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    “Friends: Secret’s Out” Part 1 (m/f)

    “Friends: Secret’s Out” Part 1

    *This is a requested story from a TMF member and is a continuation of another story of mine titled “Friends: Rent’s Due”

    Chandler Bing whistled as he climbed the stairway of his apartment building carrying a small bouquet of flowers for Monica. He strolled up to the girls’ apartment but was taken back momentarily when he saw a guy exiting from there. Chandler looked puzzled and couldn’t quite place where he had seen the guy before. Not thinking much of it because he didn’t suspect the guy was a burglar, Chandler let himself in to the ladies’ apartment and made himself at home.

    He looked around the vacant apartment and had a seat on the couch holding the flowers he brought. Where were they? He noticed three pairs of shoes scattered about by the couch and knew the girls must be here somewhere. Then he finally heard the girls in Rachel’s talking and chattering about something he couldn’t make out. Chandler decided to put the flowers in Monica’s room. He set them in water and strolled into her bedroom to find a place for them.

    As he was getting ready to return to the living room, he heard the three women come out of the bedroom while continuing to talk. But it was what they were talking about that stopped Chandler cold in his tracks. He went near the bedroom door and listened intently, not believing what he was hearing.

    Monica: “We have to find jobs soon. Having Jason come over every week to suck our toes and get off to our feet is getting old.”

    Rachel: “Yeah it wasn’t too bad when he was just stopping by once a month. He’s getting greedy now with this once a week deal. And it’s because he knows we can’t find jobs to save our lives right now.”

    Phoebe: “Eh, I don’t really mind to be honest. It’s almost like being a masseuse except now I just use my feet instead of my hands.”

    Monica: “Uh yeah, except one major difference is you’re massaging your client’s penis instead of his back!”

    Phoebe considered her friend’s point and nodded in agreement. She replied, “Well when you put it like that. Okay so maybe we do need real jobs. Plus, he really got me this time when he finished. It got all in between my toes. I like it better when he finishes with one of you two. I prefer just putting my feet on his face while he cums. That’s easier and less cleanup afterwards.”

    Rachel: “I think we really need to...I don’t know. Step up our job hunting efforts or something. There has to be something out there for three young, qualified women to do. I’m not saying I’m unappreciative of the deal Jason made for us so we could still stay here but...I realize I’m getting way too comfortable with hearing that Jason is coming over to suck our toes and that not bothering me like it should.”

    Monica: “I agree. One hundred percent. I’m getting way too good at footjobs and that’s something I never thought I’d hear myself say six months ago.”

    Chandler’s jaw was on the floor. Having a massive foot fetish himself, he felt light headed listening to his three closest female friends talk about how the routinely pleasure another guy with their feet. Why couldn’t he be so lucky?! He bit his knuckle and thought about how this actually made some semblance of sense. Chandler knew the girls were out of work and were struggling to find new jobs. And somehow they had been allowed to stay in their apartment, but he just figured the landlord had been kind enough to allow it.

    A short time later, Chandler heard Rachel and Phoebe heading out of the apartment. Monica began tidying up even more as usual. That’s when Chandler solemnly stepped out of her bedroom holding his flowers. Monica jumped with a gasp and looked at him with the biggest, guiltiest eyes. He looked crushed as he held up the flowers. All he said was, “Surprise, Honey...”

    Chandler accidentally overhearing the girl’s conversation sparked a heavy conversation between him and Monica that evening. He hung his head in disbelief on the couch while Monica put her arm around him trying to comfort him and explain things. But it was such a shock that he had trouble processing it. And then with things heating up between him and Monica, he figured this was as good of a time as ever to confess his own huge secret. When Chandler admitted that he also loved women’s feet, Monica was absolutely stunned. She looked perplexed as she exclaimed, “You too?!”

    Monica couldn’t believe her own boyfriend had a thing for feet too. This whole foot situation was getting more surreal by the moment. Based on her initial reaction to the news of his foot fetish, Chandler decided maybe now wasn’t the best time to pile on that he also had a fascination with tickling women. They agreed that they should take a little time to process the information and see how they felt moving forward.


    Chandler walked up to his apartment carrying a bag of groceries. He no did not have a chipper bounce in his step ever since his last serious conversation with Monica. He had left perplexed and hurt over what he had found out. One of the things that griped him the most was the fact that he ALSO had a foot fetish. Chandler had never mentioned it because he was too nervous that someone like Monica wouldn’t be open to a guy touching and kissing her feet. But now he knew that she had agreed to let a guy suck her toes and have his way with her feet. He understood she was reluctant about it and was only doing it as a means to an end but still...he couldn’t help but feel neglected when he himself would kill to play with her feet occasionally.

    Chandler reached his door and noticed a small note taped to it. It read, “Chandler, come over when you read this.” It was Monica’s handwriting. Chandler studied the note for a second and suddenly his frown turned a little more upbeat. He set his groceries inside and strolled over across the hall. Chandler let himself in and looked around curiously. Nobody in the kitchen or living room. Maybe he missed the window of when she wanted him over? It was late if she meant he could come over for dinner or something like that. Maybe the note was from way earlier and he missed her by a mile?

    Chandler walked around a little more but didn’t hear anything. He saw the light in Monica’s bedroom was on so he went to the door to peak in. As he slowly pushed open the door and knocked, Monica called to him, “Come on in, Mr. Bing.” Chandler’s curiosity was peaked now. He opened the door the rest of the way and walked in. What he saw stunned him.

    Monica was lying on her bed resting on her elbows. She was wearing a black lacy bra that was almost see-through and black thong panties that showed off the lower portion of her tight, round butt. Monica’s legs were kicked up behind her so her bare feet were up in the air. She had her legs crossed at the ankles and was wiggling her feet around. Monica motioned for Chandler to come closer by scrunching her index finger repeatedly.

    Chandler drank in the sight but hesitated. Monica was rubbing her silky size 7 feet together behind her and smiling playfully at him. After their last few conversations, the last thing Chandler wanted to do was misinterpret the situation. He said, “Monica, you look...well, you look terrific. But I’m not really sure what’s going on here.”

    Monica: “Yes you do. Isn’t it obvious? Go ahead. Enjoy them.”

    Chandler: “Umm...wow! Are...are you sure?”

    Monica: “Yes, silly. Now come over here. I’ve been thinking since we talked. And I realize that maybe I’m not the easiest partner to open up to. You had this secret interest and I truly had no idea. Plus it would be a little hypocritical of me to let a stranger play with my feet and not you.”

    Chandler went to the bed and sat behind Monica. With her legs bent, her feet were at a perfect level for him to inspect them up close. Chandler’s heart was racing as he admired the alluring beauty of Monica’s near flawless soles. The shapely ups and downs of her high arches and rounded heels were incredible. As were her long, thin toes that were accented with pretty dark red polish. Chandler had always snuck glances at Monica’s feet when he could but had never been afforded a great opportunity to just sit and indulge his foot craving. He couldn’t get over how soft and smooth her soles appeared. He couldn’t wait to feel them and see if they were as supple as they looked. And Monica’s toes looked like they were made for sucking.

    Chandler uncrossed her ankles and held her feet together side by side. He was in awe of the milky pair of soles before him. Monica’s high arches formed a perfect elongated hole between her feet when they were pressed together. His eyes followed the trail up her lovely bare legs all the way to her cute bottom wrapped in a thong for him. Then he saw Monica look back smiling at him. How did he he get so lucky to have someone like her?

    He held her feet and started to gently take her toes into his mouth. Monica scrunched her face a little but kept a smile. She still wasn’t quite used to the feeling of a guy sucking on her toes. Chandler’s joy meter went through the roof. Monica’s pretty little toes were exquisitely soft as he rolled his tongue slowly over them and probed around between each pair of them. He figured she would keep her feet pristine and oh was he right. Monica had exceptionally well pedicures toes and her feet appeared to be so soft that he guessed she lotioned them frequently.

    Chandler began to get more passionate as he sucked Monica’s toes. He engulfed her big toe and second toe and started sliding his tongue between the two. Chandler wondered from her toes occasionally to lick the sensuous trail down to her high arches and even further down to her smooth heels. He lapped his tongue feverishly against the curve of her tender arches like he would never get the chance again.

    Monica: “It feels so strange when you lick down my whole foot. You’re lucky you have a girlfriend who keeps her feet so clean and pretty like I do.”

    Chandler planted passionate kisses down her arches, trying to cover every portion of her beautiful soles. He moved down to her robust heels and began nibbling the tender sides of them. Just affectionate, tiny pinches between his teeth as he made his way around her round, smooth heels. The light scraping of his teeth was really tickling Monica, but she buried her giggles before they could escape. The tricky part was holding her feet still as Chandler nibbled her feminine heels. It was bothering her but that was going to be her secret.

    But then Chandler moved his nibbling mouth up higher and began squeezing the sides of her bare feet, the cushioned pads below her toes, and the balls of her feet between his teeth. Tiny, menacing nibbles that made Monica want to scream for him to stop. But she held in her giggles and focused all her energy on keeping her feet as still as possible. Although the occasional jolt did happen when he nibbled the meaty balls of her feet or along the fleshy portion right below her pinky toes.

    And he never forgot about her toes for very long. Chandler would suck them and caress them lovingly with his tongue as they wiggled gently inside his mouth. Monica did a good job of being understanding and not pulling her feet away as he sucked and slurped all over her soles.

    Monica: “You love my toes in your mouth, don’t you? Can you feel me wiggling them for you?”

    Chandler nodded his head passionately and grunted approval. Monica just smiled at the surrealness of it all and said, “What is the deal with guys being obsessed with my feet?” Monica felt Chandler take both of her big toes inside his mouth and start rolling his tongue along the bottoms of them. To be fair, it did feel almost like a massage. “A slippery, saliva-drenched massage...” Monica thought as she crinkled her face again at the weird feeling along her toes. Then Chandler began sucking on her big toes forcefully, taking long sucks that tugged on her big toes together at the same time. “Why does he like this?” Monica wondered to herself as she sported an uneasy expression away from his view.

    Next, Chandler began going along her buffet of adorable toes and sucking on two or three at a time the same way. Heavy sucking and slurping as he coated her feet in spit. Each toe popped out of his mouth glistening as he moved down the row. Monica just shook her head and smiled to herself. She knew this was a good way to make it up to Chandler. Monica cradled her head on her arms as she closed her eyes briefly and rested. She still had a smile on her face as Chandler lustfully caressed and slurped each of her long, lean toes. Not because she enjoyed the feeling but because she was happy that Chandler was enjoying himself with her feet.

    Monica: “This is so funny. I NEVER would have pegged you for a guy who was into feet. Hahaha that’s so weird that I’m actually dating someone who’s into that. How funny. Who knew you loved to suck toes? How long have you’ve been wanting to suck mine? Probably every time you’ve seen me barefoot in this apartment, right? God, that’s weird to think about.”

    He was going at it like crazy, getting really worked up as he sucked each toe thoroughly. When he finished with all ten toes, Monica rolled to her back and pulled Chandler by the front of his shirt until he was on top of her. She wrapped her legs around him and looked up at him lovingly. Monica reached down between them and felt Chandler’s package over his jeans. Her eyes lit up and she couldn’t help but gasp a little as she rubbed his swollen member.

    Monica: “Chandler!...Oh my!...I don’t think I’ve seen you this...BIG before! You really like this stuff don’t you?”

    Chandler: “Trust me. You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to do that.”

    Monica thought the foot worshipping might be some nice foreplay before they got down to business. But now that she saw his reaction to it, she knew he had more than a little fascination with her women’s feet. His foot fetish was clearly a huge turn on for him. Monica decided to try out some of the other little things she had picked up from pleasing Jason with her feet. But this seemed much more enjoyable since it was a guy she cared about.

    Monica: “Well Mr. Bing, why don’t you tell me how much you like this...”

    Monica moved Chandler upright so he was kneeling in front of her on the bed and not hovering over her. Then she lifted her legs and put her feet up onto Chandler’s face. He loved the feel of her warm, cushioned soles resting against his cheeks and her feminine toes were right in front of his eyes. When pressed together, Monica’s high arches formed a perfect cup over Chandler’s nose. He could smell the faint scent of vanilla lotion. Monica could feel him smiling under her feet as he sniffed around her insteps. She was happy that he was enjoying himself so much.

    Monica began wiggling her toes playfully and rubbing her soles in a slow, deliberate shuffle over her boyfriend’s face. She smiled even bigger when she heard him moan with pleasure just from his face being covered with her feet. Then she felt him start to kiss and lick her tender soles again. Monica even jolted a little when Chandler began incorporating some playful nibbles along the balls of her feet and on the tips of her toes. He gently teased and squeezed her soft, cushiony pads below her toes with his teeth and nibbled her tootsies expecting her to laugh.

    She felt the giggles building within her but she kept her cool. Maybe it was her pride, but Monica didn’t want to be made to laugh from something silly like foot worship. She tried to distract him so that she didn’t let any giggles out. She reached down and started undoing his belt and zipper. Chandler reached down and assisted getting his pants free but kept nibbling his girlfriend’s soft soles, which were now scrunched down in defense of it. Chandler knew it had to tickle her and she just didn’t want to laugh in front of him. That aspect made him want to get it out of her even more. Plus, Monica had no idea how much tickling turned him on.

    Chandler put an arm around Monica’s ankles and began lightly creeping his fingers around along the bottoms of her feet. Monica smiled and looked away. She called out, “Doooon’t! Come on, be nice. Leave my feet alone.” Chandler kept it up however. His fingers flickered teasingly across her smooth arches and caressed the undersides of her toes when she wasn’t scrunching them down. Monica didn’t know where this sudden tickle attack was coming from if he wanted to lick and suck her feet. It seemed like an odd detour in the heat of the moment. But she didn’t have much time to dwell on the thought as she began squirming around and giggling reluctantly.

    Monica managed to pull free and then held up her hand and told Chandler to hold on. Then she unexpectedly rolled to her stomach and willingly put her feet off the edge of the bed. After a deep breath, Monica looked at her boyfriend and challenged him by saying, “There. Bet you can’t make me laugh.” Chandler quickly took advantage of that by maneuvering his body onto the back of her legs. Monica’s silky smooth size 7’s were now trapped even further as they dangled off the edge of the bed under Chandler’s weight.

    As soon as she felt his wiggling fingers crawling down her soles starting at her plump heels, Monica stifled her giggles and scrunched her face up. Although her toes wiggled a little, she was doing a good job of not reacting to Chandler’s tactics. He had never really explored how ticklish Monica might be before. Chandler had an expression of pure joy on his face as he stroked and prodded his girlfriend’s captive soles knowing she was powerless to stop him. Monica had a huge, forced smile across her face as she crumpled the bed comforter in two death grips with her hands. All she could do was bite the sheets as her tender tootsies were stroked.

    All of this tickle play was causing Chandler to get extremely horny. What a rush of excitement all in one night. After trying to make Monica laugh for several minutes, he eased up. As soon as he got off of her, he took charge and rolled her onto her back. Monica tried to appear confident that she wasn’t ticklish as she willingly let Chandler hold her down again. He gripped both of Monica’s wrists and pushed them up well above her head. He held them there with one hand and most of his body weight leaning forward. Then Chandler reached down and pushed his pants down.

    Monica saw what was about to happen and passionately wrapped her legs around his waist, ready to take him. Chandler reached down and pulled her thong to the side as he slid his raging hard member home. Monica’s mouth opened in a gasp and she arched her back feeling his power. Her nerdy boyfriend had been transformed into a man possessed with all this foot and tickle play.

    As Chandler began thrusting deeply, Monica felt like her eyes were going to roll back in her head it felt so good. Sucking her toes and licking her feet had made his shaft engorge to the point it might burst. She was smitten as she let him hold her down and bury himself in her over and over.

    Then Chandler reached up with his free hand and began squeezing and scratching along her exposed sides and tummy. Monica began giggling and and snickering at the playful touches. The tickling made her body squirm and wiggle below his powerful frame as he continued to push inside of her. Her vulnerable ribs and toned tummy were easy targets as he wiggled his fingers across them, making Monica squirm once again.

    Monica: “Hehe! Why do you keep tickling me?!”

    Chandler: “I...I can’t help it. I love it.”

    Monica didn’t know what to make of his answer and the whole situation was very overwhelming in the moment. She scooted her body one way or the other depending on which side Chandler was trying to tickle. Her beautiful smile and reluctant giggles made Chandler pump back and forth even faster. He reached up and began striking her completely smooth armpits. Monica clenched her eyes shut and tried her hardest not to laugh as his fingers swiped along inside her taught underarms. The tickling made her body shake, which caused her perky tits to jiggle inside of her lacy bra.

    Monica could tell this was going beyond just playful tickling by the sound of Chandler’s heavy breathing as he caressed her sensitive underarms. She would swear the tickling was causing him to get even bigger inside of her. All she could do was lie there and take the underarm assault. But it was almost like the more he tickled her, the better the sex was. The thrusts were blowing Monica’s mind, making the tickling almost worth it.

    Chandler sat up and pulled her feet up in front of his face again. Monica was relieved to be free but then realized what was coming next. Chandler began tickling her feet again. Monica began struggling and giggling once more. She tried to reach up to keep him from attacking her ticklish soles but he had all the power right now.

    Monica: “Hehehehe!! Chandler, I’m starting to think you like all this tickling as much as you do my feet! Hehehehe!! What is going on with you?!”

    Chandler: “I’m...I’m sorry...I was going to tell you.”

    Monica: “Are you serious right now?! Hehehehe! Maybe we should stop for a minute and talk about this! Hehehe! Oh Chandler, just stop for a second! I’m close to cumming but I don’t think I can if you’re tickling me! Please! I can’t do it if your touching my feet! Hehehehe! OH!...OH GOD!...IT’S HAPPENING!...NEVERMIND I’M GOING TO...”

    Chandler didn’t miss a beat. His raging member had quickly brought Monica to an earth-shattering orgasm despite her being severely distracted by all his tickling antics. Monica didn’t know which way was up as the explosion of orgasmic delight flooded her mind. She didn’t know if she should let out her laughter now or scream or moan. As Chandler kept stroking her wiggling soles and scrunching toes, Monica gripped her bedspread again and let out a broken laugh that sounded like a pleasurable moan all at once. Chandler finished soon after and they both embraced each other in wild disbelief from their experience.

    Chandler rolled over on the bed and the two lay side by side catching their breath. Monica’s hair was a little disheveled and she had a smile on her face still. She held his hand and commented, “Wow, I had no idea that...that feet and tickling could um...could...you were impressive is what I’m getting at haha.” Chandler felt like a king in that moment. He was invigorated and not at all tired. He moved his body around so he was perpendicular to Monica. Then he picked up her legs and placed her feet on his chest. He now had a perfect view of her buttery foot bottoms.

    “Hey maybe we could just...” was all Monica got out before Chandler started tickling her feet. He held her ankles in position as she started to writhe and giggle. Chandler could see her luscious soles shaking and crossing over one another. Her pretty toes were curling and flexing at random depending on how the strokes affected her. Monica laughed and twisted about on the bed. The beautiful brunette absolutely hated being out of control and hated how Chandler was making her laugh like a weakling just from tickling. She tried to be a good partner and let Chandler have his way with her feet for as long as she could stand it. Then Monica saw that Chandler’s erection was back in full force.

    Monica: “AGAIN?! How?!”

    Chandler tried to act funny and replied, “He’s insatiable. I’m afraid there’s only one thing that will calm him.”

    Monica rolled her eyes and smirked. “Oh I think I have something to calm it alright,” she said sarcastically. Monica moved to a sitting position besides Chandler and grabbed the lotion from her bedside table. She squirted a few pumps into her hand and then rubbed the creamy goo all over her soles and toes until they were shiny and slick. Chandler watched in awe and disbelief as his girlfriend wrapped her perfect size 7 feet around the base of his shaft and started pumping them up and down. He moaned with pleasure as he felt her high arches perfectly hug the sides of his penis.

    “Like a match made in heaven, if you ask me,” Monica said with a wink as she gripped around him with her arches and slid her feet up and down. Chandler thought he had died and gone to heaven. Her moist soles flowed smoothly up and down with an audible squishing noise caused by the excess lotion. Monica’s warm, shapely arches rubbing against him felt incredible.

    Chandler: “Oh God, Monica. This is the best thing ever.”

    Monica: “My pleasure, Honey. Or should I say yours?”

    Chandler started to stiffen as he drew closer to his second climax of the evening. Monica kept sliding her perfectly high arches up and down his slick shaft and wiggled her adorable toes for him. Chandler’s mouth hung open in awe as he watched her feet rubbing all over him. Monica could tell he was enjoying being mesmerized by her feet. She asked innocently, “Are my pretty little feet doing it for you, Mr. Bing?”

    Chandler could only nod his head slowly as he felt himself getting closer. It was going to happen now. Monica sensed it and continued sweet talking her boyfriend as she pumped her feet up and down. Chandler let out a groan as he was sent over the edge. Monica gasped when she saw him erupt like a volcano. She could not believe this was Round 2 and he still came quite a lot.

    Monica made sure to keep her arches snug around him as she jerked his member passionately with just her feet. Chandler kept going and going. Soon, her feet and toes were a mess. Chandler collapsed back on the bed completely satisfied. Monica smiled at him and said, “I’m glad you enjoyed it, Honey. Maybe if you’re real lucky, I’ll let you do it again sometime.”


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    Wow that was fantastic! Please continue!

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    Amazing story

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