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  1. #31
    Join Date
    Aug 2017
    Met my ler online. Quite a timid&shy guy. I'm shy too. But I could see how horny we would both become when it comes to tickling-related stuff. He came to my city. Had lunch together as an icebreaker. Then went to the hotel. He was quite skilled at it, discovered all of my ticklish spots within like 5min. I got turned on by that. But we didn't go anything beyond. Afterwards he said he'd never had such a sensational tickling experience before in his life. And I felt the same.

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    Sep 2019
    So cool!

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    May 2020
    I haven't had any "sessions" with anyone specifically intent on tickling or getting tickles by me but one of my very first girlfriends tried to tickle some secret out of me but no matter how bad she tickled me - and it got pretty intense - I refused to spill the beans! She worked me over for about 15-20 minutes non-stop and had me going out of my mind with ticklishness! Eventually, I don't think she really cared anymore about getting the information she was trying to get out of me, she was just having fun tickling the shit outta me! It was mind-blowing for me and I was instantly hooked! She was also extremely ticklish herself and even though we didn't date for long we had some epic times tickling each other crazy. Good times!!

  4. #34
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    Feb 2019
    My first ever session was with Bella Carrera . It was absolutely awesome! She’s very laid back and down to earth. She makes you feel extremely comfortable. We spent about 30 mins talking. Then got to the tickling! We did a switch session with her going first, me taking a turn (she was very easy on me being my first time..definitely next time I’ll have her really get after me!), and then ending with her again. We then talked again at the end, she was in no way rushing me out of the place (which I thought was extremely cool of her).

    Few notes: She is ridiculous cool and laid back like I said. She is also insanely ticklish...like shockingly so. Think about how ticklish she seems in any of her clips, and add a little extra to get a good picture of how ticklish she is! I’d highly recommend her to anyone able to book a session with her.

  5. #35
    Join Date
    Jun 2019
    Long Island, NY
    Was with an ex Girlfriend. She realized tickling turned me on and said she wanted to get kinky and tie me up. I agreed then she sat on me and tickled my upper body nonstopped. She didnít take any mercy and killed me. Iím most ticklish under my armpits and she kept digging in there until I was borderline screaming. She sat on me completely hard till it went in then she kept making herself cum while she tickled the shit out of me. Then she finally let me cum but donít worry I got my revenge ☺️

  6. #36
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    Nov 2018
    Quote Originally Posted by omnifeller View Post
    As a straight person, I held out for awhile since I wasn't able to find a female to session with. I finally gave in and let an elderly man from Craigslist tickle me. I went to his house, and immediately started doubting my decision. He set me up on his couch and told me his daughter was downstairs so we should keep it quiet. He also was putting his head uncomfortably close to my head. It was... strange.
    Iíve been in a similar situation to you. Iím straight and it was impossible to find a female to have a tickle session with. So I decided to give m/m tickling a try. Went outside my comfort zone and actually met with someone from TMF here, and despite my doubt it turned out to be a fun session and he respected my limits. Sorry to hear your experience wasnít the best.

  7. #37
    Join Date
    Oct 2001
    lakes region, New Hampshire
    Quote Originally Posted by MattRyder View Post
    I’ve been in a similar situation to you. I’m straight and it was impossible to find a female to have a tickle session with. So I decided to give m/m tickling a try. Went outside my comfort zone and actually met with someone from TMF here, and despite my doubt it turned out to be a fun session and he respected my limits. Sorry to hear your experience wasn’t the best.
    I agree with you about finding a female to tickle here, so I too, looked into finding a male to tickle. I have done it once and all boundaries were respected and it went great. It's all about respect!

  8. #38
    Join Date
    Jun 2018
    Jax FL
    Quote Originally Posted by Sharkiegirl View Post
    God, I was young....(of age, but just inexperienced with tickling, still living with a family member, you know....all around a BABY! Haha)

    I met up with someone I had talked with for almost a year on the phone. I said to the family member I lived with that I was chilling at a friends house for the night, and actually spent the night being tickled beyond my wildest hopes.

    I was in my sexiest brown ďLife is GoodĒ pajamas (they had little dogs in sunglasses all over them, control yourself boys! LOL) and a spaghetti strap tank top. I safeworded a BUNCH, and apologized every time, even though every time I tapped my friend beamed and was smugly proud of himself. My hip pockets, knees, and feet sent me through the roof, and that was BEFORE he flipped me over! My back and the backs of my ribs being poked while he straddled me sent me into silent laughter and tears.

    Gosh....wonderful night.....sessioned with him many times after that but kind of drifted apart as we both got into relationships. He set me up with the confidence to approach MANY wonderful people here for tickle sessions in years to come. Miss that guy!
    sounds phenomenal haha
    Life is short, spend it ticklishly...

  9. #39
    Join Date
    Jun 2018
    Jax FL
    Great idea for a thread, OP!

    My first experience with being tickled out of my mind was unintentional. Appt for a heart ultrasound, went in and everything was normal, tech was a pretty woman in maybe mid 40s (I have a major thing for women in healthcare so I am always super sensitive to staying professional haha, they don't need another creeper story added to their list)

    Anyway, she had me take my shirt off and lay on my left side on a medical table with my left arm up above my head, kind of a sideways relaxed posture with head in hand. Bear in mind, still didn't know what was going to happen.

    She settled in, got the machine out and fired up, jellied the wand, idle conversation, etc.

    I knew I was in trouble, when she reached out, detached a clasp and the entire section of table under my ribcage swung away, leaving it fully exposed... gulp...

    Started to suspect, and decided to try my best, but as soon as she pressed that wand covered in warm jelly up into my ribcage, I jumped about a mile and squeaked in a way that muscular 6'2'' men don't usually squeak. She gave me a knowing, mischievous smirk in a style I can only describe by how Jessie first looked at Woody in toy story 2 when he told her he was ticklish. She apologized, but I assured her it was fine, and tried to play it off saying "if the worst thing I do is get tickled silly at a doctor's appt, then I'm doing alright" however I'm sure my eyes were dilated and my breathing was rapid.

    She was playful and teasing, but still professional as she carried out the appt. She pressed and wiggled that thing in between every. single. rib... I was a hysterical mess, to the point that she even delightedly claimed that I was "even more ticklish than a little girl" the final challenge was one last picture needed which required the wand be wiggled about on the very bottom rib, a personal 15/10 tickle spot of doom.

    To sum up, I spent the most ticklish hour of my life, trying so hard not to be weird as one of my keenest fantasies was fulfilled and I left the appt breathless, feeling something like this:
    Life is short, spend it ticklishly...

  10. #40
    Join Date
    Jul 2015
    I experienced my first tickle session when I was a freshman in college. I was curiously browsing the Personals section on Craigslist and stumbled upon a post looking for a ticklish young male. I knew I was a ticklish but always wondered how itíd feel while being tied. I answered the ad and heard back pretty quick and arranged to meet. Tbh I was super nervous since I had no idea what to expect.
    Lucky for me my ler was very local to me and he wasnít creepy at all. He had a house to himself, greeted me and led me down to his basement. He asked me questions, what I was comfortable with and even though he was reassuring I could tell he couldnít wait to tickle me once I told him it was my first session. He asked me to strip down and tied me naked spread eagle on my back on his tickle mattress. He started with gentle strokes and probes all around my upper body which got me giggling. He worked his way down to my legs with the same method. As he probed he began to focus on my upper body more because he saw it got me yelping and giggling more. That lasted for a good 20mins with many breaks since I was such a rookie lol
    Next, he had me flip into my stomach and tied me down the same way making sure I was exposed. He made a remark about how this was what he was waiting for since it tends to tickle more while being face down. He was so right, as soon as he began to prod into my armpits I helped and I was giggling uncontrollably. I safeworded so many times haha I couldnít take it. He moved to my legs tickling the back of my knees, my feet and it was just torture. But he couldnít get enough of tickling me at my upper body and quickly came up to straddle me and tickle my sides and ribs. At this point my laughter was increasingly desperate and I was shrieking like a little girl lol I wanted to safe word so bad but it tickled so much I couldnít get the words out and all that came out was a gibberish and laughter.
    He spent a great deal of time focusing on my worst spots with multiple breaks, and Iíd say our session lasted for more than an hour. I was grateful that he did eventually stop and untied me. He was very nice about it and told me I was one of the most fun lees he had tickled. We met up for some more sessions after that, but we kind of lost touch. That first session gave me the confidence to keep on seeking out more tickle fun with others.

  11. #41
    Join Date
    Sep 2019
    So cool guys!!!

  12. #42
    Join Date
    Sep 2017
    Are you talking first "official" session with someone or the first time I tickled the hell out of someone and realized it was a turnon, or did it because it was a turnon?

  13. #43
    Join Date
    Sep 2019
    Quote Originally Posted by ObsessedTickles View Post
    Are you talking first "official" session with someone or the first time I tickled the hell out of someone and realized it was a turnon, or did it because it was a turnon?
    You can write both of them!

  14. #44
    Join Date
    Oct 2002
    Northeast Pa.
    My first "official" session took place about twenty years ago with a girl I was seeing at the time. Now, prior to this, I had done the whole "repress the fetish" issue because of an incident with my mother. She had found out about my love of tickling and flipped out about it, telling me I could never do that to a girl, it was cruel, etc. Traumatic to say the least for my young psyche.
    Anyway, Heather was a co-worker and my first serious relationship. She was a sweet girl, innocent, slightly overweight, but cute. After a few weeks together, I had broached the subject of playing with her feet, under the pretense that it was something I had heard would feel really good. She was hesitant, because she thought her feet were ugly, but in the end was willing to try. She had small feet, maybe a size five or six at best, and they weren't as bad as she claimed. We started out with just typical foot fetish stuff first. I still hadn't mentioned anything about tickling, but would lightly stroke a sole occasionally, just to guage a reaction. This soon became a ritual for us before I would take her home at night. We would pull over on a deserted section of the road to her house, I would suck her toes for five or ten minutes, and then we would go on our way. After a while, maybe a few weeks, I thought, what the hell, she enjoys the toe sucking, why not ask about tickling? This time around she was very hesitant. I told her I didn't want her to do anything she was uncomfortable with, but asked her if we could try it. I won't talk about our first attempt, because I honestly don't remember all that much about it. I don't think she lasted more than a minute before crying mercy. Of course I stopped, because I wanted to earn her trust, but all in all wasn't very memorable.
    Now, we didn't see each other for a few days afterwards(conflicting schedules), but finally I had a day off, and she was going to stop over after her last class that evening. She finally stops over around seven( I told her she could always just walk right in). She's wearing a nice top, skirt, and white flip flops which she kicks off at the door, and promptly snuggles up to me as I'm watching TV. A few minutes go by, and she starts squirming around. I don't say anything, but I'm wondering what she's doing. Eventually, she says to me "Joe, can I ask you a question?" "Of course" I reply.
    "Will you..." and at this point she leans in and whispers in my ear "... tickle my feet?"
    You would think I was struck by a bolt of lightning. I jerked away, and looked at her wide-eyed, and said "Really!? A-are you serious right now!?"
    She looked at me kind of shyly and said "Yes, I really want you to." I told her "Sure. Just do me one favor first. Ask me that question one more time?" She giggled and then in the most seductive voice she could, asked me " Will you tickle my feet?" I jumped up, and yelled "ABSOLUTELY!!"
    So, I had her lie down on the floor, and proceeded to scribble my fingers all over her soles and toes. She immediately broke out in to giggles and quickly descended into full on laughter. A few minutes went by, and she still wasn't asking me to stop, so I asked "Are you OK?" "Heheheheheheheheheehyehehessssshehehehehehe"
    "Do you want me to stop?"
    "Oh? Are you enjoying this?"
    After about twenty minutes or so, she finally cried mercy, and I stopped. At that point,"mercy" became her unofficial safeword.
    Once she calmed down, I thanked her, and asked her what made her ask to be tickled. She told me that she had fun and she wanted to see how much she could take, and that I could tickle her whenever I wanted.

  15. #45
    Join Date
    Aug 2002
    Kent, England
    My first tickling encounter in general, if we’re including them, was when I was eleven with my aunt’s nylon feet. I’ve posted it here several times, and I’m happy to do so again but it’s quite lengthy and told mainly from a nylon feet fetish perspective.

    Cheers, everybody,

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