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    Sep 2019
    Waiting new!!

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    When I was in HS. Basic handcuffs and tickling. It was good enough for me. A good start.

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    May 2020
    One of the first girlfriends I had was trying to get me to tell her some secret and I was refusing to tell her so she pinned me down on the couch and said "I'll just tickle it outta you then!" I told her to do her worst, so she did! She tickled me all over my torso and even my inner thighs for a good 15-20 minutes, and I was a laughing mess, but I never gave in! Not just out of stubbornness, but because I was really enjoying the tickling!

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    Dec 2013
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    Hey so some of you probably already know this story, but I'll share any chance i get because it was AWESOME!.... ok, maybe not at first, but let's get this outta the way:
    Trigger warning- sleep paralysis, pain, mental health

    Ok so now that's courteously out of the way (with isolation it tends to screw with people) on to the story! By the way this doesn't involve other people.

    About the time people become more um "aware " of their bodies, mid teens ish, i was not really having fun. I had high anxiety, always tense, always really really serious. I go to sleep one night, wake up on my back (not my normal sleeping position) M, and i somehow hurt in the pins n needles way basically on every nerve and i couldn't move, it was the middle of the night, and i of course with the anxiety i go "shit, am i dying? Shit! I'm dying!" Proceed to freak the absolute fuck out; i eventually am able to move and run to parents room blah blah blah. But the story does not end there. No.

    The sleep paralysis continued to strike for about a week and a half after that time, always mostly the same but with more of a buzz and less of a bad poke each time, until it was just like a non ticklish buzz on every single feeling nerve. I decided to be brave or whatever and "laugh in the face of danger". I get out a slightly mocking "Ha." but that's as far as i got in a controlled manner.

    The rest probably sounded more like "[Ha.] H-hAAH! AAAHAHAHAGGH!" Because as soon as i said that one ha, the buzz exploded into the probably most intense tickling sensation i think i ever had ever, and it was everywhere, my skin, obviously, but like also my muscles n joints, innards, literally any sensory nerve on or within my body was being rocked. I quickly broke paralysis and was absolutely thrashing but the thing is when you break paralysis it all stops. I didn't want it to stop. I got hooked DEEP. I got so hooked, that's why I'll tire lers out, it's cuz I'm basically insatiable.

    I wish i could steal that Elsa tickle endorphin thing image because that's what it was like for almost days after. It stopped and i was laying there and i just didn't want to move. It was like the sun was shining again after a particularly long winter and dammut i was gonna bask in it!
    Watch out, I have an extremely competitive spirit when it comes to leeing. I might laugh but you'll never make me say uncle!

    I'm a

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    Sep 2019

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    Apr 2005
    near Harrisburg, PA
    Haven't had one yet, but would be interested in any guidance on how to make it happen.

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    Sep 2019

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    Jan 2002
    It's inspiring to hear that some of you found partners who share the tickle fetish for your first experience. Many of these sound like fantasies come true. I wish I could share something similar, but my first real tickling sessions was one for $.

    I had it with a professional switch who went by the name of Luna at a pro dungeon in East SF Bay called Fantasymakers. She was really sweet. She was in her early twenties, as was I. I watched her strip down to her panties and dance erotically in front of me, which has always been my favorite prelude to a tickle session. I cuffed her hands over her head in a standing position and spent a few minutes wiggling my fingers in the air close to her skin but not touching her yet. She squirmed and tried to get away as far as the restraints allowed her, which wasn't very far, even though her feet were completely free. But I could tell she really was really was telling the truth when she said on her profile that she was VERY ticklish because of how squirmy the mere anticipation of being tickled made her. I started with light spidery fingertip tickles to her sides and ribs, exploring her belly and breasts too. I quickly realized that she was not much of a laugher or giggler, but a shrieker instead, which made her ticklishness feel more genuine to me. I also realized that the her soft, smooth armpits were her trouble spot. The shrieks would become louder and desperate whenever I approached the area. One memorable detail about her was the way adorable way she tried to evade my fingers, by pulling back and then stepping forward and pushing her body into mine, wrapping her legs around my back in a sexy way. I also remember offering her a break from the tickling and making her remove her panties and dance completely naked in front of me just for a few minutes before putting her back into bondage, this time with a spreader bar cuffed to her feet and her ability to move even more minimized. We can only had about 10 or 15 mins left by that point, so I turned the intensity up, focusing on her armpits and inner thighs. Afterwards, we took a few minutes to recover and lightly cuddle. Out meeting ended with a warm hug and a casual kiss.

    Obviously it couldn't have been as fulfilling as a real connection with a fellow tickle freak, but it was a good experience overall and a good memory to revisit. Great thread

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    Nov 2019
    Had a friend years ago who told me she used to be tickled by her brothers a lot growing up. I told her I had a tickling fetish and she was curious about it. She had me come over when her room mate was gone and we set up my under the bed restraints on her bed. She had me in just my boxers and began exploring every inch of my body. She began at my feet ( I mentioned that was a spot that turned me on and drove me wild ). She had me going crazy with her nails dancing in toes and all over my soles. She even moved her hands to the tops of my feet and ankles and noticed I was getting really excited and stopped and moved up my legs and was lightly caressing my inner thighs for a while before squeezing my knees. She passed my private area and tickled my belly and moved her hands up and down my sides into my underarms and made me beg as she caressed my armpits. I was absolutely at her mercy. She moved her hands to my nipples and used he mouth to lick and gently kiss and straddled me ( sitting right in front of my private ) and moaned in my ear that she was really into this as her finger nails moved around in my armpits and I was quivering and trying to thrust her off of me. She sucked on my ear lobe and pushed her tongue in my ear and it felt gross and weird and tickled surprisingly. Then she nibbles and sucked on my neck while her hands were still tickling my underarms. She ran her palms up and down my arms and we kissed. She gave me a break for 30 seconds and moved down and began sucking my toes as her hands gently and lightly tickled my feet and her feet were poking at my sides and arm pits. She turned around after a few minutes and helped me cum with her hand gently stroking. She didn’t stop rubbing slowly and had me at her mercy begging and going crazy ( it felt like 30 minutes ), I was so sensitive and extra ticklish and she enjoyed every reaction and was cruel. She untied me and said she was ready to try being tied up and tickled for the first time ever. I had her tied down spread eagle facing up. I kissed her forehead and began gently caressing down her helpless arms into her smooth and soft armpits. I kissed and licked her armpits and she was giggling and blushing. I moved to her nipples with my mouth and began passionately sucking and then I stopped and watched her eyes starring at me wondering why I would tease her. I started tickling my hands quickly on her ribs and sides and she laughed hard. She said “okay yeah I’m really ticklish!” And I moved mouth and blew on her tummy and she went crazy for a few seconds. I nibbled her hip and then used my hands to tickle and squeeze her hips. She bounced off the bed getting an inch or two of air. I tried again and then put a pillow under her lower back. I adjusted it giving her a short break and moved down and sat between her spread legs. I took a feather and lightly stroked all over her butt and private area. She was wet and begging to make her cum. ( unfortunately for her she still had to wait 30 minutes longer ). I then used my finger and lightly caressed and teased her there before moving to her inner thighs for some revenge. I rubbed and caressed ever so gently as she tried to thrust and close her legs. Then I nibbled right above her knee while holding her leg from knocking my teeth out. I moved my hands back to her inner thighs and tickled a little harder and had her laughing and trying to squirm free. I tickled and rubbed down her legs and got off the bed and in front of her feet. I began caressing her soles and relaxing her , it tickled but she liked it and was able to endure. I then began hard tickling her soles with my fingers and gave her a few breaks. Her feet were very nice and well taken care of and clean and I started to lick up her arches and each time she shrieked and then did a faint moan of enjoyment. I kissed the ball of her foot and then took in her big toe and sucked hard until she almost came. I sucked the other toes and she was giggling and trying to curl her toes in my mouth ( it was pretty cute ). I saw her hair brush on her dresser and grabbed it ( glad she didn’t try it on me the first time, she did many times in the future ) and straddled her left ankle and scrubbed her heel for 20 seconds as she was howling in laughter. She said it was insanely ticklish and never thought to try a hair brush. I grabbed some of her lotion and massaged it into one of her feet and then tested my finger nails dragging up and down her arch and tortured her for a while. I used the hair brush again and she was going crazy laughing when the bristles scraped her lotioned foot. I held her toes back with one hand and scrubbed the brush on her foot , up and down her arch, tiny circles side to side. Under her toes and along the ball of her foot and back down to her heel. The sides of her feet were even more responsive to the brush and she desperately tried to curl her toes and almost slipped out of my hand once with the lotion on her toes. She surrendered and I gave her foot a break and went back up to cuddle and caress her while she was still tied down. I started rubbing and lightly tickling her belly and moving my hand down and she got an excited smile knowing I was finally going to give her some relief. I fingered her and she was extremely sensitive and I took my sweet time rubbing and touching her after. She was moaning and begging and wanted mercy. I untied her and we cuddled and I dragged my nails up her back and she bit my shoulder. We took a break and then she really wanted to try having me tied face down with my feet together. I let her and she placed a pillow under my soles and a towel on the pillow and put another pillow on top of my ankles. She straddled my ankles and tried some baby oil on my soles. Her nails dig into my toes and she dragged them all over my helpless feet. After a few minutes she tried the hair brush and teased me saying now she can get revenge. She was merciless with the brush. I was begging her and biting a pillow trying to take the tickling. She used the brush on one foot while her other hand was tickling under my toes ( one of my most ticklish spots she discovered ), I was thrusting and trying to squirm and wiggle but couldn’t move with the pillow under my feet. My soles were too vulnerable and helpless and she kept tickling them. After a few minutes I told her I was about to lose it and cum if she kept it up and she said good, and kept digging her fingers under my toes and I thrusted into her bed ( I had a towel under me for sweat ) and came while she kept tickling me. I became super super ticklish and she didn’t give me a break and could feel me under her really struggling and trying to squirm. Every few minutes I’d start to cum again and she had me like this for almost an hour. Eventually I was so exhausted and satisfied and comfortable squished into her bed that I didn’t even react anymore but she still caressed and rubbed my soles and then tickled my feet more. I was in heaven. Then she remembered I mentioned an electric tooth brush could be used for tickling and she went to her bathroom and came out with one. She used it along my butt crack and surprised me! I had never been tickled there and I went insane. She moved it all over and up to my lower back , I was alive again and started trying to pull my arms down. She moved it down my sides and in my armpits. She moved it to the back of my neck and then went all the way down my body to my legs and to my feet. She had an idea and stopped and got something out of her dresser. I felt some weird thing slide around my toes and she had put some cheap pedicure toe spreaders around my toes. She then put one hand under the top of my foot and used the electric tooth brush all over the tips of my toes and it really tickled. After a few minutes she turned off the tooth brush and laid on me. I was drenched in sweat. She kissed the side of my ear and tickled my armpits with her hands for a minute or two. I got untied and we took a quick shower and got a different towel on the bed and she was ready for her round two. I tied her face down the same way she had me. I began licking her clean soles and really was turning her on. I turned and smacked her ass suddenly and ( she was really into spanking she told me ) and then moved back to her feet and started rubbing her toes with my fingers and she was happy. I gave her a tickly foot rub and just kept caressing her soles and I must have been putting the right weight on her ankles to make her feet extra ticklish and she said a safe word from just my palms rubbing her soles gently and lightly. I stopped and then she was ready for more she said. I used the hair brush and electric tooth brush just as she used on me. I applied baby oil on just one foot and lotion on the other foot to try to mess with her sensations and tickled them both at the same time. I straddled her lower back and gave her a back rub and then I tickled her back and she was really fun in this position. I moved to her armpits and sides and gave her some good finger tickling. I untied her brief and turned her facing up and left her feet u tied but her wrists tied. She wrapped her legs around me and I kissed her and tickled her nipples and upper body and armpits for a few minutes. She was laughing and then we would kiss. It was her reward and it cracked her up. I grabbed her feet and locked them under my arms and tickled them while they were around my body for a bit. She managed to get free eventually. I laid next to her and rubbed her armpits gently and caressed her nipples and pleased her once more before untying her. We had a year long friendship taking turns tickling each other. She eventually moved out of state and we lost touch over the years. She was my first real tickle experience with bondage.

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    Met a guy (from here I belive.. this was a long time ago haha) and went to his place. He had straps. It was life changing. Played with him one more time after that and never saw him again. Wonder how he is doin... hahaha

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