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    A Fantasy Come to Life M/F Warning: *Foot Fetish Explicit* VERY LONG STORY

    Hey all, this is my first story I've ever written so it ended up alot longer than I was expecting. Apologies to those who prefer stories that get straight to the point this one might not be for you. Any who...I hope someone out there enjoys it!

    It was a quiet Saturday afternoon in the suburban neighborhood that 22 year old college student, Chris Loring, grew up in. He was a student who commuted to and from class, so unfortunately for him he still lived at home with his family. Granted, he was a bit on the shy side and not very social beyond his small close friend group, so he wouldn’t be the type to be venturing the bars and college parties anyways. Chris was what anyone would consider “inexperienced” in the dating and social scene…so a bit of a late bloomer in that respect. But overall, he was a very well liked kid, and despite being shy and not very confident with the ladies…he was coming into his own and beginning to look like a pretty attractive guy to women.

    Stuck at home on a Saturday afternoon in early May is the last place any 22 year old would want to be. But with final exams and projects coming up, Chris had one more final project left to finish that he had been procrastinating on all month. On top of all that, it was one of those useless classes that you’re pretty much forced to take just for the college credits required to graduate. It was some ancient historical art class that Chris had no interest in what so ever. Due to that fact, he had slacked off all semester and his GPA was taking a hit from this class. Unlucky for him, this class had the type of professor that requires a large amount of effort in the projects assigned. So Chris really needed to put some effort and thought into this project to keep his GPA up with graduation right around the corner.

    “God…DAMMITTTTT! This class sucks I hate this!” Chris yells out loud to himself as he hits his computer desk reading all of the requirements that needed to be checked off for this final assignment. His professor had assigned Chris with ancient Egypt, and he was to make a little exhibit to photograph and write a small paper documenting facts about ancient Egyptians and their way of life. Chris had plenty of space in his parents renovated basement to set up this exhibit, think of a decent sized playroom with new carpet etc. He had spray painted some cardboard boxes and hand painted hieroglyphics on them to resemble a tomb type background setting. He also purchased some cheap Egyptian toys from Amazon..like a sphynx statue toy….a big poster of the pyramids he could also hang up in the background.

    The final piece of the project he really had to knock out of the park was a Mummy. Being that it was an art class…The professor emphasized that she wants to see some effort in the project and not all pictures and items that can be purchased. So Chris thought that he could buy a bunch of tan bandage wrap and roll up either couch pillows or maybe even balloons in the shape of a mummy and place that in the middle of the exhibit.
    After about his 4th attempt to wrap up different shaped couch pillows…he took a step back…pulled out his camera and was about to take a picture…..before kicking the poorly wrapped up pillows in frustration for how ridiculous it looked. “Cmon man! Why do I have to do this stupid shit I’m never going to use this ever in my life what a joke.”

    *Knock Knock Knock* “Hello?? Lorings anyone home? It’s Sue.” Chris heard his long time neighbor Sue knocking at the screen door to the backyard as he runs back upstairs to answer it.

    “Oh hey Sue hows it going?” said Chris as he greeted her at the door

    “Oh hey Christopher! Are your parents around I haven’t seen them in the yard yet today?” Sue replied.

    “Nah I actually dropped them all off at the airport this morning. My parents and brothers are all spending the week in Orlando so I have the place to myself for the next week. They’ll be back next Sunday though if you need anything.” Chris said

    “Wow look at you! That’ll be nice getting some peace and quiet this week I bet. I’m actually in the same boat Jimmy and Crystal just got picked up by their dad so I’m kid free this weekend. Looks like it’ll be a good weekend for a nap around here with everyone gone haha” said Sue
    Sue had been Chris’s neighbor for almost all his life. So she had known him since he was little and her kids grew up like siblings with Chris and his brothers. Sue had recently gotten divorced though…her ex-husband moved out as she kept the house, but he got the kids every other weekend. Sue was 45 year old about 5’6’’ average build…blonde hair blue eyes. Not a model by any means but definitely always had the Milf thing going on about her and definitely attractive enough for young Chris to have thoughts in the back of his mind growing up. She looked a lot like the blonde lady in the first Jurassic Park. Sue got a ton of money in alimony but still ended up being a substitute teacher on the side anyways as it was a convenient schedule with having two kids in school.

    “Haha I know right! I’ll get to enjoy it as soon as I get this stupid final project done that I’ve been stressing all month. It’s due tomorrow and I didn’t start it until today so..” said Chris

    “Ugh that’s a bummer. That’s what you get for procrastinating though! Haha Im just kidding” as Sue jokingly adds a playful head nod as she says it.

    “Yea yea yeaaaaaa” Chris says smiling with an added eye roll

    “Actually I hate to pull you away from your homework but I was hoping someone could help me lift the trailer for the lawn mower out of the garage? It’s buried back there and I can’t seem to pull it out by myself, I’m trying to get some lawn work done today.” Sue said

    “Oh yea no problem at all, I could use a break to walk away from the project for a few minutes” Chris said as he headed back to Sue’s house to help her with this favor.

    The Lorings and Sue’s house were closer than any other neighbors on the street. Sue’s front lawn was connected to Chris’ backyard so it was natural why all the kids grew up together and they were closer neighbors than everyone else.

    “Alright ready…on 3…One….two….three!” Chris said to Sue as they both lifted the trailer out from the back of the garage.

    “Nice! Thank you so much Christopher you’re a life saver I really appreciate this. Sue said in a very appreciative way.

    “Yea absolutely not a problem. If you need anything else just give me a shout I’ll be home” Chris replied.

    “So what’s this school assignment that has you all stressed out? Ever since being a substitute teacher and seeing all this school material again I feel like I remembered a bunch of things I was taught in school and forgot over the years” Sue said to Chris as he was walking away.

    “Ah it’s some totally ridiculous Egyptian art setup I have to do. It’s an art class so I have to take a picture of what looks like an Egyptian artifact exhibit. Just a pain in the ass really” Chris replied as hes still walking away

    “Wow really! That sounds kind of cool do you mind if I come take a look at it?” Sue said excitedly as she jogged to catch up with Chris.

    “Haha oh god…trust me its really nothing special to look at…at ALL” *chris facepalms. “But as you wish…don’t say I didn’t warn you haha”
    Chris shutting the backdoor as they walk back into the Loring’s home. “I have it set up downstairs in the basement so just head down the stairs”
    Following behind Sue, he couldn’t help but eye her up and down. She was wearing a white t-shirt, woman’s shorts, black outdoor boots and what looked to be thick white socks peeking out of them. Chris had always been attracted to her even when he was younger. And being a virgin and completely inexperienced with women…just being alone with her even in an innocent setting started to get his heart beating a little faster than usual.

    “Hahahah! Oh my god that’s a riot!” Sue laughs out loud upon seeing the half assed school exhihbit.

    “Haha laugh it up! I warned you it was a stupid assignment.” Said Chris as he was being a good sport shaking his head in slight embarrassment.

    “Whats with the balloons and all the pillows? Egyptian sweet 16 party?!” Sue said

    “Ughhhh…I’m trying to put together what’s supposed to be a mock mummy so I can have it as the main attraction and set up all the other minor stuff in the background of the photos. Not the easiest task in the world as you can see ha.” Chris said

    “Hahah ok well here let me give you a hand I owe you anyway for helping me with the trailer” Sue said as she grabbed the balloons and pillows and started trying to roll them up with the bandages.

    “Be my guest” Chris said as he stood there smiling at her poor attempt to try what he had failed to do the first 4 times.

    “Voilia!” Sue shouted. As the bandages started to all unravel and the semi wrapped figure looked more like a disfigured piece of roadkill than a mummy.

    “Hahah” both Sue and Chris started laughing at the mess this assignment was.

    “Well I appreciate the attempt but it’s just not looking like its gonna work. I’ll just take the hit on my GPA I’m graduating I don’t care that much anyways” Chris explained ready to call it quits.

    “Whoa now what kind of attitude is that?? You can’t just give up and quit this is your final college grade ever! End on a high note and set yourself up with good habits for the rest of your career! You’ll remember this moment years from now I promise.” Sue said to Chris in a motivating way

    “Alright well I don’t know what else to try..do you have a any spare mannequins lying around by any chance ??!!” Chris joked

    “Hmm…” Sue stared down at the mess of an exhibit. “Hey what about if I be the mummy? You just need to take a couple pics right?” Sue suggested

    “You?? Oh no I couldn’t ask you to do that lol thank you though” Chris laughed at the idea of it

    “No c’mon it’ll be easy and technically its what a mummy actually is right? I don’t mind at all lets do it” Sue said as she picked up the roll of bandages and handed it to Chris

    Chris stunned by what Sue was suggesting…took the bandages being handed to him and laughed as he said “haha are you sure?? I promise I wont wrap you up too tight I wanna make sure you can breathe ofcourse”

    “Haha I trust you Christopher. Besides this will be the easiest job I’ve ever had. I just have to lay there ha!” The playful older neighbor jokingly said as she stood up putting her arms down along each of her sides welcoming Chris to start turning her into a mummy.

    “lol here goes nothing I guess” Chris said as he carefully begin the wrap the tan bandages around Sue. Starting up at her shoulders..then around her arms….not too tight as he wanted her to be able to easily breathe and be safe…but he not so accidentally wrapped them a bit tighter just above her elbows as he got to her forearms and wrists area pinning her arms close against her sides.

    “Ok so I don’t need all of you in the shot to I’m not going to wrap above your shoulders. I’ll just angle the picture so I can see the body of the mummy and I’ll have the sphynx in front blocking your face or something.” Chris explained to Sue

    “Sounds good to me! This is pretty comfy actually.” Sue said as she stood up half wrapped as Chris continued to carefully turn her into mummy.

    “OK…now that your upper half is wrapped, I’m going to slowly help you sit down on the floor so you can lie down and I’ll finish your bottom half. Your legs will be easy when you’re laying down. Here let me get you a pillow.” Chris carefully helped Sue sit down on the carpet and lie down positioning the pillow under her head gently. She lied there as he continued wrapping her legs now, tighter at the knees and ankles and making sure no clothing was exposed through the wrap as it would ruin the exhibit.

    Chris was nearly finished wrapping Sue up as his mummy exhibit. He found himself done with her ankles…and now all that was left sticking out were her black outdoor boots. One thing to know about Chris….although his experience with females was non existent, part of the reason for that was the fact that he had a HUGE foot fetish. One that had followed him since he was even a young child. Even the porn he would watch online was predominantly foot based and not the usual sex videos the average person would watch. So for him to even bring up what he liked to a girl was out of the question, and the closest thing he had experienced to his desires was always pixels on a computer screen…until now.

    Growing up, Chris had always paid attention to different woman’s feet that would be around. Flip flop season was a favorite of his since he could always see what they looked like for real as he always fantasized about friends moms, teachers, neighbors and such. He ALWAYS looked for Sue’s during the warm months, and luckily for him she would wear flip flops often..but he was never able to get a glimpse of her soles for whatever reason. A mystery he had longed for…and now…found himself in this situation.
    His mind was racing..as it had finally dawned on him the situation…the opportunity that had presented himself…almost perfectly…almost too good to be true…but here it was. He HAD to think of an excuse to get those boots off. And he had to act fast while being inconspicuous about it.

    “How we looking down there?” Sue asked

    “Heh um g-good…looking good…I’m just wondering if Ill be able to secure it without botching what it looks like. Your head wont be in the picture but the whole bottom half will be. Your boots seem kinda clunky and and too big for this…its tough to wrap” Chris tried selling that innocently as he purposely messed up trying to wrap up the boots.

    “Haha hey!! Are you trying to say I have big feet Christopher?! How rude!” Sue playfully said as she was making light of the situation not thinking that they might actually be removed.

    “H-h-ha! Haha! No no I’m n-not saying that! I’m sure they’re not THAT big lol” Chris nervously stuttered back as he had nearly had a heart attack just hearing Sue mention her feet out loud. He also damn well knew her feet were not overly big..because Chris knew her shoe size by heart…for years. Sue wore an 8.5 , as he had checked her shoe size on one of her spare pairs of shoes she left at her house when Chris was babysitting her younger kids.
    Chris’s mind was still racing..and he had to act fast or he would regret this for the rest of his life. He realized his situation…he’s home alone for the next week…no plans…nobody coming by to visit today. Sue was in the same situation…no plans, home alone for the whole weekend..except she was restrained helpless, like a mummy…in Chris’ home. She was not going ANYWHERE if he had anything to say about it. So he worked up his courage..and made the first move.

    *Sitting Indian style at the bottom of the wrap, Chris placed Sues ankles on his thigh and begins unlacing her black boots…hands SHAKING in nerves…as he feels his pants already growing tight..making sure to keep her boots away from his lap so she doesn’t realize whats going on.*

    “Whoa hey what do you think you’re doing down there Mr haha. You leave my boots alone!” Sue said in a joking manner

    “Don’t worry it’ll be quick its a lot easier to wrap this way”. Chris said as he focused on keeping her at bay as he unlaced them quickly

    “Oh boy you might regret doing that they might be a little stinky I’ve been in them doing lawn work all morning. Better leave them on if you know whats good for ya! Haha” Sue said jokingly while a little nervous feeling them coming off one by one.

    “Oh stop it lol” Chris said in response as he was too distracted to come up with anything witty while trying to play it cool.
    He pulled one boot off her socked foot and then the other right after placing the boots off to the side next to him. He could FEEL the heat radiating from her socks laying on his thigh and it was driving him fucking CRAZY. Hands still shaking with excited nerves...he got what he had wanted...closer to them than he’d ever have been before. He needs to get back to his project and snap out of it before she realizes whats going on or else his life is OVER. Chris begins wrapping her socked feet up in the wrap and then secures them in bandages.

    “Ah..job complete! Wow that is so much easier and looks really good! Ok let me take a couple pics real quick and we can get you out of here.” Chris said as he could not get her feet off his mind. He had to come up with something…ANYTHING. He then deliberately placed something in front of her face so he could take pictures while also strategically blocking her view of him and anything below her neck.

    “Ok just a couple more pictures…actually let me put on an Egyptian soundtrack and get a quick video of the set up. Will probably score me some extra points.” Chris said

    “Sounds good! Take your time this is surprisingly relaxing down here ha” - Sue said

    “Oh I sure will…” Chris thought to himself. He hit play on the music as it filled the room…but he was not taking any such video….Chris now had privacy to himself…and sat off to the side out of view. He picked up Sue’s boot..and stuck his nose right inside it and took a slow deep breath quietly.
    Chris nearly ripped through his jeans.

    The warm feint aroma of her freshly removed boots creeped up his nostrils and into his bloodstream. Almost like rocket fuel..his heart bumping…he himself light headed…as all the blood in his body rushed to one spot in particular. He then did to the other boot because he couldn’t resist and told himself ok the fun stops here…you’ve gotten way too risky as is.

    He snapped out of it for a second.
    “Ok that’s good lets get you out of here.” He turned off the music and then grabbed the bottom of the mummy wrap. While his brain was telling him to just start unwrapping her and get on with his life…..his pants were still extremely tight…and was now the only brain functioning. For lack of better terms his crotch said to him.

    “Look at me…I’m the captain now.”

    Chris pretended to struggle to unclip the bottom of the wrap that he sealed the bandages shut with. Trying to finagle with his hands behind her achilles..he pretended he couldn’t do it from this position.

    “Damn….I wrapped you up pretty good huh…hold on I might have to flip you over for a second to get these undone. Sorry.” Chris explained to Sue

    “Nottt a problem do what you need to do. Id love to give you a helping hand but…I’m kinda useless in this position haha!” Sue joked

    “Ok lets see im gonna just move you just like this…” Chris carefully turns Sue onto her stomach as she lays wrapped up face down still with her head comfortably on her pillow.
    Chris places her ankles back on his thigh as he starts undoing the bandage wrap around her socked feet. Almost completely unwrapped from her feet now…he decides to “accidentally” graze the tip of his thumb along the arch of her sock.

    “Ohhp!” *Sue’s whole body jolts for a second in the mummy wrap as she quickly realizes her vulnerable position and tries to pretend it didn’t happen.
    *Meanwhile…inside of chris’s jeans…………..BOINGGGGGGGG*
    Chris feels his face go flush red as he is downright horny now. His mind SCRAMBLING trying to figure out how to prolong this.

    “Y-you know Sue….I must say you really make great company. Maybe we should just stay here for the afternoon. You don’t need to be anywhere right?” Chris teased her

    “Ha ha ha very funnyyyyyy Christopher but if I don’t get to my lawn nobody will.” Sue replied
    Chris realized this was his chance…she gave him a lay up.

    “What! Are you pretend laughing at my bad joke right now??? Wowwww how dare you!” Chris playfully said back to her
    Being the smart ass ball buster she is…Sue began to reply sarcastically “Oh I would nevvverrr dare do tha- GCHKK HEYhaHAhAHA!! No DOHANNHAHAHAHA!!”
    Chris held the heels of her socked feet in place with his palms and each index finger was scratching the middle of each socked sole.
    Sue was completely caught by surprise and instantly overwhelmed. She started squirming around in the wrap helplessly trying to escape Chris’s two fingers teasing her socks.

    “Oh wow look at what we have here…” Chris said menacingly as his fingers stopped and he let her feet go.
    *Catching her breath after the surprise attack* “Oh my god don’t even think about that I am so ticklish you have no idea” Sue quickly shouted at Chris instantly regretting the way she said it.
    Chris’s mind racing at a million miles per hour right now. This was it…this was his time..what he had fantasized about his whole life . He couldn’t do this could he?? She would tell everyone…it would be the most embarrassing thing in the world and haunt him the rest of his life. What kind of trouble could he get into being naughty with the older neighbor, his parents’ friend! But then he took a second to calm down and think….She doesn’t know this is sexually turning him on. As far as she knows this is innocent teasing any normal person would do in this same position.

    “Ughhhh I cant!” Chris thought to himself. He had always had good morals and great judgement growing up. He knew he had to do the right thing and end it right here.

    “Haha ok ok I’m just kidding I’m not going to do that to you again don’t worry” Chris said calmly as Sue’s nervousness began to settle again

    “That would be mean of me….to ruin these nice socks of yours poking and scratching at them.” Chris said.
    Sue exhaled a sigh of relief
    *Suddenly feeling her socks slowly being slid off each foot one by one* Sue’s eyes opened WIDE as she lay face down beginning to panic again*

    “Here let me get these out of our way” Chris said to her as he was like a horny fiend trying to keep it together peeling her socks off exposing her bare feet.

    “Chris! NO!” Sue said with a little authority mixed with a touch of dread in her tone
    What Chris saw in front of him was incredible. There they were…two size 8.5s that were perfectly shaped and look like they hadn’t touched the ground barefoot in months. The balls and heels of her feet had a slight pinkish tone to them..while looking so soft and just barely enough meat so they weren’t too boney. Her arches were pale and milky looking while her toes were well shaped and painted pink. They appeared softer than Chris ever could have hoped for and what he loved most is that her feet straight up LOOKED ticklish.

    He stared at them but didn’t touch at he was already mesmerized by the sight of them alone. She could practically feel his eyes on them being so helplessly wrapped up and feeling how sensitive her already ticklish feet are as they’ve just been bared for the first time in hours. Sue’s feet slowly flexed and moved almost in a shy way as she felt like they were the center of attention but could not see anything behind her as she was stuck laying faced down.

    “Oh my….it looks like you have a little bit of lint from your socks still sticking to them. Sit tight I’ll take care of that for you” Chris said as his thumb and index gently grabbed the tiniest piece of lint that was stuck under her toes.

    “AHHHEHEHA god don’t!” Sue shouted as her body began to spasm while Chris was reaching for lint between her toes.

    “Oh hold on there’s just a little more right here too” Chris lightly swiped his fingertip along her baby soft arch to wipe the remaining piece of lint away and by god he could not have asked for a better reaction. Sue’s whole body bucked in the mummy wrap and proceeded to wiggle about just because of the ticklish chills that went through her body. She knew she was in serious trouble now but was still hoping it would end there as she knew Chris was a good kid.

    “Christopher! Oh my god please you have to stop and let me out right now that’s not even funny that’s just mean.” Sue pleaded while trying to flex her authority from being his elder.
    Chris was thinking to himself that was it, if he stopped now he’d be fine. It would probably never get brought up and at worst if it did it was so brief it could be shrugged off as a little innocently prank type thing. But god he wanted more. They were right there for the taking. Hard as a rock now, Chris decided he’d lay off the torment so not to push this too far..but prolong it just a couple more minutes so he could enjoy the last time he’s this close to her perfect feet.

    “Haha Im sorry I’m just messing with you! You really did have lint stuck to your feet I was just getting it off for you.” Chris said to her as he quietly picked up one of her socks and stuck it in his face and inhaled. It smelled incredible…almost euphoric like. They definitely smelled like worn socks, but they didn’t smell bad per say…but because they had her scent to them and the forbidden fruit her feet were to Chris…he started getting horny drunk.
    Sue feeling slightly relieved by his answer started trying to butter him up to get him away from this situation. “Well thank you I appreciate the gesture but you don’t need to do that anymore trust me they’re better off being left alone! I don’t even go to the salon because I don’t let anybody touch my feet”

    “Wow no kidding. I mean I’m no salon expert…but your feet look really really soft. You seriously don’t even go to the salon?” Chris said as he eyed her feet in front of him as he kept sniffing her sock
    Sue feeling foot shy and vulnerable again says “Yes I am so serious. Nobody is allowed to touch my feet I’ve always been like that “
    Chris so turned on at this point…can’t end this now…he decides to keep up the innocent playful façade. “What about me…can I touch em?” Chris asks in a playful menacing way.

    Goosebumps overtake Sue’s entire body just hearing him ask that question in that tone. “No! Nobody can it’s a rule! Ha” Sue says with a nervous fake laugh at the end of her sentence.

    “Hmm…I don’t know. I feel like I can…see?” Sue jumps as she feels Chris’s hands gently cup the tops of her feet in each hand from under them as her soles were still on display facing up.
    Sue felt both her feet lying helplessly in Chris’ hands behind her…she could sense this situation was trending in the wrong direction and was running out of ideas. Just as she was about to say something…Chris let them go, then he got up and appeared next to her so she could finally see him again.
    She felt a huge sense of relief and immediately tried to pivot to a new subject. “Haha ok good have you had your fun picking on an old lady today?? Hey you should come by a little later feel free to use the pool whenever you want I just cleaned it.”
    Chris looked back at her with a sly smile on his face…then he produced some sort of cloth and tied it over her eyes like a blindfold. It was that moment that Sue’s stomach nearly dropped.

    Chris grabbed a couple of pillows and went back down to the bottom of the wrap. He positioned one pillow on the ground to rest Sue’s ankles on, then laid the 2nd pillow on top of the back of her ankles to lay on top of sideways so it was comfortable for both him and her legs. He tightened his one arm around the pillows surrounding her wrapped ankles and laid on his side. There he was…laying comfortably with Sue’s warm, soft, ticklish feet protruding out from under his vice grip arm….resting soles up just inches away from his face. So close that he could even smell the slight scent of her feet inches away from him.

    Needless to say Chris was THROBBING at this point...and was beyond the point of turning back...something primal had set a switch off in him.
    Sue laying there...more nervous than ever and bracing for what she could sense was about to come. Feeling how he was positioned around her ankles like a vice grip just made her even more ticklish and they weren’t even being touched yet. This was bad.
    The silence and anticipation was deafening…Chris laying there admiring how soft and tempting her soles looked to him, really savoring the moment. Sue lying there helplessly..speechless just bracing for what was about to come..afraid to say something to instigate it even further.
    “C-Chris…No…Please haha don’t do this haha” Sue said with involuntary ticklish giggles already in her pleading without even being touched yet.
    And with that..he simply could not hold back any longer. Chris focused on his fingertip as he dragged it slowly down her soft sole from her heel…along the middle of her arch and to her toes…..and then back up again.

    Sue ERUPTED.

    “HehehAHAHAHA gohddnohahah you canthahahahhahaha”

    Chris felt every muscle in Sue’s body start to writhe and wiggle in her wrap under the grip of his arm. And he fucking loved it.
    He never broke focus as his menacing finger just found its way slowly but surely effortlessly sliding up and down the soles of Sue’s ticklish feet. When one foot would involuntarily cover up and protect the other, he’d begin targeting that one. The feel of her baby soft skin on his fingertip as he gently nudged it into and along her sole. Effortlessly making his neighbor twist, contort, and buck desperately trying to escape his touch.

    The whole moment was very intense for Chris as he’d only dreamed of ever being in such position. His jeans were so tight at this point it was downright painful, but given how focused his attention was on Sue’s ticklish feet he hardly even noticed how uncomfortable his pants had really become.

    “Chrihehehahasshahaha don’t doheehah thahahahht” Sue cried out as her body was being completely overrun by ticklish nerves.

    “Aw cmon this is nothing….surely you can handle just a couple tickles cant you? You’re strong I believe in you” Chris teased her with a devilish smile on his face. Still trying to make it seem as if this was some totally innocent playful act and NOT the completely inappropriate situation it’d had already started to become. He wanted to prolong this as long as he could.
    The mischievous finger finally stopped after what felt like minutes to Sue but was really only 45 seconds or so…but she was already completely spent. She laid there panting…flustered…catching her breath…and quite embarrassed at how helpless of a situation she was in. Her whole body tingling with goosebumps after having her barefeet held captive by a wandering fingertip.
    Hesitant to dare tempt him even more, Sue hesitated trying to think of the right thing to say to get out of this situation. But with her younger neighbor’s tone and making it out to be playful and harmless, she needed to make sure he knew this was NOT ok and would not be allowed to continue any further.

    “Ok Christopher this is NOT funny anymore.” Sue expressed in a surprisingly stern tone. “I’m serious you need to let me out right nowhaheheAHHHH HEHEHAHAH NOHAHAH DON’T GOHAHDAHAH”
    Sue collapsed into a complete fit of uncontrollable laughter and giggling as she now felt Chris dragging a pipe cleaner slowly back and forth between random toes on both her feet.

    Chris smiled and was in love with her reaction. “I’m sorry I didn’t catch that what are you trying to tell me?” As he continued methodically dragging the pipecleaner between her toes causing her body to jolt and spasm as if she was getting hit with electricity.
    Sue’s embarrassing giggling and occasional snort from laughing filled the basement playroom…which he didn’t mind at all since no other houses were anywhere near close enough to hear all the noise. He loved watching her feet flop and flail around trying so hard to escape his playful torment to no avail. The way her toes wiggled and flexed and curled involuntarily while the orange pipecleaner explored between all of them. At one point she worked up all her strength and gripped the pipecleaner tight between her toes so that he had trouble dragging it, which gave her a second to catch her breath at least.

    “Whoa…now just what in the heck do you think you’re doing Ms..you give me my pipecleaner back that’s mine.” Chris pretended to give it a little tug knowing she wasn’t going to be brave enough to let go of it as it was literally her only defense from becoming a ticklish flustered mess.
    “Hey What’d I say?? You let that go right now…” Chris said to her as he slowly raked three of his fingertips down her sole from her heel to the ball of her foot causing all her toes to wiggle and flail as the tickle toy was released from her grip.

    “EEEEK HEEHHAHAHA” Sue let out a high pitched cackle that was followed by more ticklish laughter.

    “Ah..that’s better…good girl.” Chris said with menacing confidence in his tone. Wait..what did he just say?? He turned red just thinking about how inappropriate that sounded…calling someone that has been a figure of authority his whole life…”good girl”. He would have died of embarrassment and guilt right then and there if he wasn’t so deep into such a real life fantasy situation of his wildest dreams already. As for Sue, even she was caught off guard by it. Granted she was pretty flustered already with her hands full from her desperate situation...but suddenly this was starting to feel like something beyond just innocent play. The way he said it too…it was almost as if being referred to as “good girl” that the role reversal switch had been triggered. She no longer felt like she was the authority figure here…as if it wasn’t apparent enough already.

    Before she could think of anything to say for her next attempt to make him stop and let her go…Chris had already begun speaking.
    “What was it you were telling me earlier when I wanted to give up on this project? Something along the lines of you can’t just give up and quit? How not giving up will build good habits in the future? Well I still have faith in you…I think you can handle a little tickling. I’m gonna return the favor and make sure you don’t give up the fight right now” Chris explained to her with a confident smile still on his face.

    “Chris please I can’t take anymore you have to stophah” Sue pleaded back to him with leftover ticklish giggles still being mixed into her own sentences.
    With that, she felt Chris reposition himself as he was no longer laying on his side, but straddled the backs of her wrapped ankles and mounted his weight on them so her bare feet were protruding out from under him soles up.

    “You know now that I think of it…weren’t you also telling me ever since becoming a substitute teacher you’ve started remembering a bunch of things you forgot over the years from the past? How about we put your knowledge to the test.” Chris grabbed a few cards from trivial pursuit that was near him.

    “What?? No you have to stop please no more.” The defeated Sue’s commanding tone beginning to dwindle away a little more everytime she spoke
    Chris worked up more than ever at this point and really started to relish in the situation he had been blessed to find himself in. Still wanting to indulge in this more…but still worried he’d get in so much trouble for crossing the line into inappropriate territory if this ever was found out by others. He came up with an idea.

    “I’ll tell you what…I’ll make you a deal. If you get atleast 2 of the 3 questions I ask correct…I’ll let you get back to your lawn work.” Chris explained.
    Finally! Light at the end of the tunnel! Sue excitedly thought to herself

    “But!...if you don’t get atleast 2 of these questions right….You have to practice getting them tickled for 5 more minutes……deal?” Chris said eagerly and nervously awaiting her response. What if she’s REALLY angry at me for this he thought to himself maybe he had pushed his luck too far…

    “Oh goddd…………………..d-deal.” Sue hesitantly responded. Nervous of what she’ll have to endure if god forbid she gets these wrong..but being so desperate to escape this is her chance.
    As for Chris…his eyes LIT up…and his dick was THROBBING inside his jeans. He had done it. He got his sexy..older neighbor…to agree to let him tickle her if she were to lose this challenge….uninterrupted and with no reason to hold back. Things were trending up for Chris..
    “Ok first question…Who was the president of the united states during the civil war?” Chris asked deliberately asking an easy one so she thought she’d have a chance.
    “Ohh! Abraham Lincoln” Sue yelled out
    “Wow….that is correct. I’m impressed.” Chris replied. “Ok next one….This historical Egyptian queen has been depicted in many Hollywood movies for her beauty”
    “Uhh umm…shoot….ummmm Nerfetiti??” Sue asked
    “EHHHH wrong…the correct answer is Cleopatra. Learned that one the other day haha.” Chris said. “Ok this one’s for all the marbles….You have 10 seconds…to name 3 states that start with the letter M….Go!” Chris said…while being incredibly nervous that he asked too easy of a question.
    Sue’s eyes lit up behind the blindfold..all the pressure is on as she knew what was at stake here…”Uhh MONTANA!.....umm….shoot cmon think think…Michigan! And uh uh…..”

    Seeing she was about to win her freedom…Chris gave her one last tickle as he knew this would be the last time he’d ever get to touch these incredible feet of hers. He started tracing circles on each of her heels waiting for her to answer.
    “hehaHAHA AHH M-MEXICO!!” Sue shouted
    They both realized what had just happened. The silence in the room was a mix of both nervous dread and excited arousal.
    “Mexico?! Hahaha I’m sorry that answer is Incorrect. And you know what that means…” Chris said with an ear to ear grin stuck on his face. He was like a kid on Christmas morning knowing what he had just won.
    “I meant New Mexico! You cheated you can’t tickle me while I’m answering that’s not fair!” Sue pleaded

    “We NEVER said anything about potential obstacles while you answer Ms…and you know it. Now…if you don’t mind…I have something to tend to….”
    Sue felt all his weight on the back of her calves as he straddled her and got into position. She was frozen in fear and bracing for the onslaught that was about to come. Her whole body tenses up while her exposed feet slowly flexed and moved shyly feeling his eyes on them. Chris kneeling on top of her calves…faced down at those super ticklish feet…almost drooling at the thought knowing they belong all to him for the next 5 minutes. He had to make this count…but also wanted to savor the moment.

    He gently touched the ball of her right foot with the tip of his index finger, feeling Sue’s legs twitch beneath him as soon as he made contact. But he didn’t drag his fingertip anywhere…he was just messing with her….really making her sweat it out. Then he lifted his fingertip and poked under her pinky toe on her left foot..causing her to jump and writhe under him again as he heard her let out the cutest high pitched yelp. The anticipation was killing her and the mind games making her feel even more sensitive.

    “You know…if you weren’t so entertaining with being so jumpy and your silly laugh I probably would have gotten bored by now and given up. But you just insist on keeping me entertained don’t you Sue. I think you might secretly enjoy it…” Chris joked getting a bit more daring and confident as each minute passes.
    “Like it?! Are you crazy this is torturGEEEHAHAH NOAHAA” Sue tried getting out before she suddenly felt Chris’s fingertips gently trying to wiggle under her toes on both feet.

    “Haha oh really..well if you hate it so much why do you keep laughing?” Chris knew damn well she could not help it but he was loving the mind games.
    Sue was getting completely mind fucked. She knew he had a point…if she keeps laughing he’ll never take her pleading seriously because it’s sending the complete opposite message. He thinks this is just an innocent game and he’s being a goofball. She had to be strong now.

    “I’m not laughinGKEeEEH HEEHEhAHAHA NOAHAHAHA” Sue tried getting her sentence out before collapsing into ticklish laughter as she felt his fingertips lightly swiping back and forth along the balls of her feet.
    Chris fucking loved it. Hearing her try to get out sentences and be strong only to completely lose all control and crumble into a ticklish puddle before she could finish was like verbal Viagra to him. He loved the power he had over her. The pain was getting to be too much in his pants at this point. Besides…she was blindfolded anyways, she would never know as long as he do it quietly. Chris remained straddled on her legs, but managed to quietly unbutton his jeans and slide them down a bit. His boxers remained on as it would be too hard to maneuver them subtley, but he did slip his hard on out the front flap of his boxers….as it flung out stiffer than a telephone pole. The feeling of relief was incredible.
    He took a second to take it all in. He was mounted on her back legs..her barefeet protruding out from under him…with he erection on full display, and
    Sue having no idea this was going on behind her.
    “How much time is left??? I can’t handle anymore.” Sue eagerly asked

    Chris was quietly stroking himself with one hand now. “Well mm..it should be 2 minutes left..but I must say your feet are just not being very cooperative at all…they keep moving around on me!”

    “I can’t help it you know that! Please just let me go Christopher enough is enough” Sue said back to him.

    “Hmm…I don’t know Sue. Now that I think about it…do you remember that time you were my substitute teacher that one day my senior year. You embarrassed me in front of my entire class because you knew me since I’ve been little lol. I think I might have to do the same thing you did when kids were not cooperating for you. I’m sending your feet to detention.” Chris said as he was scheming on the fly.

    “What?? No I didn’t mean to I was just messing with you come on Im sorrheehee hey stohap ittt heheha what arhahah you doihinggg” Sue started to crumble again as she felt her toes begin played with.
    Chris used the pipecleaner to starting fastening her big toes together so her feet couldn’t move as much.

    “Here we go…since they cant be good and stay still for me this should help” Chris said with a devilish smile.
    He stroked himself once more before his attack as he was still hard as a rock. He was really ready to explore them this time. Chris took both his index fingers…and started wiggling them up and down the middle of her arches. Sue went BALLSTIC.

    Chris’ eyes lit up and he felt like he was riding a rodeo bull. Sue was squirming, wiggling, writhing, and everything in between trying to keep her sanity. Her feet were desperately trying to contort and protect the other one but the pipecleaner was holding them in place. He loved how soft her protesting feet felt under his fingertips…he didn’t let up.

    He didn’t let up on the mind games either. He was power hungry…err…power horny. “My gosh Sue whats so funny?? ARE YOU LAUGHING AT EMBARRASSING ME IN CLASS??” Chris knew damn well why she was laughing..but he wanted to hear the words. He wanted to hear her say it outloud.
    “AHHH HEHEHAHAHAHHAHA NOOAHAHHAHAA CHRISHSHAHAHAH PLEAHASEE STOHHAHAA It TIHCKLAHAH IT TICKLESSSHAHAHEH GOAHHAHAADDD” Sue was shrieking in helpless hysterical laughter and she couldn’t help but start bucking.

    “Whoa!” Chris mounted her legs the best he could but she bucked so hard once that he couldn’t keep balance and fell forward onto his stomach…but felt his erection make contact with her feet…

    Chris was mortified….and was frozen in fear. He felt his whole body go numb and flush realizing the deep shit hes now in. What had he done??
    Sue was also shocked. It had finally hit her what she just felt on her feet and what this whole thing was about now. She instantly was overcome with guilt, panic, and regret. Despite being almost completely out of breath, she still managed to get out…“Oh my god. CHRIS.” Sue angrily said in shock.
    Chris overcome with a wide range of emotions…panic…guilt….arousal…worry….decided to ignore the topic completely. He had gone too far to turn back now. The jig was up…he fucked up…and knew the consequences would be awful. She knew exactly what this whole thing was doing to him and was now not only aware of his deepest darkest secret...but the victim being taken advantage of in all of this. “May as well make it worth it” He thought to himself. And with that, Chris grabbed the pillows that remained there from earlier and repositioned himself like before…laying on his side on top of her ankles with her feet protruding out from under his arm like a vice grip.

    Sue still appalled and livid…was about to yell at Chris but felt her ankles getting squeezed under his arm again, and knew exactly what was coming. “CHRIS YOU LET ME OUT OF HERE RIGHBWHAHAHAH NOAHAAHAHAHAAHH STOHHOHP ITHAHAHAHAHAHA”
    She had never felt anything tickle so much before ever in her whole life. Chris had his hand pulling her tied big toes back so her soles were stretched and smooth…and he was stroking a spare thin paintbrush up and down her soles relentlessly. He had never heard this much laughter before from anyone and it echoed in the whole room. The sound was as intoxicating as feeling her body wiggle and squirm helplessly under his grip.

    “You know what…you sound like you still think you’re in charge. Let me show you how not in charge you really are Ms.” Chris said with a surprisingly dominant tone in his voice. He was embracing this new character he had become. He continued dragging the thin paintbrush bristles all over her feet effortlessly. Exploring different spots all over her feet, learning how touching her in certain spots makes her body respond in different ticklish ways.

    “GHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA PLEASHEHAHAHAH STOAHAAHP CHRHAHAHAHASS. STOHHAAP TICKLHAHAHAING MYAHAHA FEEHHAHAHeTTT” Sue hysterically cried out with tears now streaming down her face from under her blindfold. Her mouth wide open with nothing but laughter coming out of it with the occasional jibberish pleading. Her mummy wrap remained wiggling and squirming about while all she could do was throw her head back and howl into the air and then bury her face in the pillow to try to muffle her hysterical laughter.

    Chris’s boner was rock hard still as it has been for the past half hour. He even noticed he was leaking from being so turned on by this. “Excuse me?? Did I hear you refer to them as “My feet”…as in they belong to you?? No no…you have this all wrong. Your feet belong to me now. I want to hear you say it.”
    *catching her breath desperately recovering from the last tickle attack* Sue hesitated but felt her ankles getting gripped tight under his arm again and she knew what that meant. She immediately started giggling just because it’s what her body’s natural reaction had become. “OK OK THEYRE YOUR FEET! THEYRE YOUR FEET! Just please stop im losing my mind!” Sue pleaded

    Chris almost exploded right then and there hearing her say that to him. The secret was out, she knew this situation was completely inappropriate and wrong, but she was desperate. The power over her was addictive for him. Somehow he still craved more.

    “Hmmm….yea I hear you saying it. But how do I know you really believe it? Maybe you’re just telling me what I want to hear….should I emphasize how serious I am about this?” Chris confidently explained to her.
    Growing fearful of what was to come if he didn’t like her answer. She assured him immediately. “No! NO! Theyre yours ok they’re yours. My feet belong to you ok??”

    “Hmm..Im still not convinced…you know what….beg me to smell them.” Chris said as it made him so horny he stripped his jeans and boxers off completely now and undid the pipecleaner on her toes.
    Sue totally caught off guard by that freaky comment. “W-what?! Chris no please just…EEEEK BHEHEHEEHEEHAHAHAHA NOHHAA”
    Chris removed the pipecleaner so he could admire her protesting feet flail as his pesky fingertip was effortlessly exploring her feet again making her go crazy. Hysterical laughter began filling the room again.

    Chris stopped the ticklish assault. He let go of her ankles and immediately laid on the back of her legs again. He wasted no time…afterall he had waited his entire life for this moment. He gently put his hands on each ankle and slowly pressed his face into her warm soft soles. Sue felt his cock grow harder and THROB against the back of her thighs even in her wrap as he was laying on top of her. He inhaled deeply and almost died and went to heaven right then and there.
    He loved feeling her soft silky soles mold to his face. The slight smell of warm feet..but still feminine. He loved feeling the pads of her toes along his forehead. He nuzzled his face into her soles more and kept inhaling as it was making him more horny every time. The intimacy he was having with her bare feet was utterly intoxicating.

    “Wiggle your toes” He told her.
    Sue so caught off guard and in shock of what was happening....hesitated as it almost didn’t even register what he had said.

    “I said wiggle them.” He started licking her soles and with that felt her start to giggle frantically and squirm under him...causing her to wiggle her toes just from ticklish reaction alone.

    “Mmmmm” she heard Chris moan.
    He couldn’t take anymore. He pulled his face away and got up off of her. She felt him get up somewhere behind her but wasn’t sure what he was doing back there. The situation she had found herself in was so surreal she was just along for the ride at this point. Suddenly, she felt her ankles get pulled back about two feet as she slid face down still on the carpet. Chris had propped himself up on something so he could lean on something while sitting back on the floor. He placed her bare feet in his lap soles facing up…and placed his dick right on top of her soles.

    Sue’s entire body got the chills, that then turned to goosebumps as she felt what was touching her feet at that moment. This was so far gone inappropriate she couldn’t figure out if she should act livid, angry, scared, or anything else. She knew it was wrong though and that this had to stop.
    Chris remained sitting there….with one of his hands gently steering his dick as he rubbed it on her soles that were frozen and not moving at all. He loved the situation he was in…but he wasn’t satisfied.

    “Hey…lets go.” That’s all Chris said as he wanted to get his point across but was too shy and embarrassed to say it outloud.
    Meanwhile in Sue’s head…completely torn on what to do or even say at this point. She remained speechless and her feet remained still resting in his lap.

    He gently put a hand on the outside of each foot and had her soles surround his dick...as he gently started slipping it in between them to get his point across. He took his hands off her feet but they still kind of just remained there barely moving much…just barely touching it as if she was hesitant.
    “Alright you know what….” Chris said in a somewhat frustrated tone. Sue suddenly felt his thumb and index finger clamp her big toes together pulling her soles taut again.

    “AHHHHHH PFFTTTBWAHAHAHAHa NOAHAHAHA STAHAHAP IT” Sue exploded with laughter as Chris began tracing the lines on her soles with the quill of a feather. His dick twitching and throbbing hard as a rock as he felt are frantic feet trying to escape the quill but still being in his lap.
    Chris accidentally lost grip of her toes as she was simply too ticklish to keep totally in place for long. But before he could reach for her toes again…Chris’s entire body shuddered and and his heart almost beat out of his chest. He watched Sue’s soft bare feet start caressing his dick with a hungry motivation. She was clearly a first timer but a quick learner at that. He sat back in heaven as he felt and watched one foot hold his dick in place while the other was caressing up and down the shaft nice and slow. Her toes started playing with his balls that damn near gave Chris a body high.

    Sue couldn’t believe what she was doing…who she was doing it to…but at the same time…found herself quite focused on feeling around back there with her feet. She was still wrapped and blindfolded, so she could only rely on what she felt. And what she felt was Chris’s cock twitching and growing between her soles as her feet kept teasing him.

    There was a significant age gap between he and her. It was not appropriate at all. But her only other option was to have her feet played with by a horny tickling madman. And what she couldn’t help…was the feeling any single mom of a broken marriage would feel after being deprived of any intimate physical contact for over a year. She hated that she was torn inside….but she couldn’t help but feel herself getting wet along with butterflies in her stomach as she felt a hard cock growing hard between her feet.

    “Mmmmm…fuck yes….” Chris moaned and whispered out loud as he laid his head back with his eyes closed.
    Sue covered his entire erection between her feet the long way…so all he felt was warm soft soles completely engulf his cock. She ever so gently squeezed it between her feet to make sure she felt it throb. She then brought her arches together and made a hole…and started stroking him up and down between both her feet..slowly but surely picking up the pace.

    “Mmmmm OoHOHHOHH fucKKKK” Chris moaned out as he couldn’t help but arch his back in the sitting position. Sue sensed what was about to happen…and for whatever reason..unknown to even herself…her toes gently grabbed the tip of his head as she let out a “Shhhhhhhhhhh..relax…”. Allowing Chris to hold back a little longer. She felt it throb under her toes though…she knew she had him. And for the first time in an hour, she finally had the power and control of the situation. And it felt good.
    Her feet formed a platter under his rock hard shaft…bringing her soles side by side facing up…and felt around making sure to position her soles under the tip. They were gently caressing the underside of his shaft making his throbs happen quicker and quicker. She could hear him panting between moans…and wiggled her toes on his balls again while her soles remained side by side under the tip.

    “OhhHhHHHh fffffuuuucccCCCCKKKKKK ohmmmm” Chris let out a huge moan and all his muscles tensed up. Sue felt chills shoot down her spine and goosebumps overtook her body as she felt warm sticky splooge shoot and drench all over her feet as she left them there to catch his mess.
    Chris remained sitting there...feeling the mess he made as her feet laid drenched in his lap. His body tingling all over…all the stress just melting away and never having felt anything like this before. But then he slowly came to…post nut syndrome was kicking in and his head started to clear.

    “Oh fuck. What have I done” Chris thought to himself as he was overcome with the worst feeling of dread. He was itchy all over with nerves…embarrassed…scared….guilty. He quickly cleaned himself up the best he could and took a towel to Sue’s feet. He hurried to put his pants back on and promptly started unwrapping Sue. They both remained totally silent while she was getting unwrapped. The look on Chris’s face said it all. He looked like a scared little kid who realized he had royally fucked up. He could barely make eye contact with her, dreading whatever storm was about to come his way from her. Chris handed Sue her socks which she put on quickly along with her boots.
    She had looked like she’d seen a ghost herself. Staring wide eyed...just not at him. A little humiliated as to what had happened. Just as scared as he was…and angry.

    “I cannot fucking believe what just happened. Are you out of your god damn mind Christopher?!”
    Chris just looked back at her so worried of what his parents would do once she tells them. Or god forbid his friends and old classmates. What if she decides to press charges?? He was freaking out in his head at this point.

    “I-I-I’m s-sorry I don’t kn-know what got into me I just…”
    Sue stood there…looking down at the ground with the palm of her hand holding her forehead…thinking long and hard and fast…in a panic of her own trying to come to grips with what just happened.

    “Christopher you should be fucking ashamed of yourself. You have SOME nerve.” She lashed out at him

    “Sue I-I’m SO sor-“ Chris began

    “You are to tell absolutely NOBODY about this do you understand me?! Christopher look at me” Sue said sternly as she grabbed his hand to make sure she had his eye contact so she could get her point across.
    “Not a single person finds out about this and you never bring this up to anyone ever again. Do you understand me? I have a job to worry about. My kids reputation…my reputation around town. This was so wrong I don’t even..ugh. Nobody ok??” Sue said and stormed out back to her house.
    Chris could not believe what he just heard. He didn’t have to worry about this getting out at all. SHE is worried about that. His feelings went from panic guilt, to quietly satisfied and hard to believe proudness of what he had just pulled off. Though he was still very guilty about his neighbor of two decades now absolutely hating him.

    *********** 5 Days Later***********
    Despite having the entire week to himself alone at the house, Chris could not stop thinking about the greatest moment of his life that he had just experienced last weekend. He kept trying to imagine all of it start to finish in his head. Thinking about it every time he get in the mood, but he felt like he should be satisfied now that he was able to get it out of his system. But still he couldn’t shake the thought.
    At the same time though, he still did feel bad and guilty about what he had put his neighbor through. He was mortified to even go outside and see each other from across the yard. He couldn’t shake the feeling of guilt, even though he wouldn’t take it back even if he could. He swore she even seemed into it at one point. “She told me shhhhhhh relax at one point didn’t she?? Am I making this up?” Chris thought to himself. Am I looking for silver lining that just isn’t there? I need to let this go. But I do owe her an apology.

    Friday night had arrived and Chris knew his family would be back the following night, and Sue’s kids would be there too. If he was ever going to apologize, tonight would be the night to do it. He looked out his back window and saw her lights on so he nervously headed over.

    *Knock knock* Chris softly knocked the door dreading what was coming. Sue opened up and saw it was him and had a serious look on her face. She didn’t say anything, all Sue did was stare at him clearly irritated but waiting for him to speak

    “I-I just wanted to apologize for what happened last week. I uh…do you mind if we do this inside?” Chris said

    “Ugh…come on.” Sue held the door open for him to come inside and closed it behind him.

    “Look I’ve been thinking about it a lot and I really owe you an apology. I got way out of hand and stepped over the line I know that. It keeps going through my head and I just wanted to tell you how sorry I am in person.” Chris said to her
    “What were you thinking Christopher I mean my god do you know how serious that is what you did? What it turned into? That was just so wrong on so many ways god. I just…I don’t even know. Look…it happened and we can’t change it now. If you’re really sorry and want to make it up to me promise me you never speak of this again. Christopher look at me I mean it, this cannot get out ever it understand me?” Sue explained to him in a very serious manner

    “Oh for sure. I wont tell anyone at all. I’m very sorry it got to that point.” Chris said

    “Thank you I appreciate that.” Sue sighed in relief and appeared a bit more relaxed

    “Honestly if it makes you feel any better…I don’t want this getting out as just as much as you don’t. I don’t want anyone finding out what kind of crazy thing I’m into” Chris said while breaking eye contact and blushing a bit.
    Hearing that made Sue feel even more relieved. “You mean you don’t want everyone knowing you get freaky for feet?? Haha” Sue teased

    “Lol yes” Chris responded blushing a bit while trying to sneak a look at the running shoes Sue had on.

    “Nah ah ah eyes up here Christopher. Don’t get any ideas “ Sue said with a sly smile. “You’ve had your fun and can leave it up to your memories from now on”

    “Haha yea you’re right.” Chris said as he watched Sue head to the door to lead Chris back out

    “Or I could watch the video if I want a bit more detailed memory…” Chris boldly said to her
    Sue froze in her tracks and came walking over to him quickly “Whoa what excuse me? WHAT video?”

    “I m-may have taken a video of that last part….I couldn’t help myself it was amazing.” Chris said to the stunned Sue

    “You’re messing with me right?” Sue asked

    *Pulls out his phone and opens a POV video of her feet in his lap giving him a footjob*

    “Are you fucking serious! Give me tha-“ *Sue tries reaching for his phone

    “Whoa hey now….thats mine. I promise it’s for my eyes only though” He said to her with a slight smile

    “Chris I’m not even kidding I want that deleted right NOW” Sue commanded as she was getting worked up again

    “Well maybe we can work out another deal….” Chris calmly suggested

    A ticklish smile showed on her face for a split second “NO absolutely not I’m never going through that again that was torture. Delete it right now” Sue said to him

    “Or what?....” Chris responded with a smirk on his face.
    She knew he had her. He knew he had her. The look on her face gave it away. She had no leverage here. They both started to get familiar feelings throughout their bodies they had just experienced the previous weekend. They were a wide range of emotions and feelings…but they were intense and unforgettable…something was happening here…

    “Christopher….please delete it” Sue tried once more with a more friendly tone this time.

    “Tell you what…if you’re a good girl…I’ll let you delete it from my phone after. But if you’re not…well…I’d hate to see this anonymously leak. After all, only you’re in it. Your voice and feet are I should say..me not so much…” Chris explained to her
    Hearing the words “good girl” immediately gave her butterflies in her stomach. What was he doing to her??? Was this really happening again? Sue couldn’t believe this.

    Stunned and at a loss for words…Sue finally said to him “….fine…but no tickling this time. Its too much I swear. I mean it Christopher I’m lucky I still remember my name after what you put me through last time.”
    Chris turned a bit red from embarrassment for his love of tickling..but his pants were already getting tight hearing that he was going to get this again…”You know the deal. If you’re a good girl, I’ll be good to you. If not…well…” Chris said as he bit his lip with a smile and looked down at her shoes”

    Goosebumps took over Sue immediately seeing him stare down at them..practically reading his mind.
    She looked back up at him…as they were very close now almost face to face..staring into each other’s eyes both with a suspicious seductive look on their faces. She turned around and heading to the front door…bolting the lock shut and pulling down the shade. Suddenly she gasped feeling Chris take her arms behind her back and tying her wrists together tight. She tried to say something but couldn’t get it out as she was basically speechless with secret excitement from what was happening. He turned Sue around and draped her over his shoulder and carried her up to her master bedroom…kicking the bedroom door shut behind him and laying her on the bed. He pulled out another rope and tied her ankles together and started taking her sneakers off.

    “Oh my god I swear to god please don’t tickle me again Chris please im begging you seriously” Sue pleaded while she could still get out full uninterrupted sentences.

    “You know how this works Ms….be a good girl and you have nothing to worry about.” Chris said as he turned her onto her stomach and pulled her down the bed just barely so her feet hang of the bottom of the bed toes pointed down.
    Sue’s feet already feeling especially sensitive again from having her sneakers taken off. Her body tingling but knowing this is so wrong she can’t let him know he’s having an effect on her. No longer hesitant or shy about his desires, Chris wastes no time at all as he kneels on the ground at the bottom of the bed and buries his nose into Sue’s warm socked feet. Inhaling deeply he’s even harder than he was before now that his nerves appear to be gone.
    Sue lying there face down on the bed tied…just taking it all in…as she then feels her black ankle socks being peeled off. Her whole body tenses up feeling her sensitive ticklish feet bared. Chris’s jeans about to bust at the seams, watching a pair of black ankle socks slowly reveal pale silky soft soles for his taking.

    “Fuck…” Chris whispered to himself upon seeing them. He slowly brought his face closer to them so he could catch their scent without making contact with them yet. He closed his eyes and calmly inhaled being just inches away from them. Suddenly...he was completely caught off guard by the absolute last thing he would ever expect.
    He felt the warmest…softest….smoothest sole, ever so gently make contact with his cheek and start caressing it. His hard on grew very quickly….as Sue then brought her other foot and made sure to gently nuzzle the other side of his face with her sole. She was driving him fucking crazy. Chris kept his face in the same position, but unlike last time when Sue’s feet were protesting the entire time…they were deliberately trying to seduce him. Her toes lightly tugged on his ear. Her other foot slowly stroked her sole along his jawline. She pulled them away just an inch and seductively splayed her toes in unison, like synchronized swimmers…hypnotizing him…and making him horny like mad. She brought her feet side by side and gently buried both her soft soles in his face…even adding a seductive moan from the top of the bed to REALLY drive him crazy. Chris couldn’t believe what was happening. She REALLY did not want to be tickled…and she was earning it.

    “Mmmmm….they’re yours…..why don’t you come up on the bed and get comfortable” Sue said seductively
    Chris immediately hopped up onto the bed and laid the opposite way as she was lying so that his face could be at her feet. He laid her on her side facing away from him so that he could enjoy her soles all up in his face and lay comfortably. He held her ankles gently as he pressed his face into her soles…the smell and feel of their softness making him CRAZY.
    Chris started licking her soles, which undoubtedly caused Sue to break out into a fit of giggles as she tried keeping it together. Feeling his face and warm breath in her soles was making Sue feel some kind of way again, and this time she was really struggling to hide it.

    *zipppppppp* Chris stopped licking for a second and realized what was happening. Sue’s tied hands behind her back just so happened to line up with Chris’ lap pressed right up against her. After some feeling around….Sue’s tied hands managed to unzip and unbutton his jeans….slip into his boxers…and pull them down just enough so that his cock flung out stiff are a rock.

    “Ohhhhmmmmm” Chris let out a huge moan…and immediately buried his face back into her soles. One by one….each of sues fingers ever so seductively wrapped around his throbbing cock…as she started rubbing and slowly stroking it like she was molding a piece of clay. Her hands were incredibly soft and she knew just how to rub and touch him all the right ways. Everytime she caressed his face with her sole she felt it twitch and grow in her hands…and she fucking loved it. He moaned….she moaned…and after physically admiring it with her hands for 10 minutes…she remembered what he liked. She deliberately let out a submissive moan and she gently squeezed and stroked him….and then lightly began wiggling her toes on his forehead.

    “Oh ffffffUUUUCKKKK OOHOHOHHHHHH” Chris let out a roar..she felt him EXPLODE in her hands as they were filled with sticky cum just dripping from her hands. His whole body tensed up and she could feel his muscles twitching from the satisfaction. She couldn’t believe how turned on she was by this. Something about being on edge and nervously helpless at the thought of potentially being tickled…but being able to flip the script and be the one with the power despite being tied up.

    Chris soon untied her…handed his phone over...and she promptly deleted the video. There was a calm silence in the room, as they both had seemingly got what they wanted...and all the stress was just gone in a poof. He thanked her and gave her a huge hug and apologized once more. She had a funny smile on her face as they were walking Chris back out.

    “Now remember…Nobody hears about this. Right?” Sue said to Chris as he was walking away
    Chris stops and looks back with a smile “Hears about what?” as he winks at her and continues walking back to his house. Largely satisfied with not one, but TWO of the greatest memories he’ll be able to have the rest of his life.

    *********** 2 Months Later***********

    Chris is sitting in his room...laying down watching tv. Still unlucky with his dating scene. He gets up to get a glass of water. It’s Friday night and he looks out his back window staring at Sue’s house, seeing a car leaving her driveway and disappearing onto the main road. God how he misses those moments he had with her. Feeling grateful, he breaks his daydream and sips his water..smiling at her house and heads back to his room.
    Dozing off….he hears his phone buzz
    *ZZZ ZZZ*

    *New Message*
    Confused….as to who may be texting him at 11 oclock at night not recognizing the number..he opens the message.

    “Come smell my feet

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    I liked the line I am the captain now, that was funny.

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    Pretty awesome story and great details. Well done

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    Wonderful story!
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    This is one of the best stories I have read on here in a while! Dolinator, you did a fantastic job of describing the scene..and really letting the details create a vivid picture in the mind of Chris and Sue..Chris reminds us of our young selves..He's such a devious bastard and I love it..and Everyone of us knows a Sue..that hot m40s sexual being that has the hottest feet !!

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    I skipped over the explicit parts, because that’s not my bag.

    The rest was very well written. The older crush next door. Aka a “Stacy’s Mom” story.

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    An instant favorite, one I will not forget. Pushing the envelope for tickling your mature hot neighbor, to then fully indulging your fantasy, with her eventually going along with it. So unbelievably hot and well written.

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    To say that this was great would be an understatement. Everything about it was great. Excellent work, hopefully we'll get to see more of them in the future

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    This was a great story. I was very entertained by it. You really painted a picture with your words.

    I hope you will create many more*of these stories.

    Thank you for your efforts!

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    This is one of the best stories I have ever read here. Absolutely perfect

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