she was ticklish. Now I was just supposed to paint her sole but I remember with the brush getting so specific I painted under her toes and that is when she went through the roof with full on laughter. Again, I was so caught up with excitement I couldnít explain what I was feeling. I finished painting Mrs. Stevens sole and she made her trick or treat bag. She gave me a smile and told me good job and then she began to clean the paint off her sole. One of the students asked how big her foot was and she replied, ď10.Ē All of us gasped with wonder thinking that was the biggest foot size we have ever heard of and Mrs. Stevens just smiled. After Mrs. Stevens cleaned her sole, she put her shoe and sock back on and we had our snacks. From that moment on, I remember always finding myself attracted to Mrs. Stevens in a different manner, more than I did Amy. A few days later we received our little trick or treat bags with our names on them but Mrs. Stevens posted hers on the wall by her desk and left it up till Halloween. Every chance I got I would go to that wall and just stare at her foot print getting excited seeing it and remembering her laugh.

    Anyways, that is my earliest memory to many fetishes of mine, tickling, foot and being attracted to older women. I like to believe because my fetishes are such a big part of my life, I was able to retain this memory and I can say this incident was my starting point and oldest memory of tickling. I hope you guys liked this story and I will keep telling stories if I get likes on them. Forgive my writing, and grammar, was never a good writer nor had the patience to do so.
    Wow, what is it about school. I think it was the same for me, in Primary School we were each assigned to paint each others feet and make a foot print.
    This one blonde girl in my group was my partner, I remember feeling very... excited at tickling her feet with a paint brush and deliberately taking a long time to dry her feet with a towel, again tickling her after she washed her feet in water. Definately the origin of my tickle fetish I would say.

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    Apr 2007
    Great story bro, the fact you can remember that far back is amazing.
    I've got ways to make you talk

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