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    Talking This Just In: Part 3


    Jane was really going at it, just as she said she would. Connie was being taken past the limits of tickling, all while her boyfriend Alan watched with a dick harder than college math. It was a fact that made all this so arousing for her. Connie had never seen him so hard in her life.

    Jane meanwhile was doing just as she had said when she took Connie earlier that night for dinner. Over wine and dessert, she took her submissive lover’s hand and told her the evil plans for the evening. Jane whispered sweetly in Connie’s ear, as she did the weather girl’s excitement grew to a fever pitch.

    “Tonight, I want you. Both of you. Kinky is all well and good, but I want to see how far I can push you, and by proxy that cute boyfriend of yours. You’ll be tied on my bed, and I’m not going to rest until you cum just from me tickling your feet. All while Alan watches us...~”

    Their relationship had completely evolved over the past month, Jane and Connie becoming almost as inseparable as her and her own boyfriend. Under Jane’s recommendation Connie was even kept as Co-anchor, making the news a lot of fun for the both. The kind of fun that makes it hard to stop. After Alan had found exactly where she was spending all her time though, the relationship had changed again. He was now as roped into the fun as they were. He didn’t stay at the apartment like Connie, opting to instead to stay at the apartment they owned and coming to Jane’s late at night to worship both lovely ladies feet. The relationship between the three was unorthodox, but functional. Even if it left Jane herself with a lot of power.

    Connie’s eyes were basically in the back of her skull while Mistress Jane talked. As she did, her talented left hand rested on her leg under the table and skittered up her thigh. The submissive brunette tried her best to keep her passion under control while they were still in public.
    “What do you say to that lover?” Jane smirked, reaching her hand up a bit further, daring to tickle the clit of Connie’s pantie covered pussy.

    I think it was clear what would be said. It was agreed. That same night when Alan came over, and after he spent a good forty minutes worshiping the sexy women’s feet, the two subs got undressed and were bound tightly. All for the pleasure of their mistress.


    “MFFFMMFMFMFMHFHFHFFFFFHHHAMMMPHHHHH!” Connie flailed her body around while laying on her stomach. Her arms were tied behind her back and she was completely gagged as her tickle mistress took great pleasure in stimulating the poor woman’s soles.

    “That’s it, Connie. Let it all out. First we’ll start with the laughter and then we’ll try for something more.~”

    Over and over again, Jane ran her skillful nails down the feet of the bound brunet. She would start at the balls of the foot and liberally dragged their way down as slow as possible. She could feel the wrinkles bundling up as her fingers moved, only to finally flatten as she moved further down. She kept going until she reached Connie’s wiggling toes and then buried them deep in between.
    Jane knew from experience that’s where all the best nerves were. She knew what would come next, though from the corner of her eye she saw Alan. Hands tied to the headboard as he watched as if his life depended on it. Jane brought herself close to him, crawling between his thighs till he could feel her hair tickling his tip. Jane looked down at him like a cat at mouse, she licked her lips as his impressive cock throbbed.

    Leaning in close till her lips barely touched his cock, Jane asked. “Permission to suck?~”

    Alan almost boiled over at that moment. Not that he would have ever told Connie before, but there were fantasies in his head for years just like this. Jane’s bitchy, in control attitude made her the prime candidate for his dominant femdom fantasies.

    He nodded his head so fast that he thought he was going to break his neck.

    “Thank you, Alan. You’re such a good boy.~” Jane purred as she moved in close to Alan’s cock. Her lips fully pressed up against his thick shaft as she moved down lower. Alan closed his eyes to enjoy the blowjob he’d be treated to, only to realize her lips had left as soon as they came.
    When he opened his eyes, he winced at the cruelty. Jane was sucking all right, but not his cock. Rather Jane was making a spectacle of herself while she sucked and nibbled on Connie’s toes. She looked Alan directly in his eyes while she used his girlfriend’s feet to simulate the fellatio he so badly wanted. All the while Connie was losing her mind.

    “MMFFMMFMFFFFFFMFMFMFMFMFMMMMMMFFMFMFMFFMMFMFMFFMF MFMMFMFFMFMFMMFMMFMFMFMFMFMFMFMFMMMMFMMFMFMFMFMMFM FFMMFMFFFFFMMMFMFMFMFFFMFMFM!!!!!!” The submissive woman could feel herself slowly building as Jane ran her tongue around and around the stems of her toes like a marry-go-round. God, her toes really were her worst spot. All she could do was look at herself in the mirror set up in front of her and not even recognize the reflection.

    There she was, on the bed of her once sworn rival turned playmate as she had her way with her. All the while Connie couldn’t see a thing Jane was doing and was left completely helpless to her affections. To add even more humiliation, the power crazed Jane even played with her subs face with just her feet.

    What Connie could recognize though was the undeniable lust on the face of her boyfriend. Jane’s cruelty must have been wearing off on her because Alan’s pleading eyes alone were the driving force of her orgasm.

    Jane kept the pressure up as she massaged the poor feet of Connie while she quakes through her much-needed release. All the while Alan looked on in pure need.

    After the two of them listened to the rhythmic sound of Connie’s satisfied panting, Jane once more turned her attention to the poor bound male.
    “Want your turn?~”

    Again, Alan couldn’t nod fast enough.

    “Good boy. Now let’s take care of you...” with that said Jane grabbed both of Connie’s already spent feet and penetrated Alan’s feet through them. “Mmmmm doesn’t that just look so good.... I could just... tickle tickle tickle tickle..~”

    Her nails descended once again on Connie’s feet but now with the added twist that her struggling would tease her poor boyfriend even farther.... maybe that was why she would wiggle her feet just a little bit more then she needed to.

    “You poor cute boy, are you going to cum? I don’t think you deserve it. Maybe if you tell me exactly what I want to hear I can be persuaded.”
    Alan listened as intently as he could while Connie’s lovely feet kept his member trapped between them as she struggled up and down.

    “You know Alan, I’ve noticed how you’ve weaseled your way out of calling me mistress. Out of fully succumbing to your mistress. I’m more than a pair of feet for you to slobber over you know. I’m your mistress. I own you. I own your cock. I own your pleasure... hmmhmhm I even own your sexy girlfriend. “So, if you’re going to get what you want, I’ll most certainly get what I want. Call. Me. Mistress. Or we can gladly play like this all night. Have I ever told you that you have a lovely cock. Is it ticklish?~”

    Alan’s eyes opened as Jane took one of her hands-off Connie’s foot and on to the sweet-spot of his dick. As her fingers started to flutter, the poor guys precum started to drip out. It wasn’t as easy a task as it sounded, especially since he was gagged like Connie, except his was just a towel he could fight off after much struggling.

    Between his girlfriend’s sexy feet, the sultry words of Jane, or a combination of everything above, Alan broke. As soon as he was able to spit out the gag he started to shout as if he was trying to get God to hear him.


    Jane only laughed at the destruction of Alan’s resolve as globs of cum spewed just about everywhere. Alan was rocked to his very core while Connie’s feet kept working his orgasm to new heights. To muffle his screams once more Jane kissed Alan passionately on the lips as the tickling of his girlfriend’s feet continued.

    “Good boy.~”

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    Very interesting story and drawing to go with it!
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