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Thread: Tickle dreams?

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    Dec 2005

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    Mar 2002
    I have a decent amount of them.

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    Sep 2017
    Yes, quite often. Very rarely though do I come to some sort of release in them, which results in me waking up in a fairly frisky mood lol.

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    May 2006
    Boston MA
    Great comments everyone! I hope I have another tickle dream soon

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    Aug 2002
    Kent, England
    I had one just the other day, and it was odd for several reasons. In the dream a female friend of mine was straddling me and tickling my armpits, teasing me and asking if it tickled. When I said it did she continued, and later I was tickling and poking her upper body to no ticklish reaction; instead, it seemed to soothe her.

    It’s odd because my friend is happily married to another friend, and whilst she’s a very attractive woman (an older looking Scarlett Johansson) I’ve never looked at her like that. Also, I’m primarily a ler, but with an increasing lee curiosity. We were both clothed when the tickling took place but had gone under each other’s clothes to tickle. It was a very pleasant dream, but after what happened in my head it could be awkward the next time I see her!

    Cheers, everybody,

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    Dec 2013
    somewhere in the eastern half of the United States
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    I've had a couple tickling dreams, mostly of sessions where i surprised the ler by basically never breaking threshold.
    Watch out, I have an extremely competitive spirit when it comes to leeing. I might laugh but you'll never make me say uncle!

    I'm a

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    Jul 2007
    West Tennessee
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    I think you can, to a certain extent, set up the situation in your mind just before you drift off. That usually works for me.

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    One of the benefits of edging (for me anyway), without (cough ahem) reaching a conclusion, is that I usually have some sort of Tickling dream.

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    Jan 2016
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    I just had a fantastic dream that is still haunting me hours later. It has a great piece of dialog that, although it comes from my own subconscious, feels as if it's something I heard.

    I'm in my old apartment from many years ago, where I lived with my now-ex. It's night and almost ghostly. Anyways, I suddenly hear the sounds of sex coming through the walls. It's the moans of my ex, lol. And I think, god, does she HAVE to have sex RIGHT NEXT DOOR?

    so now, I'm listening in...walking around the apartment, and trying to find the best place to hear......I'm pressing my ear against the wall....I go into a closet and find I can hear better in there......I hear her moans come to a fever pitch, as if she's had an orgasm. She dies down to post-sex moans and sighs..... but then suddenly her moans turn to desperate begging!

    "Oh no no, you can't do that!"

    "What, this?" he says, laughing.

    Her voice wailing. "You can't touch me like that!"

    He snickers devilishly ....and her ticklish laughter explodes. Obviously he's got her good.

    There's more to the dream, but that's all that's really pertinent. Isn't that great dialog, though? I've got to remember to use that! The discovery of ticklishness, such a hot moment....the great secret revealed.

    Going to work now! Happy to have gotten this off my chest!

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    Dec 2003
    Western Wisconsin
    I've been having them frequently lately. They started out back in November last year with my late husband and him tickling me with slow light strokes to my feet, stomach, and sides. Then they morphed into invisible hands tickling me while I was sleeping or reading a book in the dreams. I am not sure why I'm having them but I wake up when the tickling gets to a certain point in the dream (either a place on my body or the tickling is so intese my brain wakes me up to make it stop).

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    Dec 2017
    I like having nice dreams like these but I always wake up!

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    Jun 2018
    Jax FL
    occasionally, I am trying to remember the deets of my latest, but I can't unfortunately haha
    Life is short, spend it ticklishly...

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    Apr 2001
    upstate NY
    Not so much now that Iím older. Once in a great while Iíll have one. I remember once I dreamt that a female I know was playfully picking on me. So to get even, I pushed her onto a nearby bed, slid her shirt up, and tickled her belly.

    As teen I had tickle dreams all the time. They usually wound up being wet dreams, lol.
    Life's short, tickle hard

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    More of a nightmare than a dream.....I wake up in a hot sweat thinking of what could have been....read on !

    Every Thursday evening my Wife Susan would attend a dance class at the local community hall, I'd drive her there, drop her off and then call into the local pub and have several beers while waiting for her to finish her class before meeting up later in the pub, she'd normally call in with a few of the Women from her class and have a glass or two of wine.

    I worked afternoons regular (2-10) so I'd leave my car in the pub car park and Sue would give me a lift to pick it up the following day, usually late morning.
    We would normally order a taxi before last orders, except in the summer months when we'd occasionally walk the 15-20 minute trek home.

    Sue's very aware of my tickle passion but rarely indulges in my 'odd' (as she calls it) passion, except when she's tipsy or drunk, then she loves to tease me about by fetish, but never (until that night) in public.

    Now Sue has a friend called Val who also goes to the dance classes, but she's less enthusiastic than Sue and would very often fail to turn up.

    Val's Husband always drinks in the pub and usually sits with another guy at a table in the far corner.
    I've tried on more than one occasion to befriend Clive but for whatever reason this sullen, moody, miserable Man has always shunned my approach, so we now sit waiting for our Wives at opposite ends of the narrow pub and return icy stares and glances.

    The 'situation' with Clive has definitively put a damper on what could be a great end to the evening, and both Women tried to make light of the issue and have tried everything to get us to talk, but he didn't like me and I had no time for him, so it was awkward to say the least.

    I've often put Clive's attitude down to jealousy, we're of a similar age but where as i'm tall and buffed, he's small and skinny.
    I've always worked out, never smoked, taken pride in my appearance and still have a decent head of hair.
    Clive is a chain smoker, quite hunched in his appearance, his bald head sports short grey flashes on the sides and his nicotine stained fingers shake slightly when lighting a rolled cigarette.

    Why the hell his Wife has put up with this unsociable creep is beyond me but put up she has and we have to accept it.

    However the situation changed one Thursday evening when I bumped into an old mate that I hadn't seen for years, we laughed and reminisced over old times and the beer flowed far too quickly, until after about four or five he reluctantly had to leave.
    All the time, sullen miserable Clive stared bitterly as we laughed and joked, sat supping his pint, rolling a cigarette and peeling the paper off a damp beer mat.

    I hadn't realised how drunk I felt until my mate left and I was on my own, I had at least another hour before the Women arrived and stared at another full pint, bought against my wishes by my departing mate.
    I'd thought about drinking a pint or two of water and trying to sober up, but with that sullen old git watching in the corner I felt somewhat obligated to carry on.

    I remember the Women arriving and Sue realising within seconds that I was drunk, I remember them laughing and I also recall me buying them a bottle of wine, as apposed to the usual glass.
    I also remember them saying how they'd have to get me drunk more often and Val returning the compliment and buying another bottle.

    The rest of that night was a weird blur, the subject of my tickle fetish was brought up by Sue and I remember being shocked by Val's enthusiastic reaction when finding out.
    Her already piercing voice went a octave higher as they teased me about my fetish.
    I was way too drunk to indulge in their banter and had to lean back in my chair taking it, with a stupid smile etched on my face and a feeling of helplessness.

    But the really worrying aspect of that evening was of Val trying to pull my sheer black socks off my size ten feet having already successfully removed my shoes.

    Sue was of no help whatsoever, the wine had rendered her a giggling naughty girl who just laughed at the antics of her clearly excited and mischievous friend.

    However the sting in the tail and my abiding memory was seeing Clive move in, he'd clearly heard and saw everything and stared transfixed at the movement going on under the table.
    His eyes were the size of saucers, his lip quivered and his hands shook uncontrollably as he scampered around the table.

    I remember a look of hate but more menacingly the look of triumph etched on his face as he cowered underneath the table.
    For the first time ever I felt totally helpless and at their mercy, too drunk to even move.

    My night was saved by Malcolm the landlord who rang the Bell and bellowed out "Drink up...drink up" and the barmaid shouting "taxi for Brooking...taxi for Brooking"
    I remember Clive banging his head on the rim of the table as he shot up unnoticed.

    The saying "SAVED BY THE BELL" was never more poignant, he looked truly gutted as I was helped up by my Wife and one of the bar staff, we staggered our way to the exit and the safety of the Taxi.....but phew...I often think what if !

    Lady luck was on my side that evening.

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    May 2006
    Boston MA
    Incredible stories and experiences! Thanks all. Unfortunately I haven't had any tickle dreams lately:/. Hope they return!

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