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  1. #1
    Join Date
    Jun 2017

    People you want to TICKLE but Can't.

    I'm sure I can't be alone in this. Along the tickle fetish journey you meet people that you want to tickle, they may be even open to being tickled, or you have opportunities that you can't capitalize on for whatever reason. For me I have 3 people that are off limits. But I would love the chance.

    First I have to my sister in law. She's got at least size 10 feet, long toes, and perfectly shaped nail beds. And I recently found out she's ticklish. She is aware that guys like feet, she's had guys want to suck her toes. But I know that unless were both drunk and alone I can't think of any other way I'd get a chance to tickle her feet. Never say never but I consider her off limits.

    Now this next one is somewhat off limits. I say that because I've playfully tickled her before. My buddies wife, I swear she has a tickle fetish. She tickles people all the time, I even saw on a snapchat in the background at a wedding reception she's tickling someone at a table. She admitted to being very ticklish, she's always giving people crap, I think in hopes that they will poke or tickle her. I have tickled her ribs a couple times, but very brief. Her husband is someone I consider a close friend and you just don't cross that line. But any tickling or poking I'be done has been with him around. And if it bothered him he would tell me. She does also have very cute feet, nice soles. But one can only dream.

    Lastly is the lady who watches one of my kids. She's a middle age woman, with two daughters. Single, about 5'10, not quite BBW, she's a former basketball player, but she's curvy. About size 10 feet, long toes. I actually found out today she's extremely ticklish on her feet. She said it would be torture to have someone tickle her feet. She's just a person that we get along, we just click. But again since she does what she does I doubt it will ever happen and she's admitted its torture for her.

    So again it can't just be me, who else has the "Off limits" tag on certain people?

  2. #2
    Join Date
    Dec 2005
    Tasmania, Australia
    Blog Entries
    Basically people I have spoken to who live on the other side of the world One of them is a member here, actually.
    The tickle monster lurking at the bottom of the world.

  3. #3
    Join Date
    Oct 2001
    lakes region, New Hampshire
    OMG! My list would go on for ever! Through out my lifetime, there's been so many. Lately, one is the beautiful, petite brunette at my bank. I have no idea if she's ticklish, but I'd love to find out! Then, there's one of my lawyers. Very well known in the area and of course, very beautiful. A one more, The real estate lender I'm working with. Blonde, cute as hell and funny. The first two are married and the last one has a boyfriend, and I don't screw around with other men's ladies!

  4. #4
    I have that too but only with girls I want to be tickled by.
    For example my previous teachers, classmates etc.

  5. #5
    Join Date
    Aug 2002
    Aside from the usual celebrites like the rest of us there have been a couple of people I have talked to on here
    There is also someone I work with. Although I think it would be incredible I wanna do way more than just tickle her and have done for a very long time. It's never going to happen as she's married got kids etc

  6. #6
    Join Date
    Dec 2019
    Near Reading UK
    I would also have a very long list!

    I have a lot of colleagues that I would love to tickle, but most are taken, and also as I'm senior to them it's not something I can really do even in a playful way unless I got a very clear signal.

    There's also two partners of friends which I may be able to get a quick playful tickle with, but anything more is just a fantasy really.

    From years ago it was a teacher that I liked that was very much off-limits although I had several daydreams in class as she dangled her shoes.

  7. #7
    Join Date
    Apr 2001
    Dallas/Ft. Worth Area
    Blog Entries
    Very long list, but here are some recent ones.
    Co-worker, Lori. 58 year old, size 8 feet. August 2018 I tricked her into admitting that she is very ticklish and she can not stand having her feet tickled. I've written a number of tickling stories involving Lori.
    Teresa, age 54. She is one of the ladies who work on the floor. Fiery red hair, love redheads, really great laugh! Few years ago I tricked her into tell me that she is very ticklish.
    Silvia, age 37. Beautiful lady, sexy Spanish accent, size 9 feet. VERY TICKLISH!!! Great laugh!

    I've written stories with these ladies in them.

    Of course there are teachers I'd love to tickle to fits of ticklish hysteria.
    "If you got to go, go with a smile."

    Twitter @Tickler10

  8. #8
    Join Date
    Nov 2004
    Peoria, AZ
    Blog Entries
    For me that's quite a long list including friends co-workers and female celebrities

    To ALL medical professionals and other front line workers THANK YOU for all that you do

    Loneliness is a good thing to share with someone. There's always somebody to talk to

  9. #9
    Join Date
    Mar 2006
    There are more than a few but my sister in law is the first that comes to mind. She’s a bit older than me and much more conservative. Also kind of a know-it-all, which adds to the desire lol.

    We usually stay with her whenever we visit her and vice versa. I feel like she is always asking her husband for a foot rub, which he declines most of the time. I would volunteer but my wife is completely aware of my kinks and there’s no way I would even risk it lol. I don’t even know whether she is ticklish but if my wife is any indication, I’m good!
    In case you’re wondering, I DONT enjoy tickling quarterbacks. The profile was supposed to read QbNTkler (because I am of Cuban descent) but obviously screwed it up

  10. #10
    Join Date
    Feb 2010
    Oh god yes. I'm not gonna include fetish models or celebrities though.

    Couple teachers I've had. 7th/8th grade math, 8th grade science, 9th/10th grade english, and 11th/12th grade english. I have all four as Facebook friends, and they're all still very beautiful, and I'd love to get my hands on them.

    These next people, they all kinda resemble actual tickle models.

    One of the assistants who worked with me while I was staying at a rehab facility recovering from a serious illness.

    My current therapist.

    A number of girls who I've known for years. Some who I went to highschool/college with, and some of my sisters friends.

  11. #11
    Join Date
    Oct 2013
    Blog Entries
    Sometimes it's really frustrating when you can't "capture" and tickle someone you know just has to be tickled And all the ticklish people just should be tickled
    It happens all the time with us tickle therapists.
    Laughter is the best medicine.

    All our video previews and descriptions -> Click Here

    Tickletherapy.info - tickling clips
    pure tickle therapy for desperately ticklish clients

  12. #12
    Join Date
    Aug 2002
    Kent, England
    Various close female friends and colleagues. I put friendship before tickling every time as I’m sure you all do too, but knowing how ticklish some of them are it would be fun to put it to the test.

    Cheers, everybody,

  13. #13
    Join Date
    Mar 2008
    St. Cloud, MN
    Great topic, SoleOfCrota. I think so many of us can relate. I have tickled over 100 girls, but probably have more "wish I could ofs" than tickling experiences. Then there were the times when a "quick tickle" was done on her and she responded well, but for some reason we stop short of a great experience so we don't look too obsessed. I have many of those missed opportunities too. I think about them even more because I knew she was ticklish and seemed to like it and I stopped abruptly. I think about what I would have said and done differently. It's much easier when you aren't in the moment.

    Here is my advice for tickling those people that cause you to hesitate. The most important thing to know is that the boyfriends / husbands don't mind the tickling. It's not worth jeopardizing a good relationship over. If they are insecure or overprotective, I'd just avoid the tickling. I have found that most people find tickling their SO to be funny and innocent. Once you feel confident that you won't offend her SO, my favorite technique is to test the waters before jumping in. If you are teasing each other, you could simply say, "be careful, or you will get tickled" or "you better watch it, I heard you were ticklish." That gives them a chance to react. If the reaction is playful, then mover forward. If it is "don't touch me, I hate being tickled!" then back off.

    Another one of my favorite ways to test the water is to telegraph the tickling. If her feet are accessible, walk your fingers towards them. This will give her a chance to let you know if she hates the idea. If she keeps her feet there and braces for the tickling, that is a green light. If she pulls them away, but then puts them back to being accessible, green light. If she pulls them away and says "don't you dare!" that is a red light. It does open the door to more dialogue, such as "wow, I guess you are quite the ticklish one." At that point you can find out how she feels about tickling without touching her. The same can go for other ticklish spots. Just wiggle your fingers and approach, so you can see if the reaction is playful, receptive, or negative.

    Just some ideas. We all want to find our ticklish cohorts without offending them or others. It is a tricky proposition, but if done correctly, it can lead to mutual fun between two people.

  14. #14
    Join Date
    Apr 2019
    Austin, Texas
    Blog Entries
    Besides celebrities, some of my friends' partners and a teacher. I got to tickle most friends I was curious about or watched them get tickled, so I don't think my list is as long. I'm probably forgetting someone though.
    I'd like to talk about the teacher in particular because I think you guys would like her description:

    She was one of my teachers for sophomore year. She had caramel-blonde hair and was about 5'0. I don't remember her age, but she was very young compared to most of the teachers at my school, so my guess was in her 20s. Had a cute laugh and soft-looking skin, and was the kind of woman you'd wonder about being ticklish if you saw her in person.


  15. #15
    Join Date
    Aug 2015
    I have two that come to mind if I am being realistic and not including celebrities. One similarly is the wife of a friend. She is really cool, practically one of the guys. She has a great laugh too. But it is the same kind of situation where I consider the guy a really good friend, one of the better ones actually.

    The other is someone I work with which is kind of funny because for quite a while we never got along. But we get along better now. I have the sense that she would be insanely ticklish and probably reduced to wheezing bouts of laughter.

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